Tuesday, December 31

timbo munkfish | 12/31/2002 11:13:31 AM

i hope you all have as good a time as i do.. :D

Lucky * | 12/31/2002 10:34:24 AM
   mwahah. i watched nuit de noces last night. i want to bring my camera tonight too but i already fucking broke it! aipsjnaljdf. hehehe. stupid moi. well, whatever. see you guys ce soir, and if not... happy new year!

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/31/2002 09:14:26 AM
   oh my! Ive only been at work for 45 minutes and im already bored and i have nothing to do! this sucks... i probably wont have anything to do till like one-ish this afternoon... oh well i get paid to do fuck all.. and gah i need to be starting my period soon-ish im kinda worried but hehe ill go cry to sabrina tonight while t shell take drunk and wanting her sex... hm and about tonight i dont know if i should drink massimo gave me a speech and now i feel really bad and i know hes right so i dunno either i drink WAY to much or i dont drink at all and i have a feeling i wont be drinking at all... oh well... ill bring my camera and make fun of everyone who is drunk.. that might be fun! and im pretty sure i wont be the only one not drinking so it shouldnt be that bad and hehe i need to talk to sab and i doubme seriously if i act like a lil kid who still wobbles when she walks ... and hehe i wanna talk to sabrina not someone who i think is sabrina! and i dont think alcohol will do much to me! the hospital made me a morphine addict.. thats right *sniff* i can almost swear that, that stuff makes a hospital stay worth it! i was seeing stuff! never have i seen stuff while on drugs before! but the morphine made me see stuff, think stuff and say stuff! so much fun... i think ill start a mouvement! down with alcohol up with morphine! and weeeeee im damn tired i only went to bed at like midnight-ish last night and i would have went later cause well my parents werent home but massimo sent me to bed =( hehe its so damn cute how much he loves me and worries way too much about me!

Why do guys feel the need to pay for everything? Cause im actually not allowed to pay for my own stuff or else massimo gets all moody and sad cause well hahah nothing but the best for wonderful perfect jennifer right! i miss him sooooo damn much but i reallly did have lots of fun on sunday with him james and lisa his girlfriend... but gah the guys were trying to get us to say: why talk when i can suck? hehe ya it was funny! then lisa said fine and i got scared but she was like only if i can put make up on you.. hehe then massimo was like GR! whats up with you girls and ur odd fantasies.. ya i kinda tried that once or twice... but the best way to get lipstick on a guy is not to try and put it on but just to kiss him with cheap-ish lipstick... k la fin! im gonna try and go find something to do...

Monday, December 30

Lucky * | 12/30/2002 10:15:08 AM
   special new years' background. :) i'll keep that up for 3 days or so. yep, yep. rtywrthsdfgh. i'm tired, but my mommy woke me up. *sigh*. go back to sleep, i shall try.

Sunday, December 29

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/29/2002 11:08:38 PM
   OMG!!!!! all day long i've been singing put jesus in ur everyday lives.. and massimo thought i was a retard! and James ran away from me cause he was scared! and then i said the word jesus and he was like leave my son out of this.. hehe ya i was like way tired.. we watched freddy got fingered at James' girlfriends house it was amusing.. and gah i feel just so damn happy right now.. everything is just so perfect! and my nails are getting long-ish ... but blah i have to go work tomorrow i really dont feel like it but erm whatever it doesn't matter! haha i feel so =) happy now! but i am missing massimo already which sucks.. oh well ... I LOVE HIM!!!!!! massimo <3 .... max-emo <3

Lucky * | 12/29/2002 07:46:53 PM
   click click. i thought of Jennifer right away. :)

Lucky * | 12/29/2002 06:10:36 PM
that's all i have to say.

sabrina dibs | 12/29/2002 05:10:37 PM
   my god! im frozen! i cannot move my toes!!!!! ahhhhhhh.. my phone is frozen too... *sigh* okay, but no more secrets... and jennifer wanted details anyway, so here we go.

today, around 1ish, jon called and asked if i wanted to go out.. with his cousin too though. so we went out around 2 i think. it was interesting... hmm... donuts at tim hortons (which he paid for) with his cousin (remember that guy.. the little guy ralph, he came to pearson, graduated last year? well, him), and marco collasurdo (those two are friends.. apparently) so yeah. that was odd. then i learned something new about him and i got mad. so we left tim hortons and his cousins like, wow, youve got to fix this one.. good luck (type thing). so yeah, they dropped us off (oh, by the way, ralph can drive, and my dad for some reason had no problem with that) near jons house (really close to mine..) and we took a walk... i asked questions, he gave me answers.. i settled for "i dont wanna know." why cant guys just be normal? *sigh* so anyways, you know that school near my house? the little french red one, not michealangelo... well anyway, theres a park there.. we sat at a bench for like an hour (in the freezing cold...) talking and stuff.. and we worked through our first fight.. yup, its all good now. and then he walked me home.. hehe, he walks me home, i like that... and so do my parents. thats it... and im starting to feel my toes again :D hehe

sabrina dibs | 12/29/2002 02:02:47 PM
   oh my, christinas mom called my mom (again, apparently) to tell her that theyve been invited to her mothers house or something so thered be no adult supervision on news years... considering my mom doesnt like christina (i dunno...) very much this has created a problem for me. yup... i still think im allowed to go but whatever, i dont get why them two are talking.. and then theres my dad telling me to call him if theres alcohol or something. and me and my sister just look at each other.. "yup.. of course daddy" hehe.. yeah, suddenly they dont care about my sister going places anymore, even though shes driving to the south shore where of course theyll be drinking cause theyre like 20ish... and then shes gotta drive back, probably not drunk but still tipsy for sure.. but whatever, doesnt matter.. *sigh* i dont get parents sometimes...god im hungry, its 2 oclock and what have i eaten so far? an orange.. yup.. an orange, why? cause theres no damn food in the house! well, there is, but its all for tonight.. my uncle, aunt, and cousins (whom i havent seen since like may) are comming over, because my mom decided theres no point ignoring them just because my nonna is in a fight with them.. yay, my moms finally getting a mind of her own.. *sigh* the family problems.. hehe.. i could go on forever, its like a movie.

sabrina dibs | 12/29/2002 12:15:44 PM
   hehe.. beautiful movie rosie! wow..

okay so things are better now with me and jen.. i love jen.. :D hehe.. she said she loves me as much as her new monkey. aw oui!

Jennifer says:
if ever u get raped on a date let me know and ill kick his ass

hehehehe jen <3

Lucky * | 12/29/2002 12:36:57 AM
   i just installed some video editing programs that came with my new camera, and well... i made this. i dedicate it to anyone with some melodramatic problem at the moment to cheer you up. hehe, because i've been giggling at it this whole time. yeah. it's midnight, and i have such a headache. but, come on! it's so beautiful! it's pretty low quality, but whatever. it's a 20-second thing. hope you like... it's my very first movie, so don't make fun of it. kthx. <3
(oh yeah, don't forget to turn up the volume! mwaha)

Saturday, December 28

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/28/2002 02:02:17 PM
   yup yup we live in the 14th century and phones don't exist but i won't be a bitch about it i won't even let it bother me.. why should i? it's your life i just don't enjoy being lied to and also im sorry for getting sick ... i feel like i had the need to say that! and we have seen eachother a few times... we went shopping and we also had our gift exchange thingy... but ya ur right i probably don't give a shit about you so i wouldn't have listened! Anyways i don't wanna talk to any of that anymore unless you decide to actually come and talk to me in person or whatever ... u know where i live, u have my number,u also have my cell number, email address... but ya know i dunno what else i can give you so we can keep in touch, i actually thought we might stay friends after high school but now i really doubt it! cause why the hell would we talk if we don't go to the same school? gah and i was suppose to not let this bother me.. oh well i should stop caring so damn much about ppl!

