Tuesday, April 29

Lucky * | 4/29/2003 08:48:37 PM
   okay. i don't see how everyone dislikes Clay. COME ON! it's Clay. *gives Clay a hug* LOL. i made a poll... except it interferes with the tagboard, so you can't vote. lol. i'll fix it later. represent.

Lucky * | 4/29/2003 07:47:04 PM
   ROFFFL.i found this in those cheap magazines they give out at school. holy shit. that thing had me cracking up for seven minutes. it was the "crunk" and "ebonics" that really got to me. but anyway. eum. bonne fête Gaétan. does he read this? dunno. eummm. kbye. Jenn, hurry with that convo.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/29/2003 07:24:19 PM
   I'll make it look normal later... but for now everyone enjoy =)

.Mr. Eric "..: "then get a tatoo cus everyone else is gettign one"
Jennifer: dont make fun of franky hes my hero
Rosie: who we gossiping about?
Rosie: and, ello everyone
.Mr. Eric "..: i lost alot of respect for him
Jennifer: shut ur mouth
Rosie: who, who, who?
Jim: *rubs his fish*
Jim: mmmmm magical fish
Jennifer: franky :(
.Mr. Eric "..: masturbation
.Mr. Eric "..: ?
Rosie: what'sa matter with Franky?
Jim: hes got no fish
.Mr. Eric "..: yeah like...ive realised he just wants so muhc to be like the sterotypical rebel
Rosie: poor Franky with no fish
.Mr. Eric "..: its odd
.Mr. Eric "..: i noticed this on friday
Rosie: Timmmmy. long time no talkkkkkkkk
Jim: hehehe
Jim: i lost my fish 2 :(
Rosie: ohh no.
Rosie: what will you do without magical fish?
Jim: i got eaten by theherron :'(
.Mr. Eric "..: bah wtv...to each his own...but if hes get a tatoo ill be mad
Jim: the herron with no beak :'(
Jennifer: fuck its none of ur buisness
.Mr. Eric "..: fine jenn ill go get one too
Jennifer: i dont give a flying fuck
Jennifer: i have a tatoo..oh jenny must be a rebel
.Mr. Eric "..: no
.Mr. Eric "..: u did alone
Jim: hehehehehe u rbel
Rosie: gangsta Jenn
Jim: lol whats wrong with being a rebel
Rosie: *raps*
Jim: is is well gangstar yo, check out mah chillin shades h03
Jennifer: omg oui Oui OUi OUI
Jennifer: gangsta jenn i <3 it
Rosie: easssst coast represent
.Mr. Eric "..: hes only doing it now cus everyone else did...first hes like "oh il neverget one" next day: "ill
get one if i do in a few months" next day: "im getting one next month after" next day i hear hes going soon
Jennifer: north coast
Rosie: timmyyy. did you know that i went to new york?
Jim: oi oi boi, i is on the westside
.Mr. Eric "..: im south coast
.Mr. Eric "..: biotch
Jim: u did?
Jim: did u eat the big apple i have heared of?
Rosie: nooo.
Rosie: but i... smuggled shampoo.
Jim: :O
Jennifer: lol from a hotel?
Rosie: yes.
.Mr. Eric "..: its conditions too i hear
Jim: hehehe i love those small shampoo things u can steal
Rosie: LOL. did anyone tell you what happen on the bus on the way back?
Jennifer: non...
Jim: nope.......................
Jennifer: apart from the fact that it broke down?
Jim: the shampoo broke down?
Jim: oh dear
Rosie: Melania was trying to give Eric De Nobile a boner. and she was offering to give a "blow job" so that other people can take a pic of his boner. *shakes her head*
Rosie: ON THE BUS.
Jennifer: oh my
