Thursday, January 31

Monday Monkey | 1/31/2002 09:18:37 PM
    *Pleure* *Pleure*

O meh ged...cloudia sorry i just remebered rosie saying that. Jen i scared! I had a dream about russians( i took a nap) and they were all like..." would you like to purchase a cheese wheel" and i'm like "ya why not" then they start i beating me with metal scared. Local chanel commercials are evil...expecialy the vermont ones *shuder*....farewell (take that rosie this one was uselessly short) bah to your email rosie! finr kick me..i dont care..i have shin plates( metal ones not real plates...claudia).

Lucky * | 1/31/2002 07:48:55 PM

new superdork, coming SOON. (yeah, another one) hehe. that's sounds like a movie. NEW SUPERDORK. okay, i'm stupid. another Montreal-er, Nicholas. (Timmy must feel left out.. but we love you Timmy!) anyway, hehehe. getting hosted would be supercool. *evil grin* welp, i have nothing of interest to post, so buh-bye!

Monday Monkey | 1/31/2002 06:43:20 PM
   Pierce Me

Everybody now has at least one tattoo Private school girls wearing Doctor Marten boots A studded leather jacket won't in still fear Marijuana clothes can be bought at Sears Your little brother has bright green hair Retro 70's threads will make everyone look square My parents went on a holiday in Cambodia All the little mods think they're the surplus army-uh All that kid's stuff's been done before Piss off your teachers, you're no poser To offend your parents it has to be new Gotta' show everyone that you're so cool Stick a pin in your ear Drill a hole in your nose Connect them with a chain Let the snot flow Drive a stake through your lip And a ring 'round your brow Put a stud in your tit More holes tomorrow Pierce a needle through your penis Bore a tunnel in your tongue Never mind the redness This is so much fun! Look at those eco-warriors running around in birkenstocks Winter never stops 'em, they just wear Honduran socks Skate or die your wayaround town Black death gothic fashions drag the world down Those little rappers wear their clothes backwards Now every single kid thinks they're a gangsta Never wash your hear, gross, you'll have dreads Shave it all off like Kojak, be a skinhead...

Monday Monkey | 1/31/2002 06:41:40 PM
   Mission Aborted

Sugar coated candy colored eyes. Certainly helps to hide your disguise. But I'm going to find you out, im gonna turn you over, gonna burn you out. You've got it in for me. You say you're going to get me eventually. But I'm on to your plan. Cause you can't win when you don't understand, that the mission is aborted, mission is aborted, mission is aborted, mission is aborted. There's no use in trying I know what you're up to and I know that you're lying. When it all comes down, It will be too late you won't find me around. Checking out what I do. Won't give any leads give you no clue. Go consult your spies. What they'll tell you will make you realize that the mission is aborted, mission is aborted, ssions abouted, mission is aborted........

Monday Monkey | 1/31/2002 06:40:51 PM
   Evaluation day

You want to tell your boss what you've been thinking. You want to make sure he knows what your doing. Work overtime never show up late, sweat for the company and hope for a raise. It's one more week until evaluation day. Your setting up your boss just to give you that raise. Smiling so much your cheeks are getting sore. Hate the things you do just to get a little more Need some time to think it over. These are the days you get to work on time, tow the company line to get a raise next time. These are the days that you try to be seen, be the bosses pet when your playing for the team. Filling out the forms as you've been told. You deserve more cash for the crap you take. You long for the day when your boss is on vacation. Dreaming of the day when your boss takes a vacation. You want to tell your boss what your really thinking. You want to let him know that his company sucks. Wouldn't it be nice to flip him the finger. But you're just going to sit there and take it in the ass. Need some time to think it over. These are the days that you try to be seen, be the bosses dream and your playing for the team. These are the days that you're dressing all fresh, trying to impress, when it's time for a rest. These are the days that you try to be seen, be the bosses wet dream makes you want to scream. These are the days that you get to work on time tow the company line until the day you die!!!

Monday Monkey | 1/31/2002 06:40:09 PM
   No self control

I was told I had my senses, I was doing fine. But that's all changed, no recollection, Those days I left behind. You're in my head, it's worse when you're in front of me, When I see you I can't do anything. Your so drop dead I loose all my motor skills, You see me falling are you laughing? Self Control no self control, need no motivation. Self Control no self control need no provocation.Can't stop my thoughts, they follow you everywhere. You move so fast that I get dizzy .And now I trip when I walk next to you, How can I manage this affliction that you've given me. You're in my brain, swirling like a chemical. You leave me on the floor sputtering. The thermostat is useless when I'm with you, 98 degrees and I'm still trembling!!! I can't move forward I can't look back I've been crippled by your love attack. It's deep within me, it's like a disease. Your burned into my brain I'm losing all my Self Control...

Monday Monkey | 1/31/2002 06:39:40 PM
   All men fear women

Well let me tell you about, whta it feels like, to be scared of , of a woman Always worry about she'll find out I'm not her kind of a man Listen to my warning hear what I say don't be concerned it's ok to be afraid Oh-no, why do I need this for why can't put it down Oh-no why do I need this for fear bringing down There's a coinspiracy in the powder room they're going to the bathroom in pairs To rap about why men don't communicate no wonder no man dares Yeah man, she bob fling to foot and leave me feel soaked, I always think she's laughing but I love to think I'm no joke Se play with my emotions even though I'm no toy All she does is act cow and I'm converted to a little by Afrid of the broken heart from the start Don't start and we will apart till I depart play smart and listen to my worries hear what they say Don't be too concerned cause it's ok to be afraid

Monday Monkey | 1/31/2002 06:39:18 PM
   Surfin' in Tofino

Park my van on the Pacific shore we got the wax and we got our boards It's mid-august and the weather' fine I'm gonna out to shot the pipe lines Get up, with the ventures sweet sound Get down it's always an adventure I'M gonna surfin' in Tofino x3 and I'M never coming back Surf the flow, we'll hit Cox Bay No rocks at Rosies or you will pay Pull into the park and crash long bech Flip off the ranger gonna sleep on the beach Get up, with the ventures sweet sound Get down it's always an adventure I'M gonna surfin' in Tofino Where are you going dude I'M off to the wick to chatch the big one Oh All right !

Monday Monkey | 1/31/2002 06:38:38 PM
   Life of the party

Crash through the lobby, don't know where to go. Dates not here it's a quarter to ten, time to start jumpin'.You know life' not esay, but it's the only way to be, Maxin' out the cards at every bars the bouncers are after me. Wo-oh hey hey, I'm gonna rise up to the occation. Wo-oh, hey hey the party does'nt start till I get there cause hey, hey baby, i'm the life of the party, life of the party hey, hey baby, i'm the life of the party, life of the partyhey, life of the party, life of the party. Check out to dance floor, dance it to the beat. Partys on high wanna go all night Never want the evening to end. You know life's not easy but it's the only way for me, can't sit thight gonna party all night Everybody's watching me, Wo-oh hey hey I'm gonna rise up to the occation, Wo-oh hey hey the party does'nt start till I get there cause hey, hey baby, i'm the life of the party, life of the party hey, hey baby, i'm the life of the party, life of the party Woah, hey sister , I'm life of the party, life of the party, Yeah hey baby i'm the life of the party, life of the party, life of the party, life of the party , life of the party life of the...

sabrina dibs | 1/31/2002 05:36:29 PM
   sorry, i just gotta add this to it...oh and this girl is 15

Sabrina says:
how old is this guy?
N A S T A! says:

sabrina dibs | 1/31/2002 05:23:08 PM
   N A S T A! says:
Sabrina says:
N A S T A! says:
whats up
Sabrina says:
im doing my homework..umm well kind of
Sabrina says:
N A S T A! says:
i have no school tomorrow but i'm good i just found out i'm not pregnant
Sabrina says:
N A S T A! says:
i had a chance at being pregnant
Sabrina says:
uh huh okay
N A S T A! says:
i had oral sex with my ex
N A S T A! says:
3 times
N A S T A! says:
and something happened
Sabrina says:
N A S T A! says:
Sabrina says:
and something happened?
N A S T A! says:
N A S T A! says:
some way or another his cum could have gone in me
Sabrina says:
okay can i ask you something?
N A S T A! says:
Sabrina says:
why are you telling me this?
N A S T A! says:
don't know
N A S T A! says:
every1 seems to know
Sabrina says:

oh, and it continues...but yeah, thats the best part

yup..thats all i gotta say.

Monday Monkey | 1/31/2002 05:16:47 PM
   Hello. Do to recent events i must inform the intire world that Franky Alo and that little creepy 'Toker' character from the grey pot head book i carry around( and illustrate MAN ) are one in the same. Franky is Toker. Toker is FrAnKy! Bah...why cant you people notice that..they're both short..both hypper...holy fancy moses! Any way, did you know that franky's last name is 'hello' is's true i looked it up in Mr. labrecque's french class...then he told me to ' redress toi bobino!' i was scared...very scared. At school today david was too cowardly to talk to luisa...HA! that's right ..all he said to her all day was "'s it going..*blush*" and that's even when pauly was there...pauly is orange...very happy..and big( but not fat) he's like god..kinda...wait..I"M AN ATHEIST( *sigh* but i casnt spell). Nick has a MULLET! HAHAHA!!!! He's like MULLETRON! Hihi..."RUN RUN AS FAST AS CAN NO ONE CAN CATCH THE GINGER BREAD MAN!"....sorry...pent up energy..had to be released somehow. My stick figures are better than the stick figures at ...JEN ADMIT IT!!!!!!! they scare you though..i sorry. Family guy is on tonight..its so funny...stewie has a football head...( thx claudia poor le thingy de stewie) I must apologise for my personall attack on sorry *tear*...your not a black beared circus freak woman. Also Tim looks like enzo..he realy dose...but like a few years older. I want a monical...and a top hat...i would be soo crunk with those...all right* heh heh* Jen do you (insert heart here) ska like me...i think you do...i (insert heart here) punk also...ya. Our lives( exculding tim of course(sorry)) are like soap operas...claudia said that...i think ..*bluep*Jennifer has signed in..*bluep*Lucky* has signed in...............................*wahn wahn wahnnnn* MoNdAy MoNkEy ate my babanas...*tear*

o( ' o ' )o man Q( ' ' Q) punching kirby o( ' 'o) Kirby

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/31/2002 04:37:32 PM
   bleh. this is cool. ive been havng the oddest of days today. thatnk you to rosie for pointing out my very short blog about niks hair * my hat ges down to you* anyhow, i hate gangs. they shouldnt exist... they ruin everything. violence sucks. sorry about writting my whole blog in pink but.. i enjoy that color very much. mucho fun. RUN AWAY FROM THE PEPPIER ! RUN AWAY! DONT LOOK AT THE PEPPIER! sorry. had to get that out ofmy system. im in an extream mood for alphatbet soup. hmmm.. they sometimes form words in your spoon. hehe. anyhow, im gonna go, byes !

timbo munkfish | 1/31/2002 02:55:20 PM
   holy JEBUS, someone offered to host us .. w00tage, prolly all down to the nice new layout :) *pats rosie on the back*.. hehehe u should SO be an I.T teacher, especially with that html lesson thingy u wrote out *sigh*, maybe, just MAYBE "you'll" learn some java, which is what i'm trying to do... *nods* yup yup me learn't rollover script :D :D. So does this no-abreviation thingy include invented words, such as, "meh" and "ACH NOOO WHAR IS MEH MUNKEH" .. eh? *waggles his finger at rosie*, now maybe i shall give YOU a lesson in java :P... this is gonna take a while.. evil long script;

... oh wait, i shall do it later when i can be bothered *copies, pastes and deletes* :D there we go, for another time perhaps, when i get it working right :/.. oh well for now...(sticking to the colours, of course :D)

:D :D :D

Wednesday, January 30

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/30/2002 04:12:25 PM
   awww don't worry timmy we believe that ur really timmy =)

sabrina dibs | 1/30/2002 04:12:15 PM
   haha right...okay so eric is kinda scaring me too right now..all we do is blab all the time and eric is umm...scientificating it.. :) okay well this was a good day! i get to be a big sister for frederick banting school :) yay me. but my partner is franco alo and he doesnt talk so i gotta do it all..and im shy!! ahh ah well, i get to miss class..and i get to go in mrs. moffa's car. yay! cause who doesnt wanna go in their principals car? oh god. anyways, at lunch jennifer was venting at was funny :) and then she was all obsessed with 'guy smell' haha so i smelled people :) haha...yup, david smells of candy, eric smells of cat, nicholas smells of..umm i dunno, gaetano smells of cologne and david(the other one..) doesnt smell at all...i dont get guy smell, but they do smell kind of good..well some of them anyways. (and everyone said i smell of play doh...PLAY DOH! geez..) then in chemistry i understood!! but thats not the best part...the best part is...NICHOLAS DIDNT UNDERSTAND!! HAHAHA!! YAY ive accomplished sooo much!! umm in english i (and rosie..) didnt do anything, well sort of. we went in this room thing all alone and *ahem* 'worked on our project' haha...right. okay thats my story. :D

timbo munkfish | 1/30/2002 01:42:25 PM
   "who is TIM! For all we know he could be some big scary black old circus freak bearded wowan, he could be a 19th century cocky boot lacky, he could have a mullet!".. evil scary eric scares me, MEANY *hides* :'(... oh well i suppose the fact that i have been talking to u guys for OVER A YEAR NOW doesn't mean n e thing to young eric eh?... well fine, i shall go and sit in the corner.... but OMG ROSIE i have the EXACT same mini ikea lamp that you do :D :D :D hehehehe *sits in corner :(*

Tuesday, January 29

Lucky * | 1/29/2002 09:59:54 PM

i think my little sweetheart is feeling better! look at him bathing in his wonderful artificial sunlight:

i think he'll be feeling much better real soon. (thank you mini ikea lamp. =D) anyway, Eric seems pretty much at home, but welcome anyway. and WHAT THE SHIT is up with you people? what's wrong with mullets? mullets are the COOLEST hairstyles, after fro's and cornrows of course. they represent everything that we live for.. COOLNESS. although, it's been my experience that mullets sometimes drive people insane and make then go all EVIL on people.. but, SHH. they are COOL. mullets = <3 <3 <3

Monday Monkey | 1/29/2002 09:32:53 PM
   Jen plz make the scary speedos go away....i know there evil but i don't want to see them.

