Friday, May 31

sabrina dibs | 5/31/2002 09:13:41 PM
   does anyone have a spare room i can maybe use? i hate it here! HATE IT!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

today was fun. we (me, rosie, jennifer, claudia, christina, johanne, gaetano, and david) went to la ronde and it was pouring outside. i got to wear a garbage bag! :) then it stopped and since everyone went home there was no one there to fill the lines so we went one everything in like two hours.

then i came home. no ones message, nothing. so i call my moms cell phone and shes like 'yeah, were in laval'. great. i had some sort of steak for supper that was waiting on the stove for who knows how long, ew. then i take a shower.. and get my fucking (yes, im this pissed off right now! ahhhhhhhhhhh) period. then they all get home and whatever. my sister dissapears in her room and then like an hour later im like, uh..mommy..what happened to sandy? she pulls me this face like "dont even ask.." so okay whatever i dont care, my lovely sister hasnt said a word to me in 3days. NOT ONE WORD! okay so anyways, then i come upstairs to install mr. potato head (my dad bought it for came in one of those cereal boxes) but my dad wanted to fix now im permanently connected to the net somehow.. whatever, so before my mom and dad leave to go to the movies, my mom goes into my sisters room and all i hear is "you want another cat? is that what its gonna take? fine, lets get another cat" (NO ONE GIVES A SHIT THAT I DONT WANT ONE.) anyways, then i hear crying...and my parents run out the door screaming at who? ME damnit ME!!!!! WHAT THE HELL DID I DO??????????

oh, and now, like 5 minutes ago, my sister walks into my room saying, "okay, when they get back i dont want us not talking" EXCUSE ME?? just like that? huh? be a bitch all you want...then just ask and lil sabrina wont be mad. right.

FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! i hate my life. there, that felt good. *deep breath*

Thursday, May 30

Independent Bum | 5/30/2002 10:55:06 PM
   Well i gotta admit these past 2 days have been fun. Ive been thinking so much my brain actually fucking hurts and i dont knwo what to do.SO i decided to write blahness for the sake of blahness.After tonight my life has changed because i once have seen this crappy world at its evil work once again.So u think people wouldnt care about how u look (and by people i mean COPS) well i got news for u dont write on ur fucking arm cause aparently its fucking illegale all of a sudden!!!!!!!!!!Boy if i could find the stick that got shuved up societys ass id pull it out as fast as i can but seeing as though we all know one person cant change the world i wont even fucking try.All these fucking names and labels we give people are pissing me off i dont get it we are all humans yet we are giving people we think are lower some stoopid name to call em.AHHHH IM SO PISSED I CANT BELIVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah im still alone and this fucking awakness is pissing me off so yeah im gonna go *watch a fucking movie* and then go to sleep, hopefully not wake up but i geuss my torture is life. what could u do?!?! So yeah life is overrated , L Dz*cheers*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/30/2002 07:09:54 PM

My name is Jennifer.

And i'm an alcoholic.


I will some day pretend to be an alcoholic to be allowed into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. I don't think it's very anonymous though.. you could easily meet some one you know and then it wouldn't be anonymous anymore.. saying "shablah" is fun. *smiles* I stole the stories we make in school from Johanne.. she's all pissed at me but she was suppose to type them or something and never did so f*ck her and her f*cking shoes, who wears white shoes and expects them to stay white forever and ever? not me.. or any normal person.. but whateva. Je prend le crack. Hmm i had something to say but now i forgot and im just going blah blah blah blah like clemente... i think i'm going crazy *cries* aw oui tomorrow we're all going to la ronde it will be great fun *thumbs up*
damnit i forgot what i had to say.. once more!!!! damn crack. DIE CRACK DIE. Anyways this test thingy was amusing...


I am 61% CANADIAN!!!

(Take the Canadian-ness test)


-*- Show Me Some Love -*-

press it and e-mail me COLISE! you know you want to!

Wednesday, May 29

Monday Monkey | 5/29/2002 09:39:16 PM
   Hehehehehehehe.....all im gonna say is it took long enough!

GOOD JOB DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!

le fin.

Lucky * | 5/29/2002 06:46:55 PM
   in an effort to keep me busy, i changed the random pics, made a new poll, made an archive of the previous polls AND added that chat thingy down there somewhere. *nods* crappy wednesdays. that chat thingy gets on my nerves for some reason, but je will leave it for now. anyway that's that. bah, i have nothing else important to say so... *waves*

Tuesday, May 28

Lucky * | 5/28/2002 11:35:27 PM
   faced with a crisis... it's really hot in my room. but i can't open the window because it smells of skunk outside, and my fan is busted like a mullet. oi, i'm screwed... and typing with one hand and one eye isn't too pleasant either. hehe, just don't ask. it's getting late.
i can't wait 'til friday! don't ask me why... it's just so mucho exciting. (except for those damn flies... rrg. they better be magically gone or else i'm showing up there covered in bubble wrap. hehe, YES that will somehow protect me even though Claudia would pop all my bubbles in the first 3.6 seconds she sees me. bah.) that bracket was longer than my post itself. oi, these days are boring. i think i'm gonna go eat a baby because nickelodean told me too. (YES, there were direct messages of cannabalism on nickelodean daytime programming!) i swear, it was scary. damn lobsters are always playing mind games with us... *shakes her fist*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/28/2002 08:58:43 PM
   hello. the comercial sex on the beach is like bathroom cleaner blue... toilet cleaner blue to be precise. its halarious. today was 29 degres ..that summer baby. i love montreal so much, its like, you have the two extreams and both are cool. i love it so much. well well,..nothing much to say,...well, thats it
by the way...eric you have beautiful eyes..they match ur plaid shirt lol

sabrina dibs | 5/28/2002 06:36:02 PM
   yay!! my sister bought HARRY POTTER for me!!!! :D its soooooo cool! (okay, so its made for kids but the thingys are hard!!) ahhh and i cant figure out how to cure boils....anyone know? WHAT TWO THINGS CURE BOILS? :) then i get through potions class :) haha..

