Thursday, January 30

Lucky * | 1/30/2003 09:28:10 PM
   lol. i'm almost done this fucking grad write-up... but i'm missing a last line. so all kinds of things are going through my head. so i'm like, "okay, okay... i'll just type something without thinking, mkay..."

j'aime toi.
t'aimes-tu Áa les patates?
emo-kid @ <3
it's red.

i think i'll end it with sdfnssfghdsfghg. it's my favorite word anyway.

Wednesday, January 29

Lucky * | 1/29/2003 09:07:44 PM
   haha. my mommy just taught me how to do the swing! fuck cat's corner right up the ass. hahahaha. i'm so cool.
i had a vanilla coke today. first in a long while. it was very yum.
and the rest of the day was crap. people...

"I donít know what Iíll miss most about Pearson. Maybe itíll be the soundproof coloured walls. Or maybe the air conditioning that works only during winter. No, I think itíll be the trees in the plaza."

wednesday... that means celebrity mole is on tonight. yes.

Tuesday, January 28

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/28/2003 07:25:02 AM

Monday, January 27

Lucky * | 1/27/2003 05:38:04 PM
   i already lost $2003.00 for my economics project. hahaha.

sabrina dibs | 1/27/2003 05:36:39 PM
   exactly what are you people planning on putting in your grad write-ups? hm. i read some funny ones in my sister's yearbooks.. :

"... im so glad i survived here. however, i would gladly stay one more year if it meant getting a normal high school diploma. i totally disapprove graduationg from high school in the 11th grade and ill never forgive thoes silly people at the 'ministry' for messing up our school system. i cant wait to leave this province. i really cant take it anymore." (no photo available)
" guys are we graduatiing? no. i feel were graduating" (what? and this happened a few times too...)
" now, im not going to bore you with the obvious cliche write-up where id quote a song and thank everyone from my mom to the doctor who pulled me out of my mom. im doing this my way and nobody stop me. my five years here have been painful ones during which i have had to take a lot of heat. well, im glad its finally over." (geez.. how do you live so miserably?)
"... now as i board the ship , i say to you my human friends vaya con dios and see you in the next life" (and that WASNT a quote!! god what the hell are these people up to?)
- some guy quoted jean cretien...
" a special thanks to mr. d for listening to my ideas and making math a challenge.." (what? whoa.. hehe)
" okay ciao bro" (hehe enough said.)
" i have to thank patrick s for keeping me company at lunchtime..." (how sad :( )
okay those were the funny ones :D

today is also my monthaversary... wow that passed sooo fast! hehe.

Sunday, January 26

Lucky * | 1/26/2003 06:27:29 PM
   without a doubt the stupidest layout i ever put up. hehe. but i'm not done... i started putting it up, but then i went to watch Chicago. hahaha. good movie... go see it. mkay, i'm gonna continue working on this.
my computer is being ass-like. i'll do it another time. je m'excuse.

Saturday, January 25

Lucky * | 1/25/2003 12:53:24 AM
   > If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him?
> Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but don't point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?
> If Wiley E. Coyote had enough money to buy all that Acme crap, why didn't he just buy dinner?
> Why is a person that handles your money called a 'Broker'?
> If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests? (Come on say it!)
> If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?
> Is Disney World the only people trap operated by a mouse?
> Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him on a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?
> Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup?

> Why is it difficult to find men who are sensitive, caring and good looking?
They all already have boyfriends.
> Why did the man cross the road?
He heard the chicken was a slut.

alrighty. pictures, pictures, pictures. soon, i hope. JENN!

Friday, January 24

sabrina dibs | 1/24/2003 06:55:08 PM
   okay so yesterdays blood test thing went badly. i got there and i was shaking right? so the nurse gave up on me cause i was "too nervous" for her. so then this other nurse comes, sees me.. goes away, and comes back with someone else. so theres two nurses on me.. one waiting til im alright and the other talking to me about my sister of all things. so then whatever, they finally do it after like 10 minutes.. when i got home i had to take off the band-aid right? that thing hurt more than the blood test i swear! it was one of those cheap band-aids that cling.
anyways, so, me and rosie decided to forget the dance we were going to do for teh variety show. hehe, she had to call clementes house, that mustve been odd and scary.
okay, well i gotta go babysit now. fun fun :D

Lucky * | 1/24/2003 06:26:17 PM
   yeah. feel bad for me. fucking alfonsi. and desormeaux. (yes. i'm that pissed that i'm not according a title to their name, or a capital letter to the first letter. they don't deserve it.) remember all those meeting i went to afterschool at the beginning of the year? that was for making an outline. that desormeaux approved of. and now, alfonsi changes it. ALL of it. the three of us don't like it, "oh, too bad. mrs. alfonsi decides. besides we can't change it now." and then, she changes something, "well, that's how it works. it's always changing." !!! you explain that. i wrote a fucking script for scenes one and two until midnight. and "oh, we're not following the script" after desormeaux asked me to write it. then, the little sec. 1 actor has this big speech to make in the first scene, so i wrote it out for him. but during rehearsals, he fucked it up. anyway, alfonsi tells him to do it like the way i wrote it in the script (but not refering to the script) and he was about to say, yeah, i have the script that's what it says... "yeah, the script..." what does desormeaux say? "don't read the script. listen to mrs. alfonsi." WTF. are you talking out of your ass? spent so much time working on scene three... the scene three we HAD to do because alfonsi said so. she comes in, changes it around... takes out ALL our jokes. it wasn't even funny anymore. and the whole having an accent thing? she makes Claudia have an accent. but i'm like, "it doesn't sound natural, you can't understand her properly." "nono, she has to have one." now? "Claudia, lose the accent, it doesn't sound natural and you can't understand properly" FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. "oh, listen to mrs. alfonsi, she knows what she's doing." AND WE FUCKING DON'T! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU CHOOSE US AS CHAIRPEOPLE THEN? fuck, fuck, fuck. THE BEST PART? she doesn't know my name. i swear to god, she doesn't. she was giving me something and tried to say my name, stuterred, gave up and just left. it's rosie. ROSIE! fuckk.
(sorry, had to let that out.)

