Tuesday, April 30

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 4/30/2002 11:16:49 PM
   yeah... who is john mayer ? cuz hes some sort of singer ... popular in the states... think i might be related to him.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 4/30/2002 11:15:05 PM
   bonjour everyone. having written in a while. so i went to christina's house today. fun stuff. found out something corporate was comming with warped tour. how fantisizingly beautiful. christina also found a song about me....geuss what its called ? CLAUDIA ... heres a exert:

one day ill be just as wild
if she's no shame then why should i
Claudia , wish i was like you

aint it perty? we coreographed it too... yeah... pretty much like every other dance i coreographed ( one movement throughout the whole song) but its pure art. muahahaha

pizza man .... i didnt order any pizza ... WELL SOMEONES GOTTA EAT IT

today was tang at its best.ahh the mc donalds juice was there again
that tang thing.only there on special ocasions where the person responsible for holding the special ocasion cant afford anything better
. never let me down since the fist bike rodeo in grade one. *tear*

weve been going to this pizza place a lot lately and always ordering the same thing : hawaiian pizza... geuss this... not only do i get to say" the usual please" but, check this ut, the chick that works there is like " dont call me mrs please.. im not an old lady ..call me josée"... so yeah ... now i get to say " josée , the usual please." aint that cool ?
dee's daily thoughts:

1- dont put water down someones pants when they least expect it. its funny when you do it to them, but wait til they do it to you...and if you still want to do it, dont wear pokie doted underwear with kakhi pants

2- its a horrible day until something great happens. then its the best day of yur life. odd isnt it ?

Lucky * | 4/30/2002 08:26:39 PM
   okay, i'm SO majorly confused right now. 'tis 8:00pm-ish... i go ask my mommy if i can go to Christina's house:
me: can i go to christina's house
my evil mommy: why?
me: 'cause.
mommy: no.
me: BUT!
mommy: no.
me: but why?
mommy: 'cause it's tuesday.
me: but, i don't have school tomorrow
mommy: so.
me: ahh! why then! don't you usually want me to get off my ass?
mommy: yeah, but tonight, i don't want you to go.
me: but why?
mommy: 'cause you're going out too much lately.
me: *blank stare* when do i ever get out of this house?
mommy: you're not going.
me: BUT!!!
mommy: no.
me: are you just too lazy to drive me?
mommy: no. you're not going.
me: FINE. i'll go vegetate and stare at my computer all night. *storm-ment*

yeah, you explain it. i'm just so confused. (AND BORED!) i need Johanne... i need to play worms! *mwaha*
omg... i just realized it. my mommy is SO evil, hold on...
damn liar. *shakes a fist* i SO know it's that. evil, evil mommy of mine. shit-piss-fuck.

(three-way tie on the monkey poll... go vote!)

sabrina dibs | 4/30/2002 03:20:55 PM
   today was our annual terry fox walk. starting at 9:30 ish and ending around 11:30 ish...thats two hours. not bad, i can walk that much no problem. the problem was, though, that i get major cramps....ahh...okay so towards the end i was dieing cause of that so eric gave me a piggy back ride :) YAY ERIC!! but then i was slipping off...so he put me down..but he carried my bag for me :) oh and i almost forgot: I HAD TO CARRY AROUND A GARBAGE BAG WITH ME!!!!!!! yup thats right, the school gave everyone a water bottle so of course people had to throw them somewhere....but you know, i think i only got about 50% of the water bottles put nicely in the bag.. the rest were thrown on the floor. YES, ON THE FLOOR..and whoo had to pick them up? ME!!!!!!! ahh..stupid kids. anyways, we got free pizza/cookies/drinks afterwards so its all good :)

my daddy made me drink cranberry juice when i got home. UGH gross!!! he says it helps get rid of cramps...LIKE AS IF GUYS KNOW ANYTHING!1 seriously, when we have our periods we want guys to make us feel better and to be there when we feel like bitching, not giving us advice on something alien to them.

anyways, tonight is my last driving theory class so hopefully ill be going for my learners permit test soon (and passing it..) then i can start driving!!!!!!!!! :) yay!! ill be the only one in this blog who can drive *sticks tongue out at jenny, rosie, claudia, david, eric, and timmy* well actually, i dont know if timmy can drive..ah well. whatever. :)

Sunday, April 28

Monday Monkey | 4/28/2002 10:30:49 PM

You are Fozzie!
Wokka Wokka! You love to make lame jokes. Your sense of humor might be a bit off, but you're a great friend and can always be counted on.

je suis tellment bored.....

Lucky * | 4/28/2002 03:22:39 PM

You are Fozzie!
Wokka Wokka! You love to make lame jokes. Your sense of humor might be a bit off, but you're a great friend and can always be counted on.

if you're really bored...

sabrina dibs | 4/28/2002 01:28:59 PM
   uh..why cant jenny "say whatever the fuck i felt like saying on this.." anymore? i dont get it...anyways, yesterday was fun. i went to johannes house and we went to dollarama, pharmaprix, and mcdonalds with her 6 year old sister by bus...ahhh seriously, trying to get on a bus with a stroller is so freakin hard! and then shes calling me mommy so everyones looking at me like im a 16year old slut.. but thats okay, she was adorable! but then rosie came and we had cake dough (WITHOUT EGGS :) ) and then we had pizza for supper and her sis was really cranky and pest-like. ugh. ummm oh..yeah, karioki (howd you spell that??) is so much fun :) haha...yeah...celine! :D okay that was about it.
my cousin is leaving for paris in a week...yesterday i was supposed to go say bye but whatever, i wont miss her so i went out instead :D
and now im bored so im blabbing...blah blah blah :)

Monday Monkey | 4/28/2002 12:06:45 AM
   Well it seems i havent posted in a long time...yeah dont worry..i love u all...except for david(note: hes been with jason all weak...*wein puche wwweeeiiiinnnwa*) Well band aid will be fun. Hmmm hopefully the first time drunkers wont make a fool of themselves like i did(wasnt my first time, but you all know the story)....."rosie..im sooo drunk.." yes indeed *shameness*. ANYWAY.... today was a bit borring....yet fun. Nick, david, ant, david(independant bum), and myself went and played in the park..yes the park. We played capture the flag and stuff. After we drank some molson ex...minimal tipsyness. Nick sounded very tipsy tho. A car crashed into a shopping cart, a dog attacked us, and we heared a lamb...that was the rest of the night. Well to summaries what has happened durring this weak...hmmm...Di mora fucks more sec three girls(that rapist), zampini hates me and jen for not doing any work in his class, and ..........unfortunatly *pukes* (david WHY did u tell me this) walowany has a pointy nipple *PUKES* awww god! fucking shit thats just sick! David FUCK why did u tell me this....

the world goes on. David's show at L'x better be good! Oh it better *shaking fist* Je veux skanker beaucoups. hehehe moi like le franglais. Hmm what else....hmmm o yeah JEN IM SCARED! JEN IM GONNA CRY! JEN WILL U BE MY FRIEND!!!!!! yes thats about it..unless someones makes a blog so that i can respond to it...
Also ive been informed that my life will take a horrible turn very soon...of corse i dont know why..its a patern david and i have noticed..its like a parabola that goes up down up down.....o well his parabola is up..so mine will go down in a week or 2...hopefully not..but yeah it will.
Anywho L Dz.