Monday, May 27

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/27/2002 10:05:02 PM
   yeah umm today was odd. it all started in history class when i had to write a date test. didnt know what i was doing and then zampini sneaked in from behind me and told me that he was the evil mastermind behind it all ...he even did an evil laugh. then i found out were changing teachers tomorow or something. thatll be fun. change from my teacher's ass spanking she does. ...she also pulls up my pants when theyre apparently too low and then magically makes me wear some one piece suite which also convers my shoes. anyhow, after history class i had math class. i handed in my quiz all happy and joly and then realized that i got a 4 on 7..which isnt too good. i then went to french, which was wierd because he gave us a test. a test worth 40% of our last term mark and he just pooped it on our desks. i then went to science, had a final lab mark and i think i passed it. after lunch at davids i went on to ..wait...i made a mistake, switch my french class with my in english class we did absolutly nothing, as reusual. and then in gym, for my gymnastics exam, i got an 82% because i was gracefull.ha. gracefull, me. we after went on to nicks hous. twas fun. got there before he did. funiness. then, i came home. now im here and i realize that i have an entire 10 min play to write all by myslef because the guys in my groupe ae a bunch of lazy ass jack asses that i dont like.. well only on of them and eric knows who it is. the other two i dont care about. i dont know them. damn it. blah blah blah blah blah blah done

sabrina dibs | 5/27/2002 06:14:39 PM
   um rosie... pate chinois = shephards pie (i know, the translation sucks but ah well..)

haha.. today was muchos fun :) i dunno why, it just was. see, i dont understand the point of going to school anymore... i think eric mentioned the cons of school a little while ago.. today i spent math class drawing ummm... how do you call those hanukah (chanukah??) candle/jewish christmas thing? well whatever..i drew that..then rosie drew the flames for me (i have no drawing talent..) oh and today is day 10. :) then i drew the wreath thing..umm you know the one we use at umm advent i think with the colorful candles... and then mistletoe of course :) haha... i gotta draw a xmas tree tomorrow..and rosie says i gotta draw the kwanza thingy but i dunno what that is... hmm maybe ill go check. if anyone else has any other suggestions.. all are appreciated and welcome :) i shall find time to draw them all in clementes class...right in front of him..while ge goes BLAH BLAH BLAH! :) haha..

oh, by the way, does anyone know what phD stands for? you know, its a thingy that everyone know what it is but no one knows what it means! :) haha...yeah id like to know that too..
thats it.

Lucky * | 5/27/2002 05:28:06 PM
   "Rosie, go check your mail box." "Gaetano, why?" "just go..."
hehehe, new noisy bracelets! yeah, the ones that he broke. *mwahaha*
i hurt myself doing the swedish fall in my living room. =( oww. and i didn't even attempt the front roll in fear of my knee going all BLAH on me again. crazy knee. you'd think these kinds of injuries only happens to people that do physical activity... bah.
yay! i might go see star wars for a third time on wednesday! *happiness* yeah, after seeing it ALONE on sunday. hehe, i didn't really see it alone, but for some reason everyone thinks i did. i guess it's just implyed, well... with me being a loner and all. *cries* but yeah, star wars three times = COOL. besides, Anakin... <3 *bwahaha*
*plays with her noisy bracelets* hehe.
i hope i have pate chinois for supper. DON'T ASK. i haven't had that for 14 billion years, it just popped into my head. i don't even remember what it tastes like. hehe, now i want some. WITH KETCHUP. awjea. hehe. pate chinois. chinese pate? how do you say that in enghlishe?
bah, bah... i think i'm gonna go practice piano, all star me. hehe. that's only funny to me... OKAY. i have inside jokes with myself. it's true i do. *sings to herself*

Sunday, May 26

Monday Monkey | 5/26/2002 09:57:34 PM
   Hehehe i havent checked the site since rosie i used to be able to say that nobody had pictures of me in the closet..i no longer can. Hehehe but i remember that a monkey..monday monkey to be exact. Today was fun. Sofia has a cool dog. I hate triangles. Piggeons shouldn't be white and black...or fat for that matter. Little brown birds go *chirp*. Squrls(however u spell it) are cool cus the kick ass. Well i think i should study for science...i hope i don't get the electricity exam. I have to write this exam even if i loose both my arms...the goverment is evil.
Down with the government!!!

Chewbacca must rule the world with an iron fist!!!!!

heheeh i forgot to say this so ill add it. hehehehe its umbarasing for david why not? david kept on saying and saying on separate ocasions that his crotch was warm from this heater thingy at the bus stop. yes me and sofia had a good laugh at the ocwardness. *laughs to himself*

sabrina dibs | 5/26/2002 03:54:33 PM
   wow this week has been horrible! ugh, okay so first i lose my cat. then i find out my neighbor two houses away's daughter got killed in ottawa by an 18-wheeler and burt to a pulp. and then my neighbor two houses away's (the other way..) father died. and then i realised... OMG thats davids grandfather. :( i feel so bad. i hope hes okay.

okay other than that. my sister finally got her mp3 player... my aunt bought it for her in florida cause they dont sell any in quebec...ugh stupid french. and i got my phone..the one ive been asking for since before yeah i finally got a phone that works. yay me.

Saturday, May 25

Lucky * | 5/25/2002 06:40:40 PM
   aww, je suis in a good mood. =) i went to piano today, and my teacher was all "ooh, you're definitely ready to do the exam, pas de probleme" and i was like, yay... i don't suck! *bwaha* anyway, look Timmy! i have that picture (of the mouse) on my big ass collage on the door of my closet:

see, it's right ontop of Eric in a tree... hehe.


prettyness. that was on uhm, monday. yeah. colors = pretty.

i'm wearing plaid. i thought i should mention that. HMM. what to say... rien. *shrugs* entertain yourself. *mwaha*

Independent Bum | 5/25/2002 05:31:59 PM
   Yes, im back skating all the way from nicks house! I went there for no apperant reason and i skated all the way there. Something is wrong with me... Anywho on a better note... BIGWIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their back and making me happy. YES! Im leaving now. L Dz*cheers*

Monday Monkey | 5/25/2002 11:44:15 AM
   Yes..well tonight im finaly going to see Star Wars awww oui. I could have gone yesturday but noooooo! Dinner party hurra!(sarcastic to degree 14). Dammit...everyone is busy too. David has BigWig to go to, one of u is in england, and the rest are having an orgy at claudias.....o well. Im seeing that movie no matter what..ITS BEEN 2 WEEKS ALREADY!!!!!! Yeah Later Dayz.

Friday, May 24

sabrina dibs | 5/24/2002 06:02:11 PM
   today was the last friday of school! :) yay. on another note... okay so my mom brought my sister and me a dool (those ty beenie baby things...SO ADORABLY CUTE!) from alberta. anyways, so we were in the living room watching full house and she had hers with her for some reason. and so i made a remark about her playing with dolls.. well, she lost it on me! "i just lost my cat dont bug me!" omg. seriously..

Thursday, May 23

timbo munkfish | 5/23/2002 06:17:25 PM
*mwhahaha* joy

omg thats so cool

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/23/2002 06:05:40 PM
   I WANNA LEAVE MY HOUSE *cries* my mom has been acting VERY fucking odd lately. It's starting to scare me... she went to hmv or something today and she saw a movie i told her i wanted and she bought it [domestic disturbance] and she gets home and gives it to me and says she bought it cause she knows how i feel.. then she asked me who i had seen it with and i told her i saw it with massimo... and then she was all like OH MY GOD! i am so sorry i wouldn't have bought it if i would have known.. i'll go exchange it tomorrow, what movie do you want instead.. and then i told her for the hundreth time.. WE DIDN'T BREAK UP!!!! and then she told me i'd have to accept it some day and that even if i pretend it didn't happen it did.. and that we may still be friends but things will never be the same.. she started that a few days ago... cause i ate a whole bunch of ice cream and cake.. it's odd and scary.. but whateverz.. je suis bored.. im gonna make a new cam story or something..