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/24/2003 05:07:12 PM
   i dont hate many ppl, theres some i cant stand, but hey, thats only normal. Ahhh, i feel bad for rosie and her not being able to have much of her opinion put in the variety show. its really odd how mrs alfonsi keeps changing her mind all the time. she contradicts herself. anyway, yesterday wasnt a very fun day. it was my first blood test and i didnt like it one little bitt. i havnt been that scared since we went to that haunted house at la ronde. i still have nightmares about that, although it was fun. and by the way, last i heard was that christina and victor were over.. she broke up with him because he was getting controlling...yeah, when they wanted to do something, she would suggest clubbing and he would say no. she would still wind up going, and he would get pissed. i would get piised too...but anyways. animal crossing is a cool game. i suggest it to all.and jennifer, you should put up the pictures of the bloood test. funniness. christina liking gates scares me a tad. poor him. i mean, most girls, not all, that have liked him, are scary people.people that scare him. i think we should get him a nice girl. maybe he should meet someone at the gap. aww well, hell find a girl on his own one that wont scare him, or us, hopefully.

Thursday, January 23

Lucky * | 1/23/2003 05:33:03 PM
   i. hate. everybody. minus. select. few. people. and i swear to god. if i don't get on a plane and go to some foreign country, all by myself, away from everything and everyone i hate, i will murder. oh god.

Wednesday, January 22

Lucky * | 1/22/2003 11:22:57 PM
   haha. i'm so excited... and it's like 11. rahrahrah. i ate supper at baton rouge... mwaha. be jealous. AND, i had my first variety show acting meeting. since i missed the first one because i had a doctor's appointment. HANYWAY, i heard horrible things about the meeting, that Marcello and Melissa had absolutely NO say in what was going on. mainly because mme Alphonse was there. so i was all pissed off the whole day, so were they. but it went okayish. except i had to get up and stand in the middle of the stage to be heard, but it's alright. yep. so i wrote up the script for scene's one and two tonight. yes, there was this whole debate about having a script... like, what the hell? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO IMPROVISE UNTIL THE SHOW? i dunno. some crazy people. anyway. i just finished that now, and i keep thinking about it, and it's just too goddamn funny. and i had so much fun directing stuff. and me and Melissa have this CRAZY idea. okay. but i can't say. SHH! what else, oh non. blood test demain. i have to fill out those forms... hehe. i'm SO addicted to celebrity mole. damn that show. it leaves you craving for more. 10pm, wednesdays... i dunno what channel. rahrahrah.
[exits stage left]

Tuesday, January 21

Lucky * | 1/21/2003 05:07:02 PM
   s.v.p! quelqu'un vient avec moi.

Monday, January 20

Lucky * | 1/20/2003 10:48:02 PM
   haha. you know what i was just remembered? on that stupid Laurier t-shirt, i signed my last name as "Timberlake". hahaha. obsessions are scary. mkay.
i made myself a folder for variety show stuff. my Darryl McCall enveloppe was getting old. so i made a pretty folder. i just felt like noting that, because i think that it's pretty. moving on. haha! little secondary one's and two's... their first fashion meeting. so many of them were missing. *rolls her eyes* AND we still have to include them in the show, because... "give them a chance!" maudite. whatever. first acting meeting is tomorrow... and i'm not gonna be there. and that sucks a whole bunch. but enough about that.
Sabrina, i don't get why you're always worrying about your marks. well... physics and stuff. like you give a shit about that class anyway? hehe. maudite, it pisses me off. damn, i wanna see Chicagoooo. MUSSICCCCAAALLSSSSLSLSLSLSL! <3 yeahhhhh. i'm tired. gdnittttteeeeee. maudite.

sabrina dibs | 1/20/2003 04:47:38 PM
   oh wow. so basically we got back our physics exam marks today. rosie got her usual not bad 70-something. even jen did good (considering). and me, what do i get? *sigh* 61. sixty-one.. and i was doing so well this term too! ah well. whatever, at least i passed i guess. but god, sylvio beat me! sylvio! hehe.. i feel stupid. ah well. so then i get home and i gotta show my dad right? i figure if i get it over with quickly hell let it go fast too.. so i show him and hes like "okay, what happened?" so i told him i just dont get it.. so he actually sat me down and went over the whole damn thing with me *SIGH*. why are parents so odd at times? hehe. it was the type of thing where you just cant say anything.. you gotta listen and pretend theyre giving you the right answers (cause you know, its just so easy even they know the right answer... when its in front of their faces..) but thats over with now.. i just gotta show my mom but shes not home yet. ah well..

oh, and me and rosie are finally going to work on our variety show dance!! wow! its about time... hehe, but the funny thing is that christina (clementes daughter) has to be there too.. cause, well shes doing the violin thing right? so yeah, were probably going to do it at rosies house cause she has the big corridor with mirror thing going on and stuff.. so clementes going to have to come over to bring his kid.. hehe! yup.

