Thursday, November 28

Lucky * | 11/28/2002 07:46:24 PM
   k, hehe. i'm at my brother's house... he edited our (me, Sabrina, Vanessa) geography movie for us... :) mey. c'est bon. especially the dialogue part. he put subtitles, and c'est tellement drole. okay, okay. hehe. i was trying to teach Nikki and Jackie to bark a christmas carol. cela n'a pas marché. *sadness ensues* but! umm... i dunno. okay, i don't have much to write, except... LOL! yeah. okay, Sabrina, my sister... was talking to me about how she wanted to decorate the babies room. SO, we went in the room, and there was a whole bunch of gifts in one corner. hehe. so she's talking and i see them. what do i see? some "blue" sticking out from a bag. oh yes. hehe... i didn't look, but i told her once we left the room, because i'm not mean. so now she hid it. lol. but there's more than one gift apparently... soo! yes! now i have an aspiring monologue to write... so, oui, oui. *waves*

Sunday, November 24

Lucky * | 11/24/2002 10:12:18 PM
   JENNIFER! *hugs*
aww... comment ca va, toi? aww. j'espere que ca va tres bien. oui, oui. hehe. mp3 player. *thumbs up*
anyway. this weekend was a god damn waste of stupid errands and projects and whatnot. cela pissed Rosie off. *swears at the screen* but i made a movie. and that was cool, lol. and... i dunno. lol, i'm sitting in my room on my computer, and it just feels awkward. something is off. *looks around* *is confused* yeah, whatever. stupid weekend. stupid week coming up, filled with variety show crap, and more crap, and being at school and seeing people that i don't want to see. stupid weekend after that, rushing to finish my history stuff, and more projects. stupid week after stupid weekend after that... upcoming exams, more variety show crap (fashion, among all things, oh god) and crap, crap, crap. and stupid weekend after stupid week after stupid weekend after that, stupid birthday. stupid, stupid, stupid.
but saturday was somewhat interesting... well, saturday night. that kinda made me feel good. oui, Sabrina knows what i'm talking about. okay, okay. no one cares so i'll shut up. *disappears*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/24/2002 07:17:40 PM
   Bonjour Everyone! I finally got a new computer.. YAY! anywho i got out of the hospital friday and i'll probably be in school on Tuesday and then i'm gonna get operated uhh soon-ish.. im kinda scared but whatever i think i'll be fine.. bon ben fin. and *sniff* i didn't get a Dell... but i bought myself an mp3 player for christmas... bravo moi..

Saturday, November 23

sabrina dibs | 11/23/2002 07:17:14 PM
   allo tout le monde. it's Rosie... at Sabrina's house. oui, oui. k, in short, i came here at like 3ish to do our french project... which took forever... *smacks her forehead* we, attempted to work on the dance... but we're both so very, very lazy. so, we finished our french, and we were trying to decide on a science fair project idea. so we looked some stuff up on the internet... yeah, what's wrong with some people? *ahem*
fun with grapes
Using only cheap, readily-available equipment, (a microwave) you can create a spectacular lightshow in the comfort of your very own kitchen, providing hours of fun and excitement for your family, friends, and pets!

what the hell! yeah. and convince Sabrina to make us do a project on the solar system. kthx. it's cool, right? meh.

"skin, the bag you live in"

lol... yeah, i hope Eric, David and whowhatnot are having fun at planet smashers damnit. and i hope Sofia, Ann Marie and Christina got tickets. yeah, i was gonna go with them on an adventure for tickets, but... yeeah. i'm lazy. *shrug* okay... back to looking for stuff. *waves*

"oh my god... there's testis in here!" -Sabrina while reading a book
"'one hundred thousand sperm cells could fit a period on that page...' they're that small?!"
"sperm meets egg here... *points to diagram*"