Monday Monkey | 1/29/2002 09:15:03 PM
   Before i continue on this quest i have taking upon myself to complete i must stop and speek my thoughts, who is TIM! For all we know he could be some big scary black old circus freak bearded wowan, he could be a 19th century cocky boot lacky, he could have a mullet! Plz i sujest we all go to London England to find find 'Tim; if thats his real name and verify his true identity......thats right, and go see this chunell everyones been talking about!

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/29/2002 07:31:40 PM
   ive always been scared of it... but now i know for sure. its a very sticky situation, but one i could use to get back at her for the rest of her life.. or until fashions come back to the way they were in the early nineties . what am i talking about you may ask... well geez... only the fact that my sister has spent the majority of her life.. well least six years or so... WITH A MULLET. i wasnt too sure, but now i know. i saw the picturesin the family portrait books... many pictures there are. and funniness IT IS. AND ive also found out for sure that I never had a mullet.Im pretty sure that sabrina and i are the only ones who never had mullets.. why sabrina..? because i saw some pictures and i never saw a mullet. so she is saved. i suggest you all look in old pics to see if you are part of that " funniness" . it would be the healthiest thing to do... we all know eric had one not pretty long hes part of the club. nik has one( sorry, NICK) ...and im scared that timmy might have had one himself. PLEASE... all of yous, EVEN THE RADOM READERS OF OUR CLUELESS COLUMN check, if you were once a mulleteer, you shall need to put ur name on the mulleteer list, which im asking if rosie could make one for our site. THANX IN ADVANCE,

DEE,(not a mulleteer , thank you ) MAYONAISE

Monday Monkey | 1/29/2002 07:15:28 PM
    Monkeys, i got them monkeys..something something something...monkeys..i got them monkeys..something something something

Monday Monkey | 1/29/2002 06:32:47 PM
   I'm writting to you from a labtop in a backroom...frankly i'm scared. The Russians busted the coffee shop and shot Carl( no worries he took the bullet in the shoulder like a true stoner) and know i'm on the run. They hunted me down but i hid, i also ran into Monday Monday, my contact, and we have discused out a plan of action. From the look of things the Russians have invaded the city...mabey even Pot-opia...the Gods of Monkeys( there are monkey gods..ill explain another time) have closed down travel to stop the Russians from going any further into Subrosia(subrosia is a world within our world that can only be reached by a portal somewhere in the pacific ocean, it contains all of the things that people create in their minds when bored ex: Monday Monkey) ,but because travel is closed i will be stuck here until i can find a way out. Monday Monkey and i have agreed to join and form one being...i have hoped it wouldn't have to come to this but we is our one chance. After we become one we will head to Monday Monkey's office biulding where we can find, i hope, documents about the origins of the superdorks( YES YES YES!!!). To keep the Russians busy i got some old friends to give them some trouble...ha some old friends native to this area...hihihi...they are in a little comic of mine( you know them...the gang from the pot head stories). After we fuse and make our way to the office i will contact you all. Until then fare well.

timbo munkfish | 1/29/2002 05:20:37 PM
    HELLO THAR ERIC ah yes, the joys of being a superd0rk, many a joy *munches on his cocopops*.. WITH COOKIES CRUMBLED INTO THEM.. i think that has to be the nicest cereal invented.. by me that is :D.. but it is second best to the beer bread i made a while back :D *nods* that was interesting *ponders* maybe if i soak the beer bread in COCPOPS i shall have some sort of crunkalicious MEAL perfectly uited to our delectation *muhahaha* hehehe i am writing my english essay, can you tell? *hangs his head in shame* nope, your right, it stinks *whips out a nose peg* .. oh oh OH and Rosie :D :D :D i found out how to use frames :D :D :D.. its kwel, i was like chillin in study whilst watching some wierd burger king flahsh movie (oh so much fun) and i had all this code up on meh screen, and the teacher was like .. HOLY MOLY that lo0ks intelligent, i don't usually see intelligent things in this class and i was all :D :D and he's like s0 yeah, im 1337 at programming, ok so he didnt say that but it sounds c0ol .. ok so ya he was like wo0o i know jave and html and stuff... *bleh* yah i know stuff *grins* but i canny use frames *sob* and then its like oh yeah this is how ye does it :D :D.... oh yes the JOY *does ren and stimpy "happy happy joy joy" dance .. FUNK yeah baby .. oh yay .. pixies - where is my mind?... such a g0od song and you know it and and and !! super-mega-ultra-cool = me getting cable, so ner to all of ye who don't have it :D :D :D... welp mum only agreed to it, coz no phone calls where getting through .. coz of the net and stuff *chuckles* and and she is like on the net lots and always blah'ing about how slow it is etc. so iw as like "yeah baby CABLE :D".. oh god i sed that to my mum?.. oh well its better than wench :D... n e 1 know the band mad capsule markets, coz someone is trying to get meh to go and see them in march :/ .. but i got no idea what they sound like *searches* oh they have many a song on the internet :)... time to start downloading *sigh* even if i do actually, eventually get the recherche cable (oh you so know that word fits there, well it does when used as an english word n e ways) it would take like 3 months for meh to get it installed *shakes his monitor in a fit of madness* yes well, one day.. ONE DAY *twiddles his plastic goatie* shhh i did not spend my entire design lesson making a plastic goatie *hides* oh well its super mega ultra c0ol.... get well s0on jack.. and WELCOME ERIC :D :D

Monday Monkey | 1/29/2002 05:02:49 PM
   I have reached Pot-opia and frankly im scared...I dont have much time to write so I shall be breif(but i were boxers *snoochies*), I beleive that I am being followed. I am at the "Kung-fu Carl's Coffee and Wacky Tabaccy" cafe and out side i see what could possibly be Russians...Don't panic I'll be fine...but my contact hasn't arrived...i just have to play it cool, for now.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/29/2002 04:48:03 PM
   hello.. welcome there eric.. i just finished my gym dance.. THEY FINALLY STARTED TO CARE!! who are "they" may you ask.... THE DEVIL REINCARNATED INTO HUMAN FORM. they started caring.. what... whhat day are we.. ahh... yes... ONE DAY BEFORE WE HAVE TO PRESENT IT TO THE TEACHER. thats all i must say and... HAPPINESS FOR ERICS ARRIVAL :):):d


Monday Monkey | 1/29/2002 04:25:37 PM's true...I have become one of the superdorks, but what is a superdork? We all ask this question at one time in our lives, yet, is there none to answer it? No single person that can say, " I know exactly what a super dork is"? This sickens me to the point I wish to murder Franky Allo(the felling passes)...for I too can't say I know what a superdork is. I hope that the children of our generation and generations to come will have a previlage, nay, the right to know what a superdork is! Until that day we can only dream of answers long forgoten and continue our sad existances of routine and despair....continue like this..until the answers are found...until..*tear*..I just want...*tear*...answers. My search for the answers I seek are taking me to the land of Mr. Pot-Head,Pot-opia. After I reach my destination i will send word of my progress, hopefully I will not be tracked by any Russians, hopefully. I will meet up with an associate of mine once there, Monday Monkey(damn straight you know him). Until then farewell.

Always a superdork,

sabrina dibs | 1/29/2002 03:56:08 PM
   animal crackers in my boot, monkeys and rabbits loop the loop. wow, i was surrounded by massey kids at the bus stop today..and thats what they sang :) umm well i dont know if eric is a superdork yet..but hes supposed to become one so..YAY ERIC! :) haha...yup, this is so much fun. im happy today..i dont know why. hmm yup, i have to write un conte fansastique with rosie...shes going to write it and im going to correct it...yup yup so much work there. oh and i think nicks hair is much better now than it was before..the orange was just odd, but this suits him, kinda. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalala okay, passions is starting, bye byes

Monday, January 28

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/28/2002 09:05:20 PM
   I AM NOT DESPERATE. i might have sounded desperate .. and whys that ? oh yeah because when jennifers boyfriend came on, i waited like 5 min, then, jennifer was like dont ask him, ill tell you what jesse said... YEAH RIGHT !so i clcked on the massimo button on msn and asked what jesse said.. for some reason i sounded desperate... WHATS THE POINT OF BEATING AROUND THE BUSH ? i mean, if something happens, then yay i guess.. if not.. then too bad. not much difference.

Lucky * | 1/28/2002 09:05:14 PM
   i have bad news. VERY BAD news.
Jack is sick. *sniff*

i tried my very, very best to take care of him.. i give him just the right amount of water, i have long intimite conversations with him.. but something's wrong. *pleure*

see his bottom? it's all gray, when it's supposed to be green. and a part of it is cracking.. *sniffle*

and he's yellow-ish under his hat..


not to worry Jack, i've done my research, and you won't suffer any longer.
methinks i will leave him near the window during the day.. and re-pot him. yes, yes. i love you, Jack! just hold on a little longer.. *sniff* it's gonna be oookay.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/28/2002 06:12:56 PM
   nick spelt nik is ugly.. it looks like nike spelt wrong......and for some reason me thinks claudia sounded like a complete desperate loser with no life today

* ill be forever urs love always mandy!!!!!!!!!*

I think im starting to scare me boyfriend :/ the end!

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/28/2002 04:50:30 PM
   hehe. my day... was sortof oddd. nik dyed his hair to a strange purple. that was cool.

sabrina dibs | 1/28/2002 04:35:09 PM
   *SNIFF* rosie, how can you say such a thing about me???? you make me sound like such a mean person :(
so i know Sabrina's probably going.. "ugh, what's her point? it's so ugly." <~~~i would NEVER ever say that :( i might say..sponge bob is kinda uh..childish.. but i wouldnt say your thingy thing is ugly :( *sniff* you people really think of me like that??

ANYWAYS, to all those who care about me (unlike some people who dont even know me *sniff*), i did my dance for gym today. any YES rosie was part of it *sigh* and i think we did pretty damn good. except for the whole circle thing..that was NOT my fault, we did it too big...and cynthia was usual. but anyways, i think it was good. i didnt really like sabrinas (not me.) dance. it was done good and all but i didnt like the whole concept thing. antonias was pretty good...and why didnt the other one do it? didnt she say that if someone was absent you had to do it anyways? ah well. whatever. we get to watch all the other dances next time :) yay. umm i managed to get a 70 in chemistry (for what? im not too sure..but she showed me the paper and there was 70 next to my name :) ) and i got 89 in francais langue seconde...but i still dont know what i got for langue matarnelle..ah well i know its not too good. anyways, thats about it..ive got a huge headache right now and some people are just not comming online *ahem*, so yeah i think ill go lie down or something. bye byes

oh, by the way, rosie, i think your thing is kind of cute..and im not lieing

timbo munkfish | 1/28/2002 03:27:17 PM
   muhahahahaha .. since Rosie finished her nice new layout.. i thought i too should make my site nice and new, so i have spen the last 3 and a half hours typing out the code for meh new layout :D :D :D.... an it kicks the old one's ass ten times over CLICK ... plz tell me if u think its better :D

Sunday, January 27

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/27/2002 08:11:52 PM
   i went skating today with rosie, besides the ice being really, really, horrible, it was fun because i had normal skates on.hehe, my father gave me my brother's old skates from when he was like 8 or something.arrg. hehe, my grams brought me back this cloak from florida, its really nice and warmand stuff. spring jacket it could be. hehe. i watched degrasi today, and it was coool. nothing like pbs-like shows to show you the moral values in life. no, im not gonna become a nun if some of you may ask. ijust somehow enjoy cheep acting from ontario and people saying " aboot". in montreal, we dont really say " aboot" unless you live in the west island, which we dont. stupid americans. if it warnt for them, i woud be saying aboot. then i could laugh everytime i say aboot because it would be funny. aboot. hehe. ITS ABOOT FRIGGIN TIME . SOWRY ABOOT THAT.

