Saturday, May 31

Lucky * | 5/31/2003 01:19:00 PM
   Rosie: ah. but not all the time. blingbling my ass.

Jennifer: HAHAHAHA
Jennifer: my sister's giving me a spoon and telling me to eat her
Jennifer: and now shes pissed cause i wont spoon with her AHHHHHHAHA

Friday, May 30

Lucky * | 5/30/2003 11:05:01 PM
   new layout, whore-ay! so hey. i like it. lol... it's overly-simple though. so i will add to it, and fix up all the little glitches and whatsohaveyou. comments? no, wait. i have to add the tagboard in here somewhere. (update: all fixed, biotch!) HMM! but it's summer-ey which is pleasant. and look at my title! *points upwards* isn't it CLEVER! haha. sailing. lol, back to work. oh yeah, pictures courtesy of

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/30/2003 11:06:19 AM
   Yay! for no school today... we should "blog" more often... so here i shall blog...

fgdfg! does that count? this website use to be used to relieve frustrations ...well most of the time... and well now we just can't do that anymore... i can't openly say i hate whats her face from my english class cause what's her face just may be reading...

Ya so last night we had some kind of spiritual graduation type thingy... and heh... ya i didn't go... i was gonna go but then i found out my sister had a play at school so i went there instead... and i took some pictures so i'll post those in a bit... and then ill post other random pictures... happy? isn't looking at pictures so much more entertaining then reading my bullshit? =)

i should be in the shower now... but i don't feel like it... and i have to pass the vacum in my room cause my hamster went insane on herself last night and there's wood chips all over the place... and then i have to make my bed... and throw all my dirty clothes downstairs... and then... eat lunch ... [bitching] and then sit in a bus/metro for an hour cause my stupid boyfriend doesn't like coming to my house all alone...cause ya know its like 5 bus stops away from his house... he might like die or something... [/bitching]

I've got so much crap to do next week and then week after that all related to prom.... ohh and i get 150$ on Sunday for tutoring 16hrs... I was suppose to get paid 7.50$ an hour but the lady was like im not very good with math so u can have 150$ instead it'll be less complicated...yay!! ... i need summer clothes... but... i could just ask my parents for money instead... but then they think im on drugs :( stupid parents. i mean im one of the few kids that have never done ....ya ok never mind *sigh*

k fin.

Wednesday, May 28

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/28/2003 08:39:09 AM
   im so confused...why?

Tuesday, May 27

Lucky * | 5/27/2003 08:33:46 PM

you love that shit, don't you? thanks, Jennifer! mwaha. i am just so damn cool.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/27/2003 10:58:31 AM
   so i signed up for the dentist assitant program this morning. sounds pretty interesting. if i dont like it, i change. i mean im only 17. the nursing thing, i dunno. dont have the marks for it... 10/35 on yesterdays math quiz. HURRAY FOR FAILING.i dont even think i spelled that right. gosh darnit. anyway. so i go there with my grandad today. i see myself doing that. i get to make dentures which actually dounds fun. you get to give them buck teeth an all...just kidding. i have a feeling that after this course ill be giving everyone lectures on taking care of their teeth. "hey you, with the letuce in you teeth, have a toothbrush. ya, use it 3 times a day...oh...and..have some mouthwash also." hehe.

Monday, May 26

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/26/2003 05:25:43 PM
   The only reason Massimo is still dating me.... and to those fuckers yes im kidding.

Friday, May 23

Lucky * | 5/23/2003 09:26:09 AM
   hard at work on my human geo project. yes. (
1. What brand of toothpaste do you use? crest. the gel.
2. What brand of toilet paper do you prefer? anything soft. and hello Lester B. Pearson high school... i have issues with 1-ply toilet paper, okay?
3. What brand(s) of shoes do you wear? any... i have 2 converse, steve madden... thenn. lol, then i have cheap shoes.
4. What brand of soda do you drink? mmm, Coca-Cola. great makers of Vanilla Coke and Nestea. if that's made by coke, lol. i don't know.
5. What brand of gum do you chew? Dentyne Ice or Trident. or Excel. whatever.

so boredd. mm.