Lucky * | 11/23/2002 09:31:15 AM
   jesus. 8 in the fucking morning... "Rosie, wake up." 2 minutes later... "Rosie... hurry up, you're going to be late." "caulise, it's saturday" "yeah, but don't you have piano?" "no." "oh, okay. go back to sleep then." sleep... sleep? haha. you try to sleep while people are bitching at eachother right outside your room about fucking renovations. CAULISE. every fucking morning where i get to sleep in, they always ALWAYS do something. whether it's the tv that's on full blast, them bitching at eachother, or my mother cleaning, and my dad making fucking SO much noise in the kitchen to eat a FUCKING bowl of cereal. JESUS! *smacks her forehead* then! i get, "what do you mean... we're always quiet in the morning." followed by a, "so what, you sleep in too much anyway." ME, sleep in too much? i'm up by 9 every goddamn weekend because of you fucking people! GAH! *sighs rather loudly*

i bought my brother the Simpsons' Clue for his birthday... and we played it yesterday. i forgot how much i suck at that game. but it was fun nonetheless. hehe... weapons; poisoned doughnut, slingshot, saxaphone... lol. *thinks* my birthday is in 2 weeks and 1 day. yeeah. christmas is soon too. *thinks* i should go shopping soon, and not end up like yesterday, having to shop for my brother at the last minute... :) yes. christmas shopping is fun... when you do it early. last minute shopping is so increduously stupid and insane. it's like a movie. but anyway. whatever, i'm bored of this. i will go do something useful now. yes. *yawn*

and yay! for Jennifer :)

Friday, November 22

sabrina dibs | 11/22/2002 04:28:18 PM
   okay,. for those of you who know about jennifer... shes at home now :D she just called me.. and YAY. :D thats all

sabrina dibs | 11/22/2002 04:17:44 PM
   "i am buff. My Name is BUFF MAN. i provide the world with buffness. worship the buff. i live in a gym." --- joe amato
I AM CONFUSED! what the hell is wrong with some poeple.. sending me an email like that... what the hell for? geez what is your point. wow youre buff, biggy, i care.and BUFF MAN? WHY??? what kind of name is that? *sigh*

yesterday we (pre-cal class) met our sport etides students... hehe. we have to tutor them... yeah, cause were any good. (teachers seem to think we are.) whatever, yeah so when i saw mine... awww shes so cute. shes so tiny! and she says people call her cute and she hates it... sounds familiar...
anyway, today was a really good day. dont ask me why cause i dont know myself but it was awesome. i was happy happy happy!!! :D i came home laughing to myself... :D yay i havent had a day like that in a while. thatas all for now. im going to go make a puzzle :D (yes thats right, dont make fun of me im too tired to go out... i havent had any rest all week... besdies, the puzzle is 3-D! yeah!!! :D)

Wednesday, November 20

Lucky * | 11/20/2002 07:58:50 PM

Tuesday, November 19

Lucky * | 11/19/2002 10:27:40 PM
   bonjour, bonjour.
how discouraging. Justin didn`t make it to Montreal because he, ``broke his ankle``... bastard. aww, but apparently he`s coming back in the new year. how sweet! lol, and oh my god. variety show auditions are just turning out horrible. you know, everytime you go see the show, and you`re just watching, wondering why there`s absolutely no talent, and why everything is SO unoriginal. yeah, there`s a reason for that. people suck. *pouts* yeah. i`ve been playing with my mommy`s laptop all night. hehe. i`m so bored... *twiddles her thumbs* wow, i like to procrastinate. *smacks her forehead* yeah, i`m gonna go now.

Lucky * | 11/19/2002 06:44:34 PM
   what, what, WHAT! Hayden Christensen is shooting a movie in Montreal..? gah! i dunno if he still is. *scratches her head* started in august... aww. Hayden, damnit. hehe, english class was cool. yes, Hayden sur le video. oui, oui. okay. whatever, i have a headache and i hate you.

Monday, November 18

Lucky * | 11/18/2002 10:15:57 PM
   *writes down an answer to her math assignment*
"what the FUCK is wrong with you, kid! what the FUCK kind of rule is that!" -Rosie's brother
"GAH!" -Rosie

haha. i hate pre-cal. you're not allowed to make up random formula's and rules, when the whole concept of calculus is based on that. gah, gah, gah. on a lighter note...
*thinks* hehe.