Lucky * | 1/27/2002 08:00:30 PM
   isn't it beautiful? it's my very first layout. *tear* so i know Sabrina's probably going.. "ugh, what's her point? it's so ugly." but i did it all by myself. =D
*bows gracefully* thank you, thank you.
although, it's a little too simple.. so i'm gonna add a few things. and fix all the little details too. aiights? i KNOW you love it. admit it.. =D

[8:13PM - i think i single-handedly exceeded the bandwidth. that can't be too good. damn geocities. *shakes her fist at the screen*]

sabrina dibs | 1/27/2002 06:43:49 PM
   im her bestest friend in the whole world :) yay i love you jenny *blushes*

well i just got back from the airport. my mom decided she wanted us to take her there tis time, she didnt feel like taking a taxi. *sigh* im sick of her leaving. one time its toronto, then ottawa, then vancouver, then philedelphia, then atlanta, then boston, then i dunno what...the point is, shes always gone, and its for a whole week this time. i get to have my big sister sandy act as the woman of the house, meaning i have to do whatever she tells me to do, and i cant complain about it either. *sniff* i want a hug.
anyways, this one guy was getting out of a limo to go to the airport..which i think is kind of odd considering we live in montreal..and we passed some really cool hotels i didnt know existed..but they seemed really expensive and far from any bus or metro. so ah well.

Lucky * | 1/27/2002 06:17:21 PM
i'm gonna make the blog all pretty like now, so.. excuse me if for some reason things aren't working or big naked fish flop onto your screen. merci.

timbo munkfish | 1/27/2002 05:59:15 PM

I masturbate to infomercials. I can't quite explain it, but the mixture of dehydrating cow flesh and
electric facial shock pads really makes me hot. I'm touching myself even right now. You can't tell, but I assure you, I am. I wouldn't lie about a thing like that.

How Unlovely Are You?

Lucky * | 1/27/2002 05:48:36 PM

I masturbate to infomercials. I can't quite explain it, but the mixture of dehydrating cow flesh and
electric facial shock pads really makes me hot. I'm touching myself even right now. You can't tell, but I assure you, I am. I wouldn't lie about a thing like that.

How Unlovely Are You?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/27/2002 02:17:22 PM


How Unlovely Are You?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/27/2002 12:32:15 PM
   UMm Sab, Jesse's Massimo's friend.. and i told you Shawn wasnt Massimo's friend i dunno why you kept insisting they were like best friends.. and yes Jesse is hot .... you should have came Sabrina.. i wouldn't try hooking you up with ugly losers like shawn anyways... i mean i'm ur bestest friend in the whole world i wouldn;t be that mean to you.. but Jesse is hot .. HAHA ok im sorry being searched is fun and seriously sab you should have came it was fun although u probably wouldnt have liked the music ..

sabrina dibs | 1/27/2002 11:48:28 AM
   okay umm first of all, rosie, i can never see your pictures!! ahh i see everyone elses but not yours (and no, i didnt try to see them at blogger.) umm 2. claudette is mr labreques moms name and ginette is mme boudreault(i think you messed that up), ummm oh and whos this jesse guy? haha and shawn wasnt there? then i shouldve gone..seriously, odd ugly people who think im hott scares me a little. :) but really, if i wouldve been searched i think i would have had a problem with that..i mean, me..of all people. anyways, i saw 'a walk to remember' yesterday with my lovely sister, i dunno why but she was all nice and stuff to me, shes like you wanna go to paramount? and im like okay...and she let me pick the movie too! :) she wanted to see the royal tenembaums but ill wait to rent that. hmm the movie was okay. i loved the beginning, they did that really good, but then it got cheesy, and then its like WHY??! its kind of like a 'sweet november' for teens. yeah, dont bother going to the movies for that, but rent it. and shane west(umm i think thats how you spell his name), well hes hott. seriously :) haha okay im done now

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/27/2002 11:01:41 AM
   I shall now talk about what happened yesturday cause last night i was way too tired.. although my boyfriend kept me up till like 1:30.. why you ask? i have no clue but whatever.. Yesturday was the best... But im sorta happy we left later then we were suppose to cause the loud music and smoke and weed and everything was getting to me and i had such a fucking head ache. The music was really good though. I really liked the first 2 bands although they sounded so fucking french.. they were singing a la labreque... hehe but it was funny cause u couldnt tell if they were speaking french or english... except for when they were swearing.. hehe and also i learned one song by heart <3 *fuck you and fuck you 2 fuck you fuck off* hehehe u can imagine how claudia felt during these songs... but then she had Jesse to comfert her cause her hands were so freakin freezing.. Anyways at like 6 we went to eat at burger king.. i was so freakin hungry but as soon as i started eating i felt like barfing.. so ya.. after that we went back in and we didnt get searched that time.. which i truely dont understand.. why do they search u the first time and not the second time? and why did the dude make me out of all people empty my pockets? HAHA i had to empty my pockets cause rosie's gift from vacation .. u know the italy flag keychain thingy? heheh the dudes like it felt like a small knife .. ok ummmm after we came back from eating claudia really enjoyed the music except for the two last bands.. they were just fucking scary.. one band was just odd and had a special guest play on the keyboard.. and at first i thought they would play like cradle of filth or something like that.. maybe even tool but no they just played random music and the keyboard didnt fit in at all it just didnt blend and then everyone was like should we play another song and everyone was like no.. i sorta felt bad for them but whatever they sucked.. and after that the dude that was playing the guitar or bass.. whatever.. broke 2 guitars or bass' or whatever in like 5 minutes .... ohhhh and this dude from our school plays in a band and they're really good and they did a punk cover of im real by jennifer lopez and then there was some guy that sounded like a girl but they were amazing and they sang a barney song .. HEHEHE *do ur balls hang low LALALALA can u tie them in a knot can u tie them in a bow... and then its do ur boobs hang low.. ok ya u get it?* oh and claudia i just figured out why there was alot of old people.. my moms like they're called producers they happen to often go around looking for talent.. HEHEH ok umm ya i dont remember much more besides jesse massaging my knees cause claudia kept telling him i had sexy knees :/ But the only thing that sucked is that i didnt see chris playing and i would have really liked to.. but whatever i shall meet the dude some day *sigh* i think i saw one of his band members though but i wasnt sure enough to go ask him.. oui oui alors i had fun yesturday and you all should have came cause jesse is hot .. and i am now somewhat 100% sure that shawn is nothing more then a person he had to do a project with cause he just wouldnt blend in to the rest of his friends... Oh well im gonna go finish reading the third harry potter book.. Bye Bye

Saturday, January 26

Lucky * | 1/26/2002 11:03:06 PM
   this site is worth a visit. just go read a few things, especially "All About Dee". har, har. =D

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/26/2002 10:35:35 PM
   i'm grape flavoured!
OMG!!!!! its so true.. i have the worse fucking mood swings .. but how the hell does that have anything to do with grapes?

Anyways, Jesse = Hotness... seriously..... WOW.. why must i have a boyfriend who has such hot friends?

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/26/2002 10:09:17 PM
   hehe. concert= wierdness. ive got copy written in bold letters on my hands. jesse is really cute and really nice. the guy was actually the on who started a conversation with me. its was cool. anyhow, about the concert, besides having midgets making out in front of me for a half hour and a band whos instruments really didnt coordinate with each other, it was cool. there were these two really AWSOM punk bands. they were really cool. i felt like head banging and going in the moshpitt but was stoped by an enormous head ach which i didnt have my meds for. anyhow, id like to be interesting and add full of sex filled stories without lying but i cannot because things like that dont really happen to me. ill make it up.
i met this guy called richard and we had sex back stage while he was writting me a song which he played . hehe
okay, that was an awfull story.
cina minis are cool. everything else at burger king SUCKS ASS but cina minis are cool.
you guys know whats scary ? GETTING SEACHED. they touch you in places you dont wanna be touched ( okay, they didnt touch my chi chi and my chest but thats not the point. ) the way they were doing it was horibly wrong. i felt like some sort of criminal. is that how were seen today. TEEN AGERS ARE ALL CRIMINALS. WE MUST STRIP SEACH THEM ALL.
I do admit its for safety perpouses and they do it all over those bar thinggies but i was never seached in my life, so that was shocking experience for claudia.
la lala. ive got nothing else to say.


i'm banana flavoured!

Lucky * | 1/26/2002 07:25:31 PM
   i got a heart-stamp on my hand from piano, because i was a good girl. =D stamps make me happy. you know what didn't make me happy? this conversation at piano:
my piano teacher: so you should be practicing 2 hours of piano a day at this level.
me:*blink* what?

mey gawd. if i practice 30 mins, 4 days a week.. it's awesome for me. 2 hours, A DAY.. pssh. crazyness.

my pregnant cousin stopped by today. EXCITEMENT is in the air. that's right.

moving on to something that might be interesting.. i made a yahoo group, to store pictures and such. plus, there's a fun little message board, polls and other stuff..
so you may check it out at this address:
you have to sign up though, but it doesn't take very long. =D i already added a few pictures, i'll be adding more later, and i'll make some polls and fun stuff like that later on too. and maybe i should work on that layout too.. yeah.

anyway, as Jennifer said, we went bowling yesterday.. details? you know you want them. =D

so we get there, and there's TONS of people.

so many people that we had to wait a while before we could have played. *sniff* anyway, guess who ends up in the alley right next to us? my big-hugable-lovable brother..

he loves me and not you!


anyWAY, we were chillin' in our super-cool shoes..

(you can easily spot my feet.. GO BUTTERCUP SOCKS! wooo..)

some of us were showing off our ghetto bowling skillz..

[editor's note: that 2nd pic.. that shot was SO worth like, 73 points. yeah.]

others were making out with our bowling balls named Jimmy..

uh.. Jennifer?

Jennifer, franchement..

some other people were expressing their love for me through t-shirts..

oh yeah..

and others we're minding to their business..

excuse us, Buttercup.

so while Claudia was kicking everyone's ass by getting strikes at 3 second-intervals.. (please note that she has GHETTO bowling skills, and some of us do it the right way.. *hmph*)

my brother and his associates left, and new people arrived.

that's right.. our favorite teachers in the WHOLE world. M. Labreque, Jennifer and Claudia's "oh mey gawd" french teacher; Mme Boudreault, mine and Sabrina's ghetto-cool french teacher and Mr. Zampini, mine and Jennifer's history teacher who wants to kill everyone with his metre stick named, "El Grande". let's NOT ask any questions.. so they showed up with a bunch of other teachers and people.

and the fun began..

Mme Boudreault wiped out (as in fell to the floor while others laughed hysterically) on her first ever bowling try.. but it doesn't stop there. why is the picture so blurry you ask? good question. our lovely photographer/superdork administrator Jennifer wiped out in the alley as well when she ran to take the picture. can we say LMAO! hehehe. funny-ness.

we chilled some more..

here we see Claudia and M. Labreque. ever wonder how the whole, "oh mey gawd, lovely kids, c'est cheesy" thing started? well.. that's him. =D

but they got kicked out before any other fun happened..


it would have been fun though, they got kicked out because the lane was reserved for someone else.. but we had our fun by stealing all their bowling balls, making fun of them, sending Stephanie to invite them over for coffee and make friends.. yeah. our teachers are super-mega-ultra cool. maybe not ultra.. i think that's pushing it.

but oui. that was our night. and on the second game.. who won? WHO WON! yeah, that's right. =D with 101. isn't that amazing! i usually get something in the mid-thirty's. *bwahaha*

bonne journee, lovely kids..

