Sunday, June 30

sabrina dibs | 6/30/2002 04:40:42 PM
   :D i have been babysitting jennifer since friday night. she just left a few minutes ago. haha.. shes not aloud staying home alone cause she has a boyfriend. i find it funny.. but anyways. we (me, jen, rosie, claudia, and david) went to see the fire works last night. aww they were pretty. we wanted to go on top of the jacques cartier bridge (to see them well) but we ended up on the grass next to a street.. and since it was high we didnt see all the fireworks, only the really high ones. but these people had radios and we heard the music to go with them and its was a disney theme!!! DISNEY!! how perfect is that? :)there were circles, hearts, and happy faces (although they were a little crippled..) but yeah it was cool. but they didnt use beauty and the beast.. the all time greatest disney movie! ah well. today my mom made jennifer help me and my sister wash the car. twas odd. haha.. anyway yeah that was it. my whole weekend experience with jennifer here.
oh.. and my dad finished his hole :) its pretty-like now. everyone come over so we can celebrate! :) *big smile*

Friday, June 28

Monday Monkey | 6/28/2002 04:23:17 PM
   Ok yesturday by far has been the most disgusting day so far. It starte a little good, then hit rock bottom. Yeah hermit is option 2 on my list of thing to end this crapy-ness. LOL guess what number one is? Anyway i guess things will go good today, we are all going down town and buying our tickets for warped tour =) All being like a few body is home. Well we are waiting for claudia to get home....then we can go. O yeah david button sorter. L Dz

Goddess Of The Dorks | 6/28/2002 03:23:57 PM
   awwww my daddy's gonna take me a pc from work.. it's gonna be old and crappy.. but uhhh i doubt it can be any worse then mine.. and my dads company place thingy has only been there for like 5yrs and the computers were their first.. so im guessing its about 5yrs old... and mine is like uhhh 10?maybe a lil less... anyways.. tonight my moms gonna call sabrinas mom and ask her if she minds if sabrina comes and babysits my brother and sister a few days.. if she hasnt found a job when its time to babysit them...great fun eh?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 6/28/2002 03:00:05 PM
   I have nothing to do.. so i was told to go on the internet and have fun... and today is *rush* day cause monday is a holiday and so is thursday... because july 1st = canada day and 4th of july = big party thingy in the usa... i'm probably just boring everyone but whatever i haven't used bloggers since forever... you know my pretty ring? ya well i lost it :( i still haven't told my b/f though.. i really don't know how he'll react so im kinda scared to tell him.. im scared he'll think something like uh she doesn't love me or something like that.. and i do love him.. je crois but whatevers.. im sooo damn tired waking up at 6 is bad.. i got no sleep last night cause my back was killing me and OH MY FUCKING GOD my fish tried commiting suicide this morning around 5! luckily i was up when it happened. I saved my fish!!! my fish 'leia' jumped out of her bowl this morning.. i always knew she was suicidal... but i never expected her to try suicide... i've been feeding her anti-depresents.. heh.. anyways i heard 'plop plop plop' type of thing then i RAAANNN to turn on the lights and then i saw her my poor lil fish baby on the floor i picked her up she was no longer moving.. but once in the water for a few seconds she became alive again... she swam a lil oddly for a while but by 7 she was swimming fine i hope she's still alive... anyways i put transparent cover paper thingy over the bowl and i made full of wholes in it to make sure she didn't try jumping again.. stoopid fish.. fin. HI KEVIN!!!! WILL YOU PLEASE BE MY NEW FRIEND? *smiles* hmmm OH OH I ONLY GOT HIT ON ONCE TODAY *scores* some fuckin ugly old guys eyed me and then my dad went shes my daughter and then he stopped =) ok bye byez

Goddess Of The Dorks | 6/28/2002 01:25:27 PM
   poor sabrina *tear* can we PLEASE go to La Ronde saturday.. and can one of you guys please come sleep at my house.. or else i have to go to my grandmothers.. because i have a boyfriend.. who BTW is never home on week-ends.. *sigh* i can only go if one of you guys sleeps at my house.. or else destination my grandmothers house!!! hmm and all this is cause my parents have to go to quebec to assist a nuns 50th anniversary marraige with jesus *sigh* i wanna go to disney.. it would be fun... no parents *smiles*

sabrina dibs | 6/28/2002 11:59:57 AM
   you know, when one thing in your life goes *kaboom* (special effects) everything follows. ugh. so i sent my cv (well my mom did..) to that old folks thing claudias mom was telling me about. so whatever, yesterday they call me. so im like yay finally. but then i go there today and everything was good.. the girl liked me and everything. then "quel age a tu?" uh.. 16.. "oh". what? i have to be 17. SEVENTEEN. damnit. seriously, they couldnt have written that somewhere? or even asked me when they called? noo.. so whatever then im at the bus stop at like 9:50 this morning but of course its not rush hour so i had to wait til 10:20ish. these two old people come and start talking to me. i think i told them my whole life story and heard all of theirs.. i didnt mind, they were nice and all. yup so im lonely. blah.

oh, yesterday my mom was in ontario again.. seems she doesnt only do one city a day. she was in toronto in the morning and missisauga in the afternoon. isnt that great? missisauga is driving distance to toronto! GREAT!!! we can move there and my mom can still go to toronto to work! YAY!!! :( if anyone feels like cheering my up.. call me or something.. or you can just show up at my door again.. i got nowhere to go nothing to do... oh wait.. no no.. thats not true. i can do the laundry! yay me!

Goddess Of The Dorks | 6/28/2002 11:50:34 AM
   Hello all you wonderful people.My internet doesn't work anymore.. i got my computer all working fucking good but now my internet doesn't work!!!!! FUCK!!!!! you know why my internet doesn't work? "cause when you do evil things you get caught" that's what my internet providor told me.. fuck videotron.. actually fuck all internet providors they all suck.. although i'm happy my mommy understands my needs to have anything but a dial-up.. my uncle says that the evil program on my pc is probably just some thing that searches ports.. but *sigh* i uninstalled everything.. and it still doesn't work.. and my mom says i dont NEED the internet until school restarts.. oh but i do NEED it. *sniff* anyways i'll be writting once in a while from work *smiles* ya im working really hard right now =). I WANT MY EXAM MARKS!!!! it's odd i got the second highest mark on my math test.. in my class.. i'm some what smart but not that smart.. the scary thing is that i got a 75... the exam was such a bitch.. hehe my math teacher told my mom my mark, but i'm not suppose to know so SHHH!!!! i got 47% on my science 436 exam.. but my class average was 39% so my mom didn't get too pissed... i might go write the suplementary exam though.. if i didn't fail anything else...
HMMMM i'm gonna go eat now.. i'll post again this afternoon bye byes..

Lucky * | 6/28/2002 09:49:29 AM
   Get that Once Upon a Time Feeling at a Happily Ever After rate and the Walt Disney World(r) Resort!
$225 for 3-nights... but 'tis like in september/october. can we go anyway? *cries* DISNEY!!! aww... i'm gonna look up more stuff.
[10:43AM: hmm... $59 a night for adults... HMM...]

Wednesday, June 26

Monday Monkey | 6/26/2002 10:22:34 PM
   Yeah i think i'm in a venting mad-like mood...but the thing is if i complain more about that same repeating subject it'll get borring for you people. So, let's see what pissig me off..hehe alot of other things but i wont post them here cus well..anyway i'm just mad frame-o-mind and as Franky would say "i'm angry at the world". This night was going to end with flying purple monkeys(rather messily too) but i couldnt even go out, so no monkeys. My parents are stupid..they are giving me shit for not getting good! They have no right, because id like to them them pull of the marks i get with all the shit going on in that skool, fucking teachers banging students, crack-uped vice principal, nazi principal, and not to mention our great peers(plz lol u've hered it all before). Also "i'm a vampire, only going out at night to do god knows what with my freinds" . I've heared more than half the shit my parents did..they met drinking in a graveyard when they were 16! Yeah great love story...and its my fault i'm "becomming the problem child". I can't stand them. Maybe if they got out of there "mid-life crisis" mood they'd be able to understand what being a teenager is about. Wow ive noticed i'm sounding like a chick in one of those teen-dramas. Heheheh funny shit those things. yeah im just gonna stop hear..maybe ill watch a "movie" maybe not, either way. I'm no longer in a mood for venting...i need a big velvet chiar and a tall class or coniac and do that old person in the movie act.

sabrina dibs | 6/26/2002 03:09:38 PM
   i picked up me report card this morning.. hmm i dont get it. my average is 85 (and i thought i wasnt going to make the honor roll this year..) i did absolutely nothing the last term yet its my best. get this: 84 in chemistry EIGHTY FOUR!!! yay moi. :) and a 98 in religion (yeah mrs k!!) :D

but umm rosie.. you said you got a 60 in your math exam.. i dont have that mark. why do you have it? its wierd.. chemistry, history, and french have the little stars (meaning the mark is from the meq and comming in july or something..) but math doesnt have a star.. or a mark. whats up with that?

haha. yeah so my dad called my mom to tell her i got it blah blah and hes like "she failed a few classes, she got 55 in chemistry and 61 in math. and a 63 in gym. and (on and on..) just talk to her yourself" so im there dying of laughter!!! apparently i sounded like i was crying.. my mom is there bitching at me on the phone "SABRINA I CANT BELIEVE THIS. YOU ARE NEVER GOING OUT AGAIN (BLAH..)" haha so im there... "stop it stop it!!! he was joking!!!" she wouldnt beleive me!!!!! then finally she beleived me and threatened me.. im never to do that again.. even though it wasnt my idea. haha it was fun.

