Thursday, February 28

sabrina dibs | 2/28/2002 07:19:30 PM

yay, so im finally 16 (and not 17 as some odd people think..) anyways, today i have learned that my friends care more about me than my family does. my mom didnt bother waking up, my sister gave me attitude, and my dad rather talk about something else. also, my aunt called and i told her no one was home and shes like, omg are you okay? are you scared? 16....yeah that was odd. and then for supper my mom said 'bri you wanna go out?' so i said okay and she says, 'oh, nevermind, ill tell daddy to get pizza' yay pizza..

then theres my friends. rosie gave me a huge hug, jennifer pretended to have forgotten *ahem*, claudia jumped me, and even sabrina p gave me a card (i cant believe she still talks to us after what we did to her). i got balloons, a muffin with a candle in it, and very loud, horrible singing. i love you people!!!!!!! *muah*


timbo munkfish | 2/28/2002 07:17:51 PM
   ok, so my mum has turned into some bitch control freak type monster being..... the darkness of my house. She has takedn it upon herself to control thr rest of my life - i mean all of it, right into uni - for some reason she is certain that i will go where she wants me to go.... so the english system is like this: when we turn 16 and finish our GCSE's we have the option of changin, or leaving our current scho0l, as in us... the 16 year olds, but for some reason, my mum can't see this and i have to stay at the scho0l i am going to, which is a shit hole with a bunch of snobs who think they are the best people in the world, coz their daddy's are millionares... its so bad, this one kid in my year got a porsche (however you spell it) for his birthday (here 15/16 your not allowed to drive n e ways... and this car is worth in the region £120,000... and i get like a burger or something, so you can imagine how they treat me.. "the poor one" or whatever, bleh! and they have no personallities n e ways, they just sit there and talk about how many times a day they lick their parents boots or something.. and because they are all rich, naturally they are all clver, so it makes it lo0k like a go0d school, but its shit. Th teachers don't teach us a damn thing, most of the time they can't be heared above the noise of the rich fags, or they are throowing water balloons at them or something!... wankers... so ne ways, its not nearly that bad in most state schools, and this is meant to be all happy hapyy good good coz its private and used to be 'the sons of missionarys school'... ass munch to that!, so n e ways, it's either i leave home now and become a tramp :/ or i stay at home and take abuse from my mum and do what she wants me to do in my likfe for the next few years..... im gonna go find me a dorrstep... for some reason i am thinking of that diturbed song [no mummy dont do it again, no mummy, you sick abuse fucking whore]
.... sorry about this, it just helped me lett off some steam *sits down*...

timbo munkfish | 2/28/2002 02:06:57 PM
   OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, rosie, put THIS site in the links section, it deserves it... i mean its just pure genius :)

Wednesday, February 27

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/27/2002 07:19:34 PM
   hello. today was a good day.. i think. im not going to platesburg anymore, good thing because i wont have to be in a car for like 2 hrs. with ppl that dont enjoy my company. anyhow, its not that i really wanted to go, i mean its just plateburg but still. my mommy got my hopes up for nothing. she does that all the time. i think its this sickness they have . HELLO.. TELL ME WHEN UR SURE. it happened with the blink concert, it happened with virginia, it happned with cuba... it hapned with loads of things that never happned. well anyhow, were gonna go to saint-sauveur to shop. yeah *sarcasm* yay! lets go shop at guess! hurrah ? anyhow, i wanted to go there. i want to go to new york again this summer because it was so cool. i love going to new places, i wish we could travel more... like leave the continent for once. i left my contry 3 times in my life spand. cest beaucoup ca? i don think so. when im 18, we better go to california or something like disney land or even leave the continent .. england ? maybe.. MAYBE . i just wanna get away from here. its so rutine. its so like " ive been here for 15 years blah blah blah.. the only place i know... bla bla bla...well, thats all i gotta say. buh byes

Tuesday, February 26

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/26/2002 09:49:46 PM
   Every step i take for you, I will always depend and never pretend that every breath i take for love i can never be wrong in this journey of love, with miles to go before i sleep... Celine Dion is cool..

sabrina dibs | 2/26/2002 03:59:52 PM

sabrina dibs | 2/26/2002 03:59:19 PM
   YAY! i love it rosie!! happy birthday to me (feb 28) :) haha...yay
so, today i was locker monitor...i was so happy to get out of mr. olivieri's class...partner work, ugh. even though i did have to leave mark (haha) yup, but it was so boring! wow, first that evil secretary gave me a speech about only opening the lockers if the person has a note and then i couldnt close them!!! ahh they should get new gates. umm then i had to bring absentee lists to all the classes. then i got bored and after recess the nice secretary made me do something. i had to make imprints on little round gold stickers and then put them on peoples honor roll certificates.. (yeah, thats right, i did that!! yay me) ~ me and rosie each got TWO stickers! yeah, claudia and jennifer didnt get anything *smiles* i dunno about eric..and how does nicholas have a 92average??? yup, anyways, then i went to lunch yay! and then i went back and like thirty minutes before the end of the day this guy comes up to me, "are you the locker monitor?" uh yeah... "okay come with me my teacher wants to see you" oh god what did i do?!?! "were you walking around all period?" no... "okay, so did a guy come ask you to open the lockers?" uh no.. "so you didnt open the lockers at all?" no...(?) "okay just have to tell my teacher that and he'll get a dt. and dont worry, he wont beat you up, hes gay" uh huh.. *scared* so i get to mr. simono's class and hes like "you see that guy int he white shirt?" *nods* "okay, was he downstairs looking for you?" uh no.. "you didnt see him at all?" no.. "okay thanks" uh huh...great.. yup, that was the highlight of my day :) then i had to put absentee lists in the teachers mailslots and thats about it. good for me. what a day :)

Monday, February 25

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/25/2002 08:08:21 PM

Which British Band Are You?

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/25/2002 07:55:45 PM
   hello there. my hair hurts. the blow dryer ate my hair like 3 bilion times.. but i needed to get it dry or else it would be a soar throat for moi in the morn. anyhow. i told my mom that i wanted to cut my hair and she was all like" NOOO! dont do that. hunny, please, long hair suits you sooo much" and blah blah blah. i figured i dont really give a crap about my hair, so if keeping my hair long makes her happy, then i guess i should do her that favor.and if i ever get really anry at it, then ill run to the hair dresser's at the corner of my street and get it cut then. for now, it doesnt bother me as much and it would also help keeping my grandmother off my ass . its been a year i have my ears pierced and everytime she sees me she goes " since when do you have 2 holes on each ear " , and i say " grandmaman, its been a year now " and then shed start screaming and raving and bitching. pretty funny. also, there was this one time when i died my hair redish blond ... she wouldnt stop. " whyd you do that. you had such pretty hair " " grams ... it was died blond. wasnt natural " ... " but it looked natural cladia ( thats how she pronounces my name ) ! " and yati yatti yatta. anyhow, so .. i figure i want peace for at least a month or so, keep the hair die and sisors out of my hair for that time being, and then go all out again. it should last about three months. haha. i have a crazed family.

Lucky * | 2/25/2002 07:15:07 PM
   *cue porn music* don't ask, i just remember Eric doing that. anyWAY..
when you change your Yahoo! Canada profile, you get a little box for your homepage, and right under that is an example. *ahem*
the example:
isn't that frikkin' hilarious? i was on the floor when i saw that. yes, har, har.

this is for Jennifer.

remember that story Claudia made when we went bowling? well.. i made it into a picture and put it in the club. that's about it. *waves*

[also, Sabrina.. look at the page, at the footer of a post. tu aime, tu aime? hehehe.]

sabrina dibs | 2/25/2002 06:03:46 PM
   okay im back for the continuation of my story. SUNDAY: so i went to bed at 3 in the morning and was expecting my family over at i didnt get to sleep that much. when i got up my sister gave me her gift right away. j'ai eu un digital camera :) (the one rosie has...) anyways, when my family actually did get to my house, we ate and blah blah blah. then the hockey game was on..and it was hilarious! omg, all the girls were in the living room watching it and screaming and the guys were in the kitchen, eating, talking, and playing never ever see that! it was too funny!!! :) yup..and then i opened my gifts...i got: 1 necklace, 1 charm, 1 bracelet, 1 precious moments thing, 1 envelope with money, 1 pair of earings, i think thats it. my parents didnt get me anything, but they said that when i find an mp3 player i like, im getting it :) yay me. TODAY: today i went to school dead tired and with major cramps. ow! hmm in gym we were doing pyramids and its so cool! i love it! yup, we had to do two men pyramids then three men pyramids and , of course, i had to be on top..and its scary! but its fun!

THREE DAYS TIL MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY ME

sabrina dibs | 2/25/2002 04:37:06 PM
   okay i havent posted in a long we go. FRIDAY: after school i go home to change and take a shower (cause i knew my party was on sat. night) and then i go to jennifers house. we then go to the movies and watch big fat liar(really good, watch it) and then back to her house. umm then rosies mommy calls and jennifer is talking all serious to her..and then she gets off the phone and tells me rosie fainted and went to the hospital and she was home but blehish. and then at night i was like oh my goding. and jennifer told me everything would be alright :) and then...SATERDAY, SATURDAY (?) anyways, we wake up (after a few hours sleep..) and claudia calls jennifer and they talk and then jennifer tells me since rosie was sick they were postponing the party til next friday. and jennifer even said that claudia called everyone and they all said they could make it cept nicholas..maybe, (very beleiveable!) umm so we go downtown even though my party is cancelled...and spend like an hour and a half in chapters...god! and then we get home at like 6ish and then her mom forces me to eat supper there..and then at seven ish her dad drives me home to where jennifer wants to suddenly borrow a book from me..and i open my door and nicholas is there! and i had to put ont his dress..and everyone else was dressed up too...:) and then we went disco bowling (after catching me on nicholas and jennifer doing horrid things to me on camera..) and i conclude that disco bowling should not be called disco bowling cause theres no disco music..i dont get it. anyways, then at like 2ish we finished and they all drage me on a mountain (eww god, i hate nature) ~~~ and everyone leaves me all alone! geez. it took david to say, you left sabrina alone? damnit nicholas! ~~~DAVID! wow. umm i got to bed around 3 and thats it for now..ill do the rest later

oh, and, I LOVE YOU PEOPLE! AND THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY GIFT!!! (its a bracelet ingraved 'sabrina' and 'our princess' :D )

Sunday, February 24

Monday Monkey | 2/24/2002 08:07:52 PM
   In the begining there was the one. From the fire of the universe he created the realm of Monkeyium. In that land there was no life. He was sad and wanted to have some friends he made two things, banana trees and coconut trees. This made the land rich and beautiful but still it was too quite. So the one sat and thought for a century and created the perfect beings...monkeys. The realm was filled with joy and happiness. The one was happy but something was wrong..the monkeys were taking many forms. He changed his opinion of the monkeys..they were no longer perfect. The one left the monkeys to live on there own in monkeyium. But before he left he gave the monkeys the power to create there own world. With that power the wisest of all monkeys created earth. Then many monkeys left monkeyium left to earth. Only 5 remained. The Five were the Monkey God and the four Grand Monkeys. Many centuries past until something bad happened, a creature appeared on earth, a creature nown as a human. The humans destroyed the perfect world and wiped out the monkeys food supply. The Monkey God did nothing to help and thought himself greater than than the earth monkeys. In the end the Four Grand Monkeys left monkeyium to earth and brought the banana and the coconut trees with them. The Grand Monkeys saw that The Monkey God did not help and banished him to earth as a mortal monkey. For his evil he would live out the rest of his days as a normal earth monkey. As the years passed monkeys achieved great things on earth and many monkey gods were created. Some of them were Saturday Monkey, the Luck Monkey, and many more. But then this evil man apeared on earth and tried to take over the world. The ex-monkey god defeated this man and saved the world. The Grand Monkeys saw this and made him Monday Monday...god of monday and head monkey god of the week. He later got his own series on comedy cental. Thus he redeimed himself and is now a god again.
Monket God Rules
1. A mortal human can only become a monkey god after doing a great task helping all monkeys.
2. A mortal monkey can become a monkey god only after saving another monkey god's life.
3. A monkey god can have both human and monkey forms.
4. A monkey god has to like ska, punk, raggae, old school metal, in some way or else they are sent into the void of space.
5. A monkey god has super powers.

the end

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/24/2002 07:54:43 PM
   was that the best hockey game ever or what ? wow. im not usually the one to sit in front of the tele for an hour and a half and watch man with stikcs chase after a puck on the slipperiest of surfaces but, wow, that was worth watching. i felt bad for lemieu though, he had to miss that shot at the olympic gold medal game. stupid post. and korea , he was dying of laughter after having to skate around with a hockey stick stuck in his skate. watching them go was fun. well, as don chery would say, thats all i gotta say for now,
dee dee

Monday Monkey | 2/24/2002 06:58:18 PM

I Will Drown.
After drinking your self into a belligerent haze, you somehow make your way to the local docks to rest your pretty head on someone else's house boat. Sometime during the night you manage to bring yourself to the boats bow to let lose a steamy mixture of beer and pizza, losing your balance and dropping into the cold waters bellow.. Nice job jack ass.
Find out how you will die, Take the Death Quiz now! that's not very nice..........

Monday Monkey | 2/24/2002 06:24:51 PM

I am A Floater .

Floaters, the free birds of the shit family. Floaters drift through life without a care in the world, taking everything with a grain of salt, and smiling the whole way though. But friend of floaters are far and few in between. Because of there lofty views and social behavior, floaters tend to seem like they just don't give a damn about anything, the reason being, because they usually don't.
What Kinda Shit Are You?

some times these test are pointless...actualy..there always pointless.

Lucky * | 2/24/2002 05:55:24 PM
5 - 2

damn friggin' straight. pretty gold medals are all pretty and stuff. yep, yep, yep. =D
i'm surprised at the american sportsmanship. it wasn't like the women's. that was horrible. the american women deserved to die. but today was a good game. go canada. =D

Lucky * | 2/24/2002 02:11:56 PM
   *yawn* along with Jennifer, i was DEAD tired this morning.. but i was up for some odd reason. but i slept 4 more hours.. and *thumbs up* it's ALL good now. yes, Sabrina's surprise partay rawked with awesome-ness. i hope she had fun.. i think she did. yep, yep, yep. oh dear.. the tape. *smacks her forehead* i hope Sabrina realized that she should hide it somewhere. OHMEYGAWD.. but i'd let her parents watch it, JUST to see her dad make that face again! *falls on the floor* HAHA! i will NEVER forget that face. (when Nick was stripping and Sabrina's dad walked in..) oh mey. haha. yeah, that's it.. i'm gonna go eat lunch.
[3.00pm - Men's Gold Medal Game: USA vs. Canada OOH! the anticipation.. i can't wait 'til we win. =D]

timbo munkfish | 2/24/2002 01:14:26 PM
I am A Skid Mark .
Oh the wonders of the Skid Mark, if they aren't yucking it up with their buddies they are pulling pranks and making their presents known at all costs. Skid Marks are very charming but usually at the cost of others for their own manipulative and twisted enjoyment. Fame and fortune are what they seek, and Skid Marks will walk over anyone to get it. Skid Mark's are evil and should never be trusted...
What Kinda Shit Are You?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/24/2002 11:32:32 AM
I am A Dingle Berry .
Dingle berries... we all know one. clinging to that parent or significant other for dear life.. basing every discussion on the opinions and actions of that one special person. the mama's boy (or girl) of the shit family, but Dingle berries do have a dark side and are known for their jealousy and sudden bursts of anger and violence though the life of a Dingle berry may seem meaning less, it does have its upsides... usually death.
What Kinda Shit Are You?

hmmmm and i ment to say pervert but i was tired and so i said perfert..

