Monday, December 31

sabrina dibs | 12/31/2001 01:13:43 PM
   DAMNIT. i have the worst luck. ugh, yesterday i was dragged out of bed at 8 to go to mass..and everytime i stood up my head for dizzy..then my cousins decided it would be fun to all go shopping together. and so i was stuck there. and i felt soooooo sick. and i wanted to go HOME. and they wouldnt let me go home alone cause what if i got sick? *sigh* so i was dragged around and finally got home at like 7:30ish and i took a tylenol, had toast and milk for supper and slept. i woke up this morning at 11:30ish. and my head still hurts. and je suis encore deprime (umm that means depressed right?)...*sniff* ah well, tonight i gotta go to a boring family new years thing. at least ill get to play disney monopoly. how optimistic am i? :(

Lucky * | 12/31/2001 01:12:20 PM
   WAIT! why are there no embarrasing pictures of Sabrina or Timmy? eh, EH?! *hmph*
oh.. happy new year, :D
[by the way, i was being sentimental with Susanne. YOU were having anal sex with Bubbles. *hmph* i can't believe this! i nurtured Bubbles since the day i found him alone at loblaws and you do this horrible things to him and his young mind! *sniff* and you tore his arm! the poor monkey never caused any trouble.. what, is he gonna get an amputed arm now? *thumbs up to the war amps* lol, sorry.. SORRY! you wont get that if i wont show you, so i'll just shut up. yeah.]

timbo munkfish | 12/31/2001 09:42:32 AM
   hehhee i finished the smiley chronicle :D :D :D

MONKEY day jimmy, the smiley was walking home in the park...catching pokemon until he was captured by some F.B.I (fat boys indeed) , who he was brutally attacked by *gasp* ..everyone thought that jimmy was a gonner ...until the F.B.I madea special deal with some alien smileys, who agreed to bring him back to life......and flw him off to their an act of madness, the aliens tried to use the fuzzlemuzzle machine to make jimmy come back to life jimmy emrged from the fuzzlemuzze machine...a changed smiley looking to seek revenge for the horrible things that had happened to him ..he tried to raise (hehe) a smiley army that could destroy the fat boys for good....he then began their training, both physical and combat raining were necessary(spelt wrong :\ ) ...but the alien smileys did not want to destroy their friedly fat people who supplied them with a hefty load of big macs, so they got angry (GRRRR) and they engaged in combat with the army of first the aliens looked as if they had the upper hand. as jimmy had not had much time to pump up his army b4 the battle, so they were out numberd ...however, the aliens did not have a very good aim , and jimmy...did...

...after much more battling
Jimmy told his army they only had to wait, as moments before the battle had begun, jimmy had snuck funny drugs into the aliens puddin' , and holy moly they began to take effect.....the aliens soon lost sight of what they were meant to be doing, and turned to torturing jimmy's pokemon . when jimmy saw what they had done to his lovely
Pika Poof he went mad and took out the aliens one at a time *POW* *KABLAM!* *KASPLISH!!* soon all the aliens were dead, and jimmy was free to return home, to take on the F.B.I.........stay tuned f0lks :D

Lucky * | 12/31/2001 01:22:45 AM
   *falls off her chair*
holy shit! i never knew how stoned Jennifer could get.. but, LOL.. i have no comment WHAT SO EVER. lmao.. i kind of doubted the "superdork" title for a while, but good job guys. i have no comment. lol, it's 1.30 in the morning and i'm just laughing at you guy'ses retardness.. :D i think i should go to bed. BON nuit.

Sunday, December 30

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 12/30/2001 07:13:35 PM
    im just posting to let you all know that i am currently trying out html again. dont get mad at me. I LEARNING GOD DAMNIT! AND I WOULD BE LESS ANNOYING IF ANYONE OF YOUS WOULD JUST TELL ME HW TO DO IT. and if anyone bitches at me at school or next time we see each other, then ILL DO IT MORE !

[hehe hey this is jennifer :D:D:D:D anyways i gave u a few clues claudia..... figuring out html isnt that hard.... just please whenever u try something put this at the end of it if its suppose to change the way ur font looks .... < / f o n t > ... without the spaces of course or else ull fuck up everything and since im too lazy to do it rosie will have to do it :D cause its not cause i dont know how im just to lazy :D hehe being lazy is fun.... i stayed in my pj's all day yesturday i might do it again today :D oh i got off topic sorry... anyways um claudia you can click *view source* and figure out how things were done by looking at the html and the finished product... thats what i do most of the time.... and erm i gave u the code thingy to put a picture..... just figure out how to use it... u cant be that stupid... i mean even alfredo gove has a website.... heh... the end]

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/30/2001 06:53:23 PM
    Cam girl or Not? hehehe this special report is about me being the best cam girl in the world or ... maybe not ... the maybe not part really sucks .... i wanna be a cam girl *cries* i want everyone to know whats going on in my life *cries* i want everyone to like the bands i like *cries* [ go special ed.... best band on earth ermmm ya go them] i want everyone to know exactly when and how i change my underwear .. oh and also i want them to know about all my problems ... and i wanna sound like a stuck up bitch... and all that other fun stuff that comes with being a camwhore... erm i mean cam girl ya thats it.. hehe ok well i took a few samples of me as a cam girl :D