Sabrina: "and what's with that calculator? Jesus."
Domenic: "i know... *punches in something on the calculator* ah! what did i do! why is there a graph!"
Rosie: *clears the screen*
Domenic: "aah! windows 98 is loading."

stupid jokes. anyWAY. yeah, i went in to school after lunch. haha. lazy morning, indeed. i wasn't that sick today... more so this weekend, but, whatever. i was tired. *fake yawn* yeah, i was really hyper by 11:00am, so i went to school. basically just for the variety show auditions. ohmey. Mr. D wasn't there... so we had to figure out the multimedia stuff on our own... LOL! we're so stupid. Marcello managed to open and close the curtains. that's about it, until we got someone from the media thing to set things up for us... lol, we're so sad. haha, and about 5 people sang Kelly Clarkson. ORGINALITY, oh yes. mhmhmhm... what else, what else. yes. Justin isn't coming to Montreal because he broke his ankle? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT! gah! *sigh* thank god i didn't waste too much time trying to get tickets, lol. yeah, and instead of doing homework, i started mapping out the bus route for prom... so i took my dad's map, wrote all our names and funtacked them on. they're colorful too. :) yes, yes, yes. (here we gooo... <3<3<3) yeah. i don't want to go to school tomorrow. but... variety show auditions. <3<3<3 the penicle of my day. i have NO idea what penicle means.

okay, so penicle, isn't a word. instead it offers the word, "penile"... heheh.
haha, yes! pinnacle... and it meant what i was trying to say too... oh, i'm a genious. (high-point of my day... *thrust*)
umumumumumummmm... that's it! *stops listening to her Justin cd*

it feels like somethings heating up, can i leave with you?
i don't know what i'm thinking 'bout... really leaving with you...

hihihihi. Justin.

ahfalfnlawurthadfjk nvsldighpalg.

sabrina dibs | 11/18/2002 05:32:26 PM
   it took my 50minutes to get to school today! 50!!! rosie called to say she was sick so i went by myself.. the 48 got stuck in snow... then i passed about 5 people digging their cars out of the snow.. the 159 was sooo packed cause it hadnt passed in years.. ugh i got to school at 8:20.. lovely.

jennifer's sick AGAIN! its been two weeks.. and this weekend she was feeling better and stuff.. and then today she wasnt.. and in gym im like "jen go home!!!" she looked white.. and shes like "no no im okay" then she dissapears to the washroom and starts throwing up in the toilet... lovely huh? yup..
and rosie was sick with a really bad cold but showed up at school after lunch cause of variety show auditions...
gates was apparently sick with a stomach ache (throwup feeling.. yum)

and so ive figured out something... it is impossible for me to get really sick. see... ive been drinking/eating from the same stuff as jennifer forever... nick, vanessa and vince (was it vince? anyway..) all got sick.. real sick.. hospital sick.. one after another and theyre all in my homeroom, and here i am.. without even a cold. YAY!! :D now i hope i havent just cursed myself..

i got pissed at mr clemente today :D IT FELT GOOD!! honnestly. he deserved it. i get shit from my mom cause i apparently "dont pay attention or participate in class" so today im participating.. he does a problem on the board... 1 - graphically (and gets the answer) 2 - algebraically (and gets it wrong) so i ask... "sir, can i know why its wrong what is the proper way to do it algebraically" A PERFECTLY VALID QUESTION. and he has the nerve to say "nevermind, forget it" NOOOOOOOOO excuse me. i dont think so. you are my math teacher, if i want to know how to do something algebraically (cause i know hell ask it on the test) then he had better teach me. so i blew up on him. next time i swear if he says one word about my behavior in class to my parents hell wish he never did. stupid people.

