Sunday, March 31

sabrina dibs | 3/31/2002 08:08:47 PM
   yesterday i went to my daddys parents house for easter...that was okay. my dads uncle from italy was there...hes SOO CUTE!! hahaha...hes a 57(ish) year old bachelor. umm i got earings from him..very nice. thats it. very interesting day.

today was umm sorta interesting. i went to my moms moms house for cousin finally told us all about her going away to paris for 4 months (yeah, its been moved to 4 instead of 6 for some reason) and umm yeah then my aunt..the one i hate.. tried to spend the rest of the time convincing her not to go. my other aunt, stella, was all bleh cause she has resently found out the cancer is back..and its all over this time. well, thats making my mom cry all the time. then we went to the know, i dont get the point but anyways, we went to see my nonno and my cousin just walked away. my mom later said that he was crying and stuff cause of his mom. well....umm my baby cousins werent there :( (samantha and karina) cause at the daycare where samantha goes theres a chicken pox epidemic and allesia(samanthas cousin) has them so theyre infected and my aunt can get sick with anything. and was either the kids come or my aunt yeah. ummm then i got stuck going back to see my dads uncle from italy...:) that was it.

timbo munkfish | 3/31/2002 07:02:07 PM
   all j00 lucky people with ur easter at ur house .. bleh.. had to goto grandparents house for a big family gathering type-thing... oh the horror... last time we went down there, my cousins (religious nuts) gave us "how to be cool, like jesus" leaflets as CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, and then they made us sing hymns around the fire.

oh but my finger is fun, see coz yesterday a bunch of us went to a field.. to sit around and erm... do stuff with fire and erm.. alcyhol.. and i hadn't drunk n e thing yet.. so i went to get wo0d for the fire. So there i was standing over what i thought was nice enuff shrubbery... i plunged my arm deeeeeeeeeep inside the motherload.. YES I HAD STRUCK WOOD *clears his throat* mhm and then *scream* AHHHHHHHHh .. thats right a dry plant about:............. ---->__<---- that thick (actual size) went ALL the way THROUGH my finger... oh yes joyus warm blood spirting, yes SPIRTING, all over the place.. fun and then... i almost died of a heart attack or something... apparently lack of blood or something, so naturally i went and got chips (yes i COULD have gone to the hospital.. but naaa) and oh if you havent gueessed already.. i like my chips with LOTS of yummy salt *sticks bare rabid finger in a large pile of salt* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! quite possibly the MOST pain i have felt in my entire life *plays with finger* ooo lookie you can see bone :/.... mum wants me to get it stiched up at the hospital.... all i can say is .. BAH! let the good times roll... welp i better go now ish... if i wanna get to bed after cleainging all the blo0d from my keyboard
night all

oh ya and rosie.... ur pics are like not working... all i see is a pic of "image hosted by tripod" meh.

Lucky * | 3/31/2002 06:24:00 PM
   Rosie is super bored. yeah, i'm having easter here... but... =( bored-ness for Rosie.

Nikki says happy easter! ...even though she's horribly bored =(

Monday Monkey | 3/31/2002 06:04:44 PM
   Well for some reason i had Easter dinner yesterday(just dont ask my family is odd) so i was just gonna chill today. Then my friend called and he was only gonna chill too so i went to his house and we chilled together. Yes, my Easter dinner consisted of gummie bears, delivered pizza, and Craft Dinner(not made by me but for the record i CAN cook craft dinner). Tres crunkarific. Well im gonna go back to my house now...but first! on the way to the metro i think im gonna get moucho cookie doh. Coolness. Farewell to you all until i return to my house.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/31/2002 03:47:45 PM
   hello again . judging on the great deal of blogs written today, i think that you are all away and some family member's house. easter is being held at my house so :P to you all.( i could relax and watch MY tv when i want to and such. hehahaheha. ANYWAYS, thats all i have to say for now. oh yeah, i wont be there tomorow.... i must go sleep at my cousines house...buh byes *waves*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/31/2002 12:00:12 PM
   bonjour everyone. although we were supposed to go watch ice age, we ended up watching sorority boys which was great TO THE MAX. anyway, then i invited them all to come over after the movies but rosie's dad refused and came to get her from the movie theatre. she was sad, and so was i. so walking home ( ann marie, eric and david #1) eric decided he wanted to go home. ( hope ur feeling better) so then it was down to a trio. we arrived at my house and ann marie looked at the time, it was eleven thirty or something so she wanted to go home. we walked her home and met tommy on the way. then we walked back home, and tommy went home. it was just me and david#1 so we decided to take the time we had to drink chocolate quick. muahaha. AND THE HAPPY BUSINESS/CONSTRUCTION MAN INSNT A CLOWN . then, david#1 went home, and then i went to bed. that was my night it was fun.

Lucky * | 3/31/2002 12:42:47 AM
   [1.25am: fuck that, i wrote a whole lot... and it felt good too, but yeah, fuck that. you wanna read it, ask me. if you already read it... euh, happy fun to you. no, i'm not taking back a word i said... just keeping it to myself.]

Saturday, March 30

Lucky * | 3/30/2002 06:12:51 PM
   well, that was interesting. Johanne invited us to go swimming, so we went to her house, then to the pool. she called to check if they were open and stuff... we get there, it's only for adults. grrrrrrr at you Johanne. and she got me in the mood for swimming. :( so we went back to her house and chilled. then i went home. what a FUN-filled afternoon. but now we're going to a movie... well, at nine-ish. yay. *slow clap* i have nothing to post, so i shall continue to decorate my closet door. it's fun, you should try it.

Monday Monkey | 3/30/2002 01:24:11 PM
   Ok i think that yesterday was the most i ever swetted in my entire life....not as much as pat ewwwwww he was just gross. Ok but for a time i seriously beleived that franky alo actualy died in the mosh pit(it was crazy). Yes but then after mouchos searchingness i found the good skanking area and then the skankin' began. Catch22 = better when heared live. Anyway im guessing im going to see ice age today...hmm at what time tho.. im confused. I'm soo tired and injured....mouchos pain. Ok on a normal person's nee there is this flesh or cartiledge that covers the bottom part of the nee..well....ya i have no more on my right nee :( sadness....and i was trying to save someone from death and it led to my pain >:( anywho i got to go eat some breakfast...yes i just woke up.

sabrina dibs | 3/30/2002 11:09:51 AM
   *sniff* i had to miss tobboganing yesterday :( i woke up with horrible cramps and my aunt called to say "come over!!". according to my daddy i was disabled anyways so i had to go. i got to paint eggs with my cousin and what a fun filled day.
then me and my sis rented movies...a.i. (but oh my god i am never ever ever watching that again ~~~ it sucked in the movies so imagine at and 100 girls (the back of the movie summary thing sounded we took it. wow do not ever watch that with your father. ahh...the actual movie was pointless but what they said made so much sense :) )
umm anywyas, im stuck missing ice age tonight :( *SNIFF* damnit i hate my dad. hes like, 'no youre not leaving my parents house to go and watch a movie with your friends. ugh, well, at least my mom took my side. they ended up in a huge fight though..but whatever.
my mom is comming home soon :) she was in toronto...AGAIN. ugh, if only shed bring me once in a while...she says theres this huge shopping mall right across from the hotel..i could go there :) umm well thats it.

Friday, March 29

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/29/2002 08:53:48 PM
   bonjour ppl. after today, i think i will never go toboganing in jeans again. christina and me were wearing the same pants.. WHAT WERE WE THINKING CHRISSY ???? anyways... i got slaughtered.. well, somewaht. i went on the tube with david#2 and we caught a bump and he wound u being on top of me and crushing my leg. it was fun though. but dont go in jeans. i was soken through. tomorow were all going to see ice age. isnt that amusing???i love cartoons. especially that squirl.. scrat.. he hot ;)

Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/29/2002 05:56:42 PM
   Paint balling is actually amusing =) it was all fun and i only got hit twice.. but in the mask so it didn't hurt! ya.. but then we had a whole bunch of paint balls left.. so we played that we were only eliminated once we ran out of paint balls.. everything was all dandy but some fucker on the other team had some sorta automatic gun.. it just went.. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM without stopping.. ya that fucking retard was standing 6 feet away from me.. *cries* u cannot understand how much pain im in right now.. i have a line from under my boob to my thigh of paint ball shot bruises .. it hurts soooo much but i had fun =) and the thing that was funny is the stupid retard shooting me .. appologized like 30945 times cause he didn't know i was a girl.. FUCKING RETARD.. hmm my hair is full of paint =) im keeping it there .. AWWWWWW oui..

Monday Monkey | 3/29/2002 12:16:50 PM
   Muahahahaha more SKANKING FOR ME CLAUDIA AND ROSIE!!!!!!!!

Monday Monkey | 3/29/2002 11:51:40 AM
   Ok today will be great! CATCH 22!!!!!! Lets see who is comming with us? Umm David(also know as curci), pat, nick, jon, umm and i guess other peeps too. Moucho crunkness will be this day! Fare the well my commrads and associates.

Thursday, March 28

Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/28/2002 09:49:38 PM
   Hi, it's me and chris again! We have one more thing to say. We want to say that David Depalma is the coolest guy in the world! We love him!

Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/28/2002 09:34:36 PM
   I'm a bad bad co-owner.. i haven't posted in a while.. But whatever.. Christina is over at my house and she's gonna write to you all now.. enjoy..

Hey everyone..yeah me and Jen just finished making our movie. " Chris & Jenn Reproduce" Ok now we're going to do an other one. Bye oh wait one more thing.. AWW OUI!!!

Hahah Rosie thumbs up on the pics ..looks down..

