Sunday, March 30

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/30/2003 02:39:42 PM
   i decided it would be fun to just randomly put a black streek in my hair yesterday. its so fucken ugly. haha. im such an idiot.its not like i could dye it back really easily cuzits black.old nintendo games are so freggin wierd:burger time, paper boy....i mean really...

Saturday, March 29

Lucky * | 3/29/2003 08:45:39 AM
   okay. since tripod sucks poo, THAT'S RIGHT. it does. okay, since it sucks poo, the site doesn't work. mhm. SOO. oh god, i can't construct sentences today. umm. yes. just go here. (haha! my mouse just fell off my desk, and it's funny because it was just swinging there, and the cursor was just going back and forth. lolol.) okay. yes. that site is... wtf. i sent an e-mail already. fend for yourself and go see. haha, i'm so lazy today.
GOD. i was at my brother's house yesterday fixing CD's for the variety show... and i got bored so i started playing Zelda from where i left off. and i was doing good, until i needed to go in the graveyard to get my hookshot, and i was in this maze type thing, (haha, my mouse fell again. god my desk is so cluttered) and this fucking dead soul was just waiting for me crouched down and all. FUCKING shit those things scare me. i just panicked and ran in circles and watched spider-man instead. oh god, i love that movie. dunno why.

Friday, March 28

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/28/2003 03:33:37 PM
   so yes. tonight will be muchos fun...why you may ask? its dress making time!!! hopefully ill have it done by the end of tonight!!! hehehe!

Wednesday, March 26

Lucky * | 3/26/2003 07:27:20 PM
   Lucky says:
*racks her brain* ahh. i'm so bad at titles. i mean, look at the variety show! exit stage left? *smacks her forehead*

hehehe. practices are going so gooooooood. i'm SOOOOO happy. i can't wait for the show now, it's one freaking week away. *jumps giddily* and in a little over a week i'll have nothing to talk about, nothing to do... *sigh* i'm so pathetic. *runs around in circles*

Tuesday, March 25

Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/25/2003 05:08:41 PM
   hermie is my little fooker... hehe don't ask i'm real hyper... gah i missed one variety show practice... oh well... i really didn't feel like going and i got home at like 3ish... so ya... today was interesting.. i met a few nice ppl... a few bitchy ppl... and i have a new bf... he's like 8 and he has some sort of problem... i have no idea what though... he looked normal but it was scary he looked at me and he was telling me stuff about me... maybe that's his mental disorder? or maybe he just pays really close attention to details... people with disorders are cool... i think i suffer from some kinda sleep disorder and i prescribe myself medication for it... no actually i dont i just started taking my allergy medication each night before i go to bed... im suppose to take one every day and i never use to so its not as if im taking random meds for nothing right? gah... oh well drowsy benedryl and reactin make me sleep and forget stuff... i have to go tutor tonight... so so boring... remind me NEVER to teach people any kind of language ever again its impossible... k im gonna go play with my fooker... fin.

Monday, March 24

sabrina dibs | 3/24/2003 04:35:33 PM
   today mrs. fox came to pearson. started out alright, then we found out johnny wasnt there.. (i saw him on the bus on the way home.. he said "hehe, i forgot about the speech, and anyways i had a doctors appointment so".) yeah. so anyways, that went well.. then, we went to mr. quinn's office (where surprise he wasnt there!!!) for 'lunch'. it was cool, there was actually good food and me and stephanie were told to take as much as we wanted.. hehe, granted we didnt take as much as the rest, but still. and mrs. fox told us stories and stuff, hehe, her other son is like the biathlon champion of canada and shes like, "hes an idiot. i dont support him blah blah blah" hehe, i dont get her. but shes nice and all.

Thursday, March 20

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/20/2003 08:35:58 AM
   oh yes. so yesterday was an interesting night...besides the whole "we are attacking iraq" mark rosie and marcel went looking for costumes at some house in the boondocks. we pass this factory thng called j.p metal...
rosie-" what does j.p metal make ???
gee. i wonder.

then mark was immitating his dad
mark's dad-" marco, remember when you had to wear tights? yeah, that was funny.

all in all, it was a funny night.