[go see those pictures and more at the superdorks group.. =D]

i forgot to mention something.. our bowling names? hehe..
Rosie - Marie Rose
Claudia - Ginette (which is M. Labreque's Mme Boudreault's mother's name.. COINCIDENCE!)
Stephanie - Richarde (c'est pas un nom, ca..)
Sabrina - Claudette (Mme Boudreault's M. Labreque's mother's name.. COINCIDENCE AGAIN? i think NOT! do you people stalk the teachers or something? *tsk*)
Jennifer - Jaqueline

c'est beau, eh? <3 <3 <3

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/26/2002 12:04:05 AM
   Oh my god.. WOW tonight was sooo much fun. Ive seriously not had this much fun in such a long time.. to sum everything up we went bowling and ended up meeting a few of our teachers (sabrina's rosie's claudia's and mine of course) and we took pictures with rosies digital camera .. so ya im sure they will all talk about it and rosie will post some pictures or put them in the yahoo club thingy.. whatever floats her boat eh? well bonne nuit everyone....

Friday, January 25

Lucky * | 1/25/2002 03:16:58 PM


i'm Cherry flavoured!
isn't it sweet? *tear*

sabrina dibs | 1/25/2002 01:27:13 PM
   hmph, so i actually worked on my history thing im so proud of myself. anyways..yesterday i was saying that you people (rosie, jennifer, and claudia) dunno what to get me for my birthday ( :) ) so i asked my parents, and my mom said, well what about a discman..and at first i was like, yeah thats not a bad idea (i was thinking id pay for whatever was too much for you..) but then im like, really what am i gonna do with that? i never really alone or in a place where i could use one..ive usually got rosie with me :) umm so yeah, if anyone who reads this pathetic thing has any idea whatsoever for moi, please email me ( or..umm yeah better email rosie, jennifer or claudia (,, or yeah that would be better cause i love surprises :) well, that was fun...ahh 35 days til im 16!!!1 YAY!!! :)

timbo munkfish | 1/25/2002 10:09:11 AM
   wh00t, i finally figured out meh web cam, so now i can take pis without having to click the mouse all the time :D.. ok so it was REALLY obvious but but its working now so YEY!, what shall i use this gr8 new ability for.... why taking silly piccies of me .. OF COURSE.. like sheesh, why else would they put it on there?

Thursday, January 24

Lucky * | 1/24/2002 10:19:36 PM
   hey, HEY. what's with the Blue's Clue's dissing? you wanna make something of it? *hmph* Blue's Clues is a respectable children's show. seriously. you should read some of the Blue's Clues FAQs. it's not stupid like ugly Barney or whatnot. Blue's Clues is actually educational. YEAH. besides, Steve is my hero. =D

Speaking of hero's named Steve..

<3 <3 <3

timbo munkfish | 1/24/2002 08:16:34 PM
   hehehe the only reason i am posting this is so that i can publish it and see jenny's post :D :D :D ... maybe i SHOULd write something.. ok,... its like 1:10am here ... mmkay.. and u know what.. my parnts are out.. why you ask?.. yes thats right my mum went through those width restrictor thingies like 2 hours ago and accidently .. knocked the wing mirror off :/.. which is fun, so now they are out lo0king for it on the road .. yey!, this means that i get to stay up without them getting all "you should be in bed" whilst waggling their fingers at me *nods* oh yes the fun, but i think if they get home and find that im still on the net they will BLAH at me and ill be all like.. bleh? and so i'll have to goto bed :'(.. oh well, i will have to ne ways, and my evil pc (which is big and green... yes u did need to know that) takes friggin forever to shut down and so i always get caught and stuff and grounded or something, which is fun, coz i am like banished to my ro0m with my pc, and uh oh they are back :/... night night all :D

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/24/2002 07:36:29 PM
   I feel like bitching about the tv shows that are on tv for kids now a days.. when i was small we had good tv shows.. amazing shows.. shows that thought us stuff.. like the elephant show *skinimerinky dinky dink skinimerinky doooo I love you.. skinimerinky dinky dink skinimerinky doooo I love you.. I love u in the morning and in the afternoon i love u in the evening and underneath the moon... * hahaha ok me rosie and claudia were singing that at lunch time.. or was it recess? anyways people were looking at us funny... it was fun.. and also mr.dressup..

and sesame street ...

.. Well anyways now a days tv shows teach little kids absolutly nothing.. i mean really Annie Brocolie, Barney

and blues clues

there is absolutly nothing educational about those shows.. unles of course u like teaching ur kids about homosexuals and beastiality .. imagination is nothing now a days..

Ok this post had potentiol but err.. i dont feel like posting anymore sooooo Oui Oui

My dad is fucking pissing me off. i was watching tv and now he comes down and its like i HAVE to watch hockey i hate my parents.... well not my parents.. my father... i hate him.... hes never home but when he is he makes my life a living hell.. anyways im really happy now cause RENEE =) hehe has the same speakers for her computer as me.... OH YA .. check this out

ok then end

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/24/2002 07:13:28 PM
   Guess what everyone... Thats right.. Jennifers in a I-Have-To-Post-Every-Twenty-Minutes mood because my boyfriend has dissapeared!?! But theres nothing to worry about cause when i feel like this i usually end up being somewhat funny... Well i find myself funny and well you people seem to love me or something.. I mean really did you all see the results from the poll? Well if you didnt look here ...

Oh ya Jennifers the best =) hehe ok well anyways i have an announcement to make *FRIENDS DONT LET FRIENDS WEAR SPEEDOS!!!!!* Wanna know why? Eh? IT's gross that's why.. i remember once i was at the public pool not too far away from my house and this old dude was flirting with me and my cousin.. and um ya i get hit on by old dudes all the times .. But this dude was wearing a speedo... and EWWW!!!!! u actually see the penis shape if you look not that i was looking but you know... ya EW! it was so gross.... so anyways if u dont believe me look at the following pictures.... i warn you they aint pretty.. and guys Pa-lease dont be looking at them.. i know full of websites with good free porn.. you don't need to be masturbating to this... unless ur gay :) being gay is cool though.. i fully respect you if your gay and you don;t hide it.. but ur a fag if u refuse to tell people who you truely are.
*picture edited out for our new fellow superdork eric*
Ok that dude up there is pretty cute.. but pub hairs don;t turn me on for some reason , i think its cause i got too much of my own.. uM ya should i cut my pubs in the shape of a heart and dye the pubs red for valentines day? email me with an answer ..
*he promised to forever protect me from the russians how can i not accept the offer?*
Ew.. that picture is totally gross.. thats all i gotta say .. EW! and im sorry for posting that but .. u know how with the ciggarettes they put pictures of lungs and hearts and teeth and stuff affected by ciggarettes.. ya well i think you all should know what you will probably look like in an ugly speedo.. i dont care what any girl says.. guys in thongs and speedos arent a turn on.. its just fucking ugly....
*picture edited out*
I've got one word for that guy *cough*FAG*cough*
*i love u? u love me? I WANT THE SPEEDO PICS BACK*
HAHAHA that ones funny cause u see his penis and its trying to escape his speedo.. See even penis' know its wrong to be in a speedo!!!
*u better be grateful eric*
that dude should get his bikini line done.. i mean really EW!
*bleh fuck u i want the speedos back*
HAHAHEHEHEHAHAH .... best for last

ok well ill think of something else to post about and i shall post again soon Bye Byes

timbo munkfish | 1/24/2002 06:59:50 PM
   "ill go get my lil purple poka-dotted friend :D" *hides* ok Jenny, WHY, whats the obsession with anal sex n e ways?
.. oh well.. so erm, yeh ... erm, so claudia was trying to get me to do sort of erm.. model posings, as it were, on my web cam.. :D... but i SO failed at it. hehe..

hehehe that was muchos fun, but now i am thinking that i should head off to bed... mostly because m.s.n has been chucking me off all night, and now its not letting me bach on *sob* oh well, i doubt ill get to post tommorow... going to a party :D.. then im gonna see this film that my friend made, he spent like 150 hours editting it and putting special effects and stuff on it, sounds cool... its a horrow movie, and he's got quite a big cast list.. oh sure no one famous, but not bad for a 16 yr old.. :D .. oh well night all, unless i can get m.s.n to work again :) *waves*... you have to on the web site to the the piccies... evil mean geocities

sabrina dibs | 1/24/2002 06:27:58 PM
   oh my god, jenny i did NOT just read that..

anyways, geez, so we have to present our dance on monday right? first youd think all six of us would agree to stay at rosies as long as it takes to get it right...or at least tell us if you gotta go do something. but NOOOO why would cynthia wanna stay? cause she knows it all....riiiight! wow, shes got it all wrong, and whenever we tell her to do soemthing the right way she gets mad and says, yeah yeah i know i can do were like, okay then show us, "oh, umm no no its okay i can do it but i dont want to do it right now" OH MY GOD! if you wanna piss me off, show her to me. seriously, we were doing the dance and shes like, yeah im not concentrating, im just doing anything. great! perfect, and this is a group mark. yup....thats all i need, another bad mark...(i got 80 in math by the way, which is pretty good, but compared to the 96...or 94 i dont remember, that i got last term, geez i suck)
umm i have decided to stop being mad at nicholas, cause really he hasnt done anything to me on purpose, and, with jennifers advice, i have decided to be mad at those who dont do their im mad at david right now. but really i should be mad at nicholas too....AND jennifer, cause you all dont do homework *sigh*
okay ill stop babbling on and on and on and on and on ( :) ) cause im sure youre all bored of me right yeah, i cant wait til we go bowling!!!! yay! itll be so much fun haha

Lucky * | 1/24/2002 06:22:40 PM
   oh dear Jennifer.. i have no comment for you. NONE, whatsoever.
Claudia, a party thrown by Nicholas and his retarded/psycho friends at 10 in the morning at some poor guy's house, really doesn't interest me too, too much. seriously? they're gonna trash his house, not even listen to the kid, and.. Nick and whoever think they're gods for doing that? i don't know. it's nothing i really support, so no. but you can come over after and we can go skating at the park.. pas de probleme. :D i'm bored.. i'm gonna go now.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/24/2002 05:50:14 PM
OMG! I've found my dream guy....

Chris says: fucking and sucking and touching.

Jennifer says: its mothers DAYYYYyy

Chris says: would you try anal sex?

Jennifer says:I WOULD

Jennifer says:seriously

Chris says:have you ever tried it on your own?

Jennifer says:no i dont put random objects up my anus

Chris says:lol

Chris says:why not?

Jennifer says:i dont know, i just dont think of doing such things

Chris says:hehe, would you let me put my random object up your anus?

I SAID YES :D:D:D:D:D anal sex!?! OMG... wow i love anyone that will participate in my anal sex schemes...

Ok well now that he gave me the idea to shove things up my anus ill go get my lil purple poka-dotted friend :D

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/24/2002 04:35:20 PM
   please rosie. please come demain. we wont stay for long. just to see what it is and then " byes ppl" we go skating at the park. nothing like morning skating.
nothing like skating at the park. then ill go to jenns, practice dancing, then go home, eat.. then bowling. then home, sleep. then thats it.

Wednesday, January 23

sabrina dibs | 1/23/2002 07:14:44 PM
   stephen is not a dork :( well, unless hes a superdork :) then thats supercool! (okay, sorry, im just a little happy) i told my parents about my chemistry marks (60 on the exam and 60 for the term..great eh?) and i was expecting to get killed, instead my dad smiled and my moms like, 'are there any tutorials?' and thats it, ummm okay. but then i was 'researching' for my history paper and i didnt understand a word but my daddy was like go get a dictionary, and i broke my sisters mickey mouse :( *sniff* so yeah now shes mad at me..*sigh* but ah well, i mean dont put breakables next to books. ummm oh yeah, our school walls are NOT pink!!1 its purpley, kind of, but not pink! and rosie, and timmy, and claudia (whats with the life story?) have problems :) but i love you...well not timmy really...okay im frozen im gonna go get a sweater

timbo munkfish | 1/23/2002 07:09:34 PM
   hehehehehhee, does ne 1 know the sweets known as life savers...... *bwhahahhaa* ROTFLMAO

*sigh* amazon sell such quality products.

timbo munkfish | 1/23/2002 07:03:17 PM
   BLEH, its not posting meh piccies :'(

timbo munkfish | 1/23/2002 06:46:44 PM
   hehehe if its ghetto u people want, i can go ghetto....

send me mail :'(

timbo munkfish | 1/23/2002 06:31:26 PM
   nah uh,... PEOPLE WHO READ THIS... its SO much mo fun to mail me *nods*

bleh! you SO know u want to mail me MORE.. pa lease... ill make u a fan sign, oh go on :'( IM NOT THAT BAD *sob* (*bwhahaha* sypathy tactic :D)

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/23/2002 05:35:24 PM
   Stephen your a dork ... there everyone knows everything about u now.... HAPPY? anywho id seriously like to know who the fuck reads this good for nothing blog... cause geocities shut it down a few times cause there was too much traffic .. but i mean comon my life sucks... well compared to renee's <3 id link her but heh.. i wouldnt send much traffic her way eh? ok well Pa-lease email me if u read this website.... email me here though "" cause my computers a jerk.. ok well the end .... aurevoir lovely kids.