Tuesday, May 21

sabrina dibs | 5/21/2002 05:55:26 PM
   okay so my cat is gone. bye nala. i love you *sniff*

Monday Monkey | 5/21/2002 12:40:59 PM
   Yes, today im home all day WEEEEEE!!!!! Well you all know being home isn't that great. I actualy would rather be in math class ok ok lets not push it...Well i'm bored..but not bored enough for me to bable on for hours about nothing. L Dz

Monday, May 20

Monday Monkey | 5/20/2002 08:53:55 PM
   Well let's see then...well no id rather not. Non-nausea <3<3<3<3 Hmmm puking 40 times in a morning was not fun....
*wishes death to all 24h bugs!!!!*
also i have a fever of 39degrees-celsius, or 102degrees farenhieght......... :(

Lucky * | 5/20/2002 07:44:14 PM
   doing research about the pippi longstockings thing i posted a few days ago... first, i looked up "pippi longstockings porn". (on

"And then, one day, a young man watches Pippi Longstockings and realizes: this is sexy! Soft, pink skin. Tight little butts. But thoughts like that are taboo. They much be rationalized until they become: This is fucking crazy! Just think about that pedophiles could do with this! Poor kinds, so exploited, it's a scandal!"
hmm. (read it all here)

then i tried "pippi longstockings fuck".

a description of Fuck Straight Edge: ... next person in line What the fuck. I can only imagine what would ... sucking whore. She is like Pippi Longstockings only Pippi Longstockings is better ...
i didn't bother opening the link.

OH, look at this...
superdorks: ... my perfectly placed pimples = Rosie as pippi longstockings. *yawn* BLAH, BLAH, BLAH..
BLAH, BLAH ... w, FUCK IT!!!!! FUCK IT ALL!!!!! According ...

hehehe, that explains why people got here. *shrugs*

and you know i had to look up "hand to crotch"...

superdorks: yep, that's right folks. porn star. *nods* the whole hand to crotch thing gives it away. ...

i also came across a sort of religion...
...and a story about a guy who peed in his pants.


Lucky * | 5/20/2002 01:00:21 PM
   goddamnit, adhesive is tasty.

[put the links to the cam stories on the right, YAYNESS! Jenn... felications on the third one. i was on the floor, dying of laughter. :)]

Sunday, May 19

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/19/2002 11:13:23 PM
   im tired and i just finished my third story *thumbs up* go check em out.. they be super cool.. im too tired for html so copy and paste into ur browser.. bon nuit everyone.. oh and i don't get the whole 'Section: *color*' thing but i had called the first one section blue and rosie asked if it was blue and i said no but the writting was blue.. so ya..

La fin.

[11:36AM file names changed...]

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/19/2002 07:17:24 PM
   my stupid computer adds odd shit whenever i type html and then it doesn't work properly *sniff* oh well i'm gonna be working on a new section... and i'm gonna call it erm im gonna call it blue.. =) i dunno why.. it just sounds good.. Section: Blue YES! it's gonna be lil stories with pics *thumbs up* it's gonna be hard work.. hah..

Independent Bum | 5/19/2002 06:51:54 PM
Which PPG are you?

That's all really! L Dz *cheers*

timbo munkfish | 5/19/2002 06:40:26 PM
   *slurps on his hot chocolate*

what have i been up 2?... ill give u a brief explanation of my life NOW...

1) i have a fractured pinky on my right hand (only god knows how i got that)

2) i have probably the most important exams the majority of english kids ever face nxt week, and i have done NO revision compared to some kid's 50 hours :/

3) i'm being stalked by 3, yes THREE, women who i dont know :/

4) i have had 1 meal this entire weekend, and drunken over 50 beers *pats himself on the back*

5) i went insane last night and tried to punch my way through a log fence (with a fractured pinky dont forget)

if we add all this together, we get 15 ..... 15 what u ask?.. i dont know... ima gonna stop drinkin so much on weekdays... maybe i'll spread it out :P.. no, i think i shall stop, aye!
and anyways.. ADVICE.. how do you turn down someone (possibly more than one) w/o either making them angry or upset?

a) get out "ol rusty"... the chainsaw
b) "u look like the rear end of an oyster"... shh they have rear ends.
c) um?
e) say "i'll be back" and dont go back?

IDEAS PEOPLE... serious ones tho :P

timbo munkfish | 5/19/2002 01:47:10 PM
   i was listening to metallica and greenday in "grade 3" *sticks his tongue out at claudia* @D

Lucky * | 5/19/2002 09:21:09 AM

Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

Which PPG are you?

hehe, i'm not really Buttercup. i got her on purpose. i'm Blossom, but whatever...

Saturday, May 18

Lucky * | 5/18/2002 08:37:13 PM
   sabrina's kitty... *pleure* how come she became sick all at once? je hope that she doesn't suffer too much...
anyway, hi. i'm bored. *smacks her head on her desk* yeah.

okay, check this out. i was looking at the referrals for the site: *ahem*
23 Apr, Tue, 13:34:48 Google: pippi longstockings fuck
24 Apr, Wed, 02:35:44 Yahoo: jennifer mad caddies
25 Apr, Thu, 20:20:24 Yahoo: jc and bobbee
29 Apr, Mon, 17:33:16 Google: free +cam +girl +gym +download
30 Apr, Tue, 04:03:27 Google: sabrina fuck
30 Apr, Tue, 12:53:21 Yahoo: BIRTHDAY'S IMFORMATION
01 May, Wed, 08:06:12 Google: pippi longstockings + porn
03 May, Fri, 10:46:58 Google: "hand to crotch"
09 May, Thu, 10:59:09 Google: Camp Mere Clarac
13 May, Mon, 12:00:57 Yahoo: jc/girlfriend
16 May, Thu, 08:50:39 Google: "pippi longstockings"
16 May, Thu, 23:38:41 Google: cam girl ferret

okay, i can let slide whatever odd things people look up, but why the fuck does it bring them here? it's so confusing. dude, three... THREE people looked up for pippi longstockings and ended up here. TWO of which for porn. why? i do not know. cam girl ferret? what the hell are people into these days? "hand to crotch" is funny though. hehe. but i don't get the pippi longstockings thing. is it 'cause she's a red-head, or what? i dunno...