Wednesday, March 19

sabrina dibs | 3/19/2003 04:10:02 PM
   wow, people at school ARE a bunch of idiots. im going home and on the bus theres these kids talking:
- *pointing to the voting thingys* what are we voting for?
- mayor of quebec
- oh, thats the person who owns quebec right?
- no, youre so stupid! the government owns quebec.
*sigh* yes, the GOVERNMEMT, including the MAYOR of quebec, OWNS it. *sigh*

Tuesday, March 18

Lucky * | 3/18/2003 11:05:31 PM
   hockey game tonight was mucho's fun. Canadiens lost, but, meh. it was an okay-game anyway. i was sitting 4 rows up from the ice, and there were these two west-island (i guess) guys right next to me and two "mingia bro's" right next to the glass. anyway, some player gets body-checked right where the bro's were sitting and his stick made a mark on the glass. so the two guys are all fasinated and pointing at the scratch). and the two english guys are just like, "yes. it is a line. whoooo..." anyway, it was funny. or, so i think. Jennifer has just informed me that star academie was at the Bell Centre! and i did not know! i am such a lucky person to be in their presence though, :P. and also, i saw my twin on the screen thingy. looked exactly like me, verry creepy.
about the whole walk-out thing at our school today. *shakes her head* my brother came in to school, "so, who are the 50 losers?" lol, it was all over the radio, the gazette came in and interviewed Nick, gah. but they were all like, "the war is upseting students!" lol, they don't even know there's a fucking war. but for some reason that was the 2nd biggest headline on the radio. christ, it's embarrasing. anyWAY... *scratches her head* bon. j'ai des devoirs a faire. salut.

Monday, March 17

Lucky * | 3/17/2003 06:50:12 PM
   going to a hockey game tomorrow... weeee.
variety show in 3 weeks... weeee.
potato's... weeee.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/17/2003 06:33:25 PM
   the thing doesnt work.kkglietjsnfkjwhrtliehylkdlkdny to all.

sabrina dibs | 3/17/2003 05:12:14 PM
   some people are just odd. like david and him telling us on friday that he sent his sister to sign the limo contract during the day and then rosie telling me today that he went at night. *sigh* like, exactly what is his point in doing this? its not like we would have stopped him from going. but i wanted to go. he knew that. ugh, and today im in the 48 going home and he comes on with his "friends" and walks right by me. i bet if "they" werent there hed have been all like, 'sabrina, talk to me im lonely' *sigh* hypocrits. i hate them. but then again, we all are in some way or another.
i cant do the friend thing. i mean, today in physics he was talking to me and stuff, and i dunno, it just felt wierd, so i spent the rest of class talking to rosie and drawing. i think maybe after a while things could go back to the way they were but right now i need time away.
i still wanna squash someone like a bug. less than friday though.. the whole "we were waiting for you to sign the contract" had really pissed me off cause excuse me but when your aunt dies well see if you care about a goddamn limo. ANYways.. yeah, i still wanna squash someone. it would bring my spirits high up i think.. hehe it would be fun! hehehe.. okay ill stop now. im hungry.
oh, yeah i realised today that we have variety show rehearsals next week.. NEXT WEEK ROSIE. and half the dance isnt done, christina (whom we were sent on a mission to find today by none other than mr clemente himself who also ironically gave the class a free period for no particular reason) has no idea whats happening.. and the song is for the viola! not the violin *sigh* yep. and youve got to stay every night sfter school so its not like we can practice much. hehe niiiice.
ah. france soon. then everything will be relaxed. well not really actually i think well be on the move a lot over there.. but at least all my montreal problems will be gone for a few days.

Sunday, March 16

Lucky * | 3/16/2003 10:53:14 PM
   alas, my nephew's first rugby polo: (i'm so proud)
c'est tu cute, ehn?
lol, another addition to my closet, yeah. my closet is already full of his shit. :P gotta love it though, they're the cutest things. one has a matching hat. aww. damn, July better come quick. *waits impatiently*

Saturday, March 15

Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/15/2003 10:22:51 PM
   hey whats up peoples? i haven't posted in a while *sigh* ain't i a horrible person? i don't think anyone actually cares *oh well* so what's been up with me you may ask... well nothing much i've just been busy with tutoring little slutty children ( a ten year old that hits on me and a sec one slut) im teaching the ten year old to speak english but he already kinda does so i ask him to make sentances with verbes i ask him to use the verb want and he's like " i want you" and then he like winks it scares me... yup and thats about all thats happening in my life... boring eh? and i've notice how anti-social i am. i don't enjoy going out with people i like staying home and doing nothing! ... yesturday massimo came over and then claudia came a lil after he left... (he went to his country house thingy *sniff*) i miss him lots it sucks... but gahhhhhh he's what keeps me alive.. litteraly.. anywaaaaaaaays no one cares so fin. (less then a month before me and sab leave for france YAY)

