Thursday, October 31

Lucky * | 10/31/2002 10:33:11 PM
   i have a feeling a lot of people are going to kick my ass...
i've decided not to go to france. *this is the part where everyone kicks me for being so annoying for wanting to change variety show conflicting dates* no, my parents didn't say i wasn't allowed going. i'm very much allowed so, granted, i'd have to pay for everything, which isn't necessarily the problem, if i get a job, of course. but... but... fuck. did you guys read the brochure thing? i'd end up on some voyageur bus without a minute to spend on my own, getting lectured about some ramshackle broken down factory for hours. the eiffle tower? *watches it go past from the view of her bus window* gah. and visiting places that i don't know the history of? what's the point. i really doubt that we'd have any time to just walk around and shit. it's SO scheduled. besides. my parents promised to let me go on my own, with friends of course, in the near future, say, summerish, lol. yes. and my brother wants to go too... you do not know how fun he and Sabrina can be. i die of laughter everytime... i think that would be more kickass then having to spend 10 days with Labrecque, Boudreault and Zampini flirting like fucking crazy all the god damn time. YES, the THREE of them. gah. anyway, i would even want to spend time with my uncle, because he's just so cool. and nice. god damnit. he's one of three aunt/uncles who doesn't think i'm a crackwhored-slut. mkay. so i have my reasons. i'm not going. sorry to anyone i've pissed off about variety show. have fun everyone else. and... about other topics. nah, blogger isn't the place.

timbo munkfish | 10/31/2002 07:07:56 PM
   :| ....

Tuesday, October 29

Monday Monkey | 10/29/2002 07:12:45 PM
   I think after reading that blog i've made some conclusions. Blog writters dont take all teh credit because i have been thinking about this for a long time. I'm leaving the blog. You people can continue on with your arguments online i prefer to deal with problems in the real world. Well i guess i can no longer do that tonight. Well maybe online will have to do for now. So long internet land. I wont miss you very much. I read soem of the old blogs. For once someone said what they had to say insted of dancing around the subject. You all did that even me. Well i'm gonna dance one more time. Hehehe im debationg saying something, david knows what it is. Anywho LDz forever.

Lucky * | 10/29/2002 05:06:59 PM
   hello im jennifer. im not dead just hibernating. anyways i hate stupid people and sabrina keeps telling me im comfy (rosie agrees) back to me hating stupid people.. like lets say you're friends with someone for a long time and all of a sudden it's like total pms from ALL OF THEM. (meaning all your friends) wouldn't you try your best to find out why the person is pissed/mad? whatever? or should you totaly fucking ignore them and sit on your boyfriends penis area (no offence to the boyfriend) and what's up with friends dating friends? i mean it's fine but no need for mass0r orgy infront of everyone and WHAT THE FUCK shouldn't your best friends be the first to find out about these things.. cause that fucking pissed me off alot.. and why try to hide it? and the fact that i heard you say something along the lines of " shh she doesn't know yet" ya.. and if you don't know what im talking about then FUCK YOU im too pissed to think.. i hate everyone like seriously everyone i hate stupid people and seriously do you two believe that you're actually in love with eachother cause if you do then HAHAHAHha your both fucking idiots. i mean i respect the boyfriend but WHAT THE FUCK i really don't get it and what's with the birth control pills? and it being on your mind all the fucking time and anyways fuck you we werent even talking about that have you ever heard of over dosing or maybe even of suicide ya..

*ahem* Rosie butting in for a second... (actually, i'm sitting on Jennifer's crotch *thrust* sound familiar?)
naive: innocent, unaffected; foolishly credulous.
hypocrisy: simulation of virtue; insincerity.
thank you very much madame Jennifer, if you would continue now...

just incase that was a little hard to understand ill go back to my two "insults" YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND A SLUT. anyways now ill talk to you about your responsibilities.. hmm ya you actually have some of those your a chairperson.. hehehe .. ya yup you are.. and for gaetano not to want to leave a school dance early because he wanted to make sure everything was done well even though he had something pretty fucking imposrtant the next day, wouldn't that get you to think that maybe you're the problem and maybe you should show some effort instead of acting as if you HAVE to be doing it because your the idiot that put your name.. you aren't me rosie and sabrina and that's probably the only reason you wanted to be chair of something. COLISE. je deteste les persons stupid. (jaime les biscuits a rosie) oh and also no offence to the boyfriend once again but uh why did he get in for free? ah yes because he was helping clean up.. did that happen? nope not that i care but before he showed up she was actually doing work but then it was like OH im attracted to his penis (penis + claudia = claudia on penis) oops damn i wasnt suppose to say her name OH well ... fuck it.. i don't give a fuck about anything anymore i just think that if two people are so deeply in love that they decide to leave all their friends and fuck up all their other relationships there's something wrong.. and claudia sleeping with him wont make him yours forever.

Rosie again...
and just a comment to make things a tad clearer. no, this isn't a problem because your "going out" as you would call it. spending more or less time with him wont make the situation better. no Claudia, the whole world doesn't revolve around your birth control problems and the fact that you feel it necessary to share the fact with everyone while we're eating lunch. the problem is that you live in a bubble, you avoid any problems that are around you. is David happy? is he? maybe you are David, but i don't think you are. i don't think that a relationship based on making out and sitting on crotch areas, isn't such a solid foundation. is there something wrong with talking to one another? helping eachother out? knowing what the real problem is? and i'm pretty sure you KNOW what the problem is Claudia. very certain. you got a letter written out to you what the problem was all about. maybe things have change since then, they probably have. but, if you're to retarded to realize that there's a problem around you? i dunno. i just can't put that idiocracy into words. mhm. yes. can i quote you? while Jennifer was talking about how her life wasn't that great at the moment, you said, "yeah, my life is pretty good." i wanted to laugh in your face. Claudia, have you realized that i can't stand you? i can't. i can go as far as saying that i hate you at the moment. everything revolves around you. do you know what any of us are going through at the moment? Jennifer's pregnant, if you haven't heard. Sabrina is suffering from gonherrea that she caught from her sex buddy Tony and i'm debating whether or not to leave to New York for my piano scholarship i received. thanks for being there Claudia. did you know any of this? (okay, and to everyone else, Jennifer isn't pregnant, Sabrina doesn't have any std's, but i'll get back to you on the sex buddy thing... and well, what the hell? why would i have a scholarship?) k. oh! what's wrong with Christina and Victor making out? atleast they have the descency to do it in private, in a closed room, instead of in front of all your friends. (so you wouldn't call it making out, but it's just as bad. when you're in a circle of friends talking, it's kind of hard to include you and David in the conversation when i have your back turned to me, and i can't determine where your tounge is...) and, here's the hypocrisy deal coming in... what's with you telling Jennifer that she was making everyone uncomfortable at her "meet her parents" party when she was with Massimo, sitting down together, on different chairs... when at her birthday, you were making out on JENNIFER'S bed, apart from everyone... oh! (this is Jennifer and Sabrina telling me this) when i was right in front of you, knocked out from anaprox. mkay. another thing, Sabrina would like to say that she's pissed off at you to. and she definitely agrees to everything we said. i'm sure i'm missing something. *thinks* and you're going to read this and say, "okay, what am i doing wrong?" or "fine, i'll stop doing things in public with David" or whatever you say... i don't think there's anything that could fix this up right now. you came shopping with us because Jennifer told you off. you do a lot of things to put yourself on "the good side". mkay, i dunno if you haven't noticed, but me, Sabrina and Jennifer aren't the dumbest of people. your white lies don't work. mkay. i think there's about a million more things i could say. but i'll leave it at that. hmm, you might not even read this. *thinks* i think i'll print out a copy for you. yes. so you can hilight and make notes. haha, Jennifer and Sabrina practically finished all my cookies that i baked, because they're so yummy. mhm yes. anything else? non. fin. a prochaine fois we can't keep this all in anymore. vent, vent, vent. *waves*

Jennifer, Sabrina and Rosie

Monday, October 28

sabrina dibs | 10/28/2002 06:11:47 PM
   yesterdays pictures were kind of odd... the guy is wierd! gaetano was actually early... the one time we expected him to be half asleep and late hes hyper and early... ah. and then we went to vanier all make-uped so we looked like stuck up bitches :D
i can now cross out vanier from my list.. so that still leaves dawson (who wouldve thought?) ugh. but i still dont know what program!!! ahhh
so i met those people my parents met on their vacation in cuba this summer.. theyre nice. vietnamese. pretty cool. and my mom made coffee.. you know. with that thing on the stove.. yeah i think you all know what im talking about. hehe.. theyre all impressed!
"OMG WHAT IS THAT?" :D they didnt know what it was.. never saw it before. so we had to explain it to them.. and they couldnt understand how you put the coffee and water at the bottom and it goes up when its boiling so my mom had to show them... haha funny. :D

Independent Bum | 10/28/2002 12:19:55 AM
What kind of porno would you star in?

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AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! Well there are 2 girls there so at least they gave me that, but im not a horndog...all the time*shy face*. Anywho i have a couple of things to say, first, I WANT JUGGIES!!!!!!!!! hahahhhahahhahahaha second WHERES THE MAN SHOW BOY!??!?!?!?!!?!? And last but not least where the fuck is the rest of my family!ANywho it doesnt really matter. I got my piccies tommorow should be pretty crazy...L Dz*cheers*

Sunday, October 27

Lucky * | 10/27/2002 10:24:50 PM
   David... i remember reading a post about fenix tx breaking up on the drive-thru site, and that was a while ago. lol, they are evil with their little bands. there's no link to the midtown site on the main page, and on the page with all the links of the bands, when you click on midtown it just brings you back to the main page. lol. that's pretty evil. but i'm happy because Sabrina made me a cd... (thank you!) and it's a one of those... mhm, sing-a-long cd's. yeah, you know what i'm talking about.
anyway, this weekend was eventful, thank god tomorrow is off. i think a re-cap is un-necessary, no need to vent. i've done quite a bit... talking is good. and i just hope Nick is alright. but he seemed to be laughing even when the ambulance was coming, so hopefully, yes, everything is good. mhm. i think i'm gonna go think about what i wanna do with the rest of my life now. my mom keeps trying to talk me out of music because it'll get me no where, even though it's fun. yeah, mhm. that doesn't matter. it's all about the bling-bling. so far i think i'm going to go into science/music... and drop out of which ever one pisses me off more. meh, sounds like a plan.

Monday Monkey | 10/27/2002 09:02:40 PM
What Color Eyes Should You Have?

Hmmm what's my real eye colour, green or blue?

What Sign of Affection Are You?

I feel touched............darn it's that creepy rapist again!

What kind of porno would you star in?

I answered those questions as honestly as possible*cough*

timbo munkfish | 10/27/2002 03:51:45 PM
Cheesey Monkey
Cheesey Monkey
Cheesey Monkey
Cheesey Monkey

Independent Bum | 10/27/2002 12:08:26 PM
   Ok here we go once again. I'm gonna be bitching about drive-thru records once again cause frankly they are just big assholes! OK where to start... ill start with the thing that doesnt bother me as much. Ok Fenix Tx broke up awhile ago right, but geuss what their RECORD COMPANY didnt even have time to inform their FANS right away but instead make a post liek a month later!!! I mean come on!!! What the fuck is that! Urgh and i know no one else is gonna give a shit about this post but i fucking care cause these damn record companies have been fucking with small bands for so long!! Urgh!!! Ok what else do i have to say you ask...Well there seems to be a new band...Forces Of Evil... Aaron from RBF is in it and also a great mix of other bands and they should be recongnized because they are a quite kick ass band.Well geuss what , they played on the drive-thru record stage on a couple of warped tours and i checked on the drive thru site and there was no news about them at all!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IN GODS NAME IS THAT!!!!!!!!!! Take the time and download the song My Life form the forces of evil and u tell me if they should be noticed and and deserve to at least get a little news section on the drive thru site.Urgh wtv im still pissed but i babbled enough.L Dz*cheers*

Saturday, October 26

sabrina dibs | 10/26/2002 09:12:41 PM
What Color Eyes Should You Have?

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dummer than dirt??? :*(

sabrina dibs | 10/26/2002 09:01:45 PM
   this week is almost over!!! ahh finally!!! seriously, wow, its been such a loooooooong week:
monday: project with jennifer, entertain guests, homework non-stop til 9:30ish
tuesday: finding jens moms work and going to marianopolis
wednesday: open house at pearson
thursday: staying after school til 6 to help out decorating for dance
friday: at school from 8am til 12am. (yeah thats right.. thats 16 hours at pearson! oh god.) everything went okay at the dance.. juniors had a lot of fun (and we danced with them).. then the senior dance got problem-like. first we did the tickets but left it to someone else after. people who got in free came drunk, we(me and jen) got attitude from certain people, and something happened to nick. i seriously hope hes alright. i want to know what happened to him after we left.
saturday: hairdresser, going to mass (dont ask), nonnas house, finding clothes to wear tomorrow, etc. today is gates' sister's wedding (sabrina :D) but it rained all day :*( ah well, i hope its going well.. aww weddings..
sunday: going to take grad pictures, going to vaniers open house.

Friday, October 25

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/25/2002 09:26:24 AM
theres a gaint spider named hertel hanging from our schools plaza. its cool. i came here at 6:30 this morning and im leaving this place tomorow morning. heh...oh meh. im sooo sleeping tomorow

Wednesday, October 23

Lucky * | 10/23/2002 09:58:10 PM
   17 Oct, Thu, 13:22:52 Yahoo: pics of joe butt from blue's clues
OMG! what kind of kinky things are you people into! *shakes her head* at least if it was Steve... pfft.

Lucky * | 10/23/2002 09:17:39 PM
   so, today. *thinks* well, i missed all my classes today to help out for the open house, except that i wasn't doing much. the last two periods i was in the auditorium watching last years variety show, and analysing it with Melissa. expect MUCH better from us this year. :) i've realized that we have a lot in common... we hate the same things. you know what that means. none of that in our show. mkay. so me and Claudia worked on our french composition after school, basically a story about Eric killing David. mmm... anyway, we were supposed to go help for the open house at night, except we had the project to do, so we didn't go even though Di Paolo was pissed. but we finished early, so i ended up going back to school. Claudia had better things to do, i presume. mkay... and i just had to get out of my house because my dad's an idiot. okay. so i gave a few tours and what not. lol, the first tour, this kid is like, "hey! i have a question!" "okay.." "do you skateboard?" mkay. and his little sister just starts dying of laughter at one point, so i'm like, "mkay, what is it?" and she says, "i dunno! but you're so funny!" ...hehe, i dunno if that was a compliment or if something was wrong with my face. *shrug* what the hell? okay, my portable is dead. anyWAY... it was pretty funny tonight. i don't remember why though. it just was. and we got a lift from Vanessa's mommy. i feel all special inside. yeah, and what's with all the little sec. 2's and 3's macking on everyone? it's so horribly obvious! they're just so bad at it. *shrug* i'm gonna go now. mkay.

Tuesday, October 22

Lucky * | 10/22/2002 09:48:51 PM
   HA. HA. HA.
David said a cry-in-the-dark band was good live. :) ...better yet, one of MY cry-in-the-dark bands. (THE STARTING LINE mmyes) hihi. that made my night. no actually... a lot of things made my night. hehe. let me elaborate.
we went to Marianopolis for the open house. in short, i hate it. i think we all do. lol, except me and Sabrina saw this girl from ballet. it was all AWW! like, except we couldn't remember her name. mmkay. so we met Jennifer's mom at her work since it was right there. it's pretty, btw. okay, and finding our way there? hahah. following specific directions Jennifer's mom gave us, lol. we ended up walking around alot, because the streets there are just, retarded. mkay. anyway, we went to nickels (for the second time in 3 days, lol) for supper. so we get in, we're right next to our table and this fire alarm thing goes off. and everyone is just sitting there. so i'm like, "hey! shouldn't we evacuate or something?" lol, so Jennifer's like, "STOP, DROP AND ROLL!" lol, lol... so i'm like, "no! that's if your on fire!" and she's just like, "ben le... quand mÍme..." and crawls under the table and stays there. LOL, i was laughing so much. LOL and she stayed there until the thing stopped. hahah... k, beautiful. and we had a Celine cake, again. anyway, on the bus on the way back, she had fun talking on her phone, IN THE METRO, lol... and then making it ring so it was as if someone called her... haha. but her conversations were SO beautiful. lol, she went off talking about sex and her mom is just like burying her face. hahah. Jennifer, <3 yeah. that's it. i don't want to bitch about anything else. all done.

Independent Bum | 10/22/2002 09:47:21 PM
What Sign of Affection Are You?

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LOL IM FUCKING BORED LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L Dz*cheers*

Independent Bum | 10/22/2002 01:51:41 AM
   AH! BTW most people will care about this...ERIC DONT READ THE BLOG CAUSE U DONT GIVE A FUCK! Simple Plan at spectrum...November 7th...with fifty nutz (punky band, not to great to me) . Dont know how much its costs but yeah wtv.Anywho also apparently Sean from Big D wrote in the spider monkeys geust book! hehe go cehck that out...*looks at time* almost 2...didnt finish my reaseach shit...OH WELL! L Dz*cheers*

Independent Bum | 10/22/2002 01:47:42 AM
   Hey yo , to all you funk monkeys out there i'd like to say HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Ok so first band (Full Count i beleive) blah blah blah they wasted perfectly good skanking time...made me wanna cry in the dark...then again their guitarist ripped it up though! Then we waited( me chris pat some chick and 2 hispanics) for the starting line (yes i stayed to watch cause Rosie said they are a great band live...) well geuss what...? THEY ARE! hehehehe they have GREAT stage presence although their music sux and the fact they were calling RBF old bastards with rinkly balls didnt make me like them anymore... hehehe anywho i still wanna kill the singer, his face annoys me! heheheh . Ok so long story not so short Rbf makes it on stage...whats their opening music?!?!??! DISCO BABY! That song called thriller! Oh yeah... great times...I cant really say how fun and great it was cause u HAD to be there...but! Wait i cant explain that either...Yeah so long story short it was great (and tsl surprised me) and patty cake and chrissy poo rule!! heheheh always good times with them...ANywho i think im gonan sleep soonish.! L Dz*cheers*

Monday, October 21

Lucky * | 10/21/2002 10:16:53 PM
   mkay, boredom sets in.

What Sign of Affection Are You?

What Color Eyes Should You Have?

What kind of porno would you star in?

caulis, but i wanted to star in a movie with Jennifer... *pouts*

What Is Your True Aura Colour?

mkay, enough of that. i'm off to make myself supper because my mom made saussage. like, what is that? doesn't she know anything?

Lucky * | 10/21/2002 09:04:08 PM
   fuck you all!
my introduction for my history paper kicks so much ass. i read it to my mom, and she's like, "did you copy that from somewhere?" hehehe. (lol, i didn't by the way!) watch me still get a bad mark because Di Paolo's pissed that me and Claudia are not helping out for the open house. (because we have projects to do!) dkjfgh.

(David is at reel big fish right now...
damn. *pouts* i bet he's trying to get into Aaron's pants right now. or, trying to steal his sideburns. one or the other.)

Lucky * | 10/21/2002 07:53:57 PM
   i have a cold damnit.
and i'm trying to do my history research thing. all i see is this...
"Fwerjdfg dfggn dofigj weirnxz gpdir. Tfdgokn dfgj oyrije Sgfgdfn, dojg wsdfogijxndu." ,etc.

Independent Bum | 10/21/2002 03:26:23 PM
   YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRIS AND PAT ARE GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. OMG IM HAPPY NOW! Well not really cause i still got shit to do *ponders on how I will do these things*.Anywho i have to go L Dz*cheers*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/21/2002 09:16:21 AM everyone knows now we went to dawson yesterday.heres my point of view of this school. first of all, it looks like a hospital. second of all, its some historical building bullcrap, and thats why we left the tour. they kept talking about how the gym was 4 stories nbelow the ground. WHO FUCKEN CARES. i mean really. anywho, we ran away and wound up in some thing where this guy was trying to get us to bcamp outdorrs in the forest and he had dead muskrats, but wait wait wait...its alright because theyre road kill....?!? (maybe he knew about rosie being a vegan and he didnt want to hurt her feelings) then we went to the medical lab. it was funny. not a place for me though , i kept on touching everything. i saw what tape warm looks like and it was cool. then we saw a human brain, blood samples...the works...i pressed machinery buttons...thank god they were offf...but they were asking to be touched. then we wound up at the cinema and communicationsand animation department. that was really really awsom. i enjoyed it alot. they guy then told me that if i knew where the record button on a camera was located , then i was ahead of 65 % of the class. i dont know if thats a good thing or not. then we went to this kiosque thinggamabob where we talked to this guy and he gave us info on graphics design. i thought it was really interesting. the guy kept on bitching about numbers and economics though, but it was funny. then i went to the nursing, i figured out i cant go because i dont have science 436 and i need cemistry. id have to take both of these things during the summer and i dont think i could learn a subject most ppl fail in 10 months, in a matter of 2 yeah, im thinking nursong may not be the best thing for me.yes. so now i have vanier and champlian to go visit. maybe ill get other ideas there. for nowm im even more confused, because there are so manny options...were too young to make a choice. crap.

Lucky * | 10/21/2002 01:21:36 AM
   it's one in the morning and Rosie decides to start getting ready for bed. mhm. see what school work does to you? and don't bullshit me and tell me i had time to do projects before. i did not.especially this research paper. it's insane. and so far, it's resembling more of an economics paper than history. yeah, mkay. no, i don't want to go to bed. why? i'm not sure. i guess i don't feel like starting another week of... well, of blahness to say the least. these weekend was pointless. it was full of stuff i had to do. i'm not even 16 yet and i'm already putting up with bullshit that i don't want to do. i don't want to decide what i want to do with the rest of my life. not yet. the rest of my life is a long time. well, hmm. it cannot be, you'd never know. but planning out what, the next 60 years now? you've got to be insane. it takes me 20 minutes to decide which Sobe i want, and i leave the depanneur with a mind full of regret. mm, and you know it's true. the education system is a joke. what good is it to have someone dictate to you what you have to learn, or better yet, how you should learn... that's why i can't help but be drawn to things in creative arts. but then again, i'd always regret knowing that i could have done something more. but how am i supposed to know what i like? it's not like i've chosen to do things before... they've always been shoved down my throat. sciences... do i just like it because i'm good at it? because i can do it? music... i've been playing for 10 years now, how do i even know i like it? i wouldn't ever consider quitting because i'd have "wasted" all those years. eugh. i could go on forever. but i'm just gonna go sleep now. or try. i dunno. hey, at least it gets your mind off of teenage drama. at least for a little while... goodnight.

Sunday, October 20

Lucky * | 10/20/2002 09:37:57 PM
   mkay. Dawson. we get there, and decide to ditch the stupid tour, because it was pointless. so we're just walking around going to all the little department things. and, well... i didn't like it at first, but it's not so bad. like, i wouldn't go there for sciences, but the social stuff seemed pretty fun. mkay. so Claudia wanted to go see the nursing thing, so she asks someone to take us. so we're about to get on the escalator, and someone just pulls my arm. mkay, Jennifer and Claudia got on the escalator, and Jenn's just like, "Rosie..?" anyway, it was Marissa's (yeah, little Marissa) dad who pulled me... hehe, she was there. so i talked to them for a bit and Jenn and Claudia were gone by the time i turned around. lol, so i go try to find the nursing thing... that took some effort, but i found it. and i go inside, there's dummies everywhere, i was scared. but, they weren't there. so i tried to get back to where i left them... notice the TRY. hmm. so here i am walking along by myself thinking, "omg... Jennifer has my wallet... and i have nothing on me. hmm." and i had no idea where i was going. but lol, i bumped into Marissa again, started talking to her again, and then they were there. lol, anyway. then Jennifer was talking to someone in theatre. and the girl saw my shirt and she's like, "omg! something corporate!" i was just... "hehe." lol, then we started talking about them and our soco experiences.. :) and she said she'd be at the show, giving out candy. and i'm getting a red one. mkay. lol, so... that was our day. now i'm trying to finish up my history... but yeah. lol, i came on msn to ask people what we needed for our cover page, but then i end up here... gooo Rosie. procrastination. if you walk into my room, you can't walk on the floor, you have to walk on newspapers. because that's all that's on the floor. hehe. umm... yeah. i think we're already so stressed. me and Claudia were trying to figure out when we can do our french composition due friday, so we're like, monday we have to finish history stuff do for tuesday... tuesday i'm going to Marianopolis' open house, wednesday we have the open house at our school that we're being forced to go to... thursday Claudia has to finish things for the halloween dance. mmm yeah. what the hell? it's not even end of first term. and yeah, i already have to start learning stuff by heart for my piano exam, that's in june. but... ooh, it's secondary 5 let's make a big deal for nothing. i have like 2 or 3 extra ones to learn. yay. and variety show, god. we're about only halfway done making OUTLINES for the skits, and i think we need to be done the script by audition time which starts november 18th... among other things like get the auditions organized, and decorations and... *sigh* AND! i have to learn konstantine and help Sabrina choreograph. mmm. *looks at her board* halloween costume! yeah, i wanted to go as some scary type thing for the dance. so i'm thinking some kind of vampire/slut... but i don't have clothes for that, so i'm just going to go as a happy fairy. Gates said i could give out candy. works for me. hehe. oh... let's not forget the grad pics, for which i have no clothes, on sunday. mmm. *smacks her forehead* yeah, i should go do some more work. joy.

sabrina dibs | 10/20/2002 05:12:26 PM
   i was hoping to hate dawson completely to maybe limit my choices a little.. and not that im planning on going there.. cause, well, its dawson, but you know.. i dont know, it didnt look that bad. i have like every panphlet there was cause i have no idea whatsoever what i want to do.. great huh? yeah well whatever..

then, i went to the "mile end" library cause the rdp one sucks.. and apparently theres like 26 libraries in montreal.. didnt know that. anyways, so i found two more books for history (but of course ones in french) and so i was trying to find a question, a thesis statement, sone points to write about.. SOMETHING... but im so lost its incredible. ugh, i hate writing. i need someone smart that knows about darwin and hitler and can connect them (through the theory of evolution).. if i could get that, wow it would be great!

Lucky * | 10/20/2002 09:39:32 AM
What 80's idol are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

*giggle* Marty McFly... <3<3<3 lol, i knew i'd get him as an answer, mwaha. well... not much to post. it's early in the friggin' morning, because i can never sleep in anymore even though i'm so horribly tired all the damn time. *shrug* eh. doesn't matter... mmm, i suppose everyone's going to dawson today for open house. hihihi, dawson. lol. i find it funny. mmm, later.

Friday, October 18

Lucky * | 10/18/2002 07:36:04 PM
   happy me... i got the nfg tickets, oh yes, yes. lol, i went on an adventure downtown... didn't do much. except i went to archambault after. but i didn't have my gift certificates with me, so i couldn't buy anything. anyWAY, they just got this new baby grand piano, yamaha... it's... new... and big, and... shiny and... over $40,000. :) god damnit though, the sound is so freggin' pretty. *shrug* oh well. stupid guy kept kicking us out though, oh well.
and i finally decided that i'm going to play konstantine for the variety show... and Sabrina is going to be dancing, ballet. lol, so i gotta learn the song and help her choreograph. that should be funny. hehe. except it would be cool to find a singer. *ahem* a guy. maybe... playing guitar too? *cough* you know who you are! lol, i kid. i forgot that you're too good for a variety show. :)

sabrina dibs | 10/18/2002 04:37:27 PM
   my color is GREEN. :D...or :(? i dont know... the girl said i could be a philosopher... do you really see me doing that? ugh.. and then they gave us papers and stuff... and ont he list of possible green people jobs: EMBALMER ewwwwwwwwww!!!! god! seriously... whatever, im gonna be an emblamer and jennifer is going to be a RABI :D (shes blue)

i went to the library after school today for my history essay (due on tuesday by the way..) so im there.. and i see stephanie and dario and claudia pecora and whatever.. so im on the computers to find out the numbers... so i type "world war two" no matches found. WHAT? EXCUSE ME??? what library doesnt have ww2? so i write "world war" and it gives me a bunch (stupid pc?.. or stupid programmer?) so i go to the section and like 95% of the books are french.. whatever, so im looking around and i dont find anything remotely close to what i need.. great. yup.. so im walking by claudia and shes just screaming at stephanie "I CANT BELIEVE THIS LIBRARY DOESNT HAVE ANY BOOK IN ENGLISH ABOUT THE GREAT DEPRESSION!!!" seriously.. what the hell? its not that i cant look its just that the place sucks!. ugh.

Thursday, October 17

Lucky * | 10/17/2002 09:35:54 PM
   god damnit. i was just listening to dashboard... i'm pissed i didn't go. *sigh* oh well, i have my soco, mmyess. i guess i'm gonna go on an adventure tomorrow to get tickets, before they sell out, apparently. hehe, Jennifer said she'd join me. *thrusts* lol, k. mmm, i have nothing much to post about. i should be doing some history research, or some piano... hmm. lol, i'll get to that later. am i the only person who likes michelle branch? her songs are cool damnit. well, i've heard 4, 5ish... bah. why i am talking about michelle branch? see what happens when there's no one online? *looks at her msn list* one person, that's pretty sad. anyway... *thinks about something to write* i'm missing french and math tomorrow. in your face. *does a dance* omg seriously, nothing interesting happened today. *thinks* well, i was a dog for about an hour. hmm. and Eric was tied up. hmm. lol and i grabbed Jennifer's ass a couple of times. okay, so all in all, it was a normal day. *sings* i've been searching deep down in my soul, words that i'm hearing are starting to get old, feels like i'm starting all over again, last three years were just pretend, and i said... goodbye to you, goodbye to everything i thought i knew... you were the one that i loved, the one thing that i tried to hold on to... and i still get lost in your eyes, and it seems that i can't live a day without you, closing my eyes and you chase my thoughts away... *okay, so it started to get fast and i couldn't keep up, lol* mmm... patate. hayden christensen likes patatoes. *and it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time... i want you but i'm not giving in this time... sorry, lol* mmm, i really should go practice piano. hmm. *ponders* k, i'll go do that. snoogins. (sorry for boring you :)

sabrina dibs | 10/17/2002 06:46:40 PM
   *sniff* maxi is closing :*( ah well.. no one likes maxi anyways,.. IGA allll the way oh yeah :D.. haha.. yeah, theyver been "relocated to loblaws" haha..
anyway, okay tonights totoring session was a pain in the ass.. shit. i felt stupid.. i actually had to think. wow! patchek is such an idiot! these kids are in sec 1 right? theyre like 12 right? and theyve never actually done anything hard at school yet right? right. well.. theyre learning "squared" and "square roots" except he doesnt explain to them what an EXPONENT or SQUARE ROOT is. nah why would he? *sigh* so im there.. hmm.. okay, so i managed to explain the squared... no problem. we get to square roots.. im like "umm well its the opposite, you gotta find two numbers thatll multiply to that number..." so he gives them homework.. but not from the textbook (sec 1 text books give explanations to everything unlike 436, 536...) soo... hes like "find the sqaure roots of these numbers:" okay.. no problem right? you think.. these kids never did this before hell give them like 64 or 144 or something like that right? right.. NOPE.
#1. 20456 (something like that.. shit! its 5 digits long.. these kids aretn allowed calculators!!! ahhhh i dunno how to do that!!!!) so im like trying to figure it out and like making her round it off and use trial and error and stuff.. the kid is very confused.. but less than before at least(who can be more confusing than patchek?)
anyway, so when im done i go to see mr adams (guidance counceler) to telll him to lock the door.. and hes like "sabrina, hows your availability?" what? "how many more can you do?" well... if theres 5 days in a week.. and ii gotta do it twice a week each... then one more right? "okay.. how goods your french?" pretty good.. im in langue maternelle "oh okay good... would you be willing to go to someones house to tutor?" uh.. well that depends.. where do they live (thinking.. WHY? cant i do it here??)_"well, say they live nearish to you" oh, well yeah i guess that would be okay, no problem "okay thanks cause i need someone this could work ill get back to you." okay....
im like their personal tutor or soemthing.. *sigh* and i gotta start tutoring during class too soon for mr olivieri(sport etudes) cause these kids dont know how to do math.. and hes like "were going to need the enriched english class to tutor them reading..." but were the enriched english class too so might as well tutor EVERY subject! that might be better!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *breath*
whatever,... todays presentation of AUSTRALOPITHICUS went very well(hope we got extra marks for saying it right).. must say comparing it to a kiwi did the trick.. :D

Wednesday, October 16

Independent Bum | 10/16/2002 10:12:22 PM
   Im bored...*looks around* nothing to do.Music shall do i geuss *opens Thrice* yum yum!!! Awwww les memoires! Fuck oh yeah *bobs head* heheh great music right here! Yeah i really have nothign to do or bout it sux rosie aint coming to RBF...someone better or else it'll be liek the old dayz, drinking and going to the show. WE live , we love, we die...hummm sounds right to me! GO TEPPIE!!!!!!!!!!! hehehhehe wow this is pbbly the first blog that i wrote that really has no point whats so ever! It look deep enough from here im diving ... heheh if only i can relive the moment when they stepped on staged and started with Kill ME Quickly tht would be awesome...HUmm i got it. Ill paste lyrics! I might as well post the song im listenbing to...Betrayl Is A Symptom:

is not something that i grasp
its something that i fake,
as Iím slipping, as Iím falling through the cracks,
without actions is a mask,
for making the same mistakes
as Iím slipping as Iím falling through the cracks.

somehow i find beauty in our failings,
somehow i find meaning in these lies
somehow Iím made perfect in this fracture,
your back is begging sweetly for my knives,

Iím spilling blood,
glancing down to hide my face,
i walk with eyes closed tight through monuments of grace,

(Guitar Breakdown)

somehow i find beauty in our failings,
somehow i find meaning in these lies
somehow Iím made perfect in this fracture,
your back is begging sweetly for my knives!

my faith is a front, Iím spilling blood,
glancing down to hide my face, I walk with eyes closed
through monuments of grace, Iím spilling blood
glancing down to hide my face i walk with eyes closed
through monuments of grace

(Breakdown again)

isnít it sweet how,
trusted with angels,
and how so quickly
i break my promises?
isnít it sweet, isnít it sweet, isnít it sweet, isnít it sweet?

How bout another song...sure why not Dave...sweet. Now to choose.*ponders* Yeah The Beltsville Crucible seems right.

True friends stab you in the front keep you from getting what you want
when one more fix could kill you
they help you realize that

youíre more and
less than you first had believed
youíve so much to give and thereís so much you need
shortcuts through graveyards and a brand new way to breathe
three thousand miles just to learn,
all thatís gold does not all shine...
and helping words arenít always kind,
when one more kiss could kill you,
they help you realize that

youíre more and less than you first had believed
youíve so much to give and thereís so much you need
shortcuts through graveyards and a brand new way to breathe
three thousand miles just to learnÖ


Öhow to let my guard down
accept the fire that has spread among us.
and if youíre feeling all right,
youíve got to play it again,
youíve got to play it again.

Yeah no one is online for once... I have a math test tommroow but im not sure what im doing so i wont study hehehehe but i would if he gave us good examples.It fucking rained like a bitch, i actually heard some of it.Fucking AFI better come out with there cd soon before i loose it! Oh Worthless finished mastering there's, should be out soon, still gonan have to wait for the Caddies though.Lol i rememberd my room is a fucking mess! I think im gonan clean it on like friday or something...maybe shave to that would be nice heheheh.Well i babbled for to long and no one will read this blog anyways, Although!!!! If anyone does and would like to respond in anyway please dont hesitate! L Dz*cheers*

Lucky * | 10/16/2002 08:41:52 PM
   okay, wow. first of all, my dad just came back from italy, and he brought us all kinds of chocolate from the duty free thing. <3<3 ...besides that, i got myself a new cd player and like $105 (can't forget the 5) to spend at archambault. sweet deals all around.
anyway, dashboard confessional is ce soir. *twiddles her thumbs* Rosie is home. hmm. but, BUT! you know i've been negociating with my parents for quite some time to go to nfg/soco or rbf... or even yellowcard. anyway, i was getting somewhat close. my mother was still saying no though, hehe. so tonight she's like, ask your father. if he agrees to pick you up, then fine. *walks downstairs, discussion ensues* GUESS WHO'S GOING TO SEE SOMETHING CORPORATE AND NEW FOUND GLORY! *gives a hug to everyone* mhm. then i'm like, to my mom, "would i be pushing it to ask if i could go to another show?" and she just gives me this look, hehe. (lol, David... no quality time together... *sniff*) anyway...
apparently Eric is going to be off the net for a while, so no posts from him, i guess. and Jennifer's computer is busted still, so no posts from her either. just thought i should let you know.
anyway, i'm a happy teddy bear (i think that's the expression...) yeah, whatever... *waves* :)

sabrina dibs | 10/16/2002 04:44:21 PM
   why does hotmail have to keep updating? now theres a bar thing that says: "show me email from: everyone, people i know, unknown people" *sigh* what is this world comming to!!!??

things arent always what they seem to be... apparently my sec 1 tutor girl wasnt forgeting to show up... she was in hospital and sick and stuff... so she missed all last week of school so shes even more lost... but i feel bad i was like screaming at her at the beginning.. so i gave her my number and told her to call me if shes absent again... but you know, the least the school could do is tell me.. i mean come on!!

anyway, after school today me and jennifer are going down the paul the sixth stairway and mr. leger was there.. omg so he tells us to go back up and go the other way... so we turn around and then jen goes "OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" so whatever.. we keep walking and i tell her "i know, these teachers have problems"... all of a sudden he like runs to us and says "rewind.. stop" so im like shit! he heard me.. okay.. instead he was pissed off cause jen said "are you serious!" wow.. so hes all like "yes i am serious. see how serious i am?" *sigh* stupid teachers..

Tuesday, October 15

Independent Bum | 10/15/2002 11:18:17 PM
   Blah blah blah so im back from the show i had to go alone to...WHICH WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC!!! Whoever was gonna come and didn't it is my turn to laugh at you...*pause* HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah so the first band was emo core which was pretty crappy except the musicians were amazing! Then after a long wait *coughandsomesweetmerchpurchasedcough* it was time for thrice!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah that sexy guitarist dude ripped it up so good on stage! Anywho after a pretty long time of singing/screaming and massive moshing i had to get the fuck outta there. And yeah btw the 69 doesnt take long to get to the 20 mins.ANywho im smelly, tired, feeling a little nausious and REALLY SMELLY if i didnt say that already so im off.L Dz*cheers*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/15/2002 09:15:10 AM
   From a Roman family name which meant "lame, crippled" from Latin claudus. Claudius was a Roman emperor of the 1st century. He was poisoned by his wife Agrippina in order to bring her son Nero (Claudius's stepson) to power

dammit. my names means im crippled. crappius

Monday, October 14

Lucky * | 10/14/2002 03:18:15 PM
   guess i'll do more quizzes since i'm trying to avoid doing anything else... (did i mention i re-arranged my entire library of piano songs?)

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

ha, i'm slow.

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

discover what candy you are @

mmmyumm... *eats her hand*

find your inner PIE @

wait, wait, wait... tart?

sabrina dibs | 10/14/2002 03:12:29 PM
   oh my god! the house across the street from me (you know, the huge one everyone loves..) is for sale. FOR SALE! ahhh we were freaking out when we saw that! ahh.
anyway, my polar bear costume is almost done... ive got the white top, whiteish bottom, and ears.. yes, i MADE ears!!!! :D i am sooooo ready for halloween!!!! yay!!! (rosie had better not have changed her mind about the penguin....)

Monday Monkey | 10/14/2002 02:17:52 PM
Are you Addicted to the Internet?

49% (41% - 60%)
You seem to have a healthy balance in your life when it comes to the internet and life away from the computer. You know enough to do what you want online without looking like an idiot (most of the time). You even have your own Yahoo club or online journal! But you enjoy seeing your friends and going out to enjoy life away from your computer.

The Are you Addicted to the Internet? Quiz at!

Hehehe im such a dork...

discover what candy you are @

Romantic and sexy...hmmm*ponders*....*thrusts*

find your inner PIE @

Fuck now i'm getting hungry...

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

............well now, that makes me seem so happy don't it lol.

Monday Monkey | 10/14/2002 02:02:30 PM


You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuative.

Find out your color at!

I guess im blue...hehehe then why am I smiling?

Lucky * | 10/14/2002 12:22:26 PM


You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

Find out your color at!

mhm. someone told me i was green once. i dunno why... *shrug*

Sunday, October 13

Monday Monkey | 10/13/2002 05:28:26 PM
   DAVID! If only you hadn't of left early I would have come too...cus well peeps cancelled on me today so i asked and I could go! I was very happy..until i called and you were gone*Tear*. At first i thought of trying to catch(22) up with you or meet you at l'x but i don't even have a ticket so i'd have to run around alot. I realy wanted to see both Big D and surprizingly second twelve again. Oh well...I realy want do do something but alot of people are having thanks giving today...and everyone else is all "no way man it's raining", even david is busy. Maybe i'll go be a bum..but who will i bite(hehehe i'll explain in another blog). Well im tired of writting. L Dz..for now hopefully people will do stuff after(looks at everyone on his msn list with "u bettter wanna do stuff" eyes).

sabrina dibs | 10/13/2002 12:59:36 PM
   wonderful smell of turkey... yum... i gotta entertain my entire family (wait, no not the whole family.. my mom brother and company arent invited..) anyway, i hope jens tattoo came out pretty :D i wanna see it. ah well.. now that ive gotten it all out of my system *see my post before this one* im a happy person :D i just finished making fudge (for my cupcakes) and i ate a lot of it so weeeeeeeeee im hyper hahahaha

Independent Bum | 10/13/2002 12:45:42 PM

Independent Bum | 10/13/2002 01:46:37 AM
   Short and sweet this will be... ok im trying to make this fast but im shaking like crzy i think i might ge hypotermia...(not joking btw) Big D was great as usual and i think tommorow im gonann go early and hang out with them for awhile.Ok my hearts hurting now so yeah im dieing slowly but surley but just remember ill be alive as long as the bum business me and eric have going wil continue!L Dz*cheers*

Saturday, October 12

Lucky * | 10/12/2002 01:37:23 PM
   okay, everybody ooh and aah please... :) i just met the puppy i'll be babysitting... aww. he's a miniature doberman. and he's still a puppy. just too cute! he made my day. aww, okay. and i finally watched "teens dating"... because you people don't stop talking about it. hehe... there's planet smashers every two minutes. and it's so cheesy, but i love it. and one point, the guy is just, "heh, alright"... seriously! bah, was cool. ...Jennifer should be getting her tattoo soonish. i wanted to go, but couldn't... *shrug* i hope it's pretty... and not too painful pour elle, lol. oh, and btw, i'm going to be a penguin for halloween, Sabrina a polar bear. be jealous.

sabrina dibs | 10/12/2002 12:32:52 PM
   well since rosie gave me the "okay" to write about the 'complications' of last night.. will do.

hmm the day started fine... as usual.. boring, but acceptable, then last period we missed french to go to this career thing.. whatever. after school the plan was to go to la ronde (it opened at 5..) but christina and johanne had cheerleading.. til like 4:30 or something. so were all like, scuse me but NO. so they (mostly johanne) pull a fit.. and then me and jen and claudia too i think were like screw that were going, you guys come whenever you want. but then everyone came to their senses and decided to all leave and make them two meet us when theyre done (makes more sense no?) yeah. so johanne was pissed but whatever. we wanted to take the express cause it would go so much faster but apparently our friends are unable to WALK. so we missed it.. so whatever we walk to the bus stop (again missing a bus cause of slow people) we get to the metro.... get to la ronde... everythings fineish. so we get there and meet the spooky people and do some rides and stuff... so we decide were hungry and go towards subway... and thats when johanne and chris call rosies cell... so we send gates to get them.. they get back, all of a sudden they all decide "were not hungry, were going on the vampire". uh.... ooooookay, i want to go on that too.... usually when you leave people to do other stuff and meet up later you do things that are blahish... but whatever fine. so me, jen and claudia eat alone... then we go meet the rest at the vampire... to find out you didnt even bother waiting for us (oh... and you did other stuff to we didnt know about) so ANYWAY.. whatever.. then you want to go on the disco ronde i say "nah i dont wanna go i dont like that ride.. you go. well see the tornado.." so of course they all take that the wrong way and once again me, jen and claudia are all alone and cant find the rest. so we get claudia to call her mom to call rosies mom to get her cell number to call rosie and tell you all to get your asses to the entrance. i dont know, maybe its just me but if some mother were to call me at la ronde id be like "omg what happened, where were you im SORRY". no no need for that.. ANYWAYS.. so its around 7:30 now (it closes at 9..) and rosie says to us "were hungry. were going to eat." uh... OKAY.. so jens like "okay were going to do something else" rosie -"fine *bitchy*". hmm.. so then im like theres a looong line at the haunted house we wont be able to go. so me and jen go in line there... like 5 minutes later they decide to join us... so they cut in line but dont even pretend to know us.. oh and by the way.. there was a sign and PEOPLE WITH HEART CONDITIONS ARE NOT TO GO INTO THE HAUNTED HOUSE... apparently the hole in johannes heart has closed over night (im going to use her as my science experiment, win a nobel prize -the heart that can open and close in minutes. wow). so after the haunted house its about 8:45 and they decide theyre going to eat and me, jen, johanne, and sofia left. bye byes.. thats all i know.

Monday Monkey | 10/12/2002 10:07:04 AM
   Big D today! YES! Also that kids table is comming! I think i'm going to claudias a bit after noon and the we are going to watch jenn get her tattoo. Then big D and the kids table. Then sleep, which will be very much needed after a show of the calliber im expecting. Well i must eat food. L Dz

Lucky * | 10/12/2002 09:37:53 AM
   *hehe, if you don't want me to ruin la ronde's haunted house for you... don't read. :)

so La Ronde was pretty sweet last night... despite any complications, hehe. let's not get in to that. (i think Sabrina will take care of posting that one)
we got there at 5ish, did some rides. there were some zombie/scary people walking around, but it was pretty much okay. lol, Claudia got ran after by a witch, but it's k. so, it finally got dark, and we went in line for the palais des glaces. it's the glass house thing, but they dressed it up for halloween. basically, it's dark, but with a strobe light, and about 3 guys following you around. okay, it doesn't seem scary, but OMG it is! you think the guy is there, but he's not, because of the lights, but then all of a sudden he's there! it's fucking creepy as hell. and the thing is a maze, right? so we're walking around, Claudia sees the guys, turns around and smashes into a wall... ahaha. and then Gates did the same thing, lol. and, what else... oh yeah! we thought we saw the exit, but it was a dead end. hehe. so me, Claudia and Gates got trapped in a corner, with this guy hissing at us. lol, okay, even i don't think it's scary now, but holy shit, me and Claudia were screaming our heads off. but it was fun. lol, then... the haunted house. holy shit. well, we waited for like an hour and a half, but whatever, it was worth it. we were, 6 people... me, Jennifer, Sabrina, Gates, Claudia and Franky (Christina's brother) so... at first i'm like "okay, i'll go in the front, but not the back" and NO ONE wanted to go in the back. so finally Gates goes in the back, Jennifer in the front, only to be switched with Franky. so it was Franky, Jennifer, me, Sabrina, Claudia and Gates. we get in the place with stupid Damien and his keys... lol, we start walking and it gets dark. Franky is like, "i don't wanna go in the front!" so him and Gates change place. then, the scary people start... and the 3 of them in the back start fighting for who stays in the back... lol. we're all a bunch of babies. anyway... that place was cool. fucking scary, but cool. you think they can't scare you, but oh my god, they do such a fucking good job. the exocisist girl was crazy! you think she's a robot or something and then she goes psycho on you. whoa. anyway, the only part i really DID NOT like was the spiders, but whatever, i'll live. the exit was fucking hilarious. cause there's the first door, then you continue, you think that's the door to leave, but it brings you to another door, and until you start opening the door it's all quiet, and then Jason attacks you with his chainsaw, lol. it was so funny, you just see the 6 of us just running out the door, but like, RUNNING and screaming at the top of our lungs. too funny... and watching other people come out was so funny. and that was that. very funny... and scary, lol. then, we got a bite to eat, and left. but on the bus... it was all the scary people from La Ronde, so we were trying to figure out who they were. but this one guy kept telling us he was the cowboy, and there was a secret cow at La Ronde, and when you pulled it's "tťtine's" you got candy or chocolate milk. he continued saying a bunch of bullshit... it was pretty funny though. we get off the bus, "oh, by the way... it's me inside the cow" and all of us are like, "euugh!" lol, and Gates is just there... "but how is the milk chocolate!" hahahaha... i was on the floor, litteraly. anyway, i'm tired of typing... and it's early in the morning, as perusual. umm... c'est tout. *waves*

Friday, October 11

Independent Bum | 10/11/2002 10:53:57 PM
   So... I'm at home now and its *looks at time* 10:39. Everyone had something to do today except me so i went home...i get home and discover we aren't practicing because chris cant *coughrightinthereyummycough* so i think of something to do. I call Franky but he didnt even get home yet, so then i go to plan B and try and learn stuff on guitar; didnt work out to good so i stopped. I was searching through my computer and found some crappy games and started playing...but i got bored pretty fast and i felt liek killing nazis so i installed the infamous RTCW (Return To Castle Wolfenstein). After about 2 hours of killing nazis and on and off switcing to watching tv i ate yummy food.Once again being struck with the bordom stick i called Franky once more and he was home!!!!! So i grabbed my skate and got the hell outta there! Wtv i wont write what happens cause no one has a clue anyways but i skated for about 3 hours and talked with mr franky and so on and so forth for 3 hours. Anywho i get home all sweaty and still nothing to do so i search the web...found out there are some videos of the greatest live band ever...RxBandits but i cant watch em cause nico is using the fucking amp dealie shit.So wtv this blog didnt have a point i just needed to waste some time. Anyways ther is Big D tommorow and SUnday and then on tuesday there is thrice (I CANT WAIT FOR THRICE!!!!!!!!!*add 1000000000000 !'s*) and then after its RBF oh yeah and then belvedere and then after its one of my root bands The Planet Smashers and a band i dont like as much but still is pretty cool Mustard Plug, and after THAT its belvedere once again!!!!!! Oh yeah its like the 2 months of David's ribs getting a massive beating! I CANT WAIT! Oh and geuss what geuss who is a fucking lucky bastard but has no idea at all ...JEFF!!!!!!! THE BASTARD IS ON TOUR WITH THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES AND AND AND AND AND!!!! BIGWIGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGG!!! Hes so god damn lucky! ahhhhhh id like to just chill with Tom and shit but noooooooo im not in a good band so i cant *tear*!! ANywho i think i wasted the most tiem i can so im gonna go wait on msn and watch tv...L Dz*cheers*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/11/2002 09:03:54 AM
   so yesterday we had a breakfast thinggy in school. it was funny. this guy in secondary four thought it would be funny to pass around great looking cookies spiked with x-lax. i mean really, noty like it doesnt happen every year. david, btw, we have top do our english project...i oddly just get back to what i was saying... a bunch of ppl bropught food. lots of food was left over. i stayed to "clean up" as you would like to call it. basically, it resumes in me grabbing every bag of oreo, fugeeo and chocolate chip cookie bags and making a run for my life. then, putting them in my social commetee desk drawer.aww yess...the possibilities. 8 whole bags. anywho. then im in french class, i get called down by the im thinking, "thats it, this school has gone nuts, theyre expelling us for stealling,ummm BORROWING...cookies. but no. i was wrong. i get there and the principal office and shes like "
mrs.moffa-yes. claudia...hmm...the marks for french got into some 'mixup' and we made a mistake and failed you.
claudia- can i get my real mark then ?
mrs moffa- no i cant do that
claudia- well that really stupid mrs . we write the test, we have the right to know.
\mrs. moffa-well i can...aww heck. you got a 66%.
claudia- okay then.
mrs.moffa- so. would you liek to go back to the langue maternelle french ?
claudia- can i think about it ?
mrs.moffa- sure. take your time. i went to the schedual changes lady. i thought about it. i wanted to change. so i did. and we spent all period in trying to make me change classes. it worked in the end. i didnt get any of my option classes taken away, but if worst came to worst, i was going to change history for law.then, the nurse comes in, shes bitching about the x lax cookies and how theres full of kids in front of her office olding their stomachs and farting. it was true. i saw then. it was falarious. anyways. because of the schedual change, i got to miss math. i got to miss most of french class. then after lunch, i had to go to my new french class. although there was a couple of annoying heads i wanted to snap, the class was okay. i missed mr labrecque. that guy is halarious when hes angry. mme martel didnt get angry, she just sat down at her desk and said "bon. si vous continuez, nous allons continuer le cours apres la cloche. vous n'etes pas juste." y6eah. now i have a chance at getting my diploma thinggamabob. hehe. i happy. but, i missed a month of his class, and now we have a test, so he tells me " come to tuturing" and i do, only when i show up there,he says
mjr labrecque- oui. qu-es-ce-que tu fait ici?
claudia- monsieur j'ai besoin de votre aide
\mr labrecque-pourquoi?
claudia- because i havnt been in your class for a month.
mr labrecque.- inquiete toi pas.
claudia- mais...dont we have a test tomorow ?
mr labrecque- inquiete toi pas. si quesce tu ecrit sa le pas d'alure, ben j'le conterais pas.
claudia- m'kay
mr labrecque- va a la maison i need tuturing but he sends me home...what the hell. so this whole day was a day filled with nothingness. in english class, when we were finished me and pasqual were having fun drawing david and touching carmen rizzo's silky hair. it was fun. anyways, im tired of typing. tata

Independent Bum | 10/11/2002 08:48:13 AM
   Me so very bored now and i odnt know what to write exactly. In media class again and nothing to do as usual...Congrats on the Calvin and Hobbes layout Rosie... Im very sure today will be very crappy and what not so i might go home or "home" depending on how things roll out.Well im fed up of writing and babbling about nothing so im gonna go now and do nothing at all.L Dz*cheers*

Thursday, October 10

Monday Monkey | 10/10/2002 10:19:21 PM
   Wait i shouldn't write. I'll hold it all in...bottle it up real good, that's really healthy....o wait it's not, too fucking bad!

Lucky * | 10/10/2002 10:19:07 PM
   calvin and hobbes... not much of a change, but good enough. and the damn tagboard is back, go nuts. as well as a new poll and new pics.

anywho, don't you love when everyone around you is in a good mood? yes, yes. *smile*

Monday Monkey | 10/10/2002 04:14:39 PM
   I too pissed off to write anything besides, fuck everything.

Wednesday, October 9

Lucky * | 10/9/2002 10:52:11 PM
   i'm doing some research for my human geography project, it's on "homo erectus" so... i type this in a search engine. what are the first three things i get?

1. Porn Try Out - Instant Access With Credit Card - Amateur nite on the web. Hot vixens who are appearing in front of the camera for the first time. These girls will try anything! Hardcore XXX rated! (FindWhat) | More like this
2. Private Gold - Instant Access With Credit Card - Hardcore XXX porn! This is Gold! A true collection of the finest women who perform the raunchiest acts! These babes stop at nothing when it comes to fuck! (FindWhat) | More like this
3. Private Teen - Access With Valid Credit Card - Nothing could be better than ramming it home with nubile tight pussy. Drop dead gorgeous teens will suck your balls dry. Fucking awesome. Absolutely Fucking Awesome! (FindWhat) | More like this

heh. like i wasn't expecting that.

Lucky * | 10/9/2002 08:38:39 PM
   i'm so jealous of the christmas decor. *pouts* i guess i'll just mooch off their table demain. ours is okay looking. kinda simple, but okay. lol, yeah. i volenteered Sabrina. hehe. "Rosie, you couldn't just say you'd bring juice. noo... you have to de-cor-ate" LOL, anyway. i was blessed with a delicious number of good episodes of my favorite cartoons today. namely, "super zeroes", the powerpuff girls. yeah, the episode with liberty belle, harmony bunny and mange. mwaha. i love it so. "hey! i'm finally in the show!" "'being a rock, i am without movement.' ...*screechy voice* 'i'm filled with solutions! ..weeee!'" lol anywho, it's freezing. but whatever. i'm going to... *ponders* eat a cookie now. a plus tard.

sabrina dibs | 10/9/2002 07:06:05 PM
   so apparently sec 1's have to be reminded to show up for their tutoring stuff.. ah well, yesterday i spent some time with the social committee (again...) but we didnt paint anything :( i felt like it.. ah well, claudia got pissed off at nick cause nick has problems and went to cry to zampini after telling everyone off... :D hahaha it was too funny!!! and hes still all like "whoa shut up in president i have power, i was right and you were wrong, im better than you" *sigh* umm...
tomorrows our thanksgiving breakfast (sec 3,4,5) so we had to decorate today(rosie sort of volunteered herself and i..) so i had to go to dollarama with this guy, ralph (you know ralph..), and then we get back and find out rosie never had a variety show meeting! ah. anyways, so were putting our decor on the tables and stuff.... realise we dont have anything so we go into the student council/social room (nick gave me the key...hes in our homeroom so he doesnt care) and take their stuff... so were putting up the turkeys and using the girlande and then gates comes along and is like "OMG!!! you guys used all my stuff!!" but its wasnt his stuff... hes just too lazy to go buy his own.. so him and mr. panetta are trying to figure out what to do.. to mr panetta decides they should make a paper saying "zen" or something that is so un-materialistic-like... but they decide against it... so then they talk and you see gates going into the room and comming out with boxes... CHRISTMAS stuff!!!! HAHAHAHA so we left them there decorating with xmas trees, balls, blah blah... (oh, by the way, at christmas they're going to do honukah) :D

Monday Monkey | 10/9/2002 04:39:10 PM
   Yeah i'm pissed cus msn is down..AGAIN! jason is very disturbed by the actions of David and myself I quote -" You guys might think it's funny but u guys scare me!" Hehehe yeah thats all. Curse you msn...and msn provider!(Yeah that's right i said it!) L Dz
*tips hat*

Monday, October 7

Lucky * | 10/7/2002 09:06:18 PM
   the evening was enjoyable... i suppose. heh, i just got home now. (8.30ish) yeah, i had my variety show crap... Mme Alphonse wanting to meet on weekends. why? i'm not sure. but they mentioned pizza. so i'm in. so then i went to mooch off of the student council room for quite some time. we finished one of the France posters, and... yeah, that's about it. i made myself a new mailslot. oh yes. and what the fuck is up student council's ass? i think it's only Anthony that's pretty normal... okay, i know i tend to rub variety show shit in other people's faces... but do i act like i'm better than you? i hope not. it's sad... all of them think they have some magic veto power over anything we decide. okay, WE don't even have that much power over our activity... it's the teacher that takes care of everything. i dunno what they're thinking... and Zampini keeps telling them they're being egotistical... ohmey. yeah, "stop touching our shit" but they're all over the social part of the room... ALL the time... but, lol, we move their ugly desks an inch and they get pissed. wtf. and Nick, of all people, giving us shit about stuffs. "don't paint on the walls or Moffa is gonna lose it on us"... k, but they're already covered in stuff. whatever, he's saying all this while he's walking around with his pants around his ankels. yes, no exaggerations. so, after we painted our poster, we had an enjoyable time painting on the walls... *grin* hahaha... i think it was a "you had to be there" moment. (by the way, it was me, Gates, Jenn and Sabrina there... Claudia was there too, but she left early, dunno why though) so, it says "student council 2001" on the wall, so, Jennifer takes a brush and some water and starts erasing it. and it was coming off pretty good. so, i'm like, "take a rag..." so we go get some, and start doing the whole wall... alas. it decided to not come off... but we fucked it up SO bad. it was just a orange/gray/purple mixture with a faded "student council" lol, you should have seen it. so we decide to start paintining over, with a blue... but there wasn't very much left. lol... it just looks SO bad... people are gonna kill us tomorrow and it's funny. but we wanna paint everything... like, ALL the walls. whatever, what am i talking about... i'm not even in social comittee... :) anyway, what's the point of this post? oh yeah, avoiding cleaning my room. SO, we went for hawaiin pizza after, hell yes. i LOVE the people that work there. i think they give us free stuff, and a LOT of specials. we paid like $10 for a family repas? hehe. anyway... we went to Jenn's after and i saw Hermie, Jennifer's hamster... CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD! omg... i love her so much. i wanna go see her again... :) Hermie, <3

Sunday, October 6

Lucky * | 10/6/2002 10:30:26 PM
   in response to you Sabrina... "but what we cant figure out is WHAT HAPPENED TO ROSIE!!?!?!?"... hehe.
well, my friday started out like any other ped. day... "Rosie! Rosie! wake up... it's 7.45... you're late!" "i. don't. have. school." "oh, okay then! go back to sleep." "will do." mother exits the room leaving the door wide open so light may pour in as it may, as well as sound waves. very GENEROUS amounts of sound waves. anyWAY. Sofia, Ann Marie and Gaťt'an(.) were supposed to meet up at my crib, yo, yo (sorry, i had a sudden urge) and we were supposed to go downtown for the ballet thing. well, me and Sofia, that is... Gates and Ann Marie were gonna chill downtown. so! in short, Sofia went to the hair dresser in the morning (her hair is very pretty, might i add) but, she was late, so... i went to Ann Marie's since, Sofia was going there first, so i went to hurry stuffs up. and Gates was going to meet Ann Marie outside of place des arts at 1.30ish. but! hehe... when we got there, there was an extra seat, so Ann Marie watched the ballet... thinking that Gates would be late. and, he probably was. but then, we felt kinda badish, if he did show up. so, we got out of there at 2.45... we looked around for a bit, but gave up. i had a yummy sub at subway, Eric and his damn whopper... and Nick with his clitoris filled pizza. (all the peppers on the pizza were clitoris' according to him, so he had his way by rubbing them and shooting them at Eric. then... for some reason Eric was a clitoris, and i was told to not rub Eric the wrong way... i just might stimulate him. hehe...) and Nick was on a pun-craze...
Nick: let's go to the photo lab and see what develops!
Rosie: *blank stare* what are you talking about!
Nick: Rosie! stop being so negative!
haha... it's still funny. okay. so then we went to stomp. we were looking around a bit. and then the dude is like (not Jonathan, the emo one) "hey, i think someone came looking for you today." "all of us... oookay" so i'm thinking... who the hell would come to stomp looking for us, i thought maybe David. the guy continues, "yeah, this guy said that he was looking for 3 girls, two of them with braces, one would be buying a hoodie" a general point to me. and i'm thinking... we come here to often. "and he was pretty tall, dark hair" so, i'm still thinking, it was probably David. so i ask, "do you remember if he had a hat?" "nah, i don't remember." pause. "he had streaks though." general outburst of laughter. i think everyone thought it was David, because everyone was like, "okay, it's NOT David" lol... then, all of a sudden, me, Sofia and Ann Marie were like, "GAETANO!" lol... then we felt really, REALLY bad. hehe... yeah. so no one else there was going to la ronde, and i didn't know where to go to find you people, so... we found something else to do. being... south park, the movie! hehe... archambault = fun. dum, dum, dum... i dunno. yesterday was pretty boring. today as well. except, i had yummy breakfast at some restaurant. AND subway. oh yes. whatever. i'm tired of typing. *sigh* but... *looks at her bed* there's so much junk, i don't feel like cleaning it off... so i'm delaying that as much as possible. okay! and don't ask i have super mario music in my head. not the original. the snes... dum dum dum, do do do, dum dum dum! and then dum, dum... dumdumdum... and then! another one that can't be put into dum dumness. god damnit my hair tastes good. mmm.

Saturday, October 5

Monday Monkey | 10/5/2002 11:53:34 PM
   I don't know why im posting again...o well. I'm going to sleep, i don't know why i didn't do that in the first place *cough* 15! *cough*.........................................L Dz

Monday Monkey | 10/5/2002 08:33:13 PM
   Well that was 50 minutes of my life i'll never get back...yep the only people home today are frank 32 and myself (insert liricks). Remember what i said about winners and losers? ....*leaves to get sobe*

sabrina dibs | 10/5/2002 08:14:21 PM
   yesterday was sooooo much fun!!! ahhh seriously wow!! at la ronde (now owned by six flags) they made october HALLOWEEN month!! :D so theres dressed up people EVERYWHERE! these people put gates in umm one of those things they used to put prisoners in.. umm yeah.. and then this wierd guy came up to me and talked in the phone..there wasnt anyone there so the scary people knew who we were by the end on the day... no lines... go whereever you want without waiting.. cruella was cool.. but her cigarrette broke.. :D and there was this haunted house ahhh it took us (chris, me *in the middle*, and gates... all holding on tightly to each other..) 20 minutes to get out of there... ahhhh!! i was really really scared!
stupid clown.
but what we cant figure out is WHAT HAPPENED TO ROSIE!!?!?!? we were supposed to meet at berri-uqam on the yellow line at 5... me and christina were there around 4:30 and then at 4:50 gates came (first time in the history of the earth he showed up EARLY!!) and then we waited..and waited... and waited... but no rosie!! so we called her house but her dads like "shes not home" okay... at 6 we gave up and went to la ronde.
you people HAVE to go to la ronde this month at night its so cool!

today i went to watch a movie with my sis... (amc thearter is soo ugly.) "sweet home alabama" is pretty good.. very predictable but still awww-like.

Monday Monkey | 10/5/2002 04:57:55 PM
   Hey not even the fucking alcoholics can do anythingthing...well i'll be leaving by 7 and back by do what you may ask? I mentioned that in the previous blog. Great day, truely, alot of fun......