Monday Monkey | 2/24/2002 11:28:41 AM
   "...on other hands David is a total perfert and..."- either that was bad grammar or you drunk but i dont understand that sentance. ANYWAY! the party was funny..and bowling was insane..can someone say "OH MEY GAD!" , i can. Hmm i think im going to watch fight club today..but i have to find somebody that has a dvd player. Hmm last night was funny with the constant references to anal sex, boobs, penis' , what else..ya i sure hope sabrinas parents dont watch the movie. Ya and by the way the hill is perfect for sex..except for the leons...ya that just dosent do it for me. In a fight between david and nick who do think would win. i think nick because david thinks hes all strong but he cant even do more that 20 push-ups, also he lacks in technique...and plus he cant keep his cool so hed loose the ability to dodge hits. Ya tell me what you guys think.

Lucky * | 2/24/2002 11:27:12 AM

I am A Floater .
Floaters, the free birds of the shit family. Floaters drift through life without a care in the world, taking everything with a grain of salt, and smiling the whole way though. But friend of floaters are far and few in between. Because of there lofty views and social behavior, floaters tend to seem like they just don't give a damn about anything, the reason being, because they usually don't.
What Kinda Shit Are You?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/24/2002 10:59:46 AM
   OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!! *yawn* i'm soOOooooOOOOOo fucking tired.. For some reason i felt the need to wake up at 9 *cries* .. Sabrina's party was fun especially the bowling.. bowling in pretty dresses = cool..... oh and i found this pretty place i'd fuck at.. it's all pretty and you see the olympic stadium.. erm ya i'd fuck there but Sabrina says it's ugly *cries* it's not because it's a big mountain pill of frozen mudd that it's ugly.. on other hands David is a total perfert and i really hope Sabrina finds a way to have her parents not look at the home video we made cause it's to BLEH! for a parent to understand.. I mean i fucked sabrina analy.. and then i was zooming in on peoples boobs... we ended up practicing giving blowjobs to a balloon.. or was that just me? hmm anyways that was all on tape =) HMM and why does Gaetano find the need to tell me i have a boyfriend? Do i seriously flirt with him that much? TABARNAC! I miss my boyfriend *cries*

timbo munkfish | 2/24/2002 10:36:03 AM
   yes... ok... so that was a bit :/ last night, and now i woke up and i can barely move... oh dear.

on another note :D :D :D THIS game is the best game in the world :D

Saturday, February 23

timbo munkfish | 2/23/2002 06:52:16 PM
   hoisoigj a yeah... .. YEAH a poiedshoi ahsdf damnit why am home i ... hair of down wearing from now be i... of strange language speak i have you to. wow i can speak YEAH "I HAVE TWO HANDS".. yeah .. over myself am i bleeding YEAH.. people are you making of sense are you bad is it. PuNCtuAteD am i, of not are you SPEAKING me how why CHEESE IN MY I HAVE EARS. sazzzzzzzzzzzle maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzle bob edit post not you people of normal-nessnessness.*knaws on his blodd* mmmm womb chunks, glowing UV EYECANCER THING.. YEAH *scrumages for drink hat in* why hat in drink vodka of be? gangle ssssssssssshmaGNELE, ahhht throwing up were poeple on the FLororororororor, how does happren this/?/////? *SLPOAK* yeah fun word SPLOAk, it used my whle mouth;;;;;;) hahaha monster MONSTER, do the MONKET GLOWY MONSTER"!""!!!!!!!!! BANG night of being good *thumbsabout*

Friday, February 22

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/22/2002 09:58:30 PM
   oh meh gawd. this is wrong. msn is going nuts again. ppl that "may not recieve my massages because they appear to be offline " are talking to me. answering my questions.... its like ... talking to the dead.. HAS THIS WHOLE WORLD GONE POOKIE DOTED ?bleh. shopping for earings with mother is fun. for some odd reason, i feel like going out to but a pair of spike healed sandles. black please. and then, id like to walk arounf in some type of gold james bond -like bikini.. oh yeah. i think mariah carey has had a major impact on my life. anyways..i will go out and buy those tomorow night.. or day, either one. i always wanted to own a chocolate bar with a wrapping that just plainly said " CHOCOLATE BAR " in big red letters on an orange background, written in the times newroman font. i heart it. im going to watch hot ice skaters now buh bye. GO TEAM CANADA ! OUR HOCKEY TEAM RULES!

Lucky * | 2/22/2002 10:09:23 AM
   [CBC SPORTS ONLINE] The underdogs bit back. After losing eight straight games to their bitter rivals, Canada's women's hockey team came up big when it counted (...)
The Canadians beat the United States 3-2 Thursday to capture the Olympic gold medal.


oh mey, Eric better read this. okay, you know sometimes you have dreams that are just images, and not really like a whole dream? you know what i'm taking about.. so, i dreamt that i was looking through a book. and it looked kinda like an encyclopedia. but i think it was a book on monkeys. so i'm flipping the pages and i see "curious george". there was a picture on one side, with curious george in big, and then an article or something. then i flip the page.. it was MONDAY MONKEY! i'm not lying. i dunno why i have these kinda dreams.. but whatever. it was cool. except that monday monkey looked gorilla-ish. but this doesn't surpass my favorite dream.. *ahem* it was the end of the year at Sir Wilfrid Laurier. everyone was emptying out their lockers and there were garbage bags all over the place. anyway, Claudia and Sabrina had a tuque (yes, a TUQUE) full of cocaine. i dunno what's funnier.. the fact that Sabrina and Claudia are doing drugs, or the fact that there was a tuque full of cocaine. anyway, so they walking around the halls with this in their hands and then some teachers are running after them, so they shove the tuque in a garbage bag. once the teachers leave, they try to find the cocaine again, but the couldn't, so they were freaking out. and THAT, was my dream. hehe, i love that dream so much. =D

anyway, i'm sick. *cough* i feel okay, just that i get dizzy once in a while, but it's all good. *thumbs up*

lookie at what i've acquired:

isn't that the funniest picture? hihi. Nikki (on the left) looks like a rat. aww, but she's so cute. i love her. and Jackie's face looks funny. hihi. i love my dogs. ohmey, but this picture is hilarious. i don't know why, it just is.
[HAHA! i just realized who Nikki looks like. you know Jabba the Hutt's little rat pet, whatever that thing is? ohmeygawd! that's hilarious. "oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!" *falls on the floor*]

anyway, that's it for now. i think sponge bob is on at 10.30.. hmm, or is it at 10? i will go check. *waves*

Thursday, February 21

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/21/2002 08:57:36 PM
   tabarnac.. im preparing a very good post *smiles* it's just taking a while to do the codes and upload the pictures and stuff.. i might be finished tonight.. or else ill post it some other time because Sabrina's sleeping here tomorrow and we will have "le anal"

Monday Monkey | 2/21/2002 05:23:10 PM
   Ok.....i have to write a long history paper for tommorow but i cant seem to get passed the half-way point...*sigh* o well..i write a long blog after.

[eric deserves to be kicked.. *smiles*]

sabrina dibs | 2/21/2002 04:43:29 PM rosie was sick *sniff* (and other people were sick too..and i told them to go to bed..i love it when people listen to me...god! i really am the motherly type. ahh) yup anyways, in religion we got to hear a beautiful speech fromt his french guy talking about some sorta charity..but we couldnt hear cause the mic was off..he was talking sooooo low and in quebecois french.. *sigh* yup. that was fun...english was boooooooooooooring...ZZZZZzz... in math we started a new! we get to book two at the end of february (yeah mr. clemente knows what hes doing..right) oh and we have a test tomorrow by the way. history.well yeah that was great...mrs di paolo said she probably wont be there next week. :) french was blah and chemistry was blaher. <~~~~ROSIE, THATS WHAT YOU MISSED. :) soo much! wow. hmm...i know i had a point. to not too sure anymore what it is..*5 minutes later..* yup i dunno what my point was....ah well, if i remember ill write it later...

my daddy messed up my pc today. i got home and my screen was on and the computer was moved...he says my carpet burnt (or something..) my video card..but it was working according to me..and still is now :)..and now everything is out of place..I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE TOUCH MY STUFF!! (my name is sabrina, and i have a problem...i am a neat freak *tear, shakes*)

SEVEN DAYS TIL MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <~~not too late to get me a gift :) haha.. *smiles*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/21/2002 12:00:43 PM
   hello there. i see some people like to change other peoples posts. i dont enjoy having that knowledge. i always wanted to own a nute.. so then i could name it jimmy NUTEtron. hahahahahaha. anyhow yeah. convesation with massimo (driving him insane is cool )

i want to own a pet nute

massimo :

massimo :

claudia: no, i really want one

massimo :

massimo :
so get a pet nute

claudia : what? why would i get a pet nute?
( then massimo goes crazy and its turns into mucho fun )

skipping class is fun. okay.. i might not be missing class per say because i have a note to go work with paul the 6th but its still fun because no labrecque=no worries.

Wednesday, February 20

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/20/2002 10:35:27 PM
   colise im so freakin desperate.. i want me some anal sex .. but chris isn't online and i gotta wait till friday for sab to sleep here... and my boyfriend won't participate in my anal sex obsessions *sigh* damn him

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/20/2002 08:40:46 PM
   okay.. viagra commercials ,SHOULD NOT BE MADE INTO MUSICALS. i enjoy musicals usually, but this one.. ITS PLANE FREGGIN WRONG. anyhow. im done my history essay. i think i should enter a compitition for fast essay writters who write good essays. i write em fast and good. i was writting my conclusion and i decided to count my words " oh meh gawd !!! 759 WORDS ?!?" so yeah, my conclusion has been shortened to simple words. but then, i found out that i had missed out on certain things so my essay is now exactly 769 words. oh yeah.. i hope i dont loose marks. ill blame it on the footnotes. hehe. id like to try something .. moulinrouge [why'd jennifer change the pink to green? because she can!] [ hehe editing claudia's posts is fun.. oui oui i can get anyone to say anything.. why? because i can!.. she had moulinrouge written in pink before but i changed it to green c'est plus cool]

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/20/2002 06:36:59 PM
   my history essay is almost finished *smiles* i can't wait till tomorrow .. i don't know why.. and what's up with people visiting our site? If you come here more then once in your whole entire life.. it's in your duties to e-mail me []! god damnit.. i see that certain people come here at least once a week so why the hell don't you all just get it over with and make me happy and e-mail me.. *sigh* whateva ..

sabrina dibs | 2/20/2002 06:10:33 PM
friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.
i come to bury caesar, not to praise him.
the evil that men do lives after them,
the good is oft interred with their bones.
so let it be with caesar. the noble brutus
hath told you caesar was ambitious
if it were so, it was a greivous fault
and greivously hath caesar answered it.
here, under leave of brutus and the rest;
for brutus is an honorable man
so are they all, all honorable men-
come i to speak in caesars funeral
he was my friend, faithful, and just to me
but brutus says he was ambitious
and brutus is an honorable man.

look at that!!!!!!!! wow! i leart it all!! and i didnt look at my book once! :) yay me! i just gotta learn the punctuation and stuff now..but im all set :)

oh, and by the way, I AM SEVEN FEET TALL!! :)
my mommy is in ottawa at the moment. *sniff* i miss my mommy.
my sis has her spring break this week..its not fair!! ahh i wish mine were now...besides, why does she even get a break? shes in university, isnt that like an adult thing? shouldnt they be treated like adults? workers dont get spring breaks..*sigh* well, whatever.

(and mark went to massey..haha, i looked in my sisters year book...:) he looks better in black and white :) )

timbo munkfish | 2/20/2002 05:51:01 PM
   oh dear, jenny likes pie man rob ...

*edited by Jennifer*

theres nothing wrong with rob.. <3 im not obsessed it's just that pie boy is hot.. hehe .. ya [why'd i edit this post? because i can!]

Lucky * | 2/20/2002 05:23:13 PM
   i feel so tired. wow, i wasn't feel that great yesterday, but today i was just DEAD tired. and my throat is all itchy and bleh. i can't wait 'til the weekend. sleep + no more history essay = hoorah. i don't even feel like posting something mildly amusing. i'm way to tired. shit, what the hell am i doing on the friggin' computer anyway? heh, i came home and fell asleep on my couch while watching the little mermaid. and for some reason i have homework. what the hell is with that? plus my history essay. god, i feel like taking another nap. oy, and my daddy just called me if i wanted to go visit my godmother who's in the hospital after some sort of surgery, and i really wanna go see her. but i feel like shit. *buries her face in her blanket* and my room is covered in dust (because of the renovations) and eugh. anyway, i was bored in english so i made plans for a new layout. Eric chose the colors, go Eric. ha. but he thinks i could do it all in one night. pssh. i started making the sponge bob one at christmas. are you mildly insane? *sigh* i chose world history for subject selection. but i really wanna go into enriched phys. ed. they play La Crosse. but i'm an honors student, so we're supposed the be all sucky at sports since we're nerds. bleh. okay. i'll go take another nap time. if i don't come to school tomorrow, that means i'm an amazing actress, and my mommy is in a mildly good mood. *cough* eugghh.

sabrina dibs | 2/20/2002 05:11:44 PM
   hmm okay so jennifer left me all alone today!!!!! ahh!!! its scary being left with claudia and rosie :) haha...yup, so rosie was acting all odd today, lying down on claudias jacket near her locker...uh huh..i think shes sick. :( *sniff* and then me and claudia had some fun :) hahaha...yup...okay well my sister brought me to bentley to change my bag..cause the strap didnt move..and we ended up buying 2bags (buy one get one 1/2price)..and when we got home she was looking at them..and turns out..its the same bag! haha..but with a different front. :) haha..yup.


Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/20/2002 03:36:25 PM
   I scare myself at times.. hmmmm is an atlas more like a book or encyclopedia? cause we arent allowed encyclopedia's for our history essay.. I smell my boyfriend at times.. for no apparent reason it's somewhat scary.. i have the conclusion left to write for my essay.. i don't know what to write *cries* I write the worst conclusions ever.. and they always end up sounding somewhat like this.. and to conclude i would like to say that i believe that if this would of happened instead of that it wouldnt have caused this.... or to conclude i'd like to say that these stories are very good and reflect the theme very well. You should all read them.. heh.... my english teacher makes fun of my conclusions.. she says its a serious problem that i have.. i loose alot of marks .. my content is great... but my conclusions have got to go.. *sigh* why do we have to conclude anyways? so that lazy people can read our intro and conclusion and act asif they read the whole thing? *sigh* i think im gonna go eat some pie

Rob <3

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/20/2002 12:50:08 PM
   I have a new e-mail add for msn =) go me.. i had my boyfriend make it since my computers a jerk.. ya.. it won't let me sign on to secure servers.. so umm i won't say what it is here cause i don't want the russain fag.. other wise known as matthew to get it.. it's pretty and all but for some odd reason massimo felt the need to add the number 69 in it.. i think it's a dude thing.. If you have aim im me please... i'm truely bored and i have only 250 words left to write for my essay.. write to me unbore me.. ill love u forever..
~ di5turb3d ang3l ~

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/20/2002 12:24:28 PM
   tabarnac nothing ever works ..... hmmmm i know the links to my email don't work properly.. so just take a few more seconds and type .... ok THANX unbore me.. MERCI..

"If you want to feel rich, just count all of the things you have that money can't buy."
"I don't wish to be everything to everyone but I would like to be something to someone."
"She is not perfect. You are not perfect. The question is whether or not you are perfect for each other."
"The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched...They must be felt with the heart."
"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't."