i can't believe no one uses cheese as socks... go vote on the poll damnits. oh, and i added an FAQ section. it's almost the same as the old one, with a few changes. anyway, it's to the right. *points to the right*

things with my parents are continuously odd. "Rosie, do you promise you're not going to go drink any beer after the movie?" *evil stare* non, i'm a fucking alcoholic. gimme beer... GIMME, GIMME! no i'm serious. i want beer. *nods*

yoda, <3

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/18/2002 04:08:44 PM
   okay so hmm.. to top off the thing that eric said about the sec 3's .. its true they are like that. the second they hear a band is somewhat punk they go crazy telling everyone they love them. so i like a few songs of nofx, but i wont go around saying ive been listening to them for years because thats not true. dont go tell me that these ppl were listening to that in elementry. everyone knows that elementry holds a place for pop music . maybe if ur older sibbling listens to that, they you will have a taste of it, but i doubt that some kid in grade 3 suddenly gets an interest in some underground punk band and i doubt their parents even let them listen to that * takes a breath* im not saying im punk, because im not. im not saying im a candy raver, bvecause im not. i dont know what i am. frankly , i have no style. i wear whatever is comfortable and listen to whatever sounds like music to my ears. and yes, spice girls is music to my ears. so ... again about the sec 3's... why do they all think that they have to do drugs? i think that they think that if they losuten to that music they have to take drugs and have lesbian relations in front of everyone at a punk concert at which you didnt even know that the guys in it go to our school and yet you have pins of them all over ur school bag. so. beh. alright, i will admit that blink 182 isnt punk, but they used to be someone like on their dude ranch album. thats a great album ( dude ranch <3 ) and anyways.. bleh ..i have nothing else to say. goodbye. aave a nice dsay

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/18/2002 04:00:23 PM
   HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i'm pissing in my pants right now.. I read Oprahs thingy on how to talk to your children about ORAL sex... and then i started imagining my mom telling me what they tell parents to say! it's hilarious...
Step 1
My mom - Jennifer, we need to talk.
Me -Uh ok wait a sec. i'm doing something.
My mom - No this is important.
Me- Ok, what do you want?
My mom - Where did you learn about oral sex?
Me- OKKKKKK, can i go now?
My mom - No this is important.
Me - *sigh*
My mom - What does sex mean to you?
Me- UHHHHHH it makes kids. I don't wanna be talking about this now.
My mom - But we have to. And you should know that sex is anything that involves a sex organ.
Me - That's nice.
My mom - Stop being stupid and listen to me.

Step 2
Me - Can i please leave now?
My mom - No we will be talking about oral sex very often now. I as a parent am the most influential person in your life. I want you to be comfortable talking about oral sex with me.
Me - Ok i'm comfertable. Bye now.

Step 3
My mom - Jenn I'm not done. This is a serious topic.
Me - Ok sucking a penis doesn't interest me bye bye.
My mom - No! I don't want you to think everyone is doing it. Not all girls your age are having oral sex.
My mom - [getting angry] Don't tell me you've never done anything with your boyfriend!
Me - Ok, i have home work to do.
My mom - No you just don't want to talk about SEXXXX with your mom.
Me - Right

Step 4 & 5
My mom - Did you know oral sex is as dangerous as intercourse?
Me - Yes i got an excellent mark on my sex test. I can catch std's and get pregnant if he has super powerful sperm! I can get pregnant if i'm naked and he gets some cum on my thigh then it can swim. but if i'm naked i'd be having sex so don't worry about me getting pregnant like that

Step 6
My mom - Why do you know so much?
Me- I'm not a dumb slut.
My mom - I never said that, but if you perform oral sex your reputation is at risk.
Me- Why?
My mom - Your boyfriend would tell all his friends.
Me - Right, if he'd want me to do it ever again, he wouldn't
My mom - Stop it with your attitude.

Step 7
My mom - Have you heard of fuck friends?
Me - UHhhhh i wouldn't sleep with someone i don't love.
My mom - Oh do you love Massimo?
Me - None of your buisness.
My mom - Are you hiding something?
Me - Yes, I'm 22 monthes pregnant

Step 8
My mom - If he tells you that if you loved him you'd give him oral sex break up with him.
Me - Ya sure.

Step 9
My mom - I'm serious.
Me - Me too...

Step 10
My mom - I love you!
Me - That's nice... i love you too?

Step 11
My mom - Not all contact with the opposite sex has to be sexual you know.
Me - I know? What's your point? Can i go now?
My mom - No, but you know that you can give eachother foot massages or shoulder rubs, you can trade poems and even talk! Don't put your life on the line for oral sex.

' THE END! '

That made me laugh so much, I seriously picture my mom telling me that.. i'd be dying of laughter.. oh well.
I went shopping with my mommy today, it was great fun and i finally convinced her that i should be allowed to pierce myself... she agreed to my belly button, because she knows her excuse for not letting me do that is no good... but for the tongue she kinda has a point.. it can be dangerous and cause brain damage if a wrong nerve thingy is pierced by accident.. anyways she's gonna go to the tatoo place piercing thingy near her office tuesday and if the place looks clean enough i'm gonna go to work with her next friday that we have off school and then i can go do it during her lunch break. I gotta do it fast though before she changes her mind.. she has a tendancy of doing that.. it pisses me off...

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/18/2002 12:04:04 PM
   poor sabrina's cat *sniff* her cat never liked me very much, or anyone else ... but she was the essance to me and sabs friendship. I just don't know if i'll ever be able to talk to sab again.. erm sorry..i had to say something dumb.. but seriously poor sabrina and her family i know i cried a whole lot when i lost my guinea pig and i only had him for like 3 years.. oh well life goes on..
SOOOOo today and tomorrow on is NAYweekend.. thats right renee <3 um anyways it was all sucky and still is but i have read the coolest thing ever...
Psycoid: If you could be any kind of animal what would it be and why?
Renee: A MONKEY! I totally and completely love monkeys. To think.. sit around all day & eat, scratch your ass, and act like a goofy-ass all day? It sounds perfect to me, except they're way cuter.
Yup that makes ig so much better.. ; monkey lovin renee <3

Friday, May 17

sabrina dibs | 5/17/2002 07:10:40 PM
   :*( *SOB SOB SOOOOOOOOOB* (im not joking) i actually am sobbing right now.

its my sisters birthday today. shes 20.

today my dad and sister went to the vet from my cats check up.. CHECK UP. they got home (2hours later..unusually long for a check up visit) with my sister sobbing away loudly. then my dad tells me and my mom (who had just gotten home fromc calgary) that my cats kidneys are finished. they lost about 5 pounds so shes only like 6 pounds now. she wont eat anything. she has almost no water left in her. they had to take blood tests and inject some sort of water in her. they said we can send her to the 'hospital' for like 200$ a night but theres no point since theres nothing we can do. they asked my dad if he wanted to put her to then my mom starts crying and i go in my room and im hearing my mom crying, my sister sobbing, my cat crying (literally, cause shes in pain) so of course i start too. shes on my bed now and i cant look at her. she was actually shivering before... a cat shivering. oh my god. and my mom told my dad monday shes going back to the vet...for good. my sister is losing it.

:*( "shes just a cat.".. but shes been with us for seven years.

happy birthday sandy.

Thursday, May 16

Monday Monkey | 5/16/2002 10:26:12 PM
   Hehehe awww oui. Hmm ok if u all havent realised by now....the skool year is acutaly finished, and has been finish for a few weeks now..except the teachers tricked us and made us think we still have to go. Example One: Morality Class(jen and claudia know what im talking about). Example Two: French(we wrote the fucking final a month labrecque wake up!!!!!and then DIE!) Example Three: Math(blah blah blah blah) Example Four: English(rosie and sabrina know..*TSSSSSSSS*) And finally...HAHAHA Example Five: Science( i dont even have to say anything.......*couph**rapist!!!!!!**couph*)

Realy and our administration isnt any better, we have dumb moffa (yeah u bitch go die we got off scott free!!!!!), we have Ferlie thats sniffs crack..and finally Mr. D ur job is important..U OPEN THE GATE TO THE LOCKERS!!!!!...realy...a bunch of idiots following idiots.