Jim: lol
Jennifer: c'est cool
Jennifer: did it work?
.Mr. Eric "..: LOL!
.Mr. Eric "..: HAHAHAHHA!
.Mr. Eric "..: *falls over*
Rosie: no... but he had a huge boner
Rosie: lol, he had to grab himself when he got up
Jim: represent
Rosie: east sidee.
Rosie: word biotch
Jim: oi oi rude boy, set me a blem bruv, ma motherdie taxxed ma deck up
Jim: yo
.Mr. Eric "..: rudies unite
Rosie: lol
gangsta Jen..: boredomness is caca
Jim: did u know im a gangstar mushroom?
Rosie: i did not.
Jim: well tis true
gangsta Jen..: OMG i seen malibous most wanted last night
gangsta Jen..: u HAVE to go see it
gangsta Jen..: "don't be hatin'"
Rosie: lol
Rosie: j'ai faim
.Mr. Eric "..: i hear the movie is like worse then godfather part 3
gangsta Jen..: fuck off
Rosie: ahh. brb
Jim: lol
gangsta Jen..: its the best movie ever
.Mr. Eric "..: welli hear form peopel who saw it
gangsta Jen..: im in a really pissy mood i hate people
.Mr. Eric "..: they all say
Jim: donnie darko = best movie (Y)
gangsta Jen..: ive seen it and its funny as hell
.Mr. Eric "..: its funny for about the first half house
.Mr. Eric "..: *hour
.Mr. Eric "..: then gets old
gangsta Jen..: the whole entire movie is funny... everyone was laughing
.Mr. Eric "..: meh ill decide when i see it
.Mr. Eric "..: on video
.Mr. Eric "..: ....on my satelite
.Mr. Eric "..: lol
Jim: lol
Jim: whats it called eh?
gangsta Jen..: malibous most wanted
Jim: hmmmmmm
Jim: whats it about :P
gangsta Jen..: some wiggers dad wants him to be white so they try to scare the black out of him
Jim: lol
gangsta Jen..: im eating mango
gangsta Jen..: yum mango
Rosie: sorry. doggie invasion
Jim: hehehe ima gonna protest again nxt week
Jim: it'll be mah thrid of the year
Jim: lol its proper fun
Jim: ima gonna make me a sign
gangsta Jen..: will it say "save the war"?
Jim: lol
Rosie: *snicker*
Jim: no
Jim: it'll say.... legalise f00
Jim: lol
gangsta Jen..: u should write in small on it gangsta jenn
gangsta Jen..: itll make everything so much cooler
Jim: 1st on i did was anti university tuision fees, 2nd was anti war on iraq, and this one is legalise march
gangsta Jen..: and more legit
Jim: hehehe
Jim: ive turned into a hippy :|
Rosie: ha.
gangsta Jen..: im a rebel cause i've got a tatoo
gangsta Jen..: a tatoo of a flower and a butterfly...
gangsta Jen..: its the north sides ghetto sign thing
Jim: lol
Rosie: me too i wanna be a rebel. ciaooo. sorry, i dunno what's wrong with me.
gangsta Jen..: its ok bro
.Mr. Eric "..: stop truning my words around
.Mr. Eric "..: *truning
.Mr. Eric "..: *GAH1
Rosie: hehe
gangsta Jen..: but thats exactly what u said
Jim: gooooo
Rosie: typo's, <3
.Mr. Eric "..: u know what i meant!
gangsta Jen..: if everyones doing it then that wouldnt make him a rebel at all...
Rosie: bbbbq. the extra b is for byobb
Jim: lol
gangsta Jen..: and FUCK stop talking behind ppls backs that i like
.Mr. Eric "..: lol
Rosie: jennifer. what's that thing that no one knows?
.Mr. Eric "..: hehe its ok if u dont like them tho
.Mr. Eric "..: lol
gangsta Jen..: well obviously
Jim: so i furgure like ponys would be fun........
Jim: figure*
Rosie: lolll. Nikki smells.
gangsta Jen..: hermie smells

