Friday, February 28

Lucky * | 2/28/2003 09:20:19 PM
   have you guys been here? it's really wierd, but funny too... the comments that is. under Mr. D, "be a chairperson...especially variety show, he'll love you forever". hehe. Mr. Clemente, "nice guy. bad teacher. he wont explain anything and he ignores us all the time." and then a couple of times it says, "all kinds" and "ciao"... :P cracks me up.
lol, the funniest thing with Gates, on the phone. he's on his cell going home, and there's a car honking, and he just screams out, "WHAT DO YOU WANT!" but screams it! anyway, it was funny for me. i'm tired. *collapses*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/28/2003 06:01:35 PM
   ya. for that thing, whatever number you try, they all wind up comming up to be the same sign. its all shit. damn it. things just dont amuse me any more :(

Lucky * | 2/28/2003 05:25:59 PM
   here. took me a while to realize what a poo-head i am.
Happy Birthday Sabrina!

sabrina dibs | 2/28/2003 04:45:50 PM
   happy birthday to me. 17.. wow im old.
okay, so this week has been kind of horrible. but i guess we'll all be okay. today was a great lifter-upper. mr simoneau (howd you spell that?) wasnt able to give me the comfy birthday chair so he promised to bake me a cake (with chocolate icing, chocolate ice cream and a strawberry milkshake on the side) and the class sang to me! :D then, in french i got mr. labrecque to agree to only correct the parts of the test i had done (i refused to go after school to finish it).. i did another test in physics.. new topic i learned fast-fast today.. and then he asked me if i trust my parents and birth certificate about my birthday. in math clemente was a jerk and refused to say happy bday to me.. but then the class sang :D tutoring kids got me nervous today.. and english was boring. ah well. oh, and i got a cake at lunch.. WITH candles and sparkles!! and then i got sung to yet again :D.. my cardone was standing in the background laughing. hehe. yup yup.. and soon im off to have supper with my parents and sister. my choice of restaurant.. what to pick? hmm.
oh, also, i get to be on tv.. twice :D hehe.. mrs. fox is comming to school and i, as chairperson, as well as johnny and stephanie have to make some sort of speech type thing. itll be odd and wierd! but hehe. then, foreign people are going to come to school to take their pledge to canada or something.. theres going to be police and parliament people and everything. wow. excitment. okay, im hungry.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/28/2003 08:45:56 AM
   sorry for the sex pictures, i just think they were funny. i think this is the next american idol:pete groog yup yup. i think jenn will agree with me that he ahs the look.

Thursday, February 27

Lucky * | 2/27/2003 10:09:49 PM
   David, why is the band even playing with bands of other genres in the first place, if they know it'll fuck things up? so what, stick to the smaller venue. at least they'll know it'll be more fun. but i guess corporate management gets the best of everyone, doesn't it. (and no, i have no idea what the ska scene was like 4 years ago, and i probably don't have a clue about it today either, but nevertheless, the information i have picked up will be opinionated. just because it tends to piss people off, for one reason or another.)

Nick licked his nipples in math class the other day. but not just once, or twice... maybe about 7 times. and everyone was all intrigued. even Clemente. yep. math. Jennifer is in the Variety Show, yay! i could probably fit you into one of the scenes too... we'll see though, cause you'll probably be busy backstage. Gates was all happy because we gave him a part today, lol. and finally, i am the best prop-construction person out there. you'll see when you see the show. (scene 12) hahaha.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/27/2003 07:18:10 PM
   for jennifer onlyRAWRL!!! everyone else will just be scared.the rest of it.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/27/2003 07:03:09 PM
   fornication under consent of the kingfornication under consent of the king

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/27/2003 04:30:30 PM
   todays acting was cool. although it took forever for me and mark to act like we were in love and not buddies from the ghetto, it was cool. today's llama of today:
CRIKEY! theres just nothing to say about this one. hes just so pretty. can we have a pig of the day also ? or a, we should have a penguin of the day, yes, a penguin !!FAT N' HAPPY!!!

Independent Bum | 2/27/2003 03:42:40 PM
   Ahhhh back I am, and angered very much still. Why am I? Well let's see, first off to Rosie, I am not pissed cause they are on the radio, it doesn't help the skankers, but im not mad cause of that, it's the whole people fucking screwing up what used to be called skanking! WHy not have a written test before going to watch a fuckin show? Don't start saying that everything is fine the way they are now, cause were u there back when there wasn't a bunch of little idiots moshing while others are trying to skank? I geuss not eh. Fine, like the band if you want, but fuckin shit don't start destroying what used to be skankin and the whole point of ska. And also did u ever notice why there are so many less skankers at shows now ( talking about bigger venues liek Spectrum, Soda and whatnot) , cause of these big bands that jack up the fucking price for their fans that they oh so love. Want an example? NEW FOUND GLORY + GOOD CHARLOTTE
4110 Boul Lasalle . METRO de l'Eglise
28.50$ + f.s. a l'avance et a la porte

Proven right above. It's not even a festival and they are fuckin charging 30$! Will I go? Maybe if i can rack enough cash up... and if I do and see some smart ass fucker who's pushing me while i try to skank, no matter who they are, they are getting a fuckin beating. Of course I know I will find some people to make a skank pit in the back (yes in the back FAR away from the band, because of the asses in the front.) so there won't be a need for that, but why not ruin there fun when they did many times to me?! Now go on and think what the hell you want, but if you weren't there like 4ish years ago when things were good, watch what you say. L Dz*cheers*

Wednesday, February 26

Lucky * | 2/26/2003 08:14:53 PM
   i've been playing with sparkles afterschool until 7ish for 2 nights in a row now... yes, variety show fun. (decorations)
speaking of variety show... take a look! exit stage left! (right side of the stage) c'est moi. (lol, i don't think you can make it out, but my name is the first one in red. ohyes.)

more pictures? indeed!
Jennifer hard at work collecting money at the prom table. look at all that blang-blang! lol, et dis bonjour à Nick. et Gaét'an. here's Sofia and Ann Marie posing in their butch picture. lol, think of Johanne and Chris' grad pics.