Yeah i've realised that there are three main steps in life. I'm bored so i will list them to u all:
1. You are born
2. You cause suffering
3. You get suffering in return
4. You die
I know it seems bleek to all you oh so happy internet people living in your fantasy world of happyness and bliss...fools, but the truth is life sucks and will always suck but as david has said friends help lessen the suckyness. yeah im angry at the world tonight. And im hyper but my body is dying on me so im just vegetating in my computer chair venting rage. Yes our governments..oh dont get me started about them*cring*. Fucking zak(worthless united) would say "just a bunch of dumb young nihilists, breaking shit in the streets and acting like idiots" Hmm what other beefs do i have tonight...

HA! this vent deserves its own section. Ok...the sec3 poser punks..or as they've been refered to as "candy ravers". They all think that blink is punk *anger*, ok fine they are dumb. But then the real ass-holes piss me off...yes NOFX is god..yes so what! they are good! but they created this own religion around the idea of "if u dont like nofx ur not a punk" thank "god" i dont like them or i'd be even more offended than i am now. Also those fukcers all showed up at David's show and tried to mosh( yes MOSH!!!!) to " She has a girlfriend now" not even gonna start. Hmm what else i hate about them..yes they all come o skool covered in merch(no offence david but that gets on my nervs, so what a bit, but if thats all the own, come on people ur trying to fight conformaty here). Yes and then they all were skater shoes despite the fact that none of them skate. I dont skate(i dont want to, i never will), so i dont were skater shoes, it realy very simple. Yes and then the fact that i hate them mroe than i hate most bro's, yes its true. Hmm lets see, a personal favorite quote Jennifer(ugly one for sec3)-"Davids in the spider monkeys? i didn know that. oh thats so cool!" hmm lets ahh this one is good too, ramdom guy -" o yeah NOFX i love them, ive listened to them for years, umm yes, umm no...i dont know that song, oh i only listen to the new stuff" hehehe i like that one. Hmm yes, ummm i dont even have to say anything else do I? NO, i think not.

Well now, hmm who did i miss. Yes the bro's and merry's. Hmm i dont even have to, realy it's all been said before. Well for some reason nick was defending them......yes i was very scared. i still am, but i pretend like it never happened.

So who did i miss. Hmm *ponders a while* *talking to himself*.....o yes.....two people in particulars...Jen its you 'favortie person...*cough*teachers pet! *cough* also poser mr poserson. hmmm they're must be more. HA! i almost didnt make fun of zampini..ahh yes mr. "i a guy nearing 30 thats afraid of loseing touch with the youth so i put on an act to help make myself feel wanted.....also i had E.D"(thats right jen i knew ud laugh at that).

Well i think thats it for now. Hmmmmmm there must be more(if i think of somethign ill post it after). Well try not to loose the things that actualy have meaning in ur life... you will regret it if u do. Fare well everyone. L Dz

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/16/2002 06:32:50 PM
   AHHHHHHHHHH what the fuck? My dearest friend Chris sent me a whole bunch of personality analyzer thingies.. WHHHHOOOAAA the turthness in what they say is scary.. The first one uses the first letter of your name.. i got this as a result...
You are blessed with a great deal of physical energy. When used for a good cause there is nothing to stop you, except maybe that they aren't always used for the good. ( you could dance all night.) You respond to the thrill of the chase and the challenge of the mating game. You can carry on great romances in your head. At heart you are a roamer and need to set out on your own every so often. You will carry on long- distance relationships with ease. You are idealistic and need to believe in love. You have a need to be nurtured deep within. SSSSSCCCCCAAAAARRRRYYYYYY and about my birth month... *Loves to joke *Attractive *Suave and caring *Brave and fearless *Firm and has leadership qualities *Knows how to console others *Too generous and egoistic *Take high pride of oneself *Thirsty for praises *Extraodinary spirit *Easily angered *Angry when provoked *Easily jealous *Observant *Careful and cautious *Thinks quickly *Independent thoughts *Loves to lead and to be led *Loves to dream *Talented in the arts, music and defence *Sensitive but not petty *Poor resistance against illnesses *Learns to relax *Hasty and rushy *Romantic *Loving and caring *Loves to make friends scary too.. and about my date of birth...You have low self-esteem, and very picky. You are artistic and like to fall in love, but you let your love pass by, by loving with your mind, not your heart.
C'est tellement vrai que ca fait peur.. the end.

Wednesday, May 15

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/15/2002 08:06:05 PM
   jennifer...the thing you wrote on the fourteeth scares me a tad..if you have a problem, i can try to help you and not scream at you like you do to me at most times ( hehe) ANYways, life could suck but for me its mostly cool i geuss, my family is sortof okay right now and things that go on that usually would make me blah well i try not too care anymore because its not me crying thats gonna change things. ANYways, so yeah, i was thinking that hmmm...i wanna go live with my grandad. i the summer i wanna live there most of the time and such. it would be cool. change is good. i like change. why am i talking about this ? im a retard. so hmmm, i dont have much to say either, but baout the friends things *tear* * emotional music in background* if it wasnt for you people, i wouldnt have friends because not many other people enjoy my hyperness and find me annoying and i know i tend to be at times and i wouldnt be the same * tear* i luv you bill-eu GUYS!

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/15/2002 06:54:56 PM
   ummmm i truely hope i wasn't the one who promised her something.. i don't think so though..


now that was amusing.. =) I hadn't played with html in a while... it's making me all wet and wanting babies....

sabrina dibs | 5/15/2002 06:32:32 PM
   ah i hate it when people dont stick to their promises. if you say youre gonna do something, THEN DO IT! damnit. ugh, people piss me off. :*(

anyways.... *deep breaths* im fine...yup...fine fine fine :p <~~ see?