[ stuff removed to keep all parties unbitched at ]

gangsta Jen..: ugh hermie is like nudging at my crotch
Rosie: she wants some

[ more stuff removed to keep everyone safe. ]

Rosie: so anything interesting happen at lecole?
gangsta Jen..: there was a bat in the lockers on like thursday during jr. lunch
Rosie: aww. gross
gangsta Jen..: if hermie would have been there she would have done what ozzy does
Rosie: lol. oui oui
Rosie: okaie. bye bye

Monday, April 28

Lucky * | 4/28/2003 08:01:15 PM
   lol. i'm not gonna get over the gangsta Jenn. if only i had that conversation saved. anyway, to all y'all north-side (mtl-north) biotches, your slogan is, "don't be hatin'" and everyone on the east-coast (rdp) is "represent"... okay? fait le. HAHA! "check, check"... lol. i'm crazy.
anyway! i put up my New York pics. but it's currently over the bandwidth. should be okay by 8.15pm. anyway, ciao... represent. whatwhat.

Sunday, April 27

Lucky * | 4/27/2003 10:31:11 PM
   boredom sets in at 9.56pm.
mighty mighty bosstones, whoot. *rocks*
Jenn, that site was PRICELESS. wait, did i say Jenn? i meant, GANGSTA JENN, word up to da biotches. lol.

how conviently fitting as my name is Rosie. mkay.

yes, Star Académie song. *rocks harder* "et c'est pas fini..."
lol, remember neopets? lol. i just saw a link to that and it made me laugh. omg, i saw neopet toys in ny. crazy shit.

hmm. interesting.

You're the smirk, a frown-smile hybrid that's a little bit cocky and usually associated with evil or arrogant, but attractive people. You probably just don't give a damn, but it's everyone else's fault if you don't because you're too awesome to have any real faults.

that's cool, because i want green eyes. they're kinda green, but not quite. anyway.

wow. that's surprising, because i'm nothing like him. oh well, looking at Ewan McGreggor's picture is a nice enough treat, so i'll stop complaining. *pets the screen*

hey. i'm listening to Konstantine. it's been a while.
btw. i deleted the yahoo! group because it retards up all the pictures. so, it had no purpose.

okay. all these pictures should certaining lag up the page. rah. lataa.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/27/2003 09:04:24 PM
   LOL..... this proves that the north is WAY more gangsta then anywhere else.... (bah shut up i know they're maybe not from the north but me i don't care)

don't be hatin'
gangsta Jenn....

Lucky * | 4/27/2003 06:05:12 PM
   vive le Québec libre.
heylo. New York, was très cool... but as usual, never better than home. *gives Montreal a hug* but i must say that the two are very similar... New York is just much more... busy. yes. but it was cool, because i was just watching Spider-Man and every two seconds i was going, "OMG! i was right there. OMG. THERE TOO!" hehe. the broadway play was just a big rip-off from Exit Stage Left. lol, it was cool. and with our luck, the bus broke down on the way back, lol. but it's alright because there was only about a 2-3 hour delay. but the trip was really fun. must say that i'll go back to New York if i have a chance.
i didn't take very many pictures, but the ones i took are pretty cool, i'll post them up later.
Jennifer! do i know what you and most other people know? i wanna know. *jumps up and down*
k. all done. i'm gonna start putting those pictures up now. lataa.

Wednesday, April 23

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/23/2003 08:31:34 PM
   *ouch* my upper lip is all red... hehe cheap wax...

anyways im watching star search... haha ya im bored... just got off the phone with my baby =) and now im sad cause Richard didn't win... ( on star search) and he was really hot... ugh... why doesn't life agree with what i want all the time? hahaha i know something you don't know... well actually i know something most people know... but erm some don't so :P ............ crack is baaaaaaaddddddddd.... badddddd jenn badddddddddd... i have absolutly nothing to write... have ya noticed? yes ... yes u have...

Tuesday, April 22

Lucky * | 4/22/2003 09:38:15 PM
   whoo. feels like i'm going on some exotic safari for 6 months... my god. you'd think a schoolbag would be enough for 3 days. *shakes her head* anyway! i'm excited. and leaving in about 10 minutes... so umm. see you friday? lol. it'll pass by so damn fast. oh well.

sabrina dibs | 4/22/2003 06:03:07 PM
   okay, so remember those pictures they destroyed? yeah, well today my dad finally spoke to the head boss and i get free stuff :) yay me!
- the dude apparently went to france about 8 months ago so hes giving me a copy of all his pictures.
- i get all my friends pictures developped for free if i want
- a 100$ gift certificate
- 2 free rolls of film with development included
hehe, not bad eh? yeah thats what i thought.

anyways, BYE BYE to everyone going to new york. bring me back something cool!