Thursday, May 22

Lucky * | 5/22/2003 09:52:17 PM
   holy shit.
"Dildo is a very historic place that was settled in the early 1800's by Reids, Prettys, and Smiths during the 1990's, these names were still predominant names in the community. In 1889 a permanent fisheries commission was set up for the Colony and a fishery was established on Dildo Island."
welcome everyone, to DILDO, NEWFOUNDLAND!
and that come from Lisa, merci beaucoup. that had me laughing... STILL has me laughing. my god. *falls of her chair* (we're gonna get 10 million hits now because i said 'dildo'. just you watch.)

Lisa: hey i saw a girl wearing a CRUNK MONKEY t-shirt
Lisa: i thought of you lol
Rosie: what?
Rosie: where
Lisa: st hubert street
Lisa: it said crunk-monkey with a cute monkey
Rosie: damnit!
Rosie: i need copyright laws!

Wednesday, May 21

Lucky * | 5/21/2003 10:12:47 PM
   aww. go Ruben. cute, happy li'l ending. he deserves it. and might i say that was a very entertaining finale. the boxing thing made me fall of the sofa. i'm a sucker for cheap humour. anyway, c'etait bon, c'etait bon. (Clay, <3)

Monday, May 19

Lucky * | 5/19/2003 10:39:16 PM
   i still have 8 more history articles to do. it's due tomorrow. ohfuckingwell. i'm giving up. yeah. i took a break, and made this, because i had nothing better to do. go Rosie. go Rosie's mom. we need a new layout. mm.

Lucky * | 5/19/2003 04:17:18 PM
   isn't it fucking gorgeous outside? my god. (omg, side note. i just opened my little quicktime player thing. omg. there's a picture of a platypus! ohmey!) anyway. yes. weather. nice. <3 so why am i inside, you ask? GOOD question. i just came from the NICEFUCKINGWEATHER outside... ATTEMPTING to tan. (obviously not working) andd... doing my world history crap at the same time. god. but isn't it always this nice on Victoria Day weekend? *gives Victoria Day weekend a hug* mmm. think it's hot enough to go swimming? my brothers pool was at 72 yesterday. that's not too bad. *thinks* and it's not humid either which is +++. anyway. must continue working on ugly school projects. *sigh* omggg. i'm freaking out at how nice it is. maybe i'll go clean my bike. but then i'll be tempted to go around on it. mmm. i'll do that a li'l later. sun. <3

Sunday, May 18

Lucky * | 5/18/2003 10:18:10 AM
   well. the show (Belvedere/Big D/BigWig/Planet Smashers) last night was, entertaining. mhmm. just something about those Smashers that gets better every time around. lol, funniest part of the show... they were doing Surfin' In Tofino and at one point they spilt up the crowd, you know. so they're trying to get the crowd to do that, but of course. everyone there is either, drunk, stoned, or... stupid. SO. then, Matt, the singer says, "hey, good job dude. EVERYONE! listen to the guy with the big hair!" i turn around and see Eric on a platform acting like Moses or something. i don't know why, but that was really funny. well. anyway. aujourd'hui is me nephew's shower. and my mother is already going psycho/crazy. rrrhgdsf. *shakes her head* anyway. i must depart and change out of my pj's before people come. hehe. oh, btw. remember friday? i wore my pj's to school again, and this time suceeded in not getting caught. anyWAY. i get home and my mom is like, "what are you wearing?! is that your pyjama's!!!" "no. *laugh*" i dunno. she's so very anti-pj's... so hehe. funny. OMG i'm tired. *smacks her head on the keyboard* gtvbbbb56. <-- result of Rosie's head on keyboard. okbye.