AHAHAH i love that pic .... i dunno why ... oh look at me i can use paint :D
OH ya im the coolest i take pics of myself in a mirror :D:D rosies in the background.. i didnt want her in the pic she just jumped in when i pressed *click* *giggles* this site is way cooliez dont u think? i like inventing new words.... my bf just broke up with me *wines* i need a new bf .... anyone in the montreal area wanna hook up? YES OF COURSE IM LYING MASSIMO LOVES ME AND I LOVE HIM WE ARENT BREAKING UP ANYTIME SOON I HOPE or else id cry alot OMG what if he does break up with me *wines* i have no friends ...... AHHHHHH why is it that all cam girls seem to have no friends?i think they pay hobbos or someother person like that to take pics with them so that it looks like they have friends haha ok
The live show of jennifer is now over..... THE END

* credits ----- Jennifer Lehoux , Timmy, The fucked up camera guy, Bubbles sr., Susanne, Rosie, Claudia, Sabrina*
ok me done

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/30/2001 06:21:29 PM
   **** some gay ass music ****
the following episodes of jennifers tv show are sponsered by the following websites.....


hehe okay actually those are just some sites i read ocasionally ....

*** some gay speaking fag person Jennifers hit live show will be back in a few minutes stay tuned****

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/30/2001 05:36:32 PM
   Welcome back to Jennifer's live show called HoLy FuCk It'S sUnDaY aNd I'm BoReD oUt Of My MiNd we shall now talk about the embaressing things my lil friend ppl on this site might have done when a camera was around... [ all of u guys better not go all psycho bitch on me for posting these pics.... ] HEHEHEHE claudia was thirsty.. no actually we all drank from the pissing thingy.... but no worries nobody EVER uses the thing.... for some reason claudia wanted us to take a pic of that.... i think its cause she wanted everyone to believe she drank from a toilet thingy or something... i dunno Okay moving on ... the next picture is of .... thats right everyone its of rosie.... hehe shes wearing the latest by gucci the theme of that fashion show was in the rain ,.. while rosie was up the song its raining its pooring the old man is snoring by [insert famous band here] was playing.... oh and the next pic is me acting like the goddess that i am .. Rosie my SLAVE *muahaha* is feeding me pretzels.... we had no grapes ... oh OH oh and remeber when we said we went swimming at la ronde ..... well aAHAHAHAHA i have the picture here to proove it rosie is on the left im in the middle and claudia on the right..... the dumb bitch had a white sweater on ... it was soooo funny we all got to see her bra ... oh and a big thanx to sabrina who took the picture *kisses sabrina all over* hehehe and although we have never mentioned will before i will talk about him for a lil while since everyone who writes on this site but sabrina should know who he is.... anyways me and will got married not too long ago and we had twins ... we called them idwa and awdi .... heh its cause i was like oh i have an idea ... as in what to call our new babies .... but i spelt idea idwa and will loved it for some reason so we called our girl awdi and our son idwa.... hehe ok end of story .... anywho .... isn't my willy the sexyest? [fucking shit as producer person is telling me we have to go on another break.... fuck shit ass cunt ....] Jennifer will be back in a few minutes.....stay tuned.....

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/30/2001 05:10:26 PM
   This is Jennifer reporting live from my very own basement. I have kidnapped Bubbles sr. from my own bed and i have locked all doors leading to my basement. I'm alone with the monkey... I'm getting wetter and wetter by the minute. *WOW PLEASE FORGIVE ME ROSIE I DIDNT KNOW THEY WERE SUCH A TURN ON* I think im ready for some anal action from this monkey.... [Camera dude takes a pic of me and the monkey]
Oh wow HARDER FASTER AHHHHH *im in heaven* oh ya everyone go out and fuck a monkey thats all i have to say.... im about to cum oh DEAR GOD [fucking shit camera dude i wanted one pic not my whole pornographic adventure.. i just wanted one pic and i could have pretended this never happened but no u dumbass u taped everything live and now everyone believes im a psycho bitch monkey lover like our friend rosie is .... damn u camera guy didn't u read what i wrote i said camera dude takes A PIC OF ME AND THE MONKEY no where did it tell u to film us having anal sex] Anyways now that everyone knows im into monkeys .... id like to tell u all that monkeys are better then any other creature on earth to get kinky with.... my ass really hurts though.... that really sucks.... i think im gonna go get someone to rub vasoline all around the hole... hhehehe timmy will do it ....
*will be right back after a short commercial break*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/30/2001 04:34:50 PM

While searching through my computer i found some outrageous pictures. It was brought to my attention early this morning that one of our staff members has a fetish. Yes that's right a monkey fetish. . While analysing the pictures i found i came up with the conclusion that this poor young lady needs therapy. Let's take a look at the first picture i have found .... . this seems quite unoffensive right? Just a young teenage girl spending some intimate time with her new toy.... Well that's what i thought at first.... but oh boy was i ever wrong.... every picture i opened with the word susanne in it became kinkyer and kinkyer . The poor yellow monkey was put through hours of torture. i'd show other pictures but they are just way too wrong.... i think im gonna call the animal protection agency on our staff memeber who will remain anonymous.... [we wouldnt want rosie/lucky to feel left out or anything its not her fault she has a monkey fetish..]
* i wonder what it feels like to be with a monkey?* UM UM UM i think it's time for a special undercover report..... stay tuned i shall be back in a few minutes .... with a bigger and better update on what all this fuss about monkey fetishes is about .....