Lucky * | 3/15/2003 12:45:49 AM
   wow. i never had so much fun at school. i think that's retarded. i dunno, just... the variety show meeting-thing was so fun. we were just working on decorations. and the balcony came out SO fucking nice, i can't wait for everyone to see it. anyway, it was funny because there was the junior dance going on at the same time and their a bunch of sluts. i don't know, that had no relevance.but yeah, we'd go out and bust a move every once in a while and come back, lol. (the pizza! - David swiped us pizza from greedy student council) and we stayed there until about 9, but at 8 we were about done, and we had put some cd's on. and there was this one rock song, it was so funny. and we're all like, let's do fashion! we were so fucking tired. and we just put the coloured lights on and we did the stupidest things on the catwalk. and it was like, me, Melissa, Chris, Gates, Marcello and Nadia and i dunno... i felt like, dunno... variety show is gonna be over soon and i'm gonna miss it so bad. and i hope i see Melissa and Marcello next year too. yeah, i guess you kinda had to be there moment things... lol, it was like it was a movie, lol. and then me, David, Gates and Chris went to scores, had sangria, and well it's all down-hill from there. :P that's why i'm babbling! LOL! David drags me to the washroom and he's like, go pee! lol. but then i like follow him into his, and i leave to go to the girl's, but there was a tree right outside the door, and i flipped cause i thought it was a person. lol, i'm fucking retarded. bonne nuit.

Wednesday, March 12

sabrina dibs | 3/12/2003 04:52:07 PM
   before anybody thinks im hiding things or something im going to set the record straight. yes, i did break up with jonathon. i have my reasons, and those who need to know them do, too. i do not want to congratulated, insulted, told off, or even talked to about it unless i ask for it. please dont bombard me, ill be grateful for that. i feel like a horrible person, but i know i made the right decision about it for myself, and i think lying to him would have made everything even worse. i dont regret dating him at all, i think we had good times, as well as bad times, and i do not regret my decision. so although i feel like crap right now i hope you will all make me feel better, if you want, or stay out of it, if you cannot do that for me. thats all i have to say.

Tuesday, March 11

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/11/2003 08:49:29 AM
   MY BIRTHDAY IS ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1and its gonna suck. how do i know ? because i have to stay in school from eight in the morning to about tweleve thrity in the morning...yes that like* counts*sixteen hours in a half...i could be wrong thought because i cant really calculate like a normal human being. you guys have to see this:i just want bangbang bang..its great. ive decided that i want a tatoo. yes. a tatoo of my self. no. just kidding, a tatoo of this

Monday, March 10

Lucky * | 3/10/2003 12:05:24 AM
   what's happening! why isn't anyone on msn? gah, are you people actually sleeping? gah, i wont even try. i'm so freaking hyper. strawberry poptarts are good for you at midnight. :P omg. remember that hydro-quebec cat that tells you to save electricity and stuff. okay, remember how he told us specifically not to stick forks in the toaster. okay. well, i'm making my poptarts right, and they pop-up. and one tips over. so i was all like, "nooooo!" so i just stand there for a good 5 minutes analyzing the situation. so i call my mom over, and she tells me to stick a fork in the toaster! what kind of mommying is that! so i unplug the toaster and get one of those plastic salad things. it felt like i was playing operation. anyway. back to everyone sleeping. hehe, i bet it'll be like the day we came back from christmas holiday and everyone was like, "i didn't sleep, we should have had a big phone convo." omg. that feels like just yesterday. and now it's march. *cries* anyWAY! i'm getting this for my room. c'est COOL ehn! and i want to get this but my daddy's like noo. CACA! k. for the past week, all i've been saying is caca and c'est cool ehn! lol. i think i got caca from Jennifer. and c'est cool ehn, was mine. i was on the phone with Gates and i'm just like, "i'm listening to my nsync cd, listen. c'est cool ehn!" but really enthusiastically. so he's like, you sound like some ten-year-old who's so excited about her spicegirls cd. haha. okay. gah. i'm so hyper i can't even type properly. so i have to correct all my mistakes and that's REALLY annoying. mkay, i'm babbling. should i stop? meh. i added a comments section. i have to continue to fix it but whatever. i dunno if i'll keep it up. maybe. i'll consult Jennifer. Jennifer knows everything. oh yeah! hahahahaha. as you know, or should know by now... i'm having a nephew soon, right. so, today at lunch my brother was like, we dunno if we should get him circumsized... and my dad just jumps into this speech about penis infections, but we were eating lunch! and it was gross. k. i remember the convo exactly, but i don't wanna gross you out. it just ended with me, my brother, my sister and Sabrina dying of laughter. okay. finished.