Saturday, May 17

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/17/2003 11:11:16 AM
   i read this somewhere and it made me laugh.... so this is for any of you anti pop-punk people =P

"the word "pop" means popular, so if you listen to any punk thats on a label, its pop punk, or if more than 3 people have thier cd, its pop punk, so get over your self , and start using your brain for a change,saying your anti pop is saying your anti your self and also , if a band is making any money from it, they sold out, think about that the next time your going to buy a cd. "

Thursday, May 15

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/15/2003 05:12:55 PM
   HAH fucking HAH... some people are just pathetic? and yes i'm one of those people =P!!!!! but that's not the point... i need to bitch... so if you don't want me to bitch... then don't read this... and fuck if your sabrina you can read it and cry and obsess over it i really don't give a fuck... or of course you can show it to your mom and you can cry all together as one big happy fucking family... well welcome to the real world.. yup it sucks fucking balls!!!!!!
I really hate Sabrina... i think i've made that quite obvious... but hey the chick is in need of some kind of therapy... me and jon are plotting to kill her or something *sarcastic as fuck remark!*

so for all of you guys who hasn't heard this yet... yesturday i like punched out sabrina or something ... *well no i didn't but i got congradulated a few times for doing that so ya know might as well take advantage of that... * she pushed me out of the way... i pushed her back to get to where i was before she pushed me then she like tried to scratch me or something so i was going to punch her but i ended up slapping her instead... so bah im sure it didn't hurt much... cause it didn't hurt me and ya know how when u hit someone usually u kinda feel it to? ya well anyways... so we got slightly physical... and i totally forgot about it... because guess what i don't give a shit about her...

so after that during gym class for some reason she needed to kick my bag out of the way... so i passed by her and pushed her out of my way... now im not a very nice person when im mad i know... but if you don't piss me off then i'll have no reason to not like you... well anyways that's about all that happened yesturday at school...

when my mom gets home from work i told her what had happened that day... and she was like Jenn be nice just ignore her ... she has issues... and then around 6:30 i'm getting ready to leave to go tutor the girl i tutor but the phone rings... its sabrinas mom... screaming and yelling at my mom... and my mom got pissed at me cause she thaught that i had beat the shit out of Sabrina or something... so anyways she calls Claudias house to ask claudia if it was true but she wasnt home so she ended up talking to Claudias mom instead... so then my mom comes and talks to me finally calm... thank you claudias maman <3 and im like i didn't do anything i havent already admitted to... so lets see what i did to sabrina in the last month or so... wrote on her locker... "Shave YO face" and slapped her yesturday... so anyways according to her mom me and jon have been making her life a miserable hell for the past 6 months... hah fucking hah once again...Jennifer can be nice at times but Jennifer can also be mean...

so anyways i go tutoring come back home and my mom had called back sabrinas mom and ended up hanging up on her cause Sabrina's perfect and my mom didnt raise her kids properly and blah fucking more blah... so anyways my mom tells me to stay calm at school tomorrow and not do anything that she doesn't do first... which was exactly what i had been doing...

i get to school this morning and i had mister D. switch my locker cause yesturday i also got blamed for a whole bunch of shit i hadn't even been envolved in... and also i wanted to ask Mr.D if he had really made sure i didn't touch her all day... LOL well he didn't even know i was the one cause she hadn't told him... and guess what he didn't escort her out of the school cause she feared for her life... *yup yup she's slightly paranoid*

so anyways... during period 2 mister adams comes and gets me in my english class... and i missed like 2 and a half periods THANKS ALOT FOR THAT SABRINA .... i got to miss math <3... so anyways for some fucking reason little miss fucking cry baby can't handle her own problems... and all i could do was laugh and then mister adams was like don't laugh you'll make her feel insecure... then he ended up telling her to lighten up.... LOL!!!!!!!!!

so erm i was told to ignore her... which is what i had been doing... which is what bothered her... so i dunno it was kinda useless... and just so that everyone knows =) no peace... cause hey i enjoy seeing stupid people suffer.... and this should keep me amused for a while... ya i have a rather fucked up sense of humor...

i'd go into more detail... but i rather not waste my time... instead... ill go think of how i can make everyone but my own life a miserable fucking hell... (for real this time... hehe yup this time it won't be all in your head... )

Wednesday, May 14

Lucky * | 5/14/2003 06:06:59 PM

don't you SO want that shirt?