Tuesday, May 14

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/14/2002 09:52:02 PM
   i agree with david.. heh the only poblem with friends though is the occaisional ass grabbing.. hehe i grabbed davids as it was fun.. and friends are always there it's just that some times people hide there emotions and their friends would help them or try to if they knew the truth.. I NEED TO SEE MY THERAPIST! erm why is there the word rapist in therapist? will the shrink person try to rape me? im scared.. i don't ever wanna go again.. i belive i should be on anti-depressants. I'm getting massivly bad mood swings once again and i should start eating more often i thought i was gonna die after school .. ya i hadn't eaten in like uhhhhh forever well not forever but erm since like 4ish the day before.. i think my parents should be worried about me not eating more then sabs but whatever life can be so fucked up at times.. I BELIEVE I CAN FLLLLLLYYYY yes if i tell myself often enough that im a bird i will some day become a bird... heh and thats why i need a therapist well not really but ya... ugh bonne nuit

Independent Bum | 5/14/2002 09:41:58 PM
   So im sitting in my chair thinking "what could i possibly do now..." and here is my answer! I havent posted in god knows how long only because of my lack of stuffness to write. There really isnt much to do anymore because of my lack of cash and seeing as though thats what our society is run by...blah. Everything seems to be blah these days, especially skool. I dont learn anything anymore in that piece of crap building, these past few days ive been learning alot but only thanx to Bigwig and there crazy amazing lyrics. If u wanna learn about life without going through all that crap read there lyrics, listen to there musik or just plain dont give a crap cause this post is worthless (united (y))! And at this moment right now ive discovered the only happyness in life is friends. Thats right friends, u dont have any ur screwed , u dont have any who actually like and respect u ... ur screwed too. You may be asking how i came to this conclusion right? Well beats me, I geuss its cause when im with my friends there are no problems , of course there are those few times where one of them cant take anymore and its serious time, but besides that there are no problems what so ever. You might disagree u might not it doesnt matter but i finally found this and i must say it sux cause friends arent always there for u. Anyways Im gonna go cause its boring cause i have no friends...j/k (or not bah to much thinking for that one). L Dz *cheers*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/14/2002 07:35:46 PM
   hey hey hey do you remember in high school those annoying guys who wore spandex shirts and pants? do you remember them always bragging about their last perchase at mexx ? do you remember them talking about those annoying club partyies and the new techno or bonjovi songs that came on the radio ? do you remember ...THOSE NASTY BROS ? well if you dont, we have a new compilation of songs that will make you angry over them and want to sove stuff up their asses ( even though they get alot of homosexual activity) ITS BRONTERTAINMENT! we have three compilations which will make you rave with anger we have the techno/dance brontertainment. the cheesy mix 96 "alternative" BRONTERTAINMENT and the bonjovi brontertainment
such songs included are :

DARUDE - sandtorm

bonjovi- one wild night

the calling - ill go wherever you will go

....and many more

so if you feel like NOT dancing tonight and TOTALLY ruining the mood, just call us and for two payments of 25cents, you will get BRONTERTAINMENT bonjoi, techno/dance AND cheezy mix 96 "alternative
so call us now at 1-888-eww-bros

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/14/2002 07:24:30 PM
   bonjour. i was having the cooles conversation with my family at the supper table today. we were talking about our past vacation to "gray rocks"...i went there when i was petite...i was 4 or something. most of the conversation was set up on my sister because she was a real pain ( still is ) in those days...yes even more than are some key events :
1- they offered babysitting service there so when my parenst went to the casino that nite, we got a babysitter. when she told my sister to go to bed, my sister responded by spanking( litterally) her ass. i still remeber my 2 year old sister running after her in the hotel appartment .

2- my brother and i went horse back ridding. my sister couldnt go because she was too small. she pulled a fit because she wanted to go. it winded up by having my sister ride a goat tied to a pole, going around in small circles with my sister saying " yay" on its back.

3- we had the day camp activities over there but my ssiter couldnt go. she she would cry.

4- it was my sisters birthday there ...when the cake came out, she started crying because she was scared of the candles.

5- i was sick on the closing night where all the kids are supposed to sing a song so my sister went up for me, not knowing any of the words...imagin, a french two year old making her own dance moves and lyrics to " skidamerink"

Monday, May 13

Lucky * | 5/13/2002 05:36:17 PM
   i think we can all agree that the best after school snack is hawaiin pizza. hehe, more of a meal than snack, but whatever!
*shakes your hand* bonjour, my name is Peggy-Anne. nice to meet you. *hug*
uhm, i put up this *points at the layout* up. 'cause well, it had no point on my other thing. uhm, uhm... yeah. i'm bored. i'll try to put some stuff on the side... and make it all pretty like soon. *thumbs up* later...

timbo munkfish | 5/13/2002 04:55:43 PM
   ok, so like i have had no time to be on the net, like for a while, what with going out and such.... but now ... exams are near, so im not allowed out coz of smelleh revision :'(... ah well i can bore all of you with my bordem :/ . ho hey hum! its like um s0on and then its like the end of meh exams and then WOOOOOO 12 weeks friggin' holiday! Its like gonna be heaven or something.. 3 days after meh exams = glastonbury (for all you non-englanders its some fat ass 4 day festival.. biggest in england i'll have you know), however, burnt crusty beans on toast beckon.. ttyl YALL

Sunday, May 12

Monday Monkey | 5/12/2002 09:29:12 PM seems that none of us have time in our oh-so important lives to post on this oh-so important web site. Hmm lately school has had no point...ex: I havent payed attention in history for 3 months and im still pulling 87's. Yes my goal is to pass science and math..the rest are a fucking joke, i should only go in for those two corses each day. Yes, this weekend sucked for me...i missed ramp rage. AHHH life is soo borring i cant think of anything to say.

Friday, May 10

sabrina dibs | 5/10/2002 04:20:26 PM
   OH MY GOD! seriously, so i finally get my dad to call the SAAQ to get me an appointment for the threory driving thing...and AHHHHHH!!! :*( they say june 13? june 14? june 17? ahh i dont even know if i have exams those i tell my dad before just 8 or after june 21...of know what i get stuck with? june 25! TWENTY-FIVE!!! oh my god! ugh, thats over a month going to totally forget everything, those theory classes...POINTLESS!! ah i hate this.

Wednesday, May 8

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/8/2002 07:52:51 PM
   bonjour tous le monde
i have misse dmy *counts* third day of school. haha such a good girl. almost perfect attendence..hehe so anyways.. i wake up this morning and my moms like " you feel like going to school today or are you still not feeling well? " and i said i wanted to stay here. but, since im someone who always like to do something with her life and get out of this house, i then jumped out of bed when i realized i would be bored all day and decided to go to school. so... as i try to look for two resembling socks... my mother touches my forehead and tells me to go back to bed. i do. fall asleeo. wake up...have a slitting head ache. go look for the tylenol. figure out i left it in my locker. so then i call the schoola dn ask them to leave a message for rosie to bring me my meds after school. it took a long time because the secretaries at our school are muchos dumb. so blah... my day was spent watching tv and trying on various clothing i never wear and finding a canadians jersey with my name on it. fascinating day.

dees daily thoughts:

1) alice in wonderland is a fucked up movie that revols around one thing : opium

2) reference to amerciain pie's finch : women do get finner with age, men oon the other hand have to be prescribed viagra by the age of 35

3) things you must not eat when you have a cold and cant taste : eggs, egg plant, cheeze and anything else that has an odd texture

Tuesday, May 7

Lucky * | 5/7/2002 11:20:44 PM
   no milk to accompany my fudgee-o's. what a disgrace.
yes, i went to my brother's. i was going to scan all the pictures from Sabrina's and Christina's party since my brother fixed the scanner. but ALAS, the scanner was not fixed. die scanner... die.
the Canadiens are leading the series 2-1... happiness ensues.
there is a picture of Mr. Potato Head right next to me. why, you ask? i'm not too sure on that one...
don't you hate when you're in an odd mood? like right now, i feel like cutting my hair. yeah, MY OWN hair. don't ask why. i just do. playing with scissors = fun. *thinks of the possibilities* hmm. ha. mr. potato head rocks.
OMG, Sabrina and Johanne... i'm watching the game, what songs comes on? "COME ON BABY, DO THE LOCOMOTION!" hehe. 'twas a moment of funness.
question. why is everything in Montreal sponsored by beer? *ponderment* hehe, whatever.
i'm tired. but i'm going to cut my hair now... *mwahaha* no, i think i'll go work on my child-molestation site. hehehe. (you'll get it once you see it, bitches.)