Sunday, November 17

Lucky * | 11/17/2002 08:42:53 PM
   got this and this, this weekend. *gives a hug to both pieces of merchandise* mmyes. interesting weekend to say the least. *rolls her eyes* i'm about ready to take my 5th nap of the day, just because i can't see and/or walk straight and my nose feels just like Rudolph's. however, Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets was rather yummy. oui, oui. anyway, i think i'm gonna go to bed again. yes, yes. sounds like a plan.

timbo munkfish | 11/17/2002 07:01:53 PM
   God I feel old now. im not even that old to be honest, it just seems that saying "i'm 17" feels so much older than saying your 16. The fact that i got a beard doesn't help matters, but on the upside my hair is finally long enough to tie back :D.. It's sorta odd really. When i met Jenny on napster oh so long ago now, i had like 1 inch of hair and i was sorta short aswell.. now im all big and grown up and look like cousin IT out of the Addams Family :/.. but the simple things seem like less fun or something.. i mean i dunno if anyone reading this ever did, but me and my m8s at like 15 used to go out everyweekend and stay out as late as we could and have a shit load of fun just getting drunk... i remember like drinking 2 litres of straight vodka and just runnining around aimlessly in the woods at like 3am or something, granted i'd throw up everywhere and pass out at like 4am and then stagger home looking like absolute crap in the morning, and try and explain to my mum why i looked like a tramp covered in grass and holding a milk crate. Now all I seem to do is sit around and sorta quietly get wasted, or go out to a rave or something, but i have to be inside and warm.. It's just not right, i can barely get n e 1 to goto gigs and stuff anymore coz no-one can:
a) Be bothered to spend their money which they are saving for some pink pony with frilly hoofs or something crap thats no use to anyone
b) Go anyways coz they have no money.
Even if i do get them to go with me, they're all like, "should i go in the mosh pit?.. nah i can't be bothered", and sorta stand nxt to the mosh pit for the whole gig wondering if they should have fun or not, it's terrible. Half of the time I end up going down the pub and spending all my money on one pint of Stella Artois which is always stupidly over priced so i can never get drunk.... Ah well, that's quite enough complaining for one night, L8er'z.

Saturday, November 16

timbo munkfish | 11/16/2002 08:54:14 PM
   Did anyone see the resident evil movie?.. its like one of the funniest things in the world... lol scary zombie movie *pew*, me thinks they aint ever gonna make that happen.
WHAT ever happened to good old plot twists that made you go "oooohhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh", you just sorta get "BANG, tumble tumble, THUD, ah my baby!!SPLAT" and the movie ends, it sux!!.. although having sed this, my bro gave me these old al pachino movies for my b-day and .. i fell asleep like 4 times after drinking tonnes of coffee.. but maybe thats just freak-ass gangstar m00vies.. or al pachino.. i remember back in the day *puffs on his pipe* oh ar, herbie... now those films were the shizney.. i mean come on, what more do you need than a beetle with a life of its own, a short mechanic guy, crappy villans that fail at everything and a crappy romance over the top of it.. perfect!.. you still get the "BANG, tumble tumble, THUD, ah my baby!!SPLAT" .. but with a "meep meep" and a cheesey moral.

hmm. i used to able to think of so much crap that i could write down, but now it just doesn't seem to flow out of my arse aswell as it used to at 2 in the morning, maybe its coz i spend a fair amnount of my fre time in a shed... well a friends shed to be erm.. more detailed? :/ but yeah, its bl00dy massive and has electricity and stuff.. i guess its more like a pool house or something, but just a big shed instead.


sabrina dibs | 11/16/2002 02:25:06 PM
   okay number one.. HARRY POTTER IS NOW IN THEATERS.. GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D wow. okay so it wasnt as good as the first, but nothing ever is. still, its definately worth it!! :D ah harry potter!

second, so it was parent-teacher nights wednesday and thursday... *sigh* wow, so i have an 85 average, great huh? nope, apparently not. a 73 in pre cal isnt good enough for my mom, even though precal is pointless and stupid but whatever. so i got in shit for that.. my dad thinks clemente is a retard, i have been forbidden to ever miss a math class again and if my mark doesnt go up for term 2 i have to drop every activity.. so if i dont get involved in school stuff i get in trouble, if i do.. i still get in trouble. shit! ahhhhhhhhhh.

oh and by the way, we made like a 100$ already for terry fox! yay.