Tuesday, May 13

Lucky * | 5/13/2003 09:31:34 PM
   American Idol is tearing me apart! MRAH! i love all 3 of them, and don't want any of them to go. :'( even though my favorite is Clay... but. he wasn't all that fantastic tonight like the judges made him out to be. his second song was good. OKAY, i'll stop analyzing stuff by myself now. okay, les lovelykids. Johanne, congratulations on getting accepted at Vanier... AND, lol. in reference to that prank pulled this morning, i have NO COMMENT. (hehe. it was funny.) BUT THAT MEANS WAR. mhm. this is gonna take some plotting. i feel like i'm on Punk'd. mey, i love that show. kthxby.

Monday, May 12

Lucky * | 5/12/2003 08:33:04 PM
   THE NAKED COWBOY! those of you who went to New York know what i'm talking about... hehe. i just found it cool that i stumbled across this picture. (the guy on the right is Jason Mraz, a singer-guitarist-person) i wonder. is the naked cowboy always there? hmm. let's ponder.

Sunday, May 11

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/11/2003 09:12:08 PM
   good job on the quiz..but i wouldnt say i listen to whatever he listens to...ALOT of it scares me. and i do listen to "punk" jimmy eat world...but some classify them as emo. i think theyre emo. and whose another "punk" band? oh yeah, new found glory, blink 182, and many more. yes. "punk" is good stuff. go see the real cancun. good movie. good movie,.

Lucky * | 5/11/2003 06:22:21 PM
   yep. Rosie got bored and made this. lol... shit happens when you're bored like that.

lol, how could i forget...

which sexy person are YOU?

Friday, May 9

Lucky * | 5/9/2003 09:40:21 PM
1. Would you consider yourself an organized person? Why or why not? i'm messy organized! i organize my stuff. but then i'm lazy and don't put stuff away properly... so it gets messy. until i clean again. the only thing that stays perfectely organized is my closet. it's scary.
2. Do you keep some type of planner, organizer, calendar, etc. with you, and do you use it regularly? well... my school agenda. and my marker board thing. *points* oh god, i need that thing.
3. Would you say that your desk is organized right now? pretty much. just got some homework and magazines lying around.
4. Do you alphabetize CDs, books, and DVDs, or does it not matter? yes, i do. it stays pretty organized.
5. What's the hardest thing you've ever had to organize? umm. dunno.

lol. the emo game is really funny. the opening scene is just classic. everyone standing around with their messenger bags. but poor Chris and his big ovaries... loll.

Thursday, May 8

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/8/2003 08:56:57 AM
   THE DANCE MAN!watch him dance. its so entertaining.

the get up kids getting fucked in the ass by steven tyler.

Tuesday, May 6

Lucky * | 5/6/2003 09:37:07 PM
   well now. things are out in the open. and that's all i'm gonna say about that, until someone asks me to. i ain't be meddlin' if no one wants me to so... *duck-tapes her mouth* mmmmhmm.

YES, the palace still exists. and it's my very best friend. i actually just re-downloaded it. i'm at the Mansion most of de time... and surprise me name be lucky. so ish be lookings for meh. and it's fun, because i'm re-learning how to edit props and stuff, and holy shit it's 9 o'clock. i've been baby shower preparing most of the afternoon... mmrr. Juliano, <3.
haha. today i decided that since i've not involved in any sport or physical activity of some kind for a while (lol, like sec. 3!)... that i should exercise. HA! so i get dressed in my hoodie and jogging pants and whatnot and get ready to go outside to run. and i'm all like, yess. "i'll do this 2-3 times a week, along with muscle training and shit." so i figured i'd go to the park and see how long i could go for. OMG. why do people exercise? why, why, why. omg. it's so horrible. i ran to the park, and i was pretty much done for. my god. it took me 2 minutes, granted. i think i was going a bit too fast. and then, i get there and i'm already out of breath and seeing patches of black. so i walk around for 2 minutes, catch my breath, and continue for a minute. lol. and that's all i did. YES. i ran for 3 FUCKING minutes. my GOD! and then you have my sister who came home the other day. "where'd you go?" "you know. light jog. went to Marie-Vic, did 20 minutes of regular running, 20 minutes uphill, some sprinting." WTF. and my brother! goes for one hour and a half jogs. WHAT, WHAT, WHAT! why don't i have this fucking endurance. hmm? k. you have to build it up... but WTF! AND MY DAD. that goes biking to the West Island and back in a couple of hours on bike. omg. please don't tell me i take after my mother. *cries* *vows to herself to continue to exercise* lol, whatever. i just really have to do muscle training. in gym class. not like i'm not trying here. that leg curl thing? Jennifer puts the thing at 30 for herself, she's doing it so easily, PUTS IT UP TO 50, and she's still doing it fine. lol, i get on. i'm like, whoa. k. put it back to 30. LOL. k, Jenn... 20. i'm able to lift it this time, but i start shaking after 3 reps... Jenn? lol. she lowers it to 10... mahgod. lol. yeah. that and tanning. i want to tan SO bad. you don't understand how fed up i am of being so god damn pale. i dunno who i was talking to once... but i was saying, "yeah. i was bored in class so i was examining my veins (on my wrist)" anyway, then we compared our wrists and they started freaking out that there were so many veins apparent. euuuuuugh. i HAVE to get a job outside this summer because i NEED to tan. lol. and that ends my venting session about my skin color. tyvm. whoo.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/6/2003 04:23:21 PM
   OMG that place still exists... hehe it's finishing to install :P