Saturday, April 27

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/27/2002 11:34:50 PM
   i miss being able to say whatever the fuck i felt like saying on this..

Friday, April 26

sabrina dibs | 4/26/2002 04:31:43 PM
   okay first of all..."think about it brina, mark in a spice girls t-shirt..." ~~ Claudia. HAHAHAHA seriously that would be hilarious! but really akward! he doesnt look the type who would look good in a spice girls tshirt. but who knows?

also, yay to rosie for being cochairperson for 2003 variety show *kisses butt* :D

Thursday, April 25

Lucky * | 4/25/2002 10:48:58 PM
   yes, we all can agree on the fact that hawaiian pizza is the yummiest of yumm pizza. =D
i have 2 major points to comment on. maybe 2 1/2...
1. hi, my name is Rosamably, and i'm one of Lester B. Pearson's 2003 variety show chairpersons. *waves*
2. this is for Gaetano. i don't think he reads this... but if you do! *shakes fist* so, i take my shower (i kinda didn't have a choice on that one *ahem*) and whatever i'm q-tipping my ears when i look at the fluffy cotton bit, and you know what color i see? no. not yellow. Rosie's ear wax was not yellow today! Rosie's ear wax was green. yes, GREEN. the same PARTICULAR color of green paint that Gaetano smothered all over my face. but i got him back with some red paint to the neck. HA! take that! anyway, everyone that was helping out with the decorations for BandAid seems to have drawing talent. i unfortunately, do not have this talent. so my decorative surf board has a crippled wavy line, a sun, some stick people, and a particullary buff mermaid. hahahaha, BERNICE! hahahahaha... that's so great. yeah, Rosie = a talented drawer. hell, yeah.
and i'd like to take this time to say Christina, je veux tes bebes. that is all. (yeah, cause Christina is our biggest fan. *waves* HI CHRISTIMAMINA!)

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 4/25/2002 08:46:06 PM
   hello thar. hawaiian pizza is my favoritest pizza. thats right. david, hunney, you shall see the surf boards rosie gaetes chrissy sonia and i drew are flippin cool. mine has a dolphin. THATS RIGHT! have you guys ever noticed how the word " twit" is so cool ? well it is. i heart it. just like i heart hawaiian pizza. congradulations to lucky who is now chair person of the 2003 lester b pearson high variety show * golf clap* ive noticed that my wallpaper has onions that are planted in these pales. very ummm.. me-ish. something i would do. lets go plant onions. hot guys with spice girls t-shirts are hot. its a fact. its in the unwritten book of unwritten rules or what girls find hot. think about it brina, mark in a spice girls t-shirt... dont tell me that that is not in anyway funny (i bet ur laughing ur head off right now) and cute. its like, a guy showing the little boy in him . hehe. dees daily thoughts ;

1- NEVER EVER play "darude" at a hockey game. you will curse the home team.

2- you shouldnt paint ur hair. if you hair is blonde, chances are, it will stay.

3- if you dont give me pudding when i crave it ( and you have some at the moment) i will find a way to get that pudding. *evil eye to david*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/25/2002 04:38:37 PM
   bubba wants to get drunk too you know

Wednesday, April 24

Independent Bum | 4/24/2002 06:58:43 PM
   Well ya i havent wrote in this thing for awhile. I finished eating now, pizza = yummy and now im waiting... U mihgt be asking urself for what? Well hell if i know im stoopid!(y).So ya i noticed that may is like 2 weeks away! YAYNESS! Aw oui and dont worry Bubba I love ya too. So ya (yes again i dont know what else to write) ive come to the conclusion that beer would be a necesscity before band aid , of couse some peeps who just go crazy when there drunk *coughbubbaandjohannecough* will only get a little amount so they dont start killing people! But ya i wanna see Rosie drunk twould be hilarious!MOLSON EX ALL THE WAY!!!! L Dz

Tuesday, April 23

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/23/2002 08:37:34 PM
   I hate stupid family members of mine. My mom refuses to get off the phone.. but i HAVE to talk to massimo *cries* stupid parents.. hmm my dad also got pissed at me for not doing the dishes.. his punishment? he won't give me some of his cheese.. that's right my own dad doesn't even know that i wouldn't be caught dead anywhere near dairy products that arent cheddar or ice cream or chocolat milk. CHOCOLAT MILK IS YUMMY!! but it has to be real chocolat milk.. no quick stuff.. thats just gross.. ya.. ok the end. ERMA.. i miss u *tear*

Monday, April 22

Lucky * | 4/22/2002 09:28:05 PM
   FINALLY! that took forever... the variety show pics are up. spread the hooray-ness!

sabrina dibs | 4/22/2002 04:59:35 PM
   my computer is being stupid and wont connect to the net..so im in my lovely sisters room.. i have concluded that i have the most fun in..math class! :) haha...i know, i know, what am i thinking??? mr clemente is a retard....but hahahaha i get the giggles like everyday in that class..and i sit right in front of him.. he hasnt realized that this only started when he made rosie and sab g sit next to me :)...we build stuff with the contents of our pencil cases and have the whole class stare at it all period...we play with the pyramid he used to explain umm...locuses i think... and for some reason everytime i say something everyone starts laughing...maybe cause im always putting him down :)... see, today we were doing this problem: we want to put a fountain and a tree in our backyard, the foutain is circular and is centered at (4, -1) and its radius is 10.5m... if we plant the tree at (10.5, 4) will it be in the way of the fountain?? so i say...well... why dont you just put the fountain first THEN plant the tree?? no? :) and rosie writes CERCLE...and then all of a sudden... 'THATS NOT HOW YOU SPELL CIRCLE!!' hahaha.... 'je am franglais'...hahaha..okay ill stop yapping about math class now, its not even funny to you people...:)

