The Lesbian Files

Once upon a time, a young man named Kashif Sardy Ravry...

...fell in love with a beautiful girl whom we'll call Sabrina.

Sabrina didn't like Kashif very much...
she was afraid of him because all he wanted to do with her is chat sexy.
That was very scary to Sabrina because she was used to women hitting on her.
Not men.
lesbian love

She had even had a li'l monkey loving in the past...
but no men.
monkey loving

She had never seen a penis.
She didn't even know they could be reffered to as one-eyed snakes.

Sabrina was afraid.
Very afraid.
But... Kashif wasn't a real person.
He was from the internet.
All Sabrina had to do was block him.
Which she did.
wanna chat sexy?.. i'll block you asshole!

That was a true story.
It happened to a friend of a friend of mine.
Her name was Sabrina...
but don't worry...
Her and her lesbian friend are now living happily ever after.
On lesbian island...
They no longer have to worry about men!

The End

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