Anyways... i must admit i do quite horrible things when i'm pissed... so ya i be the one that wrote "shave YO face" on my own locker... not directed to me of course... now i don't really care if people have hairy faces but it seems to bother her a whole lot so FUCK YOU! and fuck anyone else who decides to be a total bitch for no reason... and trust me if i would be the only one seeing this i would shut my mouth... now i don't claim to be perfect or anything and i have my moments... but when i don't like someone i don't like them until they proove me wrong... and you my dear just keep prooving me more and more right... and yes i admit i was nice in France but so were you... and then u said a few things to piss me off... and i did not talk to you for a while... but then i felt bad for you since u were all alone... and i still did consider u a friend back then... and why am i not telling you all this to your face? because trust me you don't want me to... i tend to have a really bad temper and i just wouldnt want to break you in half... the end.

my stove is broken.. and im sad... well not really cause that just means that we have to eat BBQ for a week... and well BBQ is YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!! aw ya... my cousins comming over this weekend... my parents are babysitting her... i havent seen her in a while (well since easter which wasnt that long ago but still) ca va etre cool... keep the world peaceful everyone... don't be hatin'

Monday, May 5

Lucky * | 5/5/2003 09:28:12 PM
   someone get the palace. i'm bored. represent.

Sunday, May 4

Lucky * | 5/4/2003 08:35:00 PM
   Rosie is bored. Rosie is talking in the 3rd person. mhm.
so. the weekend was rather eventful. *rolls her eyes* bah. not so bad... friday was the Terry Fox walk, which i mildly enjoyed due to the horrendous weather. AND the fact that Mrs. Di Paolo is more panic-striken than my mother. *shakes her head* oh god. *flashback to Di Paolo standing in her yellow raincoat, stomping her foot and yelling, "GET OFF THE GRASS!"* lol. the stupidest things amuse me. anyway. we went out for supper for Gates birthday that night. we ended up at 3 amigos... which was very good. ups to the fact that the waitor was hot, and we thought he was a twin at some points. he'd go down the stairs, but re-appear on the complete opposite side a second later. so we were just staring at him in shock, lol. he thought we were crazy. (if you feel bad for this lamp, you're crazy.) lol. and on our way out of the restaurant we ran into Milena, Angela and Carolyne... lol. in Angela's words, "yeah. we just came from this church benefit thing... and ironically enough, we're going to a bar now to get drunk." lol... and then you had Milena cursing at her phone because she was trying to bid on something from ebay. which reminded me of Jack from Will & Grace. you know that episode? anyway. i was laughing all by myself. SO, yeah. i wound up tagging along to go clubbing. *shakes her head* which wasn't bad at all. no surprise, we didn't get into Extreme's. *rolls her eyes* so we went to Element, which Chris' sister recommended for prom. it was really nice... it's decorated with rock on the wall, nice rock though, lol. and the bar looks like lava. it was cool. minus the cum stains on the couch. *laughs to herself* god. i wouldn't be surprised if it was cum. anyWAY. saturday, saturday... yes. Swimfan and The Rules of Attraction. Swimfan was... ookay. i enjoyed it, but i don't think i'd watch it again. took a while to pick up, a long while. but the end was good. and The Rules of Attraction. oh god. i have this strange appeal to fucked up movies like that. but it wasn't amazing. depressing really. which got me mad because it was really funny at first. no. to think about it... it's depressing throughout. but it was a funny depressing at first. you know? lol, whatever. but the whole concept was good. what'shisname from Dawson's Creek can pull the STRANGEST faces. lol. i guess you'd have to watch the movie for that one. and today. well. it's a nice day outside. didn't do much though. but that's my lazy ass on sunday's.
because i'm bored: the friday five i should start doing these on a friday. mhm.
1. Name one song you hate to admit you like. christina aguilera - dirrty. so sue me.
2. Name two songs that always make you cry. maybe not cry, but they get to me. nsync - i thought she knew, the used - the taste of ink
3. Name three songs that turn you on. umm? lol. i really dunno.
4. Name four songs that always make you feel good. justin timberlake - rock your body, the white stripes - fell in love with a girl, aaliyah - more than a woman, the starting line - best of me
5. Name five songs you couldn't ever do without. the used - the taste of ink, dashboard confessional - saints and sailors, justin timberlake - rock your body, the starting line - almost there, going nowhere, *thinks* nsync - for the girl who has everything... for oldtimes sake.