Quotes are so pretty.. *smiles*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/20/2002 11:07:55 AM
   I would like to announce that i have just finished trimming my arm pit hair =) and i conditioned it too.. now its all soft.. i often tend to pett my arm pit hair.. as if it was a dog or a cat.. it likes that alot.. ya i <3 my arm pit hair... HEH! no actually.. i just finished my notes for my history essay.. go me!?! And also I changed the dates so that they're in Danish.. why? because i can.. i have some somewhat naked pictures of myself... if that will make you write to me and unbore me.. press here and ask politly =) kthxby

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/20/2002 08:31:53 AM
   tabarnac i get to miss school *smiles* you all are in school and i'm not *smiles* wanna know why? heh.. cause my brother is sick and no one could baby sit him so i offered and for some fucking odd reason she agreed.. but i had to promise to have my history essay rough draft done by the time she comes home.. hehe i'm going back to bed.. GoOd NiGhT eVeRyOnE ~~ or umm ~~ HaVe FuN aT sChOoL eVeRyOnE *smiles*

Tuesday, February 19

Lucky * | 2/19/2002 09:57:47 PM
   ohmey. POOR MONKEY! i hope it gets better soon. did you get Richard as one of your tour guide people? heh. Richard = awesomely crunk. anyway, i hope Eric didn't find it totally boring as i did. *sigh*
i made the font all pretty for everyone with ie 6. *thumbs up*
apparently, i'm getting a hallway floor in 2 weeks. awesomeness. heh. my house is covered in dust. *pleure* damn good for nothing swiffer! *shakes her fist*
when i grow up, i want to be a robot. just like Angry Bot. yeah, do it for yourself.. don't ask.
*evil snort* CHEESE.

Monday Monkey | 2/19/2002 07:54:52 PM
   ok my day in short: 1) there was bats..a lot of them, in the back, with poop. 2) i saw a sick monkey in a cage and it wasn't moving *PLEURE* AND FINALLY..3) I STOLE A BANANA FROM THE MONKEY PREPARATION PLACE!!!!!!!!


$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/19/2002 07:50:29 PM
   ya jen, im really really orry and i figured how stupid i acted and i shouldnt have done that and im really sorry. you can keep a secret. im sorry i said that.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/19/2002 04:20:43 PM
   Claudia pisses me off a whole fucking lot.. especially when she says things that aren't exctly true.. I can't keep secrets? Heh.. I'd say a few things right now but i ain't pissed at her enough.. Oh Jennifer please don't tell.. hmmm Jennifer hasn't told anyone YET..but maybe she should

sabrina dibs | 2/19/2002 04:20:38 PM
   :D today was a good day! yay me...mark never changes clothes, he doesnt talk, he has no friends, and he insists on wearing that stupid hat...ahh!! hides the hair....hahaha.... :D yup, so jennifer, claudia, and rosie were all mad today because of moi! i feel really bad about that..but im getting a party :) yay me :)

ummm...9 (NINE) days til my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 18

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/18/2002 10:25:49 PM

Lucky * | 2/18/2002 10:01:41 PM
   i changed the dates to french, just for the kick of it. but DURRR. they're not even written right. DAMN AMERICANS. *ahem* instead of "lundi, février 18" it's supposed to be "lundi le 18 février", MERCI BEAUCOUP TABAROUETTE. heh. it's like saying.. "red apple", "rouge pomme". ah.. you stupid non-quebec fools. hihi. Jennifer is un madame, and i am une monsieur. *falls on the floor* i wrote 6 and a half lines for my essay d'histoire. *thumbs up* it's ten.. *smacks her forehead. tabar.. it's not ten. it's vingt-deux heures. je te dit le, le.. ugh. and the font is all ugly-poo on ie 6. *ponders on how to make it pretty again* meygawd.. *farts next to some random old ladies*
oh, that's hilarious. LAUGH! hihihi. ughbabababa. i'm burnt un p'tit peu. OH OUI. the doors. haha, toutlemonde.. blast up "riders on the storm" and burn some incense in your room.. and just leave your room to go get large amounts of food. ohmey. it's hilarious to see your parents faces. *sigh* what a blast.

Lucky * | 2/18/2002 07:36:32 PM
   why does the meq need to remind me of the ugly marks i got last year? *sigh* ..not like i'm doing any better this year. i just got back my report card, and err.. i'm lost. my averages for term 1 and 2 are 85 and 84.. but my summary is 83. *scratches her head* bleh. and about subject selection.. gawdness. selection.. ya huh, i have ONE to make. then again, i'm stuck on this one choice so bleh. hehe, between media, biology and world history. *ponders* oh gawd, this is hilarious.. the description of media, *ahem*:
A course that allows students to discover the use of modern media equipment. (ohmey.. modern? those computers scream 1978.. *shakes her head*) They learn how to integrate computer applications such as spreadsheet, draw and paint... (*falls on the floor* PAINT? ohmey. god. i can just see this: "pick a color." "sir? where are the colors?" "in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen." "...screen?" haha. stupid fools. can't they teach us something cool in media, like java or something? or how to make demented cartoon movie's? *sigh*)

yeah, i think i'll go with world history.. for my own sake. i won't kill myself in history. and i'm not taking biology. Mr. DiMora is scary.

timbo munkfish | 2/18/2002 07:27:18 PM
   I think that we should have made it to the "blogs of note" on the front page of bloggers by now, i mean we post liek a hefty tonne of pointless crap, EVERYDAY, surely that has to count for something, plus we know that we do get people other than justus who read this... don't we?... well, i think that we do.. but oh well...

Anyways..I have now been deemed "man of facts that mean nothing" by.. errr. every0one really. Somehow everyone seems to thiknk that i come out with the most stupid and useless facts that no-one will ever care about, even if they were sitting in a mime school and wanted to strike up a conversation or something.... I see you are dying for an example.. ok... did you know that 10,000 americans each year are rushed to the emergency room because they have injured themselves with objects sitting on their desks. Why do i know these facts?... WHERE in hell do i get them from?.. thats right, i have no bl0ody idea at-all. I seem to know a shit load of pointless facts about sex related subjects too... some are moe "eww, thats liek So icky" than others though, hehehe you SO want me to give you a couple.. ok.. SO.. 64% of women masturbate or have tried masturbation. 98% or men masturbate of have tried it and 64% of those men stick something up their rear end whilst doing so... now THAT i find disturbing. Either that means there are far more gay men than i thought originally.. (IT COULD BE YOU *points at his french teacher*)... OR there is some mix up in fact counting statistic place thingy OR the prostate gland REALLY is the male G-spot. However, i don't really intened on finding out, specially since i have this thing about po0o, and staying as far away from it as possible, because it scares me... and touching it would be like OMG EWWWWW its POOOO... yes i put that in coz it rhymed *hangs his head* but i get an A for effort :D... oh oh oh and i have been clicking on random blogs (as you do) coz i'm SO bored and no one is like talking or whatever... and i have noticed that none of them use smileys. WHAT FOOLS! oh well, either they are robots, or they just dont use them... which is a sin BY THE WAY. Oh well, i think i have wasted just about enough of your time, not that anyone reads this anyway OTHERWISE WE WOULD BE ON THE "blogs of note" by now. Oh well, again its half past midnight and im in need of slumber... so0n-ish.. so nighty night y'all.

sabrina dibs | 2/18/2002 04:13:35 PM
   okay, so today i felt like crap! wow, i woke up and my mommy was already gone *sniff* (she left for toronto..) anyways, all the way to school i was bugging rosie, 'OH MY GOD rosie what do i do?' (haha) yup, and so then i get to school, but some people decide to show up like 30seconds before the i couldnt tell him then...anyways, so hes in my homeroom right? so hes like talking to me and stuff..and im just kinds ignoring him, but not so much that im sompletely ignoring him...well, anyways, so recess coems and by now im all *sniff* 'JENNIFER!!! oh my god i have to get this over with' so yeah...then im sitting down at the caf and he comes sits next to me and i lose it (in my head of course). so jenny and rosie are like, 'uh, gaetano, go take a walk with sabrina'. and im like oh no...great! but Nooo...hes eating. (ahh...and you cant leave the caf with food..) so by the time hes finished the bell rings..and then he asks me if im mad at him..MAD! why would i be mad at him? just cause im suddenly very very quiet does not mean im mad...*sigh* so anyways... then lunch comes around and im like, screw this im doing it now. so i shove (okay..she goes away) jennifer to rosie/claudias locker area (where i give them all strict orders to wait for me) and i tell him...god knows what i said..i just kinds blabbed and felt horrible! but he seemed to take it quite well..i later found out that jennifer had kind of prepared him for it...

in other news, we got our subject selection sheets today...*ahem* im in the HONORS PROGRAM :) yay me, im smart. so the stupid people in sec 4 get all kinds of choices of subjects for next year. those in the "enriched science program" get practically nothing to choose from..and us honors people get:
moral/economics/phys. ed. ~~~~~~~~~~~ everyone takes
english/english enriched ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ pick one (me: enriched :) )
french s.l./francais 56 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ pick one (me: francais 56..oh yeah im bilingual)
math 536/pre-calculus ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~pick one ( long as clemente isnt teaching)
physics ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~take it (oh boy..)

and pick on of the following...:
world history/ human geography ( its either this..)
media studies 1/2 (thats gonna get me nowhere...)
biology (or this..)
chemistry (god, i hope i pass that this year..)

what do i pick??? mommy is in toronto today, shell be on a plane home in about 50 minutes...tomorrow she will be leaving at 6:30am to the airport en route to ottawa where she will spend the night, and on wednesday shes on a plane to clagary where once again she will spend the night..and thrusday at 8am she will be on a plane home.. lovely

and of course...ONLY TEN DAYS TIL MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay me!!!!!!!1 i cant wait!! :)

Sunday, February 17

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/17/2002 09:59:22 PM
   ERM!!!!! does David think he's some sorta GOD????? who gave him permision to post *cries* hehe *giggles* *flips her hair* ok =) anywho David is in no way the one who informed me about the mad caddies Timmy mah sistah was.. so ya :P at you david *giggles* god damnit i have nothing to write... in other news DRUGS = bad say no to drugs *cries* me wants to go to a rave *cries* xtc and acid can be candy? erm right? oui oui! And body pain is yummy. I want strawberry and chocolat flavored body paint for my birthday, i also want to go to a rave with Rosie and mah sister Timmy. hehe timmy is my sister *gigles*
ok i have to go to bed GoOd NiGhT!?!

timbo munkfish | 2/17/2002 08:25:10 PM
   thats right "cheese flakes" are now stocked in my local supermaret, i think i shall die of exitement *falls to the floor* THUD.. but, HELLO!, whats a "cheese flake"? maybe u can eat them with cereal eh?... or um milk, which is what i mean to say in the first place, like dah!... wow i like rope swings, don't you.... well you should do, they are fun *skips*, damn woman "it's 12 past one in the morning"... and?... its holidays (WOOOO), so i mean why not eh?... ghetto.... wow .. WOW

[history essay = ] says:
Show me some love, strip off your clothes, and take off your sock [history essay = ] says:
Show me some love, strip off your clothes, and take off your sock [history essay = ] says:
those arent drugs so shhhh
Show me some love, strip off your clothes, and take off your sock [history essay = ] says:
they are candy

yes yes yes, fun stuff

oh well
"drugs are bad" mmmkay hehehehe HEAD INFLATION OF MR MAKAY *rolls his eyes*... u to me, u to us, uterus :D *jams to reel big fish* happy punkness... thats a good point... why, i ask you, why do i have body chocolate in my bathroom... *ponders* ah yes, thats coz my SIX YEAR OLD COUSIN GIRL THING GAVE IT TO ME FOR CHRISTMAS... wow, now THATS freaky sh!t homie.... omg i love this song [why can't we be friends, why can't be friends, why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends] .. YEAH baby get that groo0ve on.... oh well i sed i would be in bed by 1:12am and its now 1:18am :D.. hahahaha beer... BEER... and cider... wow, did you know you can get 40% Vol. cider. yes thats right, its called calvados, ne ways enough of my spirit drinking habits.. in the woods, ..... witha rope swing.... and a hut made from bin liners.... and washing lines.... which just happen to be EVERYwhere in the woods, oh yes and you know it... wow, my hair is muchos warm, and meh fingers are muchos cold, *retreats to his hair*

lothes, and take off your sock [history essay = ] says:
and i will buy u a male thong

those things are evil
i want flouresant body paint that tastes of monkey furr

well, doesn't everyone eh?... i mean .. what makes men wear male thongs, i mean how does it all fit in the right place... wow... that must take some skill, either that, or they have a robotci penis... wow, that sounds like fun *gets out the "electronics" manual*... wait, when i need the toilet, i would electricute myself?... wow, i shall have to find out now.. yes a test.. of mad electric thog penis magig.... WOW... [gizmo gizmo, muchoss muchos go0d] ... YAY the fast show rules, even though its finished, ne ways... dry throat and need of foor, sleep, shelter and CHEESE FLAKES *salutes* fair well people.

Monday Monkey | 2/17/2002 03:33:00 PM
   Ok so I'm David and im at eric's house and i just seen the crap you people put on this site.I'm listening to The Planet Smashers right now and eric is making creepy crawlers!!!!!Gotta love them. Anyways im just writing to tell u that U NEED TO GET OUT!!!!!!!! Go do something with your life instead of writing on this site.And i know what your thinking 'What the hell are you writing for?' and to answer i will say...well.. yeah i will say that im bored. I would go to a show or somethin but no one good is playing.Less Than Jake and Bad Religion are soon so that's good and then there is Catch 22. Oh yeah and don't forget the greatest band in the world THE SPIDER MONKEYS!!!!!! Oh yeah gotta love the promotion of the band.Yup the first of March is the day our new and improved songs shall be heard by the public, not to mention my song which will be about the government and how much they suck and screw us over.By the way if you dont know who i am im the guy who brought the song Monkeys to u inferior species.Ok now im mad because im shut out from society.And i cant wear any shit at school anymore which makes me want to KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NOW IVE JUST BEEN IMFORMED THAT WE MIGHT GET A DRESS CODE NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I THINK ILL ACTUALLY KILL ALL THOSE TEACHERS/PREPS/BROS/ADMINISTRATION/POSERS THAT I PROMISED TO KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEATH TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways... DAMN FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And as my leaving sentence from the great words of BigWig"Fuck your school Fuck your rules Fuck you and your boundries!!" Later Dayz DC.

Lucky * | 2/17/2002 08:11:53 AM
   I HOPE MY PARENTS BOTH FUCKING DROP FROM THE FACE OF THIS EARTH. you can't get more RETARDED than my FUCKING PARENTS. do you know what time it is? it's EIGHT O'CLOCK on a FUCKING SUNDAY MORNING. that usually means i'm awake AT TEN OR ELEVEN. but on this LOVELY morning, I'M UP AT EIGHT. do you know why? BECAUSE FOR THE PAST HOUR, MY FATHER HAS BEEN REMOVING TILES FROM THE HALLWAY FLOOR WITH THIS FUCKING INSTRUMENTS THAT MAKE SO MUCH FUCKING NOISE THAT YOU WANT TO FUCKING KILL YOURSELF OR ANY FUCKING PARENTS THAT ARE RELATIVELY CLOSE TO YOU PHYSICALLY WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. and i'm pretty sure that my father KNOWS that i was up until MIDNIGHT working on my history project, so that i don't have to work on it today, and that i can SLEEP AND FUCKING RELAX.. but WHO THE FUCK GIVES A SHIT ABOUT ROSIE? then, i put my radio on.. it's on full blast, but i still hear the FUCKING HAMMERING more than my radio.. my FUCKING mother comes in the room, "who do you think you are having your radio full blast at 7 in the morning?" EXCUSE ME? ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED? ARE YOU A FUCKING MORON? jesus christ, i'm about to commit suicide because of the spilting headache i have from the fucking hammering and my radio's TOO FUCKING LOUD? "well, excuse me.. when you have to work, don't you get up early?" YES, I PUT OTHER PEOPLE INTO CONSIDERATION, ESPECIALLY IF I KNOW THAT WHAT I'M DOING IS PISSING PEOPLE OFF SO DAMN MUCH. god, he FUCKING knows i was working on my history project last night. AND HE'S FUCKING TAKING OUT THE TILES RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DOOR. jesus christ my parents are idiots. GOD, it's exactly like the time we re-did my stairs outside. they don't even tell me that people were coming to destroy the stairs, and at 6 in the morning, i was scared shitless my those fucking machines. then i was forced to stay home during those 3 days, WITHOUT ANY NOTICE BEFOREHAND. and they got so fucking pissed when i left. "that's not very considerate to the people, now is it?" OH, AND IT'S VERY CONSIDERATE TO YOUR DAUGHTER THAT WANTS TO KILL YOU BOTH. fuck, my parents are stupid. do you know what the worst thing is? they're not going to apoligize or anything, they're just going to fucking bitch at me some more. now, there's some FUCKING respect for your daughter.. thanks mother, father.. I HOPE YOU BOTH DIE.