Friday, November 15

Lucky * | 11/15/2002 01:04:43 AM
   [edited for purposes of me. no, i don't care if you read it before i edited it... good. i just needed to let things out last night, and i'm feeling much better... thanks. so if you read it great, if not... don't worry about it. if it concerns you, you already know. or should know.]

seems like i'm the only one who blogs anymore, *ahemhem*... Eric abandonned, and for good enough reason. Jennifer's computer is busted like a mullet, but she's getting a new one for Noel, yay for her! Sabrina has grown weary of the internet and so has Timmy. Claudia, well... i'm not sure if she even knows how to work a computer well enough. and David? you can't ask too much from David, now can you? as for me, i've also grown weary of my infernal machine. just the amount of hours a night spent staring at this blinding screen would be enough to make you sick. which is the reason why i now only come on here when i feel the need to vent like a crazy baboon. mmyes. which is... rather often. so sorry for the "i hate the world" posts.

i should rule this blog. oh wait, i do. heh.

as for recent events in Rosie's oh-so-exciting... what social life do you have? according to a person who considers hibernating in ones house along with a specific friend LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!.. life, monday... i was supposed to practice the music section of my skit for the variety show, but meh. you know. as for tuesday, i spent the day letting my brain rot at dawson, had pancakes for lunch, then had acting auditions for the variety show, which was the hilight of my day. wednesday, hehe... me and Sabrina were supposed to work on the dance part of the skit, but meh. we went to see Jennifer instead. yeah, she has the flu. but i hope she's getting better now. then we went to help out at school for parents night, after a 30 minute walk, lol. and getting shit from your mother because, gah? an 86% average? i should be ashamed of myself. 75% in pre-calculus? a non-required course? something that was made up during the summer to keep us busy for 50 minutes a day? a non-pre-recquisite, in which i already have my two math pre-recquisites for cegep... gah. "and i know what the problem is. i talked to Mr. Clemente, Rosie." "what mommy! what could ever be the dearest of a problem?" "you don't show any effort?" "mother! don't be so silly! why wouldn't i show effort in a math class... Mr. Clemente's math class at that! it's so fun, golly-gee. and it's just what i want to do with my life to! not anything else, like music. why! that just wouldn't get me anywhere!" i'm so surprised my mother doesn't want me to be stupider. i mean, all her friend's daughters are probably dumb Mary's, so why not follow the trend? "why don't you go to a club for prom, Rosie?" "why don't i just rape myself, mommy?" but enough about that folks.

i should rule the world. but i will, in just a few da
Harry Potter is coming out tomorrow. well, today really. i wanted to go see it now, at midnight... but noo. hehe, i know, i know. it's all good, demain. oh! and i forgot to talk about today's adventures. we finally choreographed about 45 seconds of the dance, and it's coming out really nice. i'm rather proud.

what else do i have to say?

yeah, i got new glasses. and what the FUCK is up with people? they decide to make themselves look sharper and clearer than before? like, what the fuck is their problem. things just aren't the same as they never were. *shakes her head* i'm just to smart for the world, they'll never understand. *sigh* melodramatic complications of teenage life.

Tuesday, November 12

Lucky * | 11/12/2002 07:03:39 PM
   and the harrasment begins...

RexAndTyson says:
Lucky says:
RexAndTyson says:
how was i?
Lucky says:
lol good
RexAndTyson says:
for real we were funny
Lucky says:
yeah... but sshhh! no more talking about this
RexAndTyson says:
hey one more thing
RexAndTyson says:
during our skit were u guys laughing
Lucky says:
yeah i think so, why?
RexAndTyson says:
just cheking and one last last ting
Lucky says:
RexAndTyson says:
RexAndTyson says:
Lucky says:
i can't tell you!
RexAndTyson says:
cause if i did i'm not doing my dance and my skits
Lucky says:
well i'm not telling you
RexAndTyson says:
ok well then tell me this were my chances good compared to everyone else?
Lucky says:
i'm not saying anything!!!
RexAndTyson says:
ok ok ok
Lucky says:
RexAndTyson says:
was i good on stage cause iw as so nervous

*smacks her forehead* acting auditions for the variety show were today... it was pretty fun. *claps her hands* yay. i felt so special... hehe. yeah whatever. i have a headache. *dramatic exit*