Sunday, April 21

Monday Monkey | 4/21/2002 08:28:45 PM
   Sabrina can we through a crazy party when ur parents are gone? Heheheh. Last night was crazy. Reel Big Fish is crazy. Much better live, david would agree. General Rudie was pretty good too. Over all it was good. Did i say good...I MENT OUTSANDINGLY OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Anyway, they where the crazy bastards(ask david to explain, i dont feel like it). And the swetyness of pat. Then crazy dude in subway...both of them. And let's never forget the never ending skanking. Well im bored now. Goodbye all. L Dz

sabrina dibs | 4/21/2002 11:34:58 AM
   yesterday my parents went shopping and came home with a swing.. *sigh* reminded me of jennifers gazibo experience :) haha...so then i had to help my dad put it together...its comfy.. but whatever. now they want to take out the grass in the backyard and stuff... yeah.. umm oh, yeah, my parents have half-decided to go to the maritimes this summer for at least a week.. BORING! but whatever...theyre going to leave us! ALL ALONE! yay! finally...seriously, im 16 and my sis is almost 20 and weve still never been allowed to spend one...not ONE.. night all alone. ahhh but one whole week...yay!!! :)

Friday, April 19

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 4/19/2002 10:47:28 PM
   bonjour to le monde. doing the variety show is so cool. everyone says theyre getting kinda tried of doing it, but i still love it. i could really do this all the time. anyhow, i enterpret the role of amber, a total "dits" if you wanna says, or blonde, however you relate to ppl like that. people say its not much acting for me hehehe , but it is , it is. bleh.

Lucky * | 4/19/2002 03:02:22 PM
oldskool skateboard. hihihi.

sabrina dibs | 4/19/2002 11:19:47 AM
   yesterday was fun. i got to miss class :) yay me... umm the variety show was pretty good...except some of the dances were just..umm well they had no point really. and some people didnt have any pep in them. my sister liked it but she says i owe her for that.. enza (rosies mom) had a headache..haha...and rosie, claudia, jennifer, gaetano, and davids skit was funny :) haha....

Monday Monkey | 4/19/2002 12:08:54 AM
Which Buffy Guy Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

well ok i guess but...damn internet tests..im ALWAYS A WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!!!!

Which Empire Records Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty
You are one seriously laid back, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of guy. Even when you've just gambled away $9000 of your boss's money, you still manage to maintain your cool. Always ready with some pseudo-intellectual response, people take pause even when they're about to rip your head off. But beneath the placid exterior and quick-witted, quasi-insightful demeanor, you really have no idea what your doing.

once again..i hate internet tests..they say nothing!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 18

Lucky * | 4/18/2002 11:01:09 PM
   today, Rosie found out that she's an excellent skateborder. *rolls her eyes* but hey! my sister said all i need to do is ice it... 'twill be okay. =D our show went well today... the night one was wierd though. all the bro's were watching and they were all, "YEAH! GINO'S GONNA WIN!" hmm, scaryness. anyway, i'm gonna upload the pictures that we took today 'cause they're hella cute. and that's it. =D oh, mr. Zampini told me that i'm really bitchy. that's worth a mention. and people think i'm british. et voila.

Wednesday, April 17

Lucky * | 4/17/2002 10:23:45 PM
   what happened to the online quizzes we used to take every five minutes! hehehe... for good times sake:

Are you a ho? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which Breakfast Clubber Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty
somehow, i don't see that...

Eric: rosie
Eric: guesss what:?????????
Rosie: hmm... you bought me a hawaiin pizza?
Eric: nopeers
Rosie: what is it? *waits in anticipation*
Eric: IMMMMMMMM drunk
Eric: lol its sad rwly
Rosie: hahahahaha

it's all the flask's fault...

Monday Monkey | 4/17/2002 10:10:38 PM
   Well all i can say is " i hope i dont get a bad hang-over tommorow..."

Lucky * | 4/17/2002 06:38:01 PM
   dude, only one thing to say...

*snicker* you want an autograph? *pose* hahahahaha...

sabrina dibs | 4/17/2002 05:12:12 PM
   okay...lovely, well anyways, tomorrow like everyone i know is in that variety show so ill be alllll alone all day :( ah! well, except eric..and maybe david too i dont know. but itll be rpetty scary being alone with them two.. :)

um last nights driving thing was boring (ahh i cant type today!...) we learned about: l'environment et la conduite. seriously...ah then he draws this horrible picture on the board...apparently it was a car with snow all around it. it looked like a bubble but anyways..

okay thats about it. i got nothing to say. bye byes

Monday Monkey | 4/17/2002 04:33:27 PM
   OK OK OK!!!!!!!!!!! I cant fucking take our school anymore!!!!!!!! Its just toooo stupid!! Its run by suits(the ugly ones..not the cool old skool ones) like...ahhhhh!!! Mr. Fucker(yes thats what i call him) gave me shit! YES ME!!! People! JUST LOOK AT ME! yes im a trouble maker! why cus i asked for 40 sheets for my class when moreau sent me to get some...he's all like "why do u have to cus trouble?" I like wtf "its for gym class!" the hes like "why arent you in your gym clothes?" them im like "cus im not in them" then hes like "are you being a wise ass!?" and im like" hehehehe*trying not to laugh* no i just didnt bring my gym clothes *sniker*" and he gets pissed "are you mocking me?!" and im like " no why would i do that?" (for some reason i couldnt control the sarcasim level in my voice) then hes like " ur asking for trouble" and im just like " sir i dont know why ur pissed at me, i just need to get the 40 sheets" and hes still trying to push me " tell me again why u need those 40 sheets" (me getting VERY agrivated) " i have a big gym class...." then he gives them to me and goes " being a wise ass can get you into trouble...u better wacth it next time." And go off..and break into laughter...yes WHAT THE FUCK IS UP HIS ASS!!!!!

well anyway im off to celebrate a tradition frank and i have....drunken wensday!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 16