Saturday, February 16

Lucky * | 2/16/2002 10:46:38 PM

*hides in a corner*

eurgh. i went to piano for the first time in a month-ish today. it's been the first time since i've practiced in 3 weeks. and now the stupid exam.. *smacks her forehead* jebus, it felt like i completely forgot how to play the piano. i suck.

yeah, i'm trying to work on my history project, but it's not going very well. i did my outline, i'm doing my notes now, but OHMEYGAWD.. it's so hard. damn you mr. Zampini. DAMN YOU. *shakes her fist* friggin' notes. oirjalkdvmasdlfk.

i hate you.

i was thinking about it, and it would be really cool if we can make a movie this summer. hihi. yeah, it's either that or me getting a job and *shrug* jobs suck, so i'm going to make a movie. something having to do with a road trip to Laval.. what'd ya think? *ponders* and during all the sentimental moments there'd be little fruits walking around the screen with a speech bubble that says what fruit they are. think about it!
OH! or, we make some sort of crocodile hunter documentary. har har. yes, that would be excellent. *evil laugh*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/16/2002 07:18:18 PM
   hello there people. today was fun yet boring. no one is on msn right now and im really , really bored . i ate potato salade. that was delish. i went to the grocery store with my grandad, jenn and my mother.. i begged my mother to buy some boconccini ( round italian cheese balls in some ewwy water ) . i thought it would be good, like feta cheese -like good. turns out, its awfull. tastes of nothing. actually, if you want to know what it tastes like, run a piece of mozarella trough water and eat it while its still wet. yes i know. eww.bleh. anyhow. i want some feta cheese now. now thats a great tasting piece of rotten milk. bohemian rapsody rules. i was alone in my room and i decided to make it into some cheezy musical play. good imagination rules. heres my idea

jennifer - one of the angels who will not let him go, the man who get killed's mother
rosie - the poor killer boy
sabrina - the man who gets killed in the begining , and shows up as one f the angels at the end who will now let him go
claudia- angel who will not let him go , killer boy's mother
tim - cop who puts the killer boy in jail
eric - othe rcop who puts the killer boy in jail
the last scene , when the killer boy says " nothing really matters, anyone can see, nothing really matter, nothing really matters... to me " , the lights dim, as he takes a last puff of his cigarette, and dies. BUT then the angels come get him, and he is now dressed all in white, and is joyfull. great idea isnt it. hehe. i should write musicals.

sabrina dibs | 2/16/2002 06:31:32 PM
   okay well yesterday rosie and claudia invaded my house..while jennifer was home babysitting (*sigh* where are you when i need you jenny?) anyways, after watching star wars, playing disney monopoly, and mario bros. (actual nintendo :) ) they kind of helped me out about my uh..situation. well, at least they made me laugh :) haha...mark, hes got problems, but hes hott! yup... :) hahaha...and claudia thinks so too :) yay.
anyways, so today i went shopping with my sister and i bought a new bag (but i only noticed once i got home that the strap doesnt go smaller or bigger..its like stuck there, and that sucks!), umm i got new shoes (not the ones we jenny and rosie..saw when we went to place bourrassa for rosies eye doc but they look like that...haha my daddy likes them :) AND i got new pants (navy blueish) and a top (diff colors) from where? *sigh* JACOB JR.! omg, how embarrasing! ah well, they fit and thats all that counts. hmm then we went to find me a birthday cake..cause i dont want those gross italian style know, black forest, or the one witht he nuts all around, or with a bunch of cream, or custard, or fruit cake, or bleh. so yeah, i wanted something cool. but we didnt find ANYTHING! omg, so yeah, im stuck with another plainish cake from the bakery.
oh, my daddy put in my new soundcard! yay me! i can actually hear stuff now! yay...i gotta download morpheus or soemthing :) so happy!!!
also, my sister told me that her gift to me is "something she thinks i want", "i said was really really really cute", "will take me a while to figure out", "i can use on sunday (when my family comes over..)", and "isnt a phone :)" yeah, what the hell? i cant wait!!!!!
hmm...i will go FINISH my history essay...yup, all i need is a title and print and done! yay me, im so proud.
okay i think now im done.

Lucky * | 2/16/2002 12:05:58 AM
   i <3 Paul. =D

Lucky * | 2/16/2002 12:04:55 AM
   *hides in shame* i can't believe i actually enjoyed that movie. yeah, crossroads. bite me, it was Claudia's idea. but it seriously wasn't bad at all. but ohmeygawd, c'etait drole. hehe, this one point, Britney starts crying.. but crying like *gasp, gasp, trying to breath, cry, cry, snort*.. LOL! it was crazy, the whole theater just starts DYING of laughter. holy shit, that was hilarious. i'm bored. did you know that my/our 700 word history project is due in a week? i did not start it. *faints* that's not cool. it's HORRIBLE.

weezer was in montreal today/yesterday-ish. *sniff*

Friday, February 15

Monday Monkey | 2/15/2002 10:26:56 PM
   I wonder how long it took for you to type that jen. *looks down*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/15/2002 06:26:30 PM


Monday Monkey | 2/15/2002 03:37:13 PM
Man Steals Odd Store Display

Late friday night in a small pharmacy in Montreal a man entered posing as a regular customer. He was dressed nicely and carried several red roses in his hand. He made his way to the back of the store where he then picked up a store display and ran out the door with it, leaving the roses scattered on the floor as he fled. 2 of the 3 other customers in the store at the time identified the man as Nick Zacchia, a resident of Montreal.
It turns out that the store display that Nick ran off with contained 30 disposable enemas. Police are still uncertain why anyone would need that many enemas. And they are still looking for Nick for further questioning. The store owner had only recently set up the display as part of a 3 week promotion. "Maybe he was severly constipated and didn't know what else to do" the store owner later stated.

sabrina dibs | 2/15/2002 01:08:39 PM
   okay, so i have officially found out that my friends are of no help whatsoever *sniff* ive been going crazy since yesterday... (by the way, thank you jennifer, for what you just said in your post..but i kind of told certain people already). anyways, i guess ill go through yesterday so everyone knows what happened...and maybe, just maybe, ill find a way to fix things *sniff*.

so, yesterday was feb14..valentines day. the morning was great...i got a rose from 'mike' <~~~ rosie and claudia. and i was all happy and stuff. then at lunch it started..things were odd and gaetano was acting kind of funny. anyways, nothing happened, then after school i, along with rosie, claudia, gaetano, david, and jennifer went to place bourrassa to get a valentiens gift for massimo. (cause certain people *ahem* wait til the last minute) anyways, then gaetano got me a rose and a bear umm thing and then he asked me out. i said yes. on the bus ont he way home of course i was with him and ...well it was odd. seriously.

anyways, when i got home i started thinking... and i was like 'why did i say yes?' and then i was like 'do i even like him that way?' and a bunch of things came to me. and before i was talking to jennifer, and she said 'then whyd you say yes?' and i said something like "i dont know, it was valentines day, hes my friend, i dont wanna hurt him, i cant say no" so now im thinking i want things the way they were before. i want him as a friend, thats it. really. but if i tell him that ill have to do it quick so it doesnt look like i said yes out of pity but if i do break it off now then its like i didnt even give it a chance. and either way ill end up looking like a bitch.

so i need help. please, anything will help. PLEASE!!!!

(my birthday is in 13 days, if anyone cared to know...and march break is not changing)

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/15/2002 12:11:32 PM
   oh and no mentioning of anything about sabrina here.. unless she says it herself cause certain people read this page and i don't know what she's planning on doing.. for march break and all..

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/15/2002 12:00:21 PM
People, gangsters, and pimps and people
Smokin that lethal reefer
Up in the club wit speakers
I had some base and tweeters
DJ is jockin needle
Sweat till I catch a fever
Call me the illest diva
Yo I'm on FIRE!!!!!
People go head and drink up
Get in the club get fucked up
See me you got get lucked up
Someone to touch your rubber
Show me some love, strip off your clothes, and take off your sock

Oh oui i love that song so much.. heh.. i'm sorry to Rosie for not telling her where i went.. Mcd's was my answer to her question .. haha Claudia guessed though.. i went to cage aux sport place thingy it was fun.. erm oui i had lots of fun yesturday and his dog is so cute.. i think i shall never break up with him so that i can see his dog more often he's so freakin tiny.. AND GOD DAMNIT couldnt massimo tell me he wasn't going to school today yesturday so that i wouldn't be babysitting.. GRRRRR @ him.. I FUCKING HATE TALKING TO HIMON MSN HE'S SO BLEH.. and he says things and i end up taking it totally wrong but i mean really what the hell else is "this coming from someone ive only known 4 about 3 months" suppose to mean? Cause he asked me something and then i was like no it's not true and blah blah and now he's like ohh im sorry i didnt mean that .. *sigh* he shouldn't say stuff he doesn't mean i can be really mean and ask him if when he says he loves me if he means it but i won't cause ya ... and AWWWWW yesturday was so cute and he told me he loved me for the first time and ya, ok well i have to go make lunch for me and mah sistah..

Here's a glass of orange juice, let's go X it out

Thursday, February 14

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/14/2002 11:27:58 PM
   hello. today was somewhat cool. i know something that will be announced soon by the person who is involved in it. LOVE IS IN THE AIR. love songs are col. but just one thing, dont listen to love songs when ur miserable. cuz thats bad. itll make you more miserable. " when we met light was shed, toughts free flow, you said youve got something deep inside of you. ..... it goes deep inside of you, these secret garden beems, changed my life so it seems. friends say ive changed i dont listen, cuz i live to be, DEEP INSIDE OF YOU! and i never felt alone, till i met you, i was alright on my own, then i met you " yeha. thats a pretty song. pretty songs are fun. they make you feel all warm inside...unless its my stomach acting up again... i want to visit the world. but first, when im 18, i want to go with all my friends on a major road trip across canada ? whose in ?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/14/2002 11:15:19 PM
   hehehe i can't sleep im in too much of an aw type of mood but Massimo had to go to bed.. GRRRR! hmm why hasn't sabrina posted? OH and in his car massimo's dog wouldn't let me get out of the car "cries" it refused to get off of me and also i wasn't all alergic to it.. it's really cute.. its all white and small.. it's so freakin tiny i love that doggie.. oh well .. me is going to bed.. i sorta offered to babysit my sister tomorrow *sigh* i suck .. whatever im gonna go now.. ciao now everyone

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/14/2002 10:58:26 PM
   Im in such an odd mood.. and i just found out that massimo's mom is actually pretty and really quite small.. she's like rosie's size but taller.. um yes.. and now im tired and i don't feel like posting about tonight.. not cause it sucked just cause im tired and i wanna go to bed.. so erm ya

Monday Monkey | 2/14/2002 08:18:13 PM
   i like the color pink........hihi hmmmm what other color could i some have fun with ..oh oh i got one..wait..give me a sec..ok ok watch this: i like oranges alot...hihihi. ok watch this: " I am very angry...GET OUT!" haha that was funny.

Monday Monkey | 2/14/2002 07:45:34 PM
   Hello. Today was bad. Quite bad. Ok that is under-exagerating...IT WAS THE SUCKIEST CRAP DAY OF ALL TIME! why you may ask? well in short it's because it was valentine's our bro filled school. as if valentines day wasn't bad enouph it had to go to 'Lester B. Pearson'. ok ok i hate bros but when they think there all rebelion like( for dressing up like ugly "cuppids") i just want to puke. " Mingia bro ima gonna bang [insert a merry's name] tonita fo sure!" i hered that line soo many times it lost all meaning. And jon *tear*...he got all shpac'ed up...and he shaved...what happened to the 'stoned-amy-pants-bumshirt-nonshaved-tomgreen' kind of guy we have grown to love.

lol *evil grin*...i know a secrete..hihihi...rosie knows it dose claudia. ug and i hered the person talkin' about the other person in my class today...hihi he wants her bad. *evil grin*....AND i know another secrete..THE HUGE ONE THAT I WILL NEVER TELL.

at school i saw the most funniest thing ive seen in a while. ok imagine a bro holding a cell ohone with 2 hands trying to get it to work. LOL!!! ok now imagine 5 all doing it at the same time looking puzzled..with each there own cell phone. OMG! IT IS TO FUNNY! LOL LOL hahahahahaha....*chucles*...hooo..that was a good lauph.

Monday Monkey | 2/14/2002 06:46:02 PM
   "Q – is Jennifer a man? "
"A – probably, but according to Curci she's a lesbian."........rosie..Curcci has two 'c' s..jezze and you say your a person..who dosent know that..o my god..for shame rosie...*tsk tsk* ( if i wrote it wrong the first time its not my sorry).

Lucky * | 2/14/2002 06:32:42 PM
   site upamadate: tricked you! har, har. like i would update stuff. BLEH. no, i did actually. *DOUBLE-TRICK, take that!* yeah, all that candy got to me. anyway, i just fixed a few things that looked ugly, i and changed one of the questions in the faq section about the mary's and bro's.. it's a little lenghtier.. but it's a better explanation, and i was bored last night. and i think i said it a while ago, but there's links in the "fun stuff" section, and hopefully Eric will let me scan his cartoon's soon, and that'll be up too. and i'll find some more stuff to put up in the fun stuff section.. yep. but enough of that's. =D

i think today was a lovely and harmonious valentine's day, don't you? *evil grin* but i won't say anything. i'll leave that to the party involved to make any annoucements. har, har. *evil-er grin*

go download missy elliot - this is for my people. kick ass of a song. *thumbs up* incase Jennifer pulls a spaz and says something like, "THAT'S MY SONG BYATCH, DON'T PRETEND TO BE ALL COOL AND STEAL MY SONGS BECAUSE I'LL RAPE YOU UP THE ASS".. yeah, Jennimafer made me listen to it.

don't you love people who say EXACTLY what's on their mind? damnit, i hate people who aren't like that. then again, i hate a lot of people. what do you want, i live in RDP.

sunday, monday, HAPPY DAYS! tuesday, wednesday, HAPPY DAYS! thursday, friday, HAPPY DAYS! saturday! HEY! what a day.. grooving all week with you!

I'm a Fire Spirit

You are quick to take action and sometimes quick to judge. Your firey spirit is seen by most as positive energy and a true joy of life. If only your temper was seen the same way, but don't let it keep you from what you truly enjoy, being alive!

oy shitness sir, i'm bored.
i think i'll go download worms. or play pong on cartoonnetwork. yeah. SCOOBY YOUR FUCKING GOING DOWN! uhh yueh.

timbo munkfish | 2/14/2002 05:23:07 PM
   ah yes, thats right folks, another flash movie for you, HAR HAR... i love them, they are SO funny :D :D :D

timbo munkfish | 2/14/2002 04:07:53 PM

Take the Which Breakfast Food Are You? Quiz.

