Saturday, August 31

sabrina dibs | 8/31/2002 01:28:43 PM
   my week off from parents is coming to an end... *sigh* well, it was good for us. you know whats bothering me though.. i thought id miss them.. even just a little teeny weeny bit... but i dont. not at all! i dont care if they stay there a few more weeks, it wont bother me. im a bad daughter. ah well, maybe ill realize i did miss them when i see them. then ill feel better about myself. and i hope they got me my keychain!! ahh. :D they should be home around 6ish i think. so yeah.. thatll be fun.

school yesterday was looooong. ahhh why does a 12 year old need a cell phone for?? seriously, if anyone has an answer for that please let me know. anyway.. the sec2's are already in bro/mary training! *sigh* its disgusting. but the sec 1's are cute. except for that one kid who was crying his head off and wanted his mommy. wow! now thats embarrassing. i mean really.. youre in high school!! grow up!! ah well

oh, and pricilla dennis was in the gazzette today. there was a big picture of her along with a half page story about her being one of the few francophones at pearson and her hating to go to school... and then she worked with mr. adams (our guidance councelor) and now shes normal or something. i never knew she was so blahish about school.

also, rosie i did enjoy very much the exerpt from lucas's baby book (MONSTER'S INC. <~~ :D disney is cool)

Friday, August 30

Lucky * | 8/30/2002 10:23:39 PM
   my little baby cousin is too cute for words, honestly. he was so alert, and looking around everywhere, he's got blllaack hair and DARK blue eyes. oh yes. he's just adorable. anyway, the rest of my night is boring for you guys, so i'll leave it at that. Lucas, <3 hehe

timbo munkfish | 8/30/2002 08:33:18 PM
   mmmm cheese its..... back to school on tuesday for timmah, the end of my summer... hehe well its been a good one here in england *sigh*. I managed to squeeze in more than 100 bans :D and i went all the way down to the bottom of france and back again, and i got me a new g/f. *ponders* but there was something missing from all of this.. i don't think i have posted once. the stupid amount of things to do has inhibited my time wasting abilities. Lo, i am back on the net again and ready to bore :O)... hehehe, but at least i start this year of school knowing that im within the top 3% of England's education system, and yet im still the stupidist person i know :).. i think i hold the record for running into lamp-posts down main roads with my trousers falling down in the whole of england.. i also managed to pass out in the middle of the foo fighters mosh from drinking too much.. well it was more collapsing whilst being concious than passing out, but its all good eh?.. i have also managed forget all of the html which i previously knew :'(.. well apart from..i also ripped off my toe nail :/.. anyway, its 1:30am and im as sleepy as my ass after watching bl00dy harry potter for the 14th time.. night night folks

Monday Monkey | 8/30/2002 05:31:04 PM
   Hehehe just so u poeple now im going up north this weekend. I'll be sad, no sex from david....*sigh* o well. Hmmm what to say before i leave? I don't know. Umm have fun and all...yeah that sounds right. Don't work too much its the last weekend before skool! OMG! Weekenders is on! LOL i love that show with all my heart! I don't know when i'm leaving, it could be in an hour, could be in 3. I don't know what to say...I kinda wanna go, but i'd rather stay. Darn i'm realy bored. I wanna go out but i can't. Well skool starts soon, i don't know if it's gonna be ok or bad, cus i got some good classes, but then i got some bad ones. Hehehe also i'm in the 3 hard classes! Hmm and now everyone is not online so i can't say good bye...rosie just got off, and david was suppost to be on but isnt and claudia is sick. I'm realy bored now. I think i'm gonna write some emails..yeah i'm that bored. Yesturday was fun, i don't know why we ate on a roof's not cool to eat there..not cool at all. Well now i don't even have time to write email, cus i'm leaving...*sigh*. Fuck i hate wehn i can't say farewell to people. You people and ur commings and goings, and disapointed in you all! Well cya when i get back, Later Dayz.*tips hat*

Lucky * | 8/30/2002 04:32:38 PM
   LUCAS! :) lol... this morning, aww. cuteness degree 187! hehehe. i'm happy.
school was okay today (the registration for the kids) lol, the sec. 2's are SO bad. seriously, lol... i had to tell off two sets of kids. they're so annoying. some of them are cool though. the sec. 1's were so cute. so nice compared to those sec. 2 asses, lol. but, 'twas a long dayy... anyWAY, friday five.

1. What's your favorite piece of clothing that you currently own? probably, my pink and white rugby polo. my rbf shirt is tres cool as well, and my tsl shirt. hehe. k done. lol.
2. What piece of clothing do you most want to acquire? something from abercrombie and fitch! well... something nicee from there, hehe.
3. What piece of clothing can you not bring yourself to get rid of? Why? nothing really...
4. What piece of clothing do you look your best in? hmm... dunno. *shrug* anybody know? lol
5. What has been your biggest fashion accident? lol... pleather pantttttts! hahaha...

Thursday, August 29

Lucky * | 8/29/2002 10:29:28 PM
   [9 Things You're Looking Forward To]
1. tuesday... first day of school should be interesting
2. nfg/soco concert
3. dc concert
4. going to la ronde, ANYtime soon... lol
5. whenever swimfan and that katie holmes movie comes out. they look so good.
6. moving out, whenever i can... hmph
7. cegep, next year
8. learning how to drive in like, 3, 4 months... mwahha
9. i was promised an ikea trip, yay!

[08 Things You Wear Daily]
1. shirt
2. pants, or skirt
3. underwear!
4. bra
5. socks
6. shoes
7. watch
8. bracelets

[07 Things That Annoy You]
1. my parents
2. not knowing the lyrics to songs
3. people and their mood swings, but i shouldn't talk
4. you egotistical fucks
5. when my computer screws up
6. being bored
7. dumb songs

[06 Things You Touch Every Day]
1. myself, oh oui. lol...hey! it's true!
2. my pillow, bed, susanne, pouchie, the whole bunch
3. keyboard
4. mouse
5. clothes
6. my bag

[05 Things You Do Every Day]
1. listen to music
2. go on the comp.
3. pee!
4. eat
5. piano, alllllmost everyday

[04 People You'd Want to Spend More Time or Hang out With]
1. David
2. Eric
3. Claudia
4. everyone else too... *hugs* i love you alllll!

[03 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over]
1. cruel intentions
2. the little mermaid
3. back to the future

[02 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment]
1. rbf - i'll never be, just because it's in my head! (actually, nfg - sonny)
2. tsl - cheek to cheek

[01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With]
1. *shrug*

Lucky * | 8/29/2002 10:15:37 PM
   survey, so bored...

1 minute ago: laying on my bed, thinking...
1 hour ago: talking to Eric and David on msn, and other internet crap
1 day ago: shopping with Sabrina, hehe
1 year ago: was in Italy... yay
Words to describe the situation now: tired, but not. bored...
Things I want: something i'd rather not mention and... something else. a little more mentionable, but still, rather not.
Songs I listened to: was listening to nfg and sp tonight
Things accomplished: tonight... sitting on my ass
Windows open: blogger, msn convo's and another blog
Things around the computer: oh god. my desk is a mess. k... i'm saying everything i see, because i'm bored, lol. the chicken nugget prom bag, phone, crayons, horoscope thing, pens, liquid paper, glue, soco and dc cd, paper, newspaper thing, magnadoodle, agenda, NATHAN!, piggy bank, lamp, makeup case, schedule, agenda, pencil case, markers, ruler, locks, glass of water... a bow, lol... yep.
Thoughts of now: damnit! (yeah, i know what i'm thinking...)
E-mails: *checks her e-mail* drive-thru... hehe
Lyrics: i have some rbf song... "drive me crazy... (...) when do we get paid?" i'll never be? yeah. "i'll never be, a rock and roll star, i'll never be, anything, anything at all!" then the, "pick it up!" and... the horns and the dum dum DUM! stuff. the song is in my head, but all mixed up, hehe. like, not in order. yeah, i'm wierd...
Random: your mom
Spell your name backwards: eisor
Describe yourself in two words: wierd and lazy... lol
Who is your worst enemy? everybody
If you could have ANY animal for a pet, what would it be? monkey. that wears a diaper... hehe, so cute.
Do you know what a spork is? is it what i think it is?
What is the latest you've ever stayed up? umm... like out? well, i'd say all night.
Ever been to Belgium? yes, but just for a few hours, hehe.
Toothbrush? red!
Jewelry worn daily: watch, leather thing, ring, lucky bracelet and other cheap bracelets
Underwear: umm... yes. hehe...
Shoes: myy converse!
CD in stereo right now: sp... but i'm not listening to that. i put the rbf song on. hehe...
Tattoos: none
Piercings: 2 in my ear
Current music: rbf
Wearing: monkey sweater and jeans... (lol, the person before was wearing a&f, oh yes!)
Hair: tied, messy. very messy, lol.
In my mouth: braces... and oh fuck! i'm not wearing my elastic. damnit! *goes to put one on* lol. that was so smooth.
In my head: need i say it again, "DAMNIT!"
Hearing: wtf... again! RBF!
Wishing: what relates with the, "damnit"
After this: umm, randomness. maybe sleep. fucking school. always in the way. damn.

Lucky * | 8/29/2002 09:38:15 PM
   *aherm* okay. let's play a game of, "how drunk?"...

1. Rosie: stop doing that! hehehe

2. David: HES ON ME NOW!!!!!!1
David: brb *hehehhehhehe*
Rosie: omg!
David: *comes back relaxed*

3. David: hehehheh
David: well *looks at eric*
David: I got some business to attend
David: *SEX IS GOOD JUMP*!!!!!!!!!
Rosie: lol, k then!
David: hehehhe
David: hes a bit tired now
David: so he wont be any fun
David: *shoos him away*
David: heheh dragon balls z is funny
David: ehehhe

4. David: im serious
David: take a ruler...those small ones
David: and tkae half of that
David: thats him
David: hard!
David: *tsk tsk*

(later on...)
Eric: omg i scroll up and
Eric: umm
Eric: btw
Eric: he lied
Eric: about the size
Eric: lied alot
Eric: ALOT!
Eric: its more...much much more

5. David: erics being authority like now
Rosie: lol... dominatrix?
David: NO!

6. David: evan touched my ass

7. David: OMG!

oh there's more... but i'm tired. rules of the game... predict the drunkness factor. scale from one to ten.

Lucky * | 8/29/2002 09:21:28 PM
   The Big Boo Rescue

Sulley was the top Scarer at Monsters, Inc., the biggest energy supply company in Monstropolis. But at the moment, being number one didn't matter much at all. Sulley had to save Boo, the human child he had accidentally let into the monster world! In a secret lab at Monsters, Inc., Boo was being held prisoner. A vacuumlike scream machine - built to extract powerful screams from human children - hung over her head. Randall Boggs, another Scarer at Monsters, Inc., and the company president Mr. Waternoose, were about to use poor Boo to get unlimited scream energy! Just in time, Sulley burst into the lab. He knocked the machine away from Boo and freed her from the chair she was in. "Kitty!" Boo exclaimed in relief as Sulley picked her up. Before Sulley could escape with Boo, Randall attacked him. Sulley was struggling with Randall when Sulley's best friend, Mike, arrived and helped Sulley and Boo get away. The chase was on! Sulley, Mike, and Boo ran down the hall, with Randall close behind...

(excerpt from "Disney's Storybook Collection, Volume 2"... my gift to my baby cousin, Lucas. :)
yes... i'm THAT bored. (thought you'd like it though, Sabrina... hehe.)

Monday Monkey | 8/29/2002 09:18:12 PM
   I'm blogging now....yeah me and david here. Finished one nice fuck session..again....Well besides that...david wants pink diamond. Ummm...yeah we don't know what to write. "i want one realy BAD!"-David...yeah wouldnt u like ot knwo what we are talking about! Suckers. PINK diamonds................................................hehehehe *mutual ponderment*. Well we don't know what to write about..."I'm hiding it quite good today" - Yeah david again. Ok david wants to draw..i gave him paper..its a post it! Hehehe well for some reason we are both ready to go again..yeah thats rigth..RARL!!! Well i think we are gonna go...hehehe i think twice a week is its already 7..TODAY! Ok Later Dayz*cheers*

sabrina dibs | 8/29/2002 06:53:27 PM
   HAHAHAH i just read rosies post.. :D okay so i have the exact same schedule as rosie so no use repeating it (yes, i am in the honors program as well :D <~~ im smart!)
umm... one thing i didnt get though ro, why is spinas class going to be fun? whos there besides us honors? and yes CLEMENTE!!! :D YAY!!!! ahh!!! this morning when he saw us he said: "i think i should go shake their hands" so he comes to me first and hes like, "Well, give me a kiss too" hahah!! yeah... i already told him i want my seat from last year with rosie next to me and hes pre-approved that.. so its going to be hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D yay!!!! except nick is going to cause a lot of staying after class for all of us. ah well.
tomorrow shall be fun. showing little kids the way through our huge school and telling jens brother the wrong stuff(just kidding, he seems pretty scared about high school to begin with) :D itll be fun.

"you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray" <~~~ god mix 96 needs better stuff

Lucky * | 8/29/2002 04:56:43 PM
   *smacks her forehead* how could i forget! Jennifer bought a sex book at zellers. the end.

Lucky * | 8/29/2002 01:25:46 PM
   David... you can't help parents and their NEED to think that all teenagers are whores, abusive alcoholics, or drug-users. or, in my case... all three. *shrug*
haha... my schedule is SO beautiful. except, the honors people are together in EVERY class except for homeroom, so that could get annoying. but, it's better than having stupid morons. k, so i have world history and human geography homeroom, with Di Paolo and Simoneau... that's cool. should be funny. then, co-ed phys. ed... haha. that's spilt with economics (with Zampini! lol) and moral, with Laricchiuta... oh god. and these classes... is honors, with advanced sciences... and THAT means... JENNIFER AND ERIC! hahaha. too funny (David, i was debating calling... but i figured it would be okay... lol) for the world! lol... k. then english with Massy, french with Labrecque! FINALLY! lol, ohmeygawd. hahaha... that's gonna be good. umm... physics with Spina. ah, that's gonna be kinda boring. no wait, lol. it wont. *thinks of who's in her class* it wont! hahah. and last, BUT NOT LEAST... pre-cal with *dum dum dum* CLEMENTE! oh yes! LOL! we have him last twice a cycle. oh shit, that's gonna be such a piss. omg. LOL! i'm laughing just thinking about it. haha... so that's it. went to walmart. bought a sponge bob poster! oh yes. and we had a very early lunch, lol, at mc d's. then we got on the subject of prom... and we wrote everything in the back of a chicken nugget bag, ahaha. you guys all have to see it... and tell us what you think. we were thinking, two limo's of like 10-seaters... we'd be eightish in each. and if it works out just right, we go as couples... because so far, it works. yeeah. what else? oh! i saw the cutest pencil case at zellers... lol, it was a high-top old school converse. tres cute. yep, and demain we have that big brother shit. it wont be that bad, i hope. lol... we got a tour, i didn't understand a thing. then, me and Franky had to show other people. so we just lingered in the hallway and explained, umm... nothing really, lol. that's gonna be bad tomorrow. oh well. yeah, that's all. my schedule is cool, i'm happy. later... *waves*

(fucking sucks... we still have the 3-minute bell)

Independent Bum | 8/29/2002 12:01:48 AM
   Joy to the world...whoever made that song could lick my nuts! Does anyone else realise how much this world sux? Only cause of the people living in it! Nature is beautiful...but humans omg we are plain idiots...Dont get me wrong im actually happy! For once in a long long long! *hehehhe Mr Deeds* time im happy. Then what happens?! Oh joy i have a curfew to come home to and AND go to sleep! Lol omg...i just came back from giving Claudia a lift...the speech in the car was fantastic *sarcasm*...and its like a 5 min drive but i got a hell of alot... My favorite part i will never forget! Mom:" Your father is going to have to have a talk with you about having girls under bed sheets." David: " What are u saying u dont trust me?!" Mom: " No its not that, its hormones. You know u cant control everything." Damn straight i cant control EVERYTHING but imnot gonna jump in the sack with anyone like that! WTF! Urgh!!!!!!!!! Wtv i cant write anymore because im in pain....*i dont knwo why* See you guys at SKOOL tommroow! JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually im sure ti wont be that bad.L Dz*cheers*

Wednesday, August 28

Lucky * | 8/28/2002 10:21:36 PM
   fucking world. my parents are morons. fuck.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/28/2002 05:42:58 PM
   I felt like answering these questions.. dunno why though..

How many friends do you have and how many do you need? i have all the friends that i could ever need..

Why do you have friends? because i want to, not for popularity, just cause i think i'd go insane without any friends.

What is a best friend? someone you can talk to about anything and someone who won't judge you..

How many friends have you had in your life? real friends? a couple.. random friends? a lot i guess..

Why do some people have more friends than others? people with ALOT of random friends aren't any better off then i am.. i rather have 1 "real" friend then 20 random friends..

One thing that can destroy a friendship? love. i believe even if you're totally in love with a friend you shouldn't tell them unless stuff happens naturally..

Who do you owe a letter? massimo, i should really appologize for all the stuff i said, for being a bitch and for not wanting to listen to him.. i seriously suck at this whole girlfriend thing..

Who would you go to if you needed money? sabrina, or anyone else... i think any of my friends would lend it to me if they had any and if i had a good enough reason to be needing the money..

Who gave you some good advice? ....lately? rosie..

Who do you know that is really happy? no one.. seriously.. people i know are happy at times but sometimes stuff is just too much.. parents..heh that alone will make a person bitchy for a day or two every once in a while

Whatís so cool about being a teenager? not giving a fuck about lots of stuff..

Where do you go to get away from things for a bit? hehe last time i wanted to get away from everything i went to rosies house.. it was ok-like except for she brought me to rent movies... which wasn't that bad until i started paying attention to the movies.. that just reminded me of the thing i was hiding from at rosies house...

If you could take someone to Disneyland, who would it be? if it would have to be only one person then i'd go with my boyfriend i guess... but if not i'd bring Sabrina, Rosie, Claudia, David, Eric and that's all i guess.. i don't like people. :) [if you're my friend and i forgot to add you to my list i am sorry.. but uh ya]

Anyways i think i'm going to have a breakfast birthday party.. the girls can sleep over the night before and then the guys can come in the morning? cause my mommy believes i will have sex with all guys if they sleep over. my mommy doesn;t believe in having guy friends. according to my mom girl + guy = sex

Tomorrow school starts.. im kinda excited but not really.. atleast i wont have to work anymore.. and ill get to see all of you alot more often.. but i want to get an afterschool type job .. i dont want week ends though cause that would fuck with the whole im working to make money to go out thing.. im so bored i have to wait till my uncle finishes work cause my dads in a meeting somewhere in quebec.. *sigh* well byes for now..

Independent Bum | 8/28/2002 12:22:56 PM
   Merci Jenn for clearing shit up, cause if there was a dress code i wouldnt be able to wear anything! Id have to go to skool naked!!!!!! So yeah wtv im still mad though cause u never know they might actually pull that shit...and MCA records should die! There so mean...and i thought drive thru didnt care that much about Rx Bandits! Fucking MCA records tried to stop them halfway through there newest album Progress! They said we will not send u money to record unless u sign this contract. Fuck big corporations suck.Thats why i want to be on stomp(y). Although i doubt its gonna happen anytime soon.Anywho i read an interview with Matt Embree ( for any of you who dont know hes the singer of Rx Bandits) and yeah i love reading them cause hes a great person... i wish i could have seen him at Warped Tour...The only thing that actually happened was like him looking at me half the time cause i knew all the lyrics. And he was very very happy on stage...must have been so cool! Well anyways im babbling about some dude (i feel like a stalker) so im just gonna sign off (hahahah Belvedere) . Well L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/28/2002 12:06:02 PM
   there is no color code..grr i had my mom call the school.. i hate stupid rumors started by stupid people who should keep their mouths shut... seriously i just don't get it at times.. I seen spykids last night, because massimo wanted to see it.. it was scary he was all into it.. the movie was ok.. but im still a little confused.. everyone had lil kids and AHH i hate lil kids.. seriously the kids infront of us went to the washroom like 3 times .. my mom would of told me to shut up and watch the movie.. she wouldnt have gotten me everything i wanted.. ' mommy i want pop corn" "mommy im thirsty" "mommy i dont want the pop corn anymore" "mommy i want candy" ahh stupid lil kids.. anyways i have to go have lunch au revoir ..

sabrina dibs | 8/28/2002 11:51:31 AM
   WHAT DO YOU MEAN A "NEW" DRESS CODE????????????? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH seriously, who do these people think they are??? what is wrong with dark tops and light bottoms? and shoes... whats wrong with colored shoes?? ahh i hate it!! im going to make my dad tell them off dont worry. and whered you hear this from anyway?? ugh. stupid moffa.
stephanie just called me, turns out we have to show up on friday at school for the big bro + sis thing. i dont mind really, but if i feel like wearing beige pants, too bad.

i tried on all my pants.. and guess what? more than half of them (no i am not exaggerating) dont fit. either they dont go up passed my hips, the botton doesnt close, or i cant breathe. great. lovely! ahhh!!! everyone except me finds this funny for some reason.

yesterday on "lingo" <~~ game show network's new show (pretty good) there were two montrealers!! :D yay!! and they won!! but.. they didnt win the bonus round so they ended up with 500$ but you know. and the host kept calling one of them "Gohn" (his name was jean) i thought i should mention that. oh, and why do they always say "montreal, canada"??? whatever happened to the province? not that i care but you know..

Lucky * | 8/28/2002 10:12:45 AM
   nfg makes me happy. k, making breakfast is my new hobby. lol, it's fun. except, this morning... k, i was putting the french toast in the frying pan, except... the oil went flying and on my foot... and damn, ca fait mal! lol... you know that thing in my washroom that you're supposed to wash either your ass or crotch with, but we can't figure out how it works... well. came in handy finally! lol, not to wash damnit! yeah... i just put my foot in there. but it still hurts! damn oil. but... i made french toast, scramble eggs (that i now know how to make thanks to Gaetano and his mommy!) hehe... and i dunno, an orange. i was gonna make hot dogs with syrop but, lol... you should have seen me. doing two things at a time is hard! especially when you burn your foot. bwaha. can we have a big big breakfast one day... where WE make breakfast. ca serait tres cool. how bout demain, at like 5, 6 in the morning. k, cool. lol... hahaha. i just see Gates cooking bacon... hahaha! lol, okay. i'm good. anyway, Claudia bought me a bootleg copy of the ppg movie. score. :) and... i dunno. i don't feel like typing! kthxby.

Tuesday, August 27

Lucky * | 8/27/2002 11:22:49 PM
    this dress code crap is such bullshit. yes, for those of you who do not know, our school now as a dress code. when are they informing the students? WHEN SCHOOL STARTS, after we buy everything... you know. yes, the dress code... dark pants, dark shoes and light tops. NO logo's whatsoever. wtf is that! i have 2 pants, and 3 tops to wear. nice. but that's besides the point. that's stupid. so boycottment. hhehehe. yes, yes. i really don't give a fuck if i'm suspended or whatever. there's no point anyway. dumb school. seriously. POINTLESS! eugh. sex is healthy.

[12:08PM aug 28 - k, it's not true... lol, thank god. but they're gonna pull that, "it would be recommended" crap. i still hate our school. *shrug*]

Monday, August 26

Lucky * | 8/26/2002 09:47:08 PM
   "Let's see, current events in my life? How about i dont post those." ...feel the same way. well, what i can post? hmm... i had a good day today with friends who aren't deceptive. yes. good friends. friends who don't say something, and then go on to not fulfill that very statement, or even try. ("things will never change"? what? what was that? you're an ass? ooh, i see.) yes. gaetano + me = good breakfast chefs. :) now, i feel like going to listen to my emo SHIT music, cry in the dark. and this time, not for reasons that i did last time. i was stupid. so very stupid to even think that people could be honest.*sigh* and Jennifer... i'm very glad that you talked to him. no matter what the result would have been... i'm happy you did. because, i dunno... there was probably soooo many misunderstandings. hopefully some of that is cleared up, and hopefully things are okay. glad that you're doing better. :)

[1:23PM, aug 27: i'm selfish.]
[10:56PM, aug 27: self-absorbed... i'm sorry]

sabrina dibs | 8/26/2002 04:38:23 PM
   wow i missed a lot. im kind of confused ..a lot. have to talk to someone who knows whats going on.

i have officially been baptised a poser by jennifer.. when we went shopping on saturday i bought shoes.. vans shoes. ahh dont all start laughing :D theyre like jens but baby blue.

the feast thing at my nonnas house was soo boring!!! ahh!!! we werent allowed to eat til the parade thing passed... at 1 finished at around 1:30 so yeah we were all starving. we managed to escape at 5 cause we didnt have parents who wanted to stay for the night time "fun" stuff. and today i went shopping all day i just got home. fun fun

tomorrow ill be home so um yeah entertain me!!! :D svp

Monday Monkey | 8/26/2002 12:02:31 PM
   Yeah i guess it's about time for me to get around to a post or two. Let's see, current events in my life? How about i dont post those. Yeah i've realised that this blog is just anoying me more than it used to entertain me. I'm off. *tips hat*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/26/2002 11:59:48 AM

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/26/2002 10:56:54 AM
   Bonjour Everyone!!!!

Je suis feeling ALOT better then hier and the days before that. I listened to Rosie... and now everything is slightly better. She just told me to actually talk to him instead of being all GRRR go die! *hang up* So we talked for a while last night and now i'm all tired but it was worth it i guess so it doesn't matter.

My tummy hurts. I feel all nausious [is that spelled right? i can't spell =( ] I've been feeling like that for a while but it stops as soon as i eat something. Oh well c'est la vie..

I always get hit on by the oddest people. Some dude started to talk to me on the bus because i called p.diddy or whatever the hell he calls himself now-a-days song (you know the one that goes something like "i need a girl to ride ride ride i need a girl to be my wife i need a girl in my life") evil. He asked me why and i told him because all he needs a girl for is to have sex with him.Then the dude asked us where we were going and he told us he was comming with us and then he asked us how long it would take to go to wherever it was he was going. And then he told me to shop for him.. it was scary..very scary.. Oh well shopping was fun and then watching movies with Rosies sister was fun too..

Yesturday i went shopping with my mommy, it was amusing. She got me a cell phone it's SOOOOOO cute. it's baby blue and grey. I'd post my number but erm i don't want random people calling me so if you want it just call me or e-mail me and ask for it...or um actually its 917- (insert 4 last digits of my current phone number) cause ya you have to choose the 4 last digits and i really didn't know what to put so the guy was just like why dont you use the 4 last digits from your phone number? it'll be easier to remember which is true.. I don't have voice mail though *tear* i just got call display instead cause i don;t think i'll actually be using the phone as an actual phone and the call display shows the 5 last calls i get even if the phone is off or i dont answer so voice mail would be less useful... I paid it so much though. there were some cheaper ones but bleh they weren't very pretty. One of them looked like my dads old dinosaur cell phone. My mom wanted me to get some black one it was cute-like but the blue one was only like 20$ more and it had so many more features..

Ugh i have to work.. *sigh* I seriously can't wait for school to start...

Saturday, August 24

Lucky * | 8/24/2002 05:56:10 PM
   EEK! Nelly - Work it (ft. Justin Timberlake) LALALAL * I JUST WANT TO SEE YOU WORK IT* it's beautiful. i LOVE it.. i really do =) Bonjour c'est Jennifer je suis chez ma blonde. I am now a lesbian.. guys suck. =) erm we went shopping today (me rosie and sab) we bought clothes and movies and nelly's cd and candy lots of candy Oh Wellz buh bye

Friday, August 23

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/23/2002 01:45:15 PM
   i just broke up with Massimo.. i wanna die i really do... can we go out or something tonight? Anywhere? I don't wanna be somewhere where he can call me

sabrina dibs | 8/23/2002 11:26:03 AM
   why is it that all the good stuff is always in the states?? huh? i was looking through my ym magazine and of course there was the usual contests and stuff - available in the us and canada (except quebec). and then i saw these shoes.. theres really pretty!!! but theyre from nordstrom. so im like fine, ill go check online maybe i can convince my parents to order online. so i go check and theyre not there! ahh. so then i see the brand is roxy so i go to and check there. i find them. except you cant order from that site it gives you links to other sites... and these shoes are no where to be found in those sites. its like a magical world where quebecers cannot get anything good. ugh.

anyway, i went to walmart yesterday (the new one where claudia works..) its pretty. wow there were sooooo many people. except it looked independance day-ish. there were red-white-and-blue balloons everywhere. this clown dude was following me.. and this girl gave me attitude!! ahh. im pushing the carriage and this girl comes straight for me with hers.. and shes like "YOU, THERE!" (points to the other side) well well well, theres someone there stopped looking at something, i was there first, and if anything missy youre the one on the wrong side cause if we were driving, you drive on the right (were not in england) so i start telling her off (seriously.) my mom was dieing!! ahahah.. she never thought i could do that. well im sick of people stepping on me. besides, its not becasue youre old that you have power over me.

my parents are leaving for varadero, cuba tomorrow. theyre flight is at 7 so they gotta leave at 4am. ill be up at 3:30 to say good-bye. you guys can come over or whatever, my sister wont mind. you know where i live. oh, except for sunday, ill be at my nonnas house for that parade thing.. its usually not that bad but this year none of my cousins are going to be there (and my moms forcing us to go cause they wont be able to make it) so itll be a blast! *sigh* but ill be free the rest of the week.

Thursday, August 22

Lucky * | 8/22/2002 03:51:14 PM
   extremely bored...

Lucky * | 8/22/2002 02:17:03 PM
   it won't be long before you forget my name but i'll be still waiting for a good day...

ericccccc... what happened to you? hehe.
hey, do any of you wanna go to La Ronde friday night? that would kick ass. especially since i haven't gone all summer. excuse me while i go mooch for ice cream samwitches...

Lucky * | 8/22/2002 11:17:48 AM
   oh fucking happy joy!
dashboard confessional october 16th! oh yes! but it's 2 weeks before the nfg/soco date. major negociations on that one. but i better get to fucking go, to both of them! mwahah. happy joy.

Monday Monkey | 8/22/2002 11:16:51 AM
   Hehehe i knew something big would happen while i was gone.........david got id anti-mullet(Y). Bah i wanna see it hehehe they sometmes are cool, tres anime!(sorry david but if u look like a crazy anime character i wont ever let u live it down). Um yeah i cant type much cus it hurts........fingers burned..mouchos pain :( ...*tear* they got cooked. Realy who thought the rock would be 300 degrees wtf...darn heat absortion. I'm off to change bandages and put more burn-heal stuff. L Dz

Wednesday, August 21

Independent Bum | 8/21/2002 06:04:35 PM
   Blah umm yeah....Rx Bandits are the best...L Dz*cheers*

sabrina dibs | 8/21/2002 04:10:07 PM
   i finally went to get my driving appointments today. i start september 3rd. :D my mom took me shopping today.. its fun when she pays for everything. i got two pairs of pants and a sweater, very pretty.
and once again.. whos that sabrina girl that keeps saying "Hi?" "hello?" in the tagboard? its really odd-like.
anyway, i was reading the gazette yesterday morning and i saw dear annie (ever since anne landers died these two girls took her place and give really bad advice but anyway...the letters are still fun the read) and theres this girl saying shes happily married with 4 kids and shes having an affair with a family friend... and the guy told her he isnt willing to break up his family so it has to end.. and shes there asking "annie" how she can make this guy break his family for her. she says she refuses to live the rest of her life without this "sexy" guy and is very willing to leave her family for him.
hahaha... isnt that the funniest thing? :D hahahaha.. i was dieing. i mean really, who asks for advice like that?? *sigh* people are wierd!!

Tuesday, August 20

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/20/2002 02:04:27 PM
   i was reading the archives a few minutes ago.. all i can say about them is AHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Do you people remember jacob? my cam-whore bird b/f? well he was replaced with sharks <3

Independent Bum | 8/20/2002 12:16:50 PM
   Yeah nice quote indeed. Well i got an anti mullet dealie going on here...i just cut my hair...Doesnt look that bad but of course everyone was used to my longish hair...wtv im experimenting *thats right im gonna say that till the day i die Rosie* so it doesnt matter...Anywho just felt like telling all of you before you saw me so u wouldnt be that surprised...L Dz*cheers*

Lucky * | 8/20/2002 11:06:52 AM
   Simpsons' quotes, oh yes... hehe.
homer: maybe, just once, someone will call me "sir" without adding, "you're making a scene."

billy corgan: billy corgan, smashing pumpkins.
homer: homer simpson, smiling politely.

operator: the fingers you have used to dial are too fat. to obtain a dialing wand, please mash the keypad now.

ralph: hi, supernintendo chalmers.

milhouse: remember when santa's little helper ate my goldfish, and then you told me i didn't have a goldfish? then why did i have the bowl, bart? why did i have the bowl?

homer: you know, when i was a boy, i really wanted a catcher's mitt, but my dad wouldn't get it for me. so i held my breath until i passed out and banged my head on the coffee table. the doctor thought i might have brain damage.
bart: dad, what's the point of this story?
homer: i like stories. (rofffffffffffffl!!)

mr. burns: i don't like being outdoors, smithers. for one thing, there are too many fat children.

lisa: dad, what's a muppet?
homer: well, it's not quite a mop; it's not quite a puppet. but man... hehehe... so, to answer your question, i don't know.

marge: well, homer, maybe you can take some consolation in the fact that something you created is making so many people happy.
homer: oh, look at me. i'm making people happy. i'm the magical man from happyland in a gumdrop house on lollipop lane (slams door). by the way, i was being sarcastic.

hehehe, *sigh* the simpsons... lol. there's more on the site.

Independent Bum | 8/20/2002 11:05:39 AM
   FUCK DAMN SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM MAD AT THE WORLD! Ok ill say one word but thats all VANS! Rosie can explain if you guys want cause im to mad to!L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/20/2002 11:02:47 AM
   Maggie: "Chocolate chip cookies are like.....GOD!"
Jimsy: "You're eating God?"
Maggie: "Hey! People eat Jesus all the time!"

ahaha i read that somewhere i don't remember where though and ahaha it reminded me of the type of conversation we'd have.. i miss you all so much *snifff* actually i just miss Davids ass =)

Monday, August 19

sabrina dibs | 8/19/2002 06:55:24 PM
   I HAVE WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! and guess what i just did... wow, i took a shower at home AMAZING!!! :D its not drinkable but you know.. showers/clean clothes/washed dishes/flushing toilets are always welcome.

thats it.

Independent Bum | 8/19/2002 11:42:44 AM
   yehai didnt feel like copy pasting but im Sebastian. How joyfullllll... I dont think im smart and arrogant at all i think im just there. But wtv arent internet tests alwasy right!/?hehehhe. im a pervert and i think of girls as sex objects *blushes* hehehee. Bah wtv talk is cheap L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/19/2002 09:19:45 AM
which Cruel Intentions character are you?
created by switchico

Cecile Caldwell - You are childish and immature. You are innocent and naive. However, a long island iced tea would transform you to a slut. People use you because you let them. Don't ever open your legs unless you're in Jamaica. You enjoy having sex with guys and kissing girls. Most probably you're a bisexual.

im not naive *sigh* and i think im more the type to use ppl then be used.. i don't need to be drunk to be a slut.. i flirt with everyone .. girl/guy whatevers.. im comfertable with my sexuality =) hm anywho i was told i have a nice firm ass.. and it's true i do.. haha some chick just told me to have sex cause i have a head ache.. and that chicks that use that as an excuse to not have sex are stupid because when you orgasim your head ache goes away.. anyone want to try =P haha ya that was said by SUPERslut the beige pants black thong wearing chick.. bon ben je dois travailler.. au revoir..

Sunday, August 18

Lucky * | 8/18/2002 10:22:39 PM
which Cruel Intentions character are you?
created by switchico

Sebastian Valmont - You can't resist what you can't have. Because of this, you are smart and arrogant at the same time. You think of women as sex objects but all you need is the right girl to change you from the sick pervert that you are to someone who will readily die for love.

ha, i dunno. hahahah i think of women as sex objects. that's right Jenn! rarrrrllll

Lucky * | 8/18/2002 10:17:02 PM
   yess, 3rd post in a row. go me... tonight was funny. let's see... people came over for yummy chinese food (and i'll keep the menu... hehe) and a movie (cruel intentions, because it's just an awesome movie, seriously) that and back to the future. damn... i love that movie so much. i HAVE to get it... i think one is my fave... but two is good. damn. i've wanted to watch it for so loooooong! ha. i think of oldschool skateboarding when i think of that movie. and my brother babbling about how he's the first dude to ever like... you know, kick his skateboard up to catch it and stuff? hahaha... marty mcfly is too cool for the world! i luff him. k, i'm off topic. after cruel intentions, a night of umm, hehehe interesting conversation topics. LOL... that was funny. i dunno, i don't have anything to say. but i'm just bored... so i'm babbling. babbling fun, yes! yeah i should go now. later.

Lucky * | 8/18/2002 03:01:30 PM
   dammn i'm pissed. i wish i could play the piano good. or if something corporate had sheet music cause i suck at playing things by ear! not any better at reading things, but heeey. yeah i'm just mad now. well, not mad but euugh. and i need funtack! i'm all out. that makes me sad. *sigh* i'm desperate to hang up my soco posterrr! (no scotch tape... i'm not a brutal oathhhh!) hehe. fuck i'm babbling. heyyyy ppl are supposed to be here soon to watch cruel intentions but wtf. yeah and like no one is online. lol, like one person. *thinks of something to do* ooh welll sabrina is herrrrreeeeeeeee! later!

Lucky * | 8/18/2002 12:08:38 PM
   oh yes.
(pictures i never put up... the first, ahem, "sizes" lol... the second. GHOULIES MOVIE! ooh yeah. sympathy moment, pan to midget holding a grocery bag... *nods* funniness.)

Independent Bum | 8/18/2002 11:52:38 AM
   Eric, why dont u post about yesturday!?!? We had a special moment and you dont wanna share that with youre friends?! DUDE! *crys* You make me feel like a toy sometimes!!!!! This calls for some candy to make me happy.*jumps up and down* happy joy for candy!!! Yeah ok i think im done acting hhehehhe cause yeah nothing happened yesturday besides movies,food,graveyards,nick's nipples and tv. Basically an ordinary night but still fun of course ehheheh. Yay Rosie just came online! Now i wont be that bored...well i geuss im off.L Dz*cheers*

Independent Bum | 8/18/2002 12:00:33 AM
   Ok first off Eric , that was horrible u didnt even put *cheers*...*tsk tsk*...thats all im gonan say cause Eric sux ass.

Saturday, August 17

Monday Monkey | 8/17/2002 11:53:49 PM
   Hehehehehe my dad went to paint ball and a corn-roast.....hehehe a corn roast in some hick-town! Yeah i now i dont post much anymore but it anoys me to post blogs, anyway i must go now cus blogging has no point when i dont have stuff to say...*tear* my life is soooooooo uneventful...*cough**chuckes* yeah im gonna get outta here. L Dz!

Independent Bum | 8/17/2002 11:50:10 PM
   Yes this is david again, i would like to inform everyone that some of the things i have said in the past blog were untrue, namely the comment made about david(fitz) chasing eric with his penis. I also would like to say sorry to Eric for making up that remark and that he is not to be the subjet of my jokes anymore, he is god-like. I also have to say that i no longer want Eric to shave my ass, nor do i want anyone to, i will do it myself cus i dont want to subject nayone to the god-awfull smell of my ass. That is about it. Wait i think i have one more thing to say...............i am a poo poo-cacca-pee pee-boobie-penis-bum head, why am i insulting myself, cus im dorry for punching eric in the spine. OK well i must go home now. L Dz

Independent Bum | 8/17/2002 11:05:14 PM
   Would i like to write...? Eric just asked me if i would like to write. Maybe im not sure...wait a fucking second im writing right now. I learned i can ride a bike still and yeah geuss what , i dont know geuss whatever the fuck you want to cause if there was something im not telling you *sticks out tongue*! Eric doesnt wanna shave my ass sttill and its making me really sad..."Im not asshole" i just heard that on tv right now...But i hear alot of things when im drunk.Not saying im drunk of course but im just saying that cause its the truth and im gonna fart on Eric again soon. You know whats scary? David (Fitz) is chasing Eric with his penis... Yeah im scared right about now...well not really i saw it coming...No what i really was ognna write is going to watch a movie with Pat's (Olivieri) ex girlfreind is pretty scary! *chuckles* Pat's like yoda btw hehehhe. Im really not sure what to write,dont know why im writing though but yeah today Eric got farted on like 20 times. HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA fart! hhehehehhe . Well i geuss ill end by saying this... fuck you all *pulls finger* hHAHAHHAHAMAUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA im feeling a bit evil.Just a bit though and im not joking about the fuck you thing hehehhehe im just that evil! L Dz*cheers*

sabrina dibs | 8/17/2002 12:25:56 PM
   you peoples seem to have had fun yesterday :D i went out with my sister downtown (yay me). no it was fun. she pays for everything. then we went to paramount and saw "my big fat greek wedding" OMG! you people have to see that movie. its soooo funny. it reminded me a lot of italians. were really jsut as bad as them (minus the spitting..) but seriously, yeah it was good.
then my parents picked us up at the metro and we went to moes for supper (and we concluded that scores is way better) and then we went to my nonnas house (not the one who gave us showers.. the other one) to pick up our laundry :D hahaha.. she had even ironed everything for us. not bad..
anyways, today my mom tried using our washing machine (cause we do have some water) haha.. it took a few hours to get done :D
i cant wait til tuesday!! well have water... contaminated/must boil water.. but water non the less. yay

Lucky * | 8/17/2002 09:18:38 AM
   well since my parents are inconsiderate assholes and i was awake at 5, again at 7 and now i shall blog...
oh yes, warped tour... yes. hehehe... lol, the morning line up was the funniest thing ever. to anyone who wasn't there, long story short it was people (mainly Pat (Olivieri) and Jennifer touching peoples asses and everyone macking on eachother) David, i missed Jennifer too... *blushes* seriously, it's just not the same with your random outbursts and topic conversation and ass-grabbing... glad you're back! :D hehe... k, well i'll be saying what i saw i guess, because everyone saw something different. umm... first up was simple plan. the mosh pit and stuff was pretty cool, except i just went right in and didn't realize the dust would be that bad... hehe. so after like 2 songs i had to get out of there. but, went back later... fun, fun. then we went to their tent, autographs and what not. hahaha, while me and Jennifer were waiting, there were 3 girls, probably a little older than us, *ahem* k, "OMG! they're right thereeee! omgg... they're so hot." "oooooh coool... omg, how do i look?" then i was just talking to Jennifer and making fun of David's english accent and one of them turns to me, "omg! he doesn't speak english, what language does he speak!" Jennifer's like, "ben le... chinese, i mean really!" hahaha, that was so funny. (but this will get funnier later on, k?) uhm, after that... lunchy and we saw umm... good charlotte i believe. we didn't see very much, but heard. good, good. hehehe... uh, after that, we met back at the big d and the kids table tent meeting place. lol... oh yeah. before i was pissed because i thought the startling line was gonna be playing at the same time as something corporate, so i was all blah. but i'm just waiting there at the union stage and i just here them, cause the drive-thru stage was right there. so i was all... yessss! so i grabbed Christina and off we went, :) hehehe... they were realllllllllllly awesome. they had a realllly big crowd too considering the face that NO one knew them. but after that, the planet smashers were on, and we found Nick, Eric and David on a skanking slope of justice, if you will. stayed only for a few songs though, cause then Pat, Claudia, Sofia and Ann Marie showed up and we went to nfg. but, we saw like 2 songs. *shrug* then... THEN, something corporate. oh god. SO fun. (lol, i'm listening to them now... mwahah) yes, we go up to the front row type thing. so we saw eeeevvverything. and it was kinda cool, cause we actually watched the show, haha. umm, yes. brilliant. Andrew, the singer dude, just goes craaaaaaaaaazy! fuck yes, he was like all over the place, jumping on his piano, climbing like i dunno how many sets of amps. oh yes. and since i think we were the only people who knew the words and stuff they spent a lot of time looking at us, oh yes. yeah, not many fans... wait, there were some in the backish i remember. k, but yes. awwwesooome show. then, we went to get mr. autographs and stuff. hahahahaha... so beautiful. lol, FIRST off all... they had this book where fans could write stuff? and they wrote stuff in french, but they had no idea what it was. so it was like, "you have a big penis" type stuff hahahaha so hearing them say all this shit in french was so damn first we didn't know what they were talking about because it sounded german... haha. k, and the singer is so sweet like... i dunno. talkative and stuff. hahaha... he has this canadian accent though, it's funny. but yesss, then i was watching claudia get her stuff... hahahaha and she reminded me of those teenyboppers in the simple plan line... so i was laughing SOOO much. yes. so we just stuck around and pissed them off a bit. haha, got some pictures and left. after that, we just sat around... listened to goldfinger. then... reel big fish! yes! me and claudia were just skanking a bit, and we saw Nick in the mud... ahaha... so we went to skank near there. at first we were like... let's not go in. but we kept getting little mud spots from other people, so after a while we were all, FUCK IT! hahaha.... mud fights and skankiness. yess! freaking cool. EXCEPT for the fact that claudia threw some in my mouth! so gross... ahaha, but i forgive you, don't worry! i just feel the need to share. thank god that guy had water... haha. yes. so that was it afterwards, gave everyone some muddy hugs. then we left, jumped into the super cool fountain. hahaha Andrea, Eric's cousin is so cute. hehehe... umm, yes. everyone went home because i think we were all pretty gross and tired. haha... not let's not forget all the fun merch i got... mwahaha. spent so much money. k, the shirts... soco, rbf, nfg, sp and tsl... and i got tsl cd and soco cd with a free posterr. oooh yeeah. haha, yes. i love stuff. well... that was my day. mucho fun, if you ask me. the soco thing was just awesommmme. and i'm definitely going in oct. oooh yes. hehehe... later.

Friday, August 16

Independent Bum | 8/16/2002 09:36:00 PM
   Hey everyone...geuss there will be many posts on warped tour...ill just say eh i dotn know really was like any other show...It was fun...havent seen jenn in a long time and she always makes peeps crack a smile. Made a new friend.Johnathan...elsas friends , hes cool. I dont know what to say...geuss its a day to remember hehehe...Jeff is still fucing cool everytime i talk to him its like i havent seen him for like years. Id do a ummm what do u call those REVIEWS thats it on each band i saw but eyah basically Rx Bandits are the fucking best,i cant begin where to start of how good they are live. Makes me feel abit bad that i cant make anywhere near good songs like them...i geuss its a good thing AFI didnt come then...THAT SON OF A BITCH IS IN THE DESPAIR FACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! URGH! I cant see now sp hopefullt yeah wtv at lest i could get some normal words that ill never fuck up *or very rarley* L Dz*cheers*

Thursday, August 15

Lucky * | 8/15/2002 10:53:58 PM
   eugh, i can't believe this. my parents are such asses. FUCKING dumb ones too... god. fuck they got me so pissed... i'm not even looking forward to tomorrow. wait, i am. a whole day without seeing their faces... yessssss.
yeah David, you don't announce things very well. *aherm* about a weekish ago, David got a letter from Jeff from the montreal based band simple plan. oh yes. hehehe, Jeff wanted some shirts for the band to wear on there next tour... what shirts? shirts of David's band, the spider monkeys. (lol, you gotta plug yourself dude) hehe, so yes. that's that. look for Jeff on tour, and check out the cooooool shirt. especially if it's the red one. i'm particularly fond of that one. *cough* wonder why, lol. (yeah, i guess you couldn't write the story because you were too busy listening to your emo and pop-punk... weren't you! hahaha... nfg! yyesss) oh god, my parents better let me go to that fucking show. i swear to god, if they don't. euugh. so what if it's on a school night? it's the day before halloween, wtf do we do at school on halloween? wait... wtf do we ever do at school! hehe... anyway, fell in love with a white labrador tonight name Bailey. oh yes. *wishes Bailey were here* sweet dog. not as cute as my nikkerbockers or cracker jackers though. lol, actually... Jackie looked like his puppy form. or mini-me of Bailey. ahahahha and my brother was making Jackie do the pinky thing, too funny for words. hehe... whatever, i'm babbling now. i was pissed but i thought of that doggy and it made everything cool, hehehe. yeah, so i guess i'll see most of you tomorrow at warped, later.

Independent Bum | 8/15/2002 02:16:21 PM
   Yeah im home and listening to alot of Midtown and yeah there fucking awsome! I suggest either buying a cd *which is better for them* or dling there songs caus eyeah they are fuckig great, good lyrics, good music, and fucking great voices! I feel like someone in the street team trying to promot them but hey wtv they are great heheh.They actually made a new cd this year...heard a couple of songs and yeah its pretty fucking cool....Btw Rosie that song i was gonna send u or make u dl is called Like A Movie...Its beautiful. Bah im babling about a band that i should have been listening for a long time but i forgot about them ehehhe. I hope everyone is having a good time... and yeah Warped Tour tommrow O JOY *sarcasm*...i dont enjoy it to much.... U get fucking drained so fast and u get really dirty and ill pbbly get heat stroke again! hehehehe. Plus all the dust makes u feel sick at some points. I dont belive in anything but i belive in you...i dont trust anyone but somehow i trust you...those are lyrics and yeah u get what im saying... Hahhahahaha i forgot that we are giving Simple Plan some of our shirts hahahahah thats cool! I hope they like em...well im just abbling again so ill stop and listen to my pop punk...L Dz*cheers*

sabrina dibs | 8/15/2002 02:10:48 PM
   *smiles* i had another lovely trip to a relative's house to take a shower.. my uncle calls me this morning around 10:45 asking if i had water yet. im like.. uh no. so hes like, okay be ready in 10 minutes, im picking you up. uh okay. yup so i took a shower while my aunt spent the whole time explaining to my 4 year old cousin why i was there :D haha. yeah, im starting to get sick of eating with paper plates/cups/utensils. they also offered to do our laundry for us (about a weeks worth.) we have no clothes!! :D yup this is great.
oh, also i finally got my yearly cold. you know how every december i get this horrible cold where i walk around like a zombie all day at school cause my parents wont let me stay home? yeahwell, this year i didnt get it, i thought the curse was broken. turns out it was just late. i spent yesterday on the sofa with a box of kleenex and a pack of vicks. i had to keep a water bottle near my bed last night cause when youre sick you usually wake up with a sore throat and since i couldnt walk to the bathroom cause theres no water there.. i had to bring it to bed. its sad really. anyways, im better now :D still a little headache-y but alright.

Wednesday, August 14

Independent Bum | 8/14/2002 04:47:34 PM
   FRANKY IS A PICKY SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah thats right...hes almost as bad as Rosie...almost *smiles*.heheheh. Yeah im gonna pass out gonna get tylonol soon cause yeah (y)! Drugs make me happy *smiles* . U people better get home soon and by u people i mean Rosie and Mr Eric. *PUNCHES MONITOR*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah im fucking mad heheheh SMASHY SMASHY! hehehehhe. well im not really smashing anything but i want to...*looks at franky* nah ill be nice for today.ANywho L Dz*cheers*

Lucky * | 8/14/2002 04:16:05 PM
   too freaking cool... it just started raining like craaaaaaaaazy! so crazy, it looked like a snow storm, lol. and it's sunny... so i hope i see a mr. rainbow. oh joyyyy. rain is sooo prettty. water = coool. you know what else is cool? banana nut muffins. oh yes. *licks her lips*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 8/14/2002 12:07:42 PM yesterday i get to work , walmart , and for four hours i had to re- stock a shelf. i know, your probly thinking it doesnt take that long to re-stock one single shelf, which is exactly my point, doesnt take long to do it once, but it takes a shitload of time to do it like 3284768735 times. urgh.
yesterday night, the camp i used to work at had an animator super. so, during my lunch hour i go out to buy a skirt because i have nothing fancy and it was sorta fancy. when i get out of work, i put my walkman n. i hear this strange sound that makes me jump very high in mid air. it david with his skate board, came to pick me up. thatnks by the way, i needed to see a friendly face. anyways, we get to my house and david is helping me pick out what to wear. then i call gaetano , argue funningly with my sister , realize how short i am, even with heals, then we make our way to the bus stop. we miss the bus. david asks his mom to give me a lift....wich i still feel very odd about . anyhow i get to gaetano's house and whatever we leave and i ask him how long adolfo was waiting for him at the bus stop, gaetano, being very good with time =s usual, says hes only been there for five minutes. of coarse when the poor guy gets in the car, he'd been waiting for 30.
blah, we get to the hall, ppl are surprised, never seen me dressed up...bla bla, yatiyata... hand out awards... sit down joke around, t.p theo the big cheese's know, the works. after everything was over, i call home. no one answers. wait 10 minutes, call again, no one answers. then the guy im waiting with, steve, suggests to walk me home if im really stuck, little does he know it would take AN HOUR to walk to my house. anyhow, i call again, my sister answers, shed been on the internet I HATE DIAL UP and my parents would come to pick me up after they go the water from the store....
this is the punch line... water from the store. my parents NEVER buy bottled water...well, GALONS of it. the water was bad. i thought, or so the RADIO said it was only rdp and st leornard or something. i have been drinking that damn water all day.

sabrina dibs | 8/14/2002 10:16:49 AM
   guess what i did last night?? its really really exciting!! (pathetic really..)

well, when my dad got home he told me to get some id and get in the car.. so i was like huh? he drove me to the pool to get some water (2 per person - my neighbor brought his entire family twice.. theyre five people) so then im thinking, "hey daddy, you know, when you go swimming theres usually showers afterwards maybe you can come here" and then he points to a sign and says "yup, look, tomorrow at 6am you can come and take a shower" AH!! i was dieing!! i didnt mean actual showers prepared. :D haha

so anyways, then, when my sis and mom got home i was told to get my clothes and stuff and get in the car again.. we were off to my nonna's house TO TAKE A SHOWER!! :D HAHAHA it was funny.. yup.. so one by one the four of us took showers there (and got supper at the same time). my mom already told her that on thursday if we still dont have water were comming back again.

so then we go home.. and the little water we had durring the day was gone... bye bye water. open the tap completely and all you hear is a little wierd sound. great.

now im in bed.. and i hear my sister "OH MY GOD!! the dishwasher flooded!!!" HAHAHAHAHAH the dishwasher flooded.. perfect, why not? it made a puddle on the floor and when my dad opened the door a whole bunch of other water came flying out. :D so my dad had to unplug (or whatever you do to dishwashers) it.

and you know what the news people are saying?? its gonna be like this til wednesday.. no not today, NEXT wednesday. that means well be without water for 10 days (at least.) 2 days to put the new thingy in and 5 days to clean the water. then we still gotta boil the water at least 5 minutes just in case (if we have any). hahaha.. this is too funny. im worse off now than i was when we had the ice storm. all i lost there was 1/2 day of cable. *sigh* ah well.

Lucky * | 8/14/2002 09:45:06 AM
   ha... i love how people tell me that i was close to dying. thanks buddy. that's reassuring. (if you're confused, mr. police guy's comment this morning to me, "hey... good thing that there wasn't that much carbon monoxide, because if there was a bit more i think you and everyone would have died.") HA. thanks, especially since there's probably still a whole bunch of that shit in my house. euugh.
k, changing subject. am i the only one who's scared shitless to start applying to cegeps and stuff? hehe... my sister made me realize something. lol, i'm gonna end up dropping out. of either cegep or university. hehe, and i know it. (lol, she didn't say that to my face... hehe, it was me thinking here) she was talking about what she went into and stuff, and that made me realize that i'm gonna aim really high, but get lazy, and fuck up. the end. like, i feel like doing that music/science 3 year shit, just for the heck of it. get lazy. do nothing. the end, again. bah... why am i bothering you people about this anyway? *shrug* have a goodish day peoples... email me if you're bored. because i'm at work, and i'll be at mr. computer all freggin' day long. joooy.

Tuesday, August 13

Lucky * | 8/13/2002 01:53:21 PM
   (refering to the tagboard, yo)
timmmmyyy! i haven't talked to you in like foreeever! *hugs Tim* lol, why would i go to England though? wouldn't mind... Paris would be nicer. *grin* yes, yess... how is France, is it pretty? better be. *shakes her fist*
yessss how about we all go to la ronde together, since David and Eric love it soooo much, lol. i dunno. hehe... warped tour is gonna be an expedition. EXCEPT FOR MADAME SABRINA!! *frowns* damn. jennifer better do something for her magical birthday, lol. hope it's a kd party, lol. wowww, crack is bad boys and girls.

Monday Monkey | 8/13/2002 01:35:45 PM
   I haven't posted in a while, yeah since i got back. Hmm but yeah i suddenly realised that posting makes me feel like shit right now. So yeah........i'm no longer gonna post.

Independent Bum | 8/13/2002 11:09:06 AM
   SO i havent posted in awhile and yeah i geuss it doesnt matter that much though...Im suggesting things here but that doesnt really matter to much either but im saying them anyways. Ok so Sab since Rosie invited peeps to her house for pees and showers go there (y)! Its simple really dont knwo why u didnt think of it.Ummm lets see...Jenn i really dont know what u can do but all parents are jerks and stoopid and ignorant , right Rosie? *nods* hehehhehe. Can u guys seriosuly remember the last time we have ALL been together?!?!? cause yeah thats really fun. and we havent for so long and it sux...Oh i just read the tagboard...Jenn...i hope it was accidently when u grabbed my ass... but if it wasnt that doesnt really matter either cause yeah i geuss im used to it by guys downtown! hehehehe well anywho im gonna try taking a shower soon *low water pressure = 5 min shower* and then im gonna scratch the day away. L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/13/2002 10:21:05 AM
   i hate my parents i really do.. they are the biggest jerks ever. the spent the whole entire morning telling my sister she was annoying and that nobody liked her, that just made her cry. i told them they were jerks and they were like, well she is annoying.. hah yes she is but she's ten... most kids her age are annoying.. i think its a phase they go through.. she just wants attention though, anyways i told them they should stop cause they'd make her feel like shit and then shed jump off a bridge and i was actually serious and i got told to shut up cause i didn't know what i was talking about.. fuck. parents are so dumb i think i'd know more what im talking about then them when it comes to that stuff.. when i move out i think im gonna have my sister come live with me if my parents let her. i dont want her to have to go through the crazy bs that goes on at my house cause sometimes all that stuff is way too much for a person to handle.. or maybe its just me that's crazy

Anyways im going home now, we're staying the day in ottawa and we'll either be home tonight or wednesday morning.. i can't wait to see you guys i seriously miss everyone.. oh well.. bye byez

Monday, August 12

Lucky * | 8/12/2002 06:44:22 PM
   no water = unflushed toilets... :S atleast i have some. it's very minimal... but some. hurrah.
(hey, feel free to do your toilet buisness, showers and what not chez moi. hahah... but bring some vanilla coke as a small fee, kthx.)

(HAHAHAHA! i just re-read that... i invited people over to pee and take craps... LOL! toooooo funny.)

sabrina dibs | 8/12/2002 06:21:59 PM
   having no water sucks! ahh. you dont realize how much you need tap water til there isnt any. the montreal pipe thing blew up (of course, why not?) so umm all montreal east (i think) doesnt have any water. and on the news you know what they said? "dont water the grass today, dont overuse the water, and boil the water for at least 5 minutes before drinking it" well thats nice... IF WE HAD ANY TO BEGIN WITH! ah. the sink is full of dishes and we cant even take showers. the news people said it could last up to a week! a week!! ahh theyre giving away water at some places though (i.e. jean grou pool) so thats good i guess. anyway, if i smell.. its not my fault i cant wash :D

sabrina dibs | 8/12/2002 12:09:33 PM
   wow fun stuff happening here.. burning appartments, bitchy moms.. depressed david..
yesterday i went to see the fireworks at that feast thing (ive avoided that feast ever since i can remember, so whyd i go this year? ugh. stupid feast) so we (me and gates) get there at 9ish (he was on time for once, wow!) and then we meet adolfo (umm you dont know him but he was animator of my group at summer camp..) and his girlfriend (who happens to be gates' cousin.. wow those two are really lovey dovey its pathetic! ahhh.. "can we go back? she wanted to stay longer" "no its alright.." "really, i wanted to win something for you" "awww" "i feel bad you wanted to stay" "they have to go home" "doesnt matter, you want to stay" pa-lease! :D) along with 3 of their friends.. and theyre a few years older than us (yay..) whatever, theyre all nice and stuff but really.. and so everyone starts meeting people (i felt like i was 5 and following my parents around cause i had to) ugh. yeah.. anyways, around 10 we finally get to the park (to see the fireworks) and they last about 5 minutes.. (better than the st jean baptiste ones.. but nothing compared to la ronde) ummm.. yeah, then they decide they want to go for ice cream (we went to the one near jean coutu cause we..they figured the castle would be packed) and so yeah.. after an interesting car ride (yeah.. these people have cars) looking for the remote for the tv (in the car..) we get there. i call my dad and say "please come pick me up!!! (and save me)" so i went home around 11:30ish. it was an interesting night. i told gates he owes me for this.. he already owes me a lollipop.. hmm i want a lollipop now.
i need some fun. seriously. last night was just akward and unfunlike.

Independent Bum | 8/12/2002 11:40:36 AM
   Yay doesnt the shit always hit the fan at the same time?!??!?!??! Im pissed like crazy today and have been pissed like crazy forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr humm lets see *ponders* to long really. But im not gonna complain im only gonna wish (for real no joke everytime someone says make a wish i always wish for this) for a normal life...Now everyone seems to have something to say that is pissing them off today so why not post it? U might as well cause yeah or wtv if u want email me...although some peeps wont cause they think i dont give a fuck...well u are dead wrong...anyways........L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/12/2002 10:13:24 AM
   im back with my guys are jerks generalization FUCK!!!! grrrr.. yes im pissed.

Lucky * | 8/12/2002 10:07:16 AM
woke up yesterday, at around ten. going to the washroom... i see this spot of black on my cheek, so i lean closer to the mirror to take it off, but what do i see? the entirety of the inside of my nose covered in that black shit. so basically i was all, wtf? i asked my mom... she said maybe it was one of my plush toys... but it wasn't. then i thought it could have been the chemical shit i put on my shoes to protect them... but i dunno, it was odd. she asked me what i was sniffing, of course. but, it seemed like when there's a fire, you know? hmm. so then i'm walking around, chilling in my room. i notice that the bottom of my foot is BLACK. then realize that there's all kinds of this magical black stuff around my room. later on, i see that it's all over the house, mostly in my room though. so i thought, maybe it was the air conditioning? something wrong with it... but blah. so, my mom gets home at one, and she's all, "what's burning?" wasn't something on the stove... but the smell went away. then, we were eating lunch outside, and we kept smelling that once in a while. finally, we get a BIG wiff of it. the neighbor downstairs comes running. ah, her house. fire. joy. she went up north for the weekend, and had just came back and found her apartment like that. the fire was dead, except that her ENTIRE apartment was BLACK. what happened was that there was a small fire, and it burnt everything slowly, and left soot (i don't know how to spell it) everywhere. her cat was in the apartment, and it died. she was going fucking nuts, and i felt so bad for her. like, i wanted to help, but there was nothing i could do. imagine, just out of nowhere... you lose everything, without being forwarned... and she had no insurance, nothing... she just moved in. hah, but i'm getting to the best part. i got the fuck out of my house after TRYING to help with whatever, whatever... blah, blah, felt worse then i've ever been, but still... better than when i got home. the firemen and fire inspectors were back, and they STILL couldn't find anything. they said it started saturday night, i think... and it started from the matress. now, they can't find any cause of it, and they believe it's arsen (however you spell it) since, 2 weeks ago her ex-boyfriend was trying to talk to her, but she wouldn't let him in the apartment so, he tried breaking in... but yes, cops, bullshit like that. where was i? (on this faithful night OF SATURDAY JULY 27...) ha, in my room. awake. shit, YES. eric and jon SHOULD have come over at 4.30 in the morning... that would have been so fucking swell... hmm. YEP. soo... i spent all night thinking of how the world is such a fucking cruel place. it's the worst thing to think of, you feel so empty inside. *sigh* yes. i almost fainted in the shower this morning because i couldn't stand up straight. oh my shower... the water pressure in my house is so exhilirating. feels like you're getting a massage while you're in there. *stares at the screen blankely* but i don't know, the firemen didn't use any water, so i don't know what's up with that. but i've never felt so uncomfortable in my house, EVER. not that i'm afraid of a fire or something else to happen... it's just, cold. wierd. bah, all i hope is that my neighbor is okay... and that is was actually a natural cause. that's all, sorry for boring you... i just had to like, get that out. hmm, later.

Sunday, August 11

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/11/2002 10:56:42 PM
   Greetings from Ontario =)!!!!

Is it all bleh and hot and stuff in Montreal? Cause it's horrible here... Anyways i have a whole bunch of stuff to say.. If you don't feel like reading everything just read this,i'll summerize everything...

1) i spent 55$ buying monkeys and monkey related stuff..
2) my mom got pissed as hell at me yesturday
3) today i went to the zoo!!!
4) candy is yummy
5) old men shouldn't drink
6)Niagra falls is amusing
7)Ontario music FUCKING sucks

that's all i can think of now but i'll probably have more later

1) Yup that's right 55$ + taxes on monkeys... my obsession is uncontrolable!!! actually i could have bought so many more monkeys.. why are monkeys so popular all of a sudden? they're everywhere... Anyways i got myself a henna tatoo.. it's a monkey, a pretty big monkey.. i got her done like a week ago though so she's fading away.. but don't you worry i've got a picture of her.. well my mom took a picture i hope it comes out all nice or else i'll cry. She was just a normal monkey on the picture and she was WAY smaller but the chick told me she was bored and asked if she could experiment on the monkey because i was the second person that day that asked for a monkey.. and so she asked if she could make it big and turn it into a girl.. so she has a pony-like tail on her head and she's got long eye lashes.. she's so pretty! i <3 her.. she needs a name though.. so any name suggestions can be posted on the tagboard.. there are many monkeys that need a name *sigh* i really don't feel creative this week i dunno why.. After the monkey tatoo i got a "bubbles" to add to my bubbles family.. it's a white bubbles and it has the paramount logo.. like the one johanne has.. The tattoo and white bubbles come from Canada's Wonderland... On my b-day we went to Niagra Falls and i bought an other souvenir monkey, this one has a tie that says "canada" and it's remouvable.. the monkey is brown and white.. he needs a name .. i think he's male ..anyone want a monkey to be named after them? And then today i went to the toronto zoo!!! zoo = LOTS of monkeys + me going broke... the first thing i bought was a picture of a monkey.. but erm a real picture not like postcard-ish, some photographer dude was selling them and then i saw the monkey that was in the pic in a cage.. but it was tooken when she was a baby.. her name is suzanne.. that's what the zoo people called her.. the picture i have of her is when she was a baby.. i was looking through the picture album trying to find pictures of monkeys to buy and the photographer dude asked me what i was looking for and i said pictures of monkeys and my mom starting talking to him saying i was obsessed, i'm not obsessed it's just that they're so cute.. ok anyways so i get to the monkey section and i wanted them all there was like 10 of them and they were all really nice so i wanted them all but they were like 2$ each so i had to choose and i was all like EEK! mommy i can't choose so the guy told me to wait a second and that he'd go get something, he came back with the CUTEST thing ever i fell in love with suzanne as soon as i saw her.. she's the most adorable thing on earth. in the picture she's with a stuffed lion animal dude and she's wearing a diapper with mickey and minnie mouse on it and she has the biggest cutest smile ever and her hair is all raised up in the air, i can't wait to introduce her to all of you guys!!! When we left the zoo we ended up in a gift shop.. oh boy i could have bought everything in there but i didn't i was a good girl =) i only bought a little figurine monkey baby thing, a pack of 12 monkey prints (that's just postcard-ish pictures that aren't postcards more like trading cards), i also got 2 sets of stickers, they're furry lil monkey stickers.. =) monkeys make me so happy =) and i bought 3 postcards.. 1 post card of some random monkeys and 2 post cards of a baby monkey and his/her mommy.. i bought two cause i wanted to send one to Massimo but erm i don't think i would have sent it if i didn't have an extra one.. So all that cost like 55$ but it was worth it cause ya i <3 monkeys..

2) I was bitchy as hell yesturday and my mom was really fucking pissing me off because she was being a total bitch.. ya i know i probably shouldnt be saying that about my mom but anyone who has been around when she pulls one of her fits knows that she's psycho.. anyways my brother is scared of heights so at canada's wonderland he didn't want to do some roller coaster, she pulled a fit and seriously forced him to go.. but of course she didn't because well DUH!!! she doesn't do rides.. so why did he have to do it? i didn't really question but when i was on the roller coaster i saw her smoking, i've known for a while that she's just lying about having stopped smoking cause she doesn't want me piercing anything on my body.. (some deal we made in like secondary 2 i think.. so uh she's been *not smoking* for 2 years.. but i don't mind it cause she doesn't smoke in the house so i don't smell all shitty) anyways i didn't really give a fuck until she did it a second time.. we all had to leave her alone cause she had to smoke.. so after that we went to splash works the waterpark in canada's wonderland and she left her bag and i had to watch her stuff.. OHHH and that morning my mom had gotten pissed at me cause i got pissed at my brother and sister for going through my stuff.. but she said they were just playing.. so ya i took her ciggarrets and lighter and put them in the trash can.. so she comes back and wants me to go walk around and find my brother and sister.. so i was like ok.. when i came back she lost it.. it was sooooo fucking funny i was laughing and then she was like you lil whore you where'd you put them and i was pretending i had no idea what she was talking about and then she wanted to leave but i did everything possible to make us stay later and later and my mom was getting all bitchy it was hillarious.. after a while she figured out it was me and was all pissed and then she asked WHY would you go through my stuff and i told her i was just playing :) and i thought she might have forgotten that in her bag when she use to smoke and i didn' t want her to feel bad when she found them, i think she might have realized how annoying it is to have people going through your stuff all the time.. anyways she hasn't smoked anything since yesturday afternoon.. she might have also realized how much of a bitch she was when she made us all leave cause she had to smoke.. i really don't know why my mom smoking bothers me so much.. but it really does.. oh well

3) YAY my favorite part of our vacation so far the ZOOO!!!! it was hillarious this morning my brother and sister came and woke me up saying "wake up sister we're going to the zoo" it made me think of harry potter .. cause well i sleep in a closet.. it was my choice though.. i have a bed.. but i rather sleep in the closet, cause all the have as blinds are transparent vails and the sun is really bright really early and it wakes me up and at night i couldn't sleep cause of the stret lights and the car light.. (i got use to sleeping in total darkness in my basement and that's how i like it.. i have a hard time sleeping with any kind of light on.. ) anyways after like 2 days of sleeplessness i decided to sleep in the closet.. hehe harry potter <3 i miss the movie :( i haven't watched it in sooo long.. i can't wait till the second movie comes out.. ugh.. i get off subject so easily.. at the zoo i seen monkeys and monkeys and monkeys and more monkeys.. well i saw other animals too but ya i saw monkeys!!!!! i had my mom take pictures of the monkeys and i touched one of them i wasn't suppose to cause it says "no touching or feeding the animals" but i felt rebelious so i touched the monkey.. when i put my hand on the cage thing he came to me :) my mommy took a picture of him after.. he was all cute.. i made her take pictures of a few monkeys.. i saw monkeys today at the zoo .. the zoo makes me happy.. me + zoo = happy me

4) candy is yummy. do i really need to explain that? 67.49$ spent on candy and fudge.

5) AHAHAH haha hehe HAHAHAH ok.. let me explain.. in my condo block place where i'm staying there's some dude that posted a message type thing on each floor.. it says something like " golf clubs lost on august 4th between the hours of 12:30 am to 5:00am if found please contact ____name____, appartment 202, ____phone #___" that made me and my mom laugh so much, we concluded that he was too drunk to remember at what time he got home and he was also too drunk to remember which floor he might have accidently left them on.. i want to take a picture of that sign or like take it down and bring it home cause it's beautiful.. and hehe today at the zoo there was some random drunk dude running back and forth everywhere it was hillarious but then he got kicked out :( that made me sad but then i looked at suzanne and i was happy again... at first me and my sister thought the dude had lost his kid or something cause he was just running back and forth looking for something, after that he went to do peepee in the wood but my mom wouldnt let us look :/ i just wanted to see if he was really doing that.. soon after that security made him leave *sigh*
6) i went to niagra falls on my birthday it was fun - my parents bitching at each other all day.. they could of at least tried to be nice at each other all i heard out of my moms mouth is "your father is a jerk and he doesn't like anything that isn't his idea" anyways we played in the arcades for 3hrs.. hehe we spent like 120$ but we got some kick ass stuff with the ticket things you get when you win at games.. my sister got a scooby doo teddy bear, my brother got a model car, and i got two picture frames, they're really cute i <3 them suzannes in one of them cause i don't want her to get damaged while being transported bt i think she might stay in there for a while cause shes so cute and she deserves a picture frame.. we went into a few museums and haunted houses.. it was crunk-like except for the haunted houses arent scary and me and my sister got lost in the frankenstein mansion but then these two dudes showed us around, they brought us to see frankenstein first though... it was odd but fun.. then for supper we went to fridays, i never thought that place would be so freakin expensive. it cost like 20$ for a hamburger anything else was like 50$ a plate.. it seemed like a family restaurant type place but uhhhh 250$ is alot for food that sucks.. so many people were walking in getting the menus and leaving.. oh well.. after supper we walked around and then there were fire works.. for my birthday of course.. hehe probably not but whatevers.

7) the music in ontario is fucking horrible.. all stations are fucking horrible.. today was the top 10.. i heard all of it while we were going to the zoo ...
#10 : micheal jackson - billy jean
#9 : shaggy - angel
# 8 Creed - with arms wide open
#7 Aaron Carter - Aarons party
#6 Bsb - Drowning
the rest of the songs made sense.. vanessa carleton-ish but ya they made sense.. the first few made absolutly no sense.. im not sure if they were in that order but those songs were in the top ten.. i dont get it.. i really dont

OH oh OH it's the eleventh aujourd'hui YAY!!! i remembered on my own =) 9 months already.. it seems so odd.. in 3 months its gonna be a year ahh that's so scary.. i think im gonna get him a bubbles from canada's wonderland so that when i go to his house i can feel at home, cause monkeys bring so much joy and happyness... hehe ok i gotta go to bed,, i'm going to old navy tomorrow morning YAY i can't wait..

Saturday, August 10

sabrina dibs | 8/10/2002 12:37:23 PM
   this is for yesterday (no i didnt forget, i just didnt go online.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!! :D hope you didnt spend it looking at a pigeon like last year :)
last night was fun. i went to see the "big show" and then i met claudia, rosie, and david there. and gaetano dissapeared. anyway, those hats were beautiful!!! the hats were the show! :D and i got to keep one :) yay!!!!! then we went for ice cream, and then me and claudia played umm.. what was it called? well the object of the game was to hit the other persons butt. she won 3 - 2... but she kind of had the advantage.. considering i actually have a butt and she doesnt. :)
my throat hurts today. why am i sick? youre not supposed to get sick in the summer! *sniff* ah well, i hope it goes away fast.

Lucky * | 8/10/2002 11:07:15 AM
   don't tell me this isn't hilarious!... me and Jennifer were talking about abercrombie clothes *grin* and how we wanted a sweater or something... and we thought of Claudia who was going to new york...
Jennifer =) says: erm claudia wouldnt go
Jennifer =) says: anabel :D
hahaha, don't ask why... i find it so funny. (Anabel... mary/prep if you're confused... Claudia's sister) hahahah... SERIOUSLY! MAJOR crack problems this morning.

Lucky * | 8/10/2002 10:53:22 AM
   k... i was just listening to sk8 or die (planet smashers) and is it just me, or when he's saying, "about to defy the laws of gravity" he says it, "aboot"... ahhahaha, too funny. in my head he does, so it's just funny, k? ahhaha... aboot. well, it's not aboot, but it's not about either. it's like, abowt. *nods* hehehe, crackity crack crack. *aherm* damn tagboards... piss me off so much. *cries* they never work! euugh. whatever, i got some stuff to do before my sister takes me shopping. *grin* hahahaha... shopping fun! yay!
ha, i call her at like 10 this morning... "hey Lella" "hi" "whatcha doing today?" "you want to go shopping don't you?" hahahahahha. she knows me too well. oh well, i'm off. later.

Friday, August 9

Monday Monkey | 8/9/2002 08:26:39 PM
   Yes....i have returned..and it's seems i was too late. From what i can tell our very own Mr. David has because a crose dresser( How ever u speel it). For some reason everything feels off...and also yeah im bored cus as i expected u all ran away before i got home so when i did get home u had all gone off to do stuff. I think i may go do somethign avec sofia if she ever gets back from her gerney to the farmacy. And btw matter what i think i got u beat(woooooo oooooo oo killer tofu) on the hours awake. Heheh its reached halucination pint. I just thried to grab a ninja turtle..littlwe did i know it was only the remote. Hehehe yeah i think i slept once in the many feels like forever. Yeah................i should sleep but i think mr insomnia has come back. Not that i want to "sleep" (cus i may have been a halucination im still not sure, cus the dream i had was realer than any dream....), i dont wanna have that dream again. Well whatever i guess ull all coem online aventualy....and stay on if u can cus im bored.

Lucky * | 8/9/2002 06:25:23 PM
1. Do you have a car? If so, what kind of car is it? nope, but if i do get one when i get my liscense... it'll be the EVER LOVELY 1990 toyota corolla... =) (hey, i actually really want it. it would be so freggin' cool to have my own car, even though it sounds like a pod-racer. hehehe...)
2. Do you drive very often? not often, since i don't have my liscense, or my leaner's permit for that matter... hehe. but i've driven a few times. mucho's fun.
3. What's your dream car? i dunno. a pretty one. hehehe, i would say a Mercedes SLK 430 roadster. or you know what's pretty? a ford explorer. i dunno why, i find it nice. *shrug* go figure.
4. Have you ever received a ticket? na uh, no liscense...
5. Have you ever been in an accident? hmm, nope...

hehe, it's funny when songs remind you of the most randomnest things. in the car on the way to work today, i had "if you see Jordan" in my head (something corporate) and that made me think of pre-school. hehe... i was just thinking about it, and i remembered that my best friend's name was Tiffany and my boyfriend's name was Jordan. he had red hair too... hehe. yeah. it's wierd how i remember random facts. anyway, i was at the bank, and "my heart will go on" (celine dion) came on... and there were like 2, 3 people humming and whistling along. too funny. but then i thought of Jennifer and our skit for the variety show. so here i am, in line at the bank, laughing my ass off. damn, that was a funny skit. hehehe...
anyway, i'm off soonish to the damn church feast thing. EUUGH! every year i end up going! why... i do not know. i don't mind it though. toys = :) i wonder if Claudia and Sabrina are doing a dance. haha... 'twould be so great. yeah, they're already there helping out, David is on his way here, and then we're gonna go. hey, Mr. Eric? where are you! you were supposed to be back today! *taps her foot impatiently* hmph. hurry back so we can show you chill place st. leonard! hehe, yeah. i'm pretty much done. later.

Independent Bum | 8/9/2002 12:05:08 PM
   BON FETE INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope NIagra Falls is cool early in the morning Jenn *snicker* well anyways im gonna shower and get dressed.Geuss what i'm wearing today...PLEATHER PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHA yeah thats right Rosie gave them to me so yeah im wearing them cause they look good and are comfy! L Dz*cheers* PLEATHER PANTS!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

Lucky * | 8/9/2002 08:04:25 AM
   BON fÍte, Jennifer! =)

Thursday, August 8

Lucky * | 8/8/2002 09:38:45 PM
   haha... David's putting the turtleneck on now... the brown colored one with the stripes... hahaha, and it's a medium. this is gonna g... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that was the funniest thing i've ever seen!!! hahahaha... besides the fact that it's a turtleneck, it's a girls... and it's really small! hahahahah! tooo funny. yeah, i think David is taking the pleather pants home. because they're "comfy". hahaha, yes. his head couldn't fit through the hole of the shirt, and his arm was stuck. hahahahaha! funnyness degree 12.... actually, 17!!! *nods* oh whatever*pushes Rosie to side* AHUM THEY ARE COMFORTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And theyre strecthy and they make a crazy noise when i hit my leg *SMACK!!!* *gives keyboard back to Rosie now* about the noise... yes. in short, Claudia thought David was smacking his own ass. *nods* well, anyway... enough with the crazy David trying on Rosie's clothes adventures... later.

Lucky * | 8/8/2002 09:32:43 PM
   Hahahahahha its David, im sitting in Rosie's house waiting for her to come back with her turtle neck...*waiting*...tis taking pretty long...hahahhaha its gonna be so funny , hahah Rosie in a turtle neck...HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH O GOD!!!! I made a deal with Rosie, she puts the pleather pants on and i wear a turtle neck...shes changing now...HAHHAHAHAHHAHA o god, my doom has come. HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH THE PANTS LOOK BETTER ON ME!!!!! Oh yeah btw i wore pleather pants today and they are quite comfortable. I'd wear them again....sad to say really i hate them but i love them....hehehhehe o god i have to wwear a turtle neck now. Oh well im gonna go now...L Dz*cheers*

sabrina dibs | 8/8/2002 04:37:47 PM
   okay seriously jen you know id do almost anything for you.. but i have to draw a line somewhere. and sorry but uh.. going somewhere alone with uh guy # 2 is just not my idea of fun. you know what hell start doing, then what ill start doing.. well spend the whole day mad at each other.. so no. sorry.
anyways, today was another interesting day at camp. not much happened though. tomorrows the last day *sniff* (these kids are soo cute its incredible) were getting pizza yum. oh, and gates told me the hats are breaking (the ones we made last night) and then he blamed it all on me *SNIFF* so i told him it was like 11 oclock after a hard days work and i was working for charity over at his house and he shouldnt blame moi. so then christina (this girl you peoples dont know.) was like, "gates what are you doing? you should be kissing her feet not screaming at her" :D so he backed away. yay chris!

Independent Bum | 8/8/2002 01:37:32 PM
   Ive seen it before but i really like it today for some reason.On the album Stay Asleep by Bigwig when u take out the cd there is writing on the cd case. Its about Man.Now i shall post these words written by an anonymous person..." Isn't man an amazing animal? He kills wildlife - birds,kangaroos,deer,all kinds of cats,cayotes,beavers,groundhogs,mice,foxes, and dingoos - by the million in order to protect his domestic animals and feed. Then he kills domestic animals by the billions so he can eat them. This in turn kills man by the million, because eating all these animals leads to degenerative- fatal- health conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, and cancer. So then man tortures and kills millions more animals to looks for cures for these diseases. Elsewhere, millions of other humans are being killed by hunger and malnutrition because the food they could eat is being used to fatten domestic animals. Meanwhile, some people are dying of sad laughter at the absurdity of man who kills so easily and so violently, and once a year sends out cards praying for " Peace on Earth." HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA fucking beautiful.That all to be said L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/8/2002 08:37:23 AM
   Old Navy just opened. I refuse to leave until i get an old navy sweatshirt.. they're just so .. i dunno.. i'd rather have an abercrombie one though but bleh.. none of those in canada. what's wrong with Canada? Anywho James always seems to be around when i need him.. we talked about my guy problems and he told me guy #2 was a jerk and that he should leave me alone, he also told me to try to set him up with some girl to go out so that i wouldnt feel bad not going.. then he was like ask sab to go.. she'd do anything for you.. but HA! no i wouldn't do that to you sabrina.. i know you probably would though if i asked and begged and got you to feel sorry for me..
This trip is all cooliez and stuff... WAY better then last years and we got the canada's wonderland season pass, so thats cool too cause yesturday was so much fun. I got a henna on my back!!! guess of what =) yeah that's right a monkey!! but it's a chick monkey, she's so cute.. hehe the henna chick was like erm you want a monkey? and then i was like uh huh and then she was like WTF!?! you're like the second one today.. i just don't get it ..hehe monkeys are so crunk.. so then i told her i was obsessed and then she told me to go buy a canada's wonderland bubbles and so i did. he's white.. oh and the henna chick was making him..she had to draw him but it's still really cute (i took a pic just incase it was gone when i came home) when she was drawing him she would ask me the oddesst things about the monkey 'should he have a tail?' 'should i make him a her?' 'can she have a poney tail type thing on her head?' (ok she didnt word that that way but i dont remember how she asked) HOLY FUCK i just got the oddest e-mail.. is it one of you guys being bored?

"Hi, I was really surprised to find someone with the same name as me.
My name is Jennifer Lehoux, I used to live in Quebec Canada (the frensh part of canada). Although the Lehoux familly settled in canada early in the 17th century, the name is quite uncommon. Are you related to the Quebec Lehoux or did your ansestors settle in the U.S....?

Would be nice to hear from you.

Jennifer "

scary.. i shall go answer.. bye byes

Lucky * | 8/8/2002 12:14:14 AM
   wishlists are fun. =)
i made one on, lol... i'm up to $579 in cd's and movie's that i want. hehe, joy. i made one at too... *grin* what do you want, prep clothes are cool. hey, there's a shirt that says Rosie on it. *grins* here, go looky. =) (no, lol... i don't want people to buy me stuff... i'm just bored. hehe) and here's the hmv one. (k, works now, hehe) go look at my crappy taste in music, lol. eugh, i'm so bored. but awake. =) smiley's are cool. *pouts* i want shoes. damn, i'm materialistic today. hehe, i always am. but... no, i really need shoes. *nods* and a pet monkey. i would like a pet monkey. where can i get a pet monkey? "hmm... just the monkey then!" hehe. okay... i'm too on crack for the heroined world! later.

Wednesday, August 7

Lucky * | 8/7/2002 10:43:10 PM
   time to babble! i'm in a good mood... =D
well, work was okay today. i actually had some stuff to do, so i was happy. (and i left early too... hooray!) i dunno, i feel important now, cause i recognize some people on the phone, and it's like, "hi Rosie, how are you?" and i'm all... "aww! hello!" hehe. coolness. umm, i was looking at some Europe brochures, and yeah. *sigh* i wanna go to Paris. so, i'm talking to my daddy...
"Daddy, can i go to Paris?" "well, i can bring you the next time i go." *score* "cool, how often do you go?" "once every 2, 3 years" "when was the last time you went?" "3 years ago." "and when do you go usually?" "january, around..." "SCORE. done and done. vacation for me in january.* later that day... in the car, "don't think you're going on vacation in january." *damnit.* "your cousin in Italy is getting married in october so i'm going there." eugh. cousins and there marriages. hmph. why can't the Paris ones be getting married! that would float my boat. hehe.
anyway, today a St-Leonard chill place was found... where? on top of McDonalds! that's right... ON TOP! hehe, too cool for the world. (can i David? k, thanks. hehe.) it's pretty easy to climb, a little scary to get down if you're not strong (i.e. if you're me) but, pretty worth it. *nods* yeah. i'd spend a day there. and play star wars monopoly. yeah, that's right.
hehehe, okay... i don't think i have a point anymore. hehe, but i'm in a good mood so blogging is fun.
HAHA... Jennifer saw a bunch of emo kids at Canada's wonderland, and she thought of me! hehehe... cool. hehe, Jennifer is seeming to have a mucho cool vacation. lucky her. (Alphonse is on the trip too... hehe)
tomorrow is JC's birthday. (from nsync) just thought i'd share. and then, it's JENNIFER'S! yay! today was Marissa's. yeah, little Marissa's. hehe... i sent her a card. =) there's so many people born in august. and more... my cousin's kid... in 20 days! YAY! hehe. baby. they were thinking of the name Lucas. at first i thought it was really ugly, but then it grew on me. but, my sister pointed out that my entire family has an inside joke revolving around the name "Luc" so... that poor kid would be tramautized... but it would be SOOO funny! hahahahahah! especially if he has fly-ey hair. okay, it's not funny to anyone. HAHAHA! oh god. she was thinking, Lucas, Matthew, or Nicholas. i like Matthew... i think it would suit the kid well. if he has a fro. if not, if he has dark dark hair... then Lucas. if not, Nicholas. heh. i'm not ever getting in a car with him though. hehehehe. and he already has little converse. =) go kid. aww. okay, i'm babbling alot now! so... later. *waves*

sabrina dibs | 8/7/2002 04:54:20 PM
   :( *sniff* poor david. ah well, not the end of the world, just one subject, redo it next year.
and to jennifer, well, i told you from the start the guy has a thing for you.. seriously, and not just cause of what he did now, but all throughout the year. anyways, just go to the..uh thing (not sure if i am allowed to say what.. ?) with him and bring someone with you. im sure if you look hard enough youll find two other people who you know that would want to go too.

last night at like 8 oclock i was on my way to meet gaetano.. you know what for?? i had to help him make hats! HATS!! ahh.. haha seriously, i stayed at his house til 11 and we still werent done. ahh. those hats better not be thrown out after the show. by the way, the BIG SHOW is this friday at the rdp church at 7pm (the feast thing..) go watch :D should be cute.

anyways, today was cool!! :D HALLOWEEN DAY!! (yes, we know its only august). we played games and stuff. i spent all day with gaetano cause my group's assistant animator was in change of the day and the animator demanded that he be someone in the haunted house (he was the butcher person..) so gates stayed with me. but by the end of the day seriously alexandre was pissing me off. AHHHHHHHH one more minute of him crying and i would have shaken him. im so mean :(. i felt so bad... but uh!! the haunted house was amazing. well, pathetic for us big kids but perfect for 8 year olds! they made this whole story about.."timmy and old camper who went missing and died so he haunts the camp ever year on halloween day because that was his favorite theme day". they had doors close by themselves and everything. the kids were scared to go to the bathroom cause we told them he likes to haunt people there :) so the toughest kid in the group of course gets scared out of his mind and sobs.. actually sobs. it was so funny! (in a nice way).

Independent Bum | 8/7/2002 12:57:27 PM
   So i take my time opening the fucking letter....talking to pat on msn while doing all this. Open it, take out the paper....stare at it....finally get the will to open the letter...look at my mark is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 hours of straight study! ALL FOR WHAT A MARK LOWER THAN MY FIRST ONE!!!!!! THATS BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to skool my day has worsend 10 fold! What will make this day better *ponders*....nothing on this earth could possibly make this day better. Life takes its toll on me again. What to do now....*ponders* fuck wtv i hope everything just dies or that the sun explodes and theres eternal darkness. L Dz*cheers*

Independent Bum | 8/7/2002 12:43:17 PM
   NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD (well better than other days)!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST GOT THE ENVELOPE WITH MY FUCKING GOD DAMN MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT WANNA OPEN IT *evil stare at envelope*!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really dont think i wanna open it and yeah if i do ill be even more pissed all day...unless i passed then ill be semi no no a quarter happier. Urgh wtv if i do open it im gonna post what i feel about mr mark and yeah ill pbbly post Mr Mark too! I dont wanna *cries* L Dz*cheers*

Tuesday, August 6

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/6/2002 07:57:53 PM
   Brampton... 20 minutes away from Canada's Wonderland and an hour away from Niagra falls.. erm i think i'm in brampton... i'm not sure.. Anyways i'll talk about Johannes party and why i look so fucking bleh at the moment.. yup yup i got majorly hurt! like badly hurt! my shoulder is blue and purple and red! the huge bump on my head is slowly going away though but it still looks on the purple-ish side.. Anywho i guess i'll survive.. but what's really been bothering me is what i was talking about with sabrina and rosie.. i'll not mention names just incase this person or any of his close friends reads this site.. anyways he called me yesturday and asked me to if i wanted to go watch a movie with him, he said he had called everyone before but no one could go so he thought about asking me.. anyways i told him i couldn't cause i was leaving early the next day to go to toronto.. so he begged and then i was like ok wait.. i have a b/f and then he was like i know but do you love him? will you be spending the rest of your life with him? and then i said i had to go =( why is this happening to me now? why couldn't all this happen like 9 monthes ago? i could have chosen then.. but now it's WAYYY too late.. i won't deny the fact that i like the guy.. but i seriously believe that i'm in love..
OK!!! well for lunch i ate wendy's YAY!!!! wendy = yummy!!!! and for supper we ate swiss chalet but YUCK!!!! it was so gross like REALLY REALLY gross like i want to barf gross.. ya so we ended up going for ice cream after cause everyone was starving.. For my b-day i really want to go to chucky cheeses but my mom doesnt want =( she thinks im too old WTF?!?!!? that's why i don't want to turn 16 i'm too old for all the fun stuff.. anywho the condo-like place we're staying in is RIGHT in front of old navy.. old navy is the coolest store ever. i want to go shopping NOW!! i think we're going to canada's wonderland tomorrow.. it should be great fun.. well bye byes for now

sabrina dibs | 8/6/2002 06:06:32 PM
   wheres brampton??? okay well, thats cool jennifer.
today i went to the ecomuseum. twas tres cool. wow, there was a snowy owl and it looked like hedwig!!! :D HARRY POTTER :) haha.. umm yeah. tomorrow is halloween day, dont ask i know its only august but it will be fun. i helped with the haunted house today (and apparently every kid comes out crying every year). we gotta get dressed up and everything. i found a pocahontas costume in my closet so ill be an indian. :D

oh, and whos posting in the tag board as SABRINA?? really, and hi? hello? a little odd..

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/6/2002 03:35:43 PM
   YAY!!!!!! i'm in brampton... and we got a computer in our condo =) but it's high REALLY high.. j'ai peur.. anywho i'm guessing this trip might be all cooliez and stuff...

Lucky * | 8/6/2002 09:24:07 AM
my polka dotted pyjama has been bleached! SDKFJSFFN!!! yeah, that's right. eugh, i'm so sad.
GUESS what! i dunno. *drums her fingers on the keyboard* it's Jennifer's birthday in a few days. go say happy birthday. k? good. j'ai rien a poster. *thinks* *shrug* oh well. *goes to the washroom*

Sunday, August 4

Independent Bum | 8/4/2002 01:02:42 PM
   HAHAHHAHAHA junk mail my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U horny horny girl Rosie... heheheheheh. Yeah i know u told me it really wasnt you and what not but yeah i just had to say that cause i don't know its hard to belive its junk mail! L Dz*cheers*

Lucky * | 8/4/2002 11:12:36 AM
junk mail, <3

Lucky * | 8/4/2002 11:03:35 AM
   hahaha... a case full of vanilla coke for me! *evil grin*
okay, Johanne's party thingy was really fun. except for Jennimafer getting hurt while teaching me how to dive. =( poor Jennifer. but seriously, you should become a stand up comedian. hehehehe... i dunno what it was but i just couldn't stop laughing everytime she was talking. ahaha... and okay... wtf! i cut myself on the edge of the pool... and it was a pretty deep cut. then, later that night... i look at it, and it's healed. like completely. all you saw was a line. and now, i just looked at it, and it's back the way it was before... except not as deep. what the hell is going on! hehehehe. and she had a rainbow cake. i just felt the need to share that. (aka. it was Nico's cake... hehe) annnndd, i have nothing else to say, and i just woke up so yeah. hehehe, i'm on crack. *waves*

Independent Bum | 8/4/2002 12:10:10 AM
   Rosie just won the contest...sorry folks only one winner...but remember you're all winners in my heart*tear* L Dz*cheers*

Saturday, August 3

Independent Bum | 8/3/2002 10:25:24 PM
   Yes my 5th post in a row...this one is really worth it...HAHAHAAHAHAH owwww my fucking head! I tryed to do something with this first it wasn't bad...i put gel and messed it up a bit, twas cool...but now its A FUCKING HUGE FRO!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAA ok where to begin... You know when u get into the mood of singing...well i got i pulled out Vulgar Display Of Power (Pantera if you are trying to geuss) and so it began...twas a beautiful time......but then, i felt like playing guitar so which cd do i pop out...THE ONE AND ONLY STAY ASLEEP FROM BIGWIG!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!! I figured it was gonna be another normal practice thingy...but oh how i was wrong...WAIT before i continue i'd like to say this cause its just a keeper for the books! Right after i got out of the shower i played some Planet Smashers naked!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHA THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok continuing with the practice...(im dressed btw) i miss the first notes of Still but quickly i plug in the jack to my guitar. Finish the first riff and everythings normal...then when the singing started i dont know what came over me! I WAS FUCKING FLIPPING OUT!!!!!! If any of you have ever seen the Open Your Eyes vid from Goldfinger picture me like the bassist except going FUCKING MORE INSANE THAN HIM!!!!!!!! EVERY SONG WAS ME RIPPING IT UP AND FUCKING GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Head banging,jumping,kicking the air,doing that thingy where it looks like ur gonna smash the guitar on the floor but u dont...all of that to degree 20! So after Stay Asleep finishes i had to go get An Invitation To Tragedy (bigwig again) . This one was pure insane-ness! From first note to last twas pure anger expressed in playing and singing. SOLOS ACTUALLY DONE WITH JUMPING AND RUNNING AROUND (thats really really hard btw) WITH ONLY MINIMAL FUCK UPS!!!!!!!! Now time of rest has come...i was thinking of putting in some Goldfinger, but my head is gonna explode. I think everyone is still at johannes, hope you're all having fun! Ow i actually hurt my leg while playing, guitar smacked my leg REALLY hard but it didnt matter at the time. I feel like a stoner or something i dont know wait...i feel drunk thats it...woah too fucked up! HAHAHAH o god i PLAYED GUITAR NAKED!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA! well fuck this i need water or drinkys and food before i pass out.........................L Dz*cheers*

Independent Bum | 8/3/2002 06:52:36 PM
   My bumper sticker reads:

Lighten up.
Take the quiz.

Why the fudgesicles do i always get the same thing like ERIC!!!!!!!!!!! Urgh!

Yeah so i was bored and apperantly im a girl now...

I am linus

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

So everyone does get Linus!
Well im gonna shower and then try and do something with this oh so beautiful *sarcasm* hair i have!L Dz*cheers*

Independent Bum | 8/3/2002 05:59:40 PM
   WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im home and all i got is music! So im posting lyrics from the great Goldfinger...but before i do that id liek to say that Bro is the fucking funnest song to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You thinks it's a joke, I find no reason,

Why I should laugh at you.

You think its a joke to take advantage

Of the life that supports you.

Push and push. suppress the weaker ones

You find two words, with emotions you are numb.

You think the world revolves around the things you buy.

I think of loneliness that you will die.

I want to defend defenseless, let the meek inherit the earth.

And your intelligence give you nothing to mask your ignorance.

If theres a God above to judge whats right and wrong.

Your careless attitude will soon be gone.

You thinks its a joke, I find no reason,

Why i should laugh at you.

You think its a joke to take advantage

Of the life that supports you.

You think its a joke

You think its a joke

I want to defend defenseless, let the meek inherit the earth.

And your intelligence give you nothing to mask your ignorance.

If theres a God above to judge whats right and wrong.

Your careless attitude will soon be gone.

You think the world revolves around the things you buy.

I think of lonliness that you will die. you will...

You thinks its a joke, I find no reason,

Why I should laugh at you.

You think its a joke to take advantage

Of the life that supports you.

'cause I find no reason.

Why I should laugh at you.

You think its a joke!

Yeah fucking good lyrics! ill look for another great ass song...L Dz*cheers*

Independent Bum | 8/3/2002 04:11:31 PM
   YEah wtv update...the song is mentioned by me and Eric during July... i think thats a good enough hint really... Oh yeah have fun trying to firgure it out...if u care...L Dz*cheers*

Independent Bum | 8/3/2002 04:04:09 PM
   Yeah so i trot home (skate home really but who cares)!!!! yeah and so i get home....log on to msn and the usual pops up***You have 5 New Messages in your inbox*** yeah just an ordinary day right...? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*smiles* Who do i get an email from...????? JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHA O GOD!!!!! To think of anyone who would send an email hes liek lasst on my list!!!!!!!!!! He's always doing osmething! That guy always brings a smile to my face...*tear* And to make it better the email is a casual one... u know like how are you and what nots! HHAHAHHAA I LOVE IT!! I dont have much else to write but yeah that dude rulz and also rips it up on guitar. Id like to play with him one day but im scared hes gonna shred circles around me!heheheh. But hey i geuss i like the dude alot id still play with him...try to keep up as much as possible.Speaking of which I HAVENT SEEN JENN AND SAB FOR SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually i saw Sab not that long ago but we really didnt talk..i think me Eric and Nick scared her shitless.HAHAHHAHAA geuss what? Im thinking of a song...(none of you will ever get this!!!) It's from a Montreal ska-core band and yeah i mentioned that song QUITE A BIT during my last ummm 6 posts ill say. Email me with your geusses or answer and if u do get it right ummm ill treat u to a SoBe or ice cream or something! We'll im i have to think of something to do *ponders* L Dz*cheers*

Lucky * | 8/3/2002 09:48:46 AM
   friday five
1. What is your lineage? Where are your ancestors from? Italy, joy.
2. Of those countries, which would you most like to visit? bah, i've been there already. nothing spectacular. besides, my aunts and uncles suck, my cousins more and everyone has attitude. the only reason you should go is for the ice cream. it's cumalicious! (hehe, i stole that one from David) HOWEVER, i would like to go to Paris to see my other cousins that are freaking cool au boute. and Paris itself seems cool too. joy.
3. Which would you least like to visit? Why? ...
4. Do you do anything during the year to celebrate or recognize your heritage? auhm, Canada Day and St-Jean Baptiste! joy!
5. Who were the first ancestors to move to your present country (parents, grandparents, etc)? well, my mother came with her parents, and so did my dad. so parents and grandparents together. *nods*

that was sucky. hehe, but i STRONGLY recommend that all of you go see Austin Powers. that my friends, is far from being sucky... it's absolutely hilarious!
"Dr. Evil?" "yo." ehehehe, it was so me. but it was wierd, we got in late so everything was dark, and we were trying to find a seat, and maybe i'm going crazy again, but someone was calling my name. it kinda sounded like Johanne, so Claudia was screaming out, "Johanne, Johanne!" i guess it wasn't Johanne. *shrug* it would have been funny if it was. oh joy, i'm babbling... oh! CONGRATS SABRINA! yay! drive me everywhere now! hehe...

and don't forget that you can go win yourself a something corporate cd, =)
did i tell you that i have a magna doodle? i do. =) merci Claudia. yeah, i should go... lata.

Friday, August 2

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 8/2/2002 11:20:42 PM
   bonjour everyone
demain is johannes birthday party. it shall be muchos fun. i havnt gone swimming in the longest time ( chris, if ur reading, the last time was at ur house and that was like a month ago .)IM FINALLY EATIN CHINESE FOOD ! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMUCHOS guys know whats cool, i saw what a kidney stone looked like today. it doesnt look like a stone. its a blob of flesh. i mean, i knew it would be that, but wouldnt be so much cooler if it looked like an actual stone ?

Independent Bum | 8/2/2002 07:31:11 PM
   OK!!!!! God dammit i was holding ctrl instead of shift and it was fucking up! Ok , as i first was gonna say was...CONGRADULATIONS SABRINA!!! hehehhe. Hummm i sorta feel like homer except i didnt take 6 silver bullets for Barney...I only am up to 2 for my sanity.Hell that storm was was shaking my whole house!! FUCKING SWEET ASS SWEET! Ok this Sobe really sucks!!!!! URGH! I think everyone is working or something today...but whatever im gonna just go now... L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/2/2002 05:33:23 PM

1. What is your lineage? Where are your ancestors from? France and Ukraine and Russia and Canada [Quebec and Manitioba and New Brunswick]

2. Of those countries, which would you most like to visit? Ukraine

3. Which would you least like to visit? Why? Canada..

4. Do you do anything during the year to celebrate or recognize your heritage? July 1st =) i begged my mom to stay home on ukrainian easter and xmas and stuff but it didn't work *sigh*

5. Who were the first ancestors to move to your present country (parents, grandparents, etc)? great-great grandparents! my great grandmother only speaks ukranian (and just enough english to be understood in Canada) and my grandparents speak it too.. i only know swear words.. and insults =) my great grandmother thought me.

sabrina dibs | 8/2/2002 01:13:28 PM
oh god.. *panic attack* ahh im so happy, seriously. before the test these two women were going to make me cry. one was telling the other: "this is my first time here and my last. im not here to fool around. i did practice tests and i was always failing them, but if you get an answer wrong you can go back and try again, so i kept getting 100's". yeah okay, first of all, that test is really hard, 2nd: you cannot try the questions over again, 3: i wasnt fooling around either. and 4: YOU'RE AN ADULT, WHY DID YOU WAIT THIS LONG? *sigh* seriously, when she started with the fooling around stuff i was about to cry. anyways, im really happy right now!!

then i went to walmart with my mom and she had to buy a coffee maker thing (i broke ours while washing it :D ). guess what its called! MR COFFEE :) haha.. and i was reading the box and it says theres a MRS TEA!! how cute is that?? haha

also, i think i might have forgotten to mention my mommy got a promotion awww *sniff* she is now a director of some sort. (one step higher than manager and one below vice president.. i think) so thats cool, no idea what she does though.. :) something with paychecks.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/2/2002 09:54:48 AM
   i love storms, i really do, but yesturday was too much! i woke up and seriously jumped like 10ft. in the air.. and my sister was crying.. at first i thought it was someone playing with fireworks cause that's what it sounded like but then my basement lit up and i was like oh oh storm.. BIG storm anyways something was dripping so i had my parents come down and we found out it was the chimeny.. so we found a bucket to put under it... but then we heard OJDSOGPOW! type thing.. then the lights went REALLY REALLY bright and then they went off.. and then my stupid alarm system went beep beep beep for like 20 minutes until the electricity came back. but when it did come back everything in my house turned on for some reason. it was so odd.. my tv, my computer,the vaccum,the radios EVERYTHING it was freaky. and then this morning at like 6:30 it started again.. and since my dad just came back from the states.. he only went to work for like 9 and so i did the same..
Anyways last night was odd.. Massimo called me and he ended up reading me a kiddie book. He read me a rugrats book =) hehe he started reading it and then he stopped but then i was like :( but i wanna know what happens :( and then he told me i was just like a lil child.. and ya i am but nobody cares so i shall go now! Oh and my internet at home wasn't working this morning.. i get no signal from outside *sigh* i hope it fixes itself or else i'm gonna have to talk to scary videotron dudes who think im evil because i have illegal programs and *sigh*

Thursday, August 1

Independent Bum | 8/1/2002 10:32:26 PM

Independent Bum | 8/1/2002 07:05:45 PM
   Ok... Im glad me and eric werent the only ones who didnt wanna become 16... i dont liek it really...Actually ever since ii was my bday nothing went right! Of course i wish the best for all you who will be 16 soonish or what not! GOOD LUCK *chuckles big d all the way! actaully im listening to that cd right now*. Is that what you are or are you just scared?!hehehehe lyrics are cool! Well congrats on the frigde sab ehhehehe fridges are cool! Yeah im not gonan write much more cause yeah blah no one wants that! ehhehe so id just liek to say SUPERSPERM!!!!! hahahahahahhahahahahaha o god...indoor joke,...L Dz*cheers*

sabrina dibs | 8/1/2002 06:51:17 PM
   hmph. haha i find jennifers post funny. you unresponsible girl *points finger* :D
todays beach experience was interesting. of course not many kids were there due to that kid who drowned in 2 feet of water at a summer camp a few days ago somewhere in montreal. so.. yeah, there were 5 kids in our group. great. we had to make a human wall. twas fun. but now my nose hurts cause its all burnt (you all know how i dont tan i burn. oww)
also, we got a new fridge today *applause* my dad finally agreed to give up on our 20+ year old fridge downstairs (it was like his baby or something) it had started making big icicles on the back.. and then melting to little ponds. so the one we had upstairs went down and now we have a brand new one.. but its kind of big like. itll take some getting used to. the freezers at the bottom and everything (okay why am i blabbing about the fridge????)

anyway, i told my parents about johannes party today.. wow! my mom freaked out. shes all like "i dont like that girl, why are you going?" so i explained blah blah. and shes like "fine, but you dont spend more than 5$ on her" yes mommy. whatever, i think 10$ is good.

okay, i really should end this.. i gotta make sure i know stuff for tomorrow. EVERYONE WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or else...) :D

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/1/2002 02:34:08 PM
   hand to crotch.. need i say more?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 8/1/2002 01:40:52 PM
   i'm so excited!!!! i'm turning 16 in 8 days.. i'm so excited yet i'd love to be able to stay fifteen...actually i wanna be a lil kid again... i don't want a b/f, i want a guy to run after in the school yard at lunch time.. i want to have a cheap graduation ceremony in the caffeteria.. with my mom waving at me and crying cause her baby is all grown up cause she's graduated from kindergarden... i don't wanna be going to a prom which i'm suppose to plan.. i don't wanna grow-up and be responsible.. *sigh* this makes me think of a song.. YAY mxpx .. "responsibility what's that? responsibility not quite yet! responsibility what's that? i don't wanna think about it we'd be better off without it ..." I went out for supper all alone with my mommy yesturday.. cause my bro and sister are at my grandmothers and my daddy is somewhere in the states.. she started talkin to me about how unresponsible i am.. how am I not responsible? haha ok im really not responsible but still.. anyways i was planning on finishing work on friday and never comming back.,. well guess what .. that's not gonna happen i have to work until school starts and after that i have to go apply to work after school and week ends anwhere that will hire me.. because im not responsible enough and my moms not gonna pay for my movies and other such things all my life.. but why work if i can't spend the money? this summer has been a complete waiste.. i haven't done half the things i wanted to do.. and the summer is over.. i can't go out during the week cause i wake up at like 6.. i can't go out on fridays cause i come home from work too late and saturdays most of the time my parents drag me out somewhere.. it's horrible and im pissed.. and that's why my mom things i'm not responsible because im a fifteen year old that rather have fun then work.. ARGH! fuck life! but only anally please.. i wouldnt want to get pregnant .. but do beware of air born sperm.. weeee SUPERsperm...

Lucky * | 8/1/2002 11:44:01 AM
   updated the quizzes and added something called, "searchengine queries" (to the left) because they are too funny for this world. yes... that should amuse you for 3.6 seconds... i'm planning to add some other funness, but i might get lazy. (hehe, might? will...) but i do want to add a link section, so... if you have a site to recommend (whether it's a blog, a bands site, whatever) send it in. that's all, and sorry for the boringness, hehe.

Independent Bum | 8/1/2002 12:22:29 AM
   I'm scared to say the least... AFI had the most recent pics up... Davy has LONG hair...and Jade has a more reel big fish kinda hair...yeah im scared...i liked Davy better with the anti-mullet though...sorta looks liek a girl...but i shoudlnt talk myself eh? Well at least they are making a new cd... if its as good as Black Sails In The Sunset i think ill be "happy" for awhile...I thought i would be able to sleep tonight...I even told claudia i might , but i truley doubt that happening...urgh i want sleep...i noticed i do ... alot! heheheheh. Well i like them...whatcya gonna do about it...Anywho i got a new hard drive so my comp is fast liek abitch... but i got nothing to test its fastness so i geuss im gonna " sleep" . Maybe i'll see some of ya's tommorow...maybe not...I gotta pee *giggles* so i geuss ill just leave then...L Dz*cheers*