Um.. me and Chris got bored and did some quiz thingy.. enjoy

1. What time is it: 7:29 pm
2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Jennifer Marie Anne Lehoux & Christina Marie Mastrocola
3. Nickname(s): Jenn, Jenny (but call me that and I'll kick your ass) & Chris, Chr, Chrissy
4. Parents name: Joanne and Sylvain & Joanne and Dominic
5. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: 15 & 16
6. Date that you regularly blow them out?: August 9th & March 20th
7. Pets: Luke and Lea and the ugly fat fish dying in my kitchen... and BUBBLES!! fuck you all he's alive =) & mon chien, it doesn't have a name yet.. well actually its unpronounceable.. k ya it's called scrouples.. ya don't ask my dad came up with the name but we call her scoopy .. AW OUI!
8. Eye color: greenish/brown & blue
9. Hair Color: sorta red & brown
10. Piercing: 3 on one ear and 2 on the other and well ya I've got other places pierced but only a select few will know.. & 3 in total but only two on my ears =P guess where the other ones at and I'll let u play with it =P awwwwwwww oui
12. How much do you love your job?: I love my mommy very much.... ya she's my private bank *smiles*
13. Favorite color: blue
14. Hometown: Montreal
15. Current Residence: Montreal-nord , Montreal-north OH YA
16. Favorite Food: pizza & Chinese FOOOOD .. and then NO AND THEN and then NO AND THEN =) dude where's my car rox my thong =P
17. Been to Africa?: oh ya I was born there me and Chris are black
18. Been toilet papering?: non.. quand meme..
19. Loved somebody so much it made you cry?: yes!!!! I miss my boyfriend *cries* je t'aime Massimo =) & aaawwww oui
20. Been in a car accident?: sorta.. but I didn't get hurt my dad saved my life! he made the car go round in circles so that the truck didn't enter directly into me I was scared and the stupid gate near place Versailles took forever to be fixed and everytime I passed by there I'd be scared.. but ya now it's fixed.. & not yet.. maybe some day.. I hope not..
21. Croutons or bacon bits?: I don't like salad.. & bacon bits
22. Sprite or 7 UP?: Sprite
23. Favorite Movie: Cruel Intentions & Legally Blonde
24. Favorite Holiday: Christmas & Halloween et Noel
25. Favorite day of the week: anyday I see my b/f is my favoritest & Friday
26. Favorite word or phrase: AWWWWWW OUI Chris and I can have a whole entire conversation with just saying that.. it's loads of fun
27. Favorite Toothpaste: we don't brush our teeth... I mean really.. why would I do such a thing.. that's like totally gross.. and seriously I don't think any of u actually give a fuck..
28. Favorite Restaurant: that Chinese restaurant where they found the dead rats .. hehe j/k
29. Favorite Flowers: Blue Roses NOTHING ELSE.... IM SERIOUS I FUCKING HATE FLOWERS & blue roses but I like flowers =)
30. Favorite Drink: Sex on the beach? WHat? hmm ah dunno.. beer? uh no JOHANNE YOU CANT HAVE ANY YOUR ALREADY drunk.. No *cries* im not drunk I swear look.. I can touch your finger *misses finger by a few cm's* YOU MOVED YOUR FINGER how dare you? actually anything with alcohol.. not anything .. anything.. anything that tastes good and that we can drink from a condom.. ya .. sleepovers *sigh*
31. Favorite sport to watch: Cheerleading & hockey
32. Preferred type of ice cream: cookie dough & Mint
33. Favorite Sesame Street Character: Elmo <3 & Cookie Monster
34. Disney or Warner Bros.: DISNEY
35. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: MCDONALDS =) for les jouets =)
36. When was your last hospital visit?: for me? bleh.. im always passing tests and shit .. I hate hospitals & recently my poor grandmother *sniff*
37.What color is your bedroom carpet?: I don't got one & blue and off-white
38. How many times did you fail your drivers test?: I haven't been yet
39. Who is the last person you got this email from?: Johanne
40. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: Me? no.. but I got suspended cause of a certain some one.. eh Johanne? & no but I almost got caught stealing a bathing suit.. well not me but my cousin .. I'm an Angel
41. Which single store would you choose to max out your credit card?: any sex shop.. u know body paint.. ya it's not my fault I enjoy the taste of odd stuff.. chocolate body paint.. melon... strawberry .. <3 & La Senza.. all girls need thongs.. I mean really.. who didn't know that?
42. What do you do most often when you are bored?: read / listen to music
44. Most annoying thing people ask me: peut tu enlever mon penis de ta bouche.. im sorry David but I just don't understand that.. & um je sais pas
45.Whats bed time?: whenever as long as I weak up in the morning!
46. Who will respond the quickest?: my mom .. I hope
47. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond?: my mom, she has better things to do then answer my boring emails.. although after reading this she'll probably answer it
48. Favorite all time TV show: maybe its me
49. Last person you went out to dinner with: Christina, Claudia, Jen, Sab, Nick, David #1 and 2, Rosie, Eric, Ann Marie, Sofia and Gaetano for Chinese
50. Last Movie you saw? Well not saw.. but we just finished making one.. ya its called " Chris and Jenn Reproduce" .. u can buy it for 7 easy payments of $29.99.. you know you want to.. It's pretty good actually.. Kamasutra.. the possibilities are endless..
51 Time that I finished: 8:02

Lucky * | 3/28/2002 08:23:47 PM
   Easter is soon approaching. i think that we can celebrate this joyous holiday by sharing some good old memories, shall we?

i'd say it's 1994-ish. everyone's seated for an Easter lunch. we're having a lovely colorful plate of fresh pasta at my aunt's house. so, we're passing around the bowl of grated parmesian, and for some reason it skips me. i was going through a gangsta stage at that point because i simply yell out, "yo, yo, yo... pass the cheese!" everyone just drops their forks and starts dying of laughter. i think it was my cousin Lina who got up and pulled an MC Hammer and sang, "yo, yo, yo... pass the cheese!" from that day forth, the quote was re-said everytime someone would pass me the cheese. yo, yo, yo.

Lucky * | 3/28/2002 07:29:50 PM
   i'm editing Sabrina's party movie right now... *sigh* why did you people have to tape the whole damn thing? i transported the tv from my kitchen into my room, so this is now my editing office. i feel like a director or something...

the tv (on the floor)

the camera (on my computer)

all the times, clips, and shit i have to edit and such.

the credits... =) yeah, that's front and back. *cheesy grin*

Christina... great screen caps, huh?


a scene from our musical, =) (that's me, Eric and Nick)

i bet you're SO excited, eh, EH! oh well, this'll be worthwhile. plus, my daddies bringing me home pizza. that has nothing to do with anything, but pizza is yumm.

Wednesday, March 27

timbo munkfish | 3/27/2002 07:51:18 PM
   im on holdiay ... WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, oh yeah... u know it.. and why has no one (including me) been posting much recently... i mean ... wahts been going on eh?... i think its all this partying everyone seems to be doing, no one has n e spare time to waste blabbing n e more... and and and now i have nothing to read *sob*

oh lo0kie, everything is getting all organised an stuff *hugs rosie* hehehe ... i wanna taste a pizza from chubby cheese (dexter's lab... duh!) and yeah it would be fun, with the robotic dancing animal thing... ah poo *smacks chops with his mouse* i think it was on cow and chicken *cries* im so poo at remembering things.... speaking O which, i have not seen either proggies on CARTOON NETWORK recently, they are showing some "cubix" program, which just doesnt cut the mustard >:(... bring back the go0d ol to0ns!! *frowns at his telly*

i want a pogo stick!

sabrina dibs | 3/27/2002 03:56:18 PM
   hmm okay so things are kind of better nowadays. today at lunch me, rosie, claudia, eric, david, jonathan, christina, joanne, ann-marie, and sofia went out to iga and bought cookie dough! WOW THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! yummy!! youve got to try that. except when i got to history my stomache was killing so bad :) but now im alll better. umm..on the express jonathan was with me and he was like 'so how was the cookie dough?' and i said it was amazing and he should have had some...but NOOOOO...he didnt wanna get sick. what a party pooper! it was sooo good!!

oh, yeah, my cousin (silvia) is apparently leaving for paris in may and staying there with a few friends for SIX months to work. yeah...right. haha my aunt and uncle are going crazy but whatever, i find it amusing :)

and...also, some guy from italy (and i found out last night hes my dads uncle and i met him when i was small...toooo small to remember him) haha apparently hes a bachelor...god, hes like what? 60-70? haha...anyways, hes comming here. arriving tomorrow night and leaving april....7th i think. but whatever, hes not staying at my house so i dont care much.

everything happens to my sis on the bus. shes always surrounded by odd people. sometimes they smell and once this girl asked for her cell phone. but usually they just tell her their life stories and stuff. but 2days ago my sister was taking a gum for herself and the girl next to her actually not asked..told her to give her one too. i find that funny. :)

haha okay im in a good mood and thats all i gotta say for now. :)

Tuesday, March 26

Lucky * | 3/26/2002 08:42:58 PM
   i think things between Jennifer and Sabrina have been resolved, HAPPINESS IS RESTORED TO THE SCOOBY GANG! (i still don't get it, but anyway...)
yes, i have realized that the blog is super-mega-ultra-ugly. but it'll be gone byebye as soon as i do the new layout that me and Eric have conceived in english class (yeah, YOU try watching a 1970 Julius Caesar movie.. *smacks her head on her desk*) i scraped the teenage mutant ninja turtle one, simply because it would have looked very ugly because i suckity suck at design and crapola like that. SO, i'm chosing a simpler one. (and i started to dislike the tmnt one anyway...) so the new design is featuring... *ponders* maybe i'll keep it a secret. *bwaha* yes, SECRET! hehe, Jennifer will ruin it as soon as she posts it, but WHATEVER!
so i'm starting to put pictures in the new gallery. so far i've put up the bowling pics and Christina's party pics. i'm gonna put up some more later, and will be scraping the old yahoo gallery soon.
[10:21pm: fansigns and Claudia's party added to the gallery... enjoie!]

so we're all engaged. that's right.
it all started with Jennifer, who bought a cheap-ey ring from the 25cent vending machine things, and gave it to Sabrina, who gave it to Johanne, who gave it to Claudia, who gave it to Eric and Curci David (sorry David, blame it on Eric... it's all his fault! *points*) (David has a bracelet, he's gonna make a ring and continue from there) Eric gave it to me, i gave it to Sofia, who gave it to Ann Marie, who gave it to Nick, who gave it to Christina, who gave it to David (Fitzpatrick)... and that my friends, is out SUPERORGYPORNOPARTY. =D yeah, we're really bored at school. *shrug* if they had a Parc McDonald or something going on, lunch time could be much more productive. *ponders* i like that idea... i think i'm going to speak to the president about this. *bwahaha* think about it!

Monday, March 25

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/25/2002 08:38:28 PM
dees daily news :

1) saturday was a cool party. jennifer was very tipsy and it was funy.

2) violent people shouldnt drink, poor eric got punched by johanne.

sabrina dibs | 3/25/2002 04:13:22 PM
   i am a stuck up bitch.

yup, everything is going wrong in my life right now. thats it.

Sunday, March 24

Lucky * | 3/24/2002 10:52:37 PM
   yes, i'd like to hear the sober point of view.. =) although i was sober, AND NOT TIPSY.. thank you very much. just because i was blowing up condoms to the size of a watermelon DOES NOT mean i was tipsy. *hmph* i put the pics (Christina's party) up in a new tripod gallery sort of thing, and you may view them here. i'm gonna be doing that with all the pics, so yep. YEP.
Eric, you don't have to apologize about the ballet.. i thought it was hilarious. *BWAHAHA*
it's almost 11, and i'm really tired since i got approximately 2 hours of sleep last night, but i HAVE to work on the video of Sabrina's party. you'll see, it's gonna be SO cheesy but really cool. it's already easy to do because there's so much cool music in the background and JUST YOU WAIT! it'll be the shit. oh well, i'm off to work then, bye bye.

Monday Monkey | 3/24/2002 12:04:13 PM
   Who wants me to tell the story of yesturday from my(sober) point of view?

Monday Monkey | 3/24/2002 11:44:48 AM
   OK OK OK...i dont even have to say anything do i? you people........anyway, see im not the scariest drunk.

Saturday, March 23

Monday Monkey | 3/23/2002 12:09:46 PM
   Ok i haven't posted something long in a while. Hmmm hehehe where to start? Maybe the ballet, or maybe yesterday? hmm i guess the ballet...yes the ballet. Ok first things first: 39% is not a suggested percent, it is actualy is 39% But i dont get it? Like why did i do that? HEHEHE! it made the ballet more interesting though. Anyway, im sorry Rosie and Sabrina. I wont do that anymore, at least for a while. LOL Mrs. Malowany knew!!!!! She was talking to me and Ant in class. *gasp* i couldnt stop lauohing in class, it was too funny. Ok yesturday i went with Frank 32 and...nothing ..yes nothing....*backs away*. Well today shoud be interesting. I wonder what's gonna happen! Rosie bring your camera.

Lucky * | 3/23/2002 10:19:09 AM
   hey, i'm bored. but too lazy to work on the layout. =) so yeah, you get this for now. *BWAHAHA*

Friday, March 22

Lucky * | 3/22/2002 10:13:37 PM
   ohMEYgawd. i just finished watching the tape of Sabrina's birthday party.. ohmeygawd. that's the only words that can describe that night. it was so tramautizing to watch.. but hilarious. some of the movie's hilights?
  • a potato and a doughnut, uniting in love, as one.
  • continental line dancing to weezer.. WEEZER!
  • EXTREME close-ups of boobs, genital areas, the buttox, open mouths, chewing mouths, (some slow-motion) nipple rings, eyes and hair.
  • about 13 cases of Jennifer humping Sabrina (once or twice with Nick involved)
  • approximately 4 cases of Jennifer licking Gaetano's boobs
  • 3 cases of people stripping
  • INFINITE anal sex and penis references
  • 3 musicals (including bohemian rhapsody)
  • handcuffs
  • David dressed like a sphac, and acting like one too *shudder*

    well, if that isn't scary, i don't know what is. our Bohemian Rhapsody musical is just pure genious though. =D but seriously, Sabrina.. if you don't mind, i'm gonna edit this and stuff and it's gonna be REALLY pretty. you'll see. *bwahaha* yeah, and sell it as porn. *BWAHAHA* it'll be great.