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 4/22/2003 12:01:10 PM
   aww crap. i wake up one hour after i went to bed. ive got a fever. greatness. so, i look for something to stop it, so i can get some sleep...NOTHING! i got like 2 hours of sleep. but then this morning my mom let me miss school. she touched my forhead and she's like " whoa. stay home, go in after lunch if it wore of" then she gives me midol...MIDOL? i dont have my period but m'kay...so i was sitting up in bed at like 11:00 am and i was thinking. when i normally think, you know its gonna be wierd, but even moe if i have a fever... i was thinking of the whole emo thing. yes, ill admit, i like some of the emo out there, but as you know, i dont like it when theyre in tears and they sing. when you finsih listening to a cd and you feel like crap after, thats when you know, you shouldnt be listening to that. and secondly, you would actually make SURE theyre crying in the dark ? do they like, feel the lump in their throat, then rush to close the lights and THEN CRY ? i dunno, but when i cry, it just happens, however the scenery is. and scremo. i dont like scremo, ive never been one for screamy things really. some of its good stuff, ill admit, but thats like in every kind of music. and in every kind of music you've got the ones who exagerate too much and it ruins it. like in rap, when they're like " hoes hoes. sex. money. blang blang. i killl yo' mama..." i mean, why would they kill yo mama? yo mama's never done anything to him im sure. ive also notcied that most songs who involve clapping, will wind up being a good one. like that clapping song, you know its good. its very entertaining... although i dont really understand what that guy says... well, im off to schoooooooooool. smell ya letter dear computer...*sniffs away into the mist until she is unseen by the thickness of the fog...*

Monday, April 21

Lucky * | 4/21/2003 10:36:55 PM
   thought some people might be interested...
Vans Warped Tour 2003 (Friday, August 1st at Parc Jean-Drapeau)
7th Standard
All-American Rejects
Avoid One Thing
Bowling For Soup
Brand New
Coheed & Cambria
Count The Stars
Dropkick Murphys
Less Than Jake
Mad Caddies
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
One Man Army
Poison The Well
Simple Plan
Slick Shoes
Taking Back Sunday
The Ataris
The Starting Line
The Suicide Machines
The Used
Tsunami Bomb
Western Waste

that's from orcasound.com... just looking at some other events, and umm...
"Sat 04/12/03 - Vanilla Ice - Dome" someone care to explain? kthx.

oh, and this Rialto buisness everyone's asking about. mkay, it's on Du Parc, i'd say in the middle of nowhere. :P hehe, mhm. it's not downtown. so, me'd say between Outremont on the blue line and Rosemont, Laurier on the orange. 'round there. i think, anyway. could be wrong.

Lucky * | 4/21/2003 07:34:38 PM
   mhm, Claudia. i'd go into adult ed and get the courses i need, then re-apply to Dawson. that is, if you really wanna go into nursing. or else go into social and see what else you like. but that's just me.
andd... welcome back! Sabrina and Jennifer, of course. i can't wait to get my smuggled France rocks. score. and, yay! i'm leaving tomorrow night for New York. i'm almost all packed. 'tis so much fun. i got my American money today... you know how they all say Canadian money looks like monopoly money? well... there's is just ugly. :P no seriously. ours is fun. they have poems... and themes to them. mhm. take that! and the coins fell like those plastic things that come with those fake cash registers, you know? haha. and while packing today, i was attempting to do some laundry for clothes i wanted to bring. so i kept calling my mother every 5 minutes because i was so distressed. haha, she ended up coming home during her lunch break and did it for me because i was pissing her off so much. that was fun. okay. enough babbling for Rosie tonight.
and Jenn, i know. the good old days. :'( but why do people come here. hmm. just for the piccies, or what? maybe we should go back to blogspot? and be all happy because we changed the background. haha.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 4/21/2003 05:34:59 PM
   i didnt get into college so im probly gonna take social if they offer or just go to adult ed. i have to wait another month before i get the letter from vanier. but i dont really wanna go to vanier...i might be a late applicant at dawson. i think id like dawson better. anyways, HAPPY EASTER..jesus is my homeboy

Saturday, April 19

sabrina dibs | 4/19/2003 09:47:30 PM
   whoopie im back. youd think id be happy to be home.. but, at the moment id rather still be in france. :*( *sniff* everythings been going wrong for me lately (well, since i got back).

- my mom has finally begun the mood swing part of menopause

- i spent the day in the HOSPITAL cause of my goddamn rib which i pulled a muscle in somewhere on a bench in etretat chocking on water. i now have to take pain killers.. yay me.