Sunday, January 19

Lucky * | 1/19/2003 07:23:26 PM
   new camera... <3 (and better than Jennifer's, :P) hehe.
i got the kodak one. is it just me, or are the hot guys at Future Shop, or any store for that matter, more helpful than the ugly people? mmdunno.
anyway. look! my desk - my sexy piano - outside my house

yeah. Jennifer, c'est pas bon l'alcool. (les filles) even if it is fruit sauvage... :)

Saturday, January 18

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/18/2003 12:18:28 PM
   i feel like crap. i seriously feel asif i've got the worse hang over ever and i didn't even drink! WTF?!?! that's not suppose to happen.. oh well .. i get to escape from my FUUCKLY ugly family.. Davids recital.. should be lots of fun.. hehe Massimo might come.. and if he doesnt it doesn't really matter.. i gotta shower.. and gah hope this head ache vomit feeling will go away!!!!!!!! and i did the test thingy cause well i kinda thought it might have been that and it's not so now im all happy.. but sick hehe... the end.

Lucky * | 1/18/2003 11:11:26 AM
   okay... so yesterday, while going downtown. we (being me, Chris, Gates and some others) get off at Berri... and we stumble upon a movie set. hehe. whatever. one of those cheap little independent films. i looked up at the metro signs, and they took off the "henri-bourassa" and "angrignon" signs, and there was shit like, "newton street" and "exit" instead of "sortie"... so we're like... ooh! it's english! so we were walking away, we go up the escalator. and there's SO many people watching. *shrug* so then we go watch too. i thought it was this little movie... but it wasn't. there were SO many camera's being brought to that spot. and all kinds of other stuff. and then we see this girl in sandals, so we're like. she must be an actress, who the fuck would wear sandals when it's -30 outside. k. and she was talking to someone while they were getting stuff ready. and we realized... it was that guy in road trip, the guy who smokes up alot? and the Josh Harnett's roommate in 40 days and 40 nights. and we were all, "OMG! it's WHATSHISNAME!" lol. and a part de ca, there were stunt coordinator people! but we didn't see anything. yeah. it was cool. and i still dunno that actor's name. bah. filming movie's = fun. anyway, fin to my boring story.

Lucky * | 1/18/2003 01:39:00 AM
   gold is tasty, you don't say... free white hot chocolates are not. but tequila is. myum, myum. fun, fun? yes, yes.
it's official. my mother has a big stick up her ass. asdkfjhpa. but i wont get into that. i'll just have to keep excusing myself for being a lying whore of a daughter. *sigh* honestly. *shakes her head*
and... big, big ups to Christina for bringing me my pillow back from new years' eve. now i can sleep comfortably again! yay! *gives Christina a hug*

i dunno what my point was... i'm just pissed off about my mother. *sigh* i shall rant another time though. rahrah. so i leave you with this... haha.

Thursday, January 16

Lucky * | 1/16/2003 09:03:10 PM
   A herd of buffalo can move only as fast as the slowest buffalo. When the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members.

Much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells.

Excessive intake of alcohol, we all know, kills brain cells, but naturally it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine.

That's why you always feel smarter after a few beers.

Tuesday, January 14

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/14/2003 09:53:08 PM
   im fucking pissed off. like really fucking pissed off. my moms fucking insane and my dads an ass! how did me being so pissed off happen you ask? well first of all i get some call around 5:15 so i think that my moms not home yet and take a message.. well then i go upstairs and shes home.. she lost it on me.. for not telling her because it was an important phone call and blah blah blah but WTF!?! she ALWAYYYYYS comes and says hi when she gets home from work.. and why didn't she? she didn't feel like it.. *joy* so i get yelled at cause shes a bitch.. but thats not all she gets all attitudy with me while were eating supper because i should have tooken out meat for supper.. and if i would have i would have gotten bitched at cause well why the hell would she want to eat chicken? right? stupid bitch. i know i may sound really mean and stuff.. and my mom can be mean at times.. but shes got some pills and she should take them more fucking often. k and then after supper she expects me to install words or something.. so fine.. but it wouldnt work so she went insane on me and then my dad comes and decides to take over the computer while its installing and he fucks up everything. so i told them both to FUCK OFF ... well no.. i just said that in my head.. so my moms like move ill do it.. so HAHA she comes crying to me after like 10 minutes.. and now i fixed everything.. arent you all proud of me? i really hate my parents and im damn moody. i started crying before cause Massimo told me i should be more patient.. poor him.. hehe i love my massimo.. <3

Lucky * | 1/14/2003 06:30:17 PM

and Claudia, stop complaining about having free periods in class.

sabrina dibs | 1/14/2003 05:16:19 PM
   ah oui rosie. i love it!! beauty and the beast <3 hehe. be our guest. hehe.. lets see.. who can i be? maybe mrs. potts? shes cool. but we should do the bonjour song.. eric was all ready to be the sheep! he was all excited about it. hehe.
okay i really should be studying for physics now...