  • $$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/22/2002 10:08:59 PM
       bonjour ever one ( hello curci if ur reading*waves*hope ur feeling better) how was u guys' day ? mine was alright. did you guysknow that there is such a thing as little animals, furry animals that live on you? its an std just like nsync. are there such things as pube brushes ? if they exsit, i want one. they seem cool. it like, if ur boyfriend comes over to ur house and says " whats that? " then u could answer " thats my pube brush". it sounds good.

    timbo munkfish | 3/22/2002 06:27:19 PM
       *does the happy happy joy joy dance* hehehe omg, im like so fly.. homie... yes thats right ME is going to see none other than GREENDAY in july w0o0o0o, i feel a gr8 lump *takes his hand off his man tit* yes well YEAH... my its chilly in here, but wo0o0o 3week holiday from today.. YAY!.. dont you love me? hehehe HAW.. meow *pets his cat* hehe my cats go "mew" its REALLY co0l, and sometimes, they can lo0k like those weird dogs. erm.. chiwowa (no idea how to spell) yupety yep, and woo0o0o, i get to see MORE than 40 bands htis summer, im so proud , and happy and YAY!
    jamiroquai - you give me something


    Thursday, March 21

    Lucky * | 3/21/2002 05:57:25 PM
       that layout = <3 <3 <3
    speaking of layouts, i'm starting to HATE the teenage mutant ninja turtle one that i'm supposed to be working on. i have an idea for a different one.. but it'll take a while, and i wanted to be done before april because of the whole ftp, geocities thing and the moving to tripod. but that's never gonna happen.. so *shrugs* i dunno. maybe i'll make a layout out of turtle poo.. eurgh.
    today was just an awful experience, the only good thing about it was that we got Christina's birthday gift.. *mwahaha* AND i got to be a tourguide. i'm such a good tourguide, i knew where i was going, (...most of the time anyway) and i didn't make the whole group walk in the WRONG direction for a good 20 minutes. *clears her throat very, VERY loudly* and i got burger king. come to think of it.. a lot of good things happened today. except for the whole ballet thing, that was wrong. so HORRIBLY wrong. but i'm sure Eric had a good time.. right Eric? *smacks her forehead* people, people.. *sigh*

    Wednesday, March 20

    Monday Monkey | 3/20/2002 07:58:01 PM
       I realy have had nothing to post, and still don't. Mr. Bleh! <3

    sabrina dibs | 3/20/2002 03:54:43 PM
       uh hmm...interesting. it shows rosie is still 15..playing with duckies? *sigh* :) haha...

    okay, so todays greece day wasnt a complete success..most people just used the day to wear jeans...however, i did try to make myself capris (and theyre pretty damn nice too!) except i looked like i was ready for the beach so i screwed the idea. mrs di paolo scares me...she was wearing THE PEARSON SWEATER!!!!! who knew we had one? well..its really ugly with a big P on it :) hahaha..

    umm..oh, on the express (a bus where only pearson students are allowed to get on or off..) it was snowing right? and sometimes when the weather is real bad the nice busdrivers let the old people on. so this old guy was there and he was sitting on the first seat near the door. i was getting off, near the clsc and hes like (in italian) put a hat on! so i was like 'uh, dont worry i have one' and hes like 'no! put it on!!!' so i did. he actually made me put it on :) haha i love old guys theyre so cute!!

    oh, and mark has another sweater!! OH MY GOD! thats THREE!!!! wow! and its not black this time either. its blueish. wow. mustve been his birthday or something :) happy birthday mark :)

    and tomorrow i (and rosie and eric) get dismissed from school at recess!! RECESS!!! thats like 10:23!!! ha! i only gotta go to religion and history and thats it! yay!!!! and i dont really mind those two classes. yay meee!!!! :) then we get to go watch some ballet. but theyre giving us 2 hours to get there and eat. it doesnt take 2 hours :) (shhh...old teachers dont know how buses/metros work) yeah, then were off to get christinas gift (i think..) and then home sweet home.:) we get to miss scho-ol!

    Tuesday, March 19

    Lucky * | 3/19/2002 09:58:57 PM
       (refering to Claudia's number 2 down there.. *points*) i wonder if people from the net would sponsor us? *ponders* ooh.. or send in pennies for the penny war. *ponders some more* and then we could use all the money for drugs man-sluts beer cookies THE TERRY FOX FOUNDATION. oh screw it, we would just spend it on vibrators. (yes, EVEN ERIC! *points at Eric*) well, that was pointless...

    see BILLY:

    see Billy and his friends:

    Billy is all clean!

    $$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/19/2002 08:16:47 PM
       hehe. msn messenger is being a bitch again. unfun stuff. i got late birthday gufts from john : a plastic spoon and a kinder surprise =JACKPOT =) yup yup. now for dees daily news

    1) just as we thought spring was ringing are doorbell, our annoying visitor winter decides to come out of our bathroom , just as we thought he was gone. for those of yous who do not wear hats and live in the regions of montreal, DONT STAND UNDERNEATH TREES. they tend to let out some of winter's garbage right on people's heads... boy did winter have to go, he let out of shit load of retained stuff. more than 15 cm

    2)to all of the people who would like to know, Lester B Pearson is kicking of its 21st or 22nd Terry Fox for Cancer reaserch foundraiser, to help collect money for cancer reaserch. This means people will come knock at your door ( in the montreal region) and you guys better answer, this is for a freggin good cause( everyone has been touched by cancer in some way or another ) , for those of you who dont live anywhere near montreal, then I think you guys can send money or put some of your spare change in those cans on the liquor store's counter ( i mean, you're probly gonna throw that spare quarter to someone on your way home, might as well put it in a can)

    3) our hospital system sucks. we got to fix it.

    4) never say someone's breaking into your neighbour's house, without making sure it isnt your neighbour...

    Monday, March 18

    $$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/18/2002 08:11:00 PM
       alrighty then.. blogger decided "hey, i dont want her to post, lets shut her down and go back tot he main page after shes almost done wirtting her post " anyways. im sorry to all my fans ( FANS ?!? ..just thought id act like a rockstar. to all of those who ARE fans of the website, and/or me, please email us ) BLEH! DAVID FITZ STOLD TIMMY THE TURTLE! damn. thats three kinder toys I get stolen off of me. AND ERIC, YOU ARE ONE OF THEM. you stold edward. EDWARD! HE HAS A BUISNESS SUIT TO GET DRY CLEANED.ugh. what i put up with.. my kids are all stolen off me...I love my kinders.GEEZ. anyhow. thats all i gottta say.Peace

    sabrina dibs | 3/18/2002 04:10:04 PM
       :) i havent posted in so long! hmm..okay, well friday after school we (me, rosie, jennifer, nicholas, and eric) went downtownish to buy claudias birthday gift. well, things started out alright..but then nicholas and his manly ways made us waste half an hour, in the cold, walking the WRONG WAY!so anyways, we finally get to the right place and they dont have her hoody! OMG! so anyways...finally we get back to jennifers house at like 8:30ish and her mommy acts all wierd with me :( i was scared!..if jennifer hadnt told her to stop i would have started crying :*( then we have supper. then we start wrapping her gifts. but when im real tired i get reallly hyper for about 10minutes and then i get really quiet (more than usual). so at first when i got all hyper they were alright with it..but after 30minutes of my nonstop laughing and retardedness rosie started getting scared and jennifer joined in!! pretty soon we were laughing at our stove and fridge (we have the same ones) and doing pyramids in her kitchen..then she kidnapped me (YES ITS TRUE!!) into her brothers room and...and...yeah that was odd. anyways, after about an hour i calmed down :) that was fun. then on saterday i was at rosies house at one doing our project..and then we watched model behavior and then we went to claudias house for her party..and then jennifer was acting odd..and the fondu was cool (i never had that before :) ) and then i spent most of the night in claudias room with jennifer depressing :) and umm i got to bed at about 2sunday morning. i was up at ten and i had to bake two cakes..why? because my nonna was comming over for lunch and then around 2ish my uncles parents and sister (along with husband and two kids) were comming over. and since they were comming over my aunt and uncle with two other kids came i was stuck, dead tired, watching 4 kids under 4 and well, yeah i realized that yes, i do suck with babies but im really really good with kids (3-4ish and up) :) yay! umm then today i went to school :( and that was boring..i had another chemistry test..i think i passed this one though. i hope!!! and then i went to the class reps meeting (yes, im vice :) ) and all they had to tell us was wednesday is a greece day (the movie not the country..) and penny wars is starting sometime this week. were having a jean day sometime after easter and mrs di paolo said our walk was gonna be april 30th. so..umm yeah thats it i think.

    Sunday, March 17

    Monday Monkey | 3/17/2002 04:16:06 PM
       Ok, my mom agers me. yes..first i have to go shopping *tear* why i dont know. then ok for some reason by middle bro gets to go to future shop with my dad, yes i and have to wait in the electronics center in zellers and watch my youngest brother. yes ok her exact words, " wait here and watch your brother, all i have to get is mouth wash." ( AN HOUR LATER!!!!!!!!) "ya sorry that took so long i got some tupper ware, " (TUPER WARE!!!!!!!!!!).........well an hour of wacth my little brother..yes im gonna take a power nap.........

    Lucky * | 3/17/2002 01:48:51 AM
       i just have to post for the sake of posting.. 3 days! we're horrible.
    yeah, it's almost 2.. i'm SO tired, but i just HAD to upload the pictures from Claudia's party.. some of them came out so great. especially the one's for my project, i swear.. i'm a genious. hehe, the pictures are cool.. but i think Eric forgot that he was supposed to take them a little to the left. oh well, i'm sure you all don't mind un-centered pictures. that's it. you'll see them another day when i'm less tired. also, I OWN A RUBBER DUCKY.. that squeaks. named Billy. i <3 Billy. bye bye.

    Thursday, March 14

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/14/2002 08:31:54 PM

    I was really bored right?... right. and then i found material paint.. hehe i now have a t-shirt that says '"le anal"' it's really really really pretty.. ya <3.. i'm gonna wear it to school tomorrow if it's dry... Sabrina's gonna be all like.. why jenny why? but ah dont care cause it's pretty! Oh and also i would like to say something.. and um well the person it's for will know when they read it that it's for them.. so ya.. Look you fuck face, i know your the one sending me the stuff so stop and get a life.. i'm not emailing you for obvious reasons.. sending me viruses won't change that.. calling my house none stop won't change that either... I have a boyfriend i don't give a fuck about you ANYMORE.. yes i use to .. yes i was fucking stupid.. now it's time for you to get over me.. stop calling me and stop sending me fucking viruses .. thanx..sorry that had to be said.. I'm gonna go do homework now *smiles*

    $$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/14/2002 07:37:36 PM
       its my birthday today!!! =) Im so happy,. my brother gets home and hes all like " you like perfume " and im like " umm.. sometimes.. yeah i guess so " and then hes like " put ur coat on, were going to buy you a gift " so im like yay. but i dont like perfume so we wound up going to look for pants . that didnt work because pants dont fit me . so he gave me money instead. happy am i . anyhow, he aperently gave me too much money ( 50 $ ) so when i got home, my mom is like, "give him back at least 20$ ..." and bla bla bla..."its too much money " bla bla bla.. so yeah. i put back 20$ in his bank. hes gonna be friggin pissed when he gets home.. i picture him saying " its your money. keep it. go buy yourself something nice. you said you needed clothes. dont tell mom i gave it back to you ". i agree its alot of money, but i have my reasons for accepting it. ANYWAYS. my sister comes home with a lip as fat as the island of manhattan and a scraped cheek laughing as hell

    ana- claudia.. its so funny *laughs histerically* I FELL FLAT ON MY FACE ON THE BUMP IN THE SCHOOL YARD! I SCRAPED MY CHEEK AND EVERYTHING!
    claduia- what kind of idiot falls on their face in a schoolyard bump ?
    ana- I know, I know. *sarcastic smile * arnt i beautiful ?
    claudia - stunning.

    ana- i fell on my face ?
    my dad - you fell on your face ?!?
    ana- yup. isnt funny?
    my dad- *sarcastic* very.
    ana- arnt i beautiful ?
    my dad- stunning.