- the idiot employees at the picture place screwed up TWO OF MY ROLLS OF FILM!! DAMNIT. I HAVE NOT ONE FUCKING PICTURE OF THE EIFFEL TOWER. :*(

so, basically, jen im going to need your negatives, please. all of them.. cause ive got nothing. and those people think that by giving me the rest of the pictures for free everythings A-okay. AHH. my ribs hurt :(

on the flip side, france was beautiful. i loved it.. well, except for teh useless places we went to. and the fact that the only souvenir i got myself came from the disney store and nowhere does it say france on it....

wow, i was rereading this and i realise it sounds like i hate everything. oh my god. really, thats not true. it was great, experience of a life time.. you should all go... honnestly. i just feel like being crappy right now.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/19/2003 09:38:52 AM
   YAY!!!!!!!!! I'm back.... didn't everyone miss me? France was AMAZING but i am kinda happy to be back home.... It's really really pretty in France and what's cool is that everything is thousands of years old and in Montreal the oldest building is like 200yrs old? hehe Canada is a newbie at this having people live on it thing... Yesturday night i went to develop my pictures and awww they're so pretty.... so ya... ill bring those to school on tuesday and try to scan the rest so that i can put them here and make everyone jealous :P.... or i can try to take pictures of the pictures with my digital camera... but i doubt that'll work...
i now own stitch <3.

stop signs say Stop in France. and Arrete in Quebec. Bizzare non?

oui = si in France

washroom = V.C + 0.30 [euro symbol thingy] to use....

and Raymond is sooOOooOOOoooOOOooOOooo damn hot.

gouli gouli?

Ok now i really need to take a picture of the effiel tower. Where is it?

if you continue down this river we would end up in Montreal.... ya that saint laurence changes name in France...

using auto-bronzing creams or sprays or whatever to pretend u tanned in France isn't a good idea especially if your boyfriend gave u a bracelet with the inscription "my blonde" on it....

hehe so many stories to tell ............

Thursday, April 17

Lucky * | 4/17/2003 11:21:14 PM
   A - Act your age? depends. when it's time to act mature, i think i act way over my age. and then there's times when i act like i'm 5.
B - Born on? December 8th, 1986
C - Chore you hate? clearing the table. bah.
D - Dad's name? Franco.
E - Essential makeup item? mascara.
F - Favorite actor? "Mr. McGreggor... Ewan, I adore. Were we drunk? Aye."
G - Gold or silver? silver.
H - Hometown? Montreal. whoot.
I - Instruments you play? piano. i have to take a second instrument next year... i'm hoping i can choose whatever i want. because i'm thinking guitar. hopefully it won't be singing. that could end up bad.
J - Job title? retired Variety Show chairperson
K - Kids? hmm. right now... (not RIGHT now, i mean right now thinking about later) no. maybe when i'm older i'll change my mind.
L - Living arrangements? with my mommy and daddy.
M - Mom's name? Enza.
N - Number of people you've slept with? Seventeen.
O - Overnight hospital stays? *thinks* not overnight.
P - Phobia? spiders. but i'm working on it.
Q - Quote you like? there's a whole bunch from Empire Records... hehe.
R - Religious affiliation? hmm. none right now.
S - Siblings? 2 and a half.
T - Time you wake up? on schooldays i set my alarm for 6.40am... and i leave at 7.40am. but most of the time, i wake up at 7.20am. haha. Sabrina hates me. on weekends... as late as possible.
U - Unique habit? dunno.
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? onions.
W - Worst habit? procrastination.
X - X-rays you've had? umm, teeth, my hand, my ribs... *thinks* maybe more. dunno.
Y - Yummy food you make? gah. i can't cook. i'll say french toast.
Z - Zodiac Sign? Sagittarius.

i did this hair quiz, and it said i should get red streaks. okay, then. i saw Anger Management today. Adam Sandler's movies are getting more and more sappier. but, it was okay. they were always kinda sappy though. i wanna see Punch Drunk Love. anyway. *thinks* Sabrina and Jennifer are coming back demain. *thinks* it's fucking cold outside.