K so here are a few pictures of me and my family hehe.. and stitch .. and my monkeys.. ya =)

click here
Alright so that picture is kinda useless but i just wanted to show how damn bright my flash is... that picture was tooken in total darkness in my basement at like 3 in the morning! it's me and my cousin Veronica btw..

click here
my other cousin with my hamster Hermie ... isn't she the cutest .. hermie <3

click here
me and my cousin on xmas day.. my sister was going round takin pictures of everyone *sigh*

click here
my cousin Audrey she's cute as hell but damn fucking annoying.. she told me she'd pull a fit if i didn't take a picture of her pretending to go to the washroom... i was confused

click here
Me sleeping.. i love this picture so much and i was actually sleeping i had fallen asleep

click here
lilo and stitch <3

click here
hehe yes i am obsessed...

click here
hehe it's a lollypop!

click here
alright so i need everyones help naming him... so come up with a name for him and leave it on the comments section cause he needs a name... when he gets squeezed he makes monkey sounds.. so help me name him... or else ill call him nameless!

k i gotta go claudia is ici... byessssssss

sabrina dibs | 12/28/2002 01:13:54 PM
   okay here we go. i should be saying this in person but i doubt you people want to listen to me right now. so i figure maybe youll read this, i dont know, i hope so.

yes i did lie to you, all of you. but i wasnt planning on keeping it a secret either. i just wanted to see if anything was ever going to happen between us before making a big deal out of it. i figured after we went out once or twice id tell you all.. then sofia saw us in the bus and told everyone. i was hoping she wouldnt say anything cause i wanted to tell you all. i remember the whole claudia thing and i didnt want to do that to you cause i know how much it hurt us all. you have to believe me. and jennifer, you havent been in school for like a month, youve missed a lot. okay, so ill tell you all how it happened.. rosie should already know this, well i think, she shouldve noticed. so, phisics: spina moved him in front of me.. so we started talking. i never thought id like him at all.. at first i just wanted him to shut up and turn around but then i got to know him a little better and i started to like him. i tried really hard not to leave rosie alone in that class and i dont think i did. really, i didnt want to desert her. and about my "obsession": well, lately the more time i spent with him the more i realised how not for me he really is. at sofias party me and rosie went for a walk.. and i told her everything..i told her about my "obsession" being over, about talking to him all night long.. i told her it all. jen, i wouldve told you, but you just werent there. thats all, thats the only reason. if you were there the past month at school you would have known everything, you know that! i tell you everything.. everything!! so i messed up once, im sorry. i cant turn back time. if i could i would, but i cant. i dont know what else to say. im sorry. to both of you. i know i hurt you both. im sorry!

Lucky * | 12/28/2002 12:16:03 PM
oh, poppycock!
For over 40 years, POPPYCOCK has been the nuttiest gourmet popcorn treat. Always crunchy and splendidly scrumptious, my classic clusters are a savory sensation. I use lots and lots of nuts, fluffy popcorn and rich all-natural glazes to create a potpourri of tantalizing tastes. Indulge yourself by sampling my other mouthwatering flavors, such as Cashew Lovers and Chocolate Lovers, or give them as gifts to family and friends. It's always a good time to enjoy my delicious nutty clusters, but don't be surprised if they disappear in a hurry." - W. J. Poppycock

am i the only one of finds that hilarious? maybe it's too early for me. *scratches her head*

marry for money
Most your relationships end in a flash
So you might as well be in it for cash

What's *Your* New Year's Resolution?
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hmm, makes sense.

that's it. i have more new years' planning to do now. i hope it all works out. *sigh*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/28/2002 02:41:01 AM
pot brownies

Your New Year's Resolution Should Be: Make Mom Pot Brownies!

Put mom's anti drug talk in it's place

These brownies will send her into space

What's *Your* New Year's Resolution?

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I found that funny but now i need to bitch...i probably should be telling sabrina this to her face but i can't so god damn this will just have to do...

many things piss me off.. like what rosie told me tonight that pissed me off! thanx for telling me sab and thanx for lying to me too it was really nice of you... i appreciate it! i even asked you if it was you still on the net at like one in the morning and what did you answer me? ... i couldn't sleep and i was bored... yup why exactly couldn't you just tell me the truth instead.. i really can't stand most of my friends at the moment.. im starting to dislike a lot of people i use to like a whole lot.. and the ppl that i didnt like im starting to like and its confusing me a whole lot.. and sabrina what were u scared id make fun of you or something.. i dont exactly understand why ud not tell me or why ud go out with him (if you are maybe im just being paranoid) but that's besides the point god i can't wait to go to christinas new years eve party there better be a whole lot of fucking alcohol and please no one stop me from drinking i need to forget how pissed off i am at the world.. id do it now but i find it ugly when ppl drink alone!!!!!!!!! but gr i really can not believe sabrina and she knew how i felt when claudia did the same thing to me... god damnit we've been friends since forever and i tell you practically everything but nope maybe that was something u felt the need to forget telling me about... or maybe ur embarressed i dunno.. i think its probably that.. but if you like him.. why not? but ill say the same thing i said when claudia and david started going out WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOUR OTHER OBSESSION?!?! i just dont get it.. KFJKDFJSDFSDFJ!!!!!!!!!! that's right im really really fucking pissed off.. and i wasn't expecting that at all... you never even mentioned him hah now i guess i know that i mean shit all to you or maybe its cause u thought id judge u or something god only knows.. and id be even more pissed off if i were in a bad mood but im not im very fucking happy! massimo left like 2hrs ago and i miss him already he's just so damn perfect.. and hehe i FINALLY have a normal looking picture of us... and for some reason my sister insisted on taking a picture of us kissing.. i have a feeling i'll get into loads of shit from my mom for that.. but hehe maybe my sister wants to become a porn director or something je sais pas.. i'd be sleeping but i couldn't fall asleep so i got back up.. GOD DAMNIT I HATE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well i have a few pics to show you ppl ... so enjoy.. if it doesnt work right away ill post them tomorrow.. gah fuck life im sick and tired of it

Friday, December 27

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/27/2002 05:07:30 PM
   work sucks ALOT im so damn bored.. but theres only 1hr or so left and i get paid 9hrs and i work like 2 at most.. the rest of my time is spent on the internet.. oh well massimos coming over to watch lilo and stitch tonight.. aint that wonderful (question mark .. damn french keyboards and my un knowledge of how to use them) i really miss him and it sucks but what sucks even more is that the more i see him the more i miss him like before i could go like a week without seeing him and it wouldnt bother me at all ... but now if i dont see him like every second day it drives me crazy!! i hope my brother and sister arent too annoying tonight je veut etre all alone with him... gah last night bowling was fun .. i almost threw the ball at his dad though.. welll i kinda did but it land a few cm away from him i didnt do it on purpose but some how the ball went back instead of front.. ya they all laughed at me... but hehe it was kinda funny and i beat him!!!! once.. and he claims to have let me win to be nice and since i was doing lots better then the first game... (40 & 83) hehe i suck i know i once got 69 though.. the joys of having a low score at bowling.. anyways i had lots of fun and then i went home and took pictures of stuff... my batteries are already dead *sniff* but i had my mom buy me some new ones today so i get to take loads more pictures tonight!! je can not wait... bah ok i have nothing else left to say but im tired and i need sleep and gr i gotta clean my room before massimo comes over tonight.. stupid me and my dirtyness.... i think all i gotta do is put away clothes and make my bed... and pick up the clothes from last night that are still on the floor not much but it makes my room look messy as hell.. hehe my mom said hermie is doing lots better... she still kinda limps but she doesnt just drag her foot around anymore... and bravo rosie cest tres beaux le faq! je maime la fin.