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/14/2003 08:48:16 AM
   ahhh...the "joys" of free periods in media class. everyone is so bored off their ass...i mean, we could all check our mail and visit our favorite web sites, but does this really take 50 minutes? the guys tend to play race car games and the girls bitch because most of the quiz sites are rated and cannot be visited by the school ( if a site contains the word sex, you are not allowed to enter) . i Mean thats always fun when your trying to write an article on prostitution.

Musical eh?

gawd. the commercial music of today is getting to my deapes nerves. whatever happened to actually writting songs ? no, thats not good, you have to just scribble meaningless words down on expensive paper and then hire4376534 people to write the music for you. ahhh pop music, such a waist ( i mean POP pop music, like s'club 7 or something). I BLAME IT ALL ON CENSORSHIP!! okay, okay...we've got to think of the kids, think of their impressionable minds. what parent doesnt let some swear word slip when their child is around? I mean really, most parents ive seen, tend to say worst things around their child then " smokn' some weed on the curb" or " they called her a sinner and they called her killer and they called her a whore" . thwe song looses all its meaning. and isnt it better if the child discovers this word at an earlier stage ? then they go around saying and then their parents automatically go " dont say that son, its not a nice words to say " and then the child does not say that word ( thats until they reach high school and sart saying it all the time because everyone else does it and you tend to pick up what ur freinds say.) bah and anyway, censorship is wrong.i thought we had freedom of speech.

bah, im gonna go find some game to play now....

Monday, January 13

Lucky * | 1/13/2003 09:19:59 PM
   i want to direct chorus' and choirs when i grow up. oh my god. it's so cool... i can't wait to begin production on our musical. i've chosen the selection by the way. :) i love it.
okay, wanna know what it is? here's a hint, and you have to guess. "we'll prepare and serve with flair, a culinary cabaret!" hahahaha. i love it. shit. i'm turning the variety show into a musical. rarararararararah!

timbo munkfish | 1/13/2003 07:40:36 PM
   *looks at Rosie*.. yes.. i looked at something old the other day aswell.. i had this msn account forever.. and my profile is old too...i was obviously much more lively back then
"Real Name:
GRrrrrrrrrr .. the lion Bobble " ......... yes.. there's more :P

sauff london, England, United Kingdom

eating pies at the pie contest..

A Little About Me
*shines his AZZ* .. now what could possibly tell you more, eh?... welp, i think me got a piccie of me on here so *points* thats me.

Favorite Things

Hobbies and Interests
NOT brushin my hair *rolls eyes*
OH cheese is nice, im VERY interested in edam *strokes the cheese* but the best kind of cheese, thats right CHEESE IN A TUBE.. (primula for u un-educated SWINES)

Favorite Quote
"holy crap i have TWO hands"

after all this.. i have decided that i was quite insane.. and i want to be so again :)

Sunday, January 12

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/12/2003 01:44:44 AM
   what the hell did you do to me? it's not what you did, more what you didn't do.. i don't know who reads this from our "friends" anymore so i won't be mentioning it publicly but if you're really that stupid i feel bad for you, i haven't been sleeping much since a little before new years.. and you not doing anything about it (or trying or whatever im not even sure what i expected you to do, but you could have at least said something, i don't normaly go to you for help or advice or whatever cause i never really needed it.. but now i seriously feel asif i told you something and you replyed to me saying something along the lines of "fuck off, you mean nothing to me and i honestly don't give a fuck" ... i got more "help" from Eric then i did from the person whos suppose to be my best friend and i really hope you know what im talking about.. i thought maybe i was over reacting but then tonight i talked to Rosie and Claudia and Eric and David and guess what they were actually alot more helpful then you were.. actually they just somewhat cared..