and refering to David's post. i don't get what the big fucking deal is about people getting pissed off when their favorite bands hit the radio. shouldn't you be happy that your favorite band is reaching out to a larger audience? and you shouldn't worry about being trendy, you've liked the band before people might start liking them because they are "cool", but that personal mindset isn't enough, they have to enforce the fact to make sure their image isn't hurt. anyway, that's how i see it. and fine you want to keep your "traditions", if you will, alive... but you can't give lectures about why you should like a band. you just do. and if you do, then you'll be interested enough to learn some stuff. the way you worded it is if you have to pass a written test before you're worthy of attending a concert. again... that's just how i see it.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/26/2003 08:53:07 AM
   David- right on
Jennifer- no i will not be nice enough to kill you. where would be the fun in life without you ?

the llama of the day is :

Bill Groag
ex- convict
how he got out of jail : he ran away, but shhh...dont tell that guy on llamas most wanted
favorite food: chocolate grass
favorite line : i didnt do it , it was charlie the blind llama

click here to see his picture.

thats all for me for today.

ive been talking about emus for a long time. this is for those of you who dont know what they look like :

Tuesday, February 25

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/25/2003 08:04:06 PM
   would someone be nice enough to kill me?

Independent Bum | 2/25/2003 11:18:01 AM
   Hey everyone, i haven't wrote for awhile, don't see why i didn't or why i should have but today when i wanna write I see a subject that happened in the past is starting up once again. If u have no clue what im talking about read Jenn's blog and don't over analyse what im fucking writing. Yeah, I don't know what to say but whatever, whoever reads this might wanna know that AFI isn't comming to Montreal for Warped Tour. Why is that you ask? Well i wish i fuckin' knew but i don't, maybe it's because they just don't like it here. I mean they finished their new album so why the hell no come here? Fuck! And you know what makes this situation worse? They are gonna stop touring on Warped like 3 days before Montreal (which for those who don't know, because mainly u don't seem to care, it's August 1st). Let's see , what else can I write? Oh yeah, after The Planet Smashers show on Feb. 15th i've realizes that the music I *stress* love o so much is dieing! What ever happened to everyone skanking side by side to eachother not being pushed or anything? What ever happened to seeing some Rudies with that classic ol' up right skank? I geuss it's just dieing now becuase of the popularity of it all, i mean you never used to hear ska too much on the radio (except when i was small, i heard The Impression That I Get by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones; a very good third wave band) or television, but now quite a few shows have ska pumping thorugh the speakers all the time. I mean half of the fuckin' people don't knwo what those checkers mean, and if they do they hardly stand by them. Also the braces that the rude boys had (some still do) are now a style, but some people don't even know what braces are even if they have them. What else can I say about this... Oh yeah, and the 3 waves of ska. If you are right now thinking in your head " Duh, what the fuck is a wave of ska" i suggest throw out ur fucking planet smashers cd you have and forget about it, because without those 2 waves before the 3rd you just wouldn't have it! Now after you read that, if your thinking " Who the hell does this guy think he is, the rightceous real skanker who knows all" think first, who the hell introduced you to ur first ska band? why did they do that? I regret telling some people cause now i can't even skank like i used to. Also im not saying im a Ska dude who knows all, or a Hardcore Punk who was there since the beginging (cause im really not, i'd be at least 40 if i were.) , i'm fuckin trying to say don't start liking music cause of other people, and if you do like it, look back to the people who gave u what u have today, because without them wouldn't your life be boring? Sure if you don't like the people who started it but you still like the music today, don't act liek a fool and start moshing while rude boys or gals are trying to skank, and for the love of god (whoever he may be) keep your fuckin' feet on the floor and if u try crowd surfin there will always be someone like me pulling ur ass to the ground. And rememebr the harder u fall, the more pain u get, which is what I would be aiming at.But come on, try to name me someone who doesn't like Bob Marley? Or the Slackers? Or the Specials? i mean these guys gave you classic songs dammit and im pretty sure u've heard at least one song from all of them. Done and done. L Dz*cheers*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/25/2003 09:08:36 AM
   im still freezing as hell and im beginging to think i really do have a fever. either that or this school has gone mentally cold only where im sitting. and im wearing a long sleeve shirt. i dont get my body. anyways, david i miss you, your not in media class and its a tad boring. i sort of finished my slide show. i dunno, maybe its really crappy, david youll have to be the judge of it because i dunno. im having fun here llamas are cool. and penguins too. when you get there click on most watched and then look at the evil penuin videos. crap all mighty, its great.

Monday, February 24

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/24/2003 08:51:17 PM
   guys are all the same... so there's no point in breaking up with him and finding some one else cause you'll find the same faults in most of them.. and being pissed cause he couldn't control the lenght of a meeting? also 5 guy minutes = 25-30 minutes =) they were never thought how to count... i'll be there in an hour or so means i'll show up if my friends let me leave... he's at an age where his friends are more important then you... and it'll stay like that until your all he can think about... which is whenever you let him fall in love with you... cause your not letting him... but god damn he's trying. fin.

sabrina dibs | 2/24/2003 04:55:33 PM
   i did talk.. believe it or not i told him to leave me alone. apparently, he does not understand english. anyway, today after school i thought it would be a good idea to talk to him.. yet again. so im waiting til like 3:45 (he had to go to some meeting which i understand completely cause hes vice president and all, but dont tell me its going to take 5 minutes when it really take 25.) so anyway, we finally leave and he refuses... *phone rings*

little aside. in the future when you are a grown up, do not call your neice and ask very calmly, "is anyone else home?" when someone close to you is in the hospital. turns out my uncle just wanted a ride with my dad to the hospital since my aunt and mom are already there with their car.. but god i got scared there for a minute.

anyway.. so he refuses to walk beside me, no he has to walk in front of me. i felt like i was in a third world country where the girl is not aloud to be the same as the man. *sigh* so i get all pissed off and tell him it would help the conversation process if he were next to me. he, of course, doesnt seem to understand that he did something wrong saturday. according to him, if i tell someone to leave me alone and just be there for me while im hurt that means catch up on things with a friend from school very loudly and laugh with him while singing songs. to me, it means dont hover over me, just try to understand what im going through and BE THERE FOR ME!! damnit. maybe im being too harsh on him. i dont really care at the moment however. he doesnt get me at all. ever. i hate it! ugh. oh, and by the way he had to have a phone chat today while we were talking. and he tried to make himself sound like a good-deeder by saying "im sorry sabrina but i wont be able to bring you home today, i have to meet some people".. like he ever brings me home after school. what?? i dont get him either apparently. oh, i dont know anymore.