Saturday, March 8

Lucky * | 3/8/2003 01:27:00 PM
   HOLY FUCKING SHIT. i just got off the phone with a representative from Vanier... my audition AND theory test AND ear training test is in 2 fucking weeks. i hope this is some kind of practical joke. *smacks her forehead*

Lucky * | 3/8/2003 11:12:03 AM
   haven't done this in a while, friday five.
1. What was the last song you heard? i was just practicing my variety show song, so that.
2. What were the last two movies you saw? Trainspotting and... k, you're gonna laugh. When In Rome. (it's a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, shut up!)
3. What were the last three things you purchased? went to Boccacino's yesterday, dinner the night before and my prom dress. hoorah!
4. What four things do you need to do this weekend? finish my history scrapbook (only 6 more to go! whoo.), do my geography project with Sabrina and Vanessa, get the limo stuff arranged, practice piano for my exam and variety show.
5. Who are the last five people you talked to? Jennifer on the ordinateur, my mommy in person, my dad on the phone, my piano teacher and Marissa who had her lesson after me.

Lucky * | 3/8/2003 10:53:51 AM
   well, last night didn't turn out to be so bad... we (me, Chris and Gates) went to Bocaccino's for dessert. (mmm, may i suggest the rocky road cake next time you go?) lol, and it was just so funny because we had the best waitor ever. his name was Eric, and he was french. so i started talking in french, but he kept responding in english, which was cool because no one in Quebec ever does that. anyway, to my point. his english accent was so much cooler than Labrecque's. haha. k. so Gates is ordering a coffee, and he asks, "how big is it?" and the waitor says, "hold on, i'll show you" he turns to face the bar thing and motions something to the girl there. she just stands there confused, so he shakes his head and just says to us, "she's a fucking idiot." but he said it with that accent, "she's a fockiiing eddiott" lol, it was just so beautiful. later Gates asks for a Smirnoff. so he just looks at us, shrugs, and goes to get one. he comes back, "there's just one problem" (so i'm thinking he wants to see id) "i'm not sure if you're all 18" (caulise) "so, let me pour this vite, vite." (and then check for id?) he pours it and takes off running. hahahaha. it was just so beautiful. i guess you had to be there. *shrug* anyway. spring break sucked. well. it didn't. it was fine, except passed by way too fast. i'd enjoy another week off, please. kthx. lol, anyway, my beer story is funny because of what happened earlier that day. i was eating supper at my sister's friends house. and she was going out to a bar and he asks, "are you taking your sister?" "no, she's 16!" "but we live in Quebec! i was fed up of bars at 14!" lol... okay. so i'm the only one that finds that funny. moving on. there are two quotes added. kbye.

Friday, March 7

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/7/2003 07:21:55 PM
   its really fun to see family members you havnt seen in a while..although that always happens to me everytime i see faily members *confused face* ahh...friday marks the end of this very short break. next year would be more amusing if it were spent somewhere florida..DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!ive dyed my hair orange-ish. its really nice, well, in my opinion. dont worry sabrina, its not pumkin orange, its hair orange..strawberry blonde if you wish, not cinamon like last tie ( and no rosie, you may not put strawberry extract in my hair...the cinamon droppings last year were odd enough.) i wanted to dye the back black, but my mom rudely refused. crappers jappers in a halfers.

Lucky * | 3/7/2003 12:13:14 PM
   i spent all morning trying to figure out if this was real or not. that totally black background was throwing me off. but upon closer inspection, i've realized that it's fake. (look at Andrew's nose) *sigh* oh well. i stand by my statement when i say that hot gay guys are not a turnoff. maybe i should work on that history scrapbook.

Thursday, March 6

Lucky * | 3/6/2003 09:40:40 PM
   for some reason, i decided to look at our archives of exactly one year ago.
Wednesday March 6, 2002:
Eric re-caps the horrid-ness of "Queen of the Damned" (which we watched the night before).
Eric gives his boring plans for the day, lol.
Sabrina re-caps "Queen of the Damned" and "The Royal Tenembaums", they both sucked. also, "then we saw that stupid uh triangle thing like three times." what's that, lol?
I bitch about wanting to watch The Price Is Right, all throughout spring break, but i keep missing it.
Jennifer announces plans for content.

and there you go. that's one year ago. i don't know why, but that felt really wierd. hmm. it's exactly a year i have my braces. lol, just thought i'd throw that in. just remembered that cause Eric was talking about (in the 2002 post) how he went to my brothers house, and i remember i got them that day. okay. Rosie shuts up now.

