On a freezing cold, SPRING afternoon, Jennifer decided to go take a walk in the park.
When she got there she met her friends.


There was Christina.


And Sabrina.


And Rosie.


And even Claudia.


Jennifer was now the happiest person on earth.
She ran towards Sabrina and gave her a big hug.
Jennifer wasn't aware that her friends had been drinking.
She also didn't know that Sobes now contained 34% alcohol.

Evil Alcoholic Drink!

Claudia had been waiting for the perfect opertunity to rape Jennifer for a while.
She had even had Rosie buy supplies for her evil plan.

Supplies for evil plan...

Claudia suddenly jumped Jennifer and pushed her down to the floor.


Things got a little bit violent!

Jenns enjoying the rape *smiles*

After hours and hours of hardcore fucking, Rosie shows up..
And finds Jennifers dead body.
Claudia had accidently been a little bit too rough.. and killed her.

hehe see the skateboard? i didn't want to get dirty so i layed down on that instead of the ground!

Claudia and Rosie were freaking out and didn't know what to do.

Oh no what to do?

They didn't want Sabrina to find out they had just killed the love of her life.
They didn't want Christina to find out about this either because she was their next victim.
They decided it was best to hide Jennifers body in the woods near by.

hiding of the body

they didn't do a very god job hiding the body.. oh well

Jennifers body was never found.
Sabrina cried for days.
So did Christina.
And Rosie and even the hyper active Claudia..
That's right if Claudia wouldn't have been hyper active...
she would have never killed Jennifer while fucking her senseless.

The End.