And hmmm what could have went so wrong in Sabrinas oh so perfect life today? cause ya i missed a month or two of school so DUH! there was like no way of us keeping in touch.. so i mean really things change! and i actually bothered calling you and stuff... but heh whatever i guess i shouldnt care, and shouldnt be bothered by anything and be happy that your happy but im not.. you piss me off ... there i said it.. you complain about everything and nothing is ever good enough for you (heh ya im probably the same but whatever) you judge people and situations without ever being in them, and that pisses me off! i have a hard time actually forgiving people when they hurt me.. haha ya thats right you made me cccccccccrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy a few times, see i dont even think im pissed at you just really hurt or something. so ok im still pissed at the fact that you never told me you liked the guy, that you never told me that you were going out with him, and that you got all pissed at me for what? letting him hold me? je m'excuse.. no really im sorry i should have known better.. and you hate him why exactly? i guess i'll never know.. jealousy is what most say but i find that kind of pathetic.. but i'd understand.. cause well when claudia and david were in their lets just kiss all the time phase of their relationship.. i was pissed off.. it took me a while though to realise i was just jealous... i miss my boyfriend all the fucking time, every fucking couple i see holding hands makes me miss him, i see him what like once a week? ya it's taken me like a year to accept that but it's fine cause i love him and i know he loves me.. and thats really all that matters, i rather see someone i love once a week then spend every single day of my life with someone i like.. and you know what else pissed me off.. you telling me i was just obsessed.. and that i shouldnt stop obsessing.. but sometimes i wonder do you even notice when you say stupid shit like that? gaaaah im blabbing i don't even remember what i was gonna say.. oh now i remember i was listing what you have done that has really pissed me off.. you know after we all found out you and him were going out ( by the way i have NOTHING against Jonathan.. i find him a little strange but that's me, i don't like many people.. he's one of them.. but heh i do only like, 7 humains so its not that hard to be one of the people i don't like) like when i started talking to you and stuff, what did you say? hehe ya ill tell you everything! what have you told me? nothing.. what have i heard from people? lots of stuff.. stupid shit but shit you could have told me anyways.. isnt that what friends are for? ah dunno maybe your definition of a friendship changed while i was in the hospital or maybe i left you too long alone with David? im sorry i got sick.. im sorry i had to spend a week at the hospital.. it was great really it was.. ya it was so much fun that i'd never even wish that apon my worse fucking enemy! death would have been better, je crois.. hmmmm what else? ohhhhhhhhh ya " i was oh so worried, i thought my bf was into drugs but no it wasn't drugs oh wow im so lucky i got so scared, if it were drugs OMG i would have like died.. im sorry but i could never date some one who does drugs" hmm well you know my bf would get a " weed is bad, plz dont smoke up at the occaisonal party" and urs would what? a year or two in jail? c'est cool ca! I so wish my bf were into that other stuff instead! i mean really i'd love to have to doubt anything he'd ever buy me i doubt i'd even let him pay for movies.. but i guess thats just me.. maybe im insane.. maybe im over doing it.. i thought i was, i thought i should just forget about everything but i've decided not to.. i hope by now though that you know.. that this has nothing to do with anything but what i told you new years-ish.. and if you dont know what that is well you can go fuck urself.. k so i guess that's all i can say about why im pissed/angry/whatever with you.. now on to some other stuff.. YAY new paragraph.. its 1:30 in the morning i should atleast be trying to sleep! but this is somewhat more important.

So um Sab why shouldnt today have happened? judging from the time of your post im guessing your parents didnt let you go have supper at his house or something.. je sais pas.. i know you were suppose to go shopping with him or something... either downtown or at place versaille.. WHAT? place versaille is an acceptable place to shop at now? since when? im guessing your standards went lots lower then they use to be or something. I will never fully understand why you're going out with him, but if your happy congradulations.. if my theories are right.. then haha.. i think one of the 2 HAVE to be right.. they just have to be.. or you just want a bf .. gah well have fun.. they're not all that great..

"and what the hell did i do to you jen? "and Sabrina i suppose" ??? whats that supposed to mean? am i not good enough for you anymore? i swear, if i could have ignored him anymore this week at school for all of yous i would have! but i cant. okay? deal with it." when i read that i wanted to slap you, if you would have been in front of me i think i would have slapped you.. did you really think that you and some guy dating would make me not like you? i dont give a fuck what you do and with who you do it.. its your life.. have fun.. but if your ignore him to make us happy there's something wrong with you.. like seriously wrong... like when you tell him to leave? WTF!?! stuff like that will make you seem like a bitch.. but heh maybe thats why he likes you.. and god no one ever asked you to ignore him. i think we would all just appreciate if you dont be stupid and learn from the mistakes some one has already made for you.. but your right.. no questions, no comments, no backstabbing, no hurt, no regret would be great.. but it just wont happen.. not now not ever.. so before you go around over reacting and well ya sorry but thinking about yourself all the time, maybe you should think about what the problem actually is but what Rosie posted makes sense "what change? your relationships. but how? only because you've changed." i always believe i could talk to you about anything and that you'd help me.. but i guess its times like these that you realize who your real friends are..

Lucky * | 1/12/2003 01:03:23 AM
   have any of you ever re-read the archives from 2001? was that plain immaturity? would we have reacted the same if present circumstances were to arise during that time? or did we sucessfully avoid them before? or did they never arise? questions, questions.
here's my answer. you weren't ready in the past. now you think you are. you take that one leap, risking a great deal. why have you done this? did you ask yourself why? is it because it's a stage you have to go through in life? do you just emotionally need it? will you be looked down on society if you don't? more questions.
more answers. what has this leap caused? change. no matter how evitable... it'll still be there, and hurt you. what change? your relationships. but how? only because you've changed. no one else around you is at fault. your ways of thinking have changed, changing the way other will think of you, and altogether your relationships.
it's not a matter of "accepting and moving on" or "getting over it". no. for one, before said speaker should be accepting and moving on, or telling others to do the same, they should take time and come to terms with the reality of the problem. the problem is not very much what you think. said change, viewed by society can cause inflation of one's brain. so before you accuse a person for being melodramatic and tell them to come to terms, make sure you know what there problem is. the problem is not jealousy, in any of it's shapes or forms. does change directly lead to jealousy? i'm afraid not, as the path from causes to consequences aren't that simple. take the time to go through that path, before you end up hurting people even more.

it's not anger Sabrina, or mood swings, or jealousy. it's being so saddened and heartbroken, knowing that someone you really care about, just doesn't care about you anymore. can i speak from experience? i'd think so.