Lucky * | 3/6/2003 09:09:50 PM
   so according to Sabrina i have a "relatively" small ego, with a colourful personality and i'm down to earth. i'm close to my friends, but i don't trust them too much. and i don't believe in love. lol. i think that's about right. hehe, she did this "cube" test on me. i think it's pretty accurate. except for the ego thing, i have a big ego for some things. oh! and i have an undying love for cactus. <3 RIP Jack.
oh, Sabrina. i changed that thing in your survey that you said was a mistake.
mhm, what do i have to say? yeah. me and Sabrina just practiced the dance. halfway done, that's not so bad. i think it's okay. it's very simple. nothing you wont expect, but hopefully still pretty. we shall see.
just a reminder to all you Pearsonites and surrounding people. Variety Show tickets go on sale next week! tuesday, wednesday for cast and crew members, and the rest of the time for the general public. so... buy some! :P you know you want to. (sorry for all the advertising, i just have too... :)
Sabrina! lol, we were doing decorations today for the show at school. and i asked Melissa for a protractor, she handed me a compass. lol, i just had to say that.
okay, nothing more to say. this week has passed by way too fast. i have a feeling these next few months are going to go so fast. that's not cool.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/6/2003 01:40:40 PM
   jennifer where are you? your not home * cries* i wanted to know from you how things went at the hospital. anyways, my uncle from ontario is gonna be here soonish...i hope he brings my cousins..

sabrina dibs | 3/6/2003 12:40:06 PM
   i dont get it rosie.. youll change what for me? im so confused.
oh, also, ever since i ordered rosies abercrombie and fitch sweater online ive been getting wierd tings in the mail. i mean, okay, i got the catalog thing for that store (very pretty clothes!) which is pretty normal.. but then one day i was looking at the stuff ont he table and i saw a victorias secret catalog.. so im thinking, okay, free stuff they sent to everyone.. why?? but then my moms like, hehe sabrina its addressed to you.. hmm.. interesting. i dont understand! ahh.
oh, and congrats on the nephew :) hehe

Wednesday, March 5

Lucky * | 3/5/2003 09:13:22 PM
   i'm going to have a nephew! <3<3<3
yes. penises are cool. :P

Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/5/2003 06:02:53 PM
   Ugh i'm so pissed off at the world! well not people that i know just the world. For some reason my nuclear fusion explination actually made me phylisophical or something UGH! so i was thinking about this oil war thingy and i find it fucked up. George Bush is going around saying how if your a good citizen you'll be for this war but what the fuck im sure he won't be active in this war he might come on tv from a secret location every once in a while to thank every dying person in america that's dead cause he sent them to war but WHAT THE FUCK he won't be actually fighting this war and risking his life he'll be in some hidden place away from all the dangers FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK i hate hipocrytes and to that i say touch ur sack not irak! masturbate 4 peace.

Lucky * | 3/5/2003 05:16:59 PM
   bought my prom dress, :P be jealous. although, i think everyone has theirs. haha, i'm dumb. anyway. it was $220 with tax, so i think that's pretty good. and i'm going to wear it to my cousin's wedding too. and i can wear it with other things, just because... well, you'll see. hehe. there was another one that i really liked. but i didn't like the bottom (it was a 2-piece) mhm. the top was really pretty, it was red. k, i'll shut up now. (that store had a bunch of gothic-y stuff, très cool. k, shutting up now.)
Sabrina, i'll change that for you. aren't i sweet.
my brother and sister-in-law have their freaking ultrasound today. their appointment was at 2pm but they still didn't pass! i called twice, lol. i think they already know. they're just teasing me. bastards.
moving on. last night was cool. we went out for supper, then dessert. we ate sushi at Prima Luna... i've never been to the restaurant side, it's really pretty. you know who we saw? Paul... i dunno his last name. but he graduated last year? yeah. he works there. so we went to Rockaberry's after... it was fun. the food is really yummy. :P and i spent half the time watching The Osbournes on that big tv. lol. i'm so happy today, because i got my dress, i guess. :P i love it so. Jennifer <3's emo. c'est cool ehn! LOL... i'll have to explain that one in person. k. when the fuck is my brother gonna call. caca. kbye.