Monday Monkey | 5/7/2002 06:48:02 PM
   Yes....finding out that parants read this site is disturbing.....*shudder* well..mofa got our names on her imaginary file that may or may not exist ( i have a feeling it doesn't) and didn't do anything more than that. Odd, Nick was wrong, she didn't do much. PlAid <3...yes i hated it at first, but it's grown on me. Hmmm what else to say...yes we should all go to the 'movies' to celebrate (j/k). Mustard Plug..awww oui. Skanking is good. Hmm a person was killed not that far from my house...hmm rdp is dangerous all of a sudden...strangled..shudder. Dammit, there's just nothing to write on this site anymore. 'Le Anal' ..Crunkness...Super Orgy Porno Party. Yes, bordom sucks. What else, yes i cant to to see Planet Smashers on Saturday *pleure* im soo depressed. Fucking christians...mess up all that i had planned. I can't stand it! I just want to end this whole evil church organization...well L Dz

LONG LIVE STEVEN!!!!!!!!!hehehehe

sabrina dibs | 5/7/2002 04:02:36 PM
   okay i havent posted in a while...hmm okay well i watched spiderman (with jenny, claudia, johanne, nick, anthony, and david) and it was pretty good :) my cousin is officially working in paris at the moment...well actually, its like 10pm now i doubt shes working but yeah. my other cousin samantha will be 4 tomorrow :) yay!!
oh, yesterday mr clemente shoved something at me and ran away...what was it? school picture blown up to two sizes in black and white printed out....ahh hes stalking me!! turns out he wanted to check something for the honor roll pics but serioudly whyd he have to pick me for? ugh, my dad thinks hes stalking me :) hahaha...
okay thats it for my life story

Monday, May 6

timbo munkfish | 5/6/2002 01:19:39 PM
   tenacious D - tribute = :D :D :D :D :D :D

p.s me no post much coz of meh broken finger :(

Sunday, May 5

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/5/2002 08:33:13 PM
   i cant fucking stand my mom .. yes hello mommy i hope your reading this.. you should get a life and if you want to know something you can ask me instead of searching through my stuff cause that fucking pisses me off. Also if smoking more often will make you less of a bitch you should do it cause its quite obvious that you never really stopped.. so ya im getting my tongue pierced this summer and you have no right to stop me.. since you never really stopped smoking.. you have problems and you need therapy mommy dear.. lying to your own kids and you expect me to not do the same to you.. ha you know me pretty well and you know ill do what u do to me to u.. so be honest and stop going through my fucking stuff.. ok the end..

I hate my mom shes a retard she's been reading this site for a while now i guess i don't know why.. she's asked me for the url a few times and i told her i didnt want her to read it so she went and found it on her own.. she got her boss to show her how to use 'history' she got all pissed at me before cause i told everyone on the internet she was boring.. i didn't get it at first but then shes like ya ill show you where and im like ok go but then she was like no you know what im talking about ..she needs therapy very badly i cant wait for the summer im getting my tongue pierced with gaetano and im getting a tatoo above my ass it's gonna be small and pretty.. and mommy u can make me take out the tongue thingy but theres no way you can remove the tattoo unless u wanna pay for the lazer..

I was working on a few layouts but uhh i finish them and no longer like them.. theyre pretty when im making them and then they totally suck..

Lucky * | 5/5/2002 04:18:29 PM
   okay, i put this little cheap layout up, because well... 'tis dexter! erm, Jennifer is supposed to make a pretty one soon... but hey, we're all pretty lazy people. (and yeah, i'll fix this one properly later... YES, you love moi.)

Saturday, May 4

Lucky * | 5/4/2002 05:08:46 PM
   okay, i guess i don't have that dynamic liver like my brother does... *shrug* (yeah, the liver that makes it impossible for him to get drunk... :S)
anyWAY, we're (me, eric, christina, sofia) all at Christina's house waiting for Ann Marie, and then we're gonna leave for David's show at L'X... yayness! yep, yep... yesterday was yesterday and we're all gonna suffer ENJOY the consequences, hehe. yeah, that's it.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 5/4/2002 01:55:51 PM
   i think yesterday was one of the worst days ever " yesterday was the worst day ever, and tomorow wont be better ..." (just had to put that in) anyways, sabrina pretty much told it all. but theres one thing that was pretty much funny: i was talking with mrs. di paolo and she gaveme this whole speech about being disapointed and all... then chris tourguide comes up and tries to smoothe it up and its not really working. so then, me beeing myself , blurt out " mrs. warnt YOU ever a teenager? " then she looks at me with this face... scay face ( i think she wasnt, i think shes an alien) and chris tourguide is laughing. i wanted to tell her that she didnt look that old ( even though she does) and that she should remeber her teenage years and that im sure she could remember that she had to at least experience something . i mean really, even the most angelic looking people are rebels without a cause. so now, this is the point where i need all of the reader's help. i would like for you guys to email us and tell us about how you feel about this whole situation. maybe well make something with all of ur comments, a gallery called " rebels without a cause" thank you very much, have a nice day

sabrina dibs | 5/4/2002 12:21:56 PM
   last night was....yeah. so i finally decided to go to the band-aid..but only cause jennifer had to baby-sit after school so i went to her house. the rest of them (rosie, claudia, eric, nick, david, gaetano, christina, johanne...umm i dunno who else) all thought it would be fun to get drunk.. so at around 7ish we (me and jen) went to school and saw the rest so we went there and claudia was carrying johanne. she was gone! ah it was horrible! she couldnt stand up straight.. so we try to calm her down and stuff but then we finally go inside and mr zampini takes her aside and says he saw her through the window. so the rest go to watch the show and me and jen are trying to explain that we werent there but they dont believe us of course. then apparently mr di mora told said that eric was drunk too but eric acts like a then mrs di paolo tells us we HAVE to check our bags..and the guy is like, is there any alchohol in there? so jennifer is like, "uh no...only monkeys" :) so of coruse the guy thinks were drunk too. then whatever, we go to watch the show and rosie and eric look like theyre about to make out. (scary.. but they looked cute :D )_then johanne gets in trouble, christina gets in trouble, nick gets in trouble.. then johanne blurts out the rest of their names... and theyre all wondering whats gonna happen to them.. so then the spider monkeys start and we go sit in the front row and they were good :) (the other two bands sucked!) but whatever. they all start skanking..ahh scary! then someone comes to get hes in trouble. then after the spider monkeys are done we go to the plaza and we were all about to leave when mrs moffa goes up to them all "ill talk to you when its over" they had to stay...then i call my mom but shes babysitting my 1year old cousin so she couldnt pick me up but i had to explain why rosie couldnt bring me home...oh god. whatever. then me and jen go get our bags and she takes out all her monkeys..and the bag guy was like "OMG YOU ACTUALLY HAD MONKEYS!"so today were at school right, yeah on a saturday! for placement exams and stuff...and johanne only had to write an essay,t hats it..and the rest got screamed at..thats it! but the teachers are all blah with us...and then mrs di paolo says to me "im very dissapointed" OMG I WASNT EVEN THERE! i was all pissed off...seriously, i didnt do anything. ugh so i told her all that and shes like okay okay.. thats my story...seriously, how stupid are you people to go to school drunk..and let johanne drink! shes horrible! ah

Thursday, May 2

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/2/2002 07:30:45 PM
   The following made me giggle...