Saturday, January 11

sabrina dibs | 1/11/2003 05:57:54 PM
   i wish today had never happened. im so fed up of everything and everyone. damnit why cant people just accept and move on? but no everyone wants details and why why why??? who even cares why? all they want is excuses. i hate that. i hate people. and what the hell did i do to you jen? "and Sabrina i suppose" ??? whats that supposed to mean? am i not good enough for you anymore? i swear, if i could have ignored him anymore this week at school for all of yous i would have! but i cant. okay? deal with it. i need a break from life. not a vacation or a week off school or something like that, just a break from life. like as if everything would freeze except me and i would be able to just live alone for a while.. no questions, no comments, no backstabbing, no hurt, no regret.

Friday, January 10

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/10/2003 08:54:30 AM
   im sorry jennifer...but you still didnt tell me WHY she was on tv and on what channel...anyhow, i want to do some sort of gag video, you know, like jackass, only we dont hurt ourselves( as much hehe). Like, we could shave people's eyebrows off...rosie, you should ask your dad if you could bring the camera to newyork... it would be a cool movie. espescially the broign bus ride when we ask the teachers to give us re-runs of their so called life.i got my pictures from new years back, i was happy. the group one came out pretty good i like it.oh, and the cake one. now i know the true story why rosie was washing gate's hair,i thought it was some kind of fetish or something ( hey, you never know).yesterday i was at david's house with all the band and they decided to rent this movie called "reservoir dogs". holy crap shit. that movie is sick. its really well made though, like its a parallel movie, the kind where the end happens first and then at random times you have people telling their stories about how it came to this. god, this guy gets his ear cut off. its freggin sick. its violence. thats all it is. Like i said though, it is really good, really well made. i remember walter telling me about it. ahh, poor walter, that guy always gets screwed over in the end. they make him do dumb things that could jerperdize him...LIKE LOOSING HIS HANDS. ahh, good times, good times. anyways, we realized yesterday that college kids, who drive and are of age, still dont know what to do. they're exactly like us. they sit around the table for an hour and then finally decide to go rent movies and buy ice cream and goldsghlager. bah, were stuck to be fucken indecisive for the rest of our existance.

Thursday, January 9

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/9/2003 08:57:55 AM
   okay...HOW and WHY was renee on tv ? is it for being a fake slut ? im confused. bah, i finished my media project. now i know how to use photoshop...yay for me ???david is still working on his, its nicer than mine, but hey, i got some guy jumping of a thats crapp talent ( crap talent is talent that will get you no where in life, i have lots of that...for instance, my hands are doubble jointed. least if my whole body was doubble jointed, i could get into the circus or something, but no, its only my hands.)gosh darnit.theres music comming from my scared. bah.jennifer, i also think you're whoring yourself online, i mean, you keep sending me these pictures naked pictures and films. pornographic films of you and hermie getting down and dirty with her exercise wheel. now i dont know how you do that, but ur very flexible...ooof...the way you get that leg ALL THE WAY AROUND!!! haha. no, im kidding, she doesnt whore herself THAT much online.

Wednesday, January 8

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/8/2003 10:11:24 PM
   Renee on tv.. she's got a damn cute accent! and ya those people suck they're making her sound like a whore.. and i told my mom i visited her website and my mom asked why i was looking at porn? and where i got the money to pay for it.. ya they made it sound asif you had to pay to go onto her website.. and my mom believes she's a slut.. and now she thinks i'm whoring myself online.. oh well! this interviewer chick really is a bitch! fin.

sabrina dibs | 1/8/2003 07:07:16 PM
   its fun having a cousin into the stock market.. hehe. all i have to do is call him saying i have a project to do, pick the 5 best for me please and he does it. aint he nice? yup, except when i said it had to be from teh tse (toronto stock exchange) he had to think for a while cause he likes the new york one better (of course) so hes gonna check it out for me and send me some stuff. hehe older cousins doing your homework for you AH this is the life.

Tuesday, January 7

Lucky * | 1/7/2003 10:54:11 PM
   GOD DAMNIT! i've just remembered how my obsession with him started. <3 look at the 4th one, it looks like he's admiring his crotch, lol. the first one doesn't look like him, but caulise... i'd like to see Jennifer's mom call him ugly now. <3<3<3
Sabrina ne se lave pas les oreilles... :) i kid... i hope i don't have to spend the entire day on your left side tomorrow so you can hear me. hehe, picture this. we're in class, everyone is quiet, so i whispered something and she responds... "WHAT?" lol.

anyway, back to my variety show homework...

sabrina dibs | 1/7/2003 08:55:34 PM
   as all of you know, i am unable to hear. sooo.. tonight my mom took me to the clinic (the odd one...) anyway, so we wait like two hours listening to a kid crying.. and then finally i get called.. hehe.. so apparently there is something wrong with my ears. yup.. i have what is called (and NO i am not joking) "european wax" . yup.. as it turns out it got passed down from my grandma to me.. theres no way i couldve avoided it. *sigh* yup.. and the guy didnt seem to think it was all that wierd.. i guess it must be common or something. anyway, so we went to the pharmacy to get my drops (yup i got drops and everything) and so we wait like 10 minutes and finally the girl gets my stuff and she says the price.. soixante- (so im thinking, wow this is expensive..) dix-neuf (uh huh..) sous. hehehehe my drops cost 79cents!! hehehe aint that hilarious? yup my mom thought so.. and its hydrogen peroxide.. i dont understand.. i mean, who doesnt already have that at home? yeah so anyway.. i got my sister to put it in my ears for me.. wow! hehe you know what happens when you put that stuff on a cut? it gets all bubbly-like to disinfect it... yup well thats what happened in my ears.. hehe