timbo munkfish | 12/30/2001 04:34:50 PM
   hehehe i have plenty more where they came from hehehe s if u want more, just say :)

timbo munkfish | 12/30/2001 04:21:21 PM
   hehehe i have been playing about with my web site, and now i think ive got a headache , oh well at least i got the smileys page up so we can use them on here , there is even a cyclops one and yes thats right a .... hehehe thats about enuff for me, but there are like 45 smileys up there if u want some fun ...oh one last thing, this smiley makes me think of claudia after that lengthy description

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/30/2001 03:34:28 PM
    hehehe using faces everywhere is fun im missing massimo .... he called before isn't he the sweetest? he was like i cant talk but i just thought id call to say i missed you but but then he's like ok thats not really why i called... and i was like --> and then he's like ack i forgot what it was ..... so now im all and cause he called and then he had to go and *sigh* i dunno what he called for and ahhhhh Oh well me must go now posting with smileys is fun you all should try...

timbo munkfish | 12/30/2001 02:37:48 PM
I just recieved word from a very reliable source about the details of N'SYNC's cameo; Apparently, they're each Jedi Knights in the arena battle on Geonosis. They're only seen for literally a half-a-second, waaaay in the background getting blown up by droids. A blurry, far background, split second shot of N'SYNC dying. Not that bad actually......

..quite good news if you ask me :) WOOOoooooooo BANG hehehe, fun ... but if N'SYNC are just extras, i wonder how much the actors are getting paid *rolls over*

Lucky * | 12/30/2001 11:52:01 AM
   [] "Tonight I'll see if I can drink this news out of my memory, even if it is only for a few hours. Damion Graff of has received reliable information that members of NSYNC will be making an appearance in Attack of the Clones. Appearently George had NSYNC visit the Skywalker Ranch in 1999 to preview The Phantom Menace. The boys must have kissed some flannel butt cuz they fell into George's good graces enough to appear in Episode II.
Wait! Don't go kill yourself quite yet.. word has it they play Jedi Knights in the very distant background of the arena battle. It is likely we will not see them font and center, and we can only hope they are savagely murdered by droids or chewed to bits by monsters as most Jedi in the arena are. (there's an idea for some fan art)"

hehe. well, there's something that's sure to piss everyone off. :D *mwahahaha*

timbo munkfish | 12/30/2001 11:26:35 AM
   oh wait i fixed it all.WOOOOOooooooooooo go me :) .... hehehe its cool, visit :)

timbo munkfish | 12/30/2001 10:23:02 AM
   Roooooooosie.....i need ur help ... this ftp is pooing my head over

timbo munkfish | 12/30/2001 09:31:12 AM
   LOL sounds like claudias been having fun ;p, oh yeah and jenny, you should get stephanie to post, it would be muchos coolos @D ...hehehe i have been OH sO bored this morning, so what have i spent my time doing...yes thats right searching the net for "wedgies" ah the joys :D...ok so i did not know they made wedgies and sold wedgies.. then i found something about a place called WEDGE,,,which is nice... oh oh oh and then i found the most pointless product in the world !! thats right..rainbow wedgies...*sigh* wedgies are so much fun,,,but when do i get to see REAL wedgies...the search continues...THEN i found cute wedgies.....hehehe they are wedgies :) not REAL wedgies, although they are dog wedgies...they are not what ur thinking....(give it a look :D)..and then finally i foun whta i was looking for...thats right .. a pie wedgie :)..

on that note i think i shall depart..and look for wedgies with mullets :D :D :D...although before i go i have to add this pic .. coz its um essential :D this one is not Rude :D...oh pooey i have nothing else to do, i think ill stay.........oh yes and thisis meant to be funny, i guess if ur like are into physics and stuff then maybe :\ *rolls eyes*........oh oh and would anyone like to BUYa pair of wedgies ? :) :).......this only ever seems to be getting more and more strange as the search goes on....oh yes, thats right, wedgie th clown (!!!), i have now discovered that wedgies are a type of fetish OH YEAH BABY, pullt my pants over my head...hmm what a turn on *munches on his mini doughnut* mmm jammy...i dont think this web site was intentded to be funny, but lol when i saw it

..hmmmm there is even a wedgy message bored....WEDGIE, *sigh* i have one final wedgie to post then i shall go and eat erm, pie :)