SAN DIEGO -- A group of parents are calling for the resignation of a San Diego high school vice principal, claiming she enforced underwear checks at a school dance.
The Rancho Bernardo High School dance occurred Friday and vice principal Rita Wilson turned away girls who were wearing thongs, a parent said.

Kim Teal is among several parents angry with Wilson (pictured, below).

"First thing (my daughter) said when she got into the car was, 'Mom, it was horrible last night. You have to fight this,'" Teal told San Diego TV station KGTV.

According to parent Alane Garvik, girls who arrived at the dance wearing short skirts were immediately asked: "What kind of underwear do you have on?"

When Garvik's daughter announced, with a red face, that she was wearing thong underwear she was told to "go home and put on appropriate underwear," according to Garvik.

Teal's daughter made it in and claims to have witnessed faculty lifting the skirts of girls to assure that the offending underwear was going nowhere near the dance floor.

"Well, I just saw ... a line of people and the vice principal, Mrs. Wilson, she was checking to see what the girls were wearing under their dresses. And she was literally lifting up their skirts and embarrassing them in front of everyone else," one student told KGTV.

Parents and students have placed the blame on Wilson for spearheading the thong underwear checks, even though there is nothing in the school dress code against them.

"It's not their right to know what kind of underwear these kids have," Garvik said.

Principal Paul Gentle said that he is "looking into the situation."

Parents are now asking for Wilson to resign.

Gentle said that even while enforcing the school dress code, it is not proper procedure to ask students what they are wearing underneath their clothes.

He told KGTV that he plans to meet with parents sometime this week.


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A high school administrator who allegedly lifted the skirts of teen girls at a dance to make sure they were not wearing skimpy thong panties was put on leave, but furious parents said they would not be satisfied until she was fired.
Rita Wilson, a vice principal at Rancho Bernardo High School in suburban San Diego, was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, officials there said.
"She needs to be fired," mother Alane Garvik said. "And if they don't fire her I'm willing to file a lawsuit. My daughter has already told me she doesn't want to go back to Rancho Bernardo if (Wilson) is still there."

"She feels violated," Garvik said. "She feels like somebody was messing with her private parts. All those boys there seeing her butt and her thong."

Garvik said among the few girls who escaped a panty inspection were those who were overweight.

"They said: 'You are overweight so I wouldn't expect you to be wearing something like (thong panties)," Garvik said. "One girl was told she was 'matronly' and since she was 'matronly' they didn't expect her to be wearing something like that."

Other parents said girls were made to partially disrobe if Wilson or another teacher suspected they weren't wearing bras.


Wednesday, May 1

Goddess Of The Dorks | 5/1/2002 07:04:34 PM
   HELLLLLLOOOOO everyone. Today I feel like bitching. Today I will Bitch..

1) Our stupid fucking french exam is pissing me off so badly. I have the worse fucking rash/pimple thing going on in my facial area, all caused by stupid stress.. my moms been telling me all day that she doesn't care if I pass it or not but I feel I HAVE to pass it.. ya so that's pissing me off and making me look as if I have a bad case of acne.. and the bad case of acne is making me worried about the fact that it might actually be acne and that it might never leave.... AHHHH somebody make my nervousness leave.. please?

2) One of the reasons I said that everyone reading this is pissing me off is cause ummmm I can't exactly say what I want to say anymore.. before if I felt like bitching about someone I could do it... although I don't think I've ever really done it but whatever.. if I felt like telling everyone I thought Eric was a total fucking jerk before... I could have done it.. but now with a whole bunch of people I know reading this it's hard to tell "Eric" I fucking hate him without him finding out..

3) The internet has been pissing me off a whole lot lately... I don't even really know why.. maybe it's cause my computer enjoys being a bitch.. or maybe it's that I've realized how fucking pathetic it is to be talking to ppl I'll never meet or something like that.. or maybe it's mIRC it made me realize how fucking pathetic some people on the internet are.. some guy keeps e-mailing me telling me I touched his heart and that he's right for me and that he knows his limits.. it fucking freaks me out... and to think that a few months ago I would have probably totally fallen in love with this person.. ok maybe not cause this is just pathetic "j'ai pas pu te dire que la verite et mes sentiments car sincerement je tai aime avec passion car je veux pas etre un victime et je ne peux pas laisser des victimes cest mon principe que je dois le suivre: "il ne faut pas laisser des victimes et il ne faut pas l'etre aussi" a toi jennifer de decider et si ca te derange dis moiet ne t'inquiete pas car il faut dire la verite meme qu elle fait mal au autres " Oh and Matt.. ya well he's started calling me again.. he like nows what to tell me to piss me off.. I just hang up most of the time.. but it still bothers me. My mom tried getting his number blocked but he always calls from public phones.. so ya..

4) My sister has been fucking pissing me off so much.. expecsially last night.. *sigh* Massimo was over and she wouldn't leave us alone.. and when she did she'd be spying on us some how... and then we he had to leave she wouldn't leave and she was all like "oh come on you can kiss him I won't look" stupid retarded lil sister.

5) I cannot fucking take my dad controlling everything anymore.. STUPID FUCKING HOCKEY.

Oi! I just finished eating a Dunkaroos thingy.. hehe I'm feeling better now =) Vive le Quebec. Vive le Quebec libre.

La fin.

[editors note: Eric was used as an example... I dunno why though :/ Eric knows I love him...right? ]

Lucky * | 5/1/2002 10:30:03 AM
   i want to cry.
i just finished watching blue's clues... *shakes her head* and STEVE WASN'T THERE! *sob* yeah, 'twas the first time that i watch it and "Joe" replaced him. fucking Joe. *snarl* well, he did a considerably good job, it's just that... well, i'm emotionally attached to Steve, so it was hard, OKAY? hmph. but, he said "ohmey". (not "oh my", "OHMEY!") that made me happy. but he can't even fucking skadoo! i mean really! ugh, and they changed the "we just figured out blue's clues" song. i have MAJOR issues with that, okay? *sigh* he did a good job, but he'll never be Steve!
Steve, <3