sabrina dibs | 3/5/2003 09:59:28 AM
   i was reading the 'about' section.. and i wanted to see what happened with that thing rosie made us fill out.. so i checked mine. and i seem to have made a mistake. i wrote something like 'and i dont like math'.. i wanted to write 'and i dont mind math' ah well. no biggy.

yesterday, my uncle calls and hes like "okay, sabrina, maybe you can help me out here. how long do you have to put something in the oven for to reheat it?" oh my god. i started laughing.. but not cause im mean, just cause a guy is trying to cook a meal for himself and his sons.. and has no idea how. i mean, the last few months he was doing most of the cooking but my maunt was always there to tell him how to do it.. *sigh*.. but he was laughing to so its okay.. its gonna take a lot of getting used to..

ooh, and yesterday also i went to jonathons house.. hehe, i won trivial persuit :) im smart. anyway, and i got my birthday gift.. hehe, serendipity. finally! my sister saw it when i got home and shes like, "oh no".. hehe ive been wanting it forever. yay me.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/5/2003 12:10:42 AM
   haha its midnight and i feel stoned but im not because well drugs are bad... i had forgotten how fun msn chat rooms were HAHAH!!!!!!!! I was gonna go out for dessert with Rosie and everyone but needle today = pain tonight... my arm is like roygbiv omg PhYsIcS riiiiiiiiiight so anyone who doesn't have mister Spina at my school will think im on crak but im not see roygbiv are all the colors in the rainbow r...ed o..range y...ellow g...reen b...lue i..ndigo v...iolet!!!!!!! there see im not CrAzY hehe i love writting like that! wOaH tonight i got no AcTiOn my parents were home god damnn them but Hermie got some lovin' she got a tummy rub cause missy is malade and me i got tickled and poked at cause apparently it's amusing that my stomach isn't rock hard *sigh* and then he pushed me and i fell into the snow c'etais tres mechant... well not really but ya know... i love playing in the snow with him... especially when it comes to snowballing :p heheh that's actually quite gross though and has never and will never be done and incase some of you don't know what snowballing is (like i didn't) its when a girl gives a guy a blow job and then takes his cum and puts it in the guys mouth... now repeat after me EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! sex = gross. haha i remember when i actually use to find it gross (and yes gaetano im a virgin =P i don't even know what sex is! )

fuck emo makes me do silly things... i've got this odd 7 song playlist thingy that's been playing all night

1) Bomfunk Mc - Freestyler
2) Yellowcard - Something of Value
3) The Julianna Theory - If i Told you This was Killing me
4) Saves the Day - At your Funeral
5) Reel Big Fish - Take on Me
6) Box Car Racers - I Feel So
7) Jay Z & Beyonce - Bonnie and Clyde '03

k no one cares *sigh* bon nuit eVeRyOne :)

Tuesday, March 4

Lucky * | 3/4/2003 07:15:48 PM
   hello everyone...its moi Gaet'an....dont u all love jenns web site with the 50 year old men prouncing aroung in little princess dresses!!!!!i loved it!!! MERCI JENN ITS MY FAV. SITE :) im at rosies house and she gave me permission to write....the guys at work check me out ...its scary.... C'EST COOL A *RUNNING AROUNG WAVING A SPICE GIRL CD IN ONES HAND* yes spring break is all about everyone who reads this stock up on ur lip chap...dont want ur insides to be all chapped up and some ppl!!!!!! ok so were going and eat sure tonights gonna be allready is....rosie rubbing her crotch on my arm....boy i think i gotta go buy lip chap...oh no i have allready...ok fin.....have a good night tot le monde *side note from Rosie: me and Gates have the same lip chap, allright!*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/4/2003 11:45:26 AM
   hmm... who's not following her daily schedual? i am =) i just couldn't pass by the computer and not sit on the chair... no actually i woke up earlier then i thought i would and i really needed to talk to you about a subject that has been really inspiring me lately.. and that's right the subject is "how hard nuclear fussion is to understand" i mean normaly (that's if i was normal) i'd try to explain it to you all but i really have no idea what it is.. (and massimo calls me a nerd *sigh*) so i will make up something and i'll even use pictures that i drew myself in paint! (paint is my new best friend and i have all the other high tech picture editors but paint is just soo old school it tickles my fancy)

click here
then here
and lastly here

yesh i smokey the crack... no not really he told me to write about that... i'm not sure why though..