Lucky * | 4/16/2002 11:27:35 PM
   ooh, let's not concentrate on the 3/4 of the school that aren't going to amount to anything in life, and try to help them... NO, let's only care about what others think about us, so that we look good. that's right kids, you litter... you're suspended! i will agree with Jennifer's mommy, "you have fucking retards running your school". seriously... you have to have a "proper" attire. no, don't let us wear pyjama's to school, WHICH WOULD BRIGHTEN UP OUR DAY! no... we have to wear regular clothes, and be all blah. we have to look all preppy for other people, WHO DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT US! we have our dress code so that students wont concentrate on their clothes, but what the fuck... all everyone does is wearing something against it, and have fun running from the principals. bah, stupid school.
i'm rambling, it's 11:30. i'm tired. i will ramble.
today was a cool day though, big sobe/ice cream adventure, followed by a lunch time in the park... the rehearsals went really well. hehe, and then there was a ferret in the park. that complimented the whole day. his name was Charlie. and now, i'm in love. <3 (he was showing off for us... =D) i guess i was hyper today cause of the weather. hihi. fun, fun weather. oh well, i guess i will be done since i'm rambling. rambling has "bling" in it. heh. hehehe. bling, bling. why da rockwilder popped into my head just now, i don't know... i never re-planted Jack. (my cactus) i think he's dead. *pleure* he shall go into surgery tomorrow. yes, yes indeed. i like crack. crack = fun. me, Jennifer and Sabrina are ALL on crack. crack, crackity, crack.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/16/2002 09:32:11 PM
   Hi! I'm bad! YAAAAAA that's right i should have let him keep the suspension my mom said and i quote "you have fucking retards running your school" *sigh* tis true.. and my mom also said that whatever i was argueing about he must of raised his voice first and he must have been disrespectful first cause i tend to treat ppl the way they treat me.. which is totally true.. and my mommy also said that when i know im right i'll argue and when i know im right im usually right and so she said she would have laughed in his face for suspending me and shes calling the school tomorrow and telling them theyre retards.. hmmm oh and my mommy says she knows me inside out which is true SHE CAN TELL WHEN IM LYING!!!! damn her
Anyways i watched part of the sum41 thing and well WHAT the FUCK happened to them? they use to be hot now they just be ugly assholes.. ya whateva nighty night tout le monde

sabrina dibs | 4/16/2002 06:03:53 PM
   OMG this is soooo sad! ahh bros and marys make me sick :)

For all you Italians out there!!! Aren't you fed up of having Torontonians send you email about their "Italian Gino's"?? Well here's a forward to piss about. This is to prove that the "Bros" of Montreal beat the "Ginos" of Toronto!

Top 10 Reasons why Montreal Italians are better Than Toronto Italians!!!

10. We can actually watch Italian movies without reading subtitles.
9. We have big huge weddings where even the sermon is spoken in Italian BUT we actually understand what is being said. (We don't have it said in italian just so our RELATIVES from Italy can understand)
8. We have Italians communities spread all across montreal (St. Leo, St. Michel, RDP, Montreal North, Little Italy, Laval etc.) Unlike
Toronto where there only Italian community is mainly in WOODBRIDGE)
7. We have DEPS....not Corner Stores.
6. You don't only have to listen to Dance Music to be italian
5. We play BILLIARDINI...not FOOZ BALL!!
4. We go to clubs in our Versace and Armani attire while Gino's go in their STITCHES attire!!
3. We go to bars to discuss "La Business" and not to talk about the lays from the Tzoza's we almost had.
2. Sundays in Montreal consist of all 20 cousins meeting at Nonna's house and eating Cavatelli, Cannelloni, Agnello, Sopressata,
Prosciutto....ALL HOME MADE!

And the #1 reason why Montreal Bros are better than Ginos:

We actually speak ITALIAN to our grandparents...NOT ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday Monkey | 4/16/2002 04:52:05 PM
   Yes 2 weeks, and for what? Eating! Fuck i would have taken the 2 weeks and then get my mom and dad to beat the shit out of that guy..what's him name..eh who cares. But the point is that if he would have given the two weeks just think of how stupid he would look. Anyway my day was good, fun at lunch and a hang out is made! Yes we all have a hang out! Moucho thanks David(independent bum)!!! Hehehehe fun fun. Its realy crunk! You will all see soon. Once again im busy and must go! David, i was feaking out jason again! *wenn puche weinnn wreh*

sabrina dibs | 4/16/2002 03:58:27 PM
   :D today jennifer almost got suspended for two weeks :) haha..why? because she was caught walking outside at lunch with me while i was eating.. AHH what a crime!!! *sigh* i dont understand adults...dont they know anything? seriously, im asking...

Monday, April 15

Monday Monkey | 4/15/2002 05:02:48 PM
   Well i havent had a blog with some real content for a while. It seems that i should write one..hmm what to say? hmm *ponderment*. Awwww oui! I have an essay to write for science! Why? Cus mr demora is a BASTARD!. Yes he gave me moucho words! O well i guess its gonna be a an essay based on david's monkey berny. ALSO DAVID U ASS! I waited till 11 last night! The dinner got cold! and where were u! o with chris! yes everyone he was with chris! sometimes i wonder why i bother! U go off and "be" with chris...*sigh* and then u get angry with me! OMG you man-whore! I waited and waited for what, for u to sneak back home at 2 in the morning! And then u have the nerv to say u were "practicing with ur band" my god! ur sleeping on the couch tonight! Dont try and give me flowers like last time cus it wont work! *tear* ...*storms out*.

note: the david thing is all just bullcrap

Sunday, April 14

Lucky * | 4/14/2002 10:58:58 PM
   fuck fuck fuck, mother mother fuck, mother mother fuck fuck, mother fuck mother fuck... 1,2,1,2,3,4... smokin' weed, smokin' wiz, doing coke, drinking beers, drinking beers beers beers, rolling fatties, smoking blunts, who smokes the blunts? we smoke the blunts! rolling blunts... (uh, lemme get a bag) 15 bucks little man, put that shit in my hand, if that money doesn't show, then you owe me owe me owe... OOEEOOEEOO!

hi. *shakes hand* my name is Rosie, and i'm a retard. *smile* yeah, i fixed the blog (because 'twasn't uploading) uh... very difficult reasons, umm... took me days to figure out. yeah, that's it. so... too long to explain. *hides under her desk*

today was a fudgeSIcle sunday. happy, happy fudgesicle sunday.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/14/2002 10:42:06 PM
   Ok first of all if ur gonna call me "jen" spell it with two n's secondly *CRIES* i wrote that at a very late time of the night and thirdly i have administrative powers so be nice to me or else AHHHHH HAHAHA hmmm ok that was mean im in a bad mood though.. and u know i love u david *smiles*