Thursday, December 26

Lucky * | 12/26/2002 10:16:31 PM
   i'm re-doing the FAQs... so i'm looking for a picture to work with. i type in "dork" on gettyimages.com, and i get this. ohmey.
(btw, the photo gallery is DONE... for real now, hehe)

Lucky * | 12/26/2002 09:21:41 PM
   (un et deux)
don't you love him? and i took those with my new camera. oh yes. you like that, dontcha. now you don't have to take your pictures slightly to the left because my other fucking camera couldn't center things... :S anyWAY, it's all good now. yay! so even though i got spoiled like a brat this year, it still doesn't feel like christmas. and now it's over. *sigh* sucks.yeah, so i just felt like showing off my camera. the pictures are actually 1024x768... and it's a webcam too, so i'm really happy that the quality is that good. yeah, i'll shut up now.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/26/2002 07:20:38 PM
   Ah ha i get to go show off my mass0r killer bowling skills.. and i still haven't watched lilo and stitch but hehe i do own it.. i think i would have cried if i didnt recieve it.. anyways bowling avec la famille a massimo.. je dunno what to wear and me thinks my hamster broke her leg or something she's limping but she's not crying and she doesn't seem hurt or anything and she moves it fine when i put her on two legs so i dunno i guess ill bring her to the vet if she's still broken demain.. hehe im so damn tired and i have to work tomorrow and i have a thousand and one project and things to study for school... gah i wanna stay a lil kid forever and ever... today was fun..shoping was a bitch .. but fun... so many damn ppl and i made myself a friend.. his name is... well i dunno i didnt ask and where he's from i have no idea either but he spoke english.. we shared a table at the lil food court type thing at the shopping center thingy in laval that's pretty :) he was with his friend whom i shall call "slow" they were funny as hell though but i got yelled at by an old lady cause she thought i was keeping the place for my imaginary friends when there were really two other guys who for some reason sent us on a mission to find a table for them.. it was odd then they took forever to come back with food.. gah damn them but they were nice and cute... i think the slow dude gave my cousin his number... and well i was like sorry im envolved hehehe i had never said that before it was amusing.. ok the end

sabrina dibs | 12/26/2002 05:30:09 PM
   hope everyone had a merry christmas :D

tuesday at my nonnas house it really didnt feel like xmas... *sigh* but whatever, i actually forced myself to drink the wrole glass of champagne (at like 11... cause my two smallest cousins on that side - 12 and 8 - are apparently too small to stay up til midnight so they left at like11:15... i dont know, seems to me what i was that age i stayed up no problem.. anyway) and i got drunk on water... also, since i dont like fish my nonno said anyone 16 or younger is allowed to eat meat today... and so we did... :D hehe..
wednesday we went to my other nonnas house.. still, not feeling like christmas, and we played cards all together (well, except for my aunt, uncle and 3 cousins who didnt show up cause theyre in a huge fight with my nonna). well it ended up my parents, sister and me left playing... my sister got out, then my mom... and then i lost so my dad took the 10$ pot from his 16 year old daughter.. how mean! anyway, today i wanted to sleep and do nothing but my aunt invited us over for lunch and ugh, no more big lunches for a while!

so for christmas, as a family we got mostly dvds... lets see, theres: lilo and stitch, where the heart is, chocolat, lord of the rings special dvd thingy thing (for my dad, not us...), ice age... then i got a mr potato head (cause samantha stole mine...) and kid potato, my sis got a care bear, a pj each, slippers, money, clothes, we got my mom a cd walkman thing to plug into the car, i got eminem and the 8 mile soundtrack, chocolate and candy canes (of course..). okay i think thats all worth mentioning...

Wednesday, December 25

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/25/2002 06:12:01 PM
   YAY!!!!!!!!!! christmas gifts... damn i love christmas... the only thing that i didn't like about this christmas was the fact that there was no snow.. but hehe YAY!!!!!!!! i got a digital camera and an mp3 player... and my dad gave me the day off tomorrow so that i can go shopping with my mom and aunt.. and hehe we invited my cousin to come with us so shes sleeping over tonight.. but now everyone is playing with my sisters kareoke machine.. hehe great fun.. well MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone...

Lucky * | 12/25/2002 03:38:00 AM
   Happy Christmas!
lol, i just got home from my aunt's house. okay, in short, i saw my mother drunk for the first time. it was just so scary. but christmas was pretty funny. Lucas was dressed up in a Santa suit. :) what a cutie. but it still doesn't feel like christmas, like it's too soon. i was actually happy and in a good mood tonight, but... it feels like autumn. and tonight just passed by so fast. it's wierd. anyway, i drove us there. holy shit. i got to take my mom's new honda... holy shit! you barely touch the gas pedal and it sends you flying! but it was cool. i can't stand my mom though. "okay, let your dad drive, you're not used to this car" wtf... have some faith in me. god, i wont crash the car going 30km/h. *sigh* omg. you guys turned me into a vegan. okay, with my family, we eat fish on christmas eve. the first dish was fine, like some fish crepe, or i dunno. okay, then we had spaghetti with fish in the sauce. but okay. i looked at it, i almost fucking puked. it was squid, and these mini octupus looking things. i seriously just backed away from my plate when i saw it, i had tears in my eyes and i was going to barf. what do we have next? fucking lobster. everyone gets a whole lobster. EYES and all. god, i'm gonna puke as i'm typing this. i just looked at one, my stomach couldn't take it, i was going to barf. so i seriously could not look at them. needless to say, i didn't have anything from that dish either. gah. yeah. that's my vegan story. i'm sad now, because we're only opening our gifts at like 11am... *sigh* yeah, and i'm on the net because i'm not sleepy. :) i'll go find something else to do now...

Tuesday, December 24

Lucky * | 12/24/2002 05:48:58 PM
   someone, make it feel like christmas..

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/24/2002 12:24:30 PM
   oh my... Bonjour everyone.. ca va? well i hope so.. erm i dont have much to say but MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone... haha did u hear about cristina aguilera wanting to be called xtina.? ya well i heard that so now im telling u... hmm counter strike.. what a fun and amusing game... im on a chinesse or someting computer its scary... im scared... ill explain later... hehe ill go watch massimo... byes

Lucky * | 12/24/2002 09:47:18 AM
   *calls her brother's house*
"hellllooo? *groggy voice*"
"hi Sabrina... i'm sorry, did i wake you up?"
"no no, i was in the washroom about to throw up"
"ohmey." "would you like to call me back?"
"yeah huh" :S

i finshed the photo gallery... but i'm gonna add about 3 more galleries later. also! i saved my mother's sauce! she went out so she told me to stir it every once in a while. and low and behold i saw some shiny object in it! (some wrapper of some kind) SO... with much effort, i removed it from the sauce. so i contributed to christmas. oh yes. Rosie saves the day and christmas. lol, yeah. i'm tired... and i have to go shopping now. :S wish me luck. god, that's gonna be hell. (no, i'm not that bad with gifts, i have to go change a sweater that i want to wear for noel)

Monday, December 23

Lucky * | 12/23/2002 12:49:50 PM
   BONG. i re-did the photo gallery since lycos doesn't offer a photo page anymore... so i did it all by myself, thank you very much. but i'm still not done, hehe. i did the first 4 galleries. anyway... go lookie. the link is on the left.
yay. my mommy started screaming at me to do random chores! now it feels like christmas. i'm getting inspiration for my moral project. :)

[7.12PM - also did the variety show gallery... waiting for your daddy to drive you to Sabrina's house to do a gift exchange takes a while... *twiddles her thumbs*]