Monday, April 14

Lucky * | 4/14/2003 11:13:04 PM
   merde. the bathing suit that i want is $120. *grumble* everything is so 'spensive. maybe i'll find one in new york. my day was filled with extremely fun errands i had to run. bah, 'twas okay. i got my pictures from future shop. (variety show) they're pretty bad quality. *sigh* and i might have to get operated for my eye. i swear to god if i ever have to get another eye drop, i will kill something. or someone! sgnskdfjgn. i hate eyedrops. but then i went shopping downtown, and that is very cool. fucking bathing suit. and it's so pretty too. aww. not fair. and what the else is with this thunder storm! it's really fucking scary. there's bolts every 2 seconds. very creepy. and, for some reason my phone line doesn't work. lol, i thought i was in a horror movie this morning when it didn't work. anyway. i will go now.
oh. and i got accepted at Vanier. (for music/science) but alas. i don't know if i'll accept. no. i will. i'm pretty sure i will. mmmrah. fin.

Sunday, April 13

Lucky * | 4/13/2003 11:24:31 PM
   i got bored and made myself this. i thought that picture was cool, and did something with it. (ha. that sounds so wrong.) anyway. i was gonna put it here, but whatever. everyone hates the starting line. but, i think it came out pretty nice. yep. that's what boredom does. *thinks* if anyone wants a blog (a layout for it, that is), feel free to ask for one. i'll make it when i'm bored. granted, their not the most amazing things... but whatever. okay. i need a job.

Lucky * | 4/13/2003 12:06:30 PM
   goddamn. i slept in for the first time in a LONG while. shit, it felt good. and now i'm actually awake, for once. almost 12 hours of sleep. yes. anyway... i decided to re-arrange my room the other day. mhm, and so far i'm not liking it too much.

well, i have plans for my bedframe (with bamboo, mhm), and i'm gonna make a design on the wall where my window is. hehe, i feel like i'm on trading spaces, but i'm not trading with anyone. so it's, spaces. no. it's only one room. so, space. mkay. forget about the "and now i'm actually awake, for once" part. and if you noticed, i took down my NSync posters. it made me want to cry. now there's this chill running up my spine. or, maybe it's because i turned the heating off, dunno. but yes, i'll stop boring you with my room adventure. although! did you see that very cool red chair in the corner? most fucking comfortable-ist chair, ever! pier 1, baby. okay, okay. done.

lol, that be "boogie", my teddy bear in Juliano's rugby polo. (Juliano being my soon-to-be nephew, which i might sometimes refer to as Jules) anyway, isn't that the fucking cutest thing in the world? k. i still didn't get accepted at Vanier yet. *twiddles her thumbs* and if i don't get in, i don't think it'll bother me too much. and i don't think that's good to say about your first choice. actually, i do want to get in. but not the sciences. christ. i should have taken a semester off. funky, chunky, monkey! *runs around in circles*

Thursday, April 10

Lucky * | 4/10/2003 08:52:56 PM
   i was downloading a song off kazaa, and i was downloading it from someone named cookiemonster. and then it changed user to sundaymonkey. odd. anyway! i got my braces off. wierd, lemme tell you. but i'm happy because my retainer thing doesn't bother me. people said it would hurt, but it's all good. yep. *smiles* it's wierd though. Jennifer and Sabrina should be flying about now. they left Toronto at 7pm. *nods* HAHA! they had to wear masks in Toronto. that's so silly. mhm. i mean, can't you catch the szars (how do you spell that?) anywhere? mkay. sucks for you Jenn. but you wont read this, so i'll ask her about it when she gets back. no school tomorrow, yes. did i mention that all the variety show pictures are in the yahoo group? well, i did now. what else? new york soon! whoot, whoot. i can't wait. it will be very cool.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 4/10/2003 09:09:19 AM
   aww france today. yesterday the statue of sadaam was distroyed. ths little kid was hitting the head with his slippers while some guys were dragging it around with a rope.

i've got poop in my butt.

Wednesday, April 9

sabrina dibs | 4/9/2003 04:43:52 PM
   why doesnt anyone use this anymore? anyway...

whoohoo FRANCE tomorrow!!!! less than 24 hours and me and jen will be in toronto.. hehe ive got a list of stuff for people... rosie wants pictures of scenery..interesting, claudia wants a postcard, they want smuggled cheese... and "french" rocks.. hehe everyone wants that..and then in french class marcello just popped up with "i want a baguette!!!" omg.. hehehe. oddness.
ahh im sooo excited!! hehe

Monday, April 7

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/7/2003 05:24:29 PM
   Rap is ghetto... and today Mr. D! taught me and Rosie how in french class they teach us slang... which just proves that our school really is in the ghetto... mais and mes are suppose to be said the same way which makes them homophones.. but we say mes the ghetto/slang way... hehe oui that makes me giggle.. ugh i gotta finish my english project, pack, make work sheet type things for tutoring tomorrow and make cd's for the avion!!!!!!!! and i think that's all so gahhhhh ill make this post longer and prettier later... YAY for my digital camera...