Monday, January 6

Lucky * | 1/6/2003 06:36:33 PM
   mood: eugh, headache... but still in a good mood.
lol, i don't have the little smiley things like Jennifer. *sadness* okay. first, voila. new years' eve pictures. they were taken with Jennifer's new camera, so, ENJOY! :) hmm. seems like people like rolling aimlessly down mountains in the winter. hehe, go vote in the winter poll. *points left*
today was interesting... first day back from christmas break. it passed pretty fast. but boring as usual. haha! i got 73% on my math exam and i'm so happy too! hehehehe. yeaah. but, i got two term marks so far, and my average is 95%... ooh, you like that don'tcha. lol, precal is gonna bring it down so bad. whatever. Timmy, if they're morning coffee biscuits, then you eat them in the morning with your coffee. *nods* unless you feel rebellious. but... they just wouldn't taste the same, would they? meh. why drink coffee anyway? hehe. k, my head hurts. bye bye.

hearing: incubus - stellar
wearing: pj bottoms, starting line shirt and stomp hoodie
seeing: l'ordinateur? lol... blogger. *wink*
viewing: j'ai pas de television dans ma chambre. poo. but the last thing i watched was plus sur commande and top 5... god, i hate musique plus.

and am i the only one who thinks MTV Canada should DIE a horrible death? along with that girl that used to work at YTV and now's at MTV Canada? omg, i hate her. *stab*

btw, which one should i get? fuji or kodak?
the fuji's about $40 more, but it's on sale now so i save $20... hmm, the only difference is that fuji has a video mode, but i really don't give a shit about that. and i dunno, there's about 10 million reviews on the fuji saying how they love it. but the kodak one is so cute. lol, help my little indecisive mind decide, please.

sabrina dibs | 1/6/2003 06:02:06 PM
   who got 91% on their math mid-term? MEEEEEEEEEE!!! :D heheheheheheh im sooooooo very proud of myself. mr. clemente thinks i did "quite well!" hehe and he wrote my mark on a paper and signed it so i could show my parents and they would beleive me. hehe.. except my dads working nights this week and my mom is still on her bitch rampage.. ah well, my sister was happy for me (more she didnt seem to care but i know she does) ahhh pre-cal and im getting 90's...
okay, also, 91 for term 2 for history, 83 for economics (88 on that exam though)

hehe okay sorry about the blabbing but i just felt the need to go on about my NINETY-ONE in math!!!! ahh hehehe today was a good day.

timbo munkfish | 1/6/2003 01:05:40 PM
   *looks at his kitty* :D :D :D.. my cat is famous now ;p

hmm yes.. am i allowed to eat my morning coffe biscuits in the evening/all day... and without coffee aswell? :O

Sunday, January 5

Lucky * | 1/5/2003 09:31:12 PM
   gooooo Canadian Junior National hockey team! whoot, whoot.
one minute left and they're losing by one... ohh no.
anyWAY... i finished my moral project and science BEFORE 10pm. yes, that's right folks. no wait, i'm not completely done with science. fudgsicles. i have no idea how i'm supposed to wake up tomorrow morning. i woke up at like 1 today, but that's just cause my dad woke me up. i could have slept until 5. *yawn*
aww, they lost. oh well... they beat the states. mwahah.
hehe... Sabrina, do what Jennifer said. just say, "maman, je t'aime"... and she'll realize she's over-reacting and go away. *nods* or just ignore, and don't let it get to you. oui, oui.

sabrina dibs | 1/5/2003 06:19:08 PM
   ahhhhhhhhhh i hate her. seriously, damnit. what the hell is her problem? apparently i cant fold clothes right!!! ahhhh my mom has serious problems and should go see a shrink. *deep breaths* i suddenly cant wait to go to school tomorrow.. at lease ill be away from her.

sabrina dibs | 1/5/2003 11:34:55 AM
   okay so two weeks notice isnt a very good movie.. better than lord of the rings though. anyway, i heard about the moffa thing a few weeks ago.. and was told to shut up about it.. bope. whatever, i just hope the new guy is nice..
oh, and rosie... apparently we dont need an experiment.. but we do need some sort of display type thing. i dunno.
i got myself jeans yesterday.. its about time. hehe.. anyway, i want to do something, dont know what though... just dont want this day to go by too fast. i dont feel like going to school tomorrow :( that means exams are close.. real close... ugh, yup yup okay thats it for me.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/5/2003 02:40:20 AM
   I'm in a fucking bad mood. my parents are fucking idiots! I've been wanting to go to bed since 11 tonight but no i couldnt cause my mom decided to have company which is fine with me... but GOD DAMNIT sometimes i wonder why my parents have kids they act as if every thing i do i do to piss them off which i really don't. and i got in shit for eating cookies. WTF!!!!!!! according to my mom i shouldnt have done that cause ppl were over and i should have offered but OMG! do u see me goin' around asking old ppl if they want oreos? well i dont and anyways i dont wanna share they're my cookies if they want oreos they can go buy their own and it's not asif i ate them infront of them! grrrrrr and now my mom comes down and shes like why are you still up? go to bed! WTF i'm not tired anymore but now i HAVE to go to bed! fuckidy fuck fuck! i enjoy swearing and i've noticed that the only way i won't swear infront of someone is if they're adults and i respect them or if my mom tells me to be nice... for example i wanted to tell ms. larichuata she was a bitch and i hoped that she died but my mom was like no be nice! and also if ppl start swearing at me i start swearing back even if they be the pope! GR! i just want certain ppl to move to some foreign country and then they should never speak to me again! and i warn you all ill probably be still bitchy as hell on monday when school starts and i plan on ignoring certain people. People that i am mad at for being stupid and naive and stuff.. but hehe the only thing i have to hate about rosie is the starting line and saves the day... so she dont got to worry =) fin.