Independent Bum | 4/14/2002 10:26:42 PM
   Just writing this for Jen. Vans is the shoe company!!! THEY SPONSER THE WARPED TOUR!!! Jeez it doesnt take a freaking rocket scientist. I would also like to say that Jennifer is the best person in the world. You should praise her and give her all your money, if you don't your not cool. I would also like to say that i am handing over the lil monkey that i have to her.. i will pretend i have never said that so make sure she gets it. L Dz.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/14/2002 12:31:32 AM
   Me is so happy! I can go to warped tour for sure.. i dunno when vans is so whatever.. i really wanna go to warped though cause my new obsession is playing.. ya something corporate kicks ur ass any day.. Anyways its on august 16th if any of you care to know. SHit the singer is so hot.. id let him rape me anyday. IM SO FUCKING HYPER!!!!! i can't stay sitting down i just wanna sing and dance and LALALA *pianoish music tune thingy* you don't do it on purpose but u make me shake now i count the hours till you wake with ur babies breath symphonies come on sweet catastrophies!! My posts are so useless i love it!I'll give you guys some useful info though.. ill name all the bands that are gonna be playing and ill add my comments.. ive not heard of most of them though so whatever
-bad religion [i think they're not bad, i don't remember but i know who they are, kinda]
- nofx [ aw oui! ]
- lagwagon [ they be good}
- new found glory [ =) ]
- anti-flag [i'm not sure but i think they scare me]
-no use for a name [ they be ok!]
- thursday [ sunday monday tuesday wednesday THURSDAY friday saturday]
- alkaline trio [je sais pas.. maybe they be 3 in the band.. and they get high with battery fluids?]
- quarashi [pronounced how? i like to listen to music that i can pronounce the bands name so that if someone asks me what im listening to i can answer and not look like a total retard]
- ozma [ozmosis jones!]
- something corporate[ <3 ]
- the damned
- mxpx [two thumbs up]
- the start
- mighty mighty bosstones [okies i guess]
- reel big fish [eric likes them i think?]
- good charlotte [ aww oui THE LIL THINGS LIL THINGS THEY ALWAYS HANG AROUND and no thats not the only song i know so :P i may look like a prep/marie but i really am not!]
- flogging molly [fucking molly? sounds like a porn movie name.. not a band name]
- the casualties
- morgan heritage
- sw1tched [imma h4x0r ur ass? ]
- guttermouth [ i think i've heard of them]
- tiger army
- arkham
- hot water music[like the type of music u sing under the shower? AW OUI MA CELINE <3]
- eskimo joe [brrr he must be from canada where they live with the polar bears]
- divot
- total chaos
- the line
- manic hispanic [this one just scares me, i dontknow what to think]
- pepper
- pistol grip
- boys set fire
- stavesacre
- thrice [thats right bitches.. 3 times..]
- midtown [motown =P]
- gob [oui jaime ca]
- tsunami bomb
- mi6
- smakin isaiah
- auto pilot off
- downway
- five iron frenzy
- dynamite boy
- used
- recover
- authority zero
- small brown bike [coolies name mister]
- welt
- ultimate fakebook
- potluck
- borials
- riddlin kids [haha picute a whole bunch of claudias on stage hehe YAY! go riddlin ki--erm i mean go claudia!!!!]
- student
- yellowcard
- useless i.d
- homegrown
- allister
- finch
- rx bandits [ i heard of them.. oui
- the movielife
- the starting line
- glassjaw
anywho I watched urban legend the final cut tonight.. what a fugly movie its worser then resident evil which i only kinda watched *wink wink* haha im kidding marie-rose. I sometimes wish i were a lesbian it would be so much easier to get my groove on =P OMG im now listening to Claudia's favorite song LALA traite moi comme si jetais une rene LALA french punk rock shit is the best WOOHHHHOO my mom thinks im on speed *cries* i swear to god ive never touched any type of drug in my life *sighs* drugs are bad but they make u feel so good hehe i get stoned as easily as i get drunk which isnt a very good thing! mean ppl guys can take advantage of me so very easily. shit i seriously cannot stay sitting down it's horrible damn hyperness.. oh and by the way im in no way intoxicated im just tired and hyper and this post is just a random blah of things.. now just imagine me waving my hands back and forth saying blah blah yaaaa thats right bitches im really mr clemente AHH HAHA i crack myself up.. no i really do.. hmm i know half of u are no longer reading this cause its boring but whatever im amusing myself! hmm i found a message board thingy it's fun i made friends! I love french ghetto rap but only if they somewhat speak english in it! SHIIIIITTTTTT i just realised what i wrote before i think im tired as hell warped tour is vans holy shit.. i think its time i go to bed.. what i ment is edgefest ya u know? i feel like such a retard right now! hmm i could just edit this but uh im sure my stupidness will amuse someone so ill leave it up.. hmm why am i on irc? HAHA its fun.. and im tired and hyper and Holy fuck im in love with the postman.. he's so hot!! oh friday we went bike riding.. me rosie claudia and chris... and there was a guy with an iguana and once at band camp.. ya its 12 good fucking morning everyone im going to bed ill finish my iguana story some other day

Saturday, April 13

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/13/2002 04:43:28 PM
   why isnt the stupid blog updating on the website? and why is blogging becoming such a pain in the ass.. i dislike the internet very much now-a-days and i dunno why.. anyways i'm gonna *try* making a layout.. for my moms bosses.. cause ya once that's done.. if everything goes well my mommy's gonna buy me a domain!!!! me loves my mommy sometimes.. and i get why she's bitchy all the time but she shouldnt be letting her frustrations out on me all the time.. hmmm i should make a layout for this too.. cause tis very ugly at the moment.. but the only problem is that i tend to not agree with what rosie and claudia like.. cartoons just really aren't my thing, and making a layout using them just doesn't work.. but maybe i can make a childhood memories type of layout.. maybe that would work.. je sais pas.. i'll try.. Blah i cant leave the house because my mom MIGHT want to go out tonight *sigh* anywho bye byes for now

sabrina dibs | 4/13/2002 03:09:46 PM
   well my parents are painting their room today. and then claudia calls and asks if i wanna go over so i say yes. then i go ask the THREE drivers in my house if someone could bring me..but nooo... i somehow end up having to help them. ugh, so i put the tape all over the place and then i call claudia and tell her i cant go. then like 5minutes later my mom tells me they dont need me anymore. but i still cant go to claudias house, go figure. so i go in my room and they start screaming at me. all of a sudden im not aloud in my own room. seriously, whats their point? i dont get it...well now ive made my way back into my room but im bored and pissed off at i dont know what. ugh i hate my parents. ive lived with them far too long.

Lucky * | 4/13/2002 02:35:36 PM
there is something alive (that excretes feces) in my bathtub.

ah. the joys of cleaning.
SEE? i told you Eric had a flask! i'm not going crazy... hehehehe. zebra's are pretty. =D

Independent Bum | 4/13/2002 01:25:10 PM
   Good evening *tips hat*. Still not feeling that better but blah.All i know is flasky mcflaskerson is bad when around family.But hell anyways do it if u want but just dont get naked when at the church!Well im in my "room" now thinking of a crazier solo for the song i made Rosie. Im very bored and all i can think about are fudgesicles!!!! Bah well anyways blog on and L Dz.