Saturday, December 29

Lucky * | 12/29/2001 10:27:17 PM
   wow, you guys were really bored today? everyone posted, except for Stephanie.. but we love her anyway. Timmy, it didn't work because you have to put it between the "head" tags on the template, but since you're not an administrator.. :P Sab, what's wrong? i don't think anything could beat what Claudia's been through today. lol, i think i'll explain everything in detail since it's SO worth it. where do i begin? let's see.. first she came to my house, and Simon (my sister's boyfriend) was acting like a stoner, which was funny. and Claudia officially thinks that anyone somewhat related to my family is a retard, or a psycho. let's go back, shall we? my brother picked me and Claudia up, to bring him to his house.. Claudia, brave as she is, decided to sit in the front. (actually, she didn't want Jackie humping her leg) anyway, my brother (which i will refer to as Domenic) starts pulling these mental screams and starts babbling about something and somehow he ends up being offended by something Claudia said, (or didn't say, because she was pretty much scared out of her mind and just sat there) and pulled over to the side of the road, (on Henri-Bourassa.. hehe) and tells her to get out.. then screams at her to get out. while i'm dying of laughter, Claudia sits there tramautized, and starts to open the door when Domenic starts pissing of laughter. hehe. yes, the list of things goes on and on.. Simon telling me to dry a banana peel then smoke it, Domenic and Sabrina (his wife) howling happy birthday to me until the dogs start joining in.. ah yes, my family. anyway, i got way off topic, so i'll get back. we went skating (lol, again. we're getting real good though.. we didn't fall, except for me.. when Nick decided it would be funny to sneak up in back of people.. *grumble*) ANYWAY, yeah.. Claudia was traumatized because the first time we went skating, Nick got in back of her, pushed her and started speed skating. heh. (Nicholas has a mullet by the way. i just thought i'd throw that in. mullets are funny. big ups to mullets. heh.) so back to making fun of Claudia. we went skating with Nick, Eric and Anthony (oww, i just whipped myself with an elastic. *grumble*) but Nick's dad came to pick him up for some reason, and we were going bowling afterwards. but David was supposed to come, but he never showed up. so he drove us all to David's house. (please keep in mind that we were 6 people in the car, 4 of us squished in the back) yeah, so while Claudia's hip bone was protruding into my leg, i'm trying to squish her and stuff, while everyone else kept making fun of her. heh. then Nick's dad decided to swirve the car in different directions and this made Claudia want to puke because she has motion sickness. hehehehehe. *evil grin* anyway, we get to David's, and Nick decides to ditch us for greek food, (i think it's because of the mullet. hehe, mullet.) so we went bowling. (oh, never, EVER order chicken nuggets there. seriously. i ate one and i wanted to barf. even the honey was disgusting, and i eat honey on a stick. :D according to David, it tasted like bee cum.. uh huh.) moving on.. HAHAHAHA.. the funniest part of the night was here. but it was one of those 'had to be there' moments, but i'm sure it'll still be funny. (:D) at Claudia's turn, Anthony puts the ball in the gutter and it starts rolling.. hahaha.. so Claudia starts running after it.. but, LOL.. omg.. she runs onto the lane and takes a fall.. i'm not exaggerating here, her foot slips, you see her leg go into the air, then her whole body and she lands on her back.. like in cartoons! omg.. the whole place was like, *gasp*. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *falls on the floor* omg, and i went next to her to see if she was okay, (while pissing of laughter) and i see David, Anthony and Eric all fall on the floor, laughing. LOL.. that was a classic.. holy shit. i'll be 60 and still laughing at that. :D *sigh* oh, but it doesn't stop there. Claudia was shooting her balls like a kid, right.. (you know, legs wide apart and you just launch the ball.) so she really bends over when she launches the thing, so.. hehe.. me being me, i decided it would be funny to give her a wedgie. :D LOL! then the whole night she was paranoid and kept looking in back of her. HAHAHA! i screwed up her whole game. :D yes, so that was Claudia's extraordinary day. i thought i should tell you that to put you guys in a good mood. :D sorry Claudia, but you know i love you. *muah* my cheeks hurt from laughing. :D sorry Claudia.. again. now i have a headache from that place. *pooch, pooch, pooch* lol.. okay. i'm tired. the colors on my dad's computer really suck. arf. i should go now. hehe. bye bye.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 12/29/2001 09:31:29 PM
   today was a series of whipe outs, wegies , hips poking others because of crampness,and some ppl leaving us for greek food. whats wrong sabs ?

timbo munkfish | 12/29/2001 07:44:17 PM
   doh!, it did not work *sobs* rosie, click edit on my post, its a nifty bit of script, u could dump something like that on the bottom of the crunk monkeys site :D :D :D

timbo munkfish | 12/29/2001 07:38:34 PM
dum dum sneaky *looks at the bottom of his page* :)

sabrina dibs | 12/29/2001 04:46:29 PM
   *sniff* okay i got problems. only jennifer knows why (and shh svp) but *sniff* i had such a headache before...omg. and its tomorrow and thats all...omg, im seriously gonna cry all night. and my mommy came home and shes like theres a mass for nonno tomorrow, we dont have to go but since we didnt go to christmas mass it might be nice to go..and my sis is all like, yeah okay i wanna go, were having lunch at my nonnas or something. i cant go :( I WONT GO! damnit. and i gotta go shopping tomorrow too cause i gotta get my cousin something before new years. but i cant gooo. my eyes hurt :( and im redish sorta. *sniff* jennifer..i need help. please. oww *sniff*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/29/2001 04:11:31 PM
   Ok i now officially have a new favorite band .... they are called "special ed" erm yes its s0ss' band but shhh ... its not asif hes paying me to say this stuff.... i was bored and since a certain someone doesnt update their site very often i decided to click on the mysterious link erm ok it wasnt mysterious or anything i just clicked on special ed which i knew was the link to his bands site but shhh dont tell anyone k? heh.. ok anyways the reason why special ed is my fav band is this :D:D:D:D and this hehe he's sexy but s0ss is sexyer :D erm... this is my fav pic

it resembles me humping Bubbles?

Ok now lets play a lil game .... hehe ok lets not.... but look at the monkey then look at s0ss arent they both babes?


hehehehe s0ss is hot .... isnt he the cutest in this pic --->

timbo munkfish | 12/29/2001 02:07:16 PM
   i think thats really quite scary, and froma gguy aswell *ponders* i think you should ask for the pix lol...oh well, do u think they will recruit me?

timbo munkfish | 12/29/2001 02:06:32 PM
   lol jenny, the penis puppets.....