Lucky * | 1/23/2002 04:42:21 PM
my cousin, Lina, is going to be a mommy in August.
this = :D :D :D :D :D
that means a little baby cousin for me, kinda.
:D :D :D :D :D

NO MORE BEING THE BABY OF THE FAMILY FOR ME! *bwahahaha* who cares if the kid is in another generation, bah. i'll have someone to play with at christmas. oh mey gawd, this is kewliez.. my cousin was 15 when i was born.. and when her baby is born, i'll be 15! oh mey gawshness! <3 <3 <3

we have pink walls at our school. <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, January 22

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/22/2002 08:53:42 PM
   i should write something cool. tell our visitors a lil about myself. IM CLAUDIA. toherly known as dee. i write Dee because im too lazy to write my whole name. i dunno what my hair color is wright now because in some lights its orangish and in other lights is blobnde. but, ill say i am blonde because i was blonde for 15 1/2 years. i dont enjoy long walks on the beach... maybe its because i dont live near the beach. sunsets are cool.. but, i dont really see them either because of the buildings. cities...ugh. i have a dog, a cat and a fish. i go to a bro school ( bros are very feminish yet mmacho guys who claim to be 100% italian) .its fun because you get to laugh at them. they look like clowns. fun stuff. i tend to say wierd things that become " instant classics" to rosie ( SAVE THE WHALES!!!!) I enjoy skating. i love watching skateboarding , street luge and bmx on television. my dream is to own a bmx. a pink on to be more presice. I love music. many kinds. m favorite should be punk. the one i cannot stand, the enemy fromantartica : dance music. if you wanna kill me, play it in the back ground. rap music is not my favorite either. very violent and hatefull. well, thats pretty much it. byes.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/22/2002 08:31:05 PM
   had a stressfull day today. now , its all better.everday turns out to be a wonderful day. there is always something wonderfull that happens, and when it does, even if it is as small as someone offering you a gum or candy, you most focus all you energy on that happiness you endured, even if it was for only one split second, and then, you go through your day with happeniss. being positive if fun. never a spoiled day. always something good happening. Fun stuff.

Lucky * | 1/22/2002 08:23:20 PM
my super-mega-ultra-cool-pot-smelling disco ball got me hyper.
so i went on this RANDOM picture taking spree.
of course, i'm gonna share it.. enjoie. OUI, i said ENJOIE!

the kewliez disco ball that smells like pot when you turn it on. well, not anymore. *pleure* but i can always make it smell like pot.. =D

more saturday night fever.. WHOOSH!

then i got REALLY hyper see.. and, well.. this happened:

hehehehe. i look like a mammoth. hehehe.

then i put the sunglasses on my head. but my hair still looked like a mammoth.. so i took another picture. =D

mammoth is a funny word. hehehe. mammoth.

then i put on my cooler sunglasses and took a ghetto what pose. hehe. WHAT!

hehe, mammoth.

then, i lost my hyperness. so i took a picture of my fumanskeeto shirt. LOOK! it's pretty. huh? HUH? yeah, that's right.

this picture, ugh. do you see that! that's a bump.. FORMING on my head. you know why? because next to the fountains.. there's a piece of metal. SPECIFICALLY placed there, so i would bang my head on it. UGH.

this is Pouchie. say 'hi' to Pouchie.

i love you, Pouchie.

Lucky * | 1/22/2002 07:07:34 PM
   OUF. so you couldn't tell us about this "colorgenics" site a while ago, now could you? no.. we had to do a science project on it with crappy information, and get a lousy 75% (WHICH WE DESERVED MORE, BY THE WAY!) we spent what, like 2 weeks on it? that's a lot my friends. oh oui. *hmph* 75.. bah. on the super happy plus side, i got an 82 on my chemistry midterm. yeah, score.
my brother refuses to answer my im's. *pleure* doesn't he care? *runs away*
*comes back* but you know what's freaky? the people that i used to babysit might be moving next door to my brother's house. jebus. everyone lives in that ugly corner of r.d.p. what the hell? bah. i'm gonna go do something that might be useful. MIGHT, i can't promise anything. do something useful.. bah.

timbo munkfish | 1/22/2002 06:09:18 PM
   Ok. So people, i found this site and i was SO amazed at how like accurate it was, i hid under my desk for like 10 secs but shhh tis funky...and its calledcolorgenics, devoped by a pyschologist guy who did years of research into how colors affect peoples emotions and stuff.. tis cool (god that sounded like something someone would write in an annoying forward :/ oh well) now thats THATS over with... i had the day off today.. crappy migranes :/ oh well ... fun stuff.. welp i got like a gazillion tonnes of work to do b4 tommorow, even though we are meant to have completed all the work we need to do for this year, by now...(don't ask, its english education) ... hehe okies... i know you all REALLY care about the english education system :/ so i will explain.. ok basically all of our school is pointless... until we get to year 10, then we start our GCSE course, we do that for a year and a term, then we are meant to have covered everything we are meant to know for our exmas, because we get GCSE mock exmas.. fun.. i think they are meant to prepare us for the REAL exams, again pointless... and then we are kinda meant to spen the last bit of the year revising and completing our project work for subjects like art (which i don't do) and design and technology (which i do WEEEEEEE im making a rollar coaster) but yah, then after all that we get THE LAST HALF TERM OFF, so i end up having a 14 week summer holiday this year :D :D :D :D mega ultra COOL, but sadly its the only time that i will ever have a summer holiday SO big :'(... so i have to make the most of it :D... welp, that was fun...but yeah so >:( at all the teachers who have not finished teaching us, I WANNA STOP WORKING LIKE THE REST OF THE COUNTRY :'( .. oh well im sure ill get my turn and my super extra large WOOOO holiday :D :D :D.. hehehe *waves*

sabrina dibs | 1/22/2002 12:45:14 PM
   okay so last night of course, i wasnt feeling good...yup, thats why, anyways, and this morning i couldnt get outta bed. so finally i drag myself downstairs and im like half dead and my moms like go to school cmon. and then shes like okay okay you can stay home. so she calls rosie while i have my head on the table..and she tells enza..."well, you know, shes *sarcastically* not feeling well." oh my god. my mother doesnt believe me. damnit. just because she doesnt get cramps and struff doesnt mean i dont. she just doesnt understand. *sigh* so yeah, she was all like yeah i believe you...but this happens every month, get used to it, youre not missing school again for this. OH...MY.....GOOOOOD! geez. seriously, has she not noticed that it gets worse every month? that i cant move..and its even worse at school when i gotta rush and not be comfy? and really, what difference does it make if i miss a day of school? its not like i miss three days a week. besides, we dont learn anything anyways. okay im done talking about this. it must be odd for you people to read it :) haha..

Monday, January 21

Lucky * | 1/21/2002 08:15:17 PM
   i don't know WHY i find this so funny.. but i do. i have a headache from laughing. NO IDEA WHY THOUGH...

Lucky* says: because i even looked for the damn script and oh mey gawd.. it still doesn't work.
Jennifer says: i can ask mes internet amis
Jennifer says: oh mey gawd
Lucky* says: oui
Jennifer says: ********* is toooo stupid he wouldnt know
Lucky* says: who the hell is *********?
Lucky* says: ooooh
Lucky* says: nevermind. hehe.
Jennifer says: so ill go to my *GOD*
Lucky* says: ton god?
Jennifer says: renee :D
Lucky* says: haaahahahaha
Jennifer says: she'll help if im really nice :D
Lucky* says: haaahhahahhahahhahah
Lucky* says: *falls on the floor*
Lucky* says: okay. merci.
Lucky* says: renee.. hhhahahahhahaha
Jennifer says: shut up
Jennifer says: shes really sweet =]
Jennifer says: =)
Jennifer says: hehe
Lucky* says: oh mey gawd. you didn't buy something from her wishlist, did you?
Jennifer says: where's my darn boyfriend like figure?
Jennifer says: nooooo i didnt

hehe, so this is funny because Jennifer's day somehow always involves Renee.
"oh mey gawd, Rosie as-tu vu la new layout de Renee?"
"oh mey gawd, i wrote to her and she wrote back! eeee!"
"oh mey gawd, look. this is the letter she wrote me!"
"oh mey gawd, she painted her walls!"
i think Jennifer just wants to be a camwhore.. so she's learning everything. oh mey gawd. if you get a webcam, we're all screwed.

Lucky * | 1/21/2002 07:28:59 PM
   super-happy-fun times. *cheesy grin*
we (me and Claudia, and some other people.. i'll explain along the way) went skating.. again.

whoosh! my sesky skates, well.. my sister's sesky skates, with hot pink cover thingys. hehe, anyway..

let me explain my whole day.. because i'm bored, and you love me. after we finished that oh-so-difficult 1993 french test, *dramatic pose* me and Claudia discussed what we were going to do during the rest of the afternoon. so.. we decided to go skating but, *shrug* we didn't know what time the arena was open. so Nicholas (a dude from our school that we sometimes chill with) was waddling around the plaza so we asked him what time the arena's open. "it's open from 2 to 4, so i'll meet you there at 2 or 3." "uh..." me and Claudia look at eachother. okay, sure. let's take a trip into Nick's mind, shall we? "SCORE. i get to show off my ghetto skating skillz. word." hmm. anyway, Sabrina and Jennifer are too good for us, so they ditch us.. Gaetano (another dude from our school that we sometimes chill with) decides to come along. Nick goes to eat lunch with his supercool sec. 5 friends.. and me, Claudia and Gaetano go on an expedition. we go to Claudia's house first to get her skates. Gaetano is deathly afraid of Claudia's dog because Chleo showed her teeth to Gaetano and he though she was going to kill him or something along those lines. hehe, funny stuff. we then proceed to my house to get my skates, then Gaetano's house to get his skates and have lunch. holy shit, Gaetano has the NICEST house in the world. seriously. it has like 4 floors and the way everything is split is so pretty. and everything is so nicely decorated.. and he has a pretty piano too. it was fun. me and Claudia are moving in next week. seriously, it puts all our houses to shame. yeah, during our 5-course meal (and i do mean 5-course) we call Nick to tell him we'll be a little late. so again, he invites himself over to Gaetano's house this time, with Anthony Amato. (yet another dude from our school) okay. but i dunno, Claudia forgets to get details and tell Nick where Gaetano lives.. so we tried re-calling him, but all we got was the answering machine, and from there lauched a prank-calling session of dialing random numbers and "hello Claude, this is Marie-Louise.. i had a nice time with you at the bar.." conversations with a heavy french accent. LOL. that's all i gotta say. moving on.. i explained the bowling story to Jennifer and Sabrina this morning, so to keep it short.. Nick ditched us one time that we wanted to go bowling because it would have ruined his ego, because he sucks at bowling. this came from Eric, (one of Nick's friends) pas moi. so.. me and Claudia thought that it's about time Nick's egoistical heart was broken. *bwahaha* knowing that Gaetano plays hockey and is a very good skater, we hatched an ingenious plan. that's right. so he's been acting like his usual "yo, i'm cool" self.. UNTIL we get on the ice. that's when the fun began. i'm sure you can just imagine what happened. he was just kinda quiet and.. hehe, yeah. Gaetano was like, but don't you feel bad? YES, i do feel kinda bad.. but this reminded me why i hated him so much last year. and he deserves it. *hmph* he doesn't read this, does he? no, he's probably too good for little blogger blogs. he's probably all stile and internet gossip. i'm sorry. i'll shut up about that now. back to the skating, yeah. i'm getting REALLY good. like, i'm actually skating now! wow. and i can sort of brake. which is cool. i'm sure that'll come in handy one day. which brings me to another point. Nicholas always prides himself up on the fact that he was always the better one of us, skating wise (i'm sure he not only thinks skating wise.. but nevermind that) and always prided himself on teaching us stuff. so when Gaetano was teaching me how to brake.. i don't know what exactly went on, but Claudia told me that he was trying to teach her something.. and yeah, you get my point. mind games are cruel.. but so much fun. WOW, i'm evil. so don't get me wrong, i don't hate Nicholas or anything, he's really fun to be around.. but he deserved what we did today and maybe even more. yeah. so moving on, i wanna get my own skates because i'm really, really getting into this and it's TONS of fun. (so Sabrina, if you wanna come with me one day, if you're interested)

what a long post. aren't you proud! hehe. wow. wowee, wow, wow. so what the hell else do i have to say? that's about it. that was my fun-filled day. i just re-read my post.. i'm really evil, aren't i? oh friggin' well. i know you all love me. :D

sabrina dibs | 1/21/2002 05:59:25 PM
   je suis bored a lot. *sigh* sometimes the internet is so boring! oh my god. but its either this or help clean the table downstairs. anyways, my mommy said i dont gotta go to that stupid thingy thing if i go out with you people, so yeah. yay! i won something for once, wow. umm okay i got nothing to say..