Sunday, February 23

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/23/2003 04:05:48 PM
   this is the llama of the day. Its the best one around because he;s the naked dancing llama and i think this to be extreamly kick ass. i love llamas. im so happy, why ? because i have no economics project.*leans back on chair*. oh yeah. and sabrina, maybe instead of pushing him away, you should have just hugged him, he would have gotten the message that you didnt wanna play around, or maybe you should have just told him you just wanted him to hold you or leave you alone. words are good communication, trust me, it helps to talk, although it might be hard.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/23/2003 04:02:41 PM
   sabrina, im really sorry about your aunt, i knowits hard.

Lucky * | 2/23/2003 10:57:20 AM
   Sabrina, hmm. i'm not very good at these kinds of things... my aunt died of cancer when i was 10, it was definitely really hard for my family. so i hope your parents and family, and your aunt, will get through it okay. all i can say is try to make the most out of your hospital visits... try to keep your aunt in the most up-spirit as possible, and it'll raise everyone else's spirits as well. i hope everything will turn out okay.

sabrina dibs | 2/23/2003 10:25:21 AM
   saddness sucks. :( so yesterday i go see a movie with jonathon right? (final destination 2, good movie, not as good as first, but anyways) so before the movie starts we get into a fight about.. hmm.. not sure. so whatever, the movie ends and my dad had told me to call him when it was done cause the weather was bad.. blah blah. so i call home and my dad had changed the message to "sandy, sabrina call me on my cell". uh okay.. odd. so i call, its off. lovely. then my mom calls me like 2 minutes later.. guess where they are? at the hospital. great. what for? my aunt, the one with cancer started having seisures last night one after the other. :( they say she probably wont come out of it. they think the cancer has reached her brain. so i ask jonathon to take me home.. and im not good with that sort of thing. i just kind of tune out and im just there type-thing. so i guess he had good intentions but i just kind of wanted him to go away.. instead he tries to make me laugh.. so i push him away hoping hed get the message. then hes like singing in the bus and talking/laughing with some guy. yeah, thanks a lot. so the guy probably thinks i was mad at him when really i was trying to process the fact that my aunt was going to die. i hate that. :( life sucks. period.

Saturday, February 22

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/22/2003 11:11:52 PM
   beautiful layout..

je sens comme le caca... i hate when old wounds seem to suddenly have the need to open for no particular reason.. like why do i care so much about stuff i tell myself i don't really care about? i'm gonna go read that way i won't think.. but even sabrina's god damn book makes me stop and think.. i want some one in my family to have a baby really soon.. cause well i don;t care what anyone says but i think that little children are innocent.. the things they say... the way they stare.. i think my aunts trying to get pregnant and that's the only reason why she's getting married... babiez = cooliez... at times i think i actually wouldn't mind the damn stupid piece of plastic breaking again.. but then i snap back to reality and notice how stupid i am.. but a baby would mean someone to love me forever and ever... little kids don't judge people until they've gotten corrupted by older mean people who got corrupted when they were babies.. who got corrupted by the damn fucking snake (adam and eve..) and i'm scared that not believing in god will bring me to hell.. i don't know why.. i hate thinking i hate it so much.. i wish i had no brain! i wish i had no worries.. i wish i actually didn't give a shit about anything.. stupid life.. go have sex with yourself and leave me alone.

Lucky * | 2/22/2003 10:03:52 PM
   alors, qu'est-ce que t'en pense? new layout... and this time i didn't just change the picture... :P (i've been sticking my tounge out at everyone lately, hmm) anyway, i'm proud of myself. i hope it looks pretty in other browsers too though. and the links at the bottom, *points* i'll get to them in a little bit. mkay.

Lucky * | 2/22/2003 03:14:12 PM
   So Happy! for the 3rd week in a row, we went shopping for variety show sponsors. and each time we'd end up going to 50 different stores and getting nowhere. finally, today we went to 2 damn stores and got sponsored twice. and they're both fucking cool too. Jesus loves the little children.

also, if possible... choose two of the following and place them in an order which you see fit.
a) Marianopolis - Music/Science (double d.e.c.)
b) Vanier - Music/Science (double d.e.c.)
c) Dawson - Health Science
*please note that i'm going insane. kthx.

Thursday, February 20

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/20/2003 06:13:29 PM
   Today was an okay kinda day. i mean, it wasnt one of those disney days pact with adventure and excitement, but im not complaining. The sun was out, it was cool and warm and sex-like(jennifer call me for a lil pillow session) and if its five degrees tomorow, you know what to do jenn.

today's llama of the day is:

Darell Snizer
occupation: model
ambition: to save llamas who are mistreated around the world.
favorite food:hay a la gratiné( cheezy hay)
message to all: peace out.make out.mate out.

clickie here to see the llama

Lucky * | 2/20/2003 01:44:04 AM
   caffiene + digital getdown (nsync) = Rosie's attempt to get hyper at 2 in the morning to do school work. :P it's not working.

Wednesday, February 19

Lucky * | 2/19/2003 08:44:47 PM
   i'm getting my braces off April 10th, :P... i was supposed to get them off next September. so this is très cool news. yueh.

i might as well babble my words of wisdom. *rolls her eyes* Jennifer, Sabrina, the dilemma that you're going through right now is rather mmm, familiar. yes. so i'll spare you the "hoop-la" and cut the cheese to the chase. those letters today, are proof that both of yous still give a shit. if you didn't care, you wouldn't have read the letter, or responded.
so, there's tension between you two. let it out! no use in keeping it all in when you both know it's there. granted, don't start bitching at eachother for the most unreasonable-ist things, but... you get the picture.
anyway, moving right along to my point. i was walking home with Melissa and her sister after school, and Melissa is having the same trouble with her friends. and her sister was telling her, "if you didn't care so much, you wouldn't be so agravated and thinking about this all the time. you still care about them and want to work it out. when you don't want to anymore, you'll know. you just wont think about it." (something along those lines) my point is... those letters, they're good. i hope so, anyway. you should be using those for telling the other person just whats getting you so upset (don't exaggerate, but be honest) and the other person should read them, don't take it as some random insult, but try to understand the other person. get where i'm going with this? so at the end of it all, you'll both know what's pissing you both off. and if it doesn't work out, then... well, it happens. you've grown past your relationship, and there's not much you can do about it. but, try to part on good terms. that way, you know you can't be best friends because you really don't share the same views on certain things, but, you might understand them more, and be on good terms. so you'll wave at them if you see them 5 years later and not curse at them.
i really don't think i made any sense... whatever, i hope you understand what i meant anyway.

oh, i wanted to add... the whole "mad-at-the-world" stage is not because the other person wants to gossip horrible things about you and ruin your life... they just want to get the message across that they're upset at you. yes.