Monday Monkey | 6/26/2002 12:47:45 PM
   All im gonna say is that im hating this summer so far. Fuck u poeple we are doing something tonight. i dont care what! DT maybe? Note: DT=Downtown( i want a fucking wopper!) But, if not once again i guess it'll be a fucking borring night! I just have a feeling its gonna suck like this till i leave on saturday. When i get back it's gonna be worse. I hate this summer! I hate this FUCKING SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucky * | 6/26/2002 11:56:50 AM
   hehehe... i'm working! oh so hard too. *bwahaha* i can't wait to water the plants. *grin* nah, i got my own desk and everything... now i'm pretending to work to look busy. oh yeah, i'm cool. but answering the phone is fun... but yeah, my dad kind of overwhelmed me. "here Rosie, let me show you how to make a reservation!" "SHURE!" hehe... i'll stick to answering the phone, thank you very much. e-mail moi si vous voulez... i'll prolly respond quite quickly too. hehehe, i'm trying to get msn to work but, *pleure*... oh well. i'll most probably post again tres soon. *waves*

oh, update! as of now, 12:23PM i have fixed up brochures and flyers, typed something up, printed some other stuff, fixed a ticket, sent a fax, answered the phone, and called some random people. OH yeah, who's the cool one? now i'm hungry. oh, i forgot to mention, i'm working on a collage with old brochures. hehehe, yeah i rock. i'm going to eat.

Tuesday, June 25

Lucky * | 6/25/2002 11:23:26 PM
   survey. i was bored... *smile*

Lucky * | 6/25/2002 10:19:44 PM
   so, i'm at David's house... and we decide to go out for ice cream. so, his brother, Nico, offered us a lift to where ever need be. (let's keep in mind that he just got his driver's liscense) we decide to go pick up Eric, since he was the only one we could reach on the phone... then we would stop by Sabrina's house, where Claudia was too... and go for ice cream from there. as we are heading out the door, David turns to me and says, "oh, this is gonna be interesting". well, he wasn't wrong. we get in the car, and on goes some ska. "okay, where do i go?", "70th avenue-ish", "what the hell... okay, whatever". i turn to David, "should we tell him where to go?", "no, no... it's funnier this way." hehehe, so we're on Henri-Bourassa... driving for quite a bit. "should i turn anywhere?" "nah, the street will just end when you have to turn." oh, how we were wrong. he's driving, and he's at this LONG stretch of road with no cars... "I WANNA REACH MY FASTEST SPEED!" *steps on the gas* 120 km/h, i thinky. hehe... now, we're continuing... we pass under some sort of bridge thing... all of us are confused. then, we see these big refinery-looking things, me and David look at eachother and start laughing. "yeah, i really think we should have turned because we're about to get on the met..." (highway) *big ass u-turn* ("yeah dude, i really don't remember ever passing that tunnel thing") on our way to find Eric... then we turn the corner, and he's there sitting on the sidewalk. Nico honks, and motions for Eric to come in. doesn't Eric look like the biggest whore in r.d.p? hehehe... so now, off to Sabrina's house. WAIT! there's a stop sign! *SSSCCCRRREEEEEEEEEEECCCCHHHH* "so where do i go now?" "just keep going", i say. "NO!" says Eric, "you have to go up on Maurice Duplessis!" they logically decide to listen to me, hehe... thank you very much. ("50th avenue is just a lie! it's not a real street!", "but wait... WE JUST PASSED 50TH!", "I TOLD YOU!", "NO! IT'S EASIER FROM THIS WAY!", "BUT YOU CAN'T!") now, we're on Rudolphe-Forget, "okay, turn left on the next street", "okay"... Nico, while thinking that he was changing lanes, ACTUALLY got in the opposite lane, while a car was coming towards us in the opposite direction, while the whole time, a cop car was right next to us! "wait a minute..."
yes. that was our driving experience. and oh, how it was beautiful... it was actually 234891239823 billion times funnier if you were there. oh god, it was beautiful. i got to Sabrina's, and couldn't stop laughing. and oh, the ice cream... 'twas gooood! (and congrats to David's uncle for his newborn, Alexander... hehe)

sabrina dibs | 6/25/2002 12:48:43 PM
   i am so depressed. honestly, i dont think i want my report card anymore rosie.. send it back to school and tell them to burn it. :(

i went to the saaq (societe assurance automobile de quebec - drivers licence thingy thing for those of you who dont live here) today :*( i hate them. i hate them all. EVERYONE PASSES THE WRITTEN TEST, DONT WORRY ITS EASY. :*( yeah, right its easy damnit. they ask the stupidest questions that no one cares about and then give you 4 possible answers that are all right but you gotta pick the one they want to be right. well fine then.
so not only did i fail... but i wasnt even allowed to run out of there. nooo.. i had to sit down with a paper in my hand and wait for # C 84. youd think that would happen fast considering they were already at # C 77 when i got there. right. and the girls all preppy "voulez-vous un autre rendezvous?" no shit. so then of course ive kept my tears in for like half an hour and when i saw my dad i burst... not cause of failing my drivers test though.. cause really, im scared to drive. i think ill be a hazard on the road. so i dont really care about that. but its the fact that i havent failed anything before in my life. ever. ive always been the smart one, the calm one, the one who doesnt swear, miss goody two shoes, the quiet one, etc. and now, ive failed something idiots pass like this *snaps fingers* :( i just dont get it. and my head hurts now :(

so i gotta go back there and humiliate myself again august 2nd .. anyone care to join me? :( ugh.

Monday, June 24

timbo munkfish | 6/24/2002 08:38:45 PM
   damn you women.. even the fish are at it now!!

"Most coy female tricked the males eight times before the real spawning ".. yes thats right folks.. its Female trout faking orgasms
.. and its also 1:37am.. nighty night

thanks to monkeycake for finding this article :D

Monday Monkey | 6/24/2002 01:51:38 PM
   Yes i have returned to the island of long i will stay this time is up for debate. So long for now! *waves*

sabrina dibs | 6/24/2002 11:16:15 AM
   HAPPY ST. JEAN BAPTISTE!!!! :) we should put our quebec flags out.. yeah.. right.

anyways, am i missing something? why is rosie going to the airport? is she going somewhere? im confused.. as always.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 6/24/2002 12:21:55 AM
   hello ikes. im very hyper. t'is presently 12:07. today was boring but tonight was alright. i watch the human face with john cleash and the undergrads. beautiful. no fire works though.. MY FAMILY IS SO PATRIOTIC*sarcasm, of coarse*. my fatehr is french canadian, but today is not his day. hes not the type to go parading in the streets. you see, in quebec, we have seperatists, people who want to seprate from canada. my family is most certainly not seperatists. my grams told me openly that if i gave her a quebec flag, she would burn it in front of everyone. hehe, shes a crazy one. then, next week we have canada day. but since we live in quebec, its not much of a day. i personaly love that day because its pretty how everyone comes together to celebrate a day. the birthday of all canadians. and although seperatists dont like it, they are still canadians and deep down, i know they are proud because canada is like second on the list of countries who offer the best quality of life. the first one is sweden or something, dont remember. anwho, sorry to give a history lesson here but as i said before, im hyper. if i had a web cam, twould be scaryness to the deepest level for readers.

** **
* *

___ ____
* *
* *


love always, mandy...umm ..dee dee

Sunday, June 23

Lucky * | 6/23/2002 10:40:55 PM
hi, my name is Rosie, and i live in a box.

sometimes people mooch off my box.

actually, it's not a box, it's a mini-fort made out of couch cushions! yes, boredom ensues at Rosie's house in the middle of the night. anyway, yesterday was mucho fun... night swimming! finally... i've been waiting all year to do that! yesh, that made me happy... but anyway, i have to leave for the airport at 4 in the morning, so i should go beddy bye for now... *waves*

sabrina dibs | 6/23/2002 05:02:50 PM
   my parents forced me and my sister to la ronde yesterday.. i was scared. :) its odd when parents force their 16 and 20 year old kids to an amusement park. well.. at least we split. then we met up again for the fireworks (beautiful :).. haha.. they had a special on the big ball type ones in red, at one point they just took all the leftovers and shoved them together.. but some of it was really cool..) my parents are such amatures with the bus and metros... *sigh* my dad was actually asking for an elevator.. and then he said 'berri-demontigni (or something like that). i was like huh?? apparently berri-ucam was called that at one point or something.. i dunno.
bus drivers are evil people. i asked one to let me know when we got to a certain street (on my way to jens house for her lovely "meet my parents party") and he just completely ignores it.. then hes like "oh, oui on l'a passe deja (yes we passed it already)" THANK YOU. ugh, i had to walk back like 10 minutes.. not that i mind walking.. but really, if youre not gonna help then say "no i wont tell you when we get there" not, "yes no problem" what an ass. ugh.

oh, and my parents are talking about moving again :( this time to missisauga (i cant even spell it :*( I DONT WANNA GO. theyre all like "dont worry sabrina well wait til youre done sec 5." gee thanks.