Lucky * | 3/4/2003 10:44:42 AM
   *falls off her chair* LOL!

Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/4/2003 12:41:20 AM
   i haven't been on the computer this late in like forever. i'm getting so much stuff done today. I thought i'd just sit around all March break but YAY!! i actually got stuff done. 2 cam stories finished (two more to go) 2 stories typed and pictures drawn for them (i'll probably upload them tomorrow, depending on what time Massimo leaves) i also cleaned my room, helped my mom with supper and avoided a sex talk... all in the same day.. and i got woken up by "Jesus est bon, il va se resusite, venir nous sauver" sheblah it was scary and that happened at like 8.. stupid neighboors that are too into their religion!
k demain scedual looks like this:

- wake up
- take a shower / get dressed
- eat lunch
- go to the doctor (hope my mom doesn't come in with me)
- go meet Massimo at McDonalds near his school
- erm do stuff (not sure what yet)
- go home (eat supper kick Massimo out before he gets in more trouble for being 20 million hrs late)
- explain to my mom why i need to be on the pill (if she doesn't come in with me, if she does well she just sucks)
- go on the computer
- go to bed

fun stuff eh? k now i'm stuck watching the end of street smarts... GR! that show and elimi-date are the bestest shows but they play too damn late.. ugh..

Nighty Night

Lucky * | 3/4/2003 12:12:11 AM
   k, i added a new section to content... a collective page of quotes. that's right, that means you can submit one too. lucky you. so go do that now. but right after you check the current list.
anyway, i'm in love with Swing Swing, by All-American Rejects. i don't know why. have you heard it? dunno, saw it twice on mtv today. that and The Anthem, by Good Charlotte. hehe. spring break is gonna fllllly by. i'm going to look for my prom dress on thursday, :P. yeah, that's after i go to school. *shakes her head* yep, variety show. anyway, Jenn is working on a whole shitload of stories. ca va etre cool.

Monday, March 3

Lucky * | 3/3/2003 08:03:23 PM
   - David, what's the website for the limo?
- okay, it's
- what? okay. *checks site* David! quand-même! what is it?
- okay, okay... it's
- *scratches her head... okay. *checks site* David! cesse de naiser.
- haha, sorry. okay.
- i bet you're gonna send me to a porn site next.
- David!

turns out there is no limo site. anyway... bon. i added the two new camstories in the navigation thingy. yeah. that limo is really pretty. check it out. (top left-hand corner) but... yeah. expensive. :P
haha! my computer is slow, so i kept winning, :)

sabrina dibs | 3/3/2003 06:59:39 PM
   *sniff* the black files dont work!!! but the green one is good. hehe
i got a letter from dawson today, they got my application.. yay? hmm interesting, says ill get an answer in may. wow what a long wait! well whatever, if i get rejected from dawson i have no future. heh.
oh my god. i had a very interesting phone call with rosie and david before.. about limos and stuff. *sigh* david wants this limo with a chandelier in it!! ahh but its like 320 (i think, maybe more) a person.. unless we can find 4 more people then its 120. so i said the only people without a ride is probably jen raferti and company.. so no. then they suggested hooker people.. but wed have to pay for them and their seats so absolutely NO point to that. then david wanted me to drop out of school for some reason. tehn he wanted me to stay in the closet for a year.. but then i pointed out that if i were in the closet theyd have to find and pay for FIVE extra people.. hehe. yup yup. it was interesting.

Lucky * | 3/3/2003 04:26:29 PM
   Shirt Lifter
that's my nickname from mhm, yes. it's 03/03/03 today, did you know? i just realized that. anyway, Jennifer finally worked on the cam stories, :P so... two of them are up (black and green) and there are two more coming. and if you haven't already, i encourage you to check out the rest of the site, through the navigation right under this frame *points* because there's some new things, and i spent time changing everything around so, :P check it out. i'm sure they'll be even more changes to come. oh yeah. i got this ad-stopper type thing from it works pretty good. *thinks* anything else? ugh. the camstories will be up as soon as tripod stops acting like an ass. kthx. (update: workinggg.)