Tuesday, February 18

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/18/2003 08:21:23 PM
   llamma? did someone say llama!!! i love llamas.

this, to the max

how bout this one

llama dung?

this one is king

sabrina dibs | 2/18/2003 05:21:48 PM
   heh. so im reading "the potato growers" for human geography.. weve got to summarize and stuff. so anyway... mid-text i run across this:

given the choice, people will choose llama dung for their fires (or better still, cattle dung - but few families have cattle) and sheep droppings for their fields.

yup aint that the funniest thing? hehe. okay well off to do more work now. yay

Monday, February 17

Lucky * | 2/17/2003 09:31:08 PM
   this economics project is driving me nuttttttttts. i haven't even attempted to start anything else. rah! variety show sponsors... <3 yes! we have *thinks* 2... we're missing... 2 more. mwahah.

sabrina dibs | 2/17/2003 04:06:13 PM
   today was a great day. i wonder why. hmm.. i think ill let you all figure that out for yourselves. thats all i really have to say. just wanted everyone to know that today was a beautiful day due to uh stuff. :D hehe

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/17/2003 02:01:57 PM
   i hate being sick.. i REALLY REALLY REALLY hate it.. since friday i've been feeling like crap! Saturday i lost my voice and then started to sound like a man! it's so uncool.. oh well ... last night i went to bed at like 9 and still this morning i felt like crap.. anyways i wake up but my whole entire body was aching so i was like FUCK it im sleeping all day.. so i call my mom tell her and she's like awww poor baby ok go to bed.. so i go back to sleep and walk up at like 11 and call my mom and she tells me to go to the clinic.. so off to the clinic i go.. when i get there it just happens that the doctor doesnt start working before 1:30 so i'm like ok ill come back at 1:30.. before it that there was only a gynocologist .. and i could have gone to see her.. but uh non merci.. so then the secretary was like ill take ur name and stuff and come back later so i was like ok ill be back for 1:30 and then the secratery was like im gonna let you in on a lil secret theres about 10 people before you so come for 2:30.. it was odd.. i didnt feel like waiting so i went to some lil chinese type clinic next to my house.. i haaaaaaateee feeling like crap... i can't stop coughing and i keep coughing up saliva and yellow-ish stuff.. its gross.. i hope i don't have ghonerea of the throat cause well god damn that would suck.. and haha i got my ministry releve de note thingy and i must say that i am brilliant.. well not really but hey im not stupid... our french marks got brought up instead of down.. its the first time ive seen them do this to my grades and it makes me happy.. i got 98% in writting, 92% in reading, 95% in listening, 92% in speaking and 93% in that french average thingy.. gah i gotta get ready to go back to the clinic and find out if im going to die or not... probably not but you never know with me they might keep me clinicised for a week like they did with me at the hospital... and im sad my next door neighboor was brought to the hospital yesturday.. i hope he gets better.. i love those old folks there like cute still in love old grandparents.. <3

Sunday, February 16

Lucky * | 2/16/2003 01:07:54 PM
   How was your people's Valentine's Day? Mine was classy, don't you think? (mouse-over for captions, and click to enlarge)

lovely table setting for two (notice the Blue's Clues napkins!) fine cuisine
that vibrant orange always scared me mon billet pour le show

Saturday, February 15

Lucky * | 2/15/2003 06:13:46 PM
   HOLY SHIT! Captain Planet is on cartoon network!

How could i forget to mention, while shopping for variety show sponsors today, i saw bubble wrap pants. hahaha.

Lucky * | 2/15/2003 05:58:35 PM
   it's COLD! rah i spent the whole day walking around downtown and i cannot feel certain parts of my body now. i usually like winter. but i like it when it snows... not when the wind is going god knows how fast. anyWAY...
Planet Smashers was so much fun yesterday! it was just me and Chris though, but we still had fun. the opening bands were pretty good too, and there was enough space to skank around happily for all. hope the rest of you have fun tonight.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/15/2003 05:12:00 PM
   i miss massimo. the end.

Friday, February 14

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/14/2003 08:40:50 AM

Thursday, February 13

Lucky * | 2/13/2003 06:20:22 PM
   i can't believe what i'm doing right now. i'm so utterly stupid. hehe. maybe i'll take a picture if they turn out. maybe even bring them to school... haha!
êtes vous pret pour demain? // c'est la saint-Valentin!
ooh, you like that one, dontcha? my neighbour is blaring Eminem. hahaha... she uses has Celine Dion on full blast. what did i wanna say about today? nothing interesting happened... except that my shoe, was coloured blue, and that sucked poo, because cow's go moo! *collapses*

sabrina dibs | 2/13/2003 01:02:10 PM
   last night my mom sent me to the clinic. what a huge waste of time. i got there and they take my blood pressure (cause that has anything to do with whats wrong with me?) and my temperature (no fever..) so then they send me to see someone else. basically, before he even does anything dorctorly he tells me i have some sort of infection in the tubes of my lungs. okay, good great start. at least i know whats wrong with me. but then he tells me i have to live like this for 5-7 more days. good bye. huh? yeah thats it! he told me to come back if i get a fever, or else, nothing to do but wait. anyway, long story short, my mom made me stay home again today.. she didnt even wake me up this morning.. just left me there. good thing too cause i finally got to sleep.
and for the first time in a while i agree with jen completely. (refering to her last post)

Wednesday, February 12

Lucky * | 2/12/2003 07:04:42 PM
   simple enough.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/12/2003 08:33:12 AM
   okay...all im trying to say is THE MOLE SUCKS. its my opinion. you can have yours, i have mine.............fin.