*Take This Test!*

yay ITS MY FAVE CHEESE!!!!... WOW, i feel special to be edam :D

*Take This Test!*

Take The Mu$ic Biz Whore Test

*Take This Test!*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/14/2002 02:11:00 PM
   hello there people. happy valentineès day. this is a fun love filled day. jennifer , dont forget to write about ur perfect date. what are we gonna do tomorow ? we better do something because or else ill be bored. im in school right now. jen rafferty is asking me to get off and is wondering why im hoggin the damn thing. melissa is humming some really bad tune. its good when brian adams singas it.. but not the dance version... bleh. THE QUEEN IS STILL OUR QUEEN. HAIL TO QUEEN ELIZABETH HEY HEY HEY ... and i feel like a disco dome and i feel.... ARM PITT HAIR RULES. GODESS OF THE DORKS HAS LOTS OF IT. she has to comb it.SHE CONDITIONS IT EVERYDAY

Wednesday, February 13

Lucky * | 2/13/2002 09:01:45 PM

nothing like a mommy's love, and the gift of candy.. =D

happy early valematine's!
my camera decided to work again. but i still couldn't upload the skating pics. jerk. *shrugs*
i've posted way too much today. bye bye.

Lucky * | 2/13/2002 08:33:55 PM

Take the Which Breakfast Food Are You? Quiz.

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i wanted to be swiss cheese. *hmph* and how do they determine a cheese's's's's character? *ponders*

Take The Mu$ic Biz Whore Test

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i need a cigarette now.. JENNY!

*Take This Test!*

that was fun.

Monday Monkey | 2/13/2002 08:33:21 PM
There is a reason why Nintendo tried to limit my involvement to giving out clues and various other insignificant tasks. That is because I can't last a whole game as the center of attention without smoking up. I am pretty fun to chill with, as long as no one makes snide remarks about my height, but I am not suitable for young children. This doesn't bother me too much. I don't crave the spotlight like others do. I have my friends, my bong, and a constant paycheck. Being Toad rocks muchly.
What Super Mario Bros character are you?

Monday Monkey | 2/13/2002 08:27:38 PM

Monday Monkey | 2/13/2002 08:25:24 PM
   blah more to come.

Monday Monkey | 2/13/2002 08:10:53 PM

i am pink!

Monday Monkey | 2/13/2002 08:08:53 PM

Take the Which Breakfast Food Are You? Quiz.

Monday Monkey | 2/13/2002 08:05:31 PM
   You are ... Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr.
You're lizards that prey on innocent birds. You're bad ass lizards, and you can fly! You're public enemy number one in Springfield, and the hunt is on
Take the Simpsons Quiz @ Space Monkey Mafia dot com
o my god YES YES

Monday Monkey | 2/13/2002 08:00:31 PM
   history progect rather just do internet tests.

You are Kimahri! Always faithful, and a little quiet, you're a true and noble friend. You'll stick up for them and always put them above yourself. People wouldn't want to be your enemy. You're often judged by your appearance
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hihi i love second options,

You're Seymour. You have big hair, and enjoy torturing aeons. You feel you should be worshipped. You like to take whatever you want, whenever you want, as there's no one who's going to stop you anyways. Many think of you as a....well, the term "rat bastard" comes to mind.
Which Final Fantasy X Character would YOU be? Take the test

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/13/2002 07:57:47 PM
   you know how i said i didn't like valentines day? YA WELL I TAKE THAT BACK.... =) i can't wait till tomorrow i get to spend all evening? with my bf =) i love him so much.. heheh im sorry if this kinda post pisses you off rosie but it must be said that i love him =)

Monday Monkey | 2/13/2002 07:25:33 PM

Take The Scooby-Doo Test!
ok hmm odd.

Monday Monkey | 2/13/2002 07:11:40 PM
   "i'm tagging along for laughs." hmm i think ill come too. ill need some lauphter after the crapyness of tommorow. yes valentines day. ahh my enemy from long past. love is no longer alive in this world. it was bought by disney land and the greeting card corporation and soled off peice by peice. hmm i think ill write a lovely comic. yes yes. and get rosie or someone to scan it onto the site. that will stop the madness.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/13/2002 07:07:01 PM

i still haven't bought massimo's gift yet.. i don't know what to get the dude.. this is horrible whatever i took a which ciggerrette thingy test so now im fine =)

*Take This Test!*

ok i lie im really not im worried as fuck about tomorrow.. i dunno why... HMMMMMMM cheese test

*Take This Test!*

isn't it ironic how im the only cheese i'll eat?

I like taking these tests.. they're fun.. =)

I'm an Earth Spirit

*Take This Test!*

HEHEHE im gonna need that tomorrow im sooooo nervous and i've been going out with this guy for three whole monthes.. i confuse myself *sigh*

Monday Monkey | 2/13/2002 07:06:44 PM
   Hmmm...what should i write...i dont have much to say. Well something happened today. LOL on the way home i decided to take the express with Pauly and David...all was going well until the driver got all crazy! Mad as a monkey without bananas( and i tell you that's no pretty sight). So he's goes " You little jerks keep ringing de bell and nobody gets off, well now im getting off and getting a coffe at DunkanDonuts!" and trust me he was mad. Well anyway he gets off and goes to the donuts shop...everybody is like "what the hell?". Well, leaving a shit load of teenages in an ungarded bus is not the smartest thing to do. O my it wasnt that smart. So anyway people start to get pissed off and leave the bus and someone steels the bus transfer box, ripped it right off, he will remain nameless *couph*derek*couph* and i will never mention it again. And the whole time David is all pissed but he could have just walked to his house...we were right next to it..realy sometimes that kid is messed up. Eventualy we all got home. JEN IM ANGRY WITH YOU! *angry face* why did you leave me all alone is both math class and math yezie sat next to richard. o my god and the teachermade him do a problem..*sigh* hes like naturaly high or something. But the worst thing jen..was weren't there and BRUNO TOO! i was soo bored...who could listen to my comments...other jen was there but it wasn't the same. I was soo bored and zampini was boring...history is too easy. ANYWAY I GOTS DAVID CUCCI'S PLANET SMASHERS CD!!!!!!! that's right >= ) ..mucho fun fun ska listening. I copied it to my comp yes yes yes...

hmmmm what else happened today..ah yes the assembly..the assembly to end all assembly to end all assemblies. o yes i remember it well...too well. i know that guys live inside out. damn i should have started it slow clap to shut him up! if im gonna take drugs i will. there's no one that can stop me! expecialy not god...why you ask! because there is no god. NO GOD! i think my mission in live is to go and get high...very high. and go up to that guy and say" hey mother f*ucker, go show this to yer god ho!" and shit on his car. hmm i should stop im getting very angry.

Lucky * | 2/13/2002 07:03:32 PM
i would show my pretty lollipop and chocolates, but my camera hates me. *pleure*
hihi, did you peoples hear? Jennimafer is going on her first official date tomorrow. that's right, they're going out to a fancy-smancy restaurant. hihihihihi. i'm tagging along for laughs.

sabrina dibs | 2/13/2002 06:17:44 PM
   hmm okay i dont got much to say today.. (as always..) umm tomorrow is valentines day..awww haha i hope jennifer got massimo a gift cause umm yeah..

okay, 15 (FIFTEEN!!!) days left til my sweet 16!!!!!! yay!!! like so old! :) ah and rosie is so young :) HAHA!

anyways, i found a bunch of pennies at home :) yay! i can make sooooooo many wishes tomorrow!! hmm what should i wish for?...

Lucky * | 2/13/2002 05:27:17 PM
   are ya ready kids?
aye, aye captain!
i can't here yooou!
o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o h . . .
who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
and sorbent and yellow and pourous is he..
his nautical nonsense be something you wish..
then drop on the deck and flop like a fish!
*du, du, du, du, du, du... du, du*

merci Jennifer. <3

timbo munkfish | 2/13/2002 01:29:38 PM
   *drags his dead body along the floor* ahhhhhhhhh MILK CHUNKS... oh yes im still alive.. barely... owie my head hurts like a SANTA OAFJSDOFHAOSH .. damnit *dunks his head in a bucket*...ok so WHY has tim not posted in like almost a whole week.... well there is no simple answer with answer-ish meaning... all i can say is.. you know about as much as i do as to what happened the last few days... well nights really, but yeah weekend day things n e ways... AHHHHhhhhhhhhh cobblers, i dunno what i done to deserve thie headache, no fair *coughs up a nice thick green substance* ... mmm you SO wanted to know that didn't you?.. so i woke up this morning, and well, flew/fell down the stairs and stumbled to my feet and gave my mum a funny lo0k "are you alright?" *steps on a plug* "@#~"£~!.. AHHH MILK chunks" .. thats right, i fell into a big carton of mouldy milk someone just found in the garage.... then mum's like.. oh well u'll have fun taking your tests today *DOH!*... (tests of extreme hardness to get into another scho0l)... oh thats SO not fair *takes about 6 pain killers* "don't worry u spent all of yesterday revising" *tries to contai9n his laughter*... yes i was "revising" *runs back upstairs*.... AHHH 10 mins to get ready and leave and stuff AHHHHHHHHHHHHH......oh god... well that was today... i thought the tests ere like eeasy, but everyone else was like OH .. they were hard... which usually means i have failed miserably FUN STUFF.. damn selective grammar scho0ls.. oh well i think i shall go and find somewhere to sit down in habbo hotel then i think i shall do my million tonnes of homework for tommorow... and then YAY, interview on friday... wooo :'(... damnit... well have fun peepy peeps, just thought i'd depress you all with my boringness and stuff :D... cioa *waves*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/13/2002 09:14:58 AM
   i should be in school.... but i woke up this morning at like 4 and my knee was killing me so this morning my moms like take your pills and go to school if the swelling goes down.... i'd be happy cause i don't have to be listening to Clemente but it hurts soooooo much! my mom says it's cause i was standing too long yesturday and cause it's getting colder outside and since i had my period [hehe yes you all had to know this.. sorry eric =)] my body retained more water so now it hurts *cries* I'm listening to prince for some reason... but only cause there is nothing good to watch on tv and i felt like listening to when doves cry.. that song scares me.. but it's pretty.. 1999 is also somewhat interesting.. GJSDG! my boyfriend has just emailed me from school saying he forgot our anniversary [and im sorry i forgot 2 wish u happy anniversary on munday i feel really bad and i was gonna tell u yesterday on the phone but u werent home when i called] HOW COULD HE? what kind of a person is he? *sigh* i could have mentioned it that day though.. but i hate when he gets all lovey dovey on the phone cause then all i find to say is aww thats sweet or something as ugly as that. I love him soooooo much.... and my moms being all evil and not letting me go out on Valentines day and the suckiest part about it is that we have no school the next day *cries* she is mechante.. anyways some of the prince songs are soooo sad
He said girl you better try to have fun
No matter what you do
But he's a fool
'Cause nothing compares
Nothing compares to you

I feel so bleh.. i'm now wondering if i should go to school or not.. HMMMM my mom said she'd like for me to go to school if i can.. but we have the drug speech 3-4 period.. so i don't wanna go to school in pain for nothing.. and i don't see the point of leaving my house for two periods.. ok well i'm gonna go get dressed now and im gonna watch me some quality tv.. i watched the rugrats this morning =)

Tuesday, February 12

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/12/2002 10:04:44 PM
   I'm fucking traumatised!!!!!! i just got back from open house at my school and OMG!!!! some people have fucking problems.. wanna hear what i was put through tonight? This one chick is like "do you have vending machines in the washrooms? i heard a rumor saying there would be vending machines is that true?" and i was like uh uh uh uh WHY WOULD THERE BE VENDING MACHINES IN THE WASHROOMS? then she takes me aside so that her kids can't hear her and she wispers they're for condoms in my ear. JESUS CHRIST THERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU JUST DONT TALK ABOUT IN PUBLIC.and so then she asks me for my views on having "vending machines" in a high school and i said it was probably good because if your gonna do it your gonna do it with or without protection and its better to have the protection available because asking our parents might be a little too embaressing. and then i hoped that that was over with but NOOOOOo i was asked if i was sexually active.... WTF??????/ seriously what the hell does touring the school have to do with me being sexually active or not? GOD DAMNIT i answered no but i think i answered no in a wtf are u asking me this for way but the chick didnt seem to care.. she then asked me if i had a boyfriend i said yes and she asked me how long i had been going out with him so i said a few monthes and then she was like and he hasn;t forced you to have sex ? and im like NO!!!! and she's like well he's a nice guy! and then i got saved by ms. fabak. THANK GOD i LOVE THE women.... whatever im going to bed now to dream about my wonderful boyfriend who doesn't force me to have sex with him.. i love him =)

Monday Monkey | 2/12/2002 08:41:22 PM
   1 hate, 2 hate, 3 hate, 4 hate, 5 hate, 6 hate, 7 hate, 8 hate, 9 hate.........hey timbo munkfish hasn't posted in like ages...i miss his witty remarks. TIM DONT YOU LOVE US ANYMORE!!!!!!!...o i see he's hangin' around with those no good web site guys and/or girls. I think that im tired...very tired but it's only like 8:30. I think its time for a b-movie marathon. ya no sleep tonight...Tim you stay away from those people (and that guy on the site that we ahve a link to..for some reason).

Monday Monkey | 2/12/2002 07:22:21 PM why on earth dose everybody feel that they should have there own web personal web site and why are they all like " hey i can do stuff...." *cry cry* ...we have a good one. *sigh* and there's like 50 other ones too and they all have this little "thing" going on...that's it! im making my own home page and ill join there club. think there better than me. i show them. *cry cry*.... and rennee! realy if i posted nude photos i would...ahh forget it. LOL anti-dentite.

Monday Monkey | 2/12/2002 06:58:42 PM
   "there were some turtles. but, the turtles got out of their box, and were roaming around, AND THEY POO-ED EVERYWHERE."-Rosie hmmmm i wonder. i have to go to that place soon *gasp*. WHAT IF THERE"S MORE POOP! anyway it might suck, but this this richard sound cool, "he was the coolest guy in the world. he was imitating penguins, telling us not to go to school.." O well whatever happens, happens. I guess i just will have to BEWARE OF THE TURTLE POO!

I hate valentine's day. Realy i do. It sucks. It is the worst holiday of them all (save alone easter, which we all know is an evil holiday made to cause the end of the world). I guess it's just because im going threw a depression, and yes jen...i did try to kill myself *sob*. O mey gawd! I have to make this history essay with foot notes, yes FOOT NOTES.....what are foot notes. I hate valentine's day. And o my god can our school get any dumber...realy i mean AH it dosen't end. Ok ok...haiwyan( excuse the spelling) day, i got over that but look at whats going on now. "GET YOU PICTURE TAKEN WITH OUR CUPIDS" o god....and the whole mactchmaker thing JESUS CHRIST if your too lazy to go and look for a girlfriend( like myself) you dont go filling out forms to get one. And the whole school spirit makes me wanna puke.
We are the back bone of the schools population. The bros are all like "we rule the school" but little do they know soon we will have our day. If you look closer you will see that the growing number of non-bros ex: metal-heads, punkers, skaters, ravers, wiggers(they better than bros), norms, skankers, goths, the riders, the track people( 3 or 4), and let's not forget the posers. If all these groups could just stand each other long enouph we could crush the bros and merries once and for all.
Getting back to the hatred of valentine's day....hmmmm...let's see...hmm i must have some more rage in here. Guess not. I got to go but i want to say something somethings pointless and foolish.

Ho! Ho! Ho! to the bottle I go
To heal my heart and drown my woe.
Rain may fall and wind may blow,
And many miles be still to go,
But under a tall tree I will lie,
And let the clouds go sailing by.

Sam and Pippin

Lucky * | 2/12/2002 04:59:19 PM
   urgh. i thought that was going to be a fantasmabauble day. but t'was not. t'was not at all. from my experience at the biodome, i've learned 3 very important things.
1. turtle poo might cause you to faint.
2. the biodome smells horrible. i need a shower.
3. people named Richard are EXTREMELY cool.

ah yes, the first thing. let me explain. we were touring around and we go into the vet clinic part of the biodome. and in one of the rooms, there were some turtles. but, the turtles got out of their box, and were roaming around, AND THEY POO-ED EVERYWHERE. poo they did. so anyway, we went into an ajacent room, and this chick was babbling about something. i really don't remember. (partly because it was BORING) anyway, i start getting a little dizzy. my vision starts to fade a little, everything around me starts to mute.. yeah, i was about to faint. BECAUSE OF THE TURTLE POO. i'm serious. it's lethal poo. BEWARE OF THE TURTLE POO.
there's nothing to explain about this. the biodome just smells. (well, not in the eco-systems, if you go on the roof and stuff of them.. OH, it's horrible)
and the last one.. one of our animator dudes was named Richard. he was the coolest guy in the world. he was imitating penguins, telling us not to go to school.. *thumbs up* yeah, he was cool. anyone named Richard is automatically cool.

yeah, that's about it. well, there's alot more. but it's boring. and i really should go shower. because i smell of animal poo. bye bye.

Monday, February 11

Lucky * | 2/11/2002 09:47:46 PM
   BON 3-month anniversary to Jennifer and Massimo. <3 <3 <3 uhh yueh, spread the love.
anyway, i'm SUPER excited. i'm going to the biodome tomorrow for career exploration, and.. *waves her arms around in excitement* !!!!!!!!!!! hehehe. i'm gonna go follow a vet around for a day. *thumbs up* but seriously, i don't see myself as a vet. i'm just going to chill with the animals. no, no.. i dunno. the future scares me. i REFUSE to think about it. damn future. *shakes her fist* careers. PSSH.
anypoodle, since yesterday i've had this retarded craving to go snowboarding. it's weetardid. and i know if i do go, i'll brake my face, BUT THAT'S O-TAY because snowboarding seems like SUPER fun. uhh yueh.. UHH YUEH!
w h o o s h . . . . .
otay. methinkymabaubles that i should go finish my questions for demain, and err, do some of that math i said i would do. hehe. i'll end up at in 5 minutes. oy, i'm bad. *busts out into Michael Jackson*
oh, and.. where has Timmymabauble gone? HMM. he hasn't posted in 25-ish posts. *sniff* Timmy has a life. that's not fair. not fair at all.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/11/2002 09:06:45 PM
   The jacksons arent cool, i'm cool..... ALESSIO your a genius, no it's gonna give me abs or something, the candies all over the floor great, ok talk, why are you telling me this? ouch! are you gay? leave me alone, that guys so funny, he's the best, oh ya well his moms such a burn out FUCK that hurt, mass! i just killed my brain cells i killed them. What? ya cause i was about to say that raymonds moms a burnout, ya im so smart im a genius like magic johnson, it;s not broken, Dad someone broke my frog, they broke the tongue because it's obviously broken.. HAHAHA i don't understand my boyfriend at times he scares me.. i just wrote what he's been saying or what ive been hearing for the past few minutes, he's talking to everyone but me *sniff* happy 3 month aniversary to moi

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/11/2002 07:59:10 PM
   ive always wanted to luge. im sure id be good at it. i was watching it on tele today, chanel four, frrench tv ( go me ) and i was like " oh meh gawd , i neeeeeeeeeed to do this sport" yes yes. that and bobsleigh. they are so cool. dont worry yous, i am not forgetting all the other sports and constantly obsess about ( some examples : LACROSS *GO TEAM CANADA * , football, rugby, street luge, skateboarding, bmx, races where ur ushed around on a skate board by a sibbling, ...just to name a few. ) ive decided i wanna be michael jackson. just at night though. when im asleep. or janet jackson. but the old school her is so much cooler. shes gonna be on rosie o donell demain. ca va etre cool en masse.
pigs pushing other pigs on skat boards are cool. i wnat a piggie. the jacksons are cool. " dont such confusions just make you wanna scream ... stop pressuring me. YOU MAKE ME WANNA SCREAM (8) "

Lucky * | 2/11/2002 05:30:24 PM
   what's the difference between light and hard?
you can sleep with a light on.
*PADUM CHHH* ohmeygawd, i'm stupid.

sabrina dibs | 2/11/2002 04:05:09 PM
   haha...afghanistan was kicked out of the olympics :)..but NOt because of the terrorist thing. no...wanna know why? haha..cause the taliban wont allow women to participate. stupid taliban. *sigh*

anyways, today jennifer dropped my (our) penny piggy-bank thing. *sniff* (the one in our locker...) now all the wishes are gonna come out! NOO i hope they dont ALL come out..maybe just a few flew away but not all of them...i gotta fix that..maybe scotch tape will work :) haha all better now. yay

Sunday, February 10

Lucky * | 2/10/2002 09:47:47 PM
   i just added a whole buttload of links to the "fun_stuff" section. (Squidward) yeah, i FUCKING rawk. i'll add more to that section later. maybe WHEN WE HAVE CONTENT. wow, i'm bitter tonight. oh FUCKING well. *twiddles her thumbs* maybe it's the hair? *flips her hair* ya like dat, dontcha? i would take pictures, but my camera hates me so.. *shrugs*. i cut it, shoulder-length-ish and put in red-copper streaks. why red? GO TEAM CANADA! whoo, whoo. have you ever seen more commercials for the canadian hockey team in your life? it's crazy. we haven't won gold for like, 50 years. oy, but i can taste it now. mmm. i dunno why, but i love the winter olympics. they're so much fun. they make me all giddy inside. just like Jennifer's ciggarettes. haha. 50 bucks says she's on her couch right now smoking them, and pretending to put the ashes in an ashtray. *sigh* i wanna be a mermaid. or pocahontas. i <3 pocahontas.
what a friggin' unproductive weekend. bleh. oh well. TUESDAY i'm going to the biodome. hihi. maybe i'll get to play with monkeys or something. hihihihi.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/10/2002 08:47:14 PM
   "I had a friend once... he took some acid, now he thinks hes a fire engine. It's ok, until he pisses on your lighter" that made me giggle..

Monday Monkey | 2/10/2002 07:50:21 PM
   I'm tired...*sigh* i need sleep. mabey i have that now that thing that make you sleepy..tired something or other. YOU KNOW! aww forget it. Jen who are these people that are under this post *looks down* they kind of give me the creeps, but not as much as those scary things under my bed *shiver*. im scared. ok i leave you wiht my sanity test:


Paranoid: Moderate
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Very High
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Moderate
Histrionic: Low
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: Moderate
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate

Many believe that schizotypal personality disorder represents mild schizophrenia. The disorder is characterized by odd forms of thinking and perceiving, and individuals with this disorder often seek isolation from others. They sometimes believe to have extra sensory ability or that unrelated events relate to them in some important way. They generally engage in eccentric behavior and have difficulty concentrating for long periods of time. Their speech is often over elaborate and difficult to follow.

hmmmmm thats odd. i dont fell schizotypal...*sigh*..i think ill go "seek isolation from others."

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/10/2002 06:16:54 PM
   damnit i was posting for a reason but im so pissed that i forgot.. so heres what i wanted to post..

Holy WOW s0ss is so damn sexy.. he doesn't update very often but i still love him.

She is way Cool she talks franglais at times it makes me giggle.. she lives in montreal too.. she's coo.. montreal is coo.. ya..

he's hot

Don't you find?

OH OUI him and his finger puppets are sooooo hot *licks a random persons forehead in excitment*
These dudes make me giggle.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/10/2002 06:10:57 PM
   IM STILL AS PISSED OFF AT BEFORE BUT NOW FOR A DIFFERENT REASON. ARE ALL GUYS FUCKING RETARD? MY DAD NEEDS THERAPY.. HE'S TOO LAZY TO MAKE FOOD CAUSE MY MOMS SICK SO HE GOES AND GET MCDONALDS BUT IT'S A WELL KNOWN FACT THAT JENNIFER IS THE MOST FUSSIEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE FUCKING WORLD.. WELL YA MY DAD ASKS ME WHAT I WANT SO I ANSWER.... BUT SAY WITHOUT CHEESE AND SAUCE AND MY STUPID FUCKING DAD IS LIKE OK BUT ONCE HE GOT THERE HE THOUGHT IT WOULDNT MATTER IF HE ORDERED IT LIKE IT'S MADE CAUSE HE DIDNT FEEL LIKE HAVING TO WAIT A WHOLE LIKE WHAT 30 FUCKING SECONDS FOR THEM TO MAKE IT THE WAY ID EAT IT..... SO YA HE'S A FUCKING ASSHOLE AND NOW IM STILL STARVING AND I WANT FOOD AND KAD'FTHJH I HATE EVERYONE AND I WANNA TALK TO SABRINA AND ID ENJOY JUST CRYING AT THE MOMENT BUT MY WHOLE FAMILY IS HERE AND I DONT FEEL LIKE HEARING MY MOM BITCH. writting in caps is fun but seriously i hate everyone right now and thanx to everyone who;s trying to cheer me up =) it's not working but i'll pretend it is.... and why the hell must everything go wrong on the same day around the same time i just want everyone to die .... seriously why must everything be so fucking fucked up? GRRRRR and now chris is all like ohhhhh ur really mad dont be so mad [i refused his anal sex :/] WHATEVER IM GOING TO BED and im gonna smoke on my cigarrettes i seriously think im gonna start taking some kinda drug that will calm me or something
oui oui alors bye bye and BON NUIT

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/10/2002 05:12:36 PM
   i trust my boyfriend and i shouldn't be pissed at him for something i did.. it was probably nothing.. so ya.. if you read the post i had here before good for you.. if you didn't then too bad i don't give a fuck and i don't feel like talking about it

Lucky * | 2/10/2002 02:23:29 PM
   hehe im disobeying my own rules

Lucky * | 2/10/2002 02:23:12 PM
   one line posts r koolies

Lucky * | 2/10/2002 02:22:57 PM

Lucky * | 2/10/2002 02:22:51 PM
   ya thats right

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/10/2002 11:14:58 AM
   O Mey Gawd... What kind of a person am i? I didn't mention what i bought when i went material shopping with Claudia. That's right everyone I bought a monkey patern!!!!! I can make millions of monkeys and they'll all be different and the way i want them to be. I can't wait to start making them. I would have started last night but i got all kinds of wierd pimple swollen looking shit all over me and i had to take my medication and it makes me sleepy.. I slept for whole 12 hrs!!!!!! I haven,t been able to do that in a while i feel so =) ummm and i can't do it now cause im talking to massimo on the phone.. and grrrr i wanna go upstairs cause its cold. Why is he telling me everything he's got in his alcohol thingy chest? It's funny but still i dont understand it.. J'ai tellement froid colisse! If i were to imitate Jesse for like 30 seconds this is what it would sound like. "biatch, fuck move out of the way, i told you to fuck off." it's funny heheh it makes me giggle.. hehe OMG you know what.. Jesse is scary.. he scares me ALOT so much that i think im gonna touch myself. Anyways he stole my bag of chips and when i tried taking it back he was all like don't worry i'll share my bag if chips with you later. I won't eat it all you can have some later.. OMG THEY ARE MY CHIPS STUPID.. the funniest though is the way he was holding the bag. Asif he had just payed a million billion gazzillion dollars for it.. c'etais tres drole.... The end

- Jennifer the biggest smoker in the world [ i'm up to 2 packs an hour now]

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/10/2002 10:59:43 AM
   Talking about prom night with me there is the bestest thing ever cause i tell the truth. See.. Claudia's dad wants us to go camping but Claudia's mom says we should go to a motel room that night so that the next day we can go back home to change and that my dad and Claudias dad can have time to set up the tents and stuff.. But then Claudia asked if me and Claudia would have to sleep with our dads so that we wouldn't be with random guys.. and then i was like no i wanna sleep with the guys.. and so then i ended up saying oh it doesn't matter I wouldn't do anything with my friends there anyways.. but then i said YA but we get to do stuff in the hotel room. HEHEHE it was soooooo funny... Ok well im gonna go upstairs now cause im cold in my basement [takes a *drag* on her imagenary ciggarrette] bye bye

Saturday, February 9

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/9/2002 10:55:30 PM
   hehe. talking about prom night with jennifer there is a big no-no. she was telling my father that she was gonna rent a room at the hotel so she could have sex with her date that night. shes planning on doing something BAAAAD. somebody stop her . SHE HAS TO KEEP IT T'ILL MARRIAGE ! abstenance. ABSTANENCE. ABSTENENCE!!!! anyhow. it was cool.
PEEING IN A TOILETTE IS WRONG! WE SHOULD HAVE HOLES IN THE GROUND IN RANDOM PLACES! ... sorry, just thought id add that in. i always wanted a lolipop written "porn" on it. then it would be LOLIPOP PORN

Lucky * | 2/9/2002 05:15:27 PM
   Man Caught Peeping In Toilet

Police were called to a parking lot in London, Monday afternoon where they caught a man identified as Timbo Crunkfish. Apparently, he had dressed himself in clothing made of trash bags and crawled into a portable toilet. A woman discovered Timbo vomiting on himself and gasping for air in the 130 degree temperatures. Police had to cut the toilet open to remove Crunkfish. "We don't even know how he managed to get in there in the first place." Said Officer Jack O'Conner. When asked why he was in the portable toilet, Crunkfish responded, "I was looking for treasure." Crunkfish will be sent to the Sunnydale Mental Health Facility in Sunnydale, California for mental analysis and observation. Officials suspect that he may have been hiding in the portable toilet for nearly 6 hours, until the midday sun heated it to nearly lethal temperatures. Why he was hiding in the toilet is still unclear. But, they do know that he was lucky to get out alive.

Deputies hosed Crunkfish off before letting him into the back of their car, where he was then escorted to the police station for questioning.

Portable Toilet Similar to the one that Crunkfish was found in.

oy, i'm bored. and my penis hurts. (DAMN YOU, JENNIFER.)

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/9/2002 12:57:14 PM
   im too bootylicious for you stud muffin [rosie you remove this your dead. I'll kick you. In the nuts. Yes i know your secret. Yes i know you have a penis.Don't worry your secrets safe with me.]

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/9/2002 12:55:56 PM
   HEY THERE. OMG i NEED a new lighter!!!! I finished playing with Amanda's lighter in like 15 minutes. I waisted all the freakin gas. *sniff* I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH i need a few new lighters. I love playing with them and yes that's right i now smoke shhhh dont tell me that i dont cause in my head i know i do i even have a pack of cigarrettes in my room i thought it was empty when Jesse gave it to me but this morning i realised there was something in it so now i can offecially say that i smoke =) hehe I WANT A NEW LIGHTER but a lighter that i can make the flame go really REALLY really high or else thats just not cool. *cries* someone please get me a few lighters so that i can play with them!!!!! i need a few new lighters SVP!!!!! anyone please buy me one of those lighters that can be modified to make a bigger flame. PLEASE .. i know this post is pointless but yesturday when i recieved amanda's lighter i found a new reason to live. anyways i gotta go to claudias house now cause shes been wearing the same clothes for like 2 days ..ew that dirty biatch =) hehe erm claudias dad thinks that biatch is spanish for bitch :/ hmm ok well im gonna go for real now and i think im gonna go to some material store with claudia so that i can buy a patern to make something cool and cheesy cause i happen to be very bored at times. I WANT A NEW LIGHTER *cries* please OHHHHHH please i Need a lighter for my smoking habits.. ok claudias getting pissed she doesnt like waiting for people very much HEHEHEEHEH that was mean im sorry me loves u Cupcake..

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/9/2002 12:36:39 PM
   hello. this is claudia posting from jenn. she cant remember her password so i have to post from her name. anyhow, yes, all that jenn said was true. im sure you guys wanna know why he was using my leg as a snowboard.. explanation: he was half sleeping/half awake... so he was constantly twitching his foot against my foot.NO it wasnt fottsie. anyhow yeah. then he forced us to watch this girl comedian saying " yeah its really funny " but it was so not funny that he began to fall asleep again, and so did all of us. NEVER WATCH SOUTHPARK IN FRENCH. not funny. south park is not funny in general ( no offense to anyone who loves them ) and its worst in french because the jokes dont make any sense once translated. jai peur. anyways...yeah. jennifer is touching herself because shes scared and she wants a new lighter.. but shhh never mention the fact that she doesnt smoke, because in her head she does. blink 182 rox my thong. jennifer is now smoking an imaginary cigarette crying, and screaming " JE FUME! CH'TE DIS QUE J'FUME! " SHES REALLY SCARY. anyhow, thats about it. byes
Dee for jenn

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/9/2002 10:15:58 AM
   AWWWW last night was fun... =) Jesse & Claudia = cuteness at it's highest level..... HMM.. anyways I got really scared when Jesse first got here cause he was like "where's the food?" "i'm really hungry" and well the food was still cooking so he raided my kitchen in search for food and made himself a bowl of cereal and got pissed at me when i took away his chips.. HEHE and he also ate yogurt in a tube that pissed off Claudia and it was funny.. anyways after that we were going to get drinks and Jesse threw me a barbie across the face so then i ended up chasing Jesse around the house trying to hit him back [luckily my parents werent home] soooo after that Jesse and Massimo make us watch "the jackal" apparently its the best movie ever but ummmm ya it was ok i guess.. kinda gross at times too .. after that they wanted to watch bedazzeled but everyone had already watch it like 20 million times each so we ended up saying lines from the movie at the same time as the people in it would say it so that was fun.. we didnt watch the whole movie though cause Jesse was falling asleep and pretending Claudia's leg was a snowboard. ermmmmm..... yes ok that's all i have to say.. Claudia might write some more about this some other time but right now shes in the washroom getting dressed and shes almost finished sooooo bye byez

Friday, February 8

sabrina dibs | 2/8/2002 07:02:07 PM
   OH MY FREAKING GOD! im so mad right about now. today i was told to be at the clsc at 12 (noon). i was there at 12 and so was rosie. gaetano shows up like 20 minutes later...but thats not the worst part. claudia and jennifer show up at 1:30...yes ONE THIRTY. damnit. im not mad at jennifer though cause i know she didnt make them late. im pissed at claudia. you know, at least if she had a good excuse, like, i couldnt find my dog or soemthing. but no. she leaves her house at 11:50 to go to jennifers house then go all the way to the clsc in rdp (at least 30min from their house by car) now, let us think, it was lunch time on a friday, a time no one is really on buses, therefore the buses only come about once every 30minutes. do you think claudia made a wise decision here? NO DAMNIT. usually i just shut up and dont say anything but seriously claudia, next time im not waiting. i dont care, get responsible or something. and the best part? she doesnt even think she did anything wrong! no sorry, no oh my god you must have been cold! no calling, no trying to be on time, no next time ill try to be on time, nothing..she just laughs and says okay sabrina really, stop it. anyways, lunch was good. :) and then we went skating....umm...yeah that was interesting. gaetano tried helping me out but its horrible! at one point he was skating toward me and then he put his arms around me and i sort of fell on hopeless! anyways, then i got really really cold...and then i got home and bitched to my mommy and sister and then they told me *ahem* the satellite is gone. WHAT? ah we gotta change the program yeah, im stuck watching the opening ceremonies (i looove that!! its so cool when all the countries are walking and stuff..okay dont ask :) ) and i gotta watch it on channel 6...yeah thats right. i dont have cable :(....ANYWAYS, so then i get on the computer and i figure at least ill finish off writing our (me and rosies) french fairy tale..(i had started writing it this morning and i was almost finished) and DAMNIT, its a bunch of gferio gtjrgiov;j jkln nj giotrj bglkf;mbktr right now

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (sorry, i had to let that out)_ this was a horrible day

Lucky * | 2/8/2002 06:00:48 PM
   well, that was an interesting day. i'm in the mood for some more hashbrowns and grenadine please, and throw some celeri sticks in there too. okay.
oh dear. it was cold out. but fun. skating = cool. i'll get some pictures up if my camera decides to cooperate. *sniff* oh well. Gaetano has gold faucets. *bling, bling* that's all i have to say about that. and hehehehe.. when my mommy saw the fake lip-ring thingy, she wanted to kick my ass. it was funny. you should have seen her face. i laughed. alot. hehe, now something to entertain you's peoples..

are you an 80's child? (see the whole thing here)
i don't remember much from the 80's, but there is some stuff, and there's some from the early 90's in here, along with my comments. =D

- You had a crush on one of the New Kids on the Block members. [hehe, Joey.]
- You wanted to be on StarSearch. [ohmeygawd, that was my one goal in life. to be on star search.]
- You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off. Or even when he had those freaky eyes in "Thriller" at the end of the video.
- You wore a banana clip or one of those slap on wrist bands at some point during your youth.
- You can remeber watching full house and saved by the bell for endless hours.
- You hold a special place in your heart for "Back to the Future." [stares at Jennifer. *hmph*]
- You know where to go if you "wanna go where everybody knows your name."
- You actually saw Ted Danson as the MacDaddy he played "Sam" to be.
- You ever wore flourescent -neon if you will clothing...(or nailpolish)
- You remember when ATARI2 was a state of the art video game system. (Remember Pong)
- You know all the words to "ice ice baby".
- You remember M.C hammer.
- You can still sing the rap to "fresh Prince of BelAir". [ohmeygawd, YES. "now this is story all about how my life got twist-turned upside-down.."]
- You own any cassettes.
- You were led to believe that in the year 2000 we'd all be living on the moon.
- You have ever pondered why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf.
- You wore biker shorts underneath a short skirt and felt stylish.
- You ever had a Swatch Watch.
- You actually spent countless hours trying to perfect the care-bear stare. [just a comment, i still have my old toy box.. with the carebears on it. =D]
- You remember when Saturday Night Live was funny.
- You thought that Transformers were more than meets the eye.
- You know what a "Whammee" is. ("No Whammy, no whammy, stop!!") [hihihi, press your luck. what a shit game show, man.]
and one little thing that i would like to throw in:
- You watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the cartoon) EVERY saturday morning, and you loved it. because Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the BEST.[=D]

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/8/2002 11:49:33 AM
   I'm suppose to be at gaetano's house in exactly 9 minutes. But thats right im still in my basement... *sigh* i called claudia like 5 minutes ago and her mom said she had gone to the pharmacie.. I ABSOLUTLY HATE BEING LATE... GRRRRR i would have left myself but i have no clue where Gaetano lives.. whatever im gonna go wait for the bitch outside *smiles* SHIT i still have to ask my mom if massimo jesse and claudia can come over tonight *cries* whatever bye bye

Monday Monkey | 2/8/2002 10:45:45 AM
   ok ok i just wrote a long blog but the thing messed up and it didnt post. DAMN CRAP! o well i will leave you with this (i found it in the archives :/ )

Claudia and i had an interesting day. we went to the pool, and we saw Tonia's sister. haha. *chunk-ay!* i'm sorry.. so sorry. but she's still cool. i guess. and she told me the story about the paralysed dog.. ugh. poor dog. anyway. then when we were out of the pool, we were joined by two Mary's and a Bro. it was just down right scary. the two Mary's go to Pearson, but i had no clue who they were. one's name is Rosie. hehe, go me. anyway, the bro was Marco Tassone's brother.. David? yeah, David. CAN YOU GET ANY MORE BRO THAN THAT! oh my goodness. yeah, the Rosie chick is gonna be in Sec. 5 and she was HITTING on him (sec. 3) like you would not believe. eesh, it's horrible, i tell you. and all the while they're telling Claudia that she had big tits. *looks around the room* is it some sort of greeting now. "HEY! how are you? you have big tits!" and she tried my shoes on! she put her stinky feet in my SHOES. *rawr* without asking. MY SHOES. whore. and all the while, i'm thinking, "why are they here? why, why, why.. get away, away, away.." that stupid David kid.. ugh. can you get any more RETARDED and BRO-ISH! god.. the way he was talking.. WITHOUT FORCING HIMSELF! "mingia, bro.. me i went to the store and oh, i bought this ting. yeah, and i was like OH! me i said OH!" god.. and this chick was falling for him! *smacks her forehead* then he's for some reason, talking to Claudia.. but Claudia was insulting him, so he tried to fight back.. i swear i couldn't take it anymore, i was dying of laughter. haha, stupid bro's. then he's like: "you're french, right?" Claudia's like.. "uh, yeah." he says, "can you say peanut in french?" Claudia looks at me, i'm pissing in my pants.. she says "arachide" and he's all like, WHOA! then he asks a bunch of other stuff.. watermelon, grape.. and he's like, "COOL." it's like.. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE FRENCH TO KNOW THAT MORON! WE LIVE IN QUEBEC FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! YOU'RE THE ONLY IDIOT THAT DOESN'T KNOW THESE THINGS. christ. i'm sorry. anyway, i wasn't there when they were talking about style. Claudia saying she was a skater, and then he says, "i like that". NO YOU DON'T YOU UGLY BRO! haha, then the Rosie chick saying to Claudia that she liked guys that smoke up.. hehe. GOD.. no comment on that one. when you have the brother of the world's biggest fuckin' cocaine dealer right next to you. eesh.

lol bros are dumb f*ucks.

Thursday, February 7

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/7/2002 11:02:41 PM

See which Greek Goddess you are.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/7/2002 10:56:15 PM
   i havnt written in awhile because i had nothing to post really. (8) take off your pants now. ur penis is the biggest that ive ever seen (8) okay, the real lyrics are " take off ur pants DAD" but thats pretty disturbing.
i went to my sewing courses tonite.. that was odd.. walking around in a skirt in which EVERYONE can see ur underpants... IS WRONG. okay, my skirt wont be see through when im done ( sorry jenn.) but it was then. then my teachers all like " ive seen underwear b4." SO ? UVE NEVER SEEN MINE! good thing i wasnt wearing my flamingo ones.. that would have been disturbing. I should wear that skirt in school. its 3 quarters and its see through. oh yeah. I was think ... why is shrimp so ugly ? i think ppl would actually eat sea food more if it was prettier. its really ugly. the smell factor of it is wrong but it doesnt taste what it smellls like.i encourage many of yous to eat sea food. I DONT encorage you to buy fur coats, and leather... its just wrong. i mean, already ur eating the animal, you dont have to go parading its skin around ... do ppl that work at la morge wear human skin ? NO. SO DONT DO IT EITHER. that is all, buh byes

Lucky * | 2/7/2002 10:06:20 PM
   [ya people wanna get down? ya suckers wanna battle? eh, whatcha wanna do.. ah cha cha cha cha cha?]
i have never been more bored in my life. why did they get like 50 people to help out with parent-teacher night? that was pretty pointless, but free cold hawaiin pizza = super happy fun.. so yeah.
i have nothing to post about
*shrugs* i never have anything to post about. oh well. i heart this song.. hoobastank - crawling in the dark. it makes me giddy. no, it really doesn't.. but eh.
msn kicked me off twice tonight. i haven't even been on for 20 minutes. ouf.
LOL, NSYNC feat. NELLY - GIRLFRIEND har, har. funny things = Rosie laughing. hehe. I LIKE GOAT CHEESE.
i never tasted goat cheese in my life. maybe i have, but i don't recall. i bet it's pretty disgusting. but, eh.
the science fair was also a complete waste of time, ouf.
Timmy, your new graphic is mucho purty. it makes me all happy inside. =D when i grow up, i want to be a dairy farmer.
[you make my heart sing.]

anyway, maybe this will be interesting, or not. i was watching crocodile hunter yesterday, and i saw the monkeys.. and i was all like, "OH MEY GAWD!" and *snap* picture-taking time and stuffs. =D

Steve chillin' with some monkeys

a monkey sucking another monkey's nipple. har har.

my living room ceiling. my light makes rainbows on the ceiling. check it out man. it's friggin' awesome, biyatch. =D

oh mey gawd, and when he was chillin' with the monkeys, he was all like.. "wow! this monkey is gorgeous! Terry's met her match!" lol, i thought he was gonna scream out anal sex or something. seriously. he was flirting with the thing so freggin' much. hehe. anal sex.

Wednesday, February 6

timbo munkfish | 2/6/2002 06:44:08 PM
   hehehe i spent like a whole five mins on this...

... watcha think eh?better than the last one?? :D... i hope so, coz ti moves and the old one is all, well erm... boring...

welp, which do u think is better??

sabrina dibs | 2/6/2002 04:38:36 PM
   today on the bus the wierdest thing happened. this girl was sittign next to me and then this guy comes on the bus and they knew each other...and they sound like they havent talked for ages..then all of a sudden theyre kissing..and its like uh okay. yeah, anyways, so we (me and rosie and other people) had our dance today and it went pretty well, except i sorta forgot to do something (the thing when were walking, no biggie rosie..) and sofia was going a tad fast and know. umm tomorrow is our science fair, yay i get to miss all day of school :) yay me(and rosie too...)! yup, you know, rosie, we should win an award for doing the most stuff together and not getting annoyed of each other. they could call it the...uh...well i dunno, but it would be a good idea, doncha think? yeah..

and now i would like everyone to know that theres only TWENTY-TWO, yes 22!!! days left til my BIRTHDAY! and not just any birthday..but my SWEET SIXTEEN!! yay me!!! :) im so older than all of you..well, except for timmy..but all of yous who live here, youre so small!! specially rosie...hahahahahahahahah, just turned 15...hahahahahahah anyways, so yeah, 22 more days to get ALL my gifts ready.. :) haha no no im just joking, i dont want anything..hmm, actually a new sound card might be nice :) and speakers to go with it :) yeeah..okay

Tuesday, February 5

timbo munkfish | 2/5/2002 06:35:35 PM
   HOLY JEBUS.... if you don't watch THIS MOVIE then you are aa sinner of the largest proportions, its completely happy and insane.... oMG *watches it for a fourth time*... adn holy crap, i wish you could buy the soundtrack, its so damn funkAY... seriously, when i say all of you, i mean ALL. of you.... the sequal's aren't quite as go0d as the first episode, but then sequels never are.... but HOLY BE JESUS... the frightend boy HELLA funnAY.... hehehe i think think this guy likes techno dancing crabs...... :D, just wait till i get flash from meh m8y *mwhahahha*, evil mad movies will be ROLLING out, when i figure out how to make them :D, oh well, french homework to do .. wooo :'( oh well *thumbs up* jolly times ahead *points at his scho0l calndar* oh yes 10 weeks of school left, FOR MY ENTIRE YEAR... then 14 WEEKS HOLIDAY!!!!!!!! .. TECHNO *jives* hehehhe WATCH THE MOVIE!! :D

Monday, February 4

Lucky * | 2/4/2002 08:57:21 PM
   i remember one day, this summer.. i was in the car with my mother, and we were listening to Alicia Keys. in the middle of "troubles", she started looking around her. then she got completely pissed off, hit the brakes, and kept looking around her.. "WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT POLICE CAR!" hahahaha, but it was the cd. lol. the wierdest things just pop into my head at random times.
"a bowling alley? what the hell are you gonna do there!" ah. i love my mommy.

our lacrosse league is doing well. we have, *counts; me, Jennifer, Claudia, Sabrina, Eric, Nick, David, Christina, Gaetano, Anthony, Jonathan and TIMMY* 12 people. yeah. we're good. 2 teams of 6? yeah. that should work itself out nicely. the rdp/marc-aurele-fortin team vs. the marie-clarac/ovide-clairmont team? ah dunno. we shall see. wait. Timmy lives in England. damnit Timmy, you just have to ruin everything! no, i'm kidding. I LOVE YOU TIMMY! =D okay. everyone will be getting their jerseys, sticks and id cards soon. yeah. ID CARDS! rawking with coolness. haha. our jerseys.. old canadian jerseys with a sticker that says: "hello, my name is i am a crunk monkey!" harhar. okay, i'm stupid.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/4/2002 08:30:27 PM

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Oh oui =) Anyways i'm sorta having problems with a certain guy.. so if your a guy and you read this and you'd enjoy talking to me and you;ve got experiance with stuff e-mail me please kthxby

sabrina dibs | 2/4/2002 04:45:25 PM
   no wait a second.......thats not right!! the instructions are only in ENGLISH! oops...:)

sabrina dibs | 2/4/2002 04:44:58 PM
   haha yup skating was fun...except i cant skate...well, rosie and claudia said i skate better than they did the first time. and its been ,like 4 years since ive last skated. so yeah, im not that bad. next time im bringing gaetano with me though! anyways, today, while comming home i was scared a little. i was left alone on a bus with gaetano and! nick was playing with my hair the whole time and gates (haha) has an aunt who lives on the street right in back of mine...haha but nicholas kind of scared me more...really, why is there always a need to play with my hair? :) okay then..oh yeah, i got a dvd player! yay me!!!! and my mom and sis went to see for mp3 players and sony told them that QUEBEC IS NOT ALLOWED TO SELL THEM BECAUSE THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE ONLY IN FRENCH! oh my god! seriously, but then my dad and sis went to see elsewhere and it turns out only sony is obeying that law because other places have i might get one soon :) yay me. this is a good day :) haha

Sunday, February 3

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/3/2002 08:52:42 PM
   ohmeygawd ... renee naked = <3 HOLY SHIT at first i thought.. well if i get naked im a slut , cam whore BUT now i know that its ok.. cause Renee is GOD .. =)

Lucky * | 2/3/2002 07:37:11 PM
   on our (me, Sabrina and Claudia) skating adventure today, we've realized 3 very important things. one, don't go to arena's on sundays. little kids, and parents.. spending time together. ugh. it's awful, HORRIBLE, and wrong. two, speed skating is horrible and has no point. three, LACROSSE IS THE COOLEST SPORT. EVER.

[from MSN Encarta] Lacrosse, field game played by two opposing teams, with a ball and a special netted stick, or crosse, with which the ball is caught, carried, and thrown. The game, originally played as training for warfare by the Native Americans of North America, and called baggataway, was adopted by the French-Canadians. (yeah. go french-canadians.. woo!) They called the head of the stick used in the game la crosse because it resembles a bishop's crosier or cross. The National Lacrosse Association (now the Canadian Lacrosse Association) was formed in 1867 to govern the sport. Since then, lacrosse has, by reason of culture, tradition, and popularity, become the Canadian national game.

did you know that Lacrosse is our national sport? betcha didn't..

The object of lacrosse is to send the ball, using the crosse, through the goalposts of the opposing team. In general, the rules are as follows: Each goal counts 1 point, and the team scoring the most goals is the winner. If men's teams are tied at the end of 60 minutes, they play four-minute sudden-death overtime periods until a goal is scored. If women's teams are tied, they play two three-minute overtime periods. The team scoring more goals in that time wins. If the score is still tied, the game continues in sudden-death format.

The game is started by facing: in the men's game, two opposing players in the center of the field, their backs to their own goals, hold their crosses on the ground, with the ball placed on the ground between them. At a signal from the referee, they draw their crosses toward themselves, the faster of the two picking up the ball. The women's game begins differently, with the ball held between the sticks of two opposing players. At the referee's signal, the players try to gain possession of the ball. The ball, which is never to be touched with the hand, but caught, carried, and thrown with the crosse, may be passed in any direction, backward, forward, or sideways. Long throws, although permissible, are seldom tried; the player usually runs with the ball until it can be passed to a nearby member of the team. A player may jar another player out of position or stop that player from running by a so-called body check, if the latter is about to receive the ball or is carrying it. A body check may not be made from behind, and players making the check must not hurl their bodies through the air, but must keep one foot on the ground in thrusting their bodies against another player. A player may also use the crosse as a tool to dislodge the ball from the crosse of an opponent.
(aww yeah! this is what makes Lacrosse the COOLEST sport. YOU CAN HIT PEOPLE WITH YOUR STICK! score!) No physical contact is permitted in the women's game.(oh, sush yourself.)

here's the whole article.
lol, we're gonna start a Lacrosse team. check back for that. oh yeah.

timbo munkfish | 2/3/2002 07:32:31 PM
   oh yah, maths work is fun, well maybe not... i bee doing it for the last like 7 hours and now i have 46 pages of maths crap and thats right, im still not done... what fun, oh well at least i won't have to lo0k ar gradient functions ever again, i mean sheesh 1 week of them and 50 odd pages is enough for anyone nx^n-1 .. 46 pages for THAT... bleh.. i don't get it, all that effort for one tiny line of nothingness then i had to play with some other formulas like K*n-1, all this over how steep a st0opid curve is?... i think its insanity, but oh well, see im een talking in a sort of half baked educated sort of way tonight, you shall find abbreviations kept to a bare minimum in this post, and the content, archaic and monotonously boring..... care for some more tea petunia?... i don't get the "upper class" of this country, WHY do they thinkn they are SO much better than the rest of us, i mean if the majority of us aren't millionares, then that makes them abonormal, so in fact they are not WAY better than us, they are just imperfect =)... I have just had an extensive conversation about how po0o England is and i came to the conclusion that ostensibly it lo0ks rather nice, but REALLY its complete po0o, i mean its completely filthy for starters, i mean where else are the sidewalks made from chewing gum?... not even New York has as much gum on the streets as us, in fact its almost like walking in a tar pit...*slaps himself* oh mey gawd, how boring was that load of crap, oh well im very sorry for boring the crap outta u guys, once again, but i got a flat azz from sitting in this chair for sO long, i want one of those crunk ass swrily chairs WEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee.. yeah like Rosamably's , that would be fun *plots to steal Rosamably's chaise* hehehe .. oo0o0 its 12:30am again, *smacks his head on the desk* WHY god WHY, oh well s0on i'll finish school, move to canada, and rule the world from my newly aquired basement *fading laugh* ... time to trudge on with this oh so fun maths work of mine *waves* have fun.

sabrina dibs | 2/3/2002 01:46:18 PM
   haha i am so sad! i told my parents i might go skating so my dad went to look for my old skates to see if they still fit...omg, he came in the kitchen with size 4 skates. im like uh...daddy those are a little small. and WOW THEY FIT!! hahaha..:) abnormally small feet!

Saturday, February 2

Lucky * | 2/2/2002 06:45:03 PM
   What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Defender-ship.
I am a Defender-ship.
I am fiercely protective of my friends and loved ones, and unforgiving of any who would hurt them. Speed and foresight are my strengths, at the cost of a little clumsiness. I'm most comfortable with a few friends, but sometimes particularly enjoy spending time in larger groups.
What Video Game Character Are You?

me and Sabrina worked on our science project today. we did one thing for 4 hours. it took FOUR HOURS, to make this:

yes. it's a cube. a color cube, GONE HORRIBLY WRONG. four miserable hours, and the slide thingys still don't work. *sigh*

Monday Monkey | 2/2/2002 06:18:37 PM

"When the term "slacker" was coined, they must have had Trent in mind." that is me the rest is all bull poop..(that's right i said poop!)

Monday Monkey | 2/2/2002 06:10:20 PM
   What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Gauntlet Adventurer.
I am a Gauntlet Adventurer.
I strive to improve my living conditions by hoarding gold, food, and sometimes keys and potions. I love adventure, fighting, and particularly winning - especially when there's a prize at stake. I occasionally get lost inside buildings and can't find the exit. I need food badly.
What Video Game Character Are You?

if not i would be this dude....
What Video Game Character Are You? I am Mr Do.
I am Mr Do.
I am sedentary by nature, enjoying passive entertainment, eating when the mood takes me, and playing with my food. I try to avoid conflict, but when I'm angered, I can be a devil - if you force me to fight, I will crush you. With apples.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 2/2/2002 02:51:18 PM
   [cause i'm in too deep and i'm trying to keep up above in my head] Hello there friends of mine.. I'm in a happy HAPPY mood today.. HEHE i'm so happy! I was so pissed last night! Wanna know why? Heh.. probably not but i'll tell you anyways.. Everyone that goes to my school or that i talk to often enough on m.s.n knows that Claudia finds a certain Jesse person cute. We were suppose to meet him at the metro but because of the weather inconvinince [my spelling = very bad] he couldn't come because he had had no school, and his mom didn't want him going downtown.. but that makes me very confused because henri-bourasse metro = very far from downtown.. but i mean montreal is all ghetto and wild right? I understand why his mommy wouldn't let him go.. I mean he is only 14 *grins* Well anyways me Claudia and Gaetano went to see a movie anyways .. we saw slackers.. and i've only got one thing to say about that movie.. SPONGE BATH... SPONGE BATH.. The old whore told me to do it.. AHAHA it was funny.. ALOT better then not another teen movie.. Anyways before going to the movies i talked to Massimo for a while on msn.. then i called him and he was all pissed and bitchy and he wouldn't tell me what was wrong *cries* all he said was don't worry it won't affect what "we" have.. I got really scared and then i was like je dois aller eat soo ya.. and then when i got home after the movie.. he was on msn and i was like WHY are you on.. i didn't mean it in a mean way though.. i was just wondering why he wasn't at his chalet.. but he was.. He had just lost power at his place so he went to a friends place and they had a pc so i talked to him on msn for a while.. And then i asked Claudia to ask him how old he was.. Because it was bothering me alot.. i mean i don't give a fuck i mean shit NOO ok i don't give a fecese if he's younger then me but what would really piss me off would be that he's been lying to me for quite a while now.. And you all know how much of a good pc i've got right? HEH. well it decided to freeze so Massimo and Claudia thought i was pissed at them but i wasn't and so ya.. after that Massimo was pissed at me cause obviously he knows i thought he might have been 14 cause he said why would i ever lie to you? and then i was like what? and he's like nm.. so ya.. And then he had to go cause his brother wanted the pc or something.. But he called me this morning and now im hApPy [hip hip we'll never feel bad anymore] Umm Claudia should be comming over soon.. I was in my pj's but my moms like your friend's comming over get dressed and i was like ya but it's CLaudia but my mom was like i don't care.. Oh well.. Claudia's sleeping here tonight cause i didn't wanna babysit alone.. And i might be doing something with Massimo tomorrow .. depending on what time he comes home.. His friends from his chalet scare me.. some dude named lino was screaming Claudia's name and then Jesse's i was scared.. and then he asked Massimo if he was taking me to h/motel tomorrow!!! i got scared VERY scared.. Hmmmm well i was actually posting for a reason but i felt it necessary to explain all my life details before i got to the point of this post.. I was really bored this morning so i went on a "super dork" search and i found some really interesting stuff.. the best though was thisDork; noun: Someone who does what he or she believes to be right, fun, or "cool" without regard to the actions or opinions of others. I absolutly love that definition.. so eric.. We know what a dork is .. half your mission is complete [speakin of eric i hope whatever he has isn't too serious.. i'd say that i'd pray for you but ya i sorta really don't believe in that shit ..] [Hoe get your ass in and riiiide] Ok well i have concluded that the dorkiest band on earth is 2gether .. [U + me = us OH YA calculus..] Oh mey gawd =) HAHA for my birthday i want this game.. You can buy it at Canadian tire ... Oh oui please? *sigh* i think i shall go now au revoir mes amis!!! [baby don't cry i hope you've got your head up even when the road is hard never give up]

sabrina dibs | 2/2/2002 01:01:39 PM
   you people are so mean! putting eric before me on the 'superdorks' umm people *sniff* anyways, im bored. my sis is reading my magazine in back of me so..yeah. hmm im waiting for rosie to get out of the shower and call me lalalalalala. :D okay im done blabbing...ill go find something to do.

timbo munkfish | 2/2/2002 12:46:11 PM
What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Breakout Bat.
I am a Breakout Bat.
I am an abstract sort of creature, who dislikes any sort of restraint. If you try to pigeonhole me, I'll break the box, and come back for more. I don't have any particular ambitions, I just drift, but I am adept at keeping life going along.
What Video Game Character Are You?

something very wrong here....

oh well, misfit is me and proud of it... GO FREAKS! *jives*

timbo munkfish | 2/2/2002 05:09:17 AM
   bleh @ weekends... these things are REALLY starting to kill meh, ok for some reason we decided it would be fun to stack in really st0opid ways, oh yes the fun..... but anywho(not ANYHOW) lots of pain am i in, but i dunny care, that was the whole point in the 1st place anyways hehehe i have 7 bruises from that AND as an extra bonus i was kicked in the face :D...ok so i was not attacked or anythang, so :/. ok, i'll explain, not like i have n e thing better to do, well some people were picking up first years (as you do) and turning them upsidedown and of course when you do this against their will, they swing their legs about like mad... im sure you can figure out the rest.
BLEH! i need some wake up music *shakes fist at his mum* sazzer frazzer rassin frazzer! damnit ... wake up me at 9!!! on a saturday and she knew i got back at 3am :'(, damn evil parent thingys *puts on static x* ahhh music s0oths even the grumpy ass kid... those of you LISTEN to offsrping will know i stole that line :D...kinda... oh mey gawd... i didn't realise how boring i can be at 9.50 in the moaning *hangs head* oh oh and Eric... i have something for you ... *hands Eric a steak and kidney pie* hehe yes im sure there is plenty of kidneys in there *points*
:/ i now have a reputation at school, shameful though it is, i have become "the pimp druggy person" ... i have no idea how *rolls eyes* but for some reason everyone at scho0l thinks i am some mad mad mad drug user who is ALWAYS st0ned, which is erm, partly not true, yesoh well and about he "pimp" part, erm, welp shhh im a man beast... (rawr) oh well, what fun... wh00bah! another night of going out and freezing my azz of in 70 to 80 mile an hour winds tonight WOOO, aye its that time again... party in the middle of a field...wo00o. Ok i admit it sounds a bit po0,but tis muchos muchos fun :).... ok well i know none of you guys drink, like ever, so erm... maybe Eric can hep me this one (or anyone who reads this for that matter) What is the BEST beer around eh?... personally i would like to go swimming in a big vat of stella artois, but thats me.. what abou YOU *peels his face from the screen* owie, i think i broke my back :/.. or not but i can't bend it in any direction, which is always fun when you go to a party with no seats... holy moly i have not poste anything with HTML in this whole entire post... but what can i post *searches for "bleh" im sure that'll turn SOMETHING interesting towards me. hehehe i shall leave with this.....

Friday, February 1

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 2/1/2002 11:59:50 PM
   okay ERIC.. i might be lost at times, but not that dumb *cries* . jesse couldnt come tomday because of the weather and all. he couldnt come here from beaconsfield. ugh. anyhow. i went to see slakers with gaetano and jenn instead. good movie, not better than orange county though. that movie rocked my thong.

okay.. those testes are wrong.. i dont own a good guitar.. my favorite posessions are my things- all of my stuffed animals and little figurines. everything that makes me, ME. i mean.. i have a miniature cup colection. oh yeah. those rule. anyhow... i always wanted to own a good guitar though. that would be cool.. then id write a song about my penis growing on my leg. i had another growing on my right leg.. but i got that one removed because it was too long. as soon as they reach the 9'' , then they go. thats why i wear baggy pants, that and other pants dont fit me because i have no ass but, whatev. hehe. i told nick something really mean today. it was bad :

NIcholas: (something something something ) because you have no ass
(many moments of nothing because im in shock )

Dee : well, i can still reproduce with no ass, but you cant with no dick.

* * * * * *

that was an odd conversation.. i should really get better com backs. i suck at those things. well, i shall leave, buh byes,


Monday Monkey | 2/1/2002 06:31:55 PM
   Ok ok ok....its life is in jeperdy( not the show you fools, namely claudia ). Im sick. Well you all remeber when i was realy sick..and now im less sick...well thats just changed. I have a sharp stabbing pain in my left kidney...and supprise suprise im couphing out blodd. Well David Cucci says i shouldn't go to the show tonight or i could get sicker. *pleure* im going to see a doctor....a real good one...not the scary one at the sad because i wanted to here ska..*sigh* o well. Tim if i need a kidney..i know we just met..but i ...would you give me one...*pleure*...............................dont worry bout me im sure it'll turn out fine.