    Lucky * | 3/14/2002 05:35:51 PM
       if you guys don't find this funny, i dunno what the HELL is wrong with you. *ahem*
    exhibit A:

    this is a word-search Claudia did in moral class titled, "Those Nasty STDs!!".. keep that in mind.

    did you figure out what the word circled in yellow is? let's take a closer look..
    exhibit B:

    *falls on the floor* yes ladies and gents.. NSYNC is a "Nasty STD!!"

    hehe. what a classic. i'm putting that up somewhere.

    anyway, our weakest link skit made it to the variety show.. whoo. yeah, it better have.. after the 6 hours we worked on it last night! hehe.. but it was all worth that chinese food. my window's open. it's cold. brr. but my house smells like paint. so the window stays open. and i'm cold. brr.


    sabrina dibs | 3/14/2002 04:31:18 PM
       ahh stupid bloggers. it just deleted everything i wrote! ahhh...okay i dont feel like rewriting everything so...happy birthday claudia, nicholas gave me a piggy back ride, i wiegh officially 93.5 pounds (yay me!) and umm..oh i forgot about this before, i might get stuck going to the variety show with massimo. oh god, well..itll be a bonding thing i guess *sigh* H-E-L-P-! the things i do for you, jennifer. okay thats my summary

    Wednesday, March 13

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/13/2002 09:24:58 PM
       I haven't talked to Chris in a while.. ya Chris .. s0ss .. you know? hmm i wonder what's up with him.. *yawns* i'm tired.. NiGhTy NiGhTy EvErYoNe...

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/13/2002 08:40:30 PM
       Heylo everyone, We've been getting a few extra hits daily cause of Nikki.. hehe Rosie's sexy bitch.. ya she's a female dawg.. HAHAHA i find myself so funny! Ya so anyways Claudia and stuff are making some sorta skit for the show thingy at school... ya i'm in it.. =) i get to be a french chick i think.. ah dunno cause i went home early today =) i left at lunch time cause my knee was killing me.. it still is *cries* so uh ya i'm either a french chick or a pchytsopherenic/multiple personality disorder suffering person.. i like the second one and the firs too.... ya in the second i don't have to do much acting and in the first i get to say stuff like "oh mey gawd" and "c'est cheesy ca" ya that will be cool..... COLISE i scare myself alot.. and i wanna buy a domain.. ya.. i'm scared though.. ah dunno why... if i'm still into all this web stuff when i start working this summer .. ya i'm gonna buy one.. and put money aside to pay hosting and stuff each month.. hehe or maybe i'll just get naked for fris or something cause he's all hot and his lil internet girl friend says he has a big Ding Dong and he's a good fuck hah! Oh and would you care to know why i scare myself.. well ya ill explain it.. ill make it short and sweet.. I <3 Celine Dion.. oh and i told one of the biggest bitches in our school to fuck off today.. i've wanted to do that for a long time now *smiles*

    Tuesday, March 12

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/12/2002 09:47:30 PM
       Hehehe I was talking to Massimo on the phone and he fell asleep.. Um ya either he fell asleep or he enjoys not talking to me and not answering me when i speak.. i hope he was sleeping or else i just hung up on him.. oh well.... i was on the phone for like half an hour without him talking.. and he was sleep breathing.. ya u know what i mean? hmm anyways i think i'm gonna go to bed too cause i'm really tired.. =) bOn NuiT EvErYoNe!?!

    Lucky * | 3/12/2002 09:21:42 PM
       *smacks herself*
    why don't you guys tell me these things! i have stuff to do, so obviously i'm procrastinating.. so, i'm playing with my hair, to only look in the mirror and go *shudder*, i'm dressed like a fucking mary! jebus. i feel all disgusted and wrong. shure, the matching pink elastic braces, pants, socks and hair elastics is WAY cool.. but rrg. something was off. i just felt disgusted with myself. yeah, i'll have to get myself out of my "i don't give a shit about what i'm wearing, as long as it smells decent" rut, and double-check myself in the morning. *sigh* but i hate my clothes. i have say.. *looks in her white closet* 3 pairs of pants (out of EIGHTEEN) that i like and *looks in her other closet* and about 6 wearable shirts. i really need to go shopping. but what the hell! what kind of mood am i in when i go shopping? my clothes are so ugly. UGH. look at the HORRIBLENESS! it's just disgusting. and socks, SOCKS. i have 3 pairs of cool socks. the rest BORING socks. blah. BLAH. don't even get me started on my underwear.

    Sabrina? hot.. you should. it will help.
    hot compresses, 10-15 minute intervals, is to relieve muscle tension
    cold compresses, 10-15 minute intervals, is to prevent swelling.
    got that?
    got a sprained ankle? what do you do? you RICE it. that's right folks. rice. (soya sauce recommended for your own extra indulgement.. but whatever.)
    R - Rest
    I - Ice
    C - Compress
    E - Elevate
    *tadum!* you see kids, having a big sister who's an athletic therapist teaches you some things. she even showed me how to wrap an ankle. i forgot. *sigh* but i DO know that there's alot of criss crossing involved. yep, yep, yep.

    $$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/12/2002 08:21:31 PM
       dees daily importan news,
    1- appernetly the new trend, according to my sister, is to wear a stolking on ur head. then she shows me and it looks like she has a stoking on her head " ana, why do you have a stocking on ur head? " then she said " isnt it nice " and then i said " yes * clears throat* very, umm, i work in a sock factory-ish"

    2-history is passing. wohoo.

    3- nothing is really going on in the world today.. oh wait.. theyre still looking for those free chickens from yesterday :)

    sabrina dibs | 3/12/2002 06:28:53 PM
       *sniff* i got hurt today. gymnastics are evil! damn. we were doing 4-person pyramids and of course i was on top cause im light as a feather...and so i was on top of someone who was on top of two other people, god that was scary..and as if that wasnt enough i lost my balance and next thing you know im falling and my chin ends up hitting the girls butt...HARD! from there everything went downhill. i got very, VERY dizzy and my chin hurt terribly. then i went to drink water (yes, at the very bad fountains..) and when i got back to the gym my neck started hurting. and hurting some more... so mrs larrichuta (how do you spell that???) told the nurse to get me a hot water bottle. then i go to the nurse and she thinks ive got cramps! oh god! like, uh, no, my neck is killing.. so shes like, uh okay, well then you need ice! so fine, i get ice and get to rest on the very comfy (im being sarcastic...) bed. then these two other kids come in...'*sniff* my head hurts' ~~~ god! what kind of excuse is that to get out of class. and the whole period one of them was looking at magazines while the other played with her hair. *sigh* im trying to sleep here! ah. so anyways, then recess comes and jennifer, claudia, and rosie come along :) *muah* and then after that mrs larrichuta comes back and is like, did you put the hot thing on? i tell her i was told to put ice and shes like, no! you have to put hot!!! uh..alrighty..anyways, then the nurse comes to see me, finally! and shes like, okay, do you want to go home or stay on the bed? ARE YOU CRAZY? why would i stay here when i could go home?? so she told me to put cold stuff on when i got home (is it HOT or COLD???) so my mom picked me up ( :) i get special treatment, i didnt have to get myself home) and i was home at 11:30ish. i watched beauty and the beast, the mexican, and a bunch of other tv...and i didnt put anything hot OR cold :)..and umm..then at about 4:30 my headache came back and it was sooooooo bad! wow i couldnt walk without getting dizzy. anyway, i chewed up a tylenol (i cant swallow..) and had supper and now its all better..well sorta. i still kind of have a stiff neck but ill live. (oh, and stuff is haunting me :( )

    timbo munkfish | 3/12/2002 06:07:51 PM
       mmkay, blog is down :0(, mother is a freak, i swear... she hangs around in my room now..her excuse is "do you pay rent" but then i pushed her out the door, and now she is downstairs bitching at dad to do something coz "she cant control me n e more, coz im too big :O"
    BLEH is all i have to say to that!

    Monday, March 11

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/11/2002 08:11:50 PM
       *Farts* flatulation is such a turn on.. *rolls eyes* I haven't posted in a while *cries* I'm sure everyone has missed me a whole lot.. ya.. anyways i guess i'll talk about what i did friday ... and saturday *smiles* that's right i wasn't on the computer all day.. hence i didn't post 10 times an hour.. Ok well anyways friday was "the" day.. i met my boyfriends parents.. yes it's getting that serious.. i was scared.. VERY scared.. anywho.. i went to see a movie with him first.. then his parents came to get us and we went bowling.. HAHA! So ya we were like 8.. me, my boyfriend, his parents, his brother, lino, marie and bianca! Ok well his parents act normal.. but not their friends.. lino decided it would be cool to take over a hundred pictures of me.. ya i FUCKING hate pictures. So anyways i refused to give my bf a picture so he got lino to pretend he just got a new digital cam.. ya the pretend was really bad he was all like *wink wink* i just got a new digital camera *wink wink* i need to try it out *wink wink* so ya every time i'd move id hear *snap* by the end of the night he had tooken over 100 pictures.. *sigh* it was scary.. oh and Bianca's Massimo's 8 year old girlfriend.. it's so fucking hilarious.. every time he'd get near me she'd start crying and she looks as annoying as my sister i feel bad for him =) hehe when i told Claudia this i had forgotten to mention that she was 8.. ya je m'excuse.... Ok well i got home from bowling at like 3am.. and i woke up at 6 the next day.. ya and went to jam des neige *smiles* it was cooll.. SuPeR oRgY pOrNo PaRtY!!!!! Ya that was cool.. i met a few of Massimo's friends.. most of them scare me.. Marcus is hot and James is Claudia in dude.. yup yup.. i was gonna make this longer but i rather talk to certain people on msn.... hehe.. i think that i was stoned when i made the c.d im listening to now.. *smiles*

    1 - Tupac - Baby Don't cry

    2 - 98 Degrees - To Me You're Everything

    3 - Bbmack - Back Here

    4 - Big Tymers - Roll On

    5 - Bob The Builder - Can We Fix It?

    6 - Bring It On [[b.o] ...[band original] hehe claudia might be the only one who finds that funny but whateva] - I'm Sexy I'm Cute

    7 - Crazytown - Butterfly

    8 - Dj Funk - I Need Weed In My Life

    9 - Eminem - Kids

    10 - Gabrielle Destroismaison - Et Cetera

    11 - Groove Armanda - Shakin That Ass

    12 - Highland - Solo Tu

    13 - J. Lo - Love Don't Cost A Thing

    14 - Limp Bizket - Turn Me loose

    15 - Ludacris - What's Your Fantasy

    16 - Marc'Oh - Tears Don't Lie

    17 - Nelly - E.I

    18 - Miracle - Bounce

    19 - Shaggy it wasn't me

    Ya i think it was crack or something..

    $$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/11/2002 07:34:55 PM
    dees daily useless yet important announcements:

    1-the six month anniversary of the september. 11 th attacks is today. still seems impossible that anything this horrible ever happened.

    2-why cant guys understand that there are five members in N*sync. not 6, not 7 and really, not four. every time the guys of our school decide to perform as N*sync, they seem to forget this very important detail : 5 members!!! . when will you guys ever learn.

    3- ha. I went to my sister's variety show yesterday. the ultimate bro and: the lead guitarist is so hot. the base guy is so dreamy, the lead singer has such an amazing voice ( okay, ever thing I said that might sound like a complement about these guys is sarcastic ) and the drummer is... the drummer is... wait a minute.. there is no drummer! that's right folks. the ultimate Mary magnets have no drummer, cant sing, cant hold a pic right and cant even read tabs.

    4-another thing about bros. they shouldn't be at punk rock concerts : the mosh pit could damage their new shoes from aldo, or their fake versace shirt.

    5-skanking... the best medicine in the world. its a very good cardiovascular activity you know. high cholesterol ? go to a planet smashers concert.

    6-now, for the bestest news : a truck carrying hundreds of chickens to the slaughter house got into an accident. there are hundreds of chickens running free.

    thank you, play safe, don't listen to dance music, this has been DeeDee for your evening announcements, have a great and techno free night

    [colise.. edited by Jennifer cause claudia doesn't know you have to put < Br > to skip a line.. and cause she can't spell..]

    timbo munkfish | 3/11/2002 07:24:17 PM
       yeah blah... i feel bad that i have not posted (not that you like reading my posts.... but thats not the point).
    I am meant to be doing a super-fun geography essay right now on "the energy crisis".. mais, c'est ennyeux (!!!)

    but on the other hand, i am gonna see adema and soil nxt month *pokes tongue out at jenny* yeah.. get ur gro0ve on.. however, tonight i am on a stict diet of calm and soothing music that will help me get to sleep, coz i just dont well... sleep much at all :(...but for those of you who want to be calm and peaceful and join me in my nice world of seranity.. please do:
    Groove armada - Groove armada [radio edit]
    The avalanches - Since i left you
    I monster - day dream in blue
    Zero 7 - give it away
    massive attack - weather storm
    Chicane - Offshore [album mx]
    Smoke City - Underwater love [radio edit]
    Kinobe - Slip into Something More comfortable [instrumental]
    Bentley Rhythm Ace - Bently's gonna sort you out
    Hairy Diamon - Giving up
    Lemon Jelly - Come
    Bent - private road
    Air - all i need
    Bjork - Amphibian

    i would carry on, but i got work to do :)... enjoy!
    i strongly recommend you get these tunes if you don't already have them ...but yes you have them... otherwise.. bleh!


    Lucky * | 3/11/2002 04:37:38 PM
       jimmy mange terre.. heart.

    Timmy excuses himself from not posting as often as we force him to he'd like.
    he says: "himble nimble, im sorry *tum tum*"
    he's busy with school work and stuff.. so bug him on msn. =D i kid. apparently you're supposed to do stuff in school. HMM.

    anyway, the nutritional posters in the caf.. have you seen them? the old woman is bread posing. it's SCARY!
    this sucks. YTV screwed up my whole schedule. arf. dexter's lab, powerpuff and hey arnold are all pushed back a half hour.. which means hey arnold is on at 5, which is at the same time as sponge bob on nick. doesn't that just SUCK. and they show this retarded pokemon-like cartoon at 3.30 =( damn.


    Sunday, March 10

    sabrina dibs | 3/10/2002 05:56:40 PM
       i went to my cousins house today. it was her sweet sixteen family birthday party thing. yup...vanessa. hmm it was alright i guess, except she seemed kind of sad, i dunno why.
    i also got to meet my cousins girlfriend. (gianni, hes the oldest, 20). shes, uh, interesting. shes got really really orange hair and shes really shy. she was scared to meet us :). but then when my two baby cousins, samantha and karina, got there they got scared of her (marissa) and decided to cry alllll day! i have such a headache! oh my god.
    umm..what else? oh, yes, after i finished my complete plate of pasta and had meat/salad/potatoes/etc, my aunt suddenly screams out, so everybody hears, sabrina, DID YOU EAT ANYTHING?????? *sniff* i was seriously about to start crying right there. ugh. i hate her i hate her I HATE HER!!
    other than that, that was it.

    oh, and two weeks ago, for my family bday party thing, my parents got these helium balloons (of course, its the parents job to do things like that..). anyways, after a day they were all on the floor deflating, except for one of them. you know, the special ones? the real expensive ones not made of the same thing normal balloons are made of? well, anyway, that one stayed up. AND ITS STILL ON MY CEILING TODAY!!! ahh...its scary! its been TWO WEEKS! :) haha...i wont ever be able to get rid of it..

    Lucky * | 3/10/2002 12:28:41 PM
       i got 12 hours of sleep. be jealous.. be very jealous.
    hmm.. i was gonna give a big summary of what happened yesterday, BUT WHATEVER. all you have to know is that it was AWESOMELY CRUNK, and that skanking is so JOYFUL. that's it. *waves*

    Saturday, March 9

    Monday Monkey | 3/9/2002 11:47:39 PM

    What Flavour Are You? I taste like Bread.I taste like Bread.

    I am a staple in almost everyone's diet. Friends like me are a complement to any other friends I get on with almost everyone, remaining mostly in the background, but providing substance when it would otherwise be lacking. What Flavour Are You?

    I DONT WANT TO BE BREAD!!!!!!!!!

    Monday Monkey | 3/9/2002 11:31:31 PM
       Ok well lets see, where to start? Ok first...yes the moshing..that was fun. The leaving of David and Sofia that wasnt fun...and CHRIS left too!!!!!! No he was the tour-guide! Well i hing out with pat and david borther for a was crazy fun. Then we found nike in the mosh( which should have been skank) pit. Well moshing was crap and didnt make any sense(cus planet smashers are ska!!!!) so we set out to find a place to skank, then we found nick, the we went to the side and found bords..yes wooden planks. We started to skank there and then was an skankin' island. Well then the planet smashers were incredibly cool. yes i got the skankin' down. Any way then we left..i got a planet smashers baseball shit...hihihi is soo cool. Anyway i hope the rest of you people got home ok, cya.

    Friday, March 8

    Lucky * | 3/8/2002 10:35:27 PM
       have you guys ever watched the fairly odd parents? holy shit, you should. i watched it for the first time tonight, and it's AWESOME. awyea. Tim would like it.. hehe. why you ask? well, it's all about a boy named Timmy:

    who has fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda:

    awesomeness ensues. okaie.
    Jennifer approved of my new layout.. but ah dunno. we shall see if Jenny decides to come up with a better one, or else i'll put mine up, if i'm not to lazy.. *mwahaha*
    the week is over *sob*.. but jam des neiges is demain. fun for everyone. and we get to watch SNOWBOARDERS. maybe i'll steal a board and break my face. HMM. but there's only 3 bands? (simple plan, 83 and planet smashers) *ponderment* i see.. oh whatever.
    [i changed the dates back to english. i couldn't understand. i was miserable. *cries*]

    sabrina dibs | 3/8/2002 04:31:52 PM
       okay, so umm lemme see. yesterday i went to pick up my bracelet with my sister. and umm..i asked to try it on to make sure it fit well..and then the girls like...'hmm, you bought this here? (in french)' i said 'uh yeah'. and shes like 'oh, i never saw it before, its so pretty' and then she tried it on! and she looked like she wanted to keep just there like oh my god! first of all, it says sabrina on it, second, shes twice my size, third, she didnt understand me when i talked to her in english, and last, ITS MINE. gimme it back!!! ahh. yeah, umm then i had tim hortons with sandy. soup in a bread thing. its so cool! :) my mom decided to come home from work early. then she dragged me to the gals...
    mom: cheer up brina
    me: (nothing..)
    mom: you miss him huh?
    me: *nod*
    mom: i wish you could ask him to come back
    OH MY GOD! seriously, is it her dream to get me depressed? its like as if she enjoys hurting me. first she sends him home, then she tells me it would be okay if he were here! and she told me she wishes she had let him stay another day before making him go home, so they could think it over some more and come to a more civilized conclusion. oh my god. *sniff* :'(

    anyways, she bought me 'cinderella II dreams come true' in an attempt to make me feel better...the movie is quite bad actually. but lucifer fell in love! with pom-pom!! :) im happy for them two.

    Lucky * | 3/8/2002 02:34:32 PM
       the more you listen to that soundtrack, the more you'll become a series of moments and not a real person anymore.. BEWARE!
    hey, what's with you people having a life? i'm bored. (but no Claudia, i don't want to join you on another excursion. yes, this is because you STOLE MY COTTON CANDY STAND! you evil bitch. that was my pride and joy. IT WAS MY LIFE. but you just ruined it all. you evil, evil person.)
    anyway.. i guess Jennifer didn't go snowboarding. sucks for her. SUCKS MORE FOR ME because i didn't even get offered to go snowboarding, now did i? grr.
    MSN goodies i guess.. it's a cheap little site, but the color program is worth it all for ORANGE FONT! ookay. i'm just a TAD on the majorly bored side.


    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/8/2002 01:11:51 PM
       I'm so freakin bored and my mom won't let me listen to the queen of the damned soundtrack anymore ITS NOT FAIR.. aparently it's not music and things like that are gonna make me depress and wanna kill myself again HOLY FUCK does she not realise that i don't give a fuck what her or anyone else thinks? I need candy or something.. i think i might go to my grandmothers house or something my parents bitching is pissing me off.. or maybe ill go download some britney spears or something and then listen to it really loud and make my mom happy.. britney spears isn't even a good role model she's nothing but a slut! I have to go see my psychologist soon .. cause i won't tell my mom whats wrong with me a psychologist is gonna try and figure it out and then tell her.. fun stuff eh? such a waste of money *sigh* My stupid wisdom tooth is growing again.. it fucking kills.. i hate it so fuckin much why can't it just grow and get out and stop growing? but no it's like grow stop grow stop grow stop and it hurts sooooo much *cries* OMG! my dad is such a fucking retard he's all like why aren't you dressed yet? and now he's telling my mom that i'm not co-operating but i mean really what's he gonna do fire me? I hate my parents so very much.. expecially my dad.. at least my mom pretends to like me and doesn't act asif im a bother everytime im around. anyways my moms downstairs now trying to read this so ciao for now ill come back to vent some more later

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/8/2002 12:27:50 PM
       I ABSOLUTLY HATE MY PARENTS!! I don't think i'm going snowboarding anymore... I refuse to go with my dad he's a fucking jerk. This morning he starts fighting with my mom and stuff.. and then he decides he doesn't want to go snowboarding anymore.. so my mom gets pissed at him tells him he's an asshole and every other nice word and then he decides he's gonna take us for her to leave him alone... but personnally i don't feel like spending a day with someone who obviously doesn't give a shit about me.. so ya he told me to get ready half an hour ago and i'm still in my pj's .. i don't give a fuck anymore.. my dad should die or move out. i don't get why my mom doesn't divorce him he's such a fucking jerk

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/8/2002 11:13:51 AM
       bob mom says pick me - hehe the price is right makes me giggle.. I'm so happy i'm leaving in like an hour, i can't wait! i just hope i don't break too many bones in my body.. cause that would suck alot.. ya i have to go out with my boyfriend tonight.. i'm sorta scared... and that makes me wish i do break my um RIGHT arm.. ya no more essays and stuff till its healed *smiles* ok so a sprained arm would be good enough for me aslong as i don't have to go bowling tonight *cries*

    Lucky * | 3/8/2002 12:12:52 AM
    What Flavour Are You? I taste like Peanut Butter.I taste like Peanut Butter.
    I am one of the most blendable flavours; I go with sweet, I go with sour, I go with bland, I go with anything. I am practical and good company, but have something of a tendency to hang around when I'm not wanted, unaware that my presence is not welcome. What Flavour Are You?

    yeah, and i go with celery too. =D yum.

    okay, JENNIFER? i hate you. i hate you a lot. like, A LOT. I wanna go snowboarding. ME, ME, ME. not you, ME. *hmph* do you all recall what my name on msn a few weeks ago was? "i wanna go snowboarding!" did Jennifer have her name to "i wanna go snowboarding"? no. she did not. 'twas i who had my name to "I WANNA GO SNOWBOARDING!" (!!!!!!!!) damn you. *shakes her fist*

    it took me 25 minutes to floss my teeth. i want to die.
    and i almost choked on an asprin. that didn't go well.
    i banged a glass on my teeth. it FUCKING hurt. die.

    PARTY MANIA! Marc and Luc are sooo hot. *melt*

    Thursday, March 7

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/7/2002 09:55:52 PM
       i write in u too much. ur like a drug. i need blog rehab...a place without internet connection...but *gasp* would i be able to survive?? i think not *smiles* oh well.. So ya i'm going snowboarding tomorrow. It should be loads of fun! i came home from shopping today and this is what happened..
    My daddy - Are you doing anything tomorrow?
    Me - Uh ya why?
    My daddy - Oh i was just wondering..
    Me - I'm just going out at night though!
    My daddy - Would you wanna go snowboarding?
    Me - WHAT?!?! Mommy is he serious?
    My mommy - Ya, i told him he didn't spend enough time with you guys.
    My daddy - will you act normal tomorrow?
    Me - will we get an instructer?
    My daddy - why would you need an instructer you've got me?
    My daddy - fine

    I'm so happy! I can't wait! I keep asking my mom if it's true cause ya i don't see why but YAY!!!!!!

    Time for some quiz results

    What Flavour Are You? I taste like Beef.I taste like Beef.

    I taste like beef. I'm probably made of beef. You are what you eat, they say, and if the title didn't mean something else, I would be a beefeater. I think red meat is good for you. Puts hair on your chest. What Flavour Are You?

    Which Spice Girl Are You?

    Which Rock Chick Are You?

    Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

    Hmm umm anyways i FINALLY saw lord of the rings today.. it's seriously not that great but whateva..
    I also bought a new bra.. it's all pretty and has flowers on it =) I bought a bathing suit too =) it's pretty and orange.. OH AND IM GOING SNOWBOARDING TOMORROW i have the bestest life ever eh?

    timbo munkfish | 3/7/2002 07:50:05 PM
       i been snowboarding on a dry ski slope.... lucky people with REAL snow *cries*... oh well... getting mail from people you have not spoken to on the net in AGES is just damn right scary "blah blahh whats up do0d?"... erm... i dont know?... that has to be the worst questions ever... "what have you been up 2?" .. um... i dont know leave me alone.. I DONT HAVE YOUR PICKLES and then the conversation always seems to die around then *hmm*.. hehe my friend has bought a domain name, which is quite possibly the best domain name that exists... i mean how cool.. just grows on you after a while... "its all about the monkey, and the cake" hehehehe... i think i shall buy, after all its still available and only 10 :D YAY!.. but i need a card of creditness that spirts money from its plasticy plasticness o_0 .. um ya well, its like 12:50am and i still got a whole essay to write and a random e-mail to reply to... one day i shall fine the time to post more often on here, but yall on spring brake so mer!
    nighty night

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/7/2002 06:40:34 PM
       I'm going snowboarding tomorrow!!!!!

    Lucky * | 3/7/2002 12:21:40 PM
       it's getting there..
    (i watched the price is right.. score.)

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/7/2002 01:05:55 AM
       Colise Rosie.. why do that to me? It's like a drug.. you know i'm addicted <3 flinstones vitamins =) it must be said that whenever i go to Rosie's house i steal a few and shove them all in my mouth and then i get really hyper for a while.. anyways i went to bed at like 11ish but i couldnt fall asleep so i decided to go pimp myself on the net.. oh ya.. and i had burnt the queen of the damned soundtrack *heart* i love it so much.. the music is so not me but i love it so much i don't know why.. the lyrics are cool

    "why don't you die? your blood in mine, we'll be fine, soon your body will be mine."

    i dunno who that's by but it's called system

    "I've watched you change.. into a fly.. i looked away.. you are a fly"

    that's right the deftones are on it also =)

    "born with no soul, lack of control, cut from the mold of the anti-social"

    none radioish papa roach <3

    " i can't seem to concentrate.. i want to know.. lala.. penatrate.."

    oK im over quoting songs.. but seriously you all should download certain songs from the soundtrack...

    1) Forsaken - David Draiman of Disturbed
    2) System - Chester Bennington of Linkin Park
    3) Penetrate - Godhead
    4) Down With The Sickness - Disturbed [they be my favorite band so shut it..]
    5) Cold-Static - X

    *sigh* actually you all should just go buy it.. it kicks ass <3

    Lucky * | 3/7/2002 12:08:54 AM
       yeah. what Jennifer said. *thumbs up* Eric said he'd make some especially for this. (on CLEAN, white paper, SCORE.) and i'm working on that quizzes page right now, but it's taking forever.. urgh, and i'm tired, so it'll be about 67 years 'til i'm done. kthx. yeah, i think we're all a bunch of lazy people. that layout could have been done atleast two weeks ago, but eh. [yeah, and i forgot to mention that we'll be moving the whole site to a new address soon. oui.]
    anyway, today was SUCH a boring day. this whole week has been boring. but, whatever. lemme tell a story anyway. *sigh* i went to my brother's, right? with Claudia.. and it's the first time that i go there and have to open the door, because i just got my key. and, my brother has a retarded door, so imagine this. my dogs see me at the window, trying to open the door, and they got excited. they're little dogs, so they really get easily excited. now, after 15 minutes of struggling with the door, their anticipation is burning.. waiting for me to come in. so, i finally get the door open, i bend down to say hello to them. Nikki is hopping around all happy, and what does she do? WHAT DOES LITTLE NIKKI DO? do you want to know what little, adorable Nikki did? she peed. ON ME. yes folks. this is like the THIRD time i get peed on by my dogs. URGH. but it's all good, cause i got to borrow Sabrina's adidas suit thingy, think "dude, where's my car?" yeah. i was all pimped out. and it was over-sized, which just made it cooler. yeah, then Eric and David (Curci) came over. and that's about it. oh wait! we got a fansign out of David. yep, yep. i put it in the club, so go see it. but, he wasn't exactly sure on the definition of a fan sign. his turned out more like a hallmark greeting? but that's alright. it's the thought that counts.
    i got my braces too. hoorah.. i feel cool. my elastics are pink, yeah, i rock your ass. i feel like Shelly, Stan's older sister. "be quiet while i go listen to my Britney Spearrrrrsssss records.." hehe. anyway, my dentist is in st-leonard.. and after me and my mommy went to dunkin' donuts. i've never noticed that st-leonard is so much worse than rdp. ohmey. it was horrible. HA. you heard the music from paradise from the parking lot. god, i wanted to kill myself. anyway, there's just a bunch of bro's lingering around and i was like, ohmey. and they were EVERYWHERE! it was scary un p'tit peu beaucoup. then, this Mary walks by, and she had a bag of pot in her hands. and it's like, OHMEY. cache ca s'il te plait! they think they're SO cool if they do drugs, but it's like.. STOP SHOWING THE FREAKING WORLD! morons, all of them do that and it pisses me off. they're so stupid. i hope they all get arrested for stupidity one day. URGH.

    my kite:

    you like, eh?

    we are flintstone kids.. =D

    Wednesday, March 6

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/6/2002 01:06:03 PM
       I think i shall make an important announcement.. yes.. finally us superdorks will have some content..
    1) The adventures of Pothead.. his dog.. and his friends.. [This is just a comic strip type of thing that Eric drawes in class instead of listening to the teacher, it's actually pretty good! It's about pothead who saves the day with drugs and stuff.. ya..]
    2) Advice column [yup.. us superdorks have nothing better to do then find a solutions to all your problems... you can ask us anything.. and when i say anything i mean anything.. you can ask us why your dog is loosing all his hair.. or you can ask us which lubricant would be better for an anal sex first timer.. hehe... anyways e-mail me or Rosie with the questions and we'll pass them on to the other dorks .. ]
    3) SRQ .. stupid random questions.. oh ya.. when ever us dorks get bored we'll get onto some chat and get people to say funny things that'll make you giggle =)
    4) We'll also create a page to post all our online quiz answers..
    5)Our readers should now e-mail us with their brilliant suggestions.. ya that would help

    *sigh* anyways i'm gonna try making a new layout.. i give up on the teenage mutant ninja turtle one.. it just wasn't working for me.. i dunno why.. i think i'm gonna make a sorta .. death metal type of thing.. it'll be dark and inspired by lestat <3 and the queen of the damned soundtrack.. =) i just finished burning it =) hehe.. oh and i don't care what anyone says the morpheus preview edition kicks ass.. it's very odd at first but once you start understanding it <3 you'll love it <3

    Lucky * | 3/6/2002 01:03:18 PM
       SHIT. i planned my whole spring break around the price is right.. but i keep missing it! UGH. that's it, tomorrow, i'm camping out in front of my tv.

    sabrina dibs | 3/6/2002 10:52:45 AM
       okay. i think i should say something to show everyone im still alive...umm im not talking about anything though cause i dont want to. besides, jennifer kind of said everything there is to know. well, except that i finally got grounded...for the first time in my life. you know how much that sucks? i had to call my mom like every hour to show her i was home. anyway, enough about that...until maybe one day when i feel like it.
    umm my sister took me out to the movies to try to make me feel better. we saw 'the royal tenenbaums'. god that was horrible. i started daydreaming and that was bad.
    then my friends forced me out to the movies at night..i didnt wanna go but anyways. the movie sucked but you all acted pretty normal with me (thanks) then we saw that stupid uh triangle thing like three times.

    ***umm ROSIE -- im sixteen now, change my age please

    Monday Monkey | 3/6/2002 10:21:56 AM
       Hello me again..i went ot bed at like 3 and woke up at 9....not many hours of sleep. Hmmm what should i do today? Ok durring the day i think ill go to rosie's brother's house and chill...and after ill go to the "movies" *wink-wink* hihihihi..code names are fun. Blah Blah Blah....its going to be a borring day..i can feel it in my bones.

    Monday Monkey | 3/6/2002 12:36:34 AM back..yes i didnt stop at curci's house cuz i think it would have been odd...being 10:30 and all, but whatever. First of all...lets talk about tha movie...o wait it not a movie it is just stuff that happens made on a big screen. Why was that chick even in the movie...she was on screen a whole ten minutes...and then dies...and these were characters that were just there..for no reason. Stuff was happening for no reason! And why were vampires exploding..realy. And the pointless WRIST SLITTING!! Well all i have to say is WORST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok second of all..i hate montreal has streets that go nowhere...and then i missed the bus and there was this crazy person..blah blah(you know how that goes).
    Third of all..oh mey gawd..well remeber the time with the punk chick and the bros(i told you guys about it, summerise if you dont remember: bros got on bus, bros were pissing off a punks chick, punk chick beat up bros, the end) Well i saw the guy again(the bro) and he was all bro'ed up anf then some punks got on,one of them was a regular..i see her alot on the bus. Well anyway it was funny because he gave them a dirty look but the other punks were realy big and (excuse the word) "buff" and hes all like...hmmm im screwed..but then they got off and lauphed at him. It was beautiful..simply beautiful.
    Well i think i sould start an advice collum..just ramdom help that dosen't work for most people, and passes that borring time when its not morning but its not night when i have nothing to do.

    well im bored of typing so i leave you with this....
    WORST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tuesday, March 5

    Lucky * | 3/5/2002 11:21:14 PM
    yeah, i did it on purpose to get them. jebus, i hated the answers that corresponded to them. you people know NOTHING about nsync. bleh at you.. but here's my real result:

    yeah, the lead singer is way hot. like, pure hotness. like, that guy, Lestat? wow. he's hot. but that movie had NO point. no direction. no situation d'equilibre intiale, no element d'eclencheur, no peripeties, no denoument, no situation finale.. LIKE, what the hell! you call that a story? they didn't even use passe simple. *tsk* people will never learn.

    and uh, i have a sponge bob kite. that's ALL i have to say about that. i would take pictures, but i'm tired, and everyone has seen it. HA. i'm cool.

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/5/2002 10:18:36 PM
       hehe *snort* hehe being a dork is so much fun.. you have so much more fun when what others think of you doesn't matter.. anyways i went to see Queen of the Damned with the bunch of us +++SuperDorks+++ [timmy was once again not present.. WTF!?! i mean really do you not feel it important to participate in our umm group activities *sigh* COLISE! why can't he live in Montreal like the rest of us.. i <3 you Timmy.. ] ok anyways the movie is about vampires.. and HOLY FUCK IS THE MAIN VAMPIRE CHARACTER DUDE FUCKABLE!!!!!!!! i'd do him right now.. ok no i wouldn't i love my bf.. i'll fuck him instead :/ shhh i never said that.. i shall forever stay a virgin =) or maybe.. i'll fuck my lab partner [if u didn't see the movie crossroads.. go now.. i dare you..] ok anyways.. at one point the hot dude goes over to the evil side and well ya.. i yelled oh no he's gone to the evil side or something like that.. and then i started crying really loud and aquardly.. hehe it was fun.. and then eric started laughing but it sounded asif he was crying to.. after that claudia blew her nose reallly loud. ya it was funny hehe.. umm also at some point i remember screaming may the force be with you.. cause i felt it fit into the movie.. ya but that happened when claudia was blowing her nose or something so rosie ended up slipping off her chair from laughter.. and then going back home we entered and left a few cities.. st.leonard ....jump...montreal-north... ya it was fun.. i forgot to give rosie her glasses back though.. oh well.. i guess she'll have to come get them tomorrow.. and then i can rape her.. SHIT comming home we were talking about being raped and stuff... and ya we all think that if we were ever gonna get raped we'd ask to recieve it anally.. hehe.. eric thinks we have problems *smiles*

    Monday Monkey | 3/5/2002 06:32:51 PM
       im off to the movies...blah!

    What LoTR Character Are You?

    You are most like Celeborn. You are normally a quiet person. Who needs to talk when actions speak louder that words? You are pretty popular, but your fame isn't that big of a deal. What's more important to you is making the world a better place.

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/5/2002 05:56:25 PM
       HAHAHA my sister just reminded me of something.. While we were going to the movies i told her she did the most random things at times and that it was annoying.. so she asked what random ment and i told her .. it ment ugly and just there without a purpose.. So while in line there was a whole bunch of bro's in back of us and my sister out of the blue tells them theyre so random! i was cracking up and they thought i was a retard.. and then after that i asked her why she did it and she was like "well did u see them? they were ugly and thought they were cool.. and they were just there hehehe ... i mean really jenn why are the going to see crossroads?" HAHA that made my day... i <3 my sister...

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/5/2002 03:59:30 PM

    What is YOUR Highschool label?

    What LoTR Character Are You?

    Which Buffy Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

    click to take it!

    We should each have a page or something to put our results on *sigh* Ok so crossroads is actually good.. it was soo funny a whole bunch of parents were pissed off cause they thought the movie was gonna be more for children.. HAHAHA my lil sister went EWW! a few times.. i just giggled.. and i had to sit in the first row... u know how fucking horrible that was? ya well there was no more room in it .. so i had to sit in the first row *cries* but the movie was actually good.. better then 40 days and 40 nights actually.. well i gotta go shower my hair looks funny :/ buh byes

    Monday Monkey | 3/5/2002 01:19:08 PM
       OK...its looks like alot can happen in 2 days..i don't check the site and all this stuff happens..*pfft*. Realy...ok lets make a list:

    The crazy wacky list
    1. Jen is um seeing a sychomaolomagist.
    2. Sabrina's far way love(which i new nothing about) comes into town.. and caos starts.
    3. Who the hell is justine?
    4. We reached 666 peoples that came to the site(wow!)
    5.A hotel?!(sick porno music starts)
    6. dork site. hmmmm.
    7.Incest with the mallrats movie
    8.and finaly im sapossedly seeing a movie tonight? why was i not informed...mabey ill go..blah!

    ya...well i met matt from planet smashers when i went to buy my hoodie...he gave me stikers*grins*.....i cant wait for saturday.

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/5/2002 12:11:45 PM
       *sigh* I have to go see the movie CrossRoads with my little sister.. I'm scared.. Britney is a psychotic whore... I'm scared that i might wanna kill myself after seeing her on the screen for more then 3 minutes.. Oh well i promised i'd go so i guess i will *cries* help someone anyone? And tonight i'm going to see Queen of the damned with rosie, claudia, nick, eric, antony.. and other peoples .. that should amuse me for a while.. ya.. Rosie should bring her camera.. that would be cool.. we can act like retards and then post our adventures.. ya.. ROSIE IF YOU READ THIS BRING YOUR CAMERA TONIGHT OR ELSE I'LL CRY!!!! hm i have to leave in 20 minutes i don't wanna go!

    I ran up the door,Closed the stairs
    Said my pajamas,put on my prayers
    Turned off the bed,and hoped into the light
    All because he kissed me goodnight

    Cute eh?

    Monday, March 4

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/4/2002 09:14:30 PM
       *sniff* i feel all warm and fuzzy inside! our blog has reached 666 hits @ 8:46pm of this day *sigh* and only one person answered my e-mail so far..
    Nic from says "They can poke me all they want. I will take the candy canes, eat them, then tell them to go have anal sex with someone else." I wonder if she'd tell them to do it with me.. ya that would be cool..

    Lucky * | 3/4/2002 09:12:55 PM
       i get bored REAL fast.

    [668.. =( i missed it. *refreshes* 669.. i feel better. =)]

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/4/2002 08:39:27 PM
       our blog is almost at 666 hits.. oh ya.. spread the love <3

    Lucky * | 3/4/2002 08:02:19 PM

    Congrats, your celeb match is Elijah Wood! You like a guy who's sweet, sensitive, a real sweetie who's truly a dork at heart! He can be shy at times, but you'll be there to reassure him. This guy is perfect for a meaningful long term relationship. He may never be on the cover of 'seventeen' but his true beauty and talent will be remembered. He'll treat you like a true princess. You are one lucky gal!

    *ponders* uh huh.

    this makes me so sad. *sigh* people thinking they're cool. PSSH. whatever..
    there's this song called "oops, oh my". OHMEY! hehe. it made me snort. i dunno who it's from. but missy elliot's in there somewhere. she's always somehow in EVERY song. *ponder-ment*

    i stole this from Claudia. no, she lent it to me. i made love to it. she'll never forgive me. *sigh*

    this world is filled with donkeys says: i want to make love to that movie
    Lucky says: i already have.
    Rosie: <3
    Claudia: no, no , NO
    Rosie: WAIT.
    Rosie: you just said that you would make love to it.
    Claudia: i shall never forgive you
    Rosie: and now it's your child?
    Rosie: INCEST!
    Rosie: INCEST!
    Rosie: *points*
    Claudia: if it wasnt my child i would
    Claudia: but it is. so i wont
    Rosie: but you want to
    Rosie: *shakes her head* tsk.
    Claudia: I WAS DRUNK\

    who's your buddy? *grin*

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/4/2002 06:29:35 PM
       Certain websites should just be visited more often. Anyways i think all of you guys should join this message board.. ya it's not in english but that's besides the point *giggles* there a guy named richard that sent me a private message before it said "aloha,washabi".. cool stuff eh?

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/4/2002 03:34:26 PM
       hmm when i'm bored i tend to do odd stuff.. i hate having to babysit my sister.. cause i end up babysitting the whole neighboorhood *sigh* anyways i think i'm gonna e-mail random people asking them how they'd feel if purple turtles were stalking them and poking them with candy canes until they agreed to have sex with them... ya im gonna do that.. and post the answers later.. maybe i'll make a section out of this.. who knows..

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/4/2002 12:45:52 PM
    boredom sucks

    Which Angelina Are You?

    Which Winona Are You?

    What Psych-Ward do you belong to?

    See which Rugrat you are.
    See what Care Bear you are.

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/4/2002 10:30:24 AM
       BoNjOuR eVeRyOnE... I realize that I was quite vague in what I wrote yesterday and so I think I'll explain everything that happened. A few months ago Sabrina met this guy on the net that lived in Oshawa.. They fell in love? ya they fell in love .. it's possible I've been there and done that.. after a while you realize how dumb you were but ya.. So anyways they talked for a few months then Stephen.. that's his name, decided he wanted to meet Sabrina.. He got his mom to buy him a train ticket to Montreal. Before he actually showed up Sabrina hypothetically speaking asked her parents what they would say if she asked to meet someone she met over the net.. Her mom said NO! Unless your dad's there...Anyways Stephen was coming to spend march break here in Montreal with Sabrina.. So Sabrina being the good girlfriend? that she is went hotel searching on her computer.. and well... she didn't delete the history.. Stephen called a few times also .. from the motel.. but Stephen has a lil accent.. ya know? Oh and you can't forget the fact that Sabrina refused for her mom to take a day or two off work to spend with her.. although Sabrina's moms very often on vacation and Sabrina misses her a whole lot.. Sab said no.. because she was spending the whole march break with Stephen.. Sab was also very exited about march break and told her mom she was going shopping and skating all week and would only be home rarely. So anyways last Saturday was the BIG day.. Sabrina comes here to pick me up, her sister drives us to place Versailles for some major shopping.. and to get her bracelet fixed. Anyways we show up at the train station at like 12:45 and he's not there.. we wait till 2.. he's still not there.. But the train was only coming at 4:58.. so ya.. we go home.. and when Sabrina gets home at around 6 he calls and says he just arrived in Montreal. So the next day me and Sabrina go "shopping" again.. She gets at my house around 10am and we get home around 8pm..stores close at 5.. ya that's when our parents started questioning. I had tried calling my mom a few times but there was always no answer or the phone was busy.. The phone was busy cause my mom and Sabrina's mom were talking.. So at around 6:45 I FINALLY get my mom on the phone.. but she's FUCKING pissed and questioning me already.. She's like who are you with? blah blah blah and acting very unnormal.. if that's even possible for a psycho freak like herself. And then there's this random dude following me around pretending he was talking to his mom to and when I told him to fuck off he was like shhhh im talking to my mom.. heh.. it was funny.. I think I was talking a lil loud.. Ok anyways I get home and my moms like WHO'S STEPHEN? and I said I didn't know .. so my moms like OH SO HE DOESN'T GO TO YOUR SCHOOL EH? then I was like uhh I dunno maybe.. my moms like WHY WERE YOU AT A HOTEL? I said I wasn't and then my moms like THEN WHY DID SABRINA LOOK UP HOTELS ON HER COMPUTER? and I was like I have no clue.. then my mom took out my dairy .. COLISE.. I don't care what she says I still think she has no right to do that but anyways.. so my mom knew.. and so did Sabrina's but Sabrina's mom was in umm denial? So ya my mom made me call Sabrina and tell her she was better off to not lie to her parents anymore cause they knew anyways.. and she'd just get in more trouble which was true.. and the stuff my mom said scared me to. even Claudia asked me.. the same thing my mom did "well was he coming here to have sex with her?" I seriously wouldn't want anything happening to her.. but it is a lil odd that a guy would travel that much and spend that much money for nothing in return.. but he did seem nice I guess... although he made me leave cause apparently I was too bizarre for him.. ya but once he left Sabrina said I wasn't that bad.. he made me put my walkman on and stuff and walk in front or behind them.. then when we went to the movies [ we saw 40 days and 40 nights HOLY FUCK does that movie ever suck.. unless ur a guy.. then go see it.. it's like soft porn or something along those lines.. allot of boobies and nipples also] he wanted me to sit in a different row but nah UH.. I think not.. So anyways I hope Sabrina's ok .. my mom talked to her mom last night and apparently she's not allowed on the net anymore and she had to tell Stephen to go back home... What sucks is that her mom said she would have let her meet him if she would have brought him home and had her dad or someone like that there the first time.. I also hope Sabrina doesn't hate me forever and ever cause that would suck,, and I didn't say anything my mom didn't already know.. so umm ya.. that's what yesterday was like for me... and now I gotta start seeing a psychologist again cause apparently what I wrote in my diary isn't "normal" and that I need help and stuff.. so ya I get to miss some more school to go talk to someone who doesn't even help me that I'll just end up mocking.. *sigh* what a waste of money.. And to my favoritest reader... [Chris is second cause he only wants me for sex.] yes I am mentioning u on the website now.. but I would like to know how old u are where ur from and all that other stuff I asked.. kthxby

    Sunday, March 3

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/3/2002 09:44:50 PM
       today was bad.. very bad.. it was good until we got home.. ya.. anyways i got home got yelled at.. i gotta start seeing a psychologist once again.. yup yup.. anyways i was all feeling *bleh* but then i got on the net.. and i had an e-mail from one of our ?!?Loyal?!? readers.. ya you know who you are.. thanx a bunch for that .. *smiles*

    Lucky * | 3/3/2002 09:02:11 PM

    somehow, i question that.. natural leader? eh. oh well, Tommy is kewliez. *heart*

    i finally watched Jay and Silent Bob strike back, and Clerks too. interesting.. that's all i have to say. i think i'm gonna go eat some cheese puffs now. *shrugs*

    Saturday, March 2

    $$$ DeeDee $$$ | 3/2/2002 08:54:47 PM
       hello there . today was justines birthday party. mucho great restaurant. if i could remeber the name, id tell you, but i didnt. anyhow, i saw the most disturbing thing ever : a fence, seperating the rich and the poor area. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT. its so flippin disturbing. i would expect something like that in the 1800's but not now. not in the 21st flipping century.