Saturday, January 4

Lucky * | 1/4/2003 10:04:19 PM
   yep. so i brought my camera back today... i'm gonna get an actual digital camera. but i still didn't decide which one. it's between two... *ponders* and not yours Jennifer, i don't like it. *sticks her tounge out* hehe.

hello to Lisa and Natalie, among others who i didn't know visited this site... hehe, post on the tagboard damnit! sldfijshgf! and all you other people too. hmm... i'm thinking of creating forums. i dunno though. *ponders* could be interesting. we'll see.

Appropriate hygiene and cleanliness of the genital area may help reduce the chances of introducing bacteria through the urethra. Females are especially vulnerable to this, because the urethra is in close proximity to the rectum. The genitals should be cleaned and wiped from front to back to reduce the chance of dragging E. coli bacteria from the rectal area to the urethra. working on my science project, yes.

Friday, January 3

Lucky * | 1/3/2003 06:19:06 PM
   hehe. Jennifer, the animal gallery is fixed :) lol, there's more pictures added. en-joi.

What swear word are you?

fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Lucky * | 1/3/2003 02:24:14 PM
   ooooh. you know what i heard? *lowers her voice* we're getting a new principle. mmhm. *nods* Moffa got a job at the school commission... so we're getting someone named Terry Quinn. mmmhhm. apparently we're changing principle as soon as we get back, but dunno. oh well. i'd have much rather seen monsieur-trou-de-cue go away. *sigh*

anyWAY. i'm tired.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/3/2003 01:19:21 PM
   Bonjour everyone! I'm punished but somehow found a way to get my mom to agree to massimo coming here with NO one home... im damn confused! does she really believe we'll be working on my physics project? probably not .. hehe i went to see gangs in new york last night.. what i seen of it was pretty good.. ya i fell asleep! i missed like an hour and a half of the damn movie and what sucked is that i really liked the begining and when i woke up i was lost.. oh well! hmm what to say now.. i took a whole bunch of pics.. well not that much but ya ill post the ones i like later on today now i gotta go brush my teeth massimo should be here soonish..... byeeeeees!

Thursday, January 2

Lucky * | 1/2/2003 09:13:36 PM
   okay, i tried to change things around, but it didn't work... hehe. so i'm leaving things like this until i get unlazy. mkaythx.

sabrina dibs | 1/2/2003 11:19:11 AM
   okay rosie whats up with your #2? i dont get it.. ah well..

happy new year to all. hehe.. umm, okay my resolution? its good. okay
1 - no more secrets
2 - no more judging people unless ive been through the same thing already
theyre good huh? yeah i thought so :D hehe

Wednesday, January 1

Lucky * | 1/1/2003 11:07:32 PM
   i'm bored, and tired. but... i don't wanna go to bed. friday five questions will do.
1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year? hmm, i did many a thing that probably pissed people off, but i consider them accomplishments. let's see... something more mentionable. i got my variety show chair status in 2002. yes. i don't know what else.
2. What was your biggest disappointment? mhmhmhmhmhm. if you think something is a certain way... it is. don't be persuaded. things do not change. i've realized that this year.
3. Will you be making any New Year's resolutions?yes. i made one. i intend to keep it.
4. Where will you be at midnight? Do you wish you could be somewhere else? well, i was at Christina's house. for BOTH new years... lol. well, new york... mtv, would be nice. maybe a bigger house party. dunno, it was fun though.
5. Aside from (possibly) staying up late, do you have any other New Year's traditions? not really. the whole, champagne, balloon, confetti and whatnot.
hmm. i'll go watch a movie now... *waves*

Lucky * | 1/1/2003 10:25:46 PM
   yes, yes. Happy New Year!
i hope everyone had a good time, wherever they were, with whoever they care about. and good luck and all that stuff for 2003. hmm. i can't believe it's 2003. it's scary actually. i really don't want to graduate. not that i'm so sad to leave Pearson... i just have no idea where to go next year, and what to do... and it's just scary. i don't want to grow up. nah uh.

but last night was fun. cleaning up was even more enjoyable. *rolls her eyes* lol, it was okay. we had to clean both bathrooms though... mix of earth, chocolate cake, confetti and puke... oh yes! the entire kitchen floor was all sticky, and... god, confetti everywhere. it only took us until about 3 in the afternoon... hehe. wasn't a big deal... it was all worth the ho-music. and swing. oh yes. i'll shut up now. happy new year, again.