Friday, April 12

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 4/12/2002 11:54:58 PM
   bonjour. this is claudia. i hope david is feeling better. i wounder what wrong * pleur* anyways.. whats with these flasks at confermations ? is everyone slowly turning into finch from americanin pie ? im scared.

Monday Monkey | 4/12/2002 08:45:10 PM
   LOL it's my brothers confirmation tommorow. yes im scared. yet, anthony( stumpy mc. stumperson) and i have resolved that problem.....thank god for flasks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Independent Bum | 4/12/2002 07:20:32 PM
   Well since im home on a FRIDAY NIGHT that means somethings wrong!!! And yes there is , im not gonna write it cause it doesnt concern most of you but im writing cause IM SO FUCKING MAD!! Im listening to BigWig now and wondering wtf im going to do. I want fudgesicles *pleure*. Anyways I'll make it short and here by saying...... BLAH! L Dz!

Thursday, April 11

timbo munkfish | 4/11/2002 05:34:33 PM
   just in case david was wondring WHO THE HELL IS THIS ENGLISH MUPPET?!... i shall show ye!

timbo munkfish | 4/11/2002 01:48:41 PM
   orangatangs are humpable... vote fot the sesky monkey!

timbo munkfish | 4/11/2002 01:47:24 PM
   kick AZZ... *mwa ... HAHAHAHAHHAA* ah yes, only um like 3 and a bit days until i see **Soil and Adema**... w00tage!.. oh im gonna go walk dogs with people now... buh bye... ello david... OH AR JIM LASS

Wednesday, April 10

Monday Monkey | 4/10/2002 10:23:13 PM
   This is a formal welcome to David, otherwise known as Independant Bum.

Independent Bum | 4/10/2002 10:03:19 PM
   YES THATS RIGHT I WROTE CURCI (shaking fist) . THATS MY LAST NAME NOT FIRST and i wrote David Curci on purpose to show u i dont care taht its my last name BUT DONT USE IT AS MY FIRST!!!!! thank you and later dayz encore

Independent Bum | 4/10/2002 09:58:29 PM
   Well here I sit on the chair in my "room" writing this message and thinking HOLY SHIT !!!!! I can now write to my fellow fellows (heheh sorry im confused). So ya now i can write blogs and infest all ur minds MUAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!! Well i dont have much to write really except that old skool hurts the stomach. AWWWW OUI!!!! By the way hello tim my name is David not Curci but DAVID!!!! well anyways Later Dayz!!

Lucky * | 4/10/2002 09:23:33 PM


oh yeah... go see the fansign in the fansign gallery... =) AND VOTE FOR YOUR MONKEY!
aaaand... David's gonna be joining the blog. when i get off my ass and send the invite. *thumbs up*

Monday Monkey | 4/10/2002 09:20:10 PM

One! Get off your seat!
Two! Stomp your boots to the beat!
Three! Throw your knees in the air!
Four! Like you don't care!

We don't want to see you slammin' in the pit, NO!
We don't want to see our girlfriends kicked, NO!
We just want to see you movin' faster and faster,
to the beat of the super ska master.
Phonys like to slam to the beat of ska,
we're not against that, but for us there's more.
To dance with us you needn't act like a jerk,
skankin's meant for fun, not for getting hurt!

-Mustard Plug

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 4/10/2002 08:38:03 PM
   bleh. hello every one. i am bak. yesterday was a flippin' jolly day. as you know, rosie, david, sofia christina and ann marie ( not ann maria ...) went to see simple plan and it rocked. i should go to concerts more often. anyhow, i got to hug 3 of them,. twas cool. as you also know, rosie got the autograph for my sister. i came home and showed it to her and she was like " why did he write that ?" and i said " because ur a prep and you make rosie sick so rosie decided to get them to autograoh that for you. " and shes all like " okay. who signed it ? the blonde guy? ahhh, hes hot." then i pulled a david and said" he has a name you know, its david. " muahha. but thats not all. she said something this morning that will make you all barf. she was talking on the fone with her friends and she said " yeah, my sister went to see some punk thing yesterday and got their autographs and she got me one ( the person at the other end of the line says some thing...) i dunno, wait CLAUDIA, WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THOSE PEOPLE YOU WENT TO SEE YESTERDAY ? " omg. i mean, BONJOUR LAVAL!!!! what was that. shes such a poser. like whoa. i want to shove a pinaple a day up her ass for eternity for that. bleh. i mean, ask me to get you an autograph from them if you at least know who they are, not because theyre famous and just because i always talk about them. geez. go listen to your dance music and such. GO!

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/10/2002 07:16:51 PM
   C'ant you see.. i'm at your feet? BLAH fucking BLAH!!! stupid womenness =(

sabrina dibs | 4/10/2002 05:55:12 PM
   oh my god. last night was soooooo boring!!! as everyone should know by now, i went to my driving theory class thing. wow! seriously, the teacher is the type of guy whowillslurrasentenceintooneword....and in french. ahh i didnt understand him! so yeah..and i was falling asleep cause of my busy day, so it sucked. umm today i had to go around town to different banks all day...cant my parents pick one bank and stick to it? *sigh* and then off i went to jennifers house where we didnt do much....:) haha.. and now im home and kind of bored...okay well thats it

Monday Monkey | 4/10/2002 10:15:22 AM
   Well....its seems like you all had fun yesturday(save alone jen and others who didnt go). Yes well my day was better because it involved alcohol and watching derik get his ass kicked. yeah for some reason we passed by derik's house where there was sappost to be a "house party". We get there and like there 6 guys watching a hockey game( no alcohol or anything). So yeah we didnt stay there long. Then we got cheap food. And then yeah..it was fun cus we were drunk, if i tell you people it will just sound borring. *sigh* i have to do a gym progect today, like actualy do it...*waahhhhh* i just want to sleep!