Monday Monkey | 10/5/2002 03:23:25 PM
   Weekends are easily becoming more anoying than skool. So many people want to do shit together in a short period of time, it's like a race to have fun...but if it's a race there has to be both winners and losers. I guess i'll go out with the whats left of the m.m.o.d., that is if they can get together, so far it's only two of us...if not, i'm still not going to my cousin's house, i'd rather stay home alone again. Fuck, so basically i'm gonna be having some sobe/movie-ness no matter what happens, joy. I'm getting off the stupid net. L Dz*tips hat*

Lucky * | 10/5/2002 11:42:13 AM
   i was just trying to fix something in the archives, when i came across this...

[9/20/2001 10:07:56 PM | Lucky *]
i spent a good 2 hours of my day lying down on my living room carpet and staring at the ceiling. in particular, the rainbows my lights make. it's freggin' cool. then i laughed at pointless things. it was fun. like the word, "wobbly". heh. wobbly. then i ate cookie dough. mmm. cookie dough is heaven sent. *tick-a-tick-a-AH, tick-tick-a-tick-AH, burp*

*slowly walks away from her computer*

Thursday, October 3

sabrina dibs | 10/3/2002 06:19:20 PM
   tutoring lesson #1 = excellent. haha... i love it! i feel soooo smart.. yeah i talked to mr adams and hes like "i tried to get you a sec 1 text book but theyre already short 8 books" haha so yeah they actually dont have books how stupid!!! cant they buy more? you know, so that at least the STUDENTS would have one each? too much to ask? *sigh* whatever... we did her homework:
QUESTION: i am at least half a century years old but less than a complete century. next year, my age will be a multiple of 5 and 6. how old am i?
and shes confused.. it took us an hour for 6 questions. but i think i helped her a bit.(i hope.. she hardly said a word this girl is soooo incredibly shy.. i was like talking the whole time) :D oh and on the bus on the way home wow!! it was like 4:30ish so i figured i wouldnt be bugged by stupid lbp kids but i was wrong.. yeah so these guys are talking and all of a sudden their conversation turns odd..."(insert name.. i forgot it).. masterbates everytime he showers... everytime i call him hes in the shower... hahaha" (other kid) "wow okay that only happens about once a week for me.." (more laughter) *sigh* :)
also, i have my very own mailslot at school as well... youre not the only important person at school ROSIE.
and today we learned that the paris trip (the one we "dont" know about but has been accepted by mrs. moffa) falls on the same days as the variety show.. so basically they told rosie to pick.. i mean okay fine if we dont see/are not in the show but rosies chairperson.. how stupid is our school??

Monday Monkey | 10/3/2002 04:32:24 PM
   ....Why is it when people want to do things for so long they get angry? Yet when they finnaly get the chance to, they don't. It's fairly anoying. More than fairly anoying it's angerful(yeah it's a word). O well i guess another wasted night...*leaves*

Wednesday, October 2

Lucky * | 10/2/2002 10:44:13 PM
   thought i'd share the evening with you.
Act 1, Scene 1
supper time, a modest looking kitchen.

Sabrina: Claudia and David?! really!
Enza: yeah.
Domenic: poor David.
Sabrina: so who do you like, kid? i thought you and David had something.
Rosie: [shrugs] never did, and no one.
Sabrina: sure, sure... come on, who is it?
Rosie: [shakes her head and looks down at her plate]
Domenic: let her be, as long as it's not Eric.
Franco: [desperately trying to remove the cast on his wrist he acquired from roller blading]
Sabrina: [chuckles]
Rosie: [looks up from her plate] why not Eric?
Sabrina: why are you getting defensive?
Rosie: just curious. [turns to Domenic] so... why not Eric?
Domenic: [nervous smile] i can't say...
Sabrina: come on babe! you started, now you have to!
Domenic: no!
Rosie: come on!
Domenic: okay, okay... when Eric walked in one day, he looked kinda familiar. so i was trying to think of who it was. and then i figured it out... he reminded me of a porn star that was in one of daddy's porn movies. [short pause] they looked exactly alike. [short silence]
[all laughing hysterically]

then, my brother goes on to tell me how porn has the same music... and for some reason, he just tunes up to that (bass) without realizing it. so one day, he was doing that. this guy walks past him, looks at him, stops for a moment, shakes his head, and continues walking, lol. hehe... more funny stuff happened. oh! joke too... i was on the floor. i was talking about car pile-ups, and as a kid, i thought they were ACTUAL pile-ups, hehe. so my brother's like, yeah... you think it's crazy here, go to europe, they ARE pile-ups! and then, Sabrina with this confused face looks at us and says, "if people keep getting help up at gunpoint, why do they keep going?" lol, we were both on the floor! and she had this confused face for the longest time. okay, okay, had to be there moment, but it was so funny! and i think i got the context wrong too... whatever, hehe. so in short, Sabrina gave me some tips for halloween costumes (crazy protractor face, invisible man... just don't show up for school! *padum chh* yeah, k...) and... my brother kicked my ass in monopoly, the fat cat. hehe, i'm tired. night.

Lucky * | 10/2/2002 04:19:04 PM
   hehe, i just read this girl's blog, and i would have to agree...

"(...) K and it's REALLY annoying when you IM me to say how poser GC is. i've already gotten like 4 or 5 since i've been plugging gc this week. fuck i find it funny that last year they wern't. the only reason people are saying they are is becuase now they're on tv. correction Mtv. like this guy at some site was saying how they'll fit for 'mtv-trl rockers' easily. uhh. their last cd was just as poppy and it was alright for ya'll 'hardcore punks' then. then he went on to say that like, the only reason people like them is because it'll help wanna be punks fit the image. ROFL. hypocrite, the only reason you are now NOT listening to them is because they are on mtv and might hurt your image. i remember when no one knew of them and like, they worked hard to get mainstreamish. a real fan would stick with them. so please, spare me the 'GC SUCKS' IMs cause i'm not gonna agree with you."

anyway, nothing cool happened today except that Gaetano revoked my mailslot. damnit.

Monday Monkey | 10/2/2002 04:02:04 PM
   ALL I WANT IS ONE FUCKING WOPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

Tuesday, October 1

Monday Monkey | 10/1/2002 10:43:31 PM
   P. S. Rosie the color of the blog makes light of my seering rage and blinding madness...

Monday Monkey | 10/1/2002 10:40:58 PM
   I just read the blogs and i don't think i'll be reading/posting for a long while...i'd rather not have to hear of skool more than i have to already. Really i can't sit down fuck off, next time i'll get jenns mom to sue cus that's fucking retarded and deserves fucking castration, but in his case it's a little too late...i guess i just cut his head of a thrust it onto a pike for all to see, and make paper fucking mache out of his coke filled organs(yeah you guys all know who the fuck i'm talking about!). Good Day.

Lucky * | 10/1/2002 09:04:07 PM
   so today was... okay, i guess. did you know... that leg warmers are unacceptable? according to Ms. Di Paolo, they are an inappropriate example to set to yougins' in our school. shame on me for wearing socks. anyway... the day was pretty boring until after school. i hadn't had a variety show meeting in a while, so that was trŤs cool. Mr. D was making fun of my legwarmers, but it's all good. Melissa was jealous, oh yes. umm... blah, blah, blah... heh. after i went to mooch of the student council room. they started to arrange their desks and Claudia and Gates were cleaning up the social commitee part. haha, i don't know why but it was so funny. and i'm getting a mailslot too! happy joy me! and i had to supervise Gates for his first assignment, lol. variety show poster... oui, oui. hehe... yeah, and nick and anthony were fighting about their desks, and i dunno... you had to be there, i guess. blah. this is a boring post. all in all, i got to go to chill place, and i'm a patty cake whore. the end? oui. except i need a silver pen to finish my english project. it's so cute... there's a little guy stomping around on a cloud... heh, whatever, no one cares. later!

sabrina dibs | 10/1/2002 04:03:09 PM
   haha i love reading you peoples posts... *sigh* yeah well, i loved rosies description of a typical school day... yesterdays gym class consisted of running outside in the pouring RAIN.. yup.. great. and also, ro, in math class i was not only doing physics for me but for you as well.. so dont go complaining you were bored... i was doing our homework!
you know whats funny? today for the big sis/bro thing with the sec ones i asked them to write me any questions they had... "HOW DO YOU ASK A GIRL OUT?" hahaha isnt that the cutest thing? how the hell do you answer that? seriously!!! ahh and on the bus on the way home these sec 1s were talking and theyre all like "so who do you find hott?" hmm scuse me but youre 12 and you havent even reached puberty yet... yeah thats all.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/1/2002 09:08:03 AM
   okay. so im geussing rosie is pissed off at her parents. Im pissed off also. yesterday, i come back from gaetano's and im just sitting on the couch trying to watch this new sitcom, not sure which and my mother just looks at my wrist..
mom- whats this ?
she doesnt notcie that ive been wearing that for a while now and im not giving that up ... i gave up the black nail polish isnt that enough for her. so shes not a happy sister dresses like a slut, my brother dresses like the wrong ethnic group (wigger) and then her other daughter, moi, is fashion disoriented because i just tend to wear what smells clean and sometimes lean towards the punkish styles. yes. BLAH. and then, last time, i was sitting at the table with my parents and david and i so happened to have a head band. oh...all of a sudden i look like a quaker. the worst thing is he wasnt kidding. just be freakin honest with me and tell me " I DONT LIKE THE WAY YOU DRESS" itll make things easier right away...its like forshadow. ..of course i wont change because thats how im comfy. ahhh..i feel better.