Tuesday, February 11

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/11/2003 09:36:33 PM
   some one should take life and fuck it up the ass... why does everything always go wrong around the same time? its so uncool. the end.

Lucky * | 2/11/2003 08:09:29 PM
   let me take a different example to illustrate my point. let's take school subjects. we'll start with math. most of the time, you just have to follow a procedure which has already been set out for you. so you can say that you're not solving the problem yourself, more just memorizing a procedure, and following through. compare that to english class where the teacher (Mr. Plaunt, hihi) asks you to write a paper discussing the pro's and con's of, *thinks* emo music. (*grin*, yes) so now, you're thinking, and no one can do it for you. so that's what i find differentiates (is that a word?) the two. moving along... i would like you to point out where i, "decided to use a show to put out my '' lack of intellegence". because i have no idea what you're talking about. perhaps when i said, "claim this as down right intelligence?"... what i meant was "does it make you supergod of almighty intelligence and everyone on the earth is below you", not "t'es stupide if you watch the show, maudite". but i'm not sure if that's what you were refering to. refering to school marks, who gives a fucking shit about numbers? you can get lucky on a test, but does that mean you know what you're doing? possibly... dunno. and again i don't know what you're refering to when you said, "but i do have something that you lack (...)". confused, indeed. AND, the backstabbing comment. (i'm refering to The Mole now, because i don't know much about other shows) the game is that the one person is deceiving others, and they have to find out who it is. so people shouldn't take it personal, it's a game.

cegep application forms today... *hides in a corner*

sabrina dibs | 2/11/2003 04:39:27 PM
   ahh!!! hehehehe okay this is funny. so im going the the net trying to find the name of the cheese they use in poutines.. you know, for my french sonnet. hehe, and i come across this: hehehe. click on the "how to pronouce poutine" hehe

Monday, February 10

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/10/2003 10:58:08 PM
   i would rarely judge something i have never watched. ive watched the show and it is not mind enriching at all. i understand it can be enternaning to some easily amused minds ( although i am one of them, i have my limits), the discovery channel is alot more mind enriching.i do admitt, though, that it is important to learn the skills of ``analytical, elimination and inquiry'' and thats why those shows do serve a perpous, it entertains those who were not born with those very important skills.
the reason why i got slightly upset at ur statements was that you decided to use a show to put out my '' lack of intellegence". maybe you did not mean to do this, but you were my friend long enough to realize that i get teased alot for not being the fastest of beings, my hair being blonde, so on and so on. you see, i may not get the marks you have in school, but i do have something that you lack to show you have, or maybe do not have it and that is why you insist on watching these shows. all i see in them is still backstabbings for the fun of it, but i dont know, maybe you like that sort of stuff.

Lucky * | 2/10/2003 09:03:13 PM
   Claudia, i belittle your television theory. first of all, i will counter attack your comment of how Discovery Channel programming is mind-enriching versus The Mole. (please note, i have nothing against Steve Irwin) where The Discovery Channel can be informative on certain subjects, would you really claim this as down right intelligence? Does the ability of memorizing facts on one particular subject put you ahead in life? slight possibility that it might... whereas a show like The Mole, which is not so much a reality show, but more a game show, keeps the viewers in suspense, and lets them play along to discover the secret identity of the mole. by playing along, you're using analytical, elimination and inquiry skills. which is both entertaining and mind stimulating. and finally, i scoff at the fact that you would counter me, using prejudgemental views about The Mole, when you have not watched it. (by the looks of your description of the show) so... bring it on. *sticks her tounge out*

did you know that "crikey" is in the dictionary? cool, indeed. ahthankyou. (i've been saying that all day à la Austin Powers... because of math class, hehehe)
whatever, i have nothing to say. shablahblah.

sabrina dibs | 2/10/2003 10:41:12 AM
   my mother is a changed woman. this morning i walked downstairs to the kitchen and my mom said, "okay sabrina, you stay home today". huh? apparently i looked like i was in pain and i have way too much on my mind and i need a day to relax. shes oh so right. seriously, i do believe im under way too much stress. what with prom, college, high school, the thousand projects due on the same day, my family, my friends, etc. yesterday i decided it would not be such a bad idea to move to ontario. okay, i would hate it at first cause id be losing everything and everyone i ever knew.. but i think after a while it wouldnt be so bad. i told my sister about everything yesterday, considering jennifer is going through her pms (or so she claimed below).. and it actually felt good getting everything off my back. so she told my mom id be willing-ish to move there maybe so the subject has been re-opened.. i think they had kind of given up on the idea a while ago but they still want to do it. ah well, whatever, ill be happy with a few more days like this. i actually started cutting out newspaper articles before.. i figure maybe i could get a head start on all those projects.. or maybe i really should relax and calm down today. i dunno. oh, and by the way, rosie.. i really dont have a problem with you managing the money, seriously. and i also say that whatever people gave for the deposit is lost forever. i know i said i wanted my 25$ back but i changed my mind. unless everyone gets everything back too bad. thats the point of a deposit, so that you wont change your mind and if you do you lose something. i know we were kind of forced into it and all but that was our choice. yup thats it. im hungry....hmm how about lunch at 10:39? sounds good.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/10/2003 09:08:12 AM
   if i wanted to watch some show to have my brain work, id watch the discovery channel, not reality tv, which only fills your mind with bullshit about people stabbing each other in the back for fun. that said, the bus thing is sad. it as pretty good, but yeah, i dont enjoy getting shit for 2 hours on transportation. im happy, i bought my prom dress a long time ago, otherly, i would be going mad. all i need is a tiara. i want a tiara. hehe tiaras are pretty. bah. and the hotel room is cool. i dont get all the sex talks though, its pretty scary. i think my mom is planning on buying me condoms, if she does, i would be tremendously scared. as for transportation, jenn, you shoullllld go with massimo's porshe. im probly gonna go with my dad's mini van. i dunno. i dont really care how i get there, really.