Tuesday, April 9

Lucky * | 4/9/2002 11:58:58 PM
   whoa. COOLNESS. well, after we helped those bastard kids with their movie, AFTER our duck, duck, goose game... hehe, we went to HMV to see simple plan! yay. we being, me, Claudia, Sofia, Ann Maria, Christina and David. and, yes... 'twas cool. hehe. umm, what happened... well, one, me and Claudia got the CD. then they did their show thingy. 'twas short, but COOL. except for the security guards being all, BLAH. but, people were just pushing and not moshing... except for some. that was cool, but not cool enough! *shakes her fist* buuut... Sofia got to touch Pierre's armpit. like, JEALOUSLY! *sad face* one day... one day, Pierre's armpit will be mine! hehe, oookay. then we got our autographs and such. Ann Marie went psycho/crazy, well after. yeah, Claudia asked for a fansign, AWW YEAH! (i'll scan it later) and... yeah, we both got our own autograph's, but Claudia wanted to get one for her sister, so i made them sign, "hope this will change your preppy ways". hehe, pure genious on my part, thanks. i wonder what she'll do when she gets it... but my question to you is why does worst day ever sound so funny on the CD, eh? that was our night. yes. *thumbs up*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 4/9/2002 10:48:18 PM
   James is a pretty name.. i care about that name.. I"M SOOOO FUCKING HAPPY I DIDN'T GO!!!! it probably would have been fun though but whatever.. i get home and theres blood everywhere and i was like ahhhh .. i went to the washroom like an hour before and i was fine so ya bleh being a girl sucks.. and oh that's not the worse part, my stupid knee decided it was cool to hurt.. its cause of the moisture outside and stuff but BLEH!!! im happy i didnt go =) the end!

timbo munkfish | 4/9/2002 06:58:51 PM
   ah well that was a VERY BORING day... yup woke up at a nice hour... 11am and then mum forced me to watch all of the Queen Mum's Funeral *sigh*.. i mean sure i respected her an all, but i mean ... it did go on a bit.. specially since they had like 196 bag pipes and drums... fun stuff.. but oh wow.. i was listening to monty python today - as you do- and do you know what?.. he is.. RIGHT.. yup out of all of the words in the english language that begin with the letter 'f'.. FUCK is the only word that is referred to as the 'F-word' ... i think its like some sort of royalty of words or something.. yup i spent ANOTHER day at home.. ALL DAY... yup thats like twice in 2 weeks.. i think its becoming habit now :/ ah well... i started typing this like over an hour ago and got distracted.. now i dont feel like posting .. meh!

sabrina dibs | 4/9/2002 04:52:07 PM
   today was actually kind of fun!! :) i went to my career exploration thing today..at the montreal general hospital. well, i got there with my dad (i made him come with me til i knew i wasnt lost) and then the secretary person makes me go sit with some guy. and turns out hes JAMES :D haha...yeah, anyways, so were together waiting for the other two while the dr. guy comes and asks for our names. i told him mine and hes like 'oh, thats my daughters name' so i tell james i hate it when people do that...and hes like, 'yeah well, no one cares about my name, but i love it.' haha..anyways, so then finally the other two girls come...wow, this girl lisa looked like a mary at first, so i was like ugh...but shes really nice. and then the other girl corina scared me! shit. she told us she had been on drugs til last year and stuff like that. well..anyways, then the dr. guy (tony) brought us to the 'library' (its so puny) to talk to us. and i told him i wanted to go to university and he said you only gotta go to college for this but just cause i said that he spent like 20minutes telling me i could continue my education afterwards...geez. umm then we (well james really) figured the guy looks like nick from the simpsons...so were all laughing at him the whole time and hes like 'whats so funny?' then we went on a tour...and then he sent us each to a different section. haha james grabbed me and said 'dont leave me here alone sabrina!!!!' :) but then i went to the mri. it was kinda cool, except the girl told me to take out all metal objects on me...so i took off my watch and shes like, okay good, case it would go flying into the machine...uh huh...great. then we had our lunch...in the phsyciatric ward (we were wondering why patients were walking in and out oddly and this one girl was singing...) HAHA. umm then i went to the general xray place and i got to develop xrays :) and then i went to the ultra-sound thingy...but i didnt understand anything... then we all went home together...we had to walk to the metro cause we couldnt find a bus! ah...ummm..yeah now im home. it was fun. more fun than rosies seemed to be anyways..

Monday, April 8

Lucky * | 4/8/2002 08:33:11 PM
   poll to the left! yay-ness. so... go vote! i had something else to say... oh yeah. have you people jumped rope lately? holy shit. i was in a jumpy mood, right? so i take out my aristocratic skipping rope (yeah, the one they gave us for the foundation... hehe) and, holy shit... it's hard. bah. i suck.

Lucky * | 4/8/2002 05:22:38 PM
   i will make Timmy happy and post since i'm in a SUPER HAPPY GOOD MOOD. maybe not... i'm just hyper. wanna know why? eh, eh?

and they're all mine! *mwahahahaha* hihihihi. cookies = yumm for your tumm-tumm. bawitdaba. hihi. and they're soo big. like the oatmeal cookies at our school. but these are SOOO yumm. like, better than... my regular chocolate chip. *gasp* hihihi, okay... the rehearsals went pretty well. but we have 2 more days of it, and it's kinda creepy/scary/ohmeygawd-get-me-out-of-here-before-i-commit-suicide-kinda... well, the dressing rooms and shit. *smacks her head* me and Jenny were super-scared. it was like, AAAAH! stupid bro's. are skit is like 8th, but it kinda went quickly... so, yeah we passed pretty soon. but Claudia had detention and David... who knows where David went, so they weren't there... so two people filled in... and they were all into it and stuff, it was funny. and people were laughing for some odd reason... and when we got off, they were all like, "yeah, that's one of the best skits..." what? god... i'm afraid to see the other skits. *shudder* and that was that. we have it again tomorrow and thursday... but tomorrow is simple plan! yay! HMV for autographs and a mini-show. whoo.

by the way, i didn't post to make Timmy happy... i posted cause i'm just so sexy. yeah, that's right... but, only in my plaid skirt. =)

oh yeeeah, it's all about the plaid love. i had a plaid party at school today. no i didn't, i was all alone... no! Sofia was wearing plaid. yes. Sofia = cool. hihi. oiasdfjoiaf... i feel like jumping around. hihihihihi. *happy jump*

sabrina dibs | 4/8/2002 04:11:21 PM
   okay, well first of all i would have posted yesterday but blogger was being a dumbass.