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/29/2001 01:06:26 AM
   s0ss makes me wanna cum in my pants :D:D:D:D erm i think i shall go see his band play on the 26th .. yup yup.. ill actually start stalking him.. it'll be fun.... i think he misses the attention.... i love him alot... hes hot.... hes like a god to me .... s0ss..... i love you..... erm.... i dunno what to say anymore.. but s0ss is hot and i want him in me and im starting to stalk him again.... and if my lovely boyfriend is reading this..... which i truely doubt he is ..... im sorry i love u and um .... :D i didnt mean none of what i said :D:D:D ..... yes thats it.... and if ur s0ss just know that i want u in my pants

he's hot eh? don't u just wanna drop everything and start masturbating when u see his face?

Friday, December 28

timbo munkfish | 12/28/2001 07:57:18 PM
   LALALA CARE BEARS!!! omg i own the movie...... its SO crunk :)

Lucky * | 12/28/2001 05:08:54 PM
   you oaths, hit "view web page". (or go to they wont show up on blogger's posting thingy.
i want to cry. i screwed up my 'puter. *whimper* the fun thing is, i dunno what i did.. well, yeah, but.. asdgnadkfjg. okay, i downloaded a program from a trust-worthy source.. and erm, when i open the installation thing, my computer kinda froze.. so i re-started it, and uh.. it refuses to open. :( it couldn't have just been that program? ah dunno.) now i'm on my daddy's computer. arf. c'est plat. i have nothing to do now, so e-mail me and save me.. please. actually, i think i'm gonna go do something useful.. but send me stuff anyway, i'll be bored later. yep. i'll go now. *tear*

timbo munkfish | 12/28/2001 03:47:21 PM
   *gasp* shock horror i canny see those PARTICULAR piccies either :p oh well i shall have to get my thrills else where *jumps on a merry go round* WOooo that was fun...but *sigh* its new years soon...what WILL i wear hehehe joking ,...ill wear nothing, much more healthy ALTHOUGH its meant to snow this weekend .... chilly willy..:) but oh well, i have my crimbo hat so im nice and warm *waves* i am gonna go fiddle with my mp3 plyer :D

sabrina dibs | 12/28/2001 01:55:27 PM
   ahhhh look at that! it posted my post! FINALLY

sabrina dibs | 12/28/2001 01:55:14 PM
   okay i dont like blogger :( i wrote a bible yesterday and they deleted it..all of it!! :( *sniff* anyways, if you wanna know aobut my life youre just gonna have to ask me. umm lord of the rings sucks. thats all i gotta say. oh and rosie..i cant see your pics! i see frodo and the other guy but not the others.

Lucky * | 12/28/2001 11:12:19 AM
   [CosmoGirl](to J.C.): You're the only one without a girlfriend right now, right?
J.C.: Yeah. Dang! The tables have turned! I used to the only one with a girlfriend!
Chris: It won't take him long at all, he's very clingy, tell girls he needs a girlfriend!

the hell happened to Bobbie? *evil grin* that's whatcha get for being a whore. :D *bwahaha* moving on..

Lord of the Rings = :D that's all i have to say about that. and..
+ = two people that i would enjoy licking. :D

anyway, since i'm too lazy to make a page for all my lovely pictures, i'll just slab 'em on here for now. :D
lol, we're not that bad actually.. hehe. we'll be able to skate faster than those little kids one day.. *sigh*

mcdonald's is much more fun anyway..

my dream is to break all the salt holders and make plum sauce with old ketchup and sweet and sour sauce. :D

that is all.. bye bye's.

Thursday, December 27

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/27/2001 06:23:42 PM

Lucky * | 12/27/2001 12:00:36 PM
   [Blue's Clues] FAQs
Is Steve really leaving Blue's Clues?
After six years on the air, Steve Burns has decided to step down from his duties as host of Blue’s Clues to complete his education and pursue other interests. Steve will be featured in brand-new episodes of the show through the middle of 2002, as well as still being seen afterwards in future replays of Blue’s Clues, which airs weekdays on Nick Jr. and Saturday mornings on CBS. Also next year, Blue’s Clues will welcome Steve's brother, Joe, to the show. Like Steve, he will ask viewers to help solve the day’s puzzles presented by Blue.

Joe? JOE?! arf. Blue's Clues just wont be the same without Steve. excuse me while i run away from home. *hmph*

Tuesday, December 25

timbo munkfish | 12/25/2001 07:20:55 PM
   HAPPY BOXING DAY :D :D ....god i love this time of year :) BRING ON DA NXT PARTY WOoooooo
...hope you guys are having as much fun as i am

Monday, December 24

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 12/24/2001 11:41:21 PM
   i have matthew currently sitting at my left and it is presently...11:31...its fun stuff... anyhows... i recieved a crunking gift from the gap.. minty lip gloss and perfume and a cool beans watch.. i shall stay up until father xmas comes so i can see him and then ask him why he always eats all of my cookies! arrg! and they re the good ones.. but he loves me no matter what . anyhow, love you all and im wishing cinzia(eww) will get only a piece of coal for xmas.. IF SHES LUCKY!


timbo munkfish | 12/24/2001 07:52:48 PM
   TOOK YOUR ADVIcE, im as drunk as a munk eating a chritams mule.. a MULE U KNOW...a donkey type creture with humps yes HUMPS, like umRUMP STEAK yeah baby YEAH, omg im scaring myself, i jost staggerede home fro m like a place with people in it, it was bitchin baby sdah hs f' hsdif ;oahsdf' ahs' fssdih/ hsdafha/oihsdCHEESE*rolls all over the floooooooooooooooooooor* we fou7nd a CHEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese and it was wrapped up man, it was cOOl beans LOL at my hat,i found like 23740-3264 hats and took like 239847298 off othyer people, i hin start hat collection its cool YOU should try it :D, my lips are CHAPPING, hehe they have turned into people, beatrice and BARBARA if thats how you spell it SPEELLLLL, my hand smlls of cheese :'( OH MY why does my mother MOTH ERRR not let ME open MY presets eh?, oh sure its like 1am and there is just me mum and dad in and dad's asleep but DAMNIT its christmas let the good times roll on *bwhahaha* its christmas here and not there *laughs un controllablbybybycxbycviub ciughx iu gc bgcx;iugh c* CHEESE, ne ways i am off to try and open at least one present b4 i have to go to bed or something :D..wish me luck *rubs hands in a cunning fashion* hmmm i wonder what i shall recieve *bwhahaha* Merry christmas all....sorry bout the DrunKardness ;) HAPPY HAPPY JOY WOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo Pressies....

Lucky * | 12/24/2001 05:01:44 PM
   unlike Claudia, i do not feel the spirit of Christmas.. why you ask? because, we're 8 people for our christmas eve bash. EIGHT. we're usually 20, 30-something. we all fit on the dining room table. doesn't that suck? my uncle's family is going to the hospital for christmas, and there's this whole big issue with my other uncle and :(. i suppose i'll go get dressed or something, i'm still in my pj's. *hmph* merry christmas to you guys.. drink some limoncella, get drunk, party and umm, eat christmas cookies. (and m&m stocking stuffers. :D) happy noël.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 12/24/2001 04:26:55 PM
   YES! i think jennifer should perchase this book.. or i will perchase it for her if i ever see it at chapters or something.. that would be funny. ANYWAYS.. its definatly xmas.. the silver ware is out. once the siulver ware is out, the party may begin, or else... NO PARTY! and my moms got an apron on.. that is SO her.. to have a xmas apron on ! Anyhow... i went with tommy to buy his stupid fish.. its so ugly i refused to hold it in my hands.. its got things popping out of it forhead. Then.. his mom decided to go on a mission to fatten me up becuase she says im too skinny.. so she took out a batch of cookies on the table and slapped her husbands hand when he went to take one " those are for claudia ! " .that was scary. i saw the cutest pup. it was a small dog.. the type i hate the most.. but this one was black and it kept on crying until i pet it and then it was licking my hand and i was like " tommy.. look...:'( " . fun stuff. *spins her party favor in the air* aww... xmas .. the time of love, sex , presents, and the birth of christ... merry xmas to all.. and to all a good nite...

Sunday, December 23

Lucky * | 12/23/2001 11:12:12 PM
   Jenn? this book is so you. :D *mwaha*
that's all i have to say. and also, Sabrina.. get a pair of skates. because i (maybe along with Claudia) am on a mission to learn how to skate properly. so we're gonna go often. see, today it went sorta like this: skate, skate, start to lose my balance, glide 'til i get my balance back, skate, skate, skate, glide away from someone coming my way, skate, skate, lose my balance, glide, skate, etc. yep. maybe it was claudia's skates. yes. it was most definitely Claudia's skates. *nods* i think i'll go eat some Lucky Charms or something now.. ahdunno.

sabrina dibs | 12/23/2001 04:24:58 PM
   today i woke up at 12...thats 13 hours of sleep for moi. i wouldve slept more but claudia called and ruined everything! haha no no no claudia its alright. i dunno why i slept that much,,hmm maybe i really was tired. anyways, i really would have loved to go skating but stupid me i havent gone in a few years so i dont got skates. *sigh* ah. anyways, today i went to carefour (howd you spell that?!) laval. not for anything in particular cause we finished our christmas shopping (hmm early this year..) but sister bought a sweater at jacob..and then my moms like hmm maybe we should go to jacob jr for bri. so anyways, im there thinking oh god! and they actually have nice stuff my moms there making me try on everything. and..get this...size 16 pants are too big! ahhh theres a curse on me. no matter what nothing fits anyways, i finally find two cute sweaters (LARGE! me!!!) and i got them. ones baby blueish and the other ones a whiteish hoody..i love those things :) haha..okay thats it

Lucky * | 12/23/2001 02:38:39 PM
   i still have a whole bunch of posters and pictures to put up.. but ahdunno, whatcha think?

ya see the curtain pole? crunk, i tell you. :D oh, and i was emptying my closet when i found this:

if you can't read it, *ahem* it says: "can we have cyber sex please?" and please note that it's Jennifer's handwriting. *looks around* ahdunno, what the hell am i doing with this? but, i'm keeping it. because it's pretty. :D
anyway, Claudia should be here any minute.. (uh huh) so i suppose i'll go now.. bye's! :D

Saturday, December 22

Lucky * | 12/22/2001 10:16:04 PM
   moving into my new room.. bah. it's so, yellow. and i have yet to add my personal touches (i.e. 50-something nsync posters) so it feels so, uncomfy. nevertheless, it's bigger and in the back of the house, which = cool. why, you ask? so my brother doesn't come pounding at the window in the middle of the night with his face up on the glass. *shudders* christmas is in 2 freggin' days which = supercool. but i'm too tired to be excited because sleeping on towels = not much sleep. bah. BAH!
oh, OH.. and my dad, all of a sudden, refuses to bring the piano upstairs. wtf? he wants to use the little room as an office.. but, but.. WTF! it's my piano room! so i said i'd put the piano in my bedroom, and he's all like, pshhh no. EVILNESS. ariujgndlfkjgvx, ya jerk. "it'll sound bad in a closed room" well, don't we know everything mr. i know everything. yes, because when i take my freggin' exams in a closed room, it sounds really awful. (gosh damnit, it sounds so pretty and echo-ey and if the bastard wont let me bring it upstairs i'ma bust a cap in his ass or something along those lines. WHAT.) now i'm mad. arf. ARF! heh, Simon likes the powerpuff girls. his favorite is buttercup, and he says she reminds him of me which = :D :D :D. because i pull these moods where i'm either really happy or REALLY pissed. and i was REALLY pissed at my dad, so yeah. *nods* YA FUCKIN' JERK! *looks around* je m'excuse. what the.. okay, the lights on my piano just sorta dimmed and went back up. and it did that for a few minutes. fun stuff. hmm. ohmygosh, you know what the really cool thing about my room is? the pole for the curtains, it has this thing at the end.. wow. it = crunk. :D bon, i still have a bunch of shit to move, so aurevior and happy christmas.
oh, one more thing. queen = the shit. :D merci, bonne nuit. (i mean, BON NUIT!) :D :D :D

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/22/2001 12:46:09 PM

Friday, December 21

timbo munkfish | 12/21/2001 05:59:53 PM
   omg i have been SO hyper like alll nigh , and i mean...STRAIGHT JACKET...kinda hyper if u GET what i mean eh?... reef - place your hands...what a good song :)...its nice and old and @D and oh im not hyper n e more and i cant really be bothered to write n e more, so im gonna n e ways....u know it makes sense it u think about it, oh yeah and HOLY MOLY....
i owe jenny big :\, welp if ne one is l00king for a fan sign or something i can make for a christmas pressie, u only have o HOLLER like this "jimmy, make me sign now grrrr" , and i shall comply :)....i have to finish my crimple shopping tommorow, hehehe i love to buy people thiings, its fun :) ... YAY! for happy fun christmas time hehehe i think its time that i got to bed b4 11 tonight, *yawns* .. oh yes and jenny, collective soul are crunk like all nice and smiley and happy and stuff and soft......oh oh oh i dont belive i have told u guys qabout my latest toy thingy, its a frisbee, but no normal frisbee OH NO...... *nods* thats right u got it, its an indoor frisee, that folds up and its like REAl small when u fold it out, and it flys really well :).........MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE ( i will never get tired of saying that) hehehe i have been approaching people and wishing them a happy christmas, most of them ether smile, laugh or ignore me, but occasionally they smile back and say merry christmas back to me WHICH IS OH SO COOL...ooops its 11 now ..*sigh* i suppose i better get going if i want to wake up all jolly tomorow ..nigh night all...let the good timesroll on :)

Thursday, December 20

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/20/2001 11:58:12 PM
   AHAHAHAHAHAHA i got our first official fan pic.... its of a penis and it says superdor crunk this! IM SOO HAPPY!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D

timbo munkfish | 12/20/2001 11:37:50 PM
   hmmm its only 4:38am :)

Wednesday, December 19

timbo munkfish | 12/19/2001 07:39:16 PM
   *rocks back and forth in his chair* the doves......they are coming for me AHHHHHHH *wraps himself in tin foil* hehehe hmmm too much simptsons for me...oh yes and I HAVE FOUND A GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat sport....what is this marvel i hear u cry! its Ultimate Frisbee .. HOLY MOLY IS IT COOL, u get to trough frisbee's about into the "N-ZONE" *mwhahaha* its like th most crunk game in the history of um games? yes well hmm...i wanna make a guest book on my site :'(...i guess its sorta the same problem as rosie's ... hehe oh well im sure we will figure something out :)....oh well i can trying to eat a cabbage...dont ask :D

Lucky * | 12/19/2001 03:52:58 PM
   *looks around*
okay, so Claudia is somehow obsessed with Prince, and enjoys the sexual accompaniment of birds. *crickets* hehe. can anyone actually make a cricket sound? that's what i thought bitch. and Claudia, it's not 'magerette forget', more like Marc-Aurele Fortin. *points at Claudia and laughs* ya JERK. don't make fun of my city, YA HERE! psssssh. i have to go watch powerpuff girls now, so i'll be gone. je suis happy, only one more exam for Rosie.. :D bye, bye.

Tuesday, December 18

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 12/18/2001 10:33:42 PM
   hey dudettes of the marry-go-round plaza area of all two destinations which are acceptible to the huiman society"eg: marie-clarac, ovide-clermont, ) ... then, of coarse, out of courtisy, i might have to welcomes those of you's who unfortunatly live in the area of magerette forget and r.d.p ( which took me many moments to write because of the burning sensation in my fingers that were telling me not to) Lets cut to the feces: I was once told, by an old friend of mine name marcel, who is also my very present paternal figure in this amusing life of mine, that when doves cry, they actually do not sound like both back-up beats and vocals of the song by prince, which is titled by the very subject of the matter. This made me ponder, for quite a while actually... do birds, more specifically dovesm cry ? especially the bird who brings us the gift of love, and is the very sign that God is very present in our destrutible human lives ? If we focus on the subject you may , as I, come to the conclusion that love does bring one to tears... so that means that this bird actually brings us pain, along with love and the word of the lord. This bird, placing aside all spiritual structures (e.g God) brings all of us to pain. Some people set them free as the sign of their love on weddings and other love related rituals ... may I add that sadly , nowadays, most of marriages end up in divorce ? Which means when a man or woman that has been womded by divorce will think back of there wedding day and about the song uncle matt and gregoire sang, all the alcoholic punch that grama wendy drank.. ect.. BUT! most of all, they will think back of the doves they released on their wedding day as a sign of their love... Those people will think back in hatred towards this poor dove. They will scream in their heads " get the dove before they unlease them,... get the doves! " ..(well maybe more horrific torturic words ) And the dove, seeing all of this, will cry. inside, outside... he will get depressed, die,. and then their dove friends will see them die.. cry inside and outside, get depressed and die.. and so on, and so forth. A VICIOUS NEVER ENDING CIRCLE OFDYING DOVES! AND OTHER BIRDS!
this explains the death of the many birds in the world. But what about prince ? I think that Prince was a smart man and saw all of this happen and said to himself that he had to spread the word about the dying doves. So he expressed it in music. It really is about the death of birds and mainly doves. ITS ABOUT KEEPING OUR MARRIAGES ALIVE! BEING SURE TO HAVE FOUND TRUE LOVE BEFORE UNLEASHING THE DOVES !
that is all... tata

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/18/2001 08:12:59 PM
   i think rosie was makin' fun of moi :( im hurt really hurt .... ummm no thx 4 da compliment BIIIIIIIAAAAAATTTTTCCCCCCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!
oh and also ive decided i will start making real articles to post umm yes i think so .... oui oui .....

Lucky * | 12/18/2001 07:35:12 PM
   look. we were 2 points behind, besides all those biased decisions from Mrs. Di Paolo. so :P we would have won if it was fair. *hmph* but anyway, making fun of your teachers is MUCH more rewarding. :D i have a feeling i'm going to get killed tomorrow. oh well.
okay so, WHAT THE POO (!!!) am i doing on the internet when i have a math exam tomorrow with questions from a chapter i understand ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about? oy. you don't understand how pretty friday seems. off for the holidays and those freggin' exams done. (but i still have 3 projects *tear*) 2 of which i don't mind much, the gym dance and the english skit which can get amusing.. but that french compostion? lol, didn't we do the EXACT same project last year? yeah, i remember i used names from 2gether and i killed Justin from nsync. except it was new year's instead of christmas.. these teachers aren't very creative. i love watching that little animation. WORD UP YO! *bwahaha* so anyway, i was talking about all my work over the holidays with Claude, my estechician. (look ma, i can spell!) estetechian? *hangs her head in shame* anyway, you get my point.. Claude, and she was saying that our generation REALLY gets it tough with all this freggin' homework and these new programs and everything. and they never got as many projects as we do, and NEVER ANY for christmas. fricking teachers. like i REALLY feel like doing work over the holidays. and check this, 2 tests the DAY we get back. *scratches her head* did these teachers ever hear about HOLIDAYS?! it's against my religion to do homework. anything you don't feel like doing, blame it on your religion. *insert cricket sounds here* LOL, Claudia's the only one that will get that one.. aiights. notice how i like to blab when i have tons of shit to do. i look like pippi longstockings. yeah, my tigger socks + the braids + my perfectly placed pimples = Rosie as pippi longstockings. *yawn* BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...
okay, so i was thinking. they have enough space on the CTRL button to actually write, "control". now, why not write the whole thing out? yes, i really HATE when people use abbreviations and talk like this *ahem*: wuzzup. how r u 2day????/ LLOLLOLOLO. i lik chese' ................ sUpErDrKs is da best blog round!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hav no prop gramar. $$$$$$$$$$$$ dolla billzzz.
(and Jennifer's next post will be an exact replica of that, and moving on..)
and why have 17 page up buttons? i dunno about you, but i don't use those. i hate bro's and i hope they die. that's all i have to say about that.
and Mary's too. i don't like those people either. but have you noticed that they're all in our grade? morons. next year, i wanna be in the student council, that way i can organize games in the plaza, such as this one: grammar is fun. basics of the game: pronounce "th" properly and don't use "me i" repeadetly and you don't get killed. fun shit, eh? EH! eeehhhh.

Jennifer says: desfois la nuit jai peur pis je me touche
Lucky* says: tout partout?
Jennifer says: oh oui

okay, enough blabbing, off to do my math. *cries* je t'aime.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/18/2001 06:05:56 PM
   i wanna be a p0rn star when i grow up

sabrina dibs | 12/18/2001 05:59:22 PM
   yay! we beat mr. zampini's class. ha! (okay so this happened yesterday but i didnt feel like blogging it..). we rule! ahaha and rosies class sucks :) hmmm oh i got my picture taken. ugh, stupid medicare cards. ummmm okay i think thats it...

Monday, December 17

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/17/2001 08:23:40 PM
   my sistah be in the hospital :(:( poor her and they just call me to say shes being transferred to saint justine :(:( thats not a good sign :