Monday, November 11

Lucky * | 11/11/2002 11:09:49 PM
   "what about Damien? or Evan!" "Damien? Ev-an? k, Rosie... those are the type of kids that get beat up by Steve and Joe" hehe.
okay, so if it's a girl, it's being named after moi. no joke! heheh, Veronica Rose. yeeah. it's not really named after me, but shh. i can pretend. and if it a boy... gah. this one is subject to change... i don't like it very much. hehe. Juliano. or Juliano James. *cringes* lol, the only good thing would be his initials are JC or J2C... haha, and then my brother said, "what up yo!" and pulled a ghetto pose... <3 yes, Lily is also very pretty. i'm fond of that one. Hailey is nice. i tried for Hayden... lol, Sabrina was all for it, my brother wasn't. *pouts* lol, did i anounce it on the blog? *looks down* i did not! well, i'm going to be an auntie. *bows gracefully* merci, merci.
okay, funny story. Nikki threw up one morning at like, 5.30ish. so Sabrina and Domenic woke up to clean it, and then they couldn't fall back asleep. so Sabrina's like, "gah. up again. who's fault is it?" LOL, Nikki raises her hand. LOL! isn't that cute! like, you know when they lift their paw to shake hands... hahaha, okay. :) Nikki <3 and Jackie. <3
anyway, the grad pictures are... interesting. my brother said i look like Meadow Soprano for some reason. lol! my sister was looking at them, and she just starts dieing of laughter, so i'm like what the hell? she's like... "YOU LOOK LIKE MISS PIGGY ON THIS ONE!" hehe, she's like, "no offence or anything, it's really cute. it's just the face you're pulling... like when she goes close up to the camera." and lol, it's true, hehehe.
in other news, JUSTIN! yes. T-I-M-B-E-R-L-A-K-E! hell yes. next tuesday. *thrust* i wont get tickets damnit, but... *shrug* it makes me feel special anyway. yeah, musique plus and mix 96 are giving tickets, so feel free to win them for me, okay thanks.
and last but not least, bonne anniversaire Jennifer and Massimo, <3 lol

oh yeah, Eric, if you still read this... i told my Domenic and Sabrina what you told me... "their offspring will want to take over the world" and they're like, "damn straight". hehe.

Saturday, November 9

Lucky * | 11/9/2002 11:49:20 PM
   my dad's lost it!
there's nothing you could do or say that could ever change me... i think my dad's gone craaazy!
it's like my mother's always told me, rana rana rana rana rana rana rana rana rana rana rana rana! uuh... fuck that shit bitch eat a mother fucking dick, chew on a prick and lick a million mother fucking cocks per second.
hahahahahahahahahahaha. hyperness.
*passes out*

Lucky * | 11/9/2002 12:03:07 PM
   i want this. hehehe. oldskool. *poses* hehehehehehehhe.

Friday, November 8

Lucky * | 11/8/2002 06:05:31 PM
in a good mood, finally. i just might have an idea of a career. it makes me happy that i'm not lost in a void. mhm. i could go for a doughnut. gah, yes. and i'm going to see 8 mile tonight. *thrusts* and i saw the ring last night. mhmhm. it was good. scary. does this have a point? no. but i'm in a good mood. and i want a doughnut. does every d... GAH! even more good news! lol, i was cut off in mid-sentence by the phone... AND WHAT A PHONE CALL! *dances giddly* okay, but i'll tell you all after this weekend. *claps her hands* :):):):):) *hugs her moniter* hehehehe. okay, i'm going to go get ready now. *jumps* hihihihihi. <3<3<3

sabrina dibs | 11/8/2002 10:41:36 AM
   snow and ice! ALREADY! its only november!!!!

lunch ladies are stupid. i bought my lunch at the school caf (for the first time in ages...) and it cost $2.50. so i give her a $10 bill. you know what she gives me back? A TWENTY, A TWOONIE AND A BUNCH OF CHANGE. :D hehehe.. alright. free lunch and 12 extra dollars. not bad.