Sunday, April 6

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/6/2003 09:57:27 PM
   More photo... my wonderfully cute shoes... and hermie...enjoy... <3

mes souliers

Lucky * | 4/6/2003 08:00:39 PM
   omg, yes! Jennifer singing Taking Back Sunday. (in her last post) *sticks her tounge out* hooray for emo. i bought The Used's CD today. *holds it up proudly* <3 as well as Spider-Man... ben, c'etait un cadeau from my sister. AND! i went to buy this very cool chair at Pier 1 Imports... (we saw it when we went to buy Mr. D's gift) it's damn comfy... don't be shy to come over and try it, :P... lol. yep, so Variety Show is over. i'm a little sad, but thank goodness it's over. lol, it was fun though. many a picture. in the yahoo club, of course. mhm. some changes will be made around here. yep, yep. *scratches her head* not now... maybe later. *sigh* i can't wait to watch the Variety Show movie. lol... so pathetic. and he's picking his new chairpeople on tuesday. on perd pas de temps! okay, i'm gonna go collapse somewhere now. bye, bye. and it's so good to have this blog back. *hugs* maybe bandwidth trouble Jenn? caulise, whatever.

sabrina dibs | 4/6/2003 07:11:30 PM
   yay it works again!! :) hehe. okay, so variety show is finally over. i mean, it was fun and all but being sick and having to show up anyway just sucks. ah well. i think i did pretty good considering (so no complaining please). today i feel kind of better.. although i still cannot talk normally.. *sigh* my mom keeps making me drink.. umm howd you spell it?.. camomile. yep. and ive been forbidden from leaving my house for the next two days :D hehe..

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/6/2003 07:02:55 PM
   Awwwwww.... i've seriously missed blogger and our wonderful hosted by tripod website... I don't think i would have posted much though... even if the site would have been up cause well there was really so much going on with school and stuff... and also i'm leaving for France on thursday.... I can't wait =)
Variety show was seriously so much fun...being back stage is AMAZING and Mr. Clementes' daughter is really nice.... she's slightly odd but really nice and from Romania which is close-ish to Russia.... hehe i learned that yesturday... k anyways i shall post some pics? cause no one wants to hear me blab? right? PHOTO!!!!!!!!

heh... David practicing for his oh so difficult part in the variety show...PHOTO!!!!!
let there be light... i <3 my light
that light and i became very close during the past few weeks... i'll seirously miss it lots *tear*
c'est cool hein?
That's Sabrinas hair... its my creation... its seriously the first creation i have made that looks nice.. i mean it does look nice right? haha i love it... its called "lion" but i've decided that it needs to be said in french...
Claudia and Bruno
Juliet and Bruno backstage...
Lino and Claudia
heh lino and claudia
if only that was a real gun
i seriously would have killed that little shit if variety show would have lasted one more day!!!!!
Johanne trying to be a demon or something... odd... yes.. =)
mirror pics are a must
moi and rosie... c'est tres cool les photo avec camera devant la face et un mirroir
hehe looks asif she actually knows what shes doing
Rosie TRYING to play a song by Incubus
hehe me david and claudia... david looked damn cute in his little goth fashion outfit

K those were the normal-ish looking variety show pics... and now i gotta finish packing!!!!!!! im so scared ill forget a whole bunch of stuff i'll NEED... oh well... i got new running shoes... i gotta borrow Rosies spray stuff... cause they be made of suede... oui oui... la fin. oh and vans was started in 1966... haha my shoes say so.. *lalala and will you tell all ur friends uve got ur gun to my head lalala*

Thursday, April 3

timbo munkfish | 4/3/2003 11:56:20 AM
   hehehe lfie is good :D.... ima gonna see the mad caddies in 3 weeks :D... and i also got 2 festival tickets for this year :D..... thats like 250/300 or so bands ima gonna see this year weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee