Wednesday, July 31

Independent Bum | 7/31/2002 08:40:58 PM
   The Last Kiss...AFI...great song really... L Dz*cheers*

sabrina dibs | 7/31/2002 06:56:10 PM
   oh god, i had to watch "stuart little 2" aujourd'hui! AND NO JENNIFER I AM NOT WATCHING IT AGAIN WITH YOU!!!!!!!!! :D wow, i was planning on sleeping durring the movie thinking the kids would shut up. but no.. the kid im watching was moving around durring the whole thing and then half way through he started really bugging me. "je veut boire de l'eau" NON "pepsi?" NON "popcorn?" NON "bonbons?" NON "toilet!?" NON (i made him go before it started) so hes there pulling a fit for popcorn and im telling him to shut up (in a nice way dont worry im not that mean) by the end of the day all of us big people are telling him to ask for a bottle of water, ugh he was asking.. no sorry, demanding (i made him say s'il vous plait and merci) other people to give him their water. so he finally stays quiet enough til the end of the movie. it was just really really long, the bus ride was soo much fun, right. um tomorrow were going to the beach. but my kid isnt going cause his parents are scared.
then friday is my exam.. AHHH im scared. i dont want to fail again. you know, i should be studying.. well, im at the SAAQ website figuring theyd give some sample questions but no why would they do that? *sigh* well whatever *achoo* :D
also, i did some of rosies tests.. and im "partially blonde" and "pink" :)

Lucky * | 7/31/2002 06:28:56 PM
   go win yourself an autographed copy of something corporate's cd... oh joy.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/31/2002 05:41:22 PM
   God i'm bored.. i'll do Rosie's test thingies.. my daddy is in pennsylvania... for some meeting then he's going to L.A his company rented him a navy blue Jetta.. i think it looks like a chick car and it makes me giggle.. when i get home tonight i,m gonna try fixing my pc.. im sure that if i try hard enough i can fix it.. hehe i spent like all morning talking to the computer tech dude.. he's fucking hot..he wanted to know how to get to l'ile st - helaine so i told him and then he asked me what i was doing and i was like uhhhh looking at websites .. anywho je dois partir bye byes

Lucky * | 7/31/2002 05:29:01 PM
Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?
(oh god. damn her and her lyrics. euuuugh.)

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

(oi, this didn't have a point... but question 3 is drole. heh.)

I'm not blonde!!
(that's because i'm not blonde! har har... WHO'S the clever one now!)

Are you NASTY or NICE?
(oh joy, i bet that's exactly what i am)

k, i'm done. i think i'm gonna download some music and sit in the dark and cry. yeah, that sounds good. *waves*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/31/2002 03:32:01 PM
   ahahah!!!!!! it's in chinese but it's beautiful!!!! yes im that bored...

Is my Blog HOT or NOT? hehe told u i was bored!!!!!

i'm so bored that i think i'm gonna make davids post look all pretty.. i hope he doesn't mind..and uh yes i'm at work =)

Independent Bum | 7/31/2002 01:06:07 PM
   I'm posting lyrics...Pantera lyrics...beautiful lyrics...

"If ever words were spoken, painful and untrue, I said I loved but i lied. In my life, all i wanted was the keeping of someone like you.As it turns out, deeper within me, love was twisted and pointed at you. - never ending pain, quickly ending life - (chorus) You keep this love, thing, love child, love toy. You keep this love, fist, love scar, love break. You keep this love. *My favorite part now* I'd been the tempting one, stole her from herself, this gift in pain, her pain was life.And sometimes, I feel so sorry, I regret this the hurting of you, but you make me so unhappy, i'd take my life and leave love with you.- i'd kill myself for you, id' kill you for myself - (chorus) NO MORE HEAD TRIPS!!!!"

I know it might not seem like much but i wrote (typed actually) by hand... For i belive these lyrics are quite the best i heard in awhile. I'm really bored now so im gonna write more lyrics...Pantera again(y)! Ha these ones are fucking beautiful too...Rosie you might enjoy these greatly, almost as much as island of shame...

"Almost every day, I see the same face, On broken picture tube, It fits the attitude, If you could see yourself , You put you on a shelf ,Your verbal masturbate , Promise to nauseate, Today I'll play the part of non-parent ,Not make a hundred rules ,For you to know about yoursef ,Not lie and make you believe , What's evil is making love and making friends and meeting God you're own way, The right way To see, To bleed ,Cannot be taught ,In turn ,You're making us ,Fucking hostile We stand alone. The truth in right and wrong ,The boundaries of the law ,You seem to miss the point ,Arresting for a joint? ,You seem to wonder why ,Hundreds of people die ,You're writing tickets man ,My mom got jumped -- they ran! Now I'll play a public servant ,To serve and protect ,By the law and the state , I'd bust the punks ,That rape steal and murder ,And leave you be ,If you crossed me ,I'd shake your hand like a man ,Not a god To see, To bleed ,Cannot be taught ,In turn ,You're making us ,Fucking hostile Come meet your maker, boy Some things you can't enjoy ,Because of heaven/hell ,A fucking wives' tale ,They put it in your head ,Then put you in your bed ,He's watching say your prayers ,Cause God is everywhere ,Now I'll play a man learning priesthood ,Who's about to take the ultimate test in life ,I'd question things because I am human, And call NO ONE my father who's no closer that a stranger,I won't listen To see, To bleed ,Cannot be taught ,In turn ,You're making us ,Fucking hostile"

I'm done...for now...even if it looks ugly on the site i dont give a flying fuck cause these words here are truer than most people are to themselves. L Dz*cheers*

Independent Bum | 7/31/2002 12:06:36 AM
Intuition. Insight. Emotions. Feelings.
Take the quiz.

All i know is that i don't knwo nothing... hummm *ponders* not much to write about... I was listening to these lyrics today...seemed like me at the time...Yay im gay to another parent now... Eric's father *adds on the list*. I;m really mad so ill just post the lyrics and leave "..." FUCK THE FUCKING LYRICS!!!!!!!! URGH IM TO MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED SLEEP BUT I CANT GET ANY!!!!!!!!!! ITS BEEN LIKE 4 DAYS OR SOMETHING!!!!!!! I CANT STOP THINKING AND EVERYDAY SOMETHING NEW COMES UP! AND I HAVE TO THINK MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!! FUCK THIS BITCHING CAUSE IT DOES NO GOOD! I HATE THIS MOTHER FUCKING EARTH AND ALL THESE DUMBASSES ON IT !!!!!!!! IM SO MAD I CANT EVEN SEE STRAIGHT...SO U KNWO WHAT IM GONAN LIE DOWN ON MY "BED" INT HE DARK AND PBBLY STAIR AT THE CEILING OR CRY MYSELF TO PURE STOOPIDITY CASUE I CANT CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP! FUCK THIS WORLD, FUCK EVERYTHING, AND ESPECIALLY FUCK HUMAN MINDS......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L Dz*cheers*

Tuesday, July 30

Monday Monkey | 7/30/2002 10:26:51 PM
   Well lol i don't know what to say...o well. I guess i'll just say bye. Bye. I'll see all you guys in 9 days(i hope). Have fun while i'm gone. *WAVES!*......................................................................people..maybe if you addopt me i wont have to go! I want cool parents....ahh addopt me! It's almost too late! Only ummm 7 and 1/2 hours left untill i leave! NO!!! What will i do! I'm doomed. Wellat least david stoped by and gave me some cd's and stuff(thanks alot). Yeah and i wanted to do soemthing tonight but my mommy didnt want *tear*. O well life sucks............more then before hehehe(pathetic laugh). Bah people get online so i can say goodbye! Well if i font talk to you good bye! Later dayz*cheers*

sabrina dibs | 7/30/2002 07:16:57 PM
   okay, jennifer, remember when i was at your house last week and we were trying to figure out whether the tunnel went to the south shore or busherville? well... this weekend i went thereish to a shopping center (its really big and cool-like, but its the wrong season to shop because they have all leftover summer stuff and cheap winter stuff..) and i figured out that BUSHERVILLE is in THE SOUTH SHORE!!
also, johanne called me too.. and i told her id call her back. but i think we should go.. i dont want to be mean. and i also want to participate in a gift.. i was talking to gaetano this morning and he said he wanted to pitch in too.. i figure im only going to spend about 10$ right? but what kind of cheap gift are you going to buy with 10$?? anyways.. jen i would give you a lift, but johanne lives about 2 minutes from me by car.. so that wouldnt really be convinient (plus my parents would get mad). and ill probably have my period too so i wont be able to go in the pool :( (haha.. im just thinking of david right now.. :D )
okay, so this post was like dedicated to jennifer or something :D

so today i went to the camp. gaetano calls me at like 9:30 last night telling me i gotta go today. wow, talk about short notice. anyway, so its umm interesting. the kid is autistic so he wonders off and stuff but hes not a bad kid. i dont know who claudia was talking about cause hes really not that bad. except, i was supposed to go see the head girl person (i dont know her official title) at the end of the dayand tell her if i wanted to do it or if i got scared and wanted out. but they have this meeting thing after camp that she told me i dont have to attend, so i didnt get to see her..and i still havent told her about friday (my SECOND attempt at the driving theory test *sigh*) gates told me to lie and say its a docs appointment, but you all know how great i am at lieing.. besides, screw her, this was short notice, and shes just a few years older than me so she should know you gotta wait months to get an appointment, its not that easy to change. well anyway, im done for now *yawn* its only 7:15 but im really tired already.. i blame it on the clorine.

Lucky * | 7/30/2002 07:01:39 PM
Passion. Desire. Courage. Lust.
Take the quiz.

Monday Monkey | 7/30/2002 12:00:47 PM
Intuition. Insight. Emotions. Feelings.
Take the quiz.

I also took this test...beh yeah i'm that bored.........

Monday Monkey | 7/30/2002 11:57:39 AM
   My bumper sticker reads:

Lighten up.
Take the quiz.

....hmm odd bumber sticker(sarcatic response...)................................................he he he...

I am linus

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

I think for that quiz everyone just gets matter what you answer..*sigh*....

I think i'm gonna go and swim..then maybe pick up some stuff...

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/30/2002 11:21:56 AM
   they blocked hotmail for some reason.. it's odd i can access porn but not hotmail.. anyways i did the tests rosie posted.. i'm linus too.. and well uhhhhh look at my bumber sticker.. oh and Johanne called me yesturday.. are you all going to her house this week end? if yes i need a lift.. and i need to participate in some gift giving.. and PLEASE for my b-day no vibrators.. kthxby

My bumper sticker reads:

Take the quiz.

Lucky * | 7/30/2002 09:47:16 AM

I am linus

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

My bumper sticker reads:

In English: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
Take the quiz.

heh, that's just because of how i'm feeling right now... lol

Monday, July 29

Independent Bum | 7/29/2002 05:28:32 PM
   Well... sux for u Rosie, but yes sometimes things can just go quiet...sometimes its fun sometimes not...i forgot why it happens though but it happened to me several times. Ugh i stayed home all day cause im sick... i geuss my body is finally adapting to my feelings. I was just thinking randomly about blind people... they really aren't that blind if u think about it. Imagine u were blind would u judge anyone on how they dressed, looked...? No u would have to get to knwo that person/persons and then u could start by saying things about them. I have to much fucking time on my hands and yeah my beautiful test tommroow will be fun... and then on wednsday what happens...???? ERIC IS GONE!!!!!!!! Going to the praries i belive, how fun for him eh! hahhahahaha but i really dont want him to go this time. Haven't seen Mr Eric since...friday i belive... so yeah dude we are gonna do something tommorow, no matter what it is (y). Im listening to Face to Face a band that only i like i think... i don't knwo why though they fucking rock the casbah!hehehhe. Ok this sux, did u ever feel llike ur head was just gonna blow up?! Yeah i've been having that for like a LONG time now and today is pretty bad...fucking math doesn't make things better! Yeah so after not sleeping for ummm maybe 50 hours by now i realized also that all guys are jerks! Without even realizing it we make girls think about things just cause we are really stoopid i geuss. Oh yeah also over hearing a soap opera that my mommy was watching im like " Ok wtf is wrong with these people they cant make any decisions at all...*pause*" Holy fuck monkeys my life is a soap opera!!!!!!! Yay for me ... if i send a script about my life i could make a hell of alot of money and then watch my life play on that idiot box. Urgh the only good thing now is music... im listening to one of my favorite cd's Face to Face (self-titled). I had this one since the begining, i even brought it with me to Florida the last time i went ( sec 2) listened to it at least 20 times! Never took the time to read and de-code these beautiful lyrics cause i geuss i was just stoopid back then. I'm not saying im not stoopid now but at least now i see things for how they really are and what not. I'm not even gonan bother re-reading this blog cause i can't even bare to write anymore so what makes anyone think i wanna re-read this paragraph of my mind... i mean i should know what is in my mind... but... i dont...L Dz*cheers*

Lucky * | 7/29/2002 01:52:18 PM
   (at work right now...)
so here i am, my face buried in my arms on my desk just thinking away... and i fall asleep. heh. about an hour later, my dad comes in, "Rosie, Mary has something for you to do... wait, are you sleeping?" "uuuhhhh... nooo..." i get up and go in the other room, except for some reason EVERYTHING is quiet. like usually everyone is talking or on the phone or what not. and not even the radio was on. so i'm just standing there... trying to stand up straight and seeing everything blurry and confused as hell. i dunno why, but i find that funny. oh well, maybe i'm just stupid. uhm, yep. lotta posting going on... hehe. and yeah, sorry the powerpuff girl layout is still up, but i'm really lazy. and yeah, that's gonna be up for a while more. well, since i'm boring everyone while i'm babbling away i'll just go. *nods* happy christmas.

Sunday, July 28

Lucky * | 7/28/2002 07:41:35 PM
   purple monkey dishwasher.

sabrina dibs | 7/28/2002 05:23:43 PM
   okay, so this is kind of old.. but i wanted to know if leopold really did invent the elevator. apparently not! what a rip-off!!! ahh :D

"Elevators have a significant role in a new movie, "Kate & Leopold," a romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman that opened in December in 2,000 theaters across the United States.
The movie is about the inventor of the elevator, known in the movie as Leopold (Hugh Jackman), who travels through time from 1876 to the present day, when he meets and falls in love with Kate (Meg Ryan). Even though Otis doesn't get credit for inventing the elevator, an Otis elevator nameplate is prominently displayed early in the film. While Leopold is in present-day New York City, the elevators in the city begin to malfunction without any mechanical reason for the problem.
The movie truly is fiction as the "safety elevator" was the invention of Elijah Graves Otis, who, in 1853, demonstrated a safety brake device to prevent the fall of the platform if the hoisting rope broke. If you'd like to learn more about the elevator's inventor (Elijah, not Leopold), look for the book "Otis: Giving Rise to the Modern City," published this year by Ivan R. Dee."

Saturday, July 27

Independent Bum | 7/27/2002 11:50:34 AM
   It's semi early in the morning ( cause its almost the afternoon) and i was bored so i went to read tha site that Jenn posted. I think it was pretty damn boring, but thats me. Hell i got nothing much to write but im really bored so i shall do so anyways. I've been thinking to much lateley and i must say it's crappy to think dammit.Yesturday we were supposed to watch Austin Powers but it was sold out and none of us could have watched the 11 showing so we went to bowling instead... Just the thought of seeing myself (hahhaha great fun to that one remember eric (y) ) bowling is quite scary *shudders* . It ended up being disco night... i got even more scared...and then the ugly disgusting fries turned green! All in all i must say it was pretty cool, even though every single person in that place pbbly thinks me and eric are a couple...(but who doesn't these days).Ive been thinking about buying an Mp3 player... im not sure which though but i want a good one that won't break and can hold a lot of yummy evil/angry girl HAHAHHAH i love that song! The one my bro has is quite amazing...its a Rio or something...holds *ponders* hell like 15 cds or something and it has a carrying case. Of course there is that little one my cousin used to have and that Rosie wants to get... i think it would be the best to get that , but i dont know my cousin didnt really like it to much and yeah i think it drains batterys as fast as i drink SoBe...hummm ill have to think long and hard about this cause anything that is over 150$ shouuld be thought about alot unless u know for sure it will kick ass... like my shoes *smiles*. Blah blah blah is what im doing and it's boring me so i could imagine you people... so ill write this to warn u all. IF U DONT WANNA BE BORED DONT READ THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L Dz*cheers*

Friday, July 26

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/26/2002 05:17:10 PM
   “You're dying to look smooth with your tattoos,
But you're searching just like everyone,
Could be anyone.
And the friends that you have are the best
Impressing most of us, as permanent,
And I'd like to see you undone.
Youth's the most unfaithful mistress,
Still we forge ahead to miss her,
Rushing our moment to shine.

We're not twenty-one,
But the sooner we are,
The sooner the fun will begin,
So get out your fake eyelashes,
And fake i.d’s,
And real disasters ensue.
It's cool to take these chances,
It's cool to fake romances,
And grow up fast.”

Cette chanson est beaux. Je aime dashboard confessionals.. je sais pas pour quoi je post those lyrics. je ecrit par ce que je aime. Oui je parle francais. fin.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/26/2002 04:36:09 PM
   Go There.. or don't Oh and David people can change.. but change is hard.. and you have to have a pretty strong personality to be able to do so.. Anyways i know opening up is good but there are things you just don't wanna talk about and that's one of them.. any subject that isn't accepted to talk openly about is hard to talk about.. but ya i'm fine now it's summer.. what sucks though is that i'll always have scars and other such things but oh well they're hidable.. i seriously don't get the whole seasonal depression thingy winter i'll be all bleh and in summer i'm fine.. in fall im all bleh too but not as much as in winter and ya spring is ok i guess.. maybe my brain doesn't like the cold. hmm je sais pas.. HAHAHA i don't know why but i just got an image of that chick that sold us our bracelats singing let's all get high HAHAHA ok.. fin.

Independent Bum | 7/26/2002 03:48:31 PM
   Well now, i finally see we are all coming together... and by that i don't mean by sanity casue that will never be accomplished. There is only one thing that i don't agree with ... even though we we're brought up a certain way doesn't mean we will always be liek that! Hell i'll use me as an example , hehehe (who else would i use?). Ok who would think i'd end up like this so open minded it would casue pain for me... my parents aren't always accepting and my dad is a big racisit yet he doesn't wanna admit it... ignorant bastard... Ok another thing bro's are scum... how do i know this I USED TO BE FRIENDS WITH ALOT OF THEM!!!!!! I can tell u now they'll only follow what they have been brought up with cause the ignorant always do. And btw im not saying im perfect i have some things that are bad about me... but i've learned to live with them and so should my friends and family...Also Jenn it's good to open up and i see u did. If anyone would question u they are the stoopid ones. I'm glad to say that i have found a way to keep my sanity... and of course its music... but sadly i think sometimes what brought me here will tak e me out, oh well shit happens. Oh YEAH! i just rememberd what was the thingy claudia said.. i'd like to know. But anyways back to listening to music and playing with mr knife *smiles*. L Dz*cheers*

Lucky * | 7/26/2002 03:00:04 PM
   oohh... SHH! he's a good quidditch player!

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/26/2002 02:50:45 PM
   Omg Rosie you slut.. you only like Oliver Wood for his A$$

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/26/2002 02:46:54 PM
   ..... when you watch movies and you haven't read the book... you don't usually understand the movie? hmm ok then!! shit i'm so bored.. work is so horrible i've been calling home depot all day stupid retards.. they keep you on hold forever and ever and ever and they keep sending subliminal messages "thank you for your patience while you wait we will let you know that we now do home cleaning.. wouldn't that carpet look great clean?" dear GOD!!! how do they know i have a carpet.. do they have psychic powers or something? "Hi it's Jennifer from Mills Pride" ya that's right i kinda changed job.. but only for today.. today i'm Jennifer from Mills Pride.. Monday i become Jennifer from Domtar Papers! Isn't that kooliez!!!?!?! fuck i've been on hold for 7 fucking minutes and i still haven't talked to annyone but now i feel like having my rugs cleaned!!!

Ohhhh and i forgot to tell you people but that chick from the Meq wrote back to me.. I'll post her reply... it's seriously worth reading..

Bonjour Mrs Lehoux,

The School board didn't send any résult [is that an english word? well kinda but your spelling lady] for Français, langue maternelle. You'll need to check it out with them, why they didn't transmited [good gracious you need an english class] any résult from
Français, langue maternelle, but i know that you did follow and you did write the exam.[ holy fuck this chick is brilliant!!!! i didn't know i followed and wrote the exam.. so thanx to her i know that i did.. wow i'm so happy that she told me that]

For others [sp.] ministry exam, the Ministry do the school marks moderation to be fair to the students evaluation. The final result on the statement of marks it's became to add the school marks with moderation (50 p.100) and the ministry conversion marks if necessary (50 p. 100). [i seriously tried understanding all that but i seriously couldn't so if someone can explain.. please do so.. and how is it being fair if my mark is dropped cause most of my class didn;t even try the problem solving.. i mean really the class average was like a 40 something *sigh*]

The exam might seem difficult for you and students, but the June uniform examin [erm.. god this chick is scary] cover all the program minister studies. In fact, at the beginning of the school year, each teachers receive the minister directives about the subject matter to prepare the students for the final exam.

The final exam has been prepare by teachers and pedagogics [i know my english sucks and i don't know many big word but what's a pedagogics?] from anglophonic and francophonic [ok im pretty sure that that's wrong too.. shouldn't she write normal sounding e-mails? ] School boards.

On top of that, the exam has been validated by a vigourous analysis. It would be surprising if the questions were not properly formulated. [i swear there was a question that asked for my opinion.. but maybe that was my imagination or something...]

Your's truly.

Marie Fluet
Direction de la sanction des études

wasn't that beautiful?

Lucky * | 7/26/2002 02:32:27 PM
1. How long have you had a weblog? since... July 1st, 2001 (superdorks birthday is shared with Canada day AND monday monkeys birthday... hehe)
2. What was your first post about? i think, me babbling about what we did on Canada day. yep.
3. How many changes (name, location, etc.) of your weblog have there been, if more than one? it's always been superdorks, but we've moved from blogspot to geocities to tripod. yeah we suck. anyone wanna host us? k thanks.
4. What CMS (content management system) do you use? Do you like it or do you want to try something else? blogger. i wanted to try MT but i'm having difficulty installing it. *grins*
5. Do you read people who have both a journal and a weblog? Or do you prefer to read people who have all of their writing in one central place? i usually just read the weblog... *nods* what's the point of having two things though?

Eric, that's right... HARRY POTTER KICKS ASS! and i think we can all agree that the person with the coolest accent is Oliver Wood... *chuckle* hehe...

Monday Monkey | 7/26/2002 02:20:59 PM
   Yeah I don't get why this has "touched on a nerv" for so many of us. I guess we had this conversation at a bad time, cus i think everyone of us are deeling with other stuff on our minds... Hehehe i'm watching harry potter on satellite(yeah im that board) and i realise the person that did the casting for this movie know's his stuff, cus i never read the books or seen the movie but i get what it's about. Yeah but those darn british accents are addicting, they sound cool, hehehe im a british/scotish/irish wanna be...they just sound so cool. Hmm i think i'm gonna go battle against diablo and his minions...i realy love this game. L Dz

Lucky * | 7/26/2002 02:06:19 PM
   *sigh* life would be so much easier if we just had a postman named Pat. *shakes her head*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/26/2002 11:09:45 AM
   well bonjour.. yesturday night Claudia called me and she was like 'you sound pissed i'm comming over' so she came over and then we talked.. and talked and started watching American Beauty... but ya that movie sucks yet it's amazingly good.. and then she told me something and that's why i believe all guys are jerks.. if i'd say it you would probably agree with me but ya... if she wants to tell you people she can tell you on her own... and i do trust my boyfriend.. i tell him stuff i'd never tell anyone else.. not cause i don't trust anyone else but i wouldn't want to scare you people.. anyways the thing is that when you're in love it's hard to see if the other person is just using you, even if everyone tells you the guy is a jerk.. you're in love with him so you won't care.. but i guess that that's what dating is for.. finding the "right" guy who loves you for who you are and that isn't like everyone else..

Oh and Sabrina.. what me and David are having really isn't a fight.. if it would be a fight we'd be getting pissed at eachother and slightly insulting each other.. Davids just trying to defend guys.. but i do agree with you on the fact that mostly everone is bitchy when pms'ing... everyone takes out their stress differntly though.. and they sell medication that makes everything better.. but i seriously don't know anyone who doesn't suffer a lil pms before their period.. HAHA and last time i went downtown with my dad there was a pope walk or something odd people were everywhere in the streets singing church songs.. it was so scary.. (my post is gonna be all mixed up and shit.. im reacting to stuff as i read it .. )

Omg.. what David said is so true.. at times the pain i felt inside was so much worse then any cramp you can ever have.. but i wouldn't bitch cause i wouldn't want anyone knowing, i bitch for stupid stuff i shouldn't bitch about and keep everything i should be bitching about inside..well maybe not bitching.. more like talking about but whatever.. i've done some stuff i ain't exactly proud of.. and i'll always remember it.. there's really no point in pretending it never happened cause it did.. now some of you probably know what i'm talking about and i think anyone else can probably figure it out.. it's not something i really like to talk about but my psychologist says it's better to talk about stuff then ignore it.. *sigh* i almost got put in the RDP mental institution a while ago.. i wasn't mentally stable enough to be out in the "real" world.. i suffer from like seasonal depressions or something... my mom blames it on herself so she's like going crazy and always worries about the stupidest stuff.. when i got out of the hospital she didn't go to work for like a week because she couldn't handle it.. i had to go to school the next day.. it was horrible, i was put on anti-depressants but those things don't work.. after a while i was fine though.. and then it started again.. but this time it was like my thoughts were split in two.. part of me just wanted to jump off a bridge and the other part was happy and knew that i really had no reason to want to die.. yet i'd still end up crying myself to sleep most of the time.. and then one day i was like hmm if i'm gonna cry i should cry for a reason.. and well then ya.. i started doing stuff i should have never done.. my b/f found out though.. then he made me tell him everything.. and i guess he does love me and that i should trust him and i dont know why i feel asif i shouldn't even though i do.. uhhhh i have no idea why i just wrote that but whatever.. no questioning me svp.. merci.

Ok on to Rosie's post.." if we don't say something straight to your face, they don't believe it. don't go looking in our sentences for hidden messages, there are none" haha that's the truest thing ever said.. but it's the opposite for us girls i think.. we tend to have many hidden messages, we have a hard time saying straight forward what we want.. that's a bad thing.. and i think it's most of us girls.. i'm not sure though it might just be me.. oh well

"how many times might you have been expecting a flower... or a little gift. and you didn't get one and were pissed. but, did you ever think to get him one?" you have to be pretty selfish to be expecting something.. and i actually sometimes wish i wouldn't be getting anything.. my b/f is so random with his gift giving.. i understand that he has the money and stuff but i still kinda feel bought at times.. but i dunno i guess i'm always complaining for no reason..

Now it's Erics turn... yesturday me and Claudia were talking.. about this jerk thing.. and we decided that David and Eric weren't really jerks.. but that Nick was the biggest jerk in the world.. *theres a murder on the dance floor you better not kill the groove dj gonna burn this god damn house right down* sorry the radio distracted me.. I still believe that ALL guys are the same.. and ALL girls are the same.. we're all humains anyways.. made in the same way.. we all have feelings and stuff.. "bros" are probably something you don't want to be compared to but have you ever really talked to one of them? gotten to know them? gotten past the " me i " and their clothes.. you're judging them without really knowing them.. they're just like you though... they judge people like you the way you judge them, i must admit they aren't very accepting of people who aren't bros but that's the way they were brought up.. just like i claim to not be racist but i was brought up in a way that i still judge people from different nationalities.. i guess i just don;t want to admit that i'm racist.. "if two poeple are in love they have to deal with the facts that guys are dumb and chicks are over-analitic of the dumb stuff guys do. " that was beautiful said Eric.. and all this talk has seriously made me realize i'm the stupid baby-like one that should just accept stuff and stop bitching for stupid reasons.. then everything would be so much better..

Well i'm done for now.. i hope what i wrote made sense.. cause i don't feel like re-reading it.. i'm suppose to be working..

Thursday, July 25

Independent Bum | 7/25/2002 11:24:48 PM
   HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. Well i geuss i only blog when im mad eh cause this is liek the 10th time today! Anywho Mr Eric , do u knwo whats gonan happen now? well seeing as though u and i are guys ourselves we only sided together because of that fact..... hell no maybe if there was a better fight on the other side i would see differently , but i dont. Wtv if u guys are really mad or just bored or maybe even wanna talk for no apparent reason e-mail Oh yeah this ones beautiful...hahaha "Also i found out that some girls find some sick enjoyment in confusing guys, yes fucking with our minds for the reason being: guys are so cute when they're confused!." oi i dont know but if thats true that guys are cute when confused i wouldnt knwo what i would look like if i the midnight moon glistens upon me my soul lay there to rest...L Dz*cheers*

Monday Monkey | 7/25/2002 11:02:32 PM
   Hehehe...HAHAHAHAHA! You have no idea the degree to which i'm enjoying reading you people "diss-cuss"(*snickers*....rollerstarter hehe). I learning alot about myself, i found out today that i'm a jerk, i'm predictable, and if i'm not a jerk i will become a jerk. Oh wait, there's more! All guys are all the are you saying that i'm the same as like some players from our skool, because that's what i understand. Also i found out that some girls find some sick enjoyment in confusing guys, yes fucking with our minds for the reason being: guys are so cute when they're confused!. *sigh* have you people been reading what your're writting? Have you! You sound like 5 year olds! I also found out alot more i try to hard and such....hehehe yeah i think i'm taking david's side on this one (beside that fact that he said i was bitching!), you people are stereotyping too much! We don't say things to piss you off, we are stupid! Very stupid! REALY FUCKING STUPID! Hehe as i side note i found out not to piss off sabrina on those "days" cus i may or may not die. Yeah im gonna go. Just remember, if two poeple are in love they have to deal with the facts that guys are dumb and chicks are over-analitic of the dumb stuff guys do. That's basically it. Later Dayz

Independent Bum | 7/25/2002 10:37:55 PM
   In response to the first paragraph of rosie's sentence..well i really cant say anything now can i?!?!? AH onto this LONG LONG LONG (hehehhe indoor jokes again) paragraph... well i dont agree with one thing i know for a fact i dont lie to make girls happy, cause yeah if im not happy myself why try and make her happy?!?!? Oh yeah HAHAHHAHA whoever told u "if we don't say something straight to your face, they don't believe it. don't go looking in our sentences for hidden messages, there are none" that is so true!!!! HAHHAHAHAHHAHA O god HAHAHHAHAHA...sorry bout that . HAHAHHAHAH HAHAHHAHAHAHA i love this one (how many times might you have been expecting a flower... or a little gift. and you didn't get one and were pissed. but, did you ever think to get him one?)
EQUALITY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although i dont think many girls realize some guys want to be as equal as possible although we still try as much as poissble to give them everything...explain that!!! hehehehhe. And as i depart from writing blogs for today i shall say this and everyone can make a mark of this (if u even care) *stands up on a podeum dealie* Today was by far the strangest day in my life... dazed and confused from my thoughts i only by my side i sat and thought some more coming to the conclusion that as much as u think u know w person u will always be wrong, until one day u take the time to talk and dis-cuss ( i really had to do this again! hehhehe) . L Dz*cheers*

Lucky * | 7/25/2002 10:15:10 PM
   well now, *prepares to write a clever response* wait... that wont happen. *sigh* here i go anyway.
first of all Sabrina, pms-ing really has nothing to do with pain. when you have that pain, you're not bitchy... you're just really, hmm, mellow i guess. now, a week or so before, OH god. the world COULD end. we're all bitchy because, god knows why. it's pre-menstrual stress. but everyone deals with it differently. i for one, have no tolerance for anything. (and it's hella funny too) you can bitch about stuff, others will cry at ANYTHING. (lol, Claudia... "go change your sweater." *tears forming* "ookay..." LOL!) but yes. just to clear that up. (and there's nothing you can do about pms. nothing. just, try to be civilized. yes. that will work.)

next, Jennifer and David... i think you were both agreeing on certain things, but you really have to keep in mind that both women and men have such opposite views. they were created oppositely and will forever stay that way. we both have different expectations to a relationship, but i think you've established that. guys tend to do ANYTHING to make sure they wont hurt the one they care about, maybe even lie. (think about that in the nicest way possible) girls do that subliminal message thing, because they want to be superior... and they are also a bit defensive. they don't want to get hurt, so that's they're way of approaching things. and guys, well... are really straight forward, because they don't wanna do anything to mess stuff up. (and i mean COMPLETELY straight forward) i dunno who told me that once, but it's like, "if we don't say something straight to your face, they don't believe it. don't go looking in our sentences for hidden messages, there are none" but girls still do look for that, but we're defensive like that... but i think once you trust the guy, everything should be fine. and don't doubt him. if you love a person that much, then... i think you should be completely trust worthy. okay, don't be oblivious to the world, but know that stupid things the guy may do aren't against you... he cares about you, and if anything he's trying to somehow express his love for you. even if it may be ludacris or stupid. heh. and i think the whole "guys only want THAT" is a big generalization. hell, i'll say there's an even number of guys and girls who think like that... so generalizing about stuff like that is dumb. also the whole, "every guy will be a jerk" or something along those lines. yeah, that can be true... but then again, girls can be really mean and unsensitive. think about that... (how many times might you have been expecting a flower... or a little gift. and you didn't get one and were pissed. but, did you ever think to get him one?)

let's see what else is on my mind... *thinks* things i'll never say... *grins* (here's a hint, avril lavigne. hehe...)

Independent Bum | 7/25/2002 08:11:03 PM
   Why do u people insist on being stoopid today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEah thats right i said it cause im fucking pissed to fucking level 99!( btw thats the highest u can ever go in any old skool nintendo game) . First its not a fight me and Jenn had it's a dis-cussion (hahahha indoor jokes are cool) which i dont knwo if any of u poeple ever had before. YEah Sabrina take a fucking walk in my shoes then u can start screaming to me about pain, im not only talking about physical btw! Do u ever see me u?! If u have its not to often ...hey geuss what IM FUCKNG BITCHING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yeah i dont need to go crazy cause of lies i could go crazy cause of girls plainly thank you very much! I dont care what u poeple are gonna say but today i dont care about most of u. Maybe more of u people can put ur thoughts down in the blog cause i sure would like to hear them and maybe u can make me think differently.Laterfucking Dayz *cheers*

sabrina dibs | 7/25/2002 06:38:47 PM
   haha i think that little fight between jennifer and david was amusing.. but i have to reply to something david said. the thing about not all girls being bitchy durring their periods... well, i think everyone knows by now that i do get bitchy and that not all girls act the same way.. and there are reasons. some girls get pain.. very very bad pain that seems to last forever. the way i see it is if i gotta go through that crap then the least you guys can do is listen to me bitch. no not even, you dont gotta listen, just pretend. besides, by now you should all know that when a girl is pms-ing you dont take what she says seriously, cause if you do youll go crazy. we just need a way to let it all out.

okay, on to other things.. umm i saw the crocodile hunter movie on sunday.. it was pretty good.. he steve played with poop TWICE :D hahah.. yeah. it was interesting a must see!!!
yesterdays adventure to the castle, nicholas' house, and back to the castle again was interesting. i was kinda scared.. there was a dragon in the air (or so nick claimed). the igwana(howd you spell that?) was uh.. it didnt move! god, how do you stay in the same spot all day?? boring.
i also cooked eggs for the first time ever for stephanie and patrick.. but uh they were kinda burnt but whatever they ate it and no one got sick :) and today a milkshake got spilled.. all over the floor, jennifers sleeping bag, and jennifers shoes. ugh, so we cleaned the floor, i washed the shoes (with soap and water.. they were sandles... they smell like dish soap), and the sleeping bags in the wash.. haha. i think it was a pretty good day. tomorrows my last day. it feels really long durring the day but when its over it doesnt feel like ive done 2 weeks of it.
also, the pope is gone *sniff*. wow, people were actually crying.. its not like he died or anything, just going home. well, at least now everythings going to calm down and there wont be wierd people in the metro with canadian flags on their backs (they werent even canadian) and chanting wierd things. :D

Independent Bum | 7/25/2002 06:06:23 PM
   I'm glad u noticed that anger took over. And geuss what? U'll never understand guys! And yeah we'll never understand girls, cause if that was possible why would there be dating?!?!? ANd geuss what even though he's nice all the time or most of it maybe he doesn't know he's pissing u off cause he's just plain to stoopid to realize what he did wrong. Always keep that in mind(btw im sorry if i offended him but it could be true). If u trust him (which u should) then u will know if he is meaning it and u'd be surprised he might start telling u everything about everything if u trust him and show that u do. And finally i did misunderstand the last thingy and im sorry for that... I'll pbbly be working tommorow so i wont be able to reply but u can count on me to reply when i come back. L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/25/2002 05:31:20 PM
   ok not all guys are jerks... i was really really pissed before... but i still don't understand guys, i guess it's obvious that i'm talking about my boyfriend so i'll stop generalizing... my b/f has always been nice to me i don't think i'd ever find a better b/f.. but his nice-ness can get annoying i guess... he'll be all nice and then say something to piss me off and then he won't understand why i'm pissed and then i'll get even more pissed cause he'll say sorry but when i ask why he won't be able to actually answer cause he doesn't know.. but then at times he'll answer stuff like because i love you and i obviously got you pissed, so i'm sorry i never wanna loose you type of thing.. and that makes everything better.. but how do i know if he just says it to say it?
oh and david... "First of all dont call, u have a problem get off ur ass and go talk to the person face to face" i didn't mean call call i ment call.. you know not phone related.. anyways i have to leave work now.. i'll finish this tomorrow.. fin.

Independent Bum | 7/25/2002 04:13:21 PM
   *clears throat* well now... thank u for generalizing once again. First off what u might not knwo is when some guy is trying really hard and u see thats not the way he usually acts then u know hes just acting. But when the guy is trying really hard but he is still the same even before he started dating u or what not HES REALLY TRYING! Of course there is just that super nice guy who does everything for anyone *havent seen any guy or girl liek that yet* , they should be the only people who should confuse others. Oh yes also did u notice that maybe JUST MAYBE! what the guy wants is u and not ur breasts or vagina???!?!??!?! Did u? i bet u didnt! Moving on... yes every single guy one day will be called a jerk , we all know that but sometimes we are called jerks for wrong reasons. When some guy dumps a girl it doesn't always mean he doesn't like her ,soemtimes he just doesn't want her to get involved with things that may hurt her. Now for a quote from u Jenn " anyways that's what we call guys when we're pissed.. we'll even tell them we hate them even if we don't ... that's just the way we are. " wow alot of fun can be driven from this , but i'll go easy. First of all dont call, u have a problem get off ur ass and go talk to the person face to face (hehehhe i think im gonnalisten to them now) . Don't tell them u hate them fucking tell them what u think is wrong of there doings or someone elses doings. And STOP CONFUSING GUYS!!!!!!! Hell the more u confuse us the more we doubt things which in the long run will fuck everything over. ANd yeah i admitted it that we will all BE CALLED jerks one day , not be jerks thats a long term thing. And btw dont blame being bitchy once a month on ur period cause i know some people who arent btichy at all during those times. But i also know some who are bitchy like every week! And yeah Eric's bitching at me to hurry so i'll end this here. Remember though spread ur thoughts on this subject cause its better getting it out before u do something ull regret to one u love! L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/25/2002 03:23:49 PM
   The reason why girls are always bitching about guys is cause they are all the same unless they're gay! guys try to hard, they say things not because they mean it but because they think that thats what we want to hear they try to make everything better so that us girls will forgive them and that we'll be all nice and then guys will get what they want.. ya most guys just want some action.. not all of them are this way though i know im generalizing way too much.. and i did say that all guys will some day be called a jerk when they hurt a girl, but i never said that all guys were definitly jerks.. haha ok that makes no sense.. whatever.. anyways that's what we call guys when we're pissed.. we'll even tell them we hate them even if we don't ... that's just the way we are. mixed signals can be fun at times though.. guys are so cute when they're confused!
im not as pissed as i was before.. and i don't think you're gay David.. but even if you don't want to admit it.. all guys end up being jerks.. at least once in their lives... but us girls are bitchy once a month =) fuck!!!! my periods late.. eek! not good..

Independent Bum | 7/25/2002 02:54:16 PM
   Hey geuss in a pissy mood again! YAY! Oh yeah i just read the blogs i needed to catch (22) up on. Why is everyone always picking on the guys? Huh explain that plz!? Everyday (and im not exagerating) i hear at least something bad about some guy...ok i did read what u wrote and yes he does sound liek an ass Jenn but there are always 2 sides to a story. Yeah and let me tell u girls , don't think we have it easy at all , u make us go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i mean that with all my heart. And also by crazy i mean insane and confused.Ha i bet u never thought u'd see the day where a guy is bashing girls eh? Obviously im gonna be called gay again for this but u know what i dont give a flying shit cause i'm taking a stand for once god dammit. I know we could be asses (by we i mean guys) but look at yourselves YOU CAN TOO! Not only do u toy with us , there are those crazy mixed signals shot out there. Oi i'll never get u peeps and hell , i'll never get the guys who act like jerks all the time either. But what i can tell u is this, before u start blurting out some shit about how much u hate guys think of the guys who are decent cause they have feelings to, and by u dissing guys in general ur making him belive he's like that and pushing him to actually be like all the other jerks. Now ill be waiting for some responses to this obviously cause yes i actually do read responses , im not that much of an ass. L Dz*cheers* have a nice day *tips hat*.

Monday Monkey | 7/25/2002 12:28:18 PM
   I am 77% Ska

Pick it up, I skank! I am one full-fledged crazy Rudie, I am going to go celebrate my victory with some skankin'!

Take the Ska Test at

(yes i was looking at our site and i decided to do some tests..hehehe...muahahaha!)

Yeah i havent posted for a while. Beh nothing much going on except i think we scared sabrina from ever comming on our adventures ever again........we're sorry. *tear*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/25/2002 10:19:50 AM
   I'm so fucking pissed!!!! guys are jerks!!! all of them... and they're so predictable and grrrrrr!!!! i got into this huge fight type thing with my oh so wonderful boyfriend last night... and i decided i wasn't talking to him anymore so i was all like lalala i'm not talking to you.. and then after a while i realized that i was a big baby and so i stopped said i was sorry and then everything was fine...well this morning he e-mails me telling me how much he loves me and that he was sorry and all kinds of other bullshit.. he was all like i know it was my fault blah blah i'm sorry... but i was still kinda pissed so i asked him what exactly he was sorry for and he says he doesn't know!!! omG!!!! that pissed me off even more so now i dislike all guys and they're all jerks and if your a guy and you're not a jerk you'll become a jerk some day when you piss off your girlfriend and if you're gay well then bleh!

Lucky * | 7/25/2002 08:48:00 AM
   i was just wondering... what if poop was nicely scented, and came in different shapes and sizes. like... one day, you would poop out a star-shaped vanilla poop... and another day, a heart shaped fruit passion poop. *shrugs* would people start collecting? i dunno. i'm up to early. ha, Mandy Moore is cool.

Wednesday, July 24

Lucky * | 7/24/2002 11:59:39 PM
   well, since my life is as boring as hell... i'm gonna post a survey. *grins* you know you love them... (yeah, summer is okayish. i guess... pretty boring because of work, but hey money is fun! but yeah, i'd rather not post about my boring summer life, and even if it did get interesting, well... i wouldn't post about it either. hehehe...)

What time is it right now? 11:10pm (in a minute, you'll wanna talk... hahah. i make myself laugh.)
What are you wearing? black pants, and my purple lucky tshirt (but i'll be changing into pj's soon enough... hehe) and powerpuff girl socks.
Are you wearing jewelry? If so, what? a ring, 3 bracelets and Claudia's army necklace... hehe
What was the last thing you did before you got online? just came home from ice cream, yum.
Is anyone in the room with you? If so, who? nope.
Do you like surveys? Why/why not? yep... they keep me unbored, but i'm sure they piss other people off. =)
If you don't, why are you filling this out? ...
What is your fave radio station? umm... none really. i only listen to like mix 96 in the morning when i wake up, until i put something else on, hehe.
What songs do you like right now? hmm. soco - fall and... the get up kids - out of reach, stuff from the starting line - say it like you mean it, and HOW can i forget trendy from reel big fish...
What singers/groups do you like? oh god, umm... anything you can sit and cry in the dark to! that's right, i said it! i dunno, *shrugs* how about, something corporate, saves the day, the starting line, the get up kids, yellowcard... uh, umm... the planet smashers and reel big fish are cool too. hmm, i dunno.
What sports do you/have you played? like, in a team? or... umm.. ha. well, swimming, basketball... ballet if you will. hmph.
What are grits? Explain them to someone who may not know. well, according to David, it's some sort of disgusting food, like a porage thing. *nods* and... EAT MY GRITS! ...apparently. *shrugs*
What is your fave song lyric? well... right now, "just kiss me before i go"... i dunno what else
Who do you admire most? Why? *thinks* i don't know. i honestly don't...
Three wishes: 1. to have a job at toys 'r us 2. to one day voice over a cartoon 3. umm, make people that i like wishes come true *grin*
How is this survey so far? *shrugs*
What school do you go to? Pearson
What does your name start with? R
What word do you say when you stub your toe? ow.
What's your fave saying right now? usually i have so many... but i can't think of any now. i've been shruging a lot lately, hehe.
Who is the funniest person you know? oh god, well... everyone can make me laugh whenever. but, i'll have to say my brother and sister-in-law combined in a good mood. oh god, it's too great!
What is your fave inside joke? hehe. hehehe. hehehehe. where to begin...
What does your email/screen name mean? cookiexmonster... it means. the cookie monster, except using the x as a space. oooh, who's the clever one!
Do you have posters on the walls in your room? yes, yes i do. 2 nsync ones (*smiles*) and a powerpuff girls one. (and a whole bunch of little pictures on my closet door... *grin*)

did you know that 2 people complimented me on my powerpuff girl school bag today? i just felt the need to throw that in, hehe.

Tuesday, July 23

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/23/2002 05:30:21 PM
   renee ; CAN YOU SAY SLUT?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/23/2002 11:46:00 AM
   Bonjour mes amis! I'm so fucking bored.. anyways yesturday i figured out that turtles could talk... ya i was really really tired and talking on the phone with Massimo and then i ended up in my washroom playing with the turtles.. so we were talking about the discovery channel so i asked him if turtles could talk.. and he said no but they make sounds and so i started talking turtle talk but he told me there would be hundreds of horny turtles outside my house soon if i didn't stop cause apparently it sounded like some kinda mating call.. but uh how does ehhhhh ehhhhhhh ehhh sound horny? well anyways after reflecting on the subject for a very long time... i concluded that turtles talk by repeating the word turtle in different tones.. 'turtle turtle turtle' said really really fast means 'hello how are you?' and 'turTLE turrrrrrrrTLE' means 'i'm fine thanx how bout yourself?' ya see what happens when my computer is all broken? i start slowly going crazy.. i think tonight i might just randomly take out pieces from it and try to make it explode or something.. that might be fun!

where i work they have a 1-800 number.. i'd post it and have you people call me if there weren't as many fucking psychos on the net as there are.. uhhhh i also cannot believe that rosie didn't wish BON fete to david and eric .. what kind of person are you turning into eh rosie?

BON late FETE eric et david

anywho je dois aller manger.. Fin.

Saturday, July 20

Lucky * | 7/20/2002 12:24:48 PM
   friday five (yes, on a saturday... =)

1. Where were you born? Montreal, of course. Santa Cabrini hospital
2. If you still live there, where would you rather move to? If you don't live there, do you want to move back? Why or why not? i love this city too much. i don't think i'd ever want to move anywhere else.
3. Where in the world do you feel the safest? under my bed sheets *grin*
4. Do you feel you are well-traveled? well... yes and no. i did travel a lot when i was a kid, but yeah. i don't remember it very well. and lately, i haven't been to many places so yeah. suckiness.
5. Where is the most interesting place you've been? when i went to Italy last yearish, we went to that city, pompei i think... the one that was destroyed by the volcano. it's tres creepy. what was crazy were the temples. you felt you were in legend of zelda or something.

Lucky * | 7/20/2002 12:02:58 AM
   i'd like to take this time to say bonne fete to David and Eric... (yes, they're born on the same day) so,

happy birthday David and Eric!

heheh, done and done. also, Jennifer... yes. that site was tres informative and helpful. *nods* latex gloves all the way!

Friday, July 19

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/19/2002 03:33:09 PM
   Everyone should visit this website! It's all cool and stuff.. ok actually it's some sex-ed site but it's interesting... my dads secratary told me to go see it.. it's not bad.. except for UHHHH if ever a guy would put on latex gloves to finger me or something i'd be all like WTF?!? don't touch me and leave my house.. or something like that.. ya that's right they expect you to put on gloves.. for that stuff.. i can understand wearing a condom for oral.. but ugh no gloves...

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/19/2002 08:28:19 AM

I am 51% Emo
I seriously think this quiz is totally off.. well maybe not.. but ya.. Emo just isn't my think.. oh well...

I am 30% Punk Rock
these quizes suck! for godsake i'm one of the fucking biggest preps in the world

I am 51% Ska

I am 65% Internet Addict
hehe i use to be like 95% addicted the good old days *sigh*oh well i gotta go work... =)

Independent Bum | 7/19/2002 07:52:25 AM
   Yeah im 33% punk 67 % ska and 17% emo.Im anti emo apperantley but yeah i would just listen to Dashboard Confessional like maybe once a month ( cause yeah its worse eveerytime i listen to them now). And y do u have to have tatoo's and go to bars a n d shit to be a puink i dont understand that..although i dont care that much either....but u know what i do care about GOING TO THE FUCKING BATHROOM!L Dz*cheer*

Independent Bum | 7/19/2002 07:43:13 AM
   Long time no talk, whats new u may ask? Well nothing as usual just a bunch of monkey crap....yeah thats right i said it...monkey! Well its really fucking early in the morning and im waiting to go to work but thats not the bad part the bad part is I HAVE TO FUCKING GO TO THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since 7 20 i had to go but its been occupied, im gonna have to take the fucking fastest shower in the fucking world! I think ill have a lot of time so yeah ill do that test thingy rosie did.*stomps away* speaking of stomp i should have went yesturday and today well geuss what im not going and u know why cause no one ever wants to go downtown.Yeah i said that too! Happyman is mad at the world dammit! L Dz*cheers*

Thursday, July 18

Lucky * | 7/18/2002 11:40:14 PM
I am 29% Emo
I am 44% Ska
I am 8% Punk Rock (i'm a poser. hehehe.)

Monday Monkey | 7/18/2002 11:02:09 PM
   OK today was by far the most out-right wring day ever! BUT! It was still incredibly funny. Ok work is scary. All that goes on is talk about sexual harrasment, odd things found in the boxes that give sick reference to penis size, and talk with Mr. Bogangles. No real conversation. Also alkl today david scared me, cus he and Mr. Bogangles found it fun to scre eric. (Note: This may sound wrong but it's not as bad as its sounds.....Mr. Bogangles is Davids penis). David gave a name and personallity to his gennetallia...and a scary creepy voice too. ANYwho yeah today was wrong, and i think i may have slightly hurt pat's feelings. I feel bad a bit. O well lives goes on.

You're AIM!
You're AIM, probably the most popular instant messenger out there. The bad thing is that you're run by a bunch of corporate assholes, but what isn't nowadays?

You're Aero!
You're all happy-bubbly, highly optimistic, and disgustingly sweet. Airhead? Maybe, considering you contain about 80% air.

sabrina dibs | 7/18/2002 07:39:53 PM
   oh my god jennifer today your sister asked me what ANAL was... AHHH how do you answer that to a 10 year old? so im like "uh... ask jennifer when she gets home" and then quickly changed the subject. :) haha...
also, the reason jennifer loses and gains like 20 pounds in a week is because she doesnt eat lunch for weeks and then eats non-stop!! <~~ its true..wierd.

hmm im bored and lonely right now. really.. lalala

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/18/2002 08:32:06 AM
   It's way to fucking early for me!!!!!!! I hate having to work... and i only get payed once i turn 16 i mean really WTF?!?! GRRRRRRR I'm pissed off and tired *oh well* I'm working with my uncle today and all week next week.. his names Richard so i call him Uncle Dick and now everyone calls him that.. weeeeeeeeee i'm so bored... *online quiz time*

You're MSN!
You're MSN, the first choice of instant messengers among Hotmail users. You're annoying to the point that you want to kill the online notifications and the emoticons.

Well that was fun.. AHHH yesturday i copyed a survey type thing from someones website and i don't remember who but uhhhh whatever...

Three things that scare you:
1)Being left alone
2)Hurting someone that i love
3)Myself.. ya i scare myself alot at times

Three things that make you laugh:
1)My sister
2)James (Massimos friend... that kid is hilarious...)
3)Claudia (She'd be in second but she's always around so i kinda got use to her dumbness... blondness... type thing)

Three things you love:
2)All my friends <3
3)Chocolat =)

Three things you hate:
1)Seeing people cry
2)Someone proving I'm wrong

Three things you don't understand:
2)Why people are stupid enough to believe there's actually a secret to how they get the caramel in the caramilk! GODDAMNIT!!!! it's a fucking mold thingy
3)Why girls are considered sluts when they have sex and guys Gods!

Three things on your desk:
1)hundreds of papers that i'm suppose to be classifying
2)the computer screen thingy
3)a phone

Right now you are:
1)pretending to work
2)talking to Uncle Dick
3)making fun of uncle dick cause he's humping his desk (yup i have an odd family!)

Three facts about you:
1)I don't like cheese..
2)I get bitchy and pissed easily
3)I like 'Le Anal'

Three things you plan to do before you die:
1)Having 'Le Anal'
2)Proving to my mom that coldsores are really herpes (i have a cold sore and i told her i had herpes last night and she told me i was stupid and that it wasn't true but YAY!!!! i have herpes!!!)
3)Buying Massimo a b-day present!!! (i'm only like 3 months late...i'm such a bad g/f *sigh*)

Three things you can do:
1)cry without being sad
2)gain and loose like 20lbs in a week (my weight goes up and down it's very odd)
3)turn my face purple while dying my hair (with Tonia's help though *sigh* the good ol' days..)

Three things you can't do:
1)Fall asleep in a car
2)Touch my nose with my tongue (my tongue is so freakin short!!! and i got operated on it when i was younger to make it longer.. i don't think it worked)
3)Gymnastics stuff

Three famous people you'd like to meet:
1)George Clooney
2)Britney Spears ( i wanna fuck her up the ass with a horse sized dildo and watch her scream in pain.. ya i wanna damage some of her interior organs through anal sex and then hopefully she'll die of interior bleeding or something)
3)God? he's famous... i'd wanna know if he really exists and then i'd ask him wtf his problem is in makin everyone suffer damn that man!

Top 3 CD's in your CD player:
1)some cd i made..
2)BSB - Greatest Hits
3)AFI - (all of them kick ass)

Three songs you like right now:
1)Tweet - Oops
2)Nelly - Hot in Here,br>3)Something Corporate - Hurricane(i think it's called something like weather pattern or something though )

Three things that turn you on most about the gender of your choice:

1)They smell so good..
2)they're like a missing piece of puzzle...
3)they always know how to make you feel better.. even if they're the reason that you're all bleh and stuff..

Three movies you watch all the time:
1)Wild Things
2)Cruel Intentions
3)Lilo and Stitch ( i plan on watching it daily when it comes out on Dvd.. hehe and mass and gates told me they'd go with me to watch it again.. so i'll go seperatly with them so that i can watch it 3 times at the movies.. and yes it's that good!!!)

Three things you say the most:
2)Sab i'm gonna rape you when we're alone
3)T'EST UN MALADE MENTAL!!!!! t'est une femme...T'EST UN MALADE MENTAL!!!!

Well that was amusing.. I'm hungry, and my lips are killing me! stupid stds *sigh*

Wednesday, July 17

Lucky * | 7/17/2002 06:58:13 PM
Four things you would eat on the last day of your life:
1) cookies, and lots of them.
2) ice cream
3) chocolate
4) hawaiin pizza, yum.

Four CD's from your collection that you will never get tired of:
1) saves the day - through being cool
2) something corporate - leaving through the window (so what if it's Claudia's and i've only had it for like 3 days, pssh.)
3) i dunno, planet smashers - life of the party
4) nsync - home for christmas (YEAH, that's right.)

Four movies that you adore:
1) powerpuff girls!
2) *ponders* save the last dance
3) *ponders some more* cruel intentions
4) and south park, hehe.

Four vacations you have taken:
1) Florida
2) Italy
3) St. Thomas, some island somewhere. pretty.
4) Venezuela. (you ALL can shut up, well... David and Claudia. *narrows her eyes*)

Four songs you get stuck in your head recently:
1) something corporate - if you see Jordan
2) reel big fish - trendy
3) new found glory - understatement
4) some song from avril lavigne... i'm not quite sure about the title.

Four things you'd like to learn:
1) how to dive all cool like
2) how to cook, hehe.
3) *shrugs*
4) ...

Four beverages you drink frequently:
1) water... *grin*
2) sobe? hehe.
3) i dunno, milk with my cookies.
4) well, vanilla coke is yum, but i don't drink it often

Four places to go in your city:
1) la ronde
2) chill place!
3) old-port?
4) downtown somewhere... i dunno.

Four things to do when you're bored:
1) intermanet
2) watch a movie. (a REAL one... thanks)
3) practice piano
4) bug someone

Four things that never fail to cheer you up:
1) cookies. =)
2) music
3) cool people
4) writing

that was fun. yeah. that link page is coming along, uh... yeah. *rolls her eyes* yep.

Lucky * | 7/17/2002 06:29:18 PM
You're Caramilk!
Just stuffed full of surprises. No one ever knows what you're going to do next. The greatest mystery to you is, naturally, "how do they get the caramel in the Caramilk bars?"

You're AIM!
You're AIM, probably the most popular instant messenger out there. The bad thing is that you're run by a bunch of corporate assholes, but what isn't nowadays?

i hate aim. hehe.

*smacks her forehead* i'm so bored. (because my msn isn't working... *tear*) i thinky i'm gonna make a link thingy. and look for pics for a new layout. i bet you're SO interested. ha. haha. i make myself laugh.

sabrina dibs | 7/17/2002 06:24:02 PM
   im confused eric. why was rosie crying? and why are you pissed? id also like to take this moment to laugh at rosies dream HAHAHA!! :) watermelon the horse it cool :D

this morning jennifer showed me her skunk AND dog. beatrice the SKUNK was what i thought was the dog (i had never seen it before..) and ed (E.D. get it?) is the dog.

today i got to go to the kiddy section of the montreal north library. yay! so exciting :) stephanie took this movie.. it was odd. i dont mind french movies except theyve got to find a better way to dubb things. the lips dont match the words!! and then.. they were saying that these kids had come from london... and then they were speaking perfect french with no english accent whatsoever. couldnt they change it and pretend they had come from quebec instead? it would have made it more normalish.

(just a note from Rosie: Sab, Independent Bum is David, hehe. and i was crying 'cause Claudia "ditched" me to go to la ronde. *nods*)

Tuesday, July 16

Independent Bum | 7/16/2002 04:49:55 PM
   Oh and yeah WHY IS EVERYONE GONE?!?!??!?!??!??!?! Making me pissed and u made rosie cry! L Dz*cheers*ENCORE!

Independent Bum | 7/16/2002 04:48:55 PM
   Ok well FUCK. done and done L Dz*cheers*

Monday Monkey | 7/16/2002 04:25:07 PM
   LOL I was rudely awakened this morning by david(who decides for the one time in his life to use the phone). Yeah so anyway the phone woke me up. I fell out of bed after, and was soo tired i poured orange juice into a bowl, yes thats right a bowl. Then warmed up 5 day old suvlaki, which tasted bad....realy bad. Well i had a nice day so far, i chilled and read outside(in my hoodie cus yeah its chilly today). What did i read? Yeah what else to i read when i read...Lord of the Rings. LOL! yeah i'm a loser, kill me. I think we might be doing stuff after. but wtv. We are going to watch night of the living dead 2! at rosies house.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/16/2002 11:01:52 AM
   my mom got pissed at my dad last night cause they decided to pay me minimum wage.. and i'm replacing some chick who makes like 18$ an hour.. i'd like at least half of that.. but whatever... Anyways about what Sab said... my b/f got me a little doggy dude thing from La Ronde... in the games and when i went on Sunday with Gaetano and Sab they decided that he really wasn't a dog but that he was a cow and so i told sabrina to look on my bed, i have no idea what i had on there that looked like a pig... there's the black and white DOG and there's also a black and white SKUNK... but the dog is a dog not a pig or skunk *sigh* and the roosters name is Gobble Gobble, cause Johanne stole my gobble gobble and then gave him to her sister (who's a fucking psychotic bitch, and she's like 5) and when i tried getting it back she gave me the worse fuckin' bruises on my boobs..

Lucky * | 7/16/2002 10:00:02 AM
   Sabrina, i had a dream that you were riding a horse along Maurice-Duplessis. and when you passed by, i didn't ask any questions... i just waved lol. and then, i asked if you named it Epona (hehe) or marmalade. you had called it watermelon. LOL, that is all. thank you and have a good day. *grin*

Monday, July 15

Monday Monkey | 7/15/2002 10:33:35 PM
   Ok yeah i havent posted in a bit, but wtv i dont feel much like posting so blah! All i will do is give you three jokes, they are very funny and will make you pee urself, of course if you get them.(David did, i did, ummm and some other people too). Yes they are good jokes, but i did not invent them. A noble person did invent them, but his name was lost to the crule twists of time.Anywho here they are:
1. How many skankers does it take to screw in a light bulb?........Four, one to drop it and three to "pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!"

2 How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?...........None, they just sit and cry in the dark!

3 How many punks does it take to screw in a light bulb?.............Twenty One, on to actually screw in the light bulb and 20 to stand around calling him a poser!

Yes they are beatiful. Don't thank me though...thank Mr. Unknown funny man. Goodnight.

sabrina dibs | 7/15/2002 07:00:05 PM
   today was alright i guess. i seriously get paid to do nothing.. well, okay i have to stay there, make lunch, wash dishes, but thats it! seriously.. i was really tired this morning though. *ZZZzz* i got like 6 hours sleep last night and i couldnt go on jennifers sofa cause its downstairs and her sister is sleeping downstairs til her room gets fixed so ahh. so i was like trying to read for 2 hours but i was so tired that it was giving me a headache.. so i drifted in and out of sleep on her kitchen table :D and then this wierd guy came over to fix her sisters room.. and then her mom got pissed.. and then i was scared she was going to get mad at me.. but she wasnt :) she was only mad at him..

oh, this is for jennifer: "your dog - the one that isnt a pig.. uh no not a pig... hmm whats it supposed to be? well i think it was a pig.. anyways that (the one from la ronde) - looks like a skunk. YEAH A SKUNK!! :D haha..

and for everyone else. me, jennifer, and gaetanos expidition to downtown/la ronde yesterday was muchos fun :) we all got a sweater from simons (mines pretty)and people were randomly giving away pads.. but only to girls.. and then we went to la ronde at like 7 and they both uh.. joined forces to win me a rooster! :) goes great with the two birds.. hes soooo cute!!!!! :D ummm whats his name again? i dont know it.. jennifer named him.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/15/2002 03:36:36 PM
   [Edited... ya i don't want my friends reading that.. and if you did well bleh.. ] I seriously miss James... I feel like a slut.. whore type thing at the moment.. I HATE BEING SO FUCKING BORED THAT I START THINKING ABOUT RANDOM STUFF!!!! oh well life goes on...

Email me I'm bored...

oh and vote for us on bloghop... it's quite easy.. right under the tagboard there's little smiley dudes.. if you like the website choose the dark green dude one... if not then take whatever else you feel like clicking on...

and you might as well leave a message on the tagboard eh? tell us how much you love/hate us..

Sunday, July 14

Independent Bum | 7/14/2002 11:20:26 AM
   Hey everyone *struggles to write this blog*! Back from the west island and battered and bruised like usual! Tis a long story but lets just say taking off ur shirt while skating a gap that is taller than u isnt the best of ideas! Of course i landed it but yeah my whole body took a beating! I just read all the blogs after a long time i havent checked and yeah rosie finally admitted that her lover boy is a bad actor! HA ITS SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anywho my dads all fucky now so im going to my actual room and i geuss ill look for my Mustard Plug pins (PIENS!!!!!) to put on my hat which is with the Operation Ivy pin i got for free heheheh. L Dz*cheers*

Saturday, July 13

sabrina dibs | 7/13/2002 11:57:22 AM
   yesterday i wanted to watch "kate and leopold" so i open the dvd player and take out a "friends" dvd and then put the other one in and press close.. except it doesnt close!!! AH!!! THE THING WAS STUCK!! so im there freaking out. we've only had the thing like 6 months. anyways, so my dad gets home and i blab the story to him figuring hed start screaming at me. instead hes like, get me a flashlight. so he takes the whole thing apart... realises theres another dvd in it still (its a 3 dvd changer thing...) so he manages to get that one out.. by sliding it somehow but the things still broken. so whatever, we go to club price (where we bought it) hoping thered be some sort of guarantee on it right. so the guy there (named steeve... who spells steve steeve??) he wants the remote. thats all. then he calls his specialist electronics guy person and the guy gets there and shoves the thing in (breaking it even more) and tells steeve to give us back our money. so we get our money and then head toward the dvd section to buy another one. but we see that the one we had was like 50$ less now.. so my dads like, "see if theres another one better since we have the money anyways". so he falls in love with this 5 dvd changer one. *sigh* like we need more! ah! anwyays. yeah. its cool. thats my story

i wanna see the crocodile hunter!!! and lilo and stitch!! :D

i wanted to go out with my sister somewhere today (since everyone seems to be doing something) but she got called in to work at like 7:30 this morning.. its 12 and shes not back yet. dont know when she finishes. *tear* stupid job. cant they call someone else? all they gotta do is talk to people missing things anyways.. :)

Lucky * | 7/13/2002 11:50:49 AM
   k! guess what i just watched! (alright, i'm not talking directly to you, so i'll just say it... hehe) you know, those cheap ass global things? "real kids, real adventures" lol, i turn on the tv and it's that. but GUESS who i see! hayden christesen! lol, he was so young, but still hot. hahaha... and a crappy actor as always. (yeah, i said it!)
anyWAY, (yes i'm in a good mood, and i've posted 3 times in a row... mwaha) umm, anybody in the montreal area (or surroundings) want to buy a webcam/digital camera? *grin* hehehe... umm, yeah. i should go now. *waves*

Lucky * | 7/13/2002 12:35:03 AM
   more friday fives! i'm bored. hehe...
1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo? a maison
2. Do you rent or own? lol, i don't own anything, but mes parents do. hehehe
3. Does anyone else live with you? my mommy and daddy, unfortunately.
4. How many times have you moved in your life? never!
5. What are your plans for this weekend? well, today i went downtown. tomorrow i'm going to my brother's at night... (oh, whoever wants to comeover can! just warn me in advance, lol) and sunday is my cousins baby shower. *nods* yep, my first baby shower! *sheds a tear*

1. If you were to go to a movie this weekend, which one would you pick? lilo and stitch. hehehe, or the powerpuff girls again!
2. What movie would you like to rent this weekend? night of the living dead 2! hehe, i want to see it. but, i've REALLY been wanting to see back to the future lately. hehe.
3. What one TV show do you always try to watch? that 70's show, will and grace... and a WHOLE bunch of cartoons. *grin*
4. If you (and your S.O.) were cool with it, what five celebrities (at the most) would it be 'ok' for you to have a fling with? hehehe, the person before me put Jason Lee as one of her answers. *grin* umm, i dunno. maybe... HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN! lol, yeah that's right. yes. just one. *nods* 2 hours is good for me! lol...
5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? i answered that above, hehe.

anyway, enough about the boring questions... lemme blog about ce soir. k, first of all i wasn't supposed to go out tonight, because i came home late last night, and my mommy was all BLAH! so when she was telling me off today she was saying, "blah, blah, i'm mad because you don't respect your curfew and blah, blah" and i'm like "no, it's because you think i'm doing other things" and she's like, "no, of course not" and i said i was going downtown with Eric and David. "oh, well... why can't you go out with your girlfriends?" BAM! i win! she just didn't want me to go out with Eric and David. she's such liar... haha. and a bad one too... so she realized that i won. but i was supposed to be home at 10... hehehe. 10:01 and she would kill me. so uh, yeah. we went shoe shopping for David. then we tried to go to stomp, but the Just For Laughs festival was on that street, so it took us forever to get there! mostly because the CHICKENS were causing so much traffic! yeah, there were really big chickens. okay, and if you do go one day... and you see a big purple chicken? RUN. far away, that thing attacked me man. it's beak was SO huge and pointy and WHOA! i was scared. hehe, while we were walking, there was a guy with a red clown nose on and he was saying, "creme glacee, creme glacee!" we get closer... "pot, mescaline" lol, it was too funny. and then whenever we saw someone else with the red clown nose we'd start dying of laughter. hehe, there were many little kids with them. hehe, you know what THEY were doing... their noses all red like that. k, but after we finally made it to stomp. i kicked David for making fun of me, and the cool stomp guy got mad at me. *hangs her head* i'm sorry stomp guy! (i think his name is Mark, Eric says it's Steve... but we're taking guesses. we'll find out one day!) yeah, he said it was "rough" and David's like, "OH YEAH, SHE LIKES IT THAT WAY!" and me, Eric and David start dying of laughter yet again. anyway, yeah. he was all happy and cool though. he gave David a free pin with his shirt and Eric a free sticker with his CD's... hehehe, and i got a "who ya gonna call!" pin, among others. hehehe, PIEN! lol. David amused himself by saying that most of the time. yeah, most of the night was funny... but i really don't remember everything. i kept getting raped by a shoe box though. hehe, but that's about it. there were many funny sayings i think. oh, we were also playing "male or female". yeah, we couldn't figure it out. i think we all agreed on male after. hehehe... by the way, i got home at 11! so yep, i got in shit. *shrugs* oh well, i was happy... so it didn't bother me, lol. anyway, i should go to bed now, nite nite!

Monday Monkey | 7/13/2002 12:12:30 AM
   Woah today was fun, but too long to tell it all hehehe. I'm gonna sleep now cus im tired and im being bugged by centain people! L Dz

Friday, July 12

Lucky * | 7/12/2002 11:41:12 PM
   no friday five this week. *tear* i'll just do the ones Jennifer did, hehe.

1. Open up your CD player, what's inside? nothing, but there's jimmy eat world in my walkman.
2. Look in your VCR, is there a movie? umm, i can't exactly go look in my vcr. i got in shit for coming home late (yeah, again) and i'm supposed to be sleeping so yep. hehe, prolly one of my dad's ugly movies.
3. If there happens to be music playing right now, what is it? nothing, but i'm downloading globes and maps from something corporate if that counts. hehe, Claudia told me to get it.
4. What are you wearing? my ducky pj's!
5. Look down, what's the first thing that catches your eye? the bubbles on my pyjama's. *grin*
6. Turn on your TV if it's not on already, what network is it? lol, can't do that either. again, probably my dad's stupid channels. or the golden girls, lol... lifetime. for some reason my mom is always watching that late at night.
7. Look out the window, what's the weather like? well, it's quite dark. hehe, but i was just outside. and it's pretty.
8. If you were to hit redial on your phone right now, where would it call? i dunno, i got home just a while ago. let's see... aww, i pressed redial, but it's been too long i guess so nothing happened. hehe.
9. Say "hello?" out loud, did anyone answer? lol, SHH! i'm supposed to be sleeping!
10. What are you planning on doing next as soon as you get offline?sleep i guess... yep.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/12/2002 04:08:15 PM
   I'm bored and the friday five isn't up yet *sigh* this will have to do for now...

1. Open up your CD player, what's inside?
The free c.d we got at snowjam.. i felt like listening to something corporate this morning before i left to go to work

2. Look in your VCR, is there a movie?
In my VCR it's ten things i hate about you and in my DVD player it's Harry Potter.. i got my b/f to watch part of it =)

3. If there happens to be music playing right now, what is it?
I dunno what it's called but it goes something like this. ... i can't stop loving you baby something something.. can anybody feel me at all... *stupid Q92*

4. What are you wearing?
3/4 pants, beige'ish sweater, my navy blue sweater thingy, and ... the ring i lost that i got back but that isnt the original :/

5. Look down, what's the first thing that catches your eye?
The keyboard and my ring!!!!!

6. Turn on your TV if it's not on already, what network is it?
Probably MTV or the BET ... that's all they watch here... im at work...