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/2/2002 07:08:47 PM
       -- edited --

    Maybe Sabrina's sister still reads this .. ah dunno

    Lucky * | 3/2/2002 03:17:52 PM
       HAPPY FUN. i'm going to sleep at my brother's tonight, instead of on the couch at my sister's.. SMART MOVE, eh? and i get to see my doggies, which i haven't seen in SOOO long.. like 2 weeks. *sniff* yep. and today my brother came over and i was watching dogma. and he was all "ooh, dogma." then he's like, "i wanna see Jay and Silent Bob strike back" and i was like "uhh HELL yueh!" so he's gonna rent it for MOI and *thumbs up* hehe, and it'll be the dvd too, so mucho bonus out-takes and CRAZYNESS! and if not, back to the future parts 1, 2 and 3. =D see? you give a little, you give a little? hehehe.
    oh yeah, and he said that he was donating photoshop 6.0 to me.. =D that's mucho's kewliez, because now we can have PRETTY layouts. *excited dance* maybe i can make PRETT-AY wallpapers TOO! we'll see. i hope i can figure out how to use it.
    anyway.. fun link number one, fun link number two and fun link number three. enjoy!

    timbo munkfish | 3/2/2002 12:42:25 PM
       "qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm that's suppose to be the alphabet but whoever invented the keyboard was a major crack addict.. umm actually whoever invented the computer was a major crack addict"....
    the original keyboards were in alphbetical order, but then they decided that the tuypists were going too fast and needed to be earning their money, so they re arranged it to slow them down... don't you just love my great facts....

    Monday Monkey | 3/2/2002 10:11:18 AM
       OK so jenn is going gooood. muahaha. Moucho peoples are gonna go. Fanky, David(and the gang), Rosie, other Jenn, Sofia, Ann Marie, Mabey Ant and Nick, and Jon too! it will be much crunkness. Snow Jam= crunk. I cant wait. Yes and we all have to go in the mosh pits....yes hihihi.

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/2/2002 09:26:33 AM
       Oh oui.. Jam Des Neige is the bestest thing ever.. but you people have to co-operate with me this year and go into the mosh pit.. or else i'll be stuck in there all alone again.. hehe Planet Smashers rock my thong.. Sabrina should be calling here in an hour or so.. I don't feel too good but i shall go anyways cause i don't want her to be alone but the bitch better be there *smiles* hmm... I miss my boyfriend alot .. if anyone cares to know... and his mom is the bestest mom ever.. when she's not all bitchy and psycho.. She resembles my mommy alot... either she's in an extremly good mood or she's in a fuck off leave me alone mood.. haha ya .. so anyways i got introduced to massimo's girlfriend last night.. heh she's like 8 it was funny..and i'm suppose to be jealous or something.. but ah dunno.. she was all evil and shy kinda like my sister.. and his mom has started calling me Jenn it's freakin scary.. He doesn't even call me that.. *sigh* I'm so fucking bored..
    qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm that's suppose to be the alphabet but whoever invented the keyboard was a major crack addict.. umm actually whoever invented the computer was a major crack addict.. they make us look for keys that aren't really there.. like the "any" key.. i spent days searching for it and it's no where to be found.. i think it ran away.. i'm gonna go looking for it.. anyone wanna join my adventure.. *bleh* [ hehehe mr. zampini SOOOOO said that in history the other day...] you people are so HOBBIT like.. why can't you just enjoy a good ole' adventure..

    Lucky * | 3/2/2002 08:52:19 AM
    my cousin and his troop are here to give me a floor! HOORAH! *happy dance* but that means i'm kicked out of the upstairs. *disappointment dance* but, i get to move in with my sister for a day. *excited dance* [OH. the nightingale] uhh uhh, yueh. but i'm uh, bored un p'tit peu beaucoup. maybe that means new layout? and new host.. *grumble* i have to find another one. okaie bon. nothing to do for Rosie. oh yeah, it IS 9 in the morning. i was forced out of bed at 7 to haul all my shit downstairs. maybe i'll post something entertaining later.. i dunno. oh, and i can go to jam des neiges. is this a good thing? *shrugs* bye bye un p'tit peu beaucoup.

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/2/2002 12:39:32 AM
       A is for anal sex
    B is for the Banana i give the monkey as a treat after the anal sex
    C is for the condom i SHOULD be wearing
    D is for the diamond ring my bf better get me for my birthday [august 9th.. start saving ur money everyones *smiles*]
    E is for eal [sp?] sabrina's seal
    F is for fucking which is an evil EVIL thing... fucking should not be done.. go ABSTENINCE [colise i can't spell]
    G is for George. <3 *heart*
    H is for horny?
    I is for I LOVE YOU!!!!!
    J is for Jennifer [oh ya you like that don't you?]
    K is for the way u kiss me foo!
    L is for love..
    M is for MONKEY!!!!
    N is for ill leave ur penis feeling all numb when im done with u?
    O is for oral ..
    P is for power? umm the power i will have when i take over the world with all my monkeysssss AHHHHHAHAHA!!!!!
    Q is for QWER.. hehe
    R is for rectum *smiles*
    S is for strawberry
    T is for the tube of body paint i better recieve on my birthday
    U is for rosies ghetto wanna be unicorn dance
    V is for my lil poka-dotted friend
    W is for heh.. the kinkyness possible on a water bed..
    X is for X-rAy
    Y is for yo-yo
    Z is for zebra

    Hehehe.. that's what i've been doing instead of working on a new layout.. ya.. superd0rks turtle style.. hehe.. super mutant super dorks!!!! doesnt the very thought of that just make u want to cum all over your pants? heh.. I think i'm gonna go to bed now.. Sabrina's making me go with her tomorrow to meet some dude comming here to meet her from Ontario... I somewhat think he won't show but i hope he does for her sake.. and she's not forcing me im forcing her not to go without me.. ya shes small and all im scared he'll rape her or something.. ah dunno.. heh.. ya thats what i think of u stephan..

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/2/2002 12:35:07 AM
       I hate when free things become unfree... I guess we better get us a host.. or convince my mommy to pay for stuff.. she says she would but she wants to be able to read the website... and HAHA! is all i have to say to that.. hehe i'm in love =)

    Monday Monkey | 3/2/2002 12:05:11 AM
       "stoned dance" lol thats why you said..o ya..hihi i get it..i said the weed was abundant and ooo... hihihi

    Monday Monkey | 3/2/2002 12:02:22 AM
       Ok so im didnt stay to see the last band because i would have missed my ride. But curci's band was good..ok not good..AMAZING! at first i was having fun ..good tunes..funny drunks( i wont name any at the present time) but when curci's band started to play it was realy great. We were watching for a song to mosh to because nobody was moshing but then they start just like that and we were all like should we( me, sofia, ann marie, cinthia, ect.) go in..and then, just like that Jon( out of all people just go nuts in there and jumps in. Like on que we all just go in and start to mosh like crazy. Moucho crunkness. Then the mosh stops and we all catch(22) our breath..the the next song starts..and i was starting to skank( slowly but surely) then this ass tackles me so i tackle him back and then teh moshing begins once fun. That was a work out and a half. But the we had to go..*sob* we wanted to stay *sob* . o well there's next saturday to have more fun, THE PLANET SMASHERS!!!! and Simple Plan(they're ok...i not that big a fan). Well im tired of typing...i will go now..buh bye.

    Lucky * | 3/2/2002 12:00:48 AM
       hola mes amis..
    yes, tonight was an interesting evening. Claudia and i were bored, so after school we went skating. but we got like, 10 minutes of skating done. =( cause we had to go to Claudia's to get her skates, then mine and then to the arena and we didn't make time. *does the disapointment dance* lol, i'll get to that later. yeah, when Claudia came to my house.. she thought it was a barn. or a little shack.. cause of the wood floors. hehe, yup. i live in a barn. but i'm getting my tiles tomorrow. and apparently, i'm moving in with my sister for a day. so i gotta haul all my shit up there by 8 in the morning. HMM. anyway, back to our evening. then we went to l'inter marche to pick up some kraft dinner and mushy cookies for me to eat. (YES, my teeth still freaking hurt. i can just imagine myself the day after i get my braces. euugh.) and we rented a movie, american pie 2. even though i wanted to rent JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK. *pleure* they had no more. but they only had 2 copies! like, what is that! i was SO disappointed. *does the major disappointed dance* okay, about the dances. me and Claudia made up dances to express every expression you can possibly think of. well not EVERY one, but we tried to make up as many as we could. okay, we have the: happy dance, excited dance (which is my FAVE!), horny dance, retard dance, ugly dance, disappointed dance, major disappointed dance, ohmeygawd dance, drunk dance, stoned dance, and that's about it, i think. hehe, and all of them have their music! HAHA! i LOVE the excited dance. anyway, that was our night. we worked on the skit for the variety show a little. well, not much. YEP, now i gotta get my mommy to let me go to jam des neiges, cause apparently, i have to go because it's *does the excitement dance* cool. and there's snowboarders there? COOLNESS. *does the happy dance* okay, quick dance lesson.. the excited dance: cluck your arms like a chicken and do the same movement with your legs. and sing the tune for the "blue skadooed" song. there. THE EXCITED DANCE! haha. it's great.

    well, lookie at what we all have in common:

    *does the stoned dance*

    okay, i should go now. panana-oh-WANH-oh-WANH-oh, panana-oh-WANH-oh-WANH-oh.. hehehe. (the horny dance)

    [OH YEAH, apparently, geocities is not letting you use FTP for free anymore after april 1st. so yeah, we're screwed. *major disappointment dance*]

    Friday, March 1

    Monday Monkey | 3/1/2002 06:32:38 PM
    Wow you're weed! haha, complete with the munchies. Lucky ass. Heyy, pass the blunt...

    What Psych-Ward do you belong to?
    hmmmm simply interesting.....

    well im off to l'x this should be fun...mabey i will skank a bit. i will be fun. yes yes moucho crunkness! But its sapossed to be a rat hole..."dont touch matter what!"-david. Yes rat hole indeed. But well time to have some fun..ITS SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!alcohol and crimes for all!

    Goddess Of The Dorks | 3/1/2002 04:49:17 PM

    drugs = bad