Saturday, June 22

timbo munkfish | 6/22/2002 11:43:09 AM
   i had me 3 hours of quality sleep also.

i also have been indulging in the joyus sport, otherwise known as crop diving :D.. for those of you who have never hearved of this marvellous sport, here are a set of instructions:

1)Find a field.
2)Make sure the field has a crop in it
.. has your crop grown sufficiently?.. make sure that it at least comes up to your waste, be weary of thorny crops and bad farmers
3)Give youself a good 10 - 15 metres running distance either alongside or in front of the crop of choice.
5)Bask in the Glory of crop diving.

oh oh and i got bored an made a sign *points*

Thursday, June 20

Independent Bum | 6/20/2002 06:12:00 PM
   ok, so im back from work and i only had 3 hours to sleep before i had to wake up *cough rosie cough*! hehehhe. well anywho im glad to see im # 2!!!! im tired i have to eat cappy food now and ERIC ISNT ANSWERING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think ill just get the crappy food over wiyth right now. L Dz*cheers*

Lucky * | 6/20/2002 01:08:38 PM
   new poll, oh i'm cool.

Wednesday, June 19

Monday Monkey | 6/19/2002 11:33:32 PM
   I know i promised jen and tim and old time-ish thing....but i havea head-ack so i wont..sorry =) nex time! o yeah and btw........rosie explai the david going from 3 to 2. i don't get that at all!!!!

Lucky * | 6/19/2002 11:33:01 PM
   oh god, i hate my parents. you don't know how idiotic they are... i wish i could tell them that they're a sad excuse for parents, if i wouldn't feel so guilty... oh, i'd vent right now, but i'd rather not. it's boring. David, you've moved up from number 3, to number 2... okay?
okay, i'm bored so this is a survey thingy, but you answer with song lyrics, yeah, i'm cool.

(i couldn't find anything for this, oi)

"i like to stay up late, spend hours on the phone. hanging out with all my friends, and never being at home. (...) i'm immature, but i will stay this way forever. 'til the day i die, i promise i won't change."
simple plan - grow up

"if i could say what i want to say, id say i want to blow you away, be with you every night, am i squeezing you too tight?"
avril lavigne - things i'll never say
(hehe, don't think wrongly now!)

"i'm a mobile, hanging from the ceiling, life's a mobile, spinning 'round with mixed feelings, crazy and wild, sometimes i wanna scream out loud."
avril lavigne - mobile

"safe from the earth and all the stupid questions, 'hey did you get some?' man, that is so dumb. stay quiet, stay near, stay close they can't hear... so we can get some."
dashboard confessional - hands down

(i really couldn't find something for this either, hehe)

"light will creep in soon, and i still haven't slept a wink, i wish the sun would hide his head, so i could watch you dream some more, i wanna watch you dream some more."
yellowcard - october nights

"hold onto the light that guides you. hold onto the air that cools you. hold on, hold onto me."
the starting line - piano song

well, that took forever, but 'twas fun. hehe.

sabrina dibs | 6/19/2002 07:04:53 PM
   bad math test. bad.. wow that test was impossible. history was pretty easy though, i slept for like 30minutes cause i couldnt leave. mrs fabak said no one failed the chem lab so thats good (but i was too chicken to find out my exam mark)
i realised i wouldnt be seeing mark all summer :( *sniff* he followed me home today! twas scary.. well, okay he didnt follow me home.. we just live next to each other.. but still! ah. :) and he kept looking at me like 'what the hell are you still doing here?" i think he thought i was stalking him or something..
anyways, schools over, finally.. but i wont be completely releived about it til july when we get our marks..

my daddy took me out for supper tonight since my sisters at school and my mom is on another field trip to.. uh.. toronto? ottawa? calgary? missisauga? i dunno.. honestly. we went to wendys! i love that place... but its only in laval OPEN A WENDYS HERE!!!!!! yeah, so i understand that laval is even more french than mtl so okay, greet the customer in french.. but its BILINGUAL here. our order went something like this:
BONJOUR. hi, a number one please. ET? uh.. number 3. POUR BOIRE? orange crush. C'EST TOUT? yes. 12$ (NOTICE THE $ AT THE END... FRENCH..)
i mean really.. cmon!!! ugh stupid people.
also, i noticed how unloving couples are these days! these two people were sitting in a four seater, but not next to each other or facing each other.. no, diagonally from each other. this other guy rushed outside while his girlfriend put their stuff in the trash. cell phones ring and they gotta go. this woman was ordering her husband to get her her food and then her straws.. and then she complained. COMPLAINED! "c'est pas chaud" WELL EXCUSE ME MISSY. :)

yep, thats all folks. oooohhhh i almost forgot!!!!
remember nintendo mario bros. (the ORIGINAL!!!) wow!!! the fishies song (2 - 2) :D (ITS ALL ROSIES FAULT!!) :D hahaha.. i love it i love it i love it!!!

Tuesday, June 18

Monday Monkey | 6/18/2002 09:27:32 PM math test was quite a challenge. "The hammer on the anvil smote" wow that didnt make sense but it made me look cool =) OMG! Even stragers think that me and.....well hehehe probly shoudln't say or rosie may die of laughter. Thine laughter sings throught-out the mountains cold and brings the warmth of the suns rays to its high peaks untouched by mortal hands. ( I'm good at this today!) OK im gonna make and oldish thing about each blogger hear. Ok hear i go! First Rosie: Her hair was long, the grass was green, and in her eyes a light was seen, of stars of great light shimmering! The light of the sun was in her hair, a mortal talk to her! HA! they shalln't dare! As she stands with her rainment(yes it means clothes eric used another "big" word) glimmering.(WOW! im good at this after watch a "movie"!!!!!) OK who's next? Hmm maybe sabrina. Ok Sabrina: By light of moon and ray of star, in in frosty forests shivering ur bright soul and warm heart will forever by glimmering. As a hill-top HIGH and far you stand as your feet were strewn a mist of silver quivering.( I like that one!) Ok who now...hehe claudia: Beneath the Moon and under star, you hold not one single scar. We are bewildered by ur enchanting ways, for many odd number of days. Beyond the realm of fools you dance apon narrow ice, never tired of eating davids lice(sorry that broke the mood but i felt i had to). You wander escaping from the night, with never a worry on your plight. You dance on the montains silent rise, where your goodness of the heart never dies.(Am i good or what!) Hmm i have 3 more......can i finish......well i have time for one more before the sweet lovely-ness of "movies" goes away. HEHE! time for you david(don't worry..ill kae u a manly one! ) David: The world was young, and the mountains green, and david strode to name things yet unseen. He drank from yet untasted wells and slept in hidden dwells. His eyes were fair, his honor tall, in those days before the incident in the mall(once again i'm sorry but i had too!). The wind was in his flowing hair, challenge him the mighty evils would not dare. But this all was in eldar days, in year of yore...and now a mighty doom was laid, till moon shall fade,or great star to pass, david the might shall wander no never more.(indeed one of my best works...all thanks to mr..umm yeah i shoudl mention cus yeah..heheh parents eyes may be watching!)

Well don't worry Tim and Jen..tommorow ill write something bout u guys..dont worry! Tommorow is dt fun!

Lucky * | 6/18/2002 08:53:09 PM
   oiiiii headache. oh well. it's 10 to 9 and i still haven't eaten... WHERE'S MY DADDY! fucklers, i want my chinese food. sdfglkjsdfg. i got so bored i made myself a bracelet out of old jeans and those sparkly thingys. hell yeahs. yeeeah, i have my math test tomorrow, i really don't understand 3 chapters, AT ALL (in all honesty) but i'm too lazy to study, YAY ME! YES! chinese food! *runs to the kitchen*

sabrina dibs | 6/18/2002 03:56:37 PM
   *sniff* I HATE CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!!!! stupid number 23!!! what the hell was that? im positive something was missing there.. anyways, i figured out i needed 15 right to get 60%.. i think i have a so-so chance of getting 15 out of 25 right.. no? oh, and claudia, if we fail chemistry we dont fail the year.. actually it is quite impossible for me and rosie to fail this year. 1. chemistry: big deal, redo next year or dont do it at all. 2. math: were a year in advance so is redoable, 3. french: we are advanced so we can always go to sec 5 langue seconde next year if need be. 4. english: well.. who fails english??? 5. history: hmm yes alright we can fail the year cause of this but not really cause i think theres a sec 5 class doing history this year... 6. religion: remember: i had mrs. k.. i probably got 199%. and gym: nah..
hmm so there. im bored.. and tired.. and hungry (i was so nervous this morning all i could eat was bread & butter, milk and muffin, banana, and an apple on the bus) ah last night i was crying cause of that exam!! my mom told me it was okay if i failed.. my dad gave me a speech about how i dont try hard enough, how im not good enough WELL YOU SHOULD TRY IT THEN DAMNIT, HE DIDNT EVEN GO TO COLLEGE. ugh, and my sister came home early from her summer class so she could last-minute-tutor me. kinda helped...

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 6/18/2002 01:01:00 PM
   undergrads is the bestest show ever. i heart it so. if any of yous would like to watch it, although its in french ( la clique) it plays at 10:00 on fridays, saturdays , sundays and mondays on teletoon. hhehehe. so how was u guy's math test ? was it suculently mouth watering with horror and you looked at all of the questions in disgust and anger ? well i hope not for you, i hope you guys all studied really hard so you can do well * patts all of the 436's on the back* and you, my two fellow chemistry students? how was u guy's test * points at rosie and sabrini * hope you two did well, or else ... well i geuss then you wont pass haha?
my brother girlfriend thought it would be funny to wake up my brother by ringing the dorr bell 394758375 times this morning. what she didnt know was that i was also sleeping, and hence woken up by her non humerous way to wake up people. i needed my sleep. i felt like sleeping. but anyways, i got over it with a little goldfinger. i was looking in the pouch thinggy with the pictures and theres a picture of the drummer with a wayne gretzky jersey. laughter followed this terrific find. I WANNA GO TO JAPAN ALSO!!! *breaks out into song* chikity china, the chinese chicken, you have a drum stick and you brain starts ticking... hehe. i watcxh the censored americain pie on fox yesterday night. with all of the cutting they did, they might as well just play it on mountain lake pbs. i was angry. not for long though because then i remembered that undergrads was playing. joy and laughter followed this.

Monday, June 17

Monday Monkey | 6/17/2002 09:59:49 PM
   i'm grape flavoured!

You are ... The Leader
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I am a hip critter. I showed up fasionably late with Super Mario World and have started launching your own career since then. In maybe 10-15 years, my popularity will rival Mario's. Not that I'm competing with him. He's my bud. I'm good at getting and keeping friends, and they value me for that. After all, who else would carry them on their back through ice, fire, and rain? Sometimes I think I'm taken for granted, but I know that my friends have my back. Of course they do. Who would screw over Yoshi?
What Super Mario Bros character are you?

Yeah today i just got fucking bored so i took alot of test randomly...i just cant get down to studying! It's too hard! *tear* this could suck for tommorow.......

Lucky * | 6/17/2002 09:26:05 PM
   ohmeygawd! i was doing this practice exam for chemistry (yeah, go me) and do you know what helped me out for one of the questions? ...dogma! yeah, go Kevin Smith movies! hehehe, Jason Lee more specifically. aww yeah, not only is he all RRRRRAAAAAAARRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, but he's smart too. (ya know, when he goes around checking for freon leaks... and then he kills the chick. hehehe, what a smart one.) oh god, i'm tired.

Monday Monkey | 6/17/2002 09:20:40 PM
   Well i guess ill post today. Cus well, tommorow is the math exam of ultimate doom. Also, nick and iezi went to japan!( I hope they don't cause an international incendent involving whores....i realy don't). Hmm, hurra new layout! (congrats to rosie *cheer!*). Yeah what else is new....well im enjoying hearing about the whole yahoo name thing of jen and sabrina...hehehehe maybe ill try..wait i can't i have no boobs..heheheh boobs is a funny word. So whats going on lately in our lives...........well besides the ever growing threat of failling numerous courses there is not much. LOL the soap-opera that is our lifes has reached it 15th season and has ran out of ideas, well there is the odd dramma hear and there but thats about it. For you people reading this( the people form internet-land) if u want teenage drama you shan't find it hear...not now anyways. Well im going to study rather than bore you all. Later dayz!

Lucky * | 6/17/2002 07:45:37 PM
   okay, i added quizzes and archives... (to your left)
yep, yep. can you tell i was bored today? and the tagboard (bottom left) is changed... 'tis cooler, with SMILEYS! hehehe. and yes, august 23rd is national David and Rosie day! mark it down on your calenders! (long story short, we were jealous of mother's and father's day) yeah, i'm done. *waves*

Independent Bum | 6/17/2002 06:58:47 PM
   ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUGUST 23rd IS ROSIE AND DAVID DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all really! L Dz*cheers*

sabrina dibs | 6/17/2002 01:38:36 PM
   AHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA oh my god. hahahahaha so i was bored again right? (i gave up studying for chemistry after 2 hours..) so i went on the yahoo name we made again. so that guy me and jennifer talked to the first time (yeah, the guy that just stood there :D) and so yeah, im 17 by the way and my name is cindy. and so whatever, i told him i was going there in 2 weeks (even though he never ever told me where he lives..) and today hes like, can we talk? just talk? uh okay.. haha he told me he had two surprises for me.. 1.a wedding ring. and 2. he found us a place. HAHAHAHAHAH i was dying so i had to post it. figured id make you people laugh too.. HAHAH this is so much fun you have got to try it!

oh, and by the way **rosie and claudia, i downloaded konstantine (finally morpheus decided to let me download something) and i like it... i think ive already heard it somewhere.. but yeah, good *thumbs up*

sabrina dibs | 6/17/2002 12:23:47 PM
   last night i discovered what makes a person gain wieght. not eating out 4 times in a but BEING FORCE FED BY BOTH SETS OF GRANDPARENTS IN A SINGLE DAY!! i wieghed myself last night..and guess what? i made history!!!!! I NOW WIEGH... ONE HUNDRED POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay me. im sooo proud!!!!

also, i had a dream i was pregnant, maybe cause of my new wieght.. it was odd. people was all over my house. people i dont really talk to. like stephanie for example, she was busy cooking the whole time. the guys (including eric, nicholas, mark, marcello.. etc) were in the living room watching some soldier thing... and the girls (us and people like christina, melissa.) were at the kitchen table talking and stuff. then david de palma was doing something and jennifer told me to kick him out (that was the best part :D ) it was odd..

okay and the big news (SCARY!)
you know your father is way too involved with school when: YOUR TEACHERS START CALLING YOUR HOUSE! ahh.. this morning at like 10:30 mrs. di paolo calls and is like, "your dad gave us some boxes last time? do you have any more? it that okay? alright, ill be there around noonish okay?" so im here... uh okay.. interesting. hahaha.. yeah, so she comes and her son is with her.. he looks kind of familier but i dont know from where. anyways, thats my story :)

Lucky * | 6/17/2002 11:39:59 AM
   new layout! aren't you the excited one? hehehe, yeah... i got really bored last night. there's still some changes to be made, but yeah... i wanted to put it up anyway. and this layout is in good timing, with the movie coming out soon... (july 3rd!!!!!!!!) so yeah. it's cheap and simple as always... but oh, look how cool Buttercup looks. yeah, that's right. hehehe, yeah, i'm done. *waves*

Sunday, June 16

Monday Monkey | 6/16/2002 10:54:48 PM
   Hmm should i post..well i have alot to but i said it already to someone. O well!!!!! Hear goes..*takes a breath* hehehe i'm not going to say it.( I'm realy not that much of a bastard! Yeah that's right..) *smiles*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 6/16/2002 08:39:51 PM
   ha. today my mom woke me up at 12:15. she said if she let me sleep any longer d sleep all day. pfff. then i went shoppping with he rand my sister. my sister needs shoes for her junior prom. we couldnt find anything. we go to laura secord to buy this small little chocolate, when my mom gets to the cash, it was five dollars. we left it there. then my sister and i had a shaving cream fight. she said she always wanted to push me in the bath tub and before she finished saying it, i was in. of coarse, there was no water. but it was fun.
so sabrina and i decided to make a love triangle. we were bored while eating lunch so we decided to become national enquire and inent some bullshit up. we came up with this super orgy porno love triangle

*clears throat* eric likes rosie
rosie likes david
david likes eirc

okay, so none of this is true...well david does like eric but wtv. i want my boyfriend to get me a non- engagement - but - its-for-our-sixth-month-anniversary-diamond-ring-and-i-gave-it-to-you-because-im-rich-ring-and-i-love-you-very-much ring form my boyfirned. i dont have a boyfirend so rosie, spit out the cash. i demand a little respect. ive put up with you being all nice to me and not wanting to have sex with me for tooo long. ...but dont pay it more than 25cents because then i wont accept it. im a cheep whore. i need cheep things lol. anyways, happy fathers day.

Lucky * | 6/16/2002 07:22:13 PM
   wayne gretzky, the only man i'd have sex with.
wayne gretzky, i'd be intimate with...
wayne gretzky, i think he's kinda sexy.
wayne gretzky, i wonder what he looks like naked...
OH, i wonder what it would be like, to have sex with the great one.
OH, i wonder what it would be like, to have sex with the league's leading scorer.
wayne gretzky, i know he's a married man.
but maybe, he'd be attracted to me...
Darrin Pfeiffer, stupid american boy.
wayne gretzky, very handsome canadian man.
OH, i wonder what it would be like, to have sex with the great one.
OH, i wonder what it would be like, to have sex with the league's leading scorer.
yeah, i wonder what it would be like. ah, it would never happen. it's just a dream. wait a minute. i'm not even gay. i'm married. pfff, whatever.
wayne gretzky, i love you wayne gretzky... yeah.

goldfinger - wayne gretzky... =)

Saturday, June 15

Monday Monkey | 6/15/2002 10:24:50 PM
   Yeah hey all you dudes! HAHAHA today was ridiculous..i finally got around to reading the blogs..OMG! Me and my cousin were dying of laughter. Yeah so i felt left out since i havent posted in a while. I found out something today...alot of people think me and david are gay...some even think we are together. I wonder who's fault that it.....*looks at rosie*. yes and rosie u do still have my hoodie...I WANT IT BACK! HAHAHA! omg me and u rosie....ur such a mom first thinks me and david are together and then thinks ur a big whore with me. WOW! this odd thing that we peopel have going must stop...too many parents think too many things...gross things. Yeah i studied for math today with my uncle...yes i learned! YES! HURRA! GO MATH!!!! Yeah this will sound completly computer-nerd-ish... i want war craft 3!!! Why can david have it and not me.

Heheh yeah my little, hes bigger than me :( , cousin is cool...hes forcing me to type this cus he stronger than me(he plays foot ball). Yeah he just realised that our site is fucking great..which it is. I want barbeque in the mood. LOL tommorow it may or may not be an m.m.o.d. day. After i pick up my hoddie from rosie and give the memory aid of Thoa to Frank.

I LIKE TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....with crackers and cheese!

Woah all these other peopel have better sites than really..."cheezy thighs" has like porn! OMG! i feel so ashamed to not have porn have amature puppet porn or this site. What to write about..*ponders* .................*skanks in his chair to aid the thinking process*......(david the lich in bg2 does skank..i checked yesturday)......I GOT IT! Today i watched dexter's lab...and guess what? OMELETTE DU FROMAGE!!!!!!! Be very jellous rosie. Hehehe cops piss me off...they invaded the HDV last night and then ruined our fun....yeah thats right!

Ok the best thing to do when downtown is to listen in peoples conversation while walking...Ex: " we get like a bunch of girls on him.." . Yes i wonder what they were talking about.

Ok finnaly i have to say something. The funnyness can only be comprehened by me, rosie and david. Ok so we are on the bus and this guy ok...this is his pick-up line for this chick "so u spend ur whole life on the bus?" me and david started to die of laughter...then we told rosie and she practically fell down. Ok, this went on for a long time..cus he couldnt make eye contact. and he kept on playing with his cell phone..and making small conversation. He was a "sitty mc. sitterson". Trust me..i shall never forget that day.

Congrats to david on his new shoes!(they are sexy shoes) (hehehehe...pedophile! the chick called the guy a pedophile)
(my cousin just told me to mention the fact that some people peddal backwards and its soo stupid cus imagine people running like that!!!!!!!! LMAO!)

Friday, June 14

Lucky * | 6/14/2002 09:16:34 PM
   heh, Sab... i doubt that was real. probably a 13 year-old wanting to get off.
yeah, i had an hour piano lesson tonight, because tomorrow is my exam... and yeah. i end up being 45 minutes late... so i had a half hour lesson, and afterwards i felt all sad 'cause oi, i suck a lot of poo. so i end up sulking in my own pity in the park, then i go buy myself a sobe to make me all happy like and go home... when i get in, i'm wearing Eric's planet smashers hoodie. (hehehe, yes. it was all an evil plot to steal your hoodie! THAT'S FOR WIPING FRANKY'S SWEATY ASS ON MY NSYNC PIN, *mumbles* jerk.) yeah, so my mom's like, "who's sweater is that?" "Eric's..." "oh really..." "yeah, i put it in my schoolbag and forgot to give it back to him." "oh, okay..." "Rosie, come here", says my father from the kitchen, "sit." "oooookay." "where were you?" "piano." "HA. you were late for piano! where were you!" "we missed the metrobus, so we had to take the longer one, and i was late." "uh huh... and what took you so long to get home?" "i was sad, so i went to the park." "with who?" "myself." "okay, fine... don't be honest." "i'm being honest." "you know you can be open with us." "yeah." "so you went by yourself?" "yeah." "well, you know the truth will come out one day." "you don't believe me, do you?" "what? no... i believe you, did i say anything? 'cause you know you can be honest with us."
*smacks her forehead* do i come off that badly as a whore, i mean really. i'm going to go drink my sobe now. *waves*
[9:35PM - this lizard lava just isn't doing it for me... it kinda tastes like that white cum flavored one. i couldn't settle for herbal tea... NO, i had to go take strawberry daiquiri. bah.]

sabrina dibs | 6/14/2002 03:09:25 PM
   omg omg omg eww! people are so sick its disgusting!!!! (this is directed to jennifer mostly.. but rosie should know what im talking about)

okay, so remember that yahoo name we made "lesbo16aus"? yeah well okay so i was there and random people are writing to me asking me if ill show my cam today (for people who want to know.. jennifer was here yesterday and was showing her boobs..and EVERYONE was watching.. there were like 40 veiwers..) anwyays... so this person writes me:

biojet077: hello cutie
lesbo16aus: hello
biojet077: are you gonna bless us with your webcam today?
lesbo16aus: us?
biojet077: my hubby and i
lesbo16aus: hubby?
biojet077: i love watching him get excited looking at other women
lesbo16aus: thats disgusting. if he cant get excited over you then you both have problems
biojet077: he got to masturbate a bit looking at you the other day, i wanna see him cum looking at your beautiful boobs
biojet077: oh no, its not like that at all
biojet077: he craves me all the time
biojet077: i just like watching him admire other beautiful women
biojet077: thats not bad is it?
lesbo16aus: thats sick
lesbo16aus: go to therapy
biojet077: i mean, i get as much pleasure out of seeing beautiful women too
lesbo16aus: great, so youre bi
biojet077: mmm, only had one experience with another woman, a young girl at the office, very exciting
biojet077: if i liked it does that make me bi?
lesbo16aus: yes
biojet077: im bi then
biojet077: you know women look at you too and admire you though right?
biojet077: do you mind knowing you turn women on?

and it goes on.. im scared! thats so sick. anyways, yeah i thought id share it :)

Thursday, June 13

Lucky * | 6/13/2002 11:31:12 PM
   my mommy reminds me of Sheila. all she does is watch "golden girls" all day... =(

Lucky * | 6/13/2002 11:15:48 PM
   well, today was particularly interesting... uh huh. after the exams, Sabrina wanted to drop off her cv for walmart wal-mart. (i can't believe i forgot the trait d'union) hehe, so yeah, that "dropping off of a cv" turned into a 30 minute meeting with a brief, ENTERTAINING video, (OUI, ON PEUT!) followed by application forms and interviews. so of course, we were bored, and we all joined right in. so after the movie, in which me, David and Jennifer were laughing our asses off too, the guy is like... "if you think what we're gonna do next is stupid or embarrasing, get out now." and he emphasized that. so do you know what we did? A WAL-MART CHEER!
A... A!
L... L!

now we can't forget the trait d'union, so what do we do? we dance...
M... M!
A... A!
R... R!
T... T!

god, that was so beautiful. okay, and this guy was emphasizing that we should always be happy and blah, blah... but then he'd be like totally serious and then all happy, and whoa! he should seek help for his mood swings man, they were totally scary. yeah, after that we invaded Sabrina's house, took kiddie porn pics and... ahdunno chilled. that was the afternoon, hehe. now je suis tres fatigue, and yeah... i can't wait to go to la ronde with my mommy... =)

timbo munkfish | 6/13/2002 07:07:29 PM
   ever notice how, when your drunk, you have the most pointless convos in the WORLD.. like check this one out:

Me: I would like 97 of your finest English pounds please, but hold the butter
charlotte: god is that how much i have to pay you for bumsex now?
Me: aye.. inflation *picks up a random air pump*

oh but im SO dopey when im sober..

Shop bloke: yeah we did a drive by of ur school and eggeds it, and my mate did a doughnut in ur field (where u drive round in circles lots)
Me: i like doughnuts, i buy two everyday from the tuck shop
*people in shop give tim confused look*

and then there was the other day..

John: yeah, aaron carter is REAL shite
Tim: isn't he Ronan Keating's brother?
*lots of people laughing at me*

see, now how do i say things like this without realising... i even have the stupid look on my face when people are laughing, and i still don't understand why..

anyways, thats enough posting for um 1 day.. nighty

timbo munkfish | 6/13/2002 06:55:08 PM
   Prisoners escape as guards chase rabbit
Thirty-one Ugandan prison inmates have escaped when their warders ran off to chase a rabbit.

The prisoners were digging in a garden near their prison in north-eastern Uganda when a rabbit shot out of a nearby bush.

All five guards set off in pursuit.

"While they were chasing the rabbit, the inmates also took off in the opposite direction," Lieutenant Colonel John Mulindwa told the state-owned New Vision newspaper.

Colonel Mulindwa, currently leading a drive to disarm Karimojong warriors in the area, says 10 of the prisoners had been convicted earlier this year of illegal gun possession.

The remainder were awaiting trial on the same charge.

timbo munkfish | 6/13/2002 06:50:45 PM
   @D hehehehe, i gots me a "theme party" tommorow :).. we have to go in school uniform, i think i shall take lots of pics of random people there and post them in here or give them to rosie, so u can laff at me lots :D i hav't posted in SO long that i forgot how do the fancy shmancy HTML doohickies fancy shmancy :(... hehe im spaecial, me gets to go and see a hand surgeon on monday :D.. and what are plaits?... someone was like blah plait your hair... *puts a plate on his head*

n e ways i would like to make a request.... i would like the kama sutra of dolly pr0n *nods*... oh oh, if i mail u guys like HEMAN action figure, PA LEASE could u put him in ur sexy um... shoots.. sexy photo sho0ts :D... u could so make a page 3 thing on here, oh oh fun :).. and if u cant be bothered.. i'll make it and send it .. yay!!

hehe me an someone who i will reffer to as "mr. hats rich"... we were like sitting in his shed *rolls his eyes*.. and we found a big ass box of christmas stuff and crackers :D... so like we had these puzzle things in them, i spent 3 hours WITh the solution to them in my hand, and yet i still cant work out how it works?!.. ah well, if n e 1 wants to try and solve it, your more than welcome to try.. *gets out an air mail envelope* @D... hehe it REALLY is impossible, even now i'm trying to work out how it works :/

i want more feet

sabrina dibs | 6/13/2002 06:17:40 PM
   hi everyone! it's me the oh so beautiful Jennifer... i had fixed my pc.. but now im an evil bitch cause i have some kinda hacking program or something on my computer so my internet providor *videotron* decided to not let me on the net till it leaves my pc.. but the guy wouldnt tell me the name of the program so ya.. no internet for moi until i get a new pc! but my computer works really good now .. but WTF am i to do without the net?
Anyways yesturday was really odd.. my b/f came over all afternoon and i called my mom around like 2ish to ask her if he could come over and she got all pissy at me and was like GRR! i know he's already there blah blah blah go do the dishes :/ wtf? whhhyyyyyy? hmm so anyways i was like blah ill go do them after... so then massimo was like i love u and he was acting all odd and stuff and then he was like i have something to give u... j'avais tres beaucoup peur... but look at what he gave me <3<3
yaaaaaaaaayyyyy! pretty ring. i haven't shown my mommy yet though :S even claudia said ur mom would be like OMG! u 2 are having sex... and ya.. t'would be wrong.. anyways as soon as i get my net working again im gonna add a porno section to this website ....... Preview =)

Tuesday, June 11

Lucky * | 6/11/2002 11:07:11 PM
   website referrals are always entertaining. seriously, i laugh my ass off everytime i look at this: (hehe, they're new...)
Moms that piss in their panties
"something corporate" wallpaper
facial rash pics
boys wearing thong
(hahaha... somehow i thought of David Fitzpatrick... LOL!)
steve blue's clues fired
(NOTE: he was NOT fired, Steve decided to go to college. i mean really... if you don't even know that!)
hard nipple t-shirts pics
" blue's clues song"
blue's clues get rid of joe
(aww, don't have to be that mean! i've grown to like him now, =)
hot girls in pants with thong showing
teacher checks for thong
wallpaper molson ex
hot 16year girls in thongs
pointy nipple jokes
(oh dear god, WHY!)
she wasnt wearing any underwear teen
16year old girls in panties
pokie nipple pics
yellow pissing
(am i the only one that's confused?)

LMAO... yep, yep. quite a site we run, hehe.
i don't get it. it's end of june and it's freezing outside. *cries* oh well, guess that means christmas is coming. *puts her santa hat on*
yeah, i'm extremely bored. i try to find stuff to do, but it just gets worse... (yeah, you know you're bored when you visit oh god, why.)

@D <-- cyclops
OMG! Gaetano's name on MSN is so beautiful: "I feel like children tonight...children tonight!!" awww, it's so wrong though. so very, very wrong. but beautiful, hehe.
yeah, i'm too tired to type...

sabrina dibs | 6/11/2002 06:31:02 PM
   this morning i went to chez cora with jennifer, gaetano and david for brunch. it was odd. i was supposed to meet gaetano at his bus stop (THE ONE NEXT TO HIS HOUSE) at 10:30 so we could meet david (who i didnt know was comming..) and get on the 43 at 10:45 and get to chez cora to meet jen at 11... well well well... first i get there at 10:30 like i said and its raining.. so i walk around looking for gaetano but hes not there... then the guy kicks us out of the bus caban thingy cause he had to clean it and the stuff was too strong or something. so whatever, im waiting under the roof of the clsc and i see david walking towards me... then the 43 comes... AND GOES.. and then finally we see gaetano running toward us.. AHHH!!! where was he? apparently about to shave his hair... (PLEASE TELL HIM HE LOOKS GOOD WITH HIS HAIR LIKE IT IS AND NOT TO CUT IT!!!)

anyways, so we get to chez cora at like 11:20 (a guy on the bus was looking at us three wierdly.. david and gaetano were talking about who lent who shoes when and where they are now while i was like uh... :) ) and jennifer tells us this old guy hit on her!! :) so whatever. we order and stuff... david just randomly goes to the washroom without telling us and then comes back 2 seconds later saying he had to see himself in the mirror (oddly enough he wasnt joking) jennifer orders this construction plate thing. she eats everything. her plate, my plate, davids plate, gaetanos...uhh fruit juice thing.... david took my strawberry :( so i took his ham :) i played with the little coffee milk things and it blew up on my sisters new sweater :) then they stuffed the milk things into jennifer schoolbag and asked for the little peice of pancake left on my plate to be put in a doggy bag for jennifer while we were in the washroom..

okay then we had our exam and it was easy! :) umm mr clemente randomly entered our classroom and i was laughing all by myself.. :) then after that gaetano and i went to harveys for a poutine... and a uh.. that thingy thing!! whats it called? their new thing.. well its on a pitta and stuff.. but it looked nothing like it did in the picture.. our way home was interesting.. odd people on phones and angela, milena, and co. were there too.. and then at the 48 bus stop at the clsc he waited with me and the 194 passed by and the ad on it was "IRMA.. and something else i dont remember" but it looked like porn.. :)

tomorrow is my moms graduation!!! yay mommy!!! she went back to school and is now getting some kind of diplomma thing from mcgill :) im so proud of her *tear* shes all grown up..

Monday, June 10

Monday Monkey | 6/10/2002 08:56:58 PM
   I was supposed to go and study for science today with jason, david, claudia, sofia, and ann-marie but it ended up not happening. So i was fucking bored all day. I would have gone out after but since i have a french test tommorow "i don't think it's a good idea so no, you're not going out". Anyway it's probably for the better that i didnt go, cus ann-marie and sofia never showed and jason almost died cus of cats. "How much sex would be involved..cus if it's some!*skaking fist*"..yeah i'm watching they just just pulled a M.A.S.H. rip off. So anyway, i'm bored os im gonna rant on about nothingness...acutaly i'm too bored for that. I'm just slightly peeved today. Well most of us have a french test to do tommorow, i figger we all do something after or something. LOL i dont even know when the test is hahaha. Yeah..i still want to see the kittys....despite my hatred for hair balls *points at claudia* I'm tired of writting. Later Days (btw david i watch weekenders today bitch! and yes...he did say it!)

sabrina dibs | 6/10/2002 06:50:47 PM
   haha today was fun!!! :) hahahaha.. yesh umm today jennifer came over so i could tutor her for math (why does everyone need my tutoring in math for???)
then i showed her my ym (haha MY and YM are opposites!!!) magazine and there was this poll thingy.. notice the JESUS referances:

girls and sex: 45% *although one guy wanted to clarify that he and his boys talk about girls - now sex, but relationships, etc
tv and movies: 29%
sports: 15%
music: 7%
other 4% some miscellaneous topics mentioned: cars, jesus, motorcycles, and video games

eat/drink 74%
watch tv 70%
play video games 68%
go to the movies 58%
play sports 48%
shop 10%
stray responses included "do stuff to our cars", "go to church" and play paintball

haha i found it funny.. umm then me and jennifer got bored and decided to go on the net as lesbo16aus ::) and like 1000 people wrote to use right away :) hahaha and this guy is still talking to me while my cam is facing the wall... "im too shy" to show myself :) hahaha

and then oddly enough gaetano called me and asked if i wanted to go to chez cora before our exams tomorrow...hmm interesting.. :)

Monday Monkey | 6/10/2002 02:43:06 PM
   Damn straight no one better get it! No one...*shaking fist* ........It's all lies secrets and lies!

Lucky * | 6/10/2002 12:53:59 PM
   there are 3 kinds of people: those who can count and those who can't.
so, i SHOULD be studying, making memory aids, and all that fun stuff... but what do i end up doing? watching Harry Potter and playing my brother's bass. yes, that was my entire morning. FUN! yeah, i haven't much time to talk. i still have some more editing to do... but it'll be done soon and available for 3 payments of 79.99$ (included copies of MSN transcripts) okay, no one's gonna get that but... WHATEVER! *shrugs*
green day - platypus
see what happens when you're bored? okay... i need to find something to do.

sabrina dibs | 6/10/2002 10:39:23 AM
   i havent posted in a while either... hmm guess were all just too busy :) okay so schools finished... now we gotta do our exams! ahh. yeah yeah, thatll be a breeze. anyways, ive got nothing to say. im all alone at home right now and bored out of my mind. i was even doing practise math exams this morning! ahh.. i woke up at like 5 oclock. FIVE!!! and its my first official no school day. blah blah blah. ill stop boring people out now. bye byes im gonna go find something to do.

Saturday, June 8

Monday Monkey | 6/8/2002 10:03:36 PM
   Well lets see i having posted in a while....insted of explainig like a whole week u people ask me what happened or any viewers email me or something. Yeah here a few quotes u can ask me about:
"Thats the biggest penis i've ever seen!!!!"-David
"Lets battle on that thing thats cool and moves fast, me and pat do it"-Franky Allo
"The wopper heals all emotional wounds"-Franky Allo
"His ass in on fire!!"-David
"Dude keep your cocks in ur pants"-Franky Allo
"NEEHH!!!!*buttercup*"-Me......*rosie freaks out*
"Oh my god i pulled out a bunch!!!"-David....yes it did sound bad cus he was in a washroom at the time all alone.
"Yes im calling got a problem with that?!"-Me
*smirks smirks smirks*-Rosie
*evil glance*-David
"You know where im at bitch *snap snap snap*"-Chick at burger king pulling a bitchy attack
"*cries*"-Franky Allo
*jumps a crazy jump over white ledge in old montreal*-David
"Wow that thing make u feel tipsy"-Me
"Wow its soo long*omg realises how bad that sounded*"-Me
"Dude people better not steal my wopper"-Franky
"Its a piggeon revolution!!!! RUN!!!!!"-Me
"I just want to eat that kitty...*slurp*"-David
"Dude jens mom think ur gay(thats right jen i was pretending to be david on msn lol)"-Me
"Why does everyone think im gay!"-David
"What the hell! Whats going down hear!"-Franky
"THE ONE RING!!! *drools*"-Me
"Rosie are u wearing a wire???"-David
"Yes tommorow i will be sleeping under 5 cats..hihihi furry"-david
"WOW lesbians!!"-Franky Allo
'Dudes gay people everywhere....hihihhihi*laughs like a skool girl*"-Franky Allo
"The Justice Palace of Justice"-Me
"Fucking tourists!!!"-Me
"Ok where did the racing industry get the checkard flag from...its not like there's any unity!"-David
"You want me to stop the car so you can give him a hug"-Rosie's mom
"Yeah to do it! It'll be cool"-Sabrina
"Yes u start with the pinky..and u rotate..."-Jen
"NEEHHHH!!!" -Alot of people
"MY PENIS HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!"-Franky Allo
*makes love to a wall*-Franky Allo
"Aww no love bus...*cries*"-David
*Marage proposal*-David
*Laughs and sick ideas*-Rosie
"My nips are like dimonds and im out of pot!!"-Dude that was online at rosie's
"Ur walking round like Marlin Brandow, ur sitting down not walking at all!"-Buck-o-Nine
"Can i lie on ur brests?!"-Claudia"
"He has square nipples!"-Jen
"...MISSIONARY!!!........"-Random chick on the street
"........i'd punch him back if i wasted so scared to break his old legs..."-Random dude on the street
"*slurp* i have to finish every last dr...NO! im not gonna finish that..its sounds so wrong(in the context it was realy funny)"-David

Well i think thats about it.....if i remember ill put more. If u blogers and blogettes want to know ask me in a blog and ill amke another blog explaing the quote in detail. You people out in internet land email me and ask me ill explain it to you. Yeah sorry if i avended anyone...actualy nahh it was soo funny.

Friday, June 7

Independent Bum | 6/7/2002 11:01:18 PM
   Well i must admit that today was pretty fucking good! Eric knows why and oh how he better rember *shaking fist*! I dont really wanna say much so yeah, ill say this HALOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah and frankys penis hurts and he had to run home to pee!!! Hehehehehe. Well anyways L Dz*cheers*

Thursday, June 6

Lucky * | 6/6/2002 07:16:31 PM
   Bonjour. I am the REAL rosie.. i will probably deny this later on.. Prom totaly kicks variety shows ass!!!!! ok so im really jenn :( i lied.. im at rosie.. the stupid virus i had is still there and now i can't even open it *sniff* oh well new pc tres soon... anyways i am now prom chair person YAY fin.

Wednesday, June 5

Lucky * | 6/5/2002 09:22:01 PM
   have your nerves ever been so edgy that you wished your nails were actually sharp knives, and as soon as something pissed you off, you'd just claw them, and they'd die instantly? *shakes her leg* rrgness. fuck, i wish i had the guts to kill something with my bare hands. damnit, damnit, damnit.

oh, and congrats Jenn... =)

sabrina dibs | 6/5/2002 04:09:35 PM
   okaay...interesting things jennifer finds on the net..anyways,....

CONGRATS JENNIFER!!! :) YAY!! i dont think i should say why though...let her tell it for herself... but i want a tiara :)... and a special table... and a bouquet of flowers... and ... and... uh... well whatever makes us stand out :)
haha..yay today was a fun filled day :)

Tuesday, June 4

Goddess Of The Dorks | 6/4/2002 09:19:54 PM
   Heh.. i went searching for "dorks" on yahoo and googles.. you don't have to bother visiting all the links but when i say something like "omg!!!! click it" click it.. it's gonna make u laugh.. piss in your pants if you have a cheap bladder.

They be such wannabes

COOOOOLIIIIEZZZZZ clicky =) you have to!

CLICK CLICK CLICK hurry *shaking fist*

FUCK what the hell? why would they all get dressed the same for prom?
Sab,Rosie Claudia can we all go to prom in the same dress? Please *smiles*

Yesturday when my english teacher gave me my mark she asked if i was doing stuff i shouldn't be doing.. i thought she thought i was on drugs.... she made me sit infront of her today.. she talked to me all period.. it was scary.. she told me she didn't want me to think she thought i was on drugs.. then she asked me how i was feeling.. and if i felt depressed.. why does she think this? maybe i am depressed.. i don't even know myself.. what if i think jumping off a bridge might be the best thing to do? what if i wish i had a gun? don't worry if i wanted to kill myself i would have done it already.. i wouldn't waist my time writting this... but seriously what am i suppose to tell some random teacher who asks me if i'm depressed? yes Miss i've even tried killing myself in the past. Is that what she expected me to answer? she told me i should go see a doctor even if i didn't feel depressed cause aparently i changed.. and i seem to no longer give a fuck about anything... which is true.. i've learnt that if i dont give a fuck i won't get hurt. I got 60 in moral and for some reason my mom was like oh that's ok i was expecting lower. EXPECTING LOWER.. i got a 70 something term 2 and she was like you could have done better.. blah blah blah.. did i really change that much lately? UGHH!!!!! i hate so many people!!!! and seriously what the fuck is up with my boyfriend? i talked to him for like 10 whole minutes today.. and all he told me was that i was acting odd then he got d/c or something.. does he not have a phone? i'd call but his mom scares me! and i don't give a fuck anymore.. he wants to talk to me he has my number.. i haven't seen him in like 3 weeks.. great fun.. my mom asked me if we had broken up.. and im like erm no and then shes like well where is he then? and im like uh i dunno and then she's like and ur dating this guy why? and uhhhh i really don't know... i think i love him? or maybe i just like the attention.. affection and everything else.. i seriously feel happiest when i'm in his arms.. FUCK whatever i'm gonna go to bed or something good night.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 6/4/2002 09:10:49 PM
   hello people. blah. i wish i had a twin who understand every little thing i was going through in both my family and being sixteen. arg.that would be cool i geuss...anywaysi have decided to write a book on sex and cadbury chocolate try to see how they are totally alike. i think it would sell. dont you?
i want people to email us pictures of their asses so we could make some sort of mural..some superdorks mural. any ass will do.. hairy , bony, huge.. titanice like...wtv ass you have WE WANT IT

Goddess Of The Dorks | 6/4/2002 06:31:02 PM
   FUCKING COMPUTER! It took me like 2hrs to open it.. first windows wouldn't load so i was like fuck you bitch.. and so i had to boot it from the disquette thingy.. ALL CAUSE OF A STUPID FUCKING VIRUS :( and my mom was trying to be nice/funny whatever and was offering me anti-biotics for it! that stupid worm klez thingy.. DIE die DIE!!!!! colise.. anyways i had to open my comp in safe mod find a way to get the internet to work... find a site with info on how to get rid of el' virus and then ya.. i ran the program thingy it deleted all kinds of stuff that it couldn't fix... and now i should be re-installing it but im a lazy bitch.. die worm klez virus thingy DIE! omg i fixed my computer all alone without bothering my uncle (he's a computer thechnicien or something)!!!!!! be proud of *moi*
I'm baking cookies! anywho GOOOOOO NIGERIA GO!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 3

Lucky * | 6/3/2002 11:09:54 PM
   ha! i found mr. fuzz wallpaper... (under "other") ahh... kick ass. mr. fuzz is hot! that's right... i would rape him. OH YEAH. okay, i'm tired. i've been tired for the past 3 hours... why didn't i go to bed? *SHRUGS* (that was a big enthusiastic shrug by the way. okay? okay. what i thought bitch.) qrelkjgnsldkjg. okay, i just wanted to say that and yep. sugarcult - hate every beautiful day. i dunno why but that song ish coolish. and you know it too! ooooh i need sleep. yeah, yeah. nite nite.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 6/3/2002 09:51:39 PM
   well, my brother got his nose pierce when he was in south carolina. my mother wasnt too happy. i find it nice. maybe thatll let my dad want me to piece another hole in my ear or piece me belly button. anyhow yes. so hahahahahhahaha.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 6/3/2002 06:33:27 PM
   OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG look at what i found!!!!!!!! it's the coolest website ever.. it goes through your pc looking for porn.. i swear i have none *Innocent smile* i'll run this thingy to find out... i don't get how it'll find my porn though.. UH i mean i have no porn so it's waisting it's time.. yep *smiles* fuck i knew i had porn but i never thought i had THAT much...








and MANY MANY MANY more!

I'm so confused though, out of 40,523 files 9,657 are porn.. i mean i knew i had porn but WHERE THE FUCK DID ALL THE RANDOM PICS COME FROM? most of them are in temporary files.. so i'm guessing the porn sites randomly decided to download pics onto my pc. DAMN ME AND MY PORN :(

Goddess Of The Dorks | 6/3/2002 06:13:37 PM
   [i don't know what happened 2 days ago on blogger.. it screwed up and won't let me edit.. it only posted half of my post.. the rest was just saying that once you've had 'le anal' and that you loved it you should e-mail me and tell me how great i am and stuff..]

What i really like about random unpopular blogs is that you can feel the honesty behind each post. They aren't putting on a show for everyone to watch/read, they're writting how they feel. Some of them are a lil lacking in the design department but the emotions felt when reading their blogs is awsum. haha i just re-read that and holy fuck.. what was i thinking.. anyways i just wanted to plug some random blogs that i found and really liked... along with each link is a little review of the site.. fun stuff eh? bordomness sucks!!!

this site reminds me of Rosie alot.. i'm even starting to wonder if she's the one writting it.. i doubt it though! the design is cooliez, the chick should have her website on like tripod or something though cause the whole blogspot add screws up her layout.

I'm not What i seem is full of highschool drama type of thing.. omg i love him.. omg he's hot.. OMG I LOVE THAT SITE! hmm ya she says "i heart him" in some post.. how can i not <3 her?

wowness! that site reminds me of "us" when we started.. it makes me laugh so damn hard!! it's beautiful! and by us i mean us original superDORKS! moi,timmy,rosie et claudia(but i dunno if claudia had the net.. t'was mostly moi rosie et timmy posting!) <3 (sab was in like mexico or something) our baby is a year old in like uhhhh less then a month!!!!! good gracious ASS is bodacious (OMG THAT IS SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN TO SAY 'good gracious ass is bodacious'... say it i dare u!!!!!!!<3

'most importantly, this abstinence-only education needs to be abolished. it is full of misinformation and fallacy. the only reason that birth control can be discussed in the classroom is to discuss it's failure rates. otherwise, the goal is to arbitrarily convince kids to "just say no"' OMG i Love this girl... i totally believe what the chick is saying.. they should teach how to have safe sex instead of saying no to sex.. cause really how is a 60 year old teacher telling me having sex is uncool gonna make me not have sex? it's not cause her husbands penis can no longer go up that i should give up sex!
School is so boring these days. All we're doing is reviewing well BLEH! Anyways in french class i had an oral to do.. it was about a job i'd want to do in the future. I said i wanted to be a sex therapist =) many a pplz laughed! it was fun.. i said that i wanted to become that because my boyfriend had erectile difficulties and that i had done some research on the internet and that i had found out that it might be a psychological reason... and then i said a whole bunch of stuff about homosexuality.. it made me giggle... and claudia and david too.. they were in my group... FUCK mister clemente wanted us to go write a math test after school.. well f*ck it.. i have a life YAAA thats right.. so i didn't go i'll make my mom write me a note... i owe sab so much money.. i'm just too lazy to go searching for it.. erm not searching im just too lazy to open my piggy bank thingy! i don't understand how ppl in my school can be dating 21 year olds.. um actually i can't understand why anyone over the age of 12 would want to date them... the girls are retards.. your telling me that the 21 yr old is dating you because you're nice? sweet? hmm maybe he likes ur boobs! yup or maybe ur a slut hehe ya that just might be it.. damn sluts .. 15+21(and up)= a relationship based on sex.. vive el' sex *smiles* my b/f raped me once :( thats what sabrina made me realize a while ago.. i didn't wanna be kissed cause i was sick and i didn't want him to get sick so i was like no don't kiss me but he did it anyways.. i feel robbed.. i feel abused! :( damn him! oh well i love him.. hehe it's gonna be 7 months next tuesday <3
FUCK! today in soccer italy one 2-0 against equador or something everyone was acting retarded with their stupid ugly italy flags.. anyways coming home there was a bus full of 'junior' laurier students with their fucking flags.. anyways the bus was stopped and me and rosie started screaming "GOOOO NIGGERIA!!!! NIGGERIA'S GONNA WIN THE WORLD CUP!!!!!" and they were getting all pissed it was soooo funny.. then some random lil kid was like "WTF! Are you a nigger? You nigger!" :( stupid racist fucks! no im not black but even if i were what's it too you.. HELLO!?! wake up the whole entire world isn't italien you lil jerk. GO DIE! fin. =)

Lucky * | 6/3/2002 06:13:29 PM


sabrina dibs | 6/3/2002 05:09:47 PM
   3 days left of school!! :) except i dont want it to end...ahh. okay so today i go with people (you know who you are) to get butterflies...yes, butterflies. anyways, so we (me and johanne) end up on the 43 bus at like 4:45ish and theres a bunch of sir wilfrid laurier kids there for some reason (im guessing detentions peoples..) okay so they have this huge italian flag...ugh, and then we start with the whole GO NIGERIA!! thing...and theyre all like ugh. and then at the bus stop near the church *omg catastrophe!!* there were people on top of the bus cabin thingy with flags...and then the cops came...and then they ran away..HAHAHA. yeah.... okay so anyways, i get home around 5ish and my dads like, 'where were you"... ugh...i went out with my friends after school "you could have called or something, ive been trying to call people you know to figure out where you were" OMG!! ITS ONLY 5 OCLOCK!!! ahhhhhh... *sigh* WILL THEY EVER LET GO OF ME? *sigh* i doubt it..

Sunday, June 2

Monday Monkey | 6/2/2002 10:05:12 PM
which Episode II character are you?

Probably the greatest Jedi Knight of all. Like Obi Wan, you are wise and keep your feet on the ground at all times. You will not be outsmarted by anyone. You are always faithful to your friends. Be careful though, danger lurks around every corner - you could even be betrayed by those closest to you.

yeah thats too cool for skool.

Lucky * | 6/2/2002 05:12:57 PM
which Episode II character are you?

Probably the greatest Jedi Knight of all. Like Obi Wan, you are wise and keep your feet on the ground at all times. You will not be outsmarted by anyone. You are always faithful to your friends. Be careful though, danger lurks around every corner - you could even be betrayed by those closest to you.

mmm, sesky. <3<3<3

Saturday, June 1

Goddess Of The Dorks | 6/1/2002 08:07:37 PM
Jennifers Guide To Anal Sex

Part 1 - Get a g/f.

Part 2 - Date this girl for a while and have normal sexual relations with her. 'Make Out' with her.

Part 3 - While fingering her, slowly insert pinky into her anus. [the girl should enjoy this and not realize what you did.. if she does and freaks out stop here and claim you accidently put it there.]

Part 4 - Rotate your finger. [She'll feel this, so tell her you love her or something.]

Part 5 - If she colaborates with you, you can insert another finger, or try another time, on another girl. [*hint* jenn loves 'le anal' *hint*]

Part 6 - Relax her anus muscles, you don't want to rip her when you enter your penis. [lick her ass,if you're adventourous, or slowly massage her anus.]

Part 7 - Guide your penis into her ass. [if she doesn't like it.. don't be a jerk! stop!,she'll probably love it though..]

Part 8 - Bang her until you cum. [cumming in her ass is safe. she can't get pregnant =)]

Part 9 - Write an

Goddess Of The Dorks | 6/1/2002 11:47:02 AM
   Sabrina swearing.. yes ladies and gentlemen the end of the world has come.