Sunday, February 9

Lucky * | 2/9/2003 09:13:43 PM
   i'm absolutely in love with this dress. however, i would prefer the top to be more like the straps of this dress, around the neck and whatnot instead of strapless. mhm, we shall see.

in any event, i'm rather upset at the fact that Sabrina and Jennifer's mothers were yelling at them for letting me handle the money collected for the bus. i'm not sure if you agree with their outlook on the situation, but either way, i am discouraged. and feel free to make you parents read this. if i were to not find myself responsible enough to handle that large sum of money, i would have never volunteered myself to do it. and the reason i did so, is because i believed myself to be more secure about collecting and keeping the money safe than anyone else. and no one seemed to have a problem with it, because of the fact that i have done it before, and they've trusted me. besides this, i don't think any adult could have organized it better than i have. i spent a lot of time carefully catering customized enveloppes to each person, suiting their payment. and i can still tell you now, the exact total of what we have and how much each and every single person paid. so i scoff at the fact that you'd think i'm not mature enough to handle something like this. and if any parent would have collected the money (which they wouldn't have, because they're oh-so-busy) they would have still made their child pick up the money because they're too lazy to go see the persons themselves, stuffed the money in their wallet, mixing it up with their own, and if that parent's child were to ask any questions the response would be, "not now, i'm busy, i know what i'm doing"... without letting the child any experience and help to learn how to handle and organize things like this for the future. and besides, my mother saw me and trusted me in my doing so. she had no complaints or comments. (haha, i'm stupid. they're weren't complaining because of that... hehe.)
as for any other child in this whole bus extravaganza, everyone has bitched and complained about how things are being done, but no effort into doing things themselves. so to them, i say shut up and well, do it yourself. as to your comment about wanting the deposit money back, if the money order hasn't been cashed in yet, then you can get your full refund, but if not, then it's been deposited and there's not much you can do about that. for the $10, you can ask Franky, because he didn't give in his deposit. and as for transportation to prom, i'm dissapointed to find out that there are no Mercedes rentals in Montreal. or like i said, i could always take the 1990 Toyota Corolla, cracked windshield, broken door handle and all. meh.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/9/2003 06:07:06 PM
   FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in a really bad fucking mood right now... and also i'm really tired.. i bought my prom dress on Saturday.. i seriously love it.. it was odd though cause on Friday Franky, David and Claudia came over and we were talking about prom dresses and stuff and my mom was like how much are you planning to spend on this dress? and i said ah dunno around 200-ish and she was like WHAT WHHHHHHHHOAAAAAAAA whats wrong with you..? and ya let's just say i payed it a lil more then that .. but i really love it.. it's so pretty and i bought my shoes.. and now i have to decide if i dye them my dress color or if i don't.. there white now.. and dunkin donuts was bad my mom and sabrinas mom yelling at us for giving rosie money and trusting our friends but it's like HHHHHHHHHHEEEEELLLLLLO im 16 and i wanted them to shut up.. all i have to say is that i BETTER get a minimum of 35$ back.. the 10$ that i over payed for the deposit cause Rosie had no change.. and then the deposit for massimo cause we'll it wasn't even sure that he was comming and it was established that if he didn't come i'd take that money for myself and since he isn't going cause well no one is .. im not paying for it.. and Gaetano should of listened to us when we told him to have his mom cancel the check.. but no of course not cause HE wants the bus.. fuck the bus..
I slept at Claudias house yesturday... it was interesting.. we only fell asleep at like 5 and we were suppose to go see our hotel room at like 10 but we left at like noon .. hehe it was lots of funness.. the room is so pretty.. but the washrooms are a lil small so no sex in there *sniff* it was a lil odd though.. claudias mom gave me a sex talk.. but it was funny.. hehe i was told that if i needed condoms i could ask her.. and that i could have sex aslong as it was safe sex.. hehe and then i got home and my grandmother came over and my mom told her about the hotel and she was like aw ya thats a good idea.. but you better use condoms i was like WHOA no sex with my friends around .. hehe.. gah and her dad went psycho on us about the bus.. it was kinda odd what he says is true though and my mom wants a copy of the contract.. to see what she can do to unscrew us or something.. and the ten day thingy.. is from when the contract was made not signed so ya thats probably long expired *sigh* im sad. the end.

sabrina dibs | 2/9/2003 04:04:49 PM
   i didnt get my prom dress.. just kind of. me, jen and mommies went shopping and we found stuff. it was interesting i guess. a lot of mommy's screaming at us because of: college, prom, money, 'the bus', boyfriends, etc. yes, getting screamed at in a dunkin donuts isnt much fun. and then me and jen ended up in another fight-ish. like always, what a surprise. seriously. and i refuse to take any blame whatsoever for this one. whatever, i dont care. tomorrows a new day.

so more about the dress.. hehe, yeah, i tried on lots.. and there was this one that apparently looked great on me.. VERy poofy-like and pretty.. i dunno what color though.. theres all kinds. the only thing is its really heavy and i dont know about wearing it in june.. itll be hot and stuff.. i dont even think it would be easy to sit. but i dont know, i have to go back there with my sister to get another opinion. and then there were these shoes that looked like glass slippers they were cool.. and they actually fit me. so, yeah i think i might get those too.

oh my, rosie just called asking if i wanted to go tobagoning.. hehe.. no way! i already froze my ass off once this weekend and ended up with a really bad sore throat and a fever.. no more for me thank you very much.
oh, and i too saw "how to lose a guy in ten days" last night. twas good. i liked it a lot.. except for the end.. of course that was going to happen but they could have explained it a little more.. just said what she wrote or soemthing, i dont know. hehe but yes i recommend as well.

Lucky * | 2/9/2003 12:46:51 AM
   here's to that new years' resolution. cheers, indeed.
eugh. stupid, stupid me. you'd think one session of drama and heartache were enough to teach you some serious lessons, but you get pulled in for a second. much less probably scammed by the same person? seems like his dirty work? yes, very much so. but i shouldn't be bickering, for i'm the one at fault for letting my imagination run rampant on something so small and insignificant, yet can't possibly get out of my mind. there's something very much wrong with this world and i dislike that its hatred is being directed towards me. i scoff at you insignificant, hypocritical problem. silly me.

so, i saw How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. it was actually pretty good for a romantic comedy. laughing throughout, minus the horribly overdone, cheesy ending. but it the $8.50 was worth the rest of the movie, i would recommend it. haha, Princess Sofie.
and so i hear Sabrina and Jennifer have gotten their prom dresses, i'm sure they'll tell you all about it later on.
and Claudia, The Mole is not a stupid cheesy reality show. that show just gives you a headache. major brain work.
one more thing, as for the Jonathan thing... he's the scariest drunk person ever. remember Fitz's party? he was trying to walk but couldn't and just kept falling on the floor, i was scared. is that all a Johanne act, or what's happening here?
mah ho's be bling-blingin' on the eastcoast. rdp fo' life. shizzle mah nizzle.