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/23/2002 07:20:11 AM
   ack! i have to go to work.... NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so damn tired..and i didn't fall asleep until like 1:30 last night.. and i woke up like every hr from nightmares.. i havent had those in like forever but i kept dreaming that i was at some guys house.. like older guy maybe 30-ish and that he was proposing to me then his brother and sister in-law come in and im in the washroom but they just walk in start giggling then the guy says see told you she'd fall for it... then i take a jump for the phone but the lines are cut and then i wake up... yup yup i had that dream like 4 times last night and each time id wake up terrified and GR! remind me to keep my phone closed when i go to bed.. i was charging it so it was on and massimo decided to be cute and write me gd nite and stuff but at like one-ish so gr i had the need to write back and it works.. and i tried writting back to sab but it doesnt work.. ah dunno what's up with my phone.. k anyways u know my black goldfish..well it's turning white.. im scared maybe it has the same disease as micheal jackson.. k the end.. byes <3 work

Sunday, December 22

sabrina dibs | 12/22/2002 08:03:26 PM
   hehehe... so im trying to do my moral project... get it out of the way and i dont have to deal with my mother. so im going through the net to find something i could "copy".. and i find this.. HEHEHE

Let's say that on December 20 you were to meet a friendly space alien. That is, let's say that his space ship discreetly drops him off in your back yard while you are looking out your window. You walk outside to meet the visitor, and you find out he's a pretty nice guy. His name is Gorg, he is wearing a costume that makes him look passably human, he speaks reasonable English, and he explains that his goal is to spend a week on the planet to learn about its people. He asks if you would consider being his guide for the week, and you decide to take on the job.
So you take Gorg around and start showing him your town. Since it is December 20, one thing is for sure -- Gorg is going to ask about Christmas. And he is going to ask a LOT of questions, because Christmas is a pretty complicated tradition. Think about all the different questions Gorg might ask:

What is Christmas?
Why is Christmas such a big deal?
Why do people give each other presents on Christmas day?
Is December 25 really the day Jesus was born?
Why is there a small evergreen tree in your living room?
Why have you decorated this evergreen with ornaments, lights, fake snow and Mylar plastic tinsel?
Why do you have holly draped over the mantel and staircase?
Why is mistletoe hanging over the front door?
And what about this nativity scene in the corner?
Why is there a big log in the fireplace?
Why are there poinsettias on the hearth?
And what about these fruit cakes?
Why are there oversized socks hanging on your mantel?
Why are Christmas cards scattered all over the coffee table?
Why do I keep hearing the same songs over and over again?
What, exactly, are the 12 days of Christmas?
Why do Christmas carolers walk around the neighborhood singing?
Why is the day before Christmas, Christmas Eve, celebrated?
Who is this Santa Claus person?
What's with this reindeer named Rudolf?
Why do so many people, even Floridians, dream of a white Christmas?
Why is Christmas sometimes spelled Xmas?
Why are stores and malls so geared up about this holiday?
If Gorg can assimilate all of that and make sense of it in a week, then obviously he is a member of a highly advanced species! You may find that you yourself don't know the answers to half of these questions. Where DID Rudolf come from? And why DO we deck the halls with boughs of holly? In this edition of HowStuffWorks, we will answer all of these questions so that you can understand how Christmas works and where all of these Christmas traditions come from!

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/22/2002 10:58:50 AM
   Ugh some guy accused us of running a porn site... i don't really get it though.. maybe it's cause the first word he saw where i told him to go was lesbian but ugh i can only wish that me saying lesbian would make me some hot porn star.. k well maybe not but hehe it doesn't matter it would be cool anyways... i finally know what to buy massimo YAY!!!!!!! im so happy and i might actually go buy it this afternoon and that would make me super cool, cause ya i'm not very good at the whole girlfriend giving gifts thing... k so ya i should have just listened to gates and went to the gap cause his mom says that that's what he wants .. hehe not the clothes but HA! that would be funny aw now i feel the need to buy him some gap clothes.. but he told me he had a few sweaters from there haha i never noticed.. and he says he has one that he likes but doesnt wear cause well it says gap in big on it and well gap ya know gay and proud hehe stupid massimo.. but hah that would explain him and gates smelling the same.. k now im done sorry for bothering you all with my babbles that make no sense but hehe im in love.. haha ok im done and well heehee you rock too.. haha no anyone that will claim that we rock rocks.. k fin.

Saturday, December 21

Lucky * | 12/21/2002 11:57:52 AM
   hehehe... i bought myself the sheet music to Only Hope.. *giggles loudly to herself* :)
in other news, yes. we got our grad pictures. and i took one of my shots on this antique chair. except the side was broken-looking. so when my mom saw it she got all pissed and complained about the broken chair saying how that wasn't an antique or whatnot, just broken... yadda, yadda. so she called and complained.. hehe. and when we ordered the pictures, we told him to crop out the broken part of the chair. so, we get them back, he actually touched up the chair! LOL! isn't that beautiful. hehe. i find it funny. stupid Darryl McCall. hehe.

Friday, December 20

sabrina dibs | 12/20/2002 03:53:28 PM
   *pats rosies shoulder 3 times* "bug no return, bug no return, bug no return" :D hehe

exams suck! math was horrible.. but horrible! when the teacher tells you the graph is "not to scale" that just means you cannot measure it but the idea is there right? not "dont look at it for it will only confuse you as it is completely wrong and should not have been put with this problem.." right? *sigh* i hate mr. clemente, hes such a retard. anyway, the economics exam was sooo easy! wow, hehe...

and today was the last day of school!!! yay. so every year we have this "door decorating contest" where each homeroom has to decorate their door and the best one wins.. so our door was really good this year and we declared war against mr. panettas homeroom (gates' homeroom..). so today we get upstairs and our door, mr panettas door, and mrs genovesos door was missing! missing!! yup.. so then the student council (more nick, jonathon and mr. zampini) disqualified us for not having a door.. so were all pissed off... but then we found our doors in the book room.. turns out, the missing doors were the winning ones.. we tripple tied it. :) so we won four cakes to share.. except there was 2 cheese cakes, 1 log cake, and 1 mousse cake.. eww. ah well, that was fun. then we played games in the plaza... me and david playes the three legged race, and i fell and stopped the circulation to my foot.. yup fun. then me and johanne won the piggy back race. :D yay us. then we went to watch the soccer games.. but the bleachersw were full..and then we watched the senior lip sync (cause the junior one was cancelled..) and it sucked! ahh!!! it keeps getting worse every year.. and then my sis picked me up and we went to rockland to shop..

Wednesday, December 18

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/18/2002 02:35:36 PM
   ugh i seriously can't wait to go back to school... it's so damn boring home all alone with nothing to do! but my hamster keeps me amused =) hermie <3 and she actually slept a whole entire night yesturday she only woke me up at like 9:30.. i guess my baby is growing up *tear* HAHAHA anyways i found a website that has kept me amused for the past half our so go look it at... hm that's all i have to say maybe ill post some more or make this post more interesting later.. oh and the doctor told me i can start having sex again aren't i lucky?

Tuesday, December 17

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/17/2002 11:48:24 PM
   i'm in love <3

Monday, December 16

Lucky * | 12/16/2002 09:48:55 PM
   haha, Jenn! i was dieing during the convo's... especially the, "bubblicious_dork : we love justin timberlake he is our god" :)
oh, and congrats Sabrina. i'd want a cell phone just for text messaging. ca serait cool... oui.

k, so me, Chris, Ann Marie and Gates went skating afterschool. it was fun, except for short little 4 year olds that skate better than you. damnit. anyWAY... yes. we ended up going to Gates' house afterwards for supper. so he made us watch Moulin Rouge. which is pretty good except for the fact that it drags on at the end. but i liked it. hehe, it was all worth the "like a virgin" scene! but i don't think i would have liked it as much if Ewan McGregor weren't in it... hehe. don't ask. what else? oh yes, i drove Christina and Ann Marie home, except i was SO nervous, i don't know why. i guess because i kept fucking up a lot. or, dunno. *shrug* i still didn't buy any christmas gifts, i should start that soon. yes. *sigh* there goes my studing for math plans for tonight. ah well. j'aime toi. i'm in a good mood. hehe. :)

sabrina dibs | 12/16/2002 05:28:01 PM
   okay so as you all know, my parents have been wanting me to get a cell phone for a long time now. so its parto f my christmas gift (along with france, prom stuff, my yearly pj... god i hate it when i know what im getting..) anyway, so yesterday we went shopping for that.

there was this thing at bell mobility where you buy one and get another one free.... so were like cool (my dad needed a new one anyway cause dino is old). so then the manager guy comes and tells us we cant choose the second phone, we have to get the motorola one (ugly). so yeah, my mom.. not my dad.. my mom tells the guy off and says he lost a sale.. so the guy is like "no no we didnt. you get to choose your phone, 20$ off and a free car charger thing too". so my moms like "we have two phones and two cars" so the guys like "okay, 2 car things free" (theyre like 40$ each, not bad). so yeah, i got myself a cell phone... i feel like such a stereotype... ah well. its cute...