that was hard to narrow down. mhm. now i feel like listening to all these songs. k. i'll shut up now.

Saturday, May 3

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/3/2003 08:53:02 PM
   Hermie is smelly.... Photo time...

*rawr* sometimes at night i look at stitch.. and...

thats the hottest baby monkey at the Toronto Zoo!!!!

hidden by my dress.... lol

*sniff* *sniff*

ugh such a messy room

only clean spot in my room

Seb and GiGi my telus monkeys...

boredom makes you do retarded things... yup yup so im stuck babysitting.... its not as if i'd be out anyways so i don't really care... now let me explain all the wonderful pictures i took... first one is of stitch on a shelf thingy in my room.... the second one is of Susanne and stitch on an other shelf on the opposite side from the first picture shelf with stitch on it... now everyone repeat after me ouuuuuuuuu aahhhhhhhhh.... Third picture is of Bubbles, Bubbles Jr. and Alphonse... The picture after that are the shoes im gonna wear on prom.. all i got left to do is decide if i keep them white or dye them... but since they dont show under my dress it doesnt really matter and i think they'll end up staying white... next pic is Massimo's school shirt... yup im obsessive, i went to his house and stole it so that i could smell it whenever i miss him.. actually he just forgot here on Friday.. and NO we weren't having sex! i think he'd notice if he'd leave without a sweater on... its just that he changes whenever he gets here after school.... actually i lied again... its cause his mom won't wash his clothes anymore and so he asked me to do it... so ya i wash it and then he comes and gets it... ugh and to the only person who would actually believe that and then put me down for it (which by the way i think im old enough to know if i should wash his clothes or not... and btw if he asked me to i would do it... does that make me retarded? no... just madly in love... <3) i won't mention a name but god damn i hate stupid people... not academically stupid people, but naive i live in a bubble people...the next pictures are of my room... yup yup its a mess... but my light thingy is cute... i have no life *sigh*

Lucky * | 5/3/2003 01:09:59 PM
   "Dumbledore lowered his hands and surveyed Harry through his half-moon glasses. 'It is time,' he said 'for me to tell you what I should have told you five years ago, Harry. Please sit down. I am going to tell you everything.'"
*squeals* June 21st, baby. aren't you excited? oh. i fixed the poll... (on the right) except i'll make it prettier later.

Thursday, May 1

Lucky * | 5/1/2003 10:46:08 PM
   *stares blankely at the monitor*
hmm. i've just come to the grand realization of things. and i'm in a state of shock. *makes a shocked face* in Mark's austrian accent, "holy shit". k, no-point post.
i was upset that Ruben was in the bottom two as well. crazy shit like that keeps the world a spinnin'. i have NO IDEA what i'm talking about.
holy shit, i'm tired. i'll post what i had to say another time.