7. Look out the window, what's the weather like?
It looks sandy.. theres sand blowing everywhere and it looks dark too but thats cause the widows are tinted...\

8. If you were to hit redial on your phone right now, where would it call?
It would call Admiral Express in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma =)

9. Say "hello?" out loud, did anyone answer?
The guy i was talking to on the phone thought i was a retard but he answered.. his name was Taylor! he was nice.. i like nice ppl..

10. What are you planning on doing next as soon as you get offline?
GO HOME!!!!!!! call massimo and then go to bed! im so freakin tired...

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/12/2002 08:58:43 AM
   MY BOYFRIEND IS A FREAKIN RETARD! i should have NEVER told him i lost the ring.. Ya.. well i went to watch a movie with him and his parents and brother yesturday.. i saw mr. Deeds again cause that's what he wanted to see and we were too late to watch lilo & stitch.. anyways his parents and brother sat somewhere in the front and we were in the back.. but according to David and Gates.. they were sitting inbetween us... don't ask they met Massimo in the washroom or something.. anyways back to why i think he's a retard.. HE GOT ME ANOTHER ONE i seriously felt so bad and i kinda accidently told him i didn't want it *sigh* anyways he told me not to worry cause he got it a size smaller so that i couldn't play with it and loose it.. i wish i had that much money to waste... one ring .. fine but TWO that are exactly the same.. that i know i'll probably end up loosing.. i'm wearing it now.. but when my mom finds out she's gonna make me take it off then give me a speech about love and all that other blah blah.. and i still haven't gotten him a b-day gift *sigh* im such a bad g/f

Thursday, July 11

Monday Monkey | 7/11/2002 11:15:24 PM
   ....................well this has been a crapy day.

Lucky * | 7/11/2002 11:09:10 PM
   i love how everything crappy happens on the same night. it's like a big explosion of dramatics. oh god, i really don't want to wake up tomorrow. *sinks in her chair*

Independent Bum | 7/11/2002 09:04:41 PM
   Well fucking pissed so yeah why not write? Wait i know why CAUSE IT DOESNT FUCKING MATTER!!!!!!!!!!! I think screaming is a good thing hehehhehe blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting by the stairs, waiting i despair, my whole life is a dark room... yeah those are great lyrics which are so very true! So are many others but i dont feel like typing them but u know what i will do, blab on and on about nothing. Mister franky is here reading our stoopidness and little does whats going on in my head... But anywho why didnt the world end on the year 2000? It would have been so much better i dont like all this crap going on.*What if could go to sleep for days, would you count the hours, or would your restlessness consume fading memories of me? Fall into open arms that offer their protection. Quick to deny that their open to deceit. Long to believe that support will never cease.* More great lyrics from AFI and yeah i belive in these too. But does anyone care hell no so y am i writing...u know why cause i have fuck all else to do...well i do but apperently no one wants that to happen yeah so fuck that idea. Have u ever thought of the clouds when they are pinkish liek do u think they are flames falling upon us? Well yeah im thinking about it...sounds cool(y)! Now for a song that i adore dearly*****Hung in your room, swaying, hoping only that you'll see. All by myself, I'm alone in such poor company. The deeper I think, the deeper I seem to sink, I can't stop the insects that are feeding, pull the needles from beneath my skin. I broke myself, shattered, tied a bow around every peice. You'll love the eyes. Have they always shown so vacantly? The more I show the less you'll want to know. I can't stop the insects that are feeding, pull the needles from beneath my skin. Now I'm on display. I am becoming. Hurt myself today. It's all for you. Do you like what I'm becoming? Cut myself today. It's all for you. I part the night, flashing, approaching as I watch you flee. Pushed through your panes. Seems I've landed quite uncomfortably. But as I pass through souls of broken glass I can't stop the insects that are feeding. Pull the needles from beneath my skin. Please don't ask me what I think, trust me, you don't want to know. Please don't ask me to open up, trust me, trust me, 'cause I can't.***** I really dont know what to write anymore but i wish i didnt know as much as i did cause its a bitch and yeah a bitch! heheheh bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello my name is Mr Dave, well according to the suicide machines i am. I think that was the best thing that happened since July 2nd...u know what im talking about eric and yes its fucking pissing me off that thing just wont get outta my head. And yeah its been in my head for how long hummm well lets see ... since like 6 months ago but everyday it got worse every single fucking day. I WANT IT TO END!!!!!!! So stop trying to run away from this dude before bad shit happens actually worse things will happen cause its already bad. If ur mad at me for bringing this up imagine how im feeling right now...actually dont or else ull pbbly jump off a bridge heheheh...wait that isnt that funny well it could be but yeah. And its either my msn fucked up or u dont give a shit that im here cause uve were brb for awhile so wtv. Yeah wtv if i continue writing im just gonna say things that shouldnt be said so im leaving...L Dz*cheers*

Wednesday, July 10

sabrina dibs | 7/10/2002 07:08:27 PM
   i finally got my computer :) ive been without one for like a week. didnt miss it much though. anyways, i read what you people have written, doesnt seem like much has happened. not for me either.

well, i got my meq exam marks today!!! :D!! im sooooo happy!!! I PASSED CHEMISTRY! i got a 71 in chemistry, 84 in the lab. 78 in math. 91 in history :)
but we didnt get our french mark. i had completely forgotten about that, until claudia called me panicing about it. :) well, her mommys going to call... uh, someone, tomorrow and find out what happened to it. so thats my story. wow.

Lucky * | 7/10/2002 06:01:12 PM
   your addiction to jesus is PURELY sexual. you don't love jesus for his SOUL, you love him for his BODY.
lol! omg k, i got my meq shit in the mail today. is there a SLIGHT possibility that if you get 100, they just write 99... 'cause there's no place for the extra number? *grin* 'cause that would be cool. *mwahah* but i don't understand this thingy. it confuses me. CONFUSES! oi.

Independent Bum | 7/10/2002 05:03:24 PM
   Yeah so i havent posted for awhile, could be because im fucking tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*makes Exlamation point thingys to beat of falling down from mad caddies* So im waiting for yummy supper after a boring day at work, luckly eric came so yeah it could have been worse. I stabbed him!!!!!!!!!!hehehehhehe that means i won the war. I dont knwo what to do so i might play that game that claudia was watching eric play yesturday, i love polygons!!hehehehe.So yeah *takes off Bigwig beanie* i think ill stop boring u with this boring post * cracks neck* .L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/10/2002 09:53:52 AM


ehehehehe see what happens when i get bored? WOOHOOO!!!! fun online tests =)

Tuesday, July 9

Lucky * | 7/9/2002 06:23:02 PM
   well, today was oddish. i was ALL happy because i was getting my mp3 player, but i had to go change my checks at the bank first. but when i went the bank was closed, so no money for an mp3 player, and then i was sad. (all i had was imaginary money) but then, we went to future shop anyway, to change my camera because it's stupid... but then the chick said i could change it for a different one, and that made me super happy! then we went to toys 'r us... happiness ensued there! i rode a bike, a scooter, played basketball, got dressed up like an angel (with a blue's clues umbrella) yeah, played with a lot of blue's clues stuff... oh, watched David have relations with a monkey and a bear... cuddled with another bear... and bought myself this cool hello kitty bag. hehe, it's cool. and when i got home i called brother dearest of mine to see if we could go swimming, and he said yes. SO I WAS REALLY HAPPY! (and hyper, ask David) but then i called back and my sister-in-law saidish that her mommy and sister were coming too, so i'm like, eugh... no thankies. SO, now i'm saddish... and my cool hello kitty bag was packed too. and i wanted to go swimming and yeah. *cries* oh, Sabrina... i thinky i saw Veronica on the bus. but i'm really not sure if it was her. cause it looked like her, but i still wasn't sure. cause her voice was oddish... and she was dressed like a skater, and that made me confused. yes, yes. *scratches her mosquito bites* and i'm hungry. where's my mommy? *whimpers* k, sorry for the boring post, lol. i'm super bored. oh, i'm working on a new layout. hehehe, it's sketched. kinda. yeah. i'm gonna go now. *motions to the door*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/9/2002 01:51:57 PM
   you people are boring *sigh* what's up with you people having lives? what's up with you guys not posting daily? Anyways i just accidently freaked out this chick in Alabama!! I accidently dialled the wrong number and the chick totally freaked out it was hilarious. I start off saying "Hi it's Jennifer from Domtar Papers, we have 40,000lbs comming in tomorrow" and then the girl starts yelling at her kids and asking me how much its gonna cost her... and then i look at the phone and i'm like oh no i dialed the wrong number.. so i appologize and she goes all psycho bitch and tells me she almost had a heart attack! hehe she thought her kids had ordered 40,000lbs of paper. that makes me want to order a truck full of paper... WEEEE!!!!! paper...

Monday, July 8

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/8/2002 01:45:44 PM
   Oh dear... i had to tell my boyfriend about me losing my ring! he wasn't as pissed as i expected him to be.. i'm guessing he noticed i didn't have it on friday and today he asked me where it was so ya i told him and then i started crying and stuff so he spent forever trying to get me to stop but luckily i was in my daddys office.. but now my eyes are all rouge!!! OH OH and i got waisted on saturday... well me and my cousin did! my parents and her parents and everyone else were soooo gone that they didn't notice!!! it was great fun! and then my bro and my lil cousin had me and my cousin get them some stuff to drink cause they'd give it to me and my cousin (that was at my dads surprise 40th b-day party) but they wouldnt to my brother and other cousin.. my brothers blackmailing me now! it sucks but i dont think my mom would believe him if he told her *sigh* boy/girl drama BLEH!

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/8/2002 09:58:06 AM
   bonjour! oui oui je suis en France... ok i really am not but whatever pretending is fun.. im working today and all week and all week after that most sucks but i dont mind the money! and when i stay home i usually dont do much cause my mom makes me baby sit my brother.. well its not very hard to do but i think i might have traumatized him friday! my poor lil brother....well at least he didnt tell my mom cause id be soooooo fucking dead.. OMG my song is playing while im waiting on hold *piano sounds* and i need u *piano sounds* and i miss u *piano sounds* and now i wonder if i could fall into the sky =)

Sunday, July 7

Monday Monkey | 7/7/2002 03:06:58 PM
   OMG! Nothing beats the fun i has last night. Ok take a 17 year old skater, a shorty call scott whos a 14 year old toker, a 15 year old player, an other skater punk/rudeboy, some kid that pulls crazy shit randomly ( like the hard-core dude in SLC-punk), my foot ball playing cousin(who skates too), this west island local kid, and me. West island will never be the same....those fuckers hehehe. Ok well first we were having fun doing amateur shit like ring and run and stuff. Then for some reason me and the short kid scott find some old bike and golf bag heheh, we stash the gold bag for later...but then this kid just takes the bike and rides into some dudes front door a fuck crashes into it. The dude gets pissed off and come after us in his car. So we all go random places. Now im only with the short toker...we ran through some dark park and this baseball field and ended up comming thought a path to into this small street(o yeah this is at 1 in the morning) and the street is lined with these little white block things. We take them and put them under this guys car and then make a huge road-block with all of the block things on the street. HEHEHE then we were fucking hidding in bushes wipping crap apples at houses and stuff. Then we meet up with the others. They had thrown the bike around some more and trashed it (beautiful btw). Well anyway after some more amateur stuff we get the golf bag again and fill it with crap apples...this started something fun. We took like 50 a time and launched then at cars setting off the alarms. Then some peeps went off steeling car simbols, and others went and rigged the golf bag somehow so that when this dude opens his door it falls on him. We also found bags of crap and were wipping them around. Umm yeah we put stuff under cars so that peeps think there running over cats...i forget what else..o yeah! This one was nice. Duck taped those big-assed mailboxes so that it would take hours to take it off. This started at around 11 and went till 2:30 in the by one peeps had to leave. So we watched jack-ass videos after that and stuff. Fun night. Haven't had that much fun for a while, team-work dilinquency is fun.