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/16/2002 11:31:47 AM
   jenny is feeling sassy.... k ya the last post was suppose to be posted last night but blogger decided to be a lesbian... im so damn hyper...and listening to sublime... it seriously makes me feel like sitting in a circle with a whole bunch of people and like smoking some weed... but heh that's just me and my odd crack addiction... damn im way to influencable i believe that that's not a word but it doesnt matter... me still be in mah bubble... ah massimos coming over and i plan on disobeying the doctor so tomorrow i can go and be like HA!!!!!!!!! i had sex =P... alright so i probably won't cause it does still hurt and my stomach is still a lil gross looking but still i dunno why i feel so damn sassy and i want some monkey sex or maybe even sabrina... SABRINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT YOU I NEED YOU.. k im gonna go cry now bye... *humps imaginary sab before leaving.. =) * hehehe like that..

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/16/2002 11:26:34 AM
   Bonjour everyone... today i shall post two conversations i had in an msn chat room... damn i love pakistan...

Deava3 :dubai
bubblicious_dork : dubai?
Deava3 : gulf
bubblicious_dork : ok
Deava3 : u want to see me
bubblicious_dork : sure?
Deava3 : u can see my profile
bubblicious_dork : wow [k he shows me a picture of some big penis]
Deava3 : shock
Deava3 : real
Deava3 : its me
bubblicious_dork : ok well my penis is bigger
Deava3 : really
bubblicious_dork : yes
Deava3 : how
bubblicious_dork : like at least two inches bigger
Deava3 : u male
bubblicious_dork : no
bubblicious_dork : i just have a big penis
Deava3 : no i cant beleave
bubblicious_dork : why not?
Deava3 : i wanna see
bubblicious_dork : no!
bubblicious_dork : i refuse!
Deava3 : why
bubblicious_dork : because its so big that it doesnt fit on the computer screen
Deava3 : ha ha
Deava3 : nice joke
bubblicious_dork : did you like it?
Deava3 : tell did u like mines
bubblicious_dork : oh yes but only if you admit that my penis is bigger
Deava3 : leave this tell me about ur self
bubblicious_dork : i have a VERY big penis and only one boob but its big
Deava3 : how one
bubblicious_dork : i lost the other one in a fire
Deava3 : whts ur bra size
bubblicious_dork : 42ddd
bubblicious_dork : you?
Deava3 : 11 ich dick
bubblicious_dork : no what size are your boobies?
Deava3 : i cant understand
bubblicious_dork : you dont wear a bra?
Deava3 : how
Deava3 : i am man
bubblicious_dork : oh im sorry i didnt know
Deava3 : its ok
bubblicious_dork : so you have a penis?
Deava3 : yea
bubblicious_dork : ok me 2
bubblicious_dork : i am female
Deava3 : ok
bubblicious_dork : and you are male
bubblicious_dork : wait that means we can have sex right?
Deava3 : yea
bubblicious_dork : oh cool
Deava3 : ok

it started getting real boring after that.. he told me he wasn't stupid and he didn't believe me and that i was stupid for thinking he'd believe me...

yu_537 : so how r u doing thsts dayz
bubblicious_dork : ok i guess and you?
yu_537 : r u sure abt that
yu_537 : what guess
bubblicious_dork : well uh i could be better but im fine and you?
yu_537 : me 2 f9
yu_537 : i asked u what u guess
bubblicious_dork : that im ok?
yu_537 : ok
yu_537 : and
yu_537 : u guess abt ur futher
bubblicious_dork : i smoke crack?
yu_537 : and.................
yu_537 : whts that
bubblicious_dork : its special
yu_537 : is new thing
bubblicious_dork : yes very new
yu_537 : wht is this
yu_537 : can u tell that
bubblicious_dork : its magic it makes me fly
yu_537 : ohhh
yu_537 : can u tell me that
yu_537 : any 1 there
bubblicious_dork : yes my hamster is here
yu_537 : what is that
yu_537 : i think u r not frm this world
bubblicious_dork : im from planet mars
yu_537 : ohhhhhh
yu_537 : how can u reached there
yu_537 : u r so lucky
bubblicious_dork : with my crack
yu_537 : i know
bubblicious_dork : i smoke the crack and i fly
yu_537 : i know
bubblicious_dork : ok good
yu_537 : and went to the mars
bubblicious_dork : well i live on mars and i come to earth when i smoke crack
yu_537 : what the meaning of crack
yu_537 : and what u do than
bubblicious_dork : well crack is a rock that makes me fly from mars to earth
yu_537 : ohhhhhh
yu_537 : i will also want that rock
bubblicious_dork : no!
bubblicious_dork : i will not share
yu_537 : to fly frm this fucking world
bubblicious_dork : do not swear please
yu_537 : i do not like this world
yu_537 : its so boring
bubblicious_dork : i like mars lot's of cool stuff like crack and hamsters and thongs
yu_537 : can u do a fav of mine
bubblicious_dork : yes
yu_537 : can u bring me also that crack
bubblicious_dork : no im sorry
yu_537 : y
yu_537 : than we will fil to the mars
bubblicious_dork : because you have to be in my religion
yu_537 : what is ur relg
bubblicious_dork : i can not talk about it
bubblicious_dork : its a big secret
yu_537 : ok
yu_537 : as u wish
bubblicious_dork : i would tell you but jebus would be very mad
yu_537 : no prom
yu_537 : tell me
bubblicious_dork : prom this year
bubblicious_dork : im chairperson of the prom _
yu_537 : y
yu_537 : ohhhh
bubblicious_dork : yes its fun i get to well im finally going a step higher in my religion and pretty soon i will be allowed to take some xtc and then i will be able to fly to the sun and i wont even get burnt
yu_537 : ohhhh
yu_537 : what will u wear there
bubblicious_dork : it will be fun
bubblicious_dork : i will be naked because everyone tells me it is very hot there
yu_537 : yeh
yu_537 : so u will wearing nothing
bubblicious_dork : i dont really believe them so maybe i will wear a big coat
yu_537 : i think it is so cold over there
bubblicious_dork : oh so it is cold?
yu_537 : if u want anything u can tell me
yu_537 : yeh
bubblicious_dork : i want a purple hamster but last time i went hunting i could only find pink ones
yu_537 : ok
yu_537 : i will give it 2 u
bubblicious_dork : you are so nice
bubblicious_dork : would you like to join my religion?
yu_537 : what is ur relg
bubblicious_dork : we love justin timberlake he is our god
yu_537 : 1st tell me than i can say somthing abt ur relg
bubblicious_dork : you can say i love justin
bubblicious_dork : or jennifer is god
yu_537 : who is jennifer
yu_537 : 1st tell me that
bubblicious_dork : she is god
yu_537 : and who is god
bubblicious_dork : the person that is incharge of my religion my crack dealer
yu_537 : who is he
yu_537 : can u name him
bubblicious_dork : jennifer
yu_537 : she is god
yu_537 : wrt
yu_537 : i think it a singer name or what
bubblicious_dork : no its god
bubblicious_dork : i am god
yu_537 : ok
yu_537 : u 2 r gods
yu_537 : wrt
yu_537 : u and jennifer
yu_537 : ok
yu_537 : what is ur email id
yu_537 : i wanna add u
yu_537 : than we will discuss it in detail
yu_537 : ant 1 there
bubblicious_dork : no because there is nothing to discuss i am jennifer and i am god
yu_537 : so
yu_537 : i wanna know abt ur relg
bubblicious_dork : we smoke crack
bubblicious_dork : and own funny coloured hamsters that we catch when we go hunting
bubblicious_dork : i have to go pray now
yu_537 : u telling me ur id
bubblicious_dork : if i dont pray i might upset my god
yu_537 : u r god
bubblicious_dork : i know
bubblicious_dork : but i might upset myself
yu_537 : than who will be upset
bubblicious_dork : i might end up commiting suicide
yu_537 : what is this
bubblicious_dork : and then my religion would have no god
yu_537 : so
yu_537 : what is ur email id
yu_537 : tell me
bubblicious_dork : suicide: when one decides to be so mad at oneself that they can no longer be god
yu_537 : i will add u
bubblicious_dork : i dont have the internet sorry.
yu_537 : than we have a voice chat also
yu_537 : so what r u using
bubblicious_dork : we can voice chat sexy
yu_537 : yeh
bubblicious_dork : im using plutonium as a means of conversation
yu_537 : what sexy
bubblicious_dork : sexy = as cold as the sun
yu_537 : ok
yu_537 : and which place is hot
yu_537 : in the univer
bubblicious_dork : the north pole?
bubblicious_dork : where santa clause lives
yu_537 : i think ur hottest think in the world
yu_537 : lolz
yu_537 : u r so funny
yu_537 : so
yu_537 : tell me ur email id
bubblicious_dork : thank you for thinking im funny
bubblicious_dork : i seriously dont have the internet so i cant have an email id
yu_537 : it is my plea
bubblicious_dork : no im sorry i must go pray bye
yu_537 : than how come ur using chat rooms
bubblicious_dork : plutonium .. duh!
yu_537 : u have everything
bubblicious_dork : i know its because i am special
bubblicious_dork : i even have mad gab
yu_537 : only add me now
bubblicious_dork : bye bye