Friday, February 7

Lucky * | 2/7/2003 07:25:45 PM
   cadeau pour Jennifer... ici. (it's a death wish)

sabrina dibs | 2/7/2003 05:23:41 PM
   oh my. i dont know what to say. what jen said is true (the first paragraph.. bottom) yup yup.. im fine with the whole him getting drunk thing, i just dont wanna see that again. cause some people can handle that and some cant. he cant. obviously. anyway, last night was a waste of time at school. i got there and there were sooo many parents and then like 15 minutes later there was no one. jonathons brother came up to me a few times asking where he was. his mom was there too. lovely, i told him he went out with friends... apparently they were trying to get a hold of him on his phone but luckily jason was smart enough to take that away from him.. bad enough he called me like 10 times acting like a retard, emagine his parents?? wow. well whatever, then jason and ralph (some guy..) dropped him off and left him with me. *sigh* what to do? he was pretty normal by then though.. oh, and apparently david was left alone in the park at some point vomitting and some parent on their way to parent/teacher night saw him and brought him home.. and no one heard from him in like forever and people were worried. it was a big dilemma at school.. hehe it was pretty funny. but oh so stupid.
as for prom, yeah ive pretty much given up too. i dont mind a taxi. the bus is good. whatever. but i want a nice dress. if i have to have sucky transport then i want nice clothes. yeah. :D hehe i wonder if me, jen and mommys are going shopping tomorrow.. hmm must call jen tomorrow.
today i went shopping with gates and vanessa. twas odd but fun. i dont understand how us three got together to shop but hehe.. it was interesting. gates bought a ski jacket. me and vanessa did our valentines day shopping... god is that hard! seriously, for both of us.. but we got everything we needed. yay. thats done. i cant believe its so close by.. wow it passed so fast. but i dont want anything big. seriously.. yesterday jonathon asked me if i wanted roses and i said no not really but i dont think he was really all there so i doubt he remembers anything.. hmm something little but cute is what i want. big things are umm... well, big. too much for me to handle. yup.

Thursday, February 6

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/6/2003 08:51:42 PM
   some people do deserve to get caught.. our whole student council is corrupted.. but i guess any kind of government is.. i seen jonathan after school.. it was bad.. i walked with him out of the school and to the corner where i took the bus and i somehow ended up holding on to him cause he couldn't walk .. he was telling me " do you think saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashhhhhhh hahaha wait i don't think i said that properly.. sabrina is she mad? HAHAHAHA " ya he couldn't say more then 3 words without stuttering or laughing or practically passing out.. that's how life is though.. sab all i can say is that ur lucky you were able to go home... i was stuck in the middle of no where knowing no one and not being able to go home by myself.. and to tell you the truth.. i now seriously believe that almost every guy does drugs or drinks.. and sabrina.. u won't be able to change him .. ever.. so ya.. i dunno what to say.. but if ever u wanna talk about anything.. im here..

k im gonna say this once so everyone read carefully.. i do not give a fuck about prom anymore.. i will continue being chairperson of it because i took that responsibility.. i thought prom would be an amazing thing (thank movies and all that) right now im seriously thinking about having my dad drive me.. and the only reason i like the claudia hotel thing is because i wont have to worry about that anymore.. and now everyone is just getting pissed and me and some people don't understand that its not the people that i dont care about its prom.. and fuck im old enough to do what i want to do with who i want to do it.. u people dont call me before u go out.. why should i? and why do u even care what i do? it's my life let me live it.. thank you. i want to go hurt myself now.. i havent felt like this in a while.. and it sucks..

sabrina dibs | 2/6/2003 04:12:46 PM
   todays science fair was a downer. nothing to do. hehe really, boring. but at least i didnt have to go to classes with two people in it. that sucks. and then we got two periods off! hehe.. our lunch period and the junior lunch period too!! so me and rosie went for a stroll to mr clementes math class. there were a total of four students hehe. so we were actually doing math at one point.. interesting, hes corrupting our minds with math. *sigh* anyways, thats it. now we have to wait for the winners and stuff.. i dont think id wanna go to the regionals, sounds boring, ah well. anyway, the end of the day was umm interesting. some people are just stupid and deserve to get caught. honnestly, who gets drunk at school? and on a thursday, during the afternoon, when youre vice president of the school, and you have to go to school at night cause its parent teacher night?? retard. it was kind of creepy too.. jason and enzo took one look at me and said something like, "go.. dont get him mad, and we'll take care of him dont worry." good thing too cause no way was i going home with that. yeah enough said.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/6/2003 09:15:46 AM
   awww. i dont watch stupid reality shows really, they tend to overdramatize things and , whatever, i think most of them are stupid. i hate those and game shows. Game shows are just annoying, exept price is right. now theres a show not many can get enough of. ANYWAY, i didnt see jenn this morning, so ill write the hotel things on here so you can read them,dearest jennifer. *clears throat*
okay, my mom, david and i had fun calling places last night, and my sister help us find a hotel that includes everything that we want. The suit has two closed rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, living room, balcony and a pool on the roof top ciellinged with glass. sounds good, and its 200$ per night. so itll cost us 65 $ each ish... not counting tax yet. ANYways, we want to go visit it first because it does sound a lil unexpensive. if its really crappy, theres another that has all of that exept for the pool. its gonna cost us about 120$ each, so yeah, give me a call when you want to go or something. ..and dont expect 5 star hotel because those cost 500$ per night ish...yeah, so i think the first one must be checked before.