Well anyway what have you guys been up to lately? Besides pimping david online and off-line. Realy people...your not even part of the union 457 local whores and pimps association *pfft*. I think tommorow is a good day to continue our jack-ass video. We would need more peeps though, cus last time was ok. But not enough peeps. Maybe tuesday too hehehe. Umm is stomp open on sundays? I don't think so. Darn! O well. No one is online. Also have u guys noticed that the sky has an odd yellow tint today? And the sun is orange..hehehe i love the polutants of this island. Yeah its suicide machines today i think, hehe no im sure cus pat just asked me if i was going. Which i'm not cus wtv i don't listen to them. Well i guess this is gonna be a borring day. Email me or call me if ur bored, so we could go do something.

Saturday, July 6

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 7/6/2002 10:47:36 PM
   hello thar lads. you could never get enough of the osbornes. hehe. i ate supper and then i decided to watch joe dirt on tmn. twas a funny movie. i enjoyed it alot. anyways, so after they annouced some other movie ..lost anmd delirious. it looked interesting because it was with the girl from coyote ugly and it was filmed by montrealers and such. so bleh, i start to watch it, only to find out that its about this chick who gets sent to a boarding school and finds out her roomates are lesbians. the movie itself made me think of virgin suicides. i didnt finish watching it because i knew it would end bafly and frackly it was starting to get quite boring, in other words, it was very predictable. my predictions for this movie : the chick tells everyone that her being a lesbian isnt true and that the her partner just climbs into bed with her naked at times ( which is not true, because shes the one that wants the sex also) and then the chick gets mad and kills herself . maybe they both kill each other. blah. im gonna go to bed now. im too bored. byes *waves,hug *

Friday, July 5

Lucky * | 7/5/2002 10:44:10 AM
   lmao!! k, i just accidently hung up on my third person in 2 days... (that crazy release button) so i built this crazy contraption to block the button. and it works! except, everytime i pick up the phone now, i start cracking up like crazy when i look at it. hehehe, i'm such a retard. and Eric, you know when you said i tilt my head to the side when i answer the phone? k, lol... i was calling some insurance thing and i'm supposed to say "hi, this is Rosie from cremazie travel" so here i am, "hi, this is Rosie from cremazie travel, *tilt*" lol, i was laughing because it was so smoooooth. yep, yep... i'm bored again. oi. *smacks her forehead*

Lucky * | 7/5/2002 10:27:17 AM
   friday five
1. Where are you right now? at work... "working" so tremendously hard, lol.
2. What have you lost recently? my sanity maybe? wait, i broke my ring and lost part of it... does that count?
3. What was the first CD you ever purchased? Does that embarrass you now? hmm, i think the spice girls, but i could be wrong. it doesn't embarrass me, they were cool back in the day...
4. What is your favorite kind of writing pen? hehe, i really don't care. anything smoooooooooth...
5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? rocky road is always yummy... but i'm not picky. anything chocolatey... =)

Thursday, July 4

Monday Monkey | 7/4/2002 03:52:50 PM
   I haven't posted since i got back. Hehehe other things have been on my mind....ANYwho today i think i want to buy my ticket to see "Big D & the Kids Table" on July 20th(for those who care that's my birthday! Hehehe it's also david's but realy..mine's more important! *grins* just j/k) Ca va etre tres crunk! I'm soo tired though...havent gotten much sleep time for a while. Hehehe we have begun our "jack-ass" video and omg its going great. So far we have frank (insert illegal thing here..."movie" in a small amount of time hihihihihi), we also have him jumping into the RDP river(the most poluted river in all of canada ewww)(note: he also cut his foot on glass in the rdp river, this was not part of the stunt). Then we have me being pushed down the stairs in a recicling bin. Then we have me and frank running across a baseball field durring a game. Then we have i think frank jumping into a dirty kiddie pool in a public park (me dunking my head in cus i was fucking hot). I think finally we have me and frank "movie" fighting for like 5 mins. Yeah yesturday was fun i think there is some skating in there not sure though. I was gonna see the power puff movie but i had arranged this previously ...sorry rosie. Well i'm gonna go for know. L Dz everyone.

Wednesday, July 3

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 7/3/2002 08:45:48 PM
   hello peoples. i know i havnt posted in a while but ive been busy. yes. claudia has been busy. how so ? i got a job. yes. i work in a summer camp and im a shadow for this handicapped little girl called tania. shes so cool. today we went to the beach but she couldnt come because wheel chairs and sand arnt best pals. so i stayed with a whwole bunch of other lil kids whome i dont know but they clearly know me and like me because im hyperactive. haha. funniness. aha! the osborn's marathon is on monday, for those who care...anyhow, we had to ride the school bus for an hour and a half ( and this time im not just adding a half, it really was that long) and because of the airation and stuff i didnt get bus sick. yay. then i fell asleep on jason( this other animator)'s shoulder because he had to take the window seat!!! anyways, yes, i didnt realize i fell aseep. i just wake up to lil kids screaming " WERE HERE! WERE HERE! " and yeah...good thing i feel on his shoulder cuz or else i would have fallen off my seat. ANYWAYS sunburnt, really bad. t'is funny. then after work i invited myself over to mooch off christinas pool. heheness. the water was too warm though. NIKERBOPPERS AND A HALF!

Lucky * | 7/3/2002 06:07:48 PM
   bonjours peoples...
lol, yes, i'm waiting for David to finish his souper and then we're going to go watch the powerpuff girls movie... =) happy joy! lol, and no one else wants to come, that makes me saddish... IT'S THE POWERPUFF GIRLS PEOPLES! anyway, yes. David is a fast eater. *waves*

Lucky * | 7/3/2002 01:29:29 PM
   lmao, k. my dad showed me how to check flight availability and stuff... this job is getting fun! *mwaha* k, but it's so confusing... and i'm not too sure what i'm doing, and i really, REALLY hope i'm not booking anything. hehe, although it would be funny.
OMG! i just answered the phone, i swear to god i thought it was Eric (yeah, call forwarding from my house) and i heard the guy say, "hi, is Rosie there please?" but what he really said was "hi, is Lucy there please?" and i was like, "yeah, it's me" and LOL that ended badly. anyway... back to my flight scheduling.
lol, k. i checked from here to paris for tomorrow... but all i get is a bunch of letters and numbers. i think i'm doing something wrong... hehe. so far the only thing i know how to do is check codes for cities. YES, i'm cool! k... i'm done being stupid. *waves*

Tuesday, July 2

Monday Monkey | 7/2/2002 03:49:01 PM
   People sorry i missed the sites birthday, and canada's birthday, and let's not forget Monday Monkeys birthday! So..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I'm back and this time i should be staying for a while. Good luck on those liricks david...and they better be know why (anti-mullet!!!! NOOOO!!!!). I think i can go to see Big D and the kids table on m/our (me and david) birthday. It should be cool. Hmm i wonder what i missed this time..........

Lucky * | 7/2/2002 01:53:12 PM

see that? that's a diluted pupil... is there a story behind it? but of course...
so, i had to go to the optemetrist to get that done because *shrugs* she wanted to see something, i guess. lol, SO... i get in, i was a little on the nervous side because i don't particularly like getting drops in my eyes. so "blah, blah" she talking to me, and without be forewarned she puts the first set of drops in. painful, TRES painful. so she's continuing to talk, and i get this BIG knot in my stomach and i started to go crazy, so she's like, "WHOA! are you okay? you look nervous!" *nods* "okay, i'm gonna go through everything that i'm going to do so that it's not that bad..." so she's talking, and i'm starting to feel better, after a bit she puts the other drops in. i start panicing practically... and you know when Harry Potter's scar hurts him? lol, i got that pain, and did the same thing he does when he gets it. she's like, "oh god, what's wrong?" "i'm dizzy..." so she makes me put my head down for a bit. after a while she's like, "maybe you should walk it off." bad idea. i get up and practically collapse on her desk. she's like, "OOOKAY! just have a seat in the chair!" so i lied down for a bit. and she put some water on my face and lol, i FINALLY felt better after. thank goodness the chick was nice. then, my mom came to pick me up and she's talking to her about that... and then they go off talking about needles and what not and if i ever react to that and my whole face goes white, again. lol, but i got subways and that made me happy. and my eyes are cool. the end! lol, it's prolly not funny... but it's funny to me, i dunno why.
ANYWAY, yes... happy belated birthday to our site! *sniff* one year old already... do you remember that very first template? lol, aww... i do. *sniff* hehe, enough of that. my eyes hurt. i should get off the computer, hehe...

Independent Bum | 7/2/2002 01:20:42 PM
   Ok so i havent wrote anything for awhile now but i have my reason, and most of u will never find out *sticks tongue out*!!! Well its tuesday morning for me cause i just woke up and i got hungy so i saw some pudding but surprisingly i took 8 things instead of 4 but whats stopping me fromm eating them all?? Hehhehe i just touched my stomach and i thinkys i have a brooze on it, good job rosie (not being sarcastic) (Y)! I thought people would be on msn right now so we could do something but apperantly i was wrong so i have nothing to do now. And get this, apperantly its to hot outside to skateboard! Yeah thats what my mommy said, I think she just wants me to stay home today. Yeah i have a feeling today will be all sucking if no ones could do anythings so if that would be the case i geuss ill continue writing my beautiful lyrics! (yeah that's right eric their pretty fucking good unless i was to "tired" to actually see they werent) Anywho i need a big glass of milk and i have to pee i geuss ill stay on msn till i finish the pudding , i already finished 2 (y), im on my way!!! L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 7/2/2002 08:25:22 AM
   happy late b-day to our oh so wonderful website.. ya im at work *sigh* i got babysat by sabrina all week end .... it was fun! yesturday i watched the fire works from my house they were soooooo much better then the quebec ones.. and they lasted longer. saturday we went to watch fire works near la ronde they were pretty but i would have rather watch them from la ronde its way cooler.. anyways going there we ended up downtown and i bought this pretty leather bracelet with lil monkeys and happy suns. its pretty!!!!!!!!!! and then i wanted cherries and sabrina was all like uh why? but i bought them anyways cause cherries are so yummy and everyone loves them.. anyways sabrina ate them even if she was like bleh cherries.. the cherries were yummy... AND FUCK TODAY MY DAD IS MAKING ME SIT WHERE ALL THE TRUCK DRIVERS COME IN ITS SCARY =( VERY VERY SCARY... I WANT MY MOMMY... im undoing enveloppes today... and arranging bills and all that fun stuff... ive been here since 7:30 and im not working till 8:30 cause the chick who has to show me how to do what im doing doesnt start working till that time.. i did this last year and i remember almost everything except for the codes in the computer to check PO numbers and other fun stuff... anyways ill probably post 19834923 times today... ill post about all my me getting hit on adventures

Monday, July 1

sabrina dibs | 7/1/2002 02:51:19 PM
   HAHAHA okay sorry to post yet again but this is hilarious!!

I'm equally at home climbing a mountain or wearing a tux to the opera, and everything in between. I believe in treating a lady like the precious, gentle, fragile, beautiful flower that she is.

thats one of those yahoo people again. i love this! haha if youre bored just try this. its fun

sabrina dibs | 7/1/2002 12:10:07 PM
   aww superDORKS is one year old!! :) happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.....(you get the point)

mr deeds was alright.. but i still wanna see lilo and stitch! cmon! its disney!!!! :D

i just finished watching "nuit de noces" :) haha.. yeah im pretty sure that was the movie claudia and jennifer watched in french class. "oui, je parle francais" and "tu es un malade mentale" kind of gave it away.. yeah it was alright but not amazing!

umm.. oh, also. HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! :) 135 years old.. wow thats old.

Lucky * | 7/1/2002 12:09:29 AM
   lol, hole digging experiences. i wanna see!
hehe... anyway, Mr. Deeds was pretty good. the only thing is that goat should have been a zebra, but whatever. it was still cool. yes, and earlier today i went to my brothers for a swim and ended up being flipped around more times than ever imaginable by my cousin... lovely, isn't it? and then yesterday... *ponders* the fireworks, and the attempt at skateboarding. eh, the night was fun. and friday... *ponders* yes, warped tour tickets! *holds her ticket up to the screen and sticks her tounge out* bwahaha, suckers. yeah, this is a pretty good weekend for some reason, except for thursday, that was crappy-like. or was it thursday? i don't know... i just have the need to babble, hehe. crap, i have nothing to say. *sings Vanessa Carlton* hehe, k i suck. bye bye.