Sunday, January 20

Lucky * | 1/20/2002 10:07:25 PM
   oh mey gawd.
msn keeps kicking me off for some odd reason. and everytime i wanna change my status, "your status cannot be changed, please try again later." KICK. it magically decides to tell people that i'm offline.. and it doesn't want to inform me that i have e-mail. yes, let's keep it a secret. rrg. then, THEN.. for the new layout, i was trying to get this mouseover thing to work, but you know what? it doesn't feel like working. i spent a friggin' hour on that stupid thing and i've gotten NOWHERE. then, internet explorer decides it would be fun to not display certain pages and real player decides not to play anything anymore. *takes a deep breath* i think i should go to bed. i'm tired. no i'm not. but what the heck. ooh, but not before posting some pictures!

yes, that's right kids. our very own superdork, Claudia, sponsored by 'shiek' condoms. Claudia endorses safe sex. take precautions, you know Claudia does.

i'm sorry.. that made no sense. but let's move on to what EVERYONE wants to see.. FREE BUBBLES' PORN!

isn't he dreamy? *sigh*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/20/2002 09:19:55 PM
sorry :$ was fun.

gggg apologies again

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/20/2002 09:18:47 PM
   ahhh. i am not ready to stop loving timothy's humor. today , i went to see beautiful mind with jennifer. its a masterpeice. i cant really tell you anything apart from its a story about a very smart man. anything else will ruine the flick. whats with ppl not being online? ive only got tara and melissa online right now, and frankly, i really do not want to engage in a conversation with them. theyre both people who let down other people.meanies. i will learn to forgive melissa, because what she did isnt really bad, except for jeperdizing my physical education term 2 final mark, but tara, she makes me angry everytime she comes down from guelph(ontario). the girl is always friggin supposed to do something with me and justine and always promises that she will. never happens. havnt seen her since christmas of 2000. funstuff is it. i think im going to block her right now until i feel rea.... no. BLOCK/DELETE CONTACT. THATS WHAT SHE DISERVES. and good thing this year i didnt spend long distance money on her. she never called me once for my birthday. NOT ONCE. anyways, enough of being angry with her, ive got the best friend si could ever have right here. always there for me when i need them.

Lucky * | 1/20/2002 05:59:49 PM
   hooray! we're (me, sabrina and some other people) are finished our dance for gym. YAY! it's not perfect yet, but we're done. and that's a good thing. VERY GOOD thing.
okay, so a little while ago, i decided to clean my keyboard because there was some sort of mammal living under the keys. so i took everything out.. hehe. it was fun. but now, the "shift" button stays down whenever i press it, so let's say i write Rosie.. i had to unstick the shift key so that it didn't write ROSIE. arf. and the "m" makes a funny sound. like the old keyboards at Banting. hehe. Banting.. and the space bar.. ugh. i have to press down on it really hard. and sometimes i don't, so iend upwritinglike this. friggin' keyboard. anyway, i finally have internet on my computer, which is now located in my room.. so yep! happy, happy, fun times. and i installed my camera.. and WEE! i have a swivel chair in my room too. =D good times, good times. hmm. now i'm playing with my camera. this isn't very good. i have dim lights in my room and it's too dark for my camera. HMM. even with the lamp on it's blah. oh friggin' well.
chocolate chip cookies make me happy.
hmm, any cookie makes me happy.
i like cookies alot.
cookies and cereal.
i can live on cookies and cereal.
and chocolate.
chocolate-cookie cereal. mmm.
(i.e: oreo cereal. mmm.)
ANYWAY, i think i should go now, because i'm just rambling on..
oh, Susanne wants to say hi. she's showing the love:

timbo munkfish | 1/20/2002 08:30:33 AM
   holy TUNA, whats with all these short lil blogs, and so few of them, i mean sheesh, anyone might think that we all had something to do this weekend :D
i wanna make a really BIG post thingy, but i really dont have much that i wanna write ab00t, so i think i shall just talk about nothing until you all stop reading this and find something more interesting to do...nothing... hmm interesting thought eh?..what did i go and do now... thats right i searched for "nothing" and it came up with all this philosphical stuff *nods* apparently they have not decided what nothing truely means yet... nihilism... thats the right, its the belief of stuff, if ur a nihilist you believe in nothing and dont have n e opnions or views and no religeon and stuff, which got me thinking, if you believe in nihilism, you can't be a nihlist, because you believe in it, and to be one you have to believe in nothing... fun *chows down on his pot noodle... chow mein flavour (the BEST flavour there is)*
holy sheesh kebab, i need some of those velcro wire holder thingys, i keep rolling over all these wires on the floor with my wheely chair WEEEE, but it keeps breaking stuff .. oh well, maybe i should just use a different chair or something :D ... oh ya and on wednesday... EVIL PEOPLE tried to mug me (street robbery) damn people .. oh well they did not get ne thing, and they ran away coz some nice person (yes nice people do exist in england) came and honked her horn and they ran WOOSH.. and that was that, hmm i think this is just about l0ng enough for now... maybe i shall post again later :D... toodles!

Saturday, January 19

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/19/2002 08:08:13 PM
   hello there peeps and peers... whatever. anyhow, im getting over my cold. fun stuff.hehe. i cant taste anything. supper had a good texture. cest beau. im bored. anyhow, byes friends

sabrina dibs | 1/19/2002 02:42:27 PM
   HAHAHA the crocodile hunter doll is cute :)

Thursday, January 17

Lucky * | 1/17/2002 05:00:43 PM

just go. that's all i have to say. go.

sabrina dibs | 1/17/2002 03:52:50 PM
   fuckin anorexic bitch. damnit. thank you. cause i needed that, specially from john, like he knows me at all. ah i hate people. was that sport-etudes launch thing and it was kinda boring..but i got to miss clementes class..ha! no math til tuesday :) umm and i dont have global montreal. *sniff* i got global toronto, hamilton, victoria (i think..) and some other canadian city but not montreal..ah well, they better have it on pulse. umm thats it.
when i was j ust a little girl, i asked my mother what will i be? will i be pretty will i be rich? heres what she said to me: che sera sera, whatever will be will be, the future is ours to see, che sera sera (damnit rosie you got that in my head!)

Wednesday, January 16

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/16/2002 09:51:16 PM
   my father has been telling me to shut up all night because he says that my 'new' voice. its not like its my fault. whats a family dinner without my two cents about canada being somehow still used by britain ( even though we arnt ) huh??!! thats right bitch.

Lucky * | 1/16/2002 06:05:31 PM
   fruit loops make me happy.
i have nothing to say.
nevertheless, i will post.
although, this post will have no point.
FURTHERMORE, just ignore my random babble.
i like cheese.
you know what? i really don't. but saying "i like cheese" is fun. but i don't necessarily "hate" cheese. hate is a harsh word. i don't dislike cheese either. i don't know. i wont eat cheese like.. on a cracker or something. but like kraft dinner is cool. or nacho's. so i guess melted cheese is cool. or that cool cheese i had on the airplane once upon a time. i liked that cheese. it made me happy.
anyway, Claudia's voice is so much fun. seriously, it's the cutest little voice. but she's probably gonna lose it completely tomorrow. poor Claudia.
*sigh* i still don't have internet on my magic computer box. it'll be forever 'til i get it. *SNIFF* my daddy's computer is so.. bah. his chair smells like farts. *whimper*
speaking of farts, if you're sitting in the snow while you fart, what happens? does it make a "snowbubble" or more appropriately.. a snowball? or does it make a tunnel in the snow? i dunno, if someone wants to try it out.. go ahead. i bet the results are gonna be really cool. like, super-mega-ultra cool. that's right.
that's enough random babble for me. yep. i should go now. yep.
kamakazee watermelon? *du du du du du du* *SPLAT* hehe.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/16/2002 04:05:45 PM
   THIS SUCKS! I HAVE LOST ALL POWER TO EXPRESS MYSELF VERBALY! I NEED MY VOICE TO GO ON !if i go mute. i dont know what ill do :(:(:(....ppl are telling me i could go mute for like, 2 months or something.. I DONT WANT TO~! ALL OF YOUS BETTER PRAY OR WISH OR SOMETHING SO I CAN GET BETTER!

sabrina dibs | 1/16/2002 04:02:00 PM
   okay, so my chemistry term 2 mark is so far 64% wow...oh my god! :( *sniff* i gotta pass the mid term with a good mark...everyone wish me luck! please. anyways, ummm well jennifers all better now! yay!!! im so happy to finally have her back. i was scared with rosie and claudia all week. ahhh! and nicholas still has my camera! today i asked him when id get it back and hes like uhh...yeah so i think ive lost my camera forever *sniff* no ill go get it from him..i know where he lives! haha.. *sigh* okay...ill just go find a topic for my history thingy now....

Tuesday, January 15

timbo munkfish | 1/15/2002 05:52:23 PM
   ... bill gates makes 2, 000, 000 every hour,, just thought i make everyone hate him that tINY bit MO... hehehe claudia u have the BEST singing voice with ur funny throat voice, its cool :D :D

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/15/2002 04:34:27 PM
   hello. i really lost my voice today. i sounded, and still sound, like a chipmunk or christina aguilera.
ive figured out that i do not enjoy the color auburn as much as the color green . hehe. just though i'd add that bit in.
in french class today, silvio made a student teacher cry.: since he has such an incredible ability to read french, he daid that 'M. Dumas' was 'M. DUMBASS ' what a friggin retarder mental. liquid quick is the best drink on the planet of the apes that we are. okay.. someone just walked in my bathroom. i thought i was alone.
i wanna name my son pixel. hehe. not really. but its cool.
when im gonna move into my appartment, alone, or with a room mate: im getting a cat and either naming it pixie or tinkerbell. fun stuff aint it. i (L) rock and role.
i hate bill gates.
if id win that prize id say " the world's a fuck up place. glad i got rewwarded by trying to make it at least a bit acceptable." and id end it with something like " if rich ppl cared so much and were real human beings, theyd help too. nobody really needs a couple of milion bux to survive. a salary of 100 thousand per year is good enough to feed and family and such. FUCK BILL GATES ."