k the end i hope they amused you as much as they amused me..

Saturday, December 14

Lucky * | 12/14/2002 10:55:54 PM

You are intelligent and highly curious, which sometimes makes people think that you are evil.
What fuzzy creature are you?
hehe. it's true, people think i'm evil.

yeah, i dunno. i'm sleepy.

Lucky * | 12/14/2002 04:49:33 PM
   mwahaha. besides driving home last night, i just went out now.. hehe. i went all the way to like, the boondocks and back, using henri-bourassa and l.h. lafontaine no less. ooh yes. and i didn't get into one accident! yeeeah! and we also stopped to see Lucas. ohmey! he's getting so big! aww. *hugs* he's too cute for words. yeeah. so anyway, yeah whatever. yay, driving! *brumbrum*

sabrina dibs | 12/14/2002 01:44:14 PM
   HAHAHAH doll porn. hehe.. cute.

anyway, yesterday i drove rosie and myself to school. yeah thats right! :D and she said i make a cute driver. and then we get there and see so much school spirit... yup.. a grand total of about 60 seniors showed up... yup... compared to about 300 juniors.. yup.. so we spent most of the time in the caf.. fun fun fun. i took the last hat... and rosie got stuck with half broken antlers (fixable with a spoon..) it was actually not that bad. also, nick and christina got together, finally. rachel (sec 4 girl... odd one) is after gates. its funny cause hes like "omg why?" but hes too polite to be like "go away" yeah.. we took pictures with santa and mrs claus... they made enough money off the juniors so it was free.. we got free food... and then at like 11:30 they started playing really old music and that was fun (like greese, sugar, twist...) it was cool though...
and then i got hyper :D and suggested for the next dance to have a petting zoo. cmon it would be fun.. we could feel the different textures.. yup.. oh, and i forgot to mention penguins yesterday (people, take note!). but then jonathon slapped me :(... he says i should start acting normal.. *sigh* he just doesnt appreciate a good idea!

*broum broum che* :D hehehehehehe

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/14/2002 10:25:01 AM
   I LOVE IT SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! isn't it the cutest thing ever?

Friday, December 13

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/13/2002 10:51:51 PM
   i finished editing all the porn i filmed last night.... weeeeeee check it out

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/13/2002 07:50:11 PM
   Bonjour.. to try to explain my obsession and sudden like of avril i shall analyse her lyrics of the song i love so much... "i'm with you" i seriously feel her in this song... i don't know why it just seems so real it almost makes me sad... it almosts makes me want to close all lights and cry.. *tear*

I'm Standing on a bridge
I'm waitin in the dark
I thought that you'd be here by now [bah doesn't everyone hate waiting for people? expecially when you think they respect you or care enough for you to actually show up?]
Theres nothing but the rain
No footsteps on the ground
I'm listening but theres no sound [she's obviously really sad that some guy/girl isn't showing up and blah my boyfriend wasn't exactly the best at showing up to our first dates so i know how she feels and it makes me sad cause i hated her so damn much...]
Isn't anyone tryin to find me? [fuck poor girl, i feel so bad when i feel all alone and asif no one gives a fuck... maybe she's suicidal maybe i should write her fanmail and tell her how much i love her and that i'll show up if she gives me her adress <3]
Won't somebody come take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life [doesn't it suck so much when life is just a whole bunch of confusions? i feel bad for her i really love her]
Wont you take me by the hand
take me somewhere new
I dont know who you are
but I... I'm with you [when you feel all depressed and stuff don't you just wish someone would come guide you and have sex with you? bah k theres no talk about sex but when you have sex you are happy and you don't think about stupid stuff... k anyways i feel bad for her and i love her avril <3]
im looking for a place
searching for a face
is anybody here i know [don't you hate being in a place where you know no one.. and everyone looks mean and scary?]
cause nothings going right [poor avril ... <3]
and everythigns a mess
and no one likes to be alone [ k i must agree with her there she's always right.. damn her]

come on doesn't everyone love that song? i really love it and i don't know why i think it may be much musics fault.. but heh i dont want to be blaming people for stuff it's possible they didn't cause.. but OMG!!!!! i must agree with rosie does this girl own more then a pair of pants and sweater? she always wears the same fucking thing and she probably made a few $ selling her cd (yes yes i actually bought it... a while ago though.. and i never listened to any other song but sk8er boi, which i totally hated btw.. it was just so damn addictive..) and well ... village des valeurs isn;t that fucking expensive... it just makes her look poor and dirty.. not punk or whatever the hell she claims to be it's gross and what's up with her hair? i hate it.. she can't afford to get her hair styled ... yuck.. i dont like her i <3 her... awwwww

K so the next song MuchMusic got me addicted to is .... well it goes like this hehe try to guess... "You told me you loved me
Why did you leave me, all alone? Now you tell me you need me When you call me, on the phone Girl I refuse, you must have me confused With some other guy Your bridges were burned, and now it's your turn To cry, cry me a river Cry me a river... Cry me a river Cry me a river, yeah yeah" AHHHHHHH that's right it's Justin Timberlake... Cry me a River!!!!!!! I totally fucking love this song and i don't even know why... it's fucking amazing expecially the part where they go "Oh, The damage is done so I guess I be leaving" the repeat this a few times and i LOVE it... so ya right about now im downloading myself Justins new cd... bah im pathetic i know and after that i want to make a new cam story.. or maybe two... whatever i feel like doing.. FUCK!!!!!!!!! i keep getting these random fucking ugly annoying cramp type things that FUCKING HURT!!!!!!!!! lkfjgdfkgjfdg!!!!!!!!! damnit and FUrlaneto our vice just called and he was like is your mom home and i said no and then he was like well ive been trying to call her all week and shes never home does she work? NOOOOOOOOO SHE WAS SHOPPING ALL WEEK GR... ARROGENT ASSHOLE... i hate him... grrr!!! i hope he gets laid so that he's un sexually frustrated maybe then he'll be nice... HA!!!! im so damn hyper and i hope i remember rosie's password and stuff so i can upload the story when im done and if not well yall are gonna have to wait till tomorrow =) hah yes im done...

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/13/2002 07:22:36 PM
   YAYNESS!!!!!!!! I'm finally home... Well i haven't been in the hospital all this time but my mom made me go to my grandmothers house until i got somewhat better cause she didnt want me to stay home alone and i didnt want to get woken up at like 7 every morning to be driven there so i slept there.. it was interesting.. my grandmother has satelite.. well not satelite digital tv but heh same thing right? oui except for she doesnt randomly have to get mad at the tv cause it be catching signals... k anyways so i watched lots of much music.. like wayyyyyyyy too much of it... it turned me into avril lavignes number one fan... i want to shoot myself *sigh* and i've had fun analyizing lyrics.. loads of fun i'll comment on a few songs after my hospital stories =) hospitals can be fun...

Story # 1 ) i get to the hospital at like 6:15 in the morning... and everyone is bitching cause they aren't the first to be operated and me im just like oh my i hope my names on the list... so then the nurse comes up to me and asks for my name so i tell her and she's like ok go to room 610 B so i go in and im sharing a room with some 50-ish looking lady and she was cool like.. so then we find out that theres only two of us getting operated by the doctor (we were suppose to be 3 but some old lady didn't show up..) i had so we were like YAY!! we won't have to be waiting all day.. hah so whatever the lady goes away at like 7:30 and they come to get me at like 9:30 and they bring me down and im like totally freakin out, so they set me up in the operating room and they're about to put me to sleep when some nurse comes in and she's like STOP! get her out we need this room and fast... so ya some guy just opened.. i mean they had stitched him together and he fell apart so he was like pissing out blood it was gross so ya i got operated 4HRS!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!! later... it was fucking scary i waited outside the operating room so the nurses and doctors kept walking in and out fucking covered in blood and i heard the suction thingy like when you go to the dentist and it sucks out your saliva i was like OMG!!!!!!! ewwwwww... i'm scared and then some nurse girl came to talk to me and she ended up bringing me a warm blanket to make me feel better...

Story #2 ) the anasthyologist girl comes up to me and she's like ok this time we're doing it for real and i was like no it's ok someone else can go and she told me not to worry about it so the nurses are getting all the instruments and the tv stuff ready and im like freaking out cause i seriously had never seen knifes so big and scary looking in real life.. i mean we've all seen them on tv and in movies but ack! i was scared and then the anasthyologist gave me a shot to make me feel nothing and then she was like go ahead bite yourself and i did and it didnt hurt it was odd then she put in my thingy that feeds you... ya know with the lil bag thing? ya anyways so she puts that on me but i end up bleeding like crazy so that was scary... k anyways so the anasthyologist person was talking to me and she was like ok how bout we go to cuba? and i told her no im going to france my parents won't pay for two trips (eh i was already on lots of medication) so then the girl was like ok it doesnt matter we can go to france and you can take someone with you and then i fell asleep i guess cause i remeber shit all about whatever the hell else they did to me...

Story #3 ) I woke up in some room surrounded by a few nurses and crying.. i don't know why though probably cause it hurt but then they told me to calm down, that they'd give me more medication and that after that i would be fine and well i guess i was cause i woke up in my room after that.. this time surrounded by my mom a nurse and some old lady... but a cool old lady, so as soon as i wake up the nurse is offering more morphine and my mom wants me to open gifts and im like AHHHHH CACA!!!!!!! leave me alone... and she didnt she opened it for me and then i got the telus monkeys.. WEEEEEEEE they be so cute... heh my mom named them for me she was like you can't call them bubbles cause they already have a name :P so ya she called them jennifer and massimo... it's cute but eh i prefer bubbles... (does that count as a story? hehe my stories are boring but ha! i was on morphine LEGALLY!!!! cause ya stuff can be done illegally but come on not many ppl get to take that kinda stuff legally... )

Story #4 ) HAH the old lady that was there when i woke up wanted to meet me and wish me good luck when i woke up she was so darn cute.. she felt bad cause i was so young and she had seen alphonse on my bed so she was attracted to the room then she ended up talking to my mom and that's the end of it but seriously i love old old women that are all small and shrunk especially when they're grandmother-like... and i like lil kids...

Story #5 ) bah they announce to me i have to stay at the hospital i was suppose to leave but when they were operating me my organs and stuff got all swollen cause my gallbladder thingy decided to have an attack when i was getting operated....then at the hospital i called people...sabrina.. claudia.. my cousin.. and massimo and then i was going to call rosie but the nurse came and gave me a shot of something and then i woke up at like 12:45 i don't think rosies parents would of been happy if i called at that time, rosie might have been but her parents might have been gr! about it...

K im done... well not really but ya... then i spent tuesday - friday at my grandmothers house but it was alright... hah in a lil while ill post with my new likings of songs and artists.. im really not sure if i should love or hate avril lavigne....

Lucky * | 12/13/2002 03:42:03 PM
   yay! i passed my driving test! *jumps for joy* i'm so happy. i started freaking out at first though, because i got 2 questions wrong in the first 4 questions, hehe. and it was the easy part that i usually get all right. so yeah, i was freaking out. but... i passed! i got 2 wrong in the first part, the second part all right, and one wrong in third part. yayyyyy! haha. it was funny, there was an old lady next to me and she failed cause she just buried her face in her arms. lol, i'm so mean, but whatever. hey. i felt bad... hehe. but i laughed. hehehe. what else? yeah. i get up when i'm done and the girl calls for security. so i'm like, maybe someone's cheating or something. so the guy walks in, and the girl points to someone writing their test... hehe, he had to escort them to the bathroom, lol. it was funny because she was like a little kid that really had to go. and then! i dunno. i wanted to like come out crying to my mommy and pretend that i failed, but she's like, shut up Rosie i saw you paying. hehehehe. LOL! and on the way home, i'm begging her to let me drive, but she didn't want because when my sister got her temp, she scratched the car on the first day. but anyway, we turn on my street and she stops, so i'm like yay! she's like... do the turn of the block, but that's it! lol, i turned around one street, i'm going at like 5km/h and she's freaking out, she's like, okay, okay, okay, stop. stop the car! LOL! hehehe. yeah. i'm happy. weee!

Wednesday, December 11

Lucky * | 12/11/2002 07:44:20 PM
   i think my entire calculus class faces dropped when the student teacher announced homework. i think we all giggled to ourselves at the mention of homework in math class, but we all gasped when he said he would be checking it. it gets worse. i did my homework... and i understood it too. something is the matter in Rosie's world of Mr. Clemente math. yes, very wrong. i think i'm going to go take a nap.

Tuesday, December 10

sabrina dibs | 12/10/2002 05:32:08 PM
   hehehe... aww poor rosie. hehe.. sorry, its funny! but whatever, dont worry... driving isnt all its cracked up to be anyway... which reminds me, i should really go driving... i havent driven in like a month, and i plan to pass my test... *sigh*

anyway, today was fun. everyone should go see "un homme et son peche". yeah, right.
then, in math im telling mr clemente that in french we were reading about how teachers discriminate against women and guys get to say whatever they want while girls sit with their hands up saying "monsieur, monsieur" like little goody-two-shoes. well, thats what i do in math class. so im like, "sir, youre sexist!" and hes like "i object, quite the contrary actually" (so hes against guys apparently doing math for some reason..) so then i tell him that he never answers me, just ignores.. and what does he say? "yes, yes i do." period. *sigh*

and after school my sec 1 tutor girl shows up running and appoligizing for being like 2 minutes late.. so im like, yeah whatever no problem. and then she looks like shes going to cry so im like whats wrong? and shes like... someone took stuff from my locker, the lock was open and things are gone. so im like.. whoa la la... go talk to the principal. you know what they tell her? "go look for your stuff" GO LOOK FOR YOUR STUFF? this girl is 12 years old, she just got her locker contents stolen and you tell her to go look for it. what kind of retards run our school?

also, happy birthday to my mommy.
she got to fire someone for the first time yesterday :D.... with a really bad cold and half a voice. must've been nice... "you're *voice crack* fired *cough* (in nicer words)" "what? sorry, i didnt get that" hehe.. okay okay... its all in my little head..

Lucky * | 12/10/2002 04:31:37 PM
   GAH! i'm so pissed off! no, i didn't fail my driver's test... i didn't even get to do it! OMG! i'm so mad. i had to wait like an hour before they called me, and i was so god damn nervous. i finally call down, it's like 3:00pm and they call me. then i'm in the middle of doing my eye exam... THEY EVACUATE THE BUILDING! i was freaking out. at first a message goes on that they're opening the doors to let some fresh air in because the ventilation system wasn't working. and a few minutes later there's this huge fucking firefighter in back of me with this god damn oxygen mask and ack! they evacuated the building because like 4 people fainted and whatever. ugh. and then we're waiting outside for like an hour, and then they let everyone who was in the middle of an exam back in, and every one else has to re-schedule. ugh. and i really wanted my temp! yeah, that's my story. fudgesicles.

[4:50pm - and it gets worse, i was doing practice exams just now... i got 100% on the first part, and 88% on the last two. damnit. i could have had my temp right now!]

Monday, December 9

Lucky * | 12/9/2002 05:39:41 PM
   abercrombieeee! thank you Sabrina and everybody! :) yayyyyyyyy! *hugs her abercrombie wearing self* (yes, i just went to Sabrina's to pick it up, hehe)

sabrina dibs | 12/9/2002 04:40:25 PM
   :( aw jennifer... i hope shes okay. hospitals suck... but then shell feel better... and i hope shell be home soon.

today i got rosie's abercrombie and fitch hoodie. damn those americans. first they dont put a store in canada then when you order to canada they ship a customs duty.. like theyre trapping you or something. also, it was shipped on the 6th (three days ago) and i didnt pay for overnight or weekend delivery. and its pretty!! really

and good luck rosie!!! (for tomorrow... driving test.) one peice of advice, im serious! DONT RUSH! youve got all the time in the world...

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/9/2002 12:19:42 AM
   hehehe hello agian quick post because i want everyones opinion or knowledge on a certain subject.. you know how in england you're allowed to have sex when you turn 16? well let's say you go to the hospital at 15 and you're pregnant do they arrest you or do they believe your i never had sex it must of been airborn sperm stories or maybe supersperm that somehow survived from the guys previous masturbation session the previous night and then he licked his fingers and kissed you and you swallowed it and got pregnant? k and if they dont then will they incourage you to get an abortion so that they dont have to call the cops on you? bah sex in england is confusing..

Sunday, December 8

Lucky * | 12/8/2002 05:54:16 PM
   oui, i'm 16 today. bravo moi. *hugs her Blue's Clues plush toy* and when you squeeze her tummy, her ears go up. hehe. i love her. *hugs* so skating was relatively fun. aside from the fact that cremazie metro caught fire, the entire metro system stopped and we were stranded at sauve. hehe. but we got there anyway. and Gates broke like, two locker keys. lol. ouais. and i went out for breakfast with my family this morning... we get there, and i see my brother by himself. i'm like, "where's Sabrina?" "puking." haha, morning sickness. now her tummy has a bump. yay! yes. and my presents were kick ass, merci Jennifer et tout le monde. special red underwear. score! what else is of important relevance? hmm. i changed the layout, yeah. if you haven't noticed... *rolls her eyes* annnd... i'm going for my temp in two days. i'm gonna fail, wish me luck anyway. :)

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/8/2002 12:14:18 PM
   BON FETE ROSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hah so now you're finally 16? i doubt you feel any different... *sigh* oh well 16 = legal sex in england... isn't that great? hah and only two more years until legal going to clubs and drinking.. yes clubs are amusing.. well maybe not but come on theres always 281.. ok well i dont really know what else to write so happy birthday and i hope you loved your birthday gifts and if you didn't well you can always give them to me... oui that's it... la fin.

Wednesday, December 4

Lucky * | 12/4/2002 07:54:48 PM
   *refering to the tagboard*
well, hello mister intellect. or shall i say mister, "2 kewl 4 skool yo" yes, i'm only asking for someone to point out something i've obviously didn't realize, so i'm being decent by asking what the problem is and not telling everyone to GO FUCK THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY'RE STUPID AND WONT DRIVE A PORSCHE. by the way, i think you put too much emphasis on materialistic items, and as for the school comment... umm, yes. do you think you're cool by insulting someone's intelligence? someone that you don't even know... and what their academic accomplishments are? so yes. leave me your email address and we can continue this further if you'd like.

Monday, December 2

Lucky * | 12/2/2002 10:49:40 PM
   yay! i went to see Lucas tonight... ouais, it was fun getting away from all kinds of projects and chores, etc. and he's gotten so big. aww. you say "hello" and he laughs at you. he's so adorable. except his farts stink so bad. mey. but he's so cool. and he gets all excited everytime my cousin changes his diaper. he likes to be naked, lol. yeah. and he's so alert and stuff. yes, yes. anyway. we started putting up the christmas tree. hehe. we bought a new christmas top, and we put it on, except my tree leaned over. lol, it's like the tree in Charlie Brown. it's the 4th day of hannukah. *lights a candle* i like hannukah. it's fun. that stupid anti-jewish janitor. he deserves to be fired. he was giving Gates shit for putting up a symbol of hannukah. damnit. stupid George... it's the HOLIDAYS not just christmas. every holiday deserves to be recognized. anyWAY. i'm off on a tangent. we had fashion auditions today! oh god! when will people realize that posing is not cool. no crossage of the arms, no winking, nothing! ohmey. me and Melissa had a blast today. *rolls her eyes* anyway, yeah. i went to Lucas' house, right. so i was talking to my cousin about cegep and stuff. anyway, she was telling me that she was in an honors program at Pearson, and in sec. 5... they had no math! lol. damnit. stupid pre-cal. yeah, anyway. ouais, after another conversation, i still don't know what to go into. *sigh* it's most probably going to be sciences. but where? dunno. anyWAY. c'est ma fete soon. tres soon. mmm, yeah. i only have 5 more history articles to do for my scrapbook! yay! even though it was due today, hehe. whatever. *shrug* yeah. babble, babble. *waves*

Sunday, December 1

Lucky * | 12/1/2002 06:34:54 PM
   it's so exciting! i bought Blue's Clues napkins and Sponge Bob Square Pants napkins and Blue's Clues plates and Sponge Bob Square Pants plates and Blue's Clues party hats and Sponge Bob Square Pants party hats. party hats! damnit. i wanna open them, but i can't because they're for my birthday. (une semaine, mes amis) ouais. and i put up christmas lights in my room. but it's not decorated enough to my liking. *thinks* dunno what it needs though. oh well. oh. and my sister gave away Lenni. it's this big teddy bear she had. (he was a millennium bear. oui, so clever.) yeah. i was so sad when she told me. *frowns* anyWAY. heh, i had to much mccain cake today. *twiddles her thumbs* i'm eating adhesive. okay, yeah. i have 10 more history articles to do, and one more book to read for my reasearch paper. oh yes. not bad. all for tomorrow. ouais. i think i should go do that, or not.