Monday, September 30

Lucky * | 9/30/2002 10:24:12 PM
   fucking shit. my parents are retards. fuck! "can i go downtown tomorrow... i wanna go look for a hoodie." "why? why tomorrow? why on a school night? where are you going?" "uh, st-denis" "yeah, right... you know, the truth will come out one day." WTF! what's wrong with them! jesus... and then they wonder why i give them attitude sometimes. fuck! yeah, "what did you drink tonight? look at her eyes..." FUCKING ASSES i hate them. the only thing that made my night was Lucas, yeah... i went to see him after Gaetano's house. (and Christina was lucky enough to see his sexyness... aww, yes) i hate this fucking layout. apparently it's cut up according to Eric. it was before for me too... but i fixed it, but i guess it's retarded for different resolutions. oh well, i hate you anyway. fuck, another my parents are dumbasses about... not letting me go to a show, because it's on a "school night" wtf! i'd like to take them around just for ONE fucking day to show them that i learn ABSOLUTELY nothing in school. and that's not exaggerating. i think the most i did today was copy notes in math class (while singing disney songs) but that's because i was bored because everyone around me was doing physics. FUCK. school is not important. i do not care what anyone says. run through the day... world history and human geography homeroom... i am ALWAYS missing those classes, for big brother/big sister shit, and just because... i don't know. there's always stuff going on, so we don't do very much. gym and economics... k, gym is gym and economics is pretty funny sometimes, but thank you very much i know what's the difference between a need and a want. k? english... again, not very much. it's english... just some discussions. sometimes interesting, sometimes sleepy time. french... fuck. we spent a whole fucking day to accordre des verbes avec leur sujets. FUCK OFF. we're not that dumb! seriously, we learnt that in sec. 2? and he tells us we're going too slow? fuck you. teach me something that a french spell check can't do for me. kthx. then, physics. jesus FUCKING christ, we shine a fucking light on mirrors and trace the light ray. OMG, takes a FUCKING genious to figure this one out. and pre-cal... christ, that's just review of every other math course we had, so it's a fucking complete waste of time. and there you have it. that's school for you. why do adults think it's so important? honestly, i hope some adult reads this and realizes that this education system IS A FUCKING JOKE! JOKE! i'm so fed up and it's only october. "oh, don't go out late, it's a school night." fuck off. i do nothing in school, leave me the fuck alone. euugh! they place so much importance on people dictating to us how we should think. i understood why Nick blew up in physics today... teacher gave him a crappy mark because he didn't do it the way he wanted him to, but... it was still exactly right, and he proved it to him in front of the entire class. and then BESIDES making us think alike... they try to make us dress alike too. hmm. (and a little George Carlin for you...) you know, that's not the first i hear of that idea, i saw these old 1940 reels about that... but it was kinda hard to understand because the narration was in german. har, har. so classic. fuck, now i'm so pissed. because of school, and my parents refusing to realize that they're complete retards. if anyone else had them as parents, you would have fucking killed them a LONG time ago. they're kind hearted or whatever... but they make no sense. they have no idea how to discipline, or how TO FUCKING TALK TO THEIR KID. yes. i'm going to tell you more things when one, you accuse me of EVERYTHING and two, you assume EVERYTHING. and they don't realize that they're annoying. fuck, fuck, fuck. just when i was getting kinda optemistic again. only cool people can press alt-f4.

Lucky * | 9/30/2002 06:24:36 PM
   okay, this layout sucks pooh. haha. get it? pooh. lol, lol. umm... i'm stupid. k, i don't like it, i'll try to fix it up, but... eh. i dunno. pooh on you.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/30/2002 09:16:23 AM
   ive realized something, i am more comfortable when i were a set of underwear that match./, if i wear a black bra, it is more suitable for me to wear black underpants. its cooler. i dont know why. i think it should be some sort of law. if you wear a white bra, wear white underpants...*looks at underwear* DAMNIT...I DONT MATCH AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW HORRIBLENESS LEVEL 35872354. okay, maybe if i find a magic marker i could color my underpants black so they match my bra, or OR if i take liquid paper and paint my black bra white..yes yes...NOOOOO...i enjoy my black bra.. this is what happens when im bored. arrg. i finsihed my essay thinggy on my opinion to legalize prosttituiton. i think it is a gfoood idea because in places where it is legal, AIDS rate is practically zero, as in oposition to places where iot is illegal, whyere the rate is as high as 25 %. see, see , the clads does her reserch ehe, ALLLL RIGHT. *half snear* im in such a dilema, tonight is sushie night and also..ALSO ... the night ive been waiting for for a while./..the night where ann maries mom makes that dilicious dish... dammit.. but, since i ate sushie yesterday, ive been having a craving for it...MMMMMMMMMMMMMM avocato maki. anyhow, smell ya later.
DeeDEE xox

Sunday, September 29

sabrina dibs | 9/29/2002 06:43:55 PM
   yay rosie :D this layout looks much better than the box..

anyway, this weekend was fun-like. friday at ann maries house.. oddness (i finally gave gates the speech he deserved.. and hes still confused... GUYS ARE STUPID.) and saturday at nicks... again, INTERESTING!! :D odd people were there... like umm walter... what was that? anyways, it was cool.. what happened after i left? ah well whatever

also, since no one posted it yet... i think its time we mentioned the fact that we practically rule the school this year...
variety show (i felt the need to make that one stand out... *grin* --Rosie)
terry fox
student council
(anything i missed?)
the only thing we dont get is *sigh* year book.. but mr. d. is in charge of that and he loves us so yay.


Friday, September 27

Lucky * | 9/27/2002 05:50:04 PM
   i put back the ppg layout until i can figure out the box thing. it's not as easy at it looks, mkay? thx.
also, i was just thinking about this one...
anal sex, is evidence of evolution. okay, here goes. see, back in the days of early homo sapiens and such, population started growing... right? like... really growing. why? people couldn't get enough sex! so... because we don't want the population to go "too" high, we evolve this type of still pleasurable, but contraceptive method of sex. ANAL! so... want to have pleasure, anal. want to have bébé's, vagina sex. make sense? and prolly, back in those days, anal pleasure just started, so it was rather... dull. but, it'll get more and more pleasurable. imagine the anal sex of the future. heh. alright.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/27/2002 09:22:49 AM
   im bored. media class. ugh.

Thursday, September 26

Lucky * | 9/26/2002 08:33:47 PM
   so i finally watched a walk to remember. god damnit... good movie. the beginning was pretty cheesy. the end got me. anyway, i had something else to say... hehe, oh yeah. on orientation night at school, m. labrecque was talking to my mom, and saying how she looked familiar... so i asked my brother if he ever had him. his response? "yeah, i think so... i think we made him cry once." LOL! how priceless.
oh, one more thing. i just heard that my neighbor's dog got hit by a car, and he died. :( yeah, Joey, the syberian husky. :*(

Lucky * | 9/26/2002 07:13:04 PM
   i'm tired of you people discriminating agaisnt my box! it never did you any harm... leave it alone! the reason that we presently have this, box, up for a layout is because i'm simply experimenting to see how i can change things around. so! stop your yapping and be nice to the box. unless you feel that YOU can fix it... hmph. and i'll make the graphics when i'm good and ready thank you... hehe, and when i'm at home. lol, i had grilled cheese for supper. don't i feel special. okay, and my brother is going pyscho and is screaming at himself, gotta go...

sabrina dibs | 9/26/2002 04:10:24 PM
   i totally agree with claudia... we should have a superdorks war or something.

and a box? OH MY GOD!!! rosie WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????????? geez!!! damnit rosie, make it pretty again :*( its UGLY!!!

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/26/2002 09:07:19 AM
   thats fucken retarded. what the hell is going on here. did you know were notn the only blog with the superdorks name? we are the real superdorks. i mean come on, we even have a bubble wrap cape made in our honor. here are some examples : ...that, that my friends is some physics website. what the hell ? reviews/buffy102301.html
okay... now this, im just scared of. they used superdorks as an insult. and insult!!!! HELLO ..someone calls me a superdork its like someone giving me a kitty for xmas.
Tell me when this page is updated. Superdorks. Welcome to the Offical
Website for Superdorks! Hey Hey We're the Superdorks! And people ...
omg omg angry. and theyre on tripod also ? excuse me ...EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!! if they wanted to be superdorkls they could have just asked us or something and not just turn around and make their own website to copy others. that very mean. we are the real superdorks.damnit. we have a cape...A CAPE!!!

out there. The bad thing is that you're run by a bunch of corporate
assholes, but what isn't nowadays? Via SuperDORKS!.
okay..whats the meaning of that ?
The Superdorks! This page is dedicated to the Superdorks! WE RULE!!!!!
Our organization is dedicated to the promotion of spedness ...
nopw what the hell. that has got to be the most confusing thing ive ever seen. its not a website. i think its some homepage. something i would make. i hate computers. tired of doing this. there seem to be alot of superdorks out there. maybe we should have a reunion. or maybe rosie, you should make some type of pole. yes. the superdorks war or soemthing. that would be cool.

Independent Bum | 9/26/2002 08:43:05 AM
   Im in media again...I was looking at claudias comp and saw that mine is faster cause yeah its all cool anyways...I APPARENTLY have to do an add thing...hehehhehe its for tommroow and i didnt start really.Mayeb i shoudl *ponders* but its really easy...bah wtv i geuss ill start and finish in like 5 mins unless i wanna make it really good...Anywho im gone L Dz*cheers*

Wednesday, September 25

Monday Monkey | 9/25/2002 08:26:34 PM
   Chewbacca ate my economics project!

Lucky * | 9/25/2002 05:57:36 PM
   hahaha! it's a box!
our layout is a box, how beautiful. hehe... don't you worry, there's stuff that has to go around. but that's gonna take work... so i dunno when you can expect that. :)

Lucky * | 9/25/2002 04:13:31 PM
   i'm about to fuck up the blog in a large way... no, not because i have a new layout to put up... just because i'm bored. (i obviously had to find something else to do instead of my economics project, yes for procrastination) bare with me.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/25/2002 08:50:06 AM
   im in media class and im a tad on the bored side. i finished my adds for our magazine and now ive not nothing to do. actually, ive got plenty, but i dont feel like doing it because im not in the mood. blah. i have math next. i dont like it. and i "signed" my test...finally after 4 weeks or three or something. the first test i do, 10 on 28 *claps for herself*

Independent Bum | 9/25/2002 08:39:40 AM
   Under the sea...under the sea do do do do do do do do do do under the sea... I dhave no idea why that song came into my head, but ti did so i had to get it out. And i have some link 80 in my head now too!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hehheheheh they cool.Anywho L Dz*cheers*

Tuesday, September 24

Lucky * | 9/24/2002 10:03:37 PM
   Google: "moose kissing a goose" (*grin*)
Yahoo: "i need weed in my life" (don't we all...)
Google: Christmas Cheer Ding font Download (lol, how bored are some people?)
Google: Horrific Dildo pics (horrific? lol... "oh no! not the dildo! ahh, AHH! run! it's so horrific, i can't watch! ahh! it got me! OH GOD! the pain! the pai... heeeey...")
Google: timbaland magoo all yall download (hehe, get crunk!)
Yahoo: nsync wedgie pics (sounds like something i would look for)

i've gone hysterical. i'm going to bed. *collapses*

Lucky * | 9/24/2002 07:47:38 PM
   i'm so fucking bored. and i was in a pretty good mood. but there was nothing to do, so i just crashed on my bed, and i was in that... almost sleeping state, just thinking about stuff. and now i'm not so happy. i hate that. not that thinking is bad, but eh. some days are better off without it. but what do you care?
i got myself out of the graduation dilemma, Sofia said she wanted to do it, so hurra moi. and her.
i don't get my mom. she's going to visit my cousin, with the baby. she's like, "do you wanna come?" "no" "why not?" "i don't feel like it." and then i get the dirtyest look in the world. what the fuck. jesus, last time we saw them, everyone's just like sitting around her just like annoying the FUCK out of the kid. LEAVE HIM ALONE! oh my god. don't they realize that she doesn't really want people visiting! and they all grab him away all the time, and when he is with his mom, they're fucking all over him. jesus. he's gonna grow up to hate you! STOP IT!
i bought myself new hair gel. it smells like yummness.
and on that note, i say adieu because... i don't know. i just hate you.

Monday, September 23

Lucky * | 9/23/2002 09:39:05 PM
   i can't move my mouse anymore because of all the junk on my desk. eugh... atleast i'm getting somewhere with my economics project. but my physics? that's just a lost case... (sorry Sabrina!) lol... anyWAY. i'm supposed to be thinking if i wanna accompany (on the piano) some singer for graduation. (not ours) but yeeah... it's at place des arts, in front... probably close to 1000 people, and blah. je ne sais pas. i'm leaning more towards the no side, hehe. one, i don't think i would have time to practice with that chick. two, umm... i don't exactly like the way she sings. (the girl who did the shakira thing last year in the variety show) and three... playing in front of people isn't the easiest thing in the world. i was playing in the auditorium today, and i just started shaking thinking about the fact that someone could walk in. oh yes, it's that bad. i am a total wreck when i have to do my exam. and that's 1 person. imagine 1000... but, it's not exactly as complicated as an exam song... lol, i'd be a little riff... ooh. but still. ack. i'll do it if i'm paid. done and done.

p.s. disney monopoly victory is sweet, :)

Sunday, September 22

Lucky * | 9/22/2002 10:15:41 AM
   ookay... my dreams just keep getting more retarded. last night, i dreamt that Aaron from rbf shaved his sideburns and everyone just looked at him in shock and disgust. lol... and he was so pissed that he just left the room. *smacks her forehead* i think it's a lack of sleep that's causing me to go a little crazier every day, dontcha thinks? anyway, Lucas, my baby cousin, has the same birthday as Aaron. how cute. hehe... that kid burps quite loud for his age. lol, his uncle was so proud. *tear* anyWAY, yeah. i think i'm gonna go back to bed. yeeeah...

Saturday, September 21

Monday Monkey | 9/21/2002 06:42:51 PM
   Hehehe i just remembered that you people are still talking about prom..realy it's SO last week. Just don't go..unless you realy want the chicken...cus i've heard good things( i realy haven't but's chicken). Cus i'm no longer going..cus I got everyone together ok..single handedly (cus you people that wanted to be all together made no effort towards it...*cough**looks at a certain person!*) and well after all you people and you people didnt wanna swallow your pride or just get along and work together i decided that i no longer wanted to go. If i do go it will be a last minute decision but i'm no longer doing anything for anyone, you people get by on your own.

Anyway as you can see my comp is no longer dead HURRA! Communication is underated..Well what else i got to say? Oh yes...monopoly better remember the deal..or else! Yes or else..i own alot of property, remember that. Well you guys went bowling so have fun, talk to you all later. *tips hat*

Independent Bum | 9/21/2002 12:47:43 AM
   im to tired to type about anything so L Dz*cheers* (whyd i type this ? cause i had to type something!!!)

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/21/2002 12:03:54 AM
   yes. prom. its supposed to be glamerous and all, but really, eveyone knows it isnt. the only reason why its impportant ? well, its one of the last chances you get to be with people you love like crazy, and some you hate, all dressed up . the only other times things like this will happen, it will be at someones wedding, but then again, you wont get eveyone you graduated with. so yeah. thats why its important. its not perfect, if your idea of perfect is the movie type. american pie doesnt evn compare to it. my view on how it will be like : get to the limo, bus wtv, get to the hall, drink, comment on dresses u love, erica's ugly dress( fr some reason, i know itll be ugly) , the drunk guy hitting on his date's mom, then food. the food will not be eatible unless we have chicken. some will later dance, most will be gone by 9"45. back on transportation. change out of the expensive dress ur wearing. go to mountroyal. go to clubs. hold back the hair of those u love barfing. go wherever else after. u know, prom will just be like anyother night, exept more expensive...(alot more) so, lets treat it like anyother night, because truly, its the only way well ever have fun. :) tootles.

Friday, September 20

Lucky * | 9/20/2002 11:05:59 PM
   yes, so at Sabrina's house we did not discuss prom, and it's not my intention to discuss it for a while, thank you.
anyway, 'twas a disney filled night at the Di Benedetto residence. yes, yes. while me, Sabrina and Eric were waiting for Claudia, we played disney monopoly. and by the time she got there, we shoved her into a corner, because we wanted to finish. but we didn't get to... and things were just starting to get good! *tear* lol, but we'll continue, oh yes. we will. *laughs meniacally* anyWAY, after that we watched the much beloved monsters, inc. lol... i forgot how cute it was... like, there's a funny moment all the time. anyway, i'm so tired that it feels like i have bruises under my eyes, lol. i should go to sleep... but, i don't want to. but i will... *sigh* goodnight.

wait, wait... how could i forget that there was an accident at the corner of her street, lol... there was just two cars, and a bumper in the middle of them. hahah... and it took the firemen 3.6 seconds to get there, god knows why. oh well, it's not funny. goodnight.

sabrina dibs | 9/20/2002 06:20:51 PM
   yup, prom will be a disaster. *sigh* whatever, tonight (in about 16 minutes) youre all (or most of yous) are comming over so im guessing we'll be talking about it AGAIN!!! ugh, im really sorry about the bus thing, honnestly. im not trying to give everyone a hard time, but i seriously couldnt stop myself from crying when i saw it... i mean really. the bus drivers were even making fun of us... and bus drivers would be bringing us. prom in a two storey school bus just isnt what i had in mind. but i wasnt trying to make anyone else go against it. jen and david didnt like it from the start either... as for the rest of them, i didnt say anything to make them not want it (at least not intentionally). i say, if thats what they want then fine good for them. i just didnt want to be pushed into doing something without having my say first is all. :*( ive been thinking about it.. and yesterday me, jen (massimo), and david were thinking we should get ourselves a limo.. but then i thought, 20.. no not even, 5 years from now, ill regret it. so either way im bassically screwed. i dont know, maybe someone will knock some sense into me tonight. i hope.
oh, and david, i backed out of it after it was all arranged cause i never agreed to it in the first place... this whole thing was set up when i wasnt even there.
anyway, i finally got MONSTER'S INC.!!!! i went shopping at club price (costco) with my aunt... we met at the hairdresser... i got my hair cut, i think its nice but after i wash it itll be bad.. ah well, whatever its just hair itll grow back.

Independent Bum | 9/20/2002 01:01:33 AM
   i agree with Rosie...well sorta.I dont wanna get into detail really but yeah this day is suposed to be great...u wanna know why?! cause for the time being we will be fighting and what not!!!!!!!!!!!! So till that day comes im sure there will be disaster.I said it from the beginig get the double decker and shut ur mouths! Ur all gonna be together, and having fun!!!!!! Why would u back out from it when its all arranged?!??!?! I backed out cause i had to CHOOSE! which friends i would go with.I tryed to put u guys together and plan everything but no one wanted so blah wtv. Now u got evereyoen fighting. How fucking great is that?! I look at u guys now these past feew dayz and wonder whats up your asses?! Evereything was set up so EVEREYONE!!!!!!! can be together! Isnt that what u want?! Isnt the point of prom to remember memories? with all ur friends? well wtv.Im sorta tired and there is no one online so yeah L Dz*cheers*

Thursday, September 19

Lucky * | 9/19/2002 04:52:13 PM
   prom brings out something about the world that i hate.
you're going through all this shit, all this f u c k i n g shit, for one night. ONE. out of your entire life. what is this day? why is it more important than others? why is it assumed that you're going to have fun? just because this day has been given a name; "prom". think about this. you've been fighting with eachother for about 2 weeks now, about a day 9 months away. a day that's "supposed" to be the day of our lives, and we've done nothing but FIGHT over it for two weeks. trying to make it perfect. trying to prove other people wrong. trying to get whatever i want. anyway, my point is that if everyone backs out, it's never going to work. but, if you don't want, that's your thing, and no one can tell you what to do. and whoever you are, respect whoever person. and why does prom bring out something about the world that i hate? because... you're all focusing on a day, that's NINE months away... FIGHTING about it... when you could be having fun now. just... i know we have to get this booked, but holy shit. that's ALL we've done. i just want to talk to my friends like normal civilized people again, thank you.

Tuesday, September 17

sabrina dibs | 9/17/2002 04:10:30 PM
   then should swear off prom FOREVER!!! ahhh... seriously, what the hell? im sorry, but im still for a LIMO!! damnit. whatever, ill go on the bus but if you think im getting on with the guys all drunk uh no. and on the way home with david we were talking and im trying to explain to him why we CANNOT go to each persons house so wed have to go in groups to one or two peoples... sooooooo HE INSISTS ON US GOING TO HIS HOUSE SO HIS ENTIRE FAMILY CAN BE THERE TOO. excuse me!!!! but hes not even a girl. and i wouldnt even want my whole family there. anyway, i told him to make them go earlier and he wont even listen to me. and why joey garreffa? WHYYYYYYYYYYY????

ugh whatever. ive got homework to do.

Monday, September 16

Lucky * | 9/16/2002 08:16:11 PM
   holy shit! bad day takes a turn for the best!
i can go on the *whispers* trip! HELL YES! i'm so fucking happy like you would NOT believe! so what, ever cent i have is going towards that... DOESN'T MATTER! hell yes... i didn't even have to fight. my dad's like, "yeah, sure. if the school's going, why not." OH. MY. GOD. lol, and my mom might bring me to florida in october... how sweet is that? well, she's going for a buisness trip for the week, (sat. oct. 5 - sat. oct. 12ish) so, she'd want to take me saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday... the weekend in disney (hell yes) and then, monday, tuesday, do whatever... then go home, by myself though, because i'd be in the hotel the whole time, she'd be working. so, i'd have like, some days to shop and do whatever, then go home because i'd be boring (and i'm missing school... blah, blah) BUT! check this out... if i don't go, my mom is out of there for that week, my dad is gonna be leaving for italy wed. oct. 9... until the next wed... so i'd be, wed, thurs, fri... alone! hehe... and apparently my sister is going to ontario that week, lol. so i'd end up staying with my brother, damn. i hope my sister stays. that'd be so sweet. lol, too bad they're not gone during one of the concert weeks... could have gone. *grin* oh well... yes, i'm happy. i'd talk about prom, but i'm too happy to... *waves*

oh, and how sweet... i could make minimum wage for tutoring those little kids at our school! lol... that's seriously amazing.

sabrina dibs | 9/16/2002 07:52:29 PM
   I AM FED UP OF PROM!!! damnit everyone just agree.. AHHHHHHHHH!!! i seriously dont care anymore and i hope you all resolved it after me and jennifer left out of frustration. oh and also, you know, were not the only ones fighting over limo business... everyone is. its like its a fact that you must fight in sec 5 about prom. we talked to sab p after school and she said sab g doesnt talk to laura anymore and sab p doesnt see sab g the same anymore (wow too many sabs.) well whatever... and when we have to make our table seetings.. wow!!! theres another catastrophe. ugh. i just hope jen asks massimo tonight and david gets the price, gates stops screaming about double-deckers and everyone calms down. ugh!!!!!

anyways, i have finally mastered the art of turning.... both right AND left. *BOWS* ah oui. ummm.. and ive learned how to change lanes, the right way!!!
demain: parallel parking. ahh!!! :)

oh, um eric :*( *sniff* i hope your cat goes to kitty heaven with nala.

Lucky * | 9/16/2002 06:56:39 PM
   now here's what i don't get about you mr. abercrombie... you're a clothing company. yet half your models are naked. shouldn't you be... umm, PROMOTING THE CLOTHES?! eugh. buy me a hoodie, please. <3

Lucky * | 9/16/2002 06:07:47 PM
   Eric... sorry to hear about your kitty.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/16/2002 08:48:06 AM
   1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why? id also say history because its the only class im interested in. the other classes are usless and im never gonna use them. i believe we shouldnt have to take math after elementry. i mean, in life all you use are the basics : + - = x / ( plus , minus , equals, multiply, divide). maybe a tad algebra, you know, for the keen intellects.
2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why? most teachers, for some odd reason, dont like me ... but fabak is cool, and vallelunga, so far, and boudrault.shes cool. i cant spell her name but shes cool.
4. What was your favorite recess game? watching leger scream at me for none other reason than he doesnt like my face, and imitating britney spears in the caf. (oh yeah, chauir stunts and everything...stronger. thats right)
5. What did you hate most about school? teachers who treat us like asses, principals who just dont give a fuck what well be when we get older, aslong as we graduate so they never have to hear our annoying voices and complaints ever again, and stupid people. oh yeah, theres alot of those in our school.
ooops...forgot number three,...
3. What is your favorite memory of school?b> getting a beating from jennifer in elementry, *tear* what a beautiful have to say all the timesive shared with my friends. twas cool .


Sunday, September 15

Monday Monkey | 9/15/2002 08:13:50 PM
   My cat will be put to sleep tommorow......*sigh*

Lucky * | 9/15/2002 11:51:06 AM
   haven't done the friday five in a while... so what if it's sunday?
1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why? i'd say history (i dunno, because it's stuff you've heard a little bit about, but in greater detail, and i dunno... it's interessant), maybe chemistry too (but that's probably just because of the class i had)
2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why? Mr. Sir? *grin* can't say that i have a fave... but there's some teachers that i don't mind. like, Fabak, Zampini, Massy... because they try not to treat you like kids too much.
3. What is your favorite memory of school? don't have a specific one... just anytime i'm around people i like, and i'm not bored out of my mind. *grin*
4. What was your favorite recess game? sitting by the lockers? lol, duck duck goose? no, that's lunch. hmm, playing soccer baseball was fun in elementary. uh, j'sais-tu moi? haha, recess game: watch Leger scream at Claudia and call her "muffin lady", lol.
5. What did you hate most about school? prinicipals being so strict about the dumbest things. when they could be caring about more important things, like our education maybe... yeeah.

weekends go by way too fast. yesterday was pretty fun... la ronde. we only did 2-3 rides, but they were cool anyway. hopefully we can go back again... *hint, hint* yeah, so after we (me, Gaetano Gaét'an., Sabrina and Jennifer) went to... casa corfu? lol... buffet thingy. was... interesting. (i hope Lorraine got her tip... hehe) yeah, Jennifer was scared to leave the tip on the table because she thought someone else would steal it. we debating making a treasure hunt type thing, but *shrug*. anyway, the "happy birthday floor" thing (see my post below) lol, just because like eleventeen people were singing happy birthday on our floor, and everyone would join in. and Gates sang happy birthday to himself. yes. and the emo thing, we were talking about clubs, and Gates was saying, "there's different floors, like, hip-hop, dance..." lol, and then Jennifer bursts in with the emo thing. it was funny. yeps. okay, i'm just babbling on now. oh, i FINALLY saw back to the future... *grin* except, the end didn't tape! so i'll prolly go rent it tonight, along with the 2nd one. if i get off my ass. *sigh* yeah, whatever... later.

Lucky * | 9/15/2002 01:36:51 AM
   line of the night...
"what the hell, are we on the happy birthday floor?"
only to be topped off by...
"can we go to the emo floor? it'll be dark enough, we can all sit on the floor and cry."
j'taime Jennifer, <3

Saturday, September 14

Independent Bum | 9/14/2002 12:23:50 PM
   HAHAHHAHA RBF!!!!!!!!!! Im going no matter what. To bad u can't go Rosie...Maybe next time...FUCK today is already sucking...wtv ....L Dz*cheers* to all

Lucky * | 9/14/2002 12:00:42 PM
reel big fish and the starting line... *sigh* Monday October 21st...
SO THAT'S 4 SHOWS IN 2 WEEKS... that i can't go to. fucking school. getting in the way of everything. omg.

Friday, September 13

sabrina dibs | 9/13/2002 04:27:12 PM
   yes last night was very fun :D hahahah.. by the end of the night i was sooo hyper!!! :D gaetan *accent aigu* . (POINT <~~ en francais) haha.. yeah.. umm
well, me stephanie and johnny are the terry fox chairpeople.. but then tania tells us shes one of the assistant chairpeople.. but i dont get it!!! ahh, last year we were sec 3-4-5 and there was one chairperson period. this year theres two more grades and two other chairpeople. fine whatever, that doesnt bother me at all it might actually work to our advantage. but what i dont get it the assistant people.. whats their point? and besides, arent you aloud to be chairperson for only one thing??? tania is already taking care of the yearbook.. so yeah, this should be interesting.
anyway, since we were standing and acting polite and stuff all night this morning we were all tired.. and since most of the big bros and sis' are in di paolos homeroom we were all falling she tried to teach us... but then shes just like " OMG! forget it, put your stuff away you can sleep the rest of the time" and then mr. d came to our class and he sees us all dead and they both start "oh god, look at this, rosie and marcello (variety show), sabrina and stephanie (terry fox), tania (yearbook)" and then theres nick (who was even dead compared to his usually mood is probably going to be our president. ahh!! :D haha
oh, speaking of presidents... on the bus on the way home today.. so im sitting down and these sec 4s (in uniform hehe) come next to me. so im listening to their conversation of course... and they start "i heard *i dont remember name* is going to be our vice-president for secondary 4.. hes going to fight so we can wear white shoes... (etc)" ummm SINCE WHEN IS THERE A COUNCIL FOR SEC 4?????? i was very intrigued by this.. wow, and they were all serious and stuff. but really, if they start having level councils thats bad! (comments are welcome :D)

Independent Bum | 9/13/2002 09:03:37 AM
   Media class encore... Got nothing much to say really but im bored as hell and my stomach hurts and i need Tylonol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol Claudia is making origami now! ehhehehehe boringness to degree 9999999999999 in this class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well im done...L Dz*cheers*

Thursday, September 12

Lucky * | 9/12/2002 10:39:18 PM
   lol, the funniest thing just happened in the car. when we gave those tours on registration to the sec. 2's (Jennifer, that cool groups of kids) there was this one girl that looked like my 2nd cousins... they're identical twins, and they're the coolest people you'll ever meet. anyway, that girl looked like them. so my mom's like, "did you know you have a 2nd cousin in your school?" "oh my god! is she related to Lisa and Sonia!" "yeeah..." "ha! i was right!" lol... and it's funny 'cause she waves to me and stuff. hehe. yeah, and that conversation came up because Mr. Guttilla keeps asking me if i have a little sister. but no, that's not her. lol... tonight was rather funny. yes, showing parents where classes are and stuffs for orientation evening. lol... yeah. and in the dressing room, there was this abercrombie shirt! i was all happy... and i found out it was Johnny's. heh. i was jealous. *pouts* lol, and his t-shirt underneath said, "oh shirt" but, the r was dropped down. so it was like...
oh shi t
lol... whatever, i'm on crack. later!

p.s. Mr. Clemente's speech was rather boring. *sigh* he just can't be as cool with the parents as he is with us. and HA! David's parents skipped his class. lol, some of the parents were like, "we have religion next, let's skip it" lol... and another one. "i have gym. do i really have to go?" lol... so sad. *shakes her head*

Wednesday, September 11

Lucky * | 9/11/2002 06:39:28 PM
   i can't stop laughing. honestly i can't! lol... *smacks her forehead* damn me and my causing awkward situations. *shrug*

sabrina dibs | 9/11/2002 04:58:19 PM
   mr. clemente IS on crack (very good eric..) but hes not the reason the suicide rate is so high in quebec... hes the reason everyone comes out of that class laughing their asses off!! :) today he was on a "i dont like sabrina" mood again *sigh* but i know he really does like me, he just pretends not to (things go on in his mind that are too far for our comprehention) anyway, yeah... that class is amazing!!! HEHEHEHEHEHE :D its beautiful!!
my mom and rosies mom decided theyre going thursday night to the school thing together. :D HAHAHAHAH it will be fun!!! specially in math class :D clemente will put them in our places for sure and then hell see then chatting the whooole time and :D itll be funny... cause then hell get annoyed with them too.. not just me and rosie.

yesterdays driving lesson was kind of fun. its getting better. he made me go near pearson so i was driving all around those little streets the whole hour (i was practising my turns so the little streets were perfect... incase you were wondering why i didnt go on big streets.. not cause i would crash into anything..) yeah and then at the end i felt like he was giving me a gold star (like when youre little and the teacher give you a gold star cause you were good..) yeah cause he was like complimenting me and stuff. ah well whatever im blabbing.. im gonna go make supper or soemthing now.

Tuesday, September 10

Lucky * | 9/10/2002 10:21:17 PM
   HELL YES! k, i cannot wait 'til december 17th. oh joy! haha, and i'll force Jennifer to watch it. (miss i-never-heard-of-the-movie but i never saw miss congeniality so let's watch that... when i really watched it 4 times already! pssh!) damnit, i can't wait. eep.

Monday Monkey | 9/10/2002 08:26:28 PM
   The reason the suicide rate in quebec is so high is very simple...Mr. Clemente...

Lucky * | 9/10/2002 06:08:50 PM
   browsing through my junk mail... yep. i'm that bored.

From : "Products For Men"
To :
Subject : Yes men, size does matter... We can help!
Date : Tue, 10 Sep 2002 03:47:44 -0400

Yes Men, Size Does Matter. Fortunately, You Now Have A Choice!

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in modern medicine, you no longer have to be a victim of your genetics. In fact, with our help, you can start taking immediate control of your sexual prowess TODAY! Do yourself a favor and learn what some are calling "The discovery of a lifetime" for men. What have you got to lose? It's 100% Safe and Guaranteed To Work!!!

Unleash My Full Potential!

TAKE IMMEDIATE CONTROL OF YOUR SEXUAL PROWESS TODAY! lol, can't believe that they're might be people on this earth more bored than i am. that's crazy.

it's insane how fast a jar of peanut butter can go buy when your favorite afterschool snack becomes apples and peanut butter. that's right. try it before you diss it, you assholes. (yellow apples are the yummiest, with lots of peanut butter) am i the only person who goes through phases of snacks? and that's all you eat for a week? whatever, i'm wierd. it took me 52 minutes to get home. one, waiting for that damn bus for 20 minutes, and THEN... it changes its route. ha. thank you mr. bus. anyway... i dunno.
Eric, might i ask what is already begining?

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/10/2002 09:03:03 AM
   thats all i have to say

Monday, September 9

Monday Monkey | 9/9/2002 09:39:09 PM
   OMG IDIOTS ALREADY IT BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!..fuck ........

Monday Monkey | 9/9/2002 09:32:21 PM
   I hate prom, i think i might not go. Everyone are limo nazis..ahh wtv i hate it. Next time talk to me before recruiting me...

Lucky * | 9/9/2002 07:59:44 PM
   i'd never thought i'd see the day that i'd cry in math class... (maybe it's a "had to be there" moment)
lol, first of all, it was really hot in that class, so Sabrina was trying to ask to open the window. so here she is for five minutes in her little corner, "sir?" "sir..." "SIR!" lol. five minutes on and off... seriously. he wouldn't say a word. so then i'm just laughing, so i'm like, "Mr. Clemente?" "yes?" hahaha... Sabrina lost it. and the window was open... then, THEN! we were correcting a sheet (that HAD answers on it, lol... and that no one did, but that's a given) and on the side, there were these R's. one of them... all real numbers, you know. then another random R. so Sabrina's like, "sir, what's the R for?" "all real numbers" "no, the other one." "Sabrina, when your domain includes every single number on the number line..." "NOOOOOOO!" LOL! i completely lost it! i was in tears! she screamed one of those, NOOO! screams, you know... kiddie screams... "i want my toy" screams. HAHAHAHAHA! it was just too funny. the whole class was just laughing. and that went on for a few more minutes. LOL. how could i forget, he completely forgot about our class! we're waiting there for like, 5ish minutes. then the vice-principal comes, opens the door. so this random math teacher comes in, while an announcement comes on for Clemente, "umm... would Mr. Clemente, uhh... yeah, contact the office." lol, it was like that, i swear. anyway, this teacher walks in. and he's like, "okay! what's 25 x 25?" lol, i just scream out "125!" and i was SOOO sure of my answer. LOL. i'm so clever. everyone just was like, "wtf are you on!" anyway... afterschool, i was walking with Marcello and we see him in the car (lol, his daughter thinks i'm crazy) anyway, i dunno WHAT he was telling us. after he leaves... Marcello turns to me and says, "you know what? i figured it out... he's too smart!" lol... and a whole conversation about Mr. Clemente went on from there. hahahaha... i dunno what it is, but it cracks me up. yes, yes. okay, i'm done.

Sunday, September 8

Lucky * | 9/8/2002 10:06:07 PM
   i watched 4 movies today, all of them taking place in the 80s... what a good day, lol. (footloose, sixteen candles, ghostbusters and the wedding singer) oh yes.
i am SO tired. incredibly. i doubt i'm going to bed anytime soon. i'm so hyper. hyper that it's hurting me to sit down. yeah. "so do you do anal? is it true that chicks fart if you blast them in the ass?" lol, dogma quote. i just had to 'cause i said "yeah" like Jay says it. today was boring. i didn't like it. Jennifer's party was fun. except, I DIDN'T SLEEP WITH ANY BED SHEETS, CLAUDIA!. rrg. lol, but it was fun. horny, but fun. swear to god, no alcohol at those parties. EVER. it would end bad, or good... if you're Eric's cousin. (heh, she suggested that we all have an orgy. *shrug*) OKAY, i'm too hyper. i think i'll go talk with people now, before i fall asleep for the 3rd time... :)

sabrina dibs | 9/8/2002 04:51:45 PM
   i really dont have much to say so unless youre really really bored and feel like reading my blabbing, skip it :D
im looking at my sketchbook (supposed to be a scrapbook but whatever) and its called "take me along sketch" and then under it it says "carnet a croquis" and then "cuaderno para bosquejos" haha... i find that funny. i dunno why. i think it might be because im tired.

jennifers party was fun... specially when i was hyperish after supper (kool-aid *thumbs up*) :D and her gifts were ... umm.. interesting. anyway, we went to bed at 2ish and woke up around 10 but it felt like 4.. so we were all tired. then we had a lovely breakfast (at 12:30) provided by jen and rosie (yummy) and then we decided to go shopping.. ended up at st. hubert for some reason. jen bought bed sheets and rocks for her fish (the oddest thing). i tried on a dress for the prom. really pretty!!!! :D it was long and strapless (but you could attach straps) and it was like red and on top it was blue so it kind of looked purplish but really really pretty. but i dont wanna buy anything yet cause i might see something better somewhere else.. but if i dont ill regret not getting that one.

oh, and so after i try on the dress im putting my clothes back on.. and doesnt my zipper break! ahh!!!! i was wearing a skort (the one gates says makes me look like a cheer leader) and it broke!! ahh! but it was all i had to wear so on that very hot day i had to wear a sweater around my waist. i was dieing!!

oh, also, body paint is delicious!!! oh wow. im so glad we got her that it was sooo good!! :D yummy

Monday Monkey | 9/8/2002 03:08:58 PM
   Bah! I can leave i think today, maybe soon. I don't realy feel like doing much..*cough*that sounded wrong. Umm yeah david stop being downstairs practicing....i'm bored!

Saturday, September 7

Lucky * | 9/7/2002 11:53:30 PM
   hehe, i dunno whether to be happy or sad. *thinks*
see, a little while ago, i find out that new found glory and something corporate are coming to Montreal, metropolis to be more specific, wednesday october 30th. see Rosie. see Rosie happy! so i ask my mommy, and she gives me the "it's a school night" story. a little blah, blah and later on i get the "we'll see". okay. SO, later on, i find out that dashboard confessional is also coming to Montreal, metropolis again, just 2 weeks before nfg and soco. wednesday october 16th. MAJOR sucking up to mommy and daddy now for 2 shows. i get the "it's a school night" speech again. and what do i find out yesterday? David has informed me that yellowcard is coming to Montreal! (and i never thought they would come to Canada!) metropolis, again. when, you ask? one week after dc, one week before nfg/soco... wednesday october 23rd. SOooo... that's 3 shows, 3 weeks in a row, that i have to suck up for. such hard work. i doubt it's gonna happen, and if so, i'll get to go to one. *thinks* lol, being indesicive doesn't help either! hehe... i dunno which one i'd choose. oh well, sucks for me. i think i'll go clean the house now. *grin*

Independent Bum | 9/7/2002 04:40:05 PM
   Hey...i never knew someone could be this bored...i made a song today...but i called a bunch of peeps to see if someone could tell me if its good but no one is home. So im up here now waiting for nothing really... Urgh i dont even knwo what to write. Oh i did dl 2 more cds today...Thrice Illusion Of Safety and Identity Crisis...both great cds! Im currently listening to Rx Bandits...pretty good but yeah i rather be doing something. Oh also I WANT MY OWN FUCKING ROOM! U guys are so lucky u have your ownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgh and my mom doesnt want to go get the rings... next thing u know im gonna be forced to go somewhere tonight. Blah blah blah thats all im doing...oh well nothing else for me to do so to bad u get to hear me talk about nothingness.Oh hehehe im in one of those moods again too! heheheh those everything should die moods...i love them sometimes. So hows everyone?! i know no one usually answers my posts but wtv if u read it answer. Have u ever stayed up all night for someone thinking theyd come over or call or something? U think something is wrong with someone and then they dont even talk about it except for when they state sublimially something is wrong. Im already counting 2 days basically i havent slept ( only 3 hours in total not even close to good). Hope this person realizes this...Sometimes friends are stoopid...Well maybe not friends but humans in general. Did anyone of you ever take the time to look at someone else's life and realize how much it sux for them? I know its hard and almost impossible cause everyone acts different to different occasions. Well Im babbling again and everyone who reads this blog is gonna be all over analytical and what not and blah blah blah something stoopid is gonna happen. Well im ready for anyone to act stoopid and go nuts instead of asking me whats really going on (also remember i pbbly wont tell most of u why i wrote this) . Well i need more food cause it makes things alot better. Lets go and die , im not afraid.L Dz*cheers*

Friday, September 6

Independent Bum | 9/6/2002 09:02:37 AM
   Im so bored i dont know what to write...I need some AFI and RBF this morning...They are mixing together and im fucking scared casue its all retarted.Its like happy sadness mixing and its fucking up with my mind! And some fuckler is listening to damn dance music next to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgh. God damn im all blahish nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ...what to do...urgh wtv at least its friday so no worries.Well i think im gonna practice after pretty bored...why am i babbling...wtv im gonna go much babling for one morning.L Dz*cheers*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/6/2002 08:57:28 AM
   media class. free time. josh is next to me somehow managing a game of solitare and msn. hes a gifted one. hahha. david could see me and its scary to the max...on a scale of 1 to 10, its scary level hands are so cold they could be used as an ice cooler. david, i need you to help me thaw my hands.

Lucky * | 9/6/2002 06:42:39 AM
   it's morning. i'm already bored out of my mind. oi.

Thursday, September 5

Monday Monkey | 9/5/2002 08:55:24 PM
   OMG! I get the randomest junk mail ever...omg david u should like this one! Hehehe ill copy paste the rest..beware u may die of laughter.

Gain an extra 3" inches easily!

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For More Information on Penis Enlargement that's 100% Natural, 100% proven!

.....Hehehe how do u measure up! LOL! *sigh* that was a good laugh!

Lucky * | 9/5/2002 05:41:06 PM
...Kids can now "fly" a Nimbus 2000 broomstick just like the members of their favorite Quidditch team. A replica of the broom Harry uses in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the Nimbus 2000 features a grooved stick and handle for easy riding. Enhancing the excitement are the vibrating effects and magical swooping and whooshing sounds the broom makes when on. Sounds can also be activated when the switch is set in standby mode. Requires three AA batteries (included).
jesus. hooking kids while they're young.

anyway, i've remembered that i hate school, and have for the entirety of my life. my classes suck. they are pointless. if i'd sit outside watching the clouds all day... i'd enrich my mind a hell lot more than in that fucking building. people are so dumb. fuck school, clouds all the way. i think that's what i'll do.
i also realized that i can't take much more of this. eugh. life sucks.

sabrina dibs | 9/5/2002 04:18:50 PM
   first few days of school pretty much sucked. ugh, like rosie said weve got retards in our classes... who would put retards with honors students? who? huh? moffa? yeah. *sigh*
anyways, umm yeah the school is pretty much packed a la masse.

on the way home there were people on the bus and they start talking:
boy 1: "did you see that girl? she was hott"
boy 2: "what girl?"
1: "the girl at school"
2: "what girl theres 1000 blueberries at school!!!"
1: "no no no shes not a blueberry" <~~~ (meaning shes in secondary 5)
hahah i found that funny... from now on they are baptised BLUEBERRIES :D

okay whatever, im just kind of bored right now. no driving tonight (ugh, by the way, i have found out i am exactly like my mom, not cut out for driving and detest it :( but whatever, i just wanna get my license while my parents are paying for it and my temp is still valid so i dont gotta redo that stupid written test.) blah blah now ill babble. tomorrow is jennifers party :D hahahaha we (me, david and gates) were giving her hints at lunch: "part of it is something you already have but its ugly so we got a better one" :D i love it shes so confused. yeah. but thats good. i think im sleeping there tomorrow, not too sure though at the moment whats going on. im pretty much in "whatever" mode at the moment. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha okay okay ill stop.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/5/2002 09:29:18 AM
   oooo..,.theres warrenties on staplers???!?!!?!/!?!!!??!!! that ones sexy. rosie. i want it. i want it like i want you

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/5/2002 09:28:38 AM
Swingline 105 Half-Strip Stapler

Lightweight and economical. Spring-action staple follower. Full rubber pad on base. 1-year warranty.

View large image

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/5/2002 09:23:05 AM
   stop whipping me david

Independent Bum | 9/5/2002 09:21:39 AM
   Hey hey hey everybody...Im reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly bored and in media class... Not much to do in this class...*looks at Claudia* hummmm *looks at fouette* muhahahahha MUAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....j/k im not that sick diamond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHHEHEHEHEH! Well anyways im off of this cause yeah im off of this.L Dz*cheers*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/5/2002 09:20:58 AM
   okay, hopefully this time itll work. those stupid thinggies chat dont work. i was trying to say that i will get that whip and brun it. i love you david and everything but scared of the whip... and eric bought it for you, ERIC....*TEAR* what about me ? im so jealous. rosie NEVER gets me anything kinky from sex shops. ever.

Wednesday, September 4

Lucky * | 9/4/2002 10:52:56 PM
   ignore my last post... it should go more like this.

David a un fouette en cuire rouge sur un porte-clé. FORMIDABLE! fin.

David now has a portable red leather whip (on a key chain). the end.

office de la langue francaise! yes!

Lucky * | 9/4/2002 10:50:40 PM
   David now has a portable red leather whip (on a key chain). the end.
(David a un fouette en cuire rouge sur un porte-clé. FORMIDABLE! fin.)

Lucky * | 9/4/2002 09:13:14 PM
   She's not eatin' bacon, not eatin' sausage,
And she won't eat eggs,
Not eatin' chicken, not eatin' turkey
She won't have a steak,

But I just can't help feelin' sorry
For this poor little lettuce head
You know, i can't stop cryin'
'cause I know this broccoli's dead

Vegetarian? I'm not a vegetarian,
Vegetarian...She's a

Poor little cow, little sheep, little fish
How can I sleep? When carrots are bleedin'
Plants are screamin' and tomatoes cry,

You say "It's not so bad, they're only
vegetables", that's what you said
Maybe i'm a murderer, but i'm hungry
and they're better off dead.

Save a plant, eat a cow,
I want beef, I want it now!
I'm gonna eat it cause it's red!
I'm gonna eat it cause it's dead!
Maybe I should eat it raw
Let the blood run down my jaw
I'd eat people if it was legal,
i'd eat people if it was legal!

lol, always count on reel big fish (say ten) for the RANDOMEST songs. <3

Tuesday, September 3

Monday Monkey | 9/3/2002 10:33:28 PM
   Posting again cus i'm still bored. Yeah i have nothing to say, i will leave you with this .................*FART!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Monday Monkey | 9/3/2002 08:48:07 PM
   Hehehe why do you people post so often....hehehe i can't keep up! LOL skool was crappy...people are soo short!!! And its all blue! OMG! im fucking sucks today. And also i ow mroe poeple sex, wtf! Nex thing u know they'll want me every night of the week! I have other poeple besides them! WTF! I'm soo bored...i would like, paint my arm with umm..paint? Yeah i just got an idea..mints! Hehehe thats right david*winks*. Hehehe at skool today this girl head butted me in the nuts, she was that short! Walmart is evil, it soo..well..evil-like in nature, i fear for my life when i'm in there. All we wanted were some posters but ended up buying all our skool supplies...david got a sponge bob bag(and we found something even too girly for david, this pink bag i thought it was inpossible, hes worn pleather pants.....u can't get anymore feminin than that!). I'm watching the first reboot ever...i'm happy! I want more of david's pie(it's not as bad as it sounds). I'm just thinking randomly about today....maybe i'll find something to blog about. O YEAH! wtf is with dipaula, what a bitch! Hehehe biggest dike ever! Hehehe crushing heterosexual affection at all cost! She's like a dike super hero! Ummm what else..fro soem reasonn david was scaring some sec 1/2's by grabbing multiple dudes asses in front of bing one of them, franky too...but realy, who can resist my ass?! Umm what else?! Score mint done! Hehehe perfection that time! I wanna go see catch 22 again..i suddenly got the want for them( hey! right off the bat! living for the moment cus its the only thing i got!) Music is cool......................Spina scares me, i think jen will agree! Worse than clemente!!! I wanna leave that class soo bad! Umm yeah thats about it, i'm only blogging cus im bored. I guess im gonna go, eat something(real food david!). Later Dayz*tips hat*

Lucky * | 9/3/2002 06:37:17 PM
   okay, so the first day of school wasn't that bad. the school's pretty packed now, though. like, the lockers are so packed... and those damn hallways... grr. but, doesn't matter. me and Sabrina had a tremedous time ridiculing the little ones on the way to school. mwaha... not to mention Eric screaming how one of the kids just walked face first into his testicles because she was that short, lol. my classes are... okay. it's not what i thought it would be, but whatever. lol yeah, i'm with a bunch of scary people. you know the type i'm talking about that. and what they're doing in some of my classes... i do not know. *shrug* lol, take physics for example. everyone in there failed science. yep. quite confusing... but doesn't matter. anyWAY, my babblement is boring. lol! i just found a nfg sticker... ehehe. i'll secretly put it in David and Eric's locker... lol, that would be so funny. hehehehhe. *evil grin* lol... whatever, i have no life. laterrrrr.

Independent Bum | 9/3/2002 06:56:32 AM
   First day of skool and im rudley awaken by god damn ciblings at 630!!!! I havent written in so long...basically cause i dont give a fuck...but thats not the point.There is no point really but yeah fart poop crap monkey! 630!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I geuss that means im gonna start sleeping in my bed again. Humm i geuss there is something good outta this earlyness...i cna see when these a holes leave the house! oh oh and dont forget changing my board...i got mad yesturday and broke it on purpose...At least ill change my board, i doubt anyone is coming ot my hosue this morning so ill skate to skool and pbbly in front of skool cause i dont know what time u peeps are leaving at.Today im just hoping our lockers are in a good place and most of us (not all of us cause i know it wont happen) are together.I have stickers to put in there already (ull see them) and ill think of other shit to put in there too...mainly drawings or lyrics or what not.Btw did i say i was woken up at 630!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ponders* almost 7 o colock now...i have nothing to do so im gonan listen to music and set my board up casue yeah i cant think of anything to write.Oh yeah and MSN isnt working this morning...dont know why though. *trys again* to busy eh?! Oh well geuss im gonna go...i dont want to but i geuss i have to.L Dz*cheers* P S Oh yeah some chick yesturday added me on MSN...found my email off this site right here...started sending me pics...yay i got another stalker (y)!!!

Monday, September 2

Lucky * | 9/2/2002 10:03:27 PM
   why do i love these things so much? hehe... i'm sad.
so, we went out for ice cream tonight... and this little puppy just ran up to me and Sabrina. and damn, it was just so cute... i didn't want to leave it there. so i sat with it for like ten minutes, i fell in love with it. <3 but then i brought puppy to her house. aww, she was a cutie. anyway, school is demain, i've wanted to go... but now i don't. i'd rather stay home, thank you very much. *sigh*
(Sabrina, your kitty is adorable :)

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 9/2/2002 09:26:53 PM
   hello thar everyone. yes. i know i havent written in ages but 1) ive been busy , 2) my computer is slow and pisses me off, so i hate to use it. ahhhh, finally, A WHOLE WEEK OFF FROM WALMART yes yes yes..i dont know what i will do with all this great time off...hmmm...yeah, i know theres school but school is much, much ,much better than:
costumer- do you have the super steamer thing they announce on tv ?
me- nosorry, this is the electronics section, we dont sell cleanning products here
costumer- but its electric..its got a plug
me- yes, im awear of that and so do toaters, vacums and microwaves, maybe you should try that section
costumer but why in the world would they put it there ?
me- why would they put it in the music and computer section?
costumer- this stupid store...dont even know how t sort there things....
okay, so maybe it didnt go like that, i cleaned it up a little, you know, for a pg audiance.

i got the something coperate pictures back. oh yeah. david LOVES the pictures with me and the band members because he just LOVES the singer so much... him and my dad were being mean and comtemplating things . hehe. i love something corperate. they rock my cronic diarhea...did i say chronic diareah? *whistles* you know what would be funny, if we have our lockers TOTALLY apart from each other in school, even we're supposed to be quite close. thats what happened last year. aww gonna go, seeing as im just blabbing

-if you bring a baby kitty in my house...ill try my best t keep it

sabrina dibs | 9/2/2002 06:33:04 PM
   my parents are back home. *cheers* and nope, i didnt miss them all that much. ah well, im glad theyre back though.. so far not too many big fights, just one:

my mom and sister went shopping yesterday and came home with a cat. *sigh* yeah, i pulled a fit, but its okay now. besides, shes adorable. mostly white with patches of gray and beige-ish-pink. they said shes about 2 months old but we think she might be younger cause she cant even meow properly yet. ah well, oh.. and if anyone has any name suggestions please give them to me. we're calling her "Cat x" at the moment. so yeah.

timbo munkfish | 9/2/2002 10:06:45 AM
   ah the coolest flash movie ever has a contract with MTV, its kick ass don't you know?.. weebl and bob