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/15/2002 03:22:00 PM
   :D i dont have mono....*yay* all i have is some dumb virus disease that isnt contagious anymore.. and my mom suggests that i go to school tomorrow and try to get stuff done then come back home if i really dont feel good.... im somewhat feeling better now though :( but i have a sinus thingy and an ear infection and a wierd ass virus oh well.... bye bye for now and i might see u all tomorrow :D:D i kinda missed school :/

Monday, January 14

timbo munkfish | 1/14/2002 06:28:22 PM
   OMG OMG OMG ... ok if u have a humour and about 30 - 40 mins spare... go HERE...i dont care how u manage it, but it HAS to be watched at some stange... hopefully so0n co its just SO damn funny, so if ur bored and ready to laugh.. :D :D :D...get well so0n jenny :)

timbo munkfish | 1/14/2002 05:46:52 PM
   *bwhahaha* THIS should cheer up anyone, or kind of boost their happiness, its SUPER funny and i think that EVERYONE will enjoy this, so ya... get well so0n Jenny!... i think im gonna go and read up on a tonne of stuff for 6th form college :'( ... what fun... hehehehe i should never have chosen to do economics next year, too confusing :\, oh well what fun...time to LEARN... hehehe :D *thumbs up* fair well people :D

Lucky * | 1/14/2002 04:51:14 PM
   hhhhhhhhhahahaha.. la botine souriante. :D
thank you for the present claudia, cheesy nsync bracelets make me happy. :D :D :D
i just came back from looking for a birthday present for my sister. :( i have NO idea what to buy her. this sucks.
but, i'm wearing a fumanskeeto shirt. and that my friends = cool.
our movie for english came out all crappy like. damnit. and i worked so hard. oh well..
...fille en haut, fille en bas, fille, fille, fille, femme, femme, femme, femme, fille, la botine-tine-tine... hehe. :D
la botine souriante - la ziguezon
how is Jennifer feeling? we hope you get better soon. (for Sabrina's sake.. she gets all scared-like when she has to stay with me and Claudia at lunch. hehehe.) so, yeah. hurry up and get better.. because on t'aime. *muah* :D
this post is going absolutely no where.
yeah, that's right.
pop sale
mkay. i think i should go now. i'm not in a super-happy mood anyway. (freggin' Cynthia.. ARF.) bye bye.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/14/2002 12:21:40 PM
   to start off, to help out sabrina with that awful moral delema i have cause *sarcasm* , i was doing those mad libs thinggies... i like doing those when i'm bored. anyhow, im at school right now. wondering how jenn is. i think you have mono, even though its bad. i called you yesterday because i wanted you toi come with me and rosie to see a movie, just to see if you were feeling better too, but your dad said you warnt and that you were still asleep. i hope you feel better soon. we all miss you. now, moving on to a less depressing subject, i think i aced my science test. did the multiple choice part in a matter of like 3min because i really knew what i was doing ( for once). hehe. this key bored is getting me nervous. you have to to press extreamly hard on the keys for them to punch out. awww! the agany. muahaha. i cant wait till timmy comes to montreal this summer. it shall be mucho fun. unless maybe you wind up being a thirty year old man whose after us because he cant get a date and has acne on his butux . but i dont think so. fun stuff. anyhow. yah... i think im gonna go dress up the hippo on the geekular thinggy thing thing... its so cuite ... ill send the princess on to sabrina so that she can put it as her background. byes poodles. ;)

Sunday, January 13

sabrina dibs | 1/13/2002 04:56:55 PM
   okay umm claudia...about that story you just wrote........Then, sabrina came over in his/her jucy kaki green and orange pokadoted cardboard mercedes with la botine souriante and 0 people! I was like, bitchin' HIS/HER?!!! HIS?? do i look like a his?!
anyways, i went to ikea today...that place is huge! ahhh....okay im done :)

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/13/2002 04:42:00 PM
   Man! Last monday I had the most sexy party ever! My parents told me they were going to go VISITING out in shakiland , but not to have a party. Of course, my pornographic parents would never find out, so I decided to have one.
First, rosie and jennifer decided to show up with a electric nose picker full of milk . Then, sabrina came over in his/her jucy kaki green and orange pokadoted cardboard mercedes with la botine souriante and 0 people! I was like, bitchin' ! .

Then, tim showed up and took me to the store to buy miniature bananas , monkey shit nugets , and some water . When I came back, will , nik , eric , and david was there. SANTA CRAIG DAVIS! ! I said.

I heard la botine souriante playing la zigazon in the laundry room . I screamed into the garbage storage room , and paul (?) and christina were farting right on the table ! Then, in the kitchen , rosie and tim were watching david take off his/her sock .

Then, george cloney came up to me and asked if I wanted to disearwax with him/her. I was like holy mother popcorn sticks! ! So we grabbed some milk and scratched into my bedroom. And all I can remember is planet of the babes , george cloney , and strobe lights.

I woke up with my parents standing over me.

POOPS! , busted!

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/13/2002 03:50:15 PM
   hello fellow friends. i have visionized orange county at our local theatre... fun movie. i have a surprise for rosie, i shall give it to you tomorow... it really scares me but dont worry friend, ull love it. anyhow, tata,

Saturday, January 12

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/12/2002 02:03:47 PM
   oo yeah

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/12/2002 02:03:06 PM
You are passionate about what you want out of life, and some have even described you as coarse. But deep down inside you have a good heart and that's all that matters. Actually...all that really matters is that your boyfriend is Brodie!

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$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/12/2002 01:56:41 PM
You give off bad vibes, and like to have control in any given situation. If you aren't satisfied with something then you don't think anyone else should be either. You'd go pretty far to get what you want, even if it means wiping out human existance! On an do have sexy horns.

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Friday, January 11

timbo munkfish | 1/11/2002 08:30:17 PM
Noise, noise, noise, smokin' weed, smokin' weed, doin' coke, drinkin' beers! What's up baby? Sup sluts? You're Jay, and you're all about pussy! You hate guys, you love women! But deep behind your mask of stupidity, some would say you possess knowledge beyond your years. Well, maybe not. Who fuckin' farted?

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timbo munkfish | 1/11/2002 08:14:22 PM
   har har har... my friend found the funniest mp3s like ever.. its funny :DBill gates,,, S club 7 :D ....... blair - 'this mass terrorism is a battle between the united states of america and the rest of the world..'.... fun :D .. ne ways im getting sleepy :\ night all :D

Lucky * | 1/11/2002 07:57:21 PM
You are passionate about what you want out of life, and some have even described you as coarse. But deep down inside you have a good heart and that's all that matters. Actually...all that really matters is that your boyfriend is Brodie!

Take The "Which Kevin Smith Female Are You?" Quiz!!


i got my fumanskeeto sweater. hihihi. it's pretty. i heart it. i'm not washing it. maybe Chris touched it. hihihihihi...

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/11/2002 06:03:02 PM
   one day i am in the bathroom
i look at to my pennis and very glad and play with it
after minuts jet happen.i am very glad
and so do it evryday.

that made me giggle... im so tired i think ill go back to ZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZ bye byes

Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/11/2002 05:46:57 PM
You're all about romantic love, and you would do anything for your man. You will be successful in your life and relationships as long as you can keep a handle on your oral fixations. 37!! That's just too much!

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Goddess Of The Dorks | 1/11/2002 02:39:00 PM
   i want my mommy *cries* OMG i seriously dont feel good.... its one of those times that you rather be in school then be sick KIJSDGJsdGF its really unfair and im somewhat certain i have mono or some other odd disease and i thought it would be cool to tell claudia she had an odd disease too.... Oh well the doctor gave me meds and he said if when their finished ur still sick u gotta pass tests and stuff *sniff* hes like its probably mono so u might not be able to go to school for a while .... i was like oh thats cool yesturday but now i really dont feel good ... staying up for more then 2 hrs makers me wanna faint :( oh well .... erm anyways i think ill survive OHHHH and the pharmacie chick said that the symptoms should go away with the medication within 24 hrs and its gonna be 24hrs soon and i still feel really awfully so my moms making an appointment with my doctor and my doctors all :/ and it scares me .... anywho i hope claudia gets better soon and im going back to sleep bye bye

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/11/2002 11:17:32 AM
   im sick:( i hate being sick. its boring. i have nothing to do and the letters on my keyboard sometimes move around. fun jennifer is telling me i have this weird ass disease when its just the flu.. scary

Thursday, January 10

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/10/2002 05:38:48 PM
   here come the housekeeper (8)

Lucky * | 1/10/2002 05:26:37 PM
   hihihihi. i think i got my fumanskeeto shirt in the mail. hihihihi. i have to go pick it up tomorrow. i hope it's my shirt. or tequila. mmm. tequila = :)

timbo munkfish | 1/10/2002 01:44:01 PM
   lol i got sponge bob....

but i wanted to be i did it again.... hehehehe

You are the lovable pink loser on the show, and hands-down the best character!

Wednesday, January 9

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/9/2002 08:39:06 PM

im sponge bob too..

Lucky * | 1/9/2002 05:39:57 PM

then i took the test again, and did it on purpose to get Gary so i could see his sexy face.

hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi. *sigh* Gary, you're so sexy, i love you.

timbo munkfish | 1/9/2002 02:33:02 PM
   *is screwed* OOOOoooo p0ey .... i don't think i did too well in maths.... but then again apprently ours is harder than urs :P...hense the reason to get an A u need 60%+ and B is 40% and C is 30% *shrugs* oh well im hoping for 50% ... that would be muchos c00l :D

Tuesday, January 8

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/8/2002 08:36:54 PM
   the sky is blue and all the leaves are green the sun is warm like a baked potato. i know i say exactly what i mean cuz its a skadoodle kinda day (8) wronmg words i know.. but its fun

Lucky * | 1/8/2002 06:39:42 PM
sowwy, :) i'm getting another birthday gift in a little bit. yeah, that's right.. because i'm 15 years old and one month now so.. nah, it's just cause i never got Melissa's gift so yeah, yeah.. i'm excited.. because it's supposed to be super-mega-ultra coolies. hihihi. i have to go eat now, i will post about something useful later.. bye's.

sabrina dibs | 1/8/2002 04:43:27 PM
   *ahem* id just like to take this time to say...rosie svp stop singing that song!!!!!11 ahhh...the *the sky is blue.. and all the leaves are green............* song. ugh, its annoying! thanx you...

sabrina dibs | 1/8/2002 04:40:23 PM
   OMG! i just heard on mix 96 that these two guys from seattle are in line for the new star wars movie...comming out in MAY! omg, theyre crazy...its not like you gotta wait 5months....
anyways, yeah, so we didnt film today as planned...nicholas has problems :P so i watched our movie..or whatever we have so far, and i must say its pretty good...well except the ones im in..geez. and whenever rosie talks all you hear is a little little little can hardly hear it. rosie talk louder!!!!!!!!1 ah. ummm oh, and while i was watching...when we came in my room, eric taped nicholas chewing on yeti. hes a monster from monstropolous and works at monsters inc (for all those boring people who cant appreciate good cartoons!) and he was CHEWING him! omg. thats just not right! so yeah, we got an extension to our project :) yay...but that means i gotta work on it this weekend *sigh* ah well

Monday, January 7

Lucky * | 1/7/2002 09:14:18 PM
   WELL, since everyone is sharing their marks, i'd like to pitch in as well. *evil, evil grin* as Sabrina said, our french teacher forgot the exams at her house, so she will rot in hell or something.. yeah. then, math. i got an 80%, which made me pretty freggin' happy since we didn't learn a chapter.. stupid math. and then history.. *sigh* that test, so HARD. *dramatic pose* yes, yes, yes. i'm gloating. let me be. you know why? BECAUSE I GOT 100% on the history midterm you BEEATCHS! yeah, YEAH! how do you 'dem apples! *spins on her chair* okay, i'm done. WEEEE! anyway, my dad is kicking me off the computer.. and i wanna go watch wwf because hhh is coming back.. YEAH! so bye..
*the sky is blue.. and all the leaves are green............*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/7/2002 08:19:27 PM
   yup. today i found out that im not a good actress. fun stuff. anyhow, i got 70 % in french, 77% in history and ...thats it for now. i wanna get my math mark because if i dont do goo on it, i fail the term with like less than 58 % because thats what i have now.. im probly failing anyhow.. but i wanna pass.. if not, were doing the survey or something part of the course.. that sounds somewhat easy.. when we were taking down the notes, i knew what he was talking about.. for the first time since chapter one. anyhow...lets see what my fortune says in my bacio: "lets enjoy love; without it we cannot live".. bullshit as always, bin ladden is alive and hehas love for nothing. not even his own country. anyways.. byes

sabrina dibs | 1/7/2002 06:10:12 PM
   wow...okay so yesterday rosie, nicholas, and eric invaded my house for about 10hours...anyways, our movie is so cool! well, except the bedroom thing. OMG! im gonna be bugged aobut that forever. well at least rosie didnt force me to kiss him..hahaha...yup and today was not good! ahhhh in the middle of filming eric is like aww teia!!! and then him and rosie and claudia and then everyone else are like laughing...omg, and me and nicholas are just looking at each other like ahh stop it stop it stop it! ANYWAYS, i got 70% on my math exam and 90% on my history exam. and 92% in term two for history :) yay! go me! and i dont know what i got for french cause my teacher forgot our exams at home.. *sigh* okay umm thats it. bye

Saturday, January 5

Lucky * | 1/5/2002 11:20:42 PM
marshmellows + nutella = score.
shh.. noo..
marshmellows + nutella --> happiness + hyperness + allaround WOO-ness + cool looking feces


did you ever stop to think how "centre-ville" and "down-town" are both perfectly geographically
correct, if you're refering to the island of Montreal. THINK ABOUT IT. gouin runs all the way from
one end of the island to the other. so does sherbrooke. yep. but i betcha all already knew that
you smart motherfeupahdgnjs. SOIBGGGGG! okay, refering to Timmy's post below, and to something
else i heard a little while ago.. how come every where else you go, they have like.. known grocery stores..
you know? what the hell do we have.. l'inter marche? COME ON! DID YOU KNOW that a 30g
serving of marshmellows is about 4 marshmellows? AND IN THOSE 4 MARSHMELLOWS..
there's no fat.... 18g of sugar..
just ate some Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate. mmm. and starch-modified food.WEAK dude,
there's a clown on the cover of the bag. damn the clowns..
DAMN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congo is a country, it's part of l'organisation internationale de la
francophonie. BEEATCH. i read that from my daddy's mousepad. OH OH WHATCHA GONNA
DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! riuaghoij dkbvzhlsieuuuh apiruthc ifughs dfgiu aeruihaoui h aiu riugh eiug.
uerfhoaigf alidg? aeorgih aoguh. rht. WETUIH WT! SWGHI NDGINJSF IUHAPI EFN AIB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*looks around* hey claudia!! *cue hey arnold music* move it football head, HEY ARNOLD! ................
did you ever find jennifer? she has gone missing.................. WWAAAAAAA! exclamation
points are super-ultra-cool !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!i ruhgnv
WHAT dis ish so kewlies. i wont tell you what it else, because it's really not that cool. it's this
plastic folder thing. but i think it's AWESOME. HEY! i just told you.. YOU JERKS. GET THE
HELLS OUT OF HERE!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! ghoiuahfl.
*hangs her head in shame* I BE SOORRRR RRR RRRRY. i think i'll go now. i'm tired.
noooooooooo, i'm not. it's just an excuse.. BECAUSE I HATE YOU. no oooooo ooooooo
oooo oooooo! i LOOOOOOOOOOVE yewwwwww wwwwwwwww wwwwwwww wwwwwwwww
wwwwww wwwwwwwww wwwwwww . qwer. hehe. bye bye. :::DDDD DDDDDDD

sabrina dibs | 1/5/2002 10:47:28 AM yup i get to be a PRINCESS!!!!!!1 yay! im sooo happy. :) except i gotta be in love with nicholas *sigh* and we gotta do a bedroom scene...oh god. and were filming at MY house so...ummm yeah...oh my god! hahaha...ah least im the princess. anyways, ummm...i dont got anything else to say :) ah well..i gotta go do my french thing...bye byes

timbo munkfish | 1/5/2002 09:31:51 AM
   lol niggle sizzle...sounds like fuzzle muzzle :D......i have made an important discovery, there i actually such a thing as too much partying, i could not believe it at first...but its true *yawns*...and i have done like no revision for my exams next week :*( ...oh well i can start now right ? i mean so what if all the other peeps at my skool have done like 4 hours a day for AL the holiday *coughs* sad gits but shhh i can party if i want to ....oh well im gonna go and fall down the stairs and drag myself into the kitchen....oh but b4 i do....i had a mad case of the munchies yesterday...for some reason *rolls his eyes* yes erm well...ok they have like reduced fo0d at the end fo the day in sainsbury's (supermarket) and well erm we were bartering the prices of like 8 doughnuts the guy was like oh yeah 40p and i was this woman who works there comes over to see what we're arguing about and goes, how much did he tell you and im like oh yeah 20p and she's like hmmm ok so we went up to the till lady, and shes like how much did they say and my m8 phil is like um 5p...LoL so we got eight WHOLE jam doughnuts (reall.y nice ones to) for only 5p!!!, thats like nothing, for that price we might as well have not paid for them but yes *grins with pride*...we also bought milk, cookies and a box of cereal hmmm yummy, thats was fun... and then i partayed for like a few more hours until the early morning *yawns* hehehe i spent one hour l00king for the bus stop, we walked past the same place like 5 times until we found out the bus stop was like right outside where the oarty was DOH! ... and OMG will is such a fewl he made erm...funny espresso if u know what i mean,....u know like um the special cake...ok this was special espresso...i was too busy spinning to have a taste but yes apprently it was rank! will being will drank it all....i think he could have been pretty messed up when he woke up this morning judging by the amount they put into hat .... just over an eigth.. and for those of u who dont know how much that is ... its about 6 or seven J's worth...madness oh still hungry and i need to get dressed...shhh itrs not 2:30 already :p hehehehe bye a;; =)

Friday, January 4

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/4/2002 09:56:25 PM
   call yourself rufus
or niggle sizzle

Lucky * | 1/4/2002 09:30:47 PM
   i'm a jedi knight, in training. *cheesy grin* lol, if only i could take a picture of this.. i'm decked out in my ghetto jedi gear. it's really cool. my make-up too, lol.. and the braid in my hair. *MWAHAHA* (hey, maybe i should explain why i'm dressed like this?) lol.. me, sabrina and some other people have to make a movie for english class based on this theme.. so we somehow managed to turn it into a star wars thing. Sabrina is 'Princess Teia'.. i'm a jedi in training (i still don't know what to call myself, so HELP.), then there's my jedi master, Rodimus (yeah, as in Rodimus Prime, the transformer.. let's not ask any questions) who is also Princess Teia's love interest, (Rodimus is played by Nicholas.. yes, Sabrina wants to kill me for putting in the idea that Rodimus and Teia are having a love affair.. hehe. lol, bedroom scene and all.. *bwahaha*) and then there's Bill who is the leader of the jedi council. (that's Eric) hehe.. this is gonna rock. i can't wait to film it on sunday, especially the battle.. hehe. i get to play with light-sabers and me and Nicholas are gonna have this big fight at the end, choreographed and all.. and i get to kill him. hehehehe. anyway, i need a name for myself.. i was thinking Ariel. (:D) or, Saria.. but ahdunno. yep, that's all.. i have some dialogue to go write and a french composition to start.. so bye!

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/4/2002 05:43:59 PM
   HELLO.. today, my father told me to clean my room . NOT pick it up.. CLEAN IT! then i found out i had to much stuff so he sent me to go buy myself this big rubbermaide bin to put all of my junk and crabobles. i have to walk all the way from zellers, all alone , with that thing in my hands. its not heavy, its not embarassing its just big. thats it. a clean room, is a depressed room.

Thursday, January 3

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 1/3/2002 10:27:42 PM
   well.. i just came back form christina's.. my sisters greeting after i tell her "hello, make it kinda quick cuz i gotta pee badly " : " shut up ho "...
shut up ho ? the hell does this come from ? that stupid country asswhipe of a bitch. anyhow.. lets summerize dee's new year at work shall we :
we found out the hard way that our coat room cannot hold more than 300 coats.. so they thought it was the hangers.. those broke down on us in the middle of rush hour ( we do have rush hour and i always found it wierd cause its not like we work at mc donalds or anything .. anyhows...) then, i was not that bored but annoyed by david something that comes to our school.. all i know is he's a chubb tubb. he was nice to keep me company and all but after 5 min, he was just plane annoying and he kept on blabbing about how he and david fitzpatrick were good friends before this year and so on and so forth. key element to you men " dont ever conversate to someone about their ex... its not heartbraking cuz we broke up a long time ago, its just plane wierd and nerve rakking.. anyhows...
at midnight, i took some champagne.. not even knowing it was midknight and wondering why the baloons were out of the bag hangging on the ceiling ... my watch was 15 minutes behind.
so there i was.. gobbling down a shooter, wondering if it would get me drunk ( then i found out it didnt do anything at all because it was just b-52) and then, going home and thinking " wow. thats what all the fuss is about ? " anyways, i didnt even make that much money in tips.. and i thought i would.
went to my aunts house. her mother said she needed someone to take over her company when shes dead or sells it or something : looking at me . ( as if im gonna take that.. she has a cat in her store and makes old lady clothes or something ) tehn, i was offered my aunts salon for men.. (if i ever become a hairdresser.. itll be for women thank you.. )
it was awfull.. i wanna do my on thing and not follow in some bitch's footsteps.. ( mean but somewhat true )
JAN 2nd 2002
gaetano calls me at 10:30 to go to work for 11:00 ?? okay.. i had to go pick up the coat room because after new years, it was 4 o'clock and everyone just left without cleaning and were getting payed like doubble for this.. anyhow . thn i went to my oncle jean-guy's house and chatted with my cousin and her homeless friends .. (no comment jenn.. you dont bring me to family fiests )fun stuff. my cousin ( the big one i met in october for the first time ) who live on racette, whose husband is related to cinzia ( did i spell that right ? ) is having her baby on march 14 th.. fun stuff. her other daughter, who is 4 , called jamie ( now i have two cosins named jamie ... and its not even a common name for a girl ) is really cute and i spent most of my 3 hrs there with her, playing hide and seek and having some fun stickking stikers all over our bodies ( well, just the legs, arms and shirts ) .
thats it. thats all of my three days . lets go taboganing demain ?

sabrina dibs | 1/3/2002 04:03:21 PM
   today i was supposed to go shopping with my dearest sister. but first of all we had to stop to get her stcum bus picture thing taken...cause now you dont gotta be under 18 to buy the kiddy just gotta still go to school. so anyways, we get to pie-ix at like 10:45 and we get in the know what it says?!?! it says 5 HEURES D'ATTENTE! omg. but were like whatever, it doesnt look too long..maybe theyre exaggerating. well, THREE AND A HALF HOURS later...she finally gets her pic taken. omg, it was sooooo boring! i had to stand for threee and a half hours..AND as if thats not enough i have a stuffed up nose so i didnt sleep at all last night. anyways, so its like 2:30 ish and we head home..cause were so dead tired we dont feel like shopping anymore. and we get home at like 3:30 and now its 4 and ive just had my lunch (very tasty microwaveable food..ugh) and my sisters like, yeah i think youve done enough for me sabrina...for today...FOR TODAY! are you crazy? ahh. anyways, im feeling quite a lot better :)...except for my stuffy nose. great way to go back to school...sick! *sigh*

Wednesday, January 2

timbo munkfish | 1/2/2002 07:11:34 PM
   lol i found a smiley...OF ME hehehehe its SO cool .. CHEESE!

Tuesday, January 1

timbo munkfish | 1/1/2002 07:21:18 PM
   *sob* i feel SO lonley right now, and here is no one to talk to :'( which makes me depressed and bored *sigh*i guess its kind of um being with SO many people at one time and then suddenly they are all gone...oh well, hope u all had a good new yeaars and :D

Lucky * | 1/1/2002 06:04:40 PM
    [now's a nice time to profit from Timmy's smiley's..]
I LOST ALL MY FILES ON MY COMPUTER! *sobs* all of my pictures, songs.. all my programs.. EVERYTHING! and who know's what the shit i did to my computer. *sigh* soo.. if you people can list me some songs to download and stuff.. that would be coo. and if Jennifer or whoever else can send over some pictures (all the one's i sent you, if you still have them) yeah, send 'em all back please.
anyway, new year's eve was fun. nothing special.. but fun, i suppose.
cyclopses are cool.

sabrina dibs | 1/1/2002 01:23:42 PM
   okay, so things arent getting any better. im going to try to get myself a little happy by recounting the stupid things my family has done for christmas and new years. they were real funny at the time..but theyre gonna sound pretty dull now. but anyways, im gonna try....
so, its christmas eve and we're having supper at my aunts house. you know, the adults together and the kids together. so were just there and as always the whole 'do you believe' topic pops were all like whatever, we dont care and then my cousin starts, "listen, first they want us to believe that noah built an arc and brought animals and stuff all by himself and then they say that a guy lived in a whale?!" so im like...huh? and then my other cousin silvia is like "umm marco...that was pinocchio!" haha...yeah, okay well that was funny at the time.
then...its like 11ish and my cousin silvia out of no where says "arent we gonna watch dick clark soon?" haha...yeah, cause the ball drops on christmas.. *sigh*
okay, and then yesterday on new years my nonna decided she wanted to play bingo (yup, bingo..not tombola) so she takes out her money and says for a line you get 25cents and the card is 50cents. but like whats the point if its her money right? so anwyays, were playing and then my nonna went in the kitchen for something so my aunt was checking her numbers..but after a while my aunt gave up checking my nonnas cards so yeah. and then my aunt sneezed so all her thingys flew away. my uncle wanted to take a picture so she put the thingys anywhere on the card to pretend. then my nonna comes back and shes all into the game. and so she looks over to my aunts card to see what she missed....but my nonnas card wasnt checked for at least 10minutes and my aunts card wasnt good...haha....yeah.
okay so that didnt help me at all :( *sniff* ahhh...i want my jenny :(

timbo munkfish | 1/1/2002 12:22:37 PM
   ..hmm embarressing photos, im sure they will be some of me after last night...let me sum it up for sleep...10 pints of and coke....and erm...stuff home about 2 hours ago :D :D :D 3:30pm :D :D..2002 is so good HAPPY NEW YEARS :D :D :D hehehe that partAY was the crunkest in the world...the police broke it up, so we all came back 10 mins l8er, and the fun went on and i think someone took pictures of me and ruth dancing to weezer, ill see if i can get hold of some photos ....if u want ways im still a bit i shall leave u all :D have fun kids :D