Sunday, March 2

Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/2/2003 10:54:09 PM
   Ugh. March Break is gonna be crap i can just feel it... anyways this website reminded me of Gaetaon and im pretty sure you can all guess why... its a legal version of his children obsession and no its not porn...
I have so many damn pictures to post but im too lazy... and i have to go get a shot on tuesday ugh i hate doctors... hopefully Massimo will come over tomorrow if not i'll be sad... my parents took the week off and want us to do family things together and guess what i really don't want to but that doesn't matter so hopefully Massimo will come over and join in on the family fun... but um he has school so that won't happen and my parents better get me home by 4ish so that he can come over after school... *sigh* why can't we have march break at the same time? he has the two last weeks of march. gr. im so happy im leaving for france in like a month and 8 days i really can't wait! and its gonna go by so fast cause of variety show and everything keeping me so busy... tutoring, variety show, prom, going out... heheh fin.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/2/2003 09:28:47 PM
   llama of the day! he's celebrating xmas a lil late though.
here i am with sandra contemplating on how we will take over the world, making disney world our home.

Lucky * | 3/2/2003 10:11:01 AM
   holy shit! did you guys look outside! OMG! i'm gonna dive head first in my backyard... there's so much snow! if only it looked like this on christmas. anyway, it's still good. yay! i have to go to a park today and take many a picture... and roll around and such. <3 yesss.

in other news, i was so tired when i got home yesterday, i went straight to bed, and was about to fall asleep, until the thought that the variety show is in exactly one month away crossed my mind. then i was wide awake. and freaking out aswell. yep, that whole piano, ballet thing... not started. hehe, so i got out of bed, started listening to this one song, finally decided that i'll stick to it. (slap me if i want to change it) so here i am at 2 in the morning trying to get some kind of inspiration for the choreography, and writing notes, 'cause, lol. my floor cracks and i didn't want to wake up my parents. so i'm gonna get started working on that today. and i even picked out something to wear. i've realized that i only get work done at odd hours of the night. *scratches her head* whatever. it's snowing!

Saturday, March 1

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/1/2003 05:39:34 PM
   this march break i will successfully try to take over the world and gfivecandy to all of the diserving persons. i will also congradulate those who got laid and i will kill the ones who are dating ten year olds and having sex with them 3867545 times per day.ewww. expired ham. i will also try to find the perfect llama for me. that means, i will want to go to peru or the zoo. which ever one comes first.TAKE A BIT OUT OF CRIME! sex should only happen under the circumstances below :
1-you must at least know the persons first name
2- you must be protected.
3- you have k-y handy
4-if all of the above arnt your thing, eh, your a slut.

david is working out next to me ? i should also, because ive noticed that i do nothing to enrich my body, besides tv flipping. yoga sounds fun, but tai bo can kiss my slightly inflatted ass and legs. thats discusting, how can you wear blue latex.

the llama of the day today is :the king.

he trully IS the king.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/1/2003 01:15:39 PM
   "March Break YAY!!! we're all gonna get laid" quote taken from Jason in my english class... but then everyone was like ya... you'll get laid we won't but you always get laid so what does March Break have to do with it? I feel bad for his little ten year old girlfriend though... she's on crutches now and well Gates thinks its cause they have too much sex and after she has a hard time walking... I can just picture what them having sex sounds like...

- I'm bored can we have sex?
- we just finished having sex, must we really do it again?
- please? if we have sex i'll love you!
- okay okay let's do it...
-mutual moans-
- damn it kinda hurts down there
- why what's wrong?
- it feels all chapped.
- ya i think 10 times in a row was too much.
- oh, well do you want some lip balm it'll stop it from hurting
- hands her the lip balm -
- now can we do it again?

HAHAHA!!! that made me giggle... anyways Massimo's comming home tonight... well Sunday morning-ish really early... it's kinda odd not talking to him for hours at night... but YAY i get to see him tomorrow...

Yesturday night was odd my mom took me and my sister out for supper and then shopping, i was gonna buy pants but size 9 is too small and 11 is WAY too big... i really hate the way i'm made... oh well so we were gonna go to that place near tim hortons and village des valeurs but then my sister pulled a fit to eat at subways so that's where we went.. and you know that guy that was hitting on me and David last time we went? well he was there and he kept going to clean the table next to ours it was scary!

Ugh i have so many things to do... i need to clean my room ... upload the damn cam stories that have been finished for the past month or so... (yesh im that lazy)... go take a shower and get dressed... organize the pictures on my computer.. english homework... and a whole bunch of other stupid shit and i have a feeling that this week is gonna go by really REALLY really fast... oh and also i wanted to make a list of things i'll need in France... cause whenever i go on vacation i tend to forget something.. so this way whenever ill think of something ill write it down not to forget it!... i wanna bring my digital camera but my parents dont want.. and its kinda broken GR! k the end.