Wednesday, February 5

Lucky * | 2/5/2003 11:05:55 PM
   THIS IS FRUSTRATING! fucking television. i've been addicted to the mole since the first time i've watched it... and i thought tonight would be when we'd find out who the mole is. but no... ROSIE HAS TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK! asidjghsldfg! is there any one out there that watches it? fuck, that show just plays with your mind. crazy. gets the whole family pissed off. haha.
it's cold, brr. okay. i have 4 variety show scenes to write.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/5/2003 09:33:23 PM
   me = pissed off
me = only happy when with select people
me = wanna be with my boyfriend not my friends because with him theres no high school drama
me = wanna graduate now and not have to see certain people ever again
me = pissed off

does that count as a poem? i can't wait to go prom dress shopping with Sabrina.. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =) prom dress.. hehe ill post a picture of it AS soon as i get it.. but i think i'll refuse to show it to massimo.. oui oui.. fin.

sabrina dibs | 2/5/2003 04:21:05 PM
   okay wow, first of all to you eric. you dont even know whats happening so dont judge. second, i have a right to state my opinion, no ones asking you to listen to me. third, i dont care anymore, ill go on the bus.

now, to rosie, i went to the cheap doller store and found a doll. gates insisted i get the one that looked most like a human.. although its kind of tiny. but it cost me like $5.75 so i wasnt going to buy two of them.. i figure everyone knows what a normal doll looks like. now, if only i could figure out how to make spina bifida.. hmm.

Tuesday, February 4

Lucky * | 2/4/2003 07:37:00 PM
   aww, i'm so happy! i just finished arranging a song for Sofia to play in the variety show (the poem) and it's so pretty. yay! one thing goes right.

sabrina dibs | 2/4/2003 04:39:51 PM
   why are we back at square one with prom transportation??? its very annoying. *sigh* whatever. i dont know what david was talking about but mr zampini clearly told us that minors could not sign a contract.. as if we didnt know that already. how the hell is that legal?? honnestly. lets make my little 4 year old cousin sign it then, why not huh? and people say im naive.

on another note.. we met our new english teacher today. hehe mr. plaunt. hehehehe its funny. hes from ontario but lived in bc and has this odd accent. "enithin" hehe. yeah, hes coolish except he already gave us a pop quiz and homework! and not easy homework either!! we gotta pretend were haulden caulfield and rant about something, what you ask? bope! *sigh*.. i dont like school anymore.

Monday, February 3

Lucky * | 2/3/2003 08:32:50 PM
   on the bus, girl next to me is talking to someone:
girl #1: eugh! i have such a headache!
girl #2: do you want a tylenol?
girl #1: no, i can't. my doctor said it's not good for me. i have to take something else.
girl #2: what?
girl #1: anaprox.
*me laughing to myself*
girl #1: it's the most amazingest thing.
*me laughing more*


Sunday, February 2

sabrina dibs | 2/2/2003 11:29:18 AM
   yesterday was interesting. it was my grandparents 50th anniversary party.. so first off we go to this photographer (they wanted a family picture) but this place is soo wierd! the guy sounded like the godfather. hehe it was funny. anyways, then we go to the restaurant where my uncle gets drunk and tries to set my sister up with this waiter. it was funny. yeah.. well whatever. im not gonna bore you all about the rest of the day. it was okay.
okay so now whats wrong with the bus? *sigh* i dont get it. oh, and by the way, forget about my paretns signing.. not gonna happen. they had problems when they signed for my sister so they dont wanna do that again.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/2/2003 11:26:06 AM
   about the space shuttle thing.. i do feel really bad but shit happens and i find it disrespectful for the peoples familys that they spent all day yesturday showing footage from the crash. i disrespect the american mentality.. they did the same thing on september 11th-ish and it was stupid... i personally would want to get over it.. and accept it not see it rehappening everyday.. and constantly hearing the words "revenge" wtv. i feel bad for those people and i hope for them there really is a heaven type thing..

since i mentioned september 11 ... i've got a theory.. actually many people have theories about what happened .. mine is that bush the fucked up retard planned everything.. he wants war.. he wants the american economy to rise.. fucking him.. at least the other one would litteraly fuck his population instead of screwing them over... and the us is like his army.. his cult.. they actually believe that going to war is the right thing to do.. well most people have already lost someone that they had really strong feelings for and well how did it feel? fucking horrible eh? i dont think it matters what nationality.. or religion u are.. if they go to war innocent people will die i say we should just put a huge gate around the states and not let them talk to anyone but themselves...

hm what else? hehe yesturday me and claudia double dated.. it was fun.. we talked about guys with short arms using toilet paper rolls to masturbate.. hehe and we watch the FUCKING boringest movie of all times.. cccccccccccccchiiiiiiiiiiicago.. like seriously.. it sucked of ass i really dont get why you people liked it.. EVERYONE in the movie theater couldn't wait for it to end.. david hated it ... i hated it.. massimo hated it.. and claudia well she liked it but only cause of the music.. i actually thought it would be a good movie.. and now david and massimo refuse to let us choose the movie next time we go out.. and the new decor type thing at the movies scares me alot..

i don't get the whole swing thing.. the end.

Saturday, February 1

Lucky * | 2/1/2003 01:29:26 PM
   did you people hear about the space shuttle thing? that sucks.

Lucky * | 2/1/2003 12:30:33 PM
   i don't get everyone and their fucking craze for all star converse high-tops. everyone says they're the most uncomfortable shoes the first time you wear them. so why buy them? are they in-style?.. meh. *sigh* but put down emo and pop-punk because it's trendy... HA! atleast i admit it. fucking people.
oh god i'm fucking pissed at the world right now. i'm highly debating either renting a mercedes and asking my brother to drive me to prom. hmm. OR, not going at all. hmhmhmhmmm. (about the bus, it's getting signed monday. so invite all your parents to ask all the fucking questions they want.)
in other news, i hate the world.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/1/2003 09:54:48 AM
   im in a damn bad fucking horrible mood.. i just woke up my mom! how you ask? by talking on the phone... she came downstairs said " you fucked up bitch do you not know what time it is? theres something wrong with you... get off the phone" i was talking to massimo.. well atleast now hell believe me when i tell him my moms a lil on the psycho side.. so ya it was like 9:30 WTF!!!!!!!!!! and my sister was watching tv upstairs.. and that didn't matter... god and i had been in a pretty good mood for the psat week.. even more i think! FUCK FUCK FUCK but whatever i shall go see chicago today.. and massimo might come over tonight but i think i rather go to his house.. hehe and we should be getting the fridge and stove soon-ish