so, lemme start with friday. the day was going pretty good, and i got back my chemistry review test and..guess what i got!!! 29/36. yeah thats right. only 2mistakes! i can pass this!!! :)
but then, :( i got my very first detention..well, actually i got one last year but i never went to it, mr.d is cool!! :). but i had to go to this one cause my french teacher is a lunatic with odd mood swings. anyways, it wouldnt have been that bad except my sister was supposed to pick me up from school to go to the hair dressers. so i call her after school and shes waiting outside talking to jennifer. and she was mad at me :(. anyways, so at like 4ish i go home and my mom and sis bring home harveys..except its everything i hate in the burger. but whatever, then my mom forces me to go to the hairdressers anyway!! ah, but there was no room at my normal one so she made me go to this one where you dont gotta take an appointment (i know! how scary...) so im crying the whole way there cause this girl is gonna mess up my hair :(. but it gets cut and stuff..(she made me think i had lice ah)
then saturday was my cousins confirmation and my dad was the godfather so we had to go for pictures at 10. and the mass was at 2 (first time ive been to a mass since.......umm...hmm...long time) and it was soooo long, like 2 hours!! then we went to the restaurant and i spent the night with my cousins cousins. theyre cool :D umm the waiter(he was an old guy) was flirting with my nonna (grandmother) but he was only kidding around but before we all left my nonno went after him. we thought he was joking but he really wanted to beat the guy up...we managed to get him off the guy but he was telling him off and stuff...it was scary.
umm then sunday the guy from italy came over. :) hes so cute! but then he went bye bye and hes back home now...then i spent 3 hours outside helping my dad take out the tempo!! god. am i a good kid of what??
today was fine i guess. cept im kind of tired but whatever. we got our french practice exam ugh. and umm..oh, everyones still at school practicing for the variety show ha! :)
tomorrow im going to the hospital for my career exploration thing. should be fun, i hope. and then i have my very first driving lesson thing. oh god. itll be boring! 3 hours learning the laws of driving in french..well...at least ill be able to drive, unlike ALL of you!! *points* :) hahahah :D

timbo munkfish | 4/8/2002 01:32:35 PM
   wow, there is like a massive increase in the amount of people not posting these days... DO WE ALL HAVE LIVES?!... god thats a scary thought.. i mean shouldn't the world implode or something?.. yeah big fat bangarang!.. yeah, well this holiday is just starting to drag on now.. i mean this is the first day in 2 weeks when i have been inside all day.. apart from like shopping, but that doesnt count, coz its shopping or something... i guess its part of the rules or something, like the cheating rules in road trip :).... *pu ts down his peanut butter*.. i don't have a dog :'(.. ah well

post more! im bored :P

Friday, April 5

Monday Monkey | 4/5/2002 10:10:44 PM
   Ok i need to post. Im soo bored....my stay at paul's("birthday-cake" paul ....oh mey.) didnt last as long as i thought i would have. So now im home.............on a friday night! *gasp* sadness for me! Well it's not that bad i could be at ...*lauph* cos..(i cant do this its too funny) heheheh..costello..HAHAHAHA..amato( trying to keep straight face)........lol theres a party there tonight!!!!! HURRA TO ALL( for those people out there that don't live in montreal TIM*couph* costello amato is a "hall" where bro's throw ugly dance parties). How do i know this..well my bus was infested by them *cringe* i was gonig to KILL myself!!!!!NO FUCKING KIDING!!!!!! -" Ciao BRO you gonna get wasted tonight! YEAH me to bro. I got my alcohol i stole from my parents and we're gonna puke our guts out! ALL RIGHT!" And then half of them were drunk and acting( no offence to gays) like a bunch a gays...uggg mouchos hugging and groping...ewwww. Well congrates to rosie on the movie picks...tres cooool( french voice). Anyway im bored......i must find something to do.

I HATE BRO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 4

Lucky * | 4/4/2002 04:39:46 PM
   aww! my dog's are in super-cute mode today. everyone quickly! to my brother's house! i wish i had my camera... hey, and it took two try's for me to open the door. not bad, not bad. and Eric was afraid to get peed on... haha. it shows Nikki is my dog. she's just so lazy. i'm sitting on the computer chair and she looks at me all "oooh! look at me i'm cute! i want to sit on your lap!" so i'm like "Nikki, wanna come up?" so she waddles over with her sexy walk and looks at me wagging her tail. so i'm like "up!" and she puts her paws on my lap. and gives me a "but, but... i'm too cute and if i jump well... that's takes effort, man." so i end up picking her up. what a lazy dog. but i love her so. *hugs Nikki* okay, i've got pictures to scan! *bwahaha* now... to find the scanner. hmm...

Wednesday, April 3

Lucky * | 4/3/2002 09:48:42 PM
   sucks to be me when happy-happy internet land is boring. =( oh well, then you resort to playing with your camera... and this happens:

oui, i am wearing pyjama bottoms and baby shoes. it's really about the principle of it all...

sabrina dibs | 4/3/2002 04:49:02 PM
   hahaha...okay, so today was fun fun fun!! except a little odd after school...lemm explain: jennifer, rosie, claudia, gaetano, and david are in the variety show right? so, theyre supposed to go to the library after school to actually, FINALLY make a script...but, jennifer is off to see celine dion (i still dont get it but whatever) so shes not going. then, rosie suddenly asks me if i wanted to be a british game show host... turns out she doesnt wanna do it either. because david and gaetano are pissing her off. then, claudia forgets something at school so her and gaetano go back to get it and this only makes rosie more mad. david wont shut his mouth so everyone gets mad. then claudias like okay fine rosie dont do it go home but i think she ended up going....god im happy i didnt get mixed up in all that.

so then when i got home my dad says, get ready were going. ah!!! he brought me to technic...so, i am now signed up for my driving stuff.... the next 4 tuesdays from 7-10 i gotta do my theory lessons. ugh, and its in FRENCH! damnit, my sister got them in english..but nooooo.. ugh. but the driver person is apparently english so thats good. umm. yeah thats it. the books so big! ah.

(oh, and i think were eating cookie dough again tomorrow for lunch :D )

Tuesday, April 2

Lucky * | 4/2/2002 10:19:50 PM

nothing like a monkey's love...
added two new pics in the fansign gallery, (two that i forgot to put up before...) and made an animal gallery and a gallery for our (me, Sabrina, and Eric's) Jedi Movie. (Nick's too... but whatever, he doesn't count) see, i care about you guys. =D
[04/03/02 6:04pm: i forgot to mention, feel free to send in fansigns or animal pictures for the gallery; cookiexmonster@hotmail.com]

Lucky* says: mais tu ne peux pas dire, eat your chocolate milk... but je see ton point.
F U C K your school, F U C K your rules, F U C K you and ur boundaries!!! says: hehhehe
Rosie: how's that for franglais?
David: ahhh cest tres good mon friend
Rosie: hhaha
David: moi puis you kick fesse in franglais
Rosie: awww oui!