hm. two days ago i did my step-ups in gym.. 53. not bad. so its natural that yesterday my right leg (it did more work..) was killing me. so already i was in pain. hm. so then doesnt something happen to me? of course! at recess me, jen, claudia, and gates are going up the stairs.. so im talking to jen and all of a sudden someone grabs my foot... except i was already in the process of lifting the other one.. OUCH! damnit that fall hurt sooooo bad! and the best part.. GATES DOESNT THINK HE DID ANYTHING WRONG! :( you try falling on stairs with one leg in mid air and the other being grabbed by someone you trust. great... and i supposedly grabed onto jennifer on my way down so i hurt her cheek... except i dont remember that ( :( je m'excuse..) so i had to spend all day as a cripple..
then, im walking home frm the bus stop and theres a chunk of ice stuck to the floor but i didnt see it... so of course my right leg has to trip on it :*(... *sniff* ahhhhhhhh so i spent all night putting ice and shit on my leg but you know... that doesnt do anything!!! this morning my calf still hurts and ive got bruises where my leg hit the stairs.... :(

Thursday, November 7

timbo munkfish | 11/7/2002 06:38:23 PM
   ah CHRIST....... i think i may have actually almost have run out of thigns to do on the internet.. I dunno if its the same for you lot or not, but the ineternet used to be so much more fun, didnt it?.. i dunno what happened, but i like stopped going on it so much... what the hell happened... maybe it was made illegal for microsoft to brainwash kids into spending all their time on it or something, so no one goes on it anymore :O.. i dunno, i think i might try and get back into it.. especially now its getting cold and crap again.. anyone got any ideas?.. maybe we could use pictues in more things... i haven't seen any pictures in ages :D..

anyways... i been writing this small paragraph for like an hour or so now.. and i dunnoo why, but i cant think of anything fun to say.. so i won't bother trying.. i'll save it for another day :/

Sunday, November 3

Lucky * | 11/3/2002 06:46:54 PM
   hahahahha!!! i own La Ville de Magog. be so jealous. hehehe. see, a while back my dad bought Canada savings bonds and he gave them to us. so mine was for La Ville de Magog (it's so much fun to say) so i was cleaning up one of my drawers and i found it. and i read it and ACTUALLY believed i owned La Ville de Magog. hahahahahaha. in my heart i still do. haha, i'm going there tomorrow to put a little Rosie flag. La Ville de Magog. omg, i love it. (k, so don't mind this post. you just had to be there. hehehe.)

Saturday, November 2

Lucky * | 11/2/2002 10:06:41 AM
   *puts a birthday hat on*
bonne fête Timmy!

hehe. 17. *helps Timmy around the room with his walker* hehehehehehe. i kid, i kid. lucky you. birthday. presents. and stuff. mm, stuff. and cake! mmm, cake. well, i dunno. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! encore... hope you have lotsa fun today. but you will. hehehe. i'll stop babbling. :)

timbo munkfish | 11/2/2002 07:57:44 AM
   Weeeeeeeeelll, I'm 17 today :D
I don't really have much to talk about on this day of days... cept i feel old now :/
i don't think any of you are 17.. which makes me the oldest :D... but all that seems to mean is that i can drive now :D.. well when i pass my test... hehehehe.. but oh fun.. im going to get WASTED tonight, my mum and dad left me with a free house for the night, they get back tomorrow :D :D :D.. some parents are dumb lol.. and they gave me cash lol and a crate of 24 PINT cans of stella artois mmmmmmmmm... oh and i might get my hands on a litre of vodka.. and various other erm "things" :D hehehehe, any of you want to come join me?.. go on it'll be fun @D <-- cyclops man..
... on another note... Rosie... if you don't goto france, you aint missing out on that much.. the only noice part of it is the beach aat the south and Paris, which is cool at night coz its all lit up and stuff.. but otherwise.. it's crap.. i been there like 16 times or soemthing and its just i just found out something funny, all my neighbours are out for the evening aswell lol....... HAHAHAHAHA, this rules.
now all i need to do is tidy the entire house :/.. or if i don't then it can't get trashed anymore........ hmm.. ah well.. if i can stand by mid evening that means im having a bad time *mwhahahaha*.. anyways, i might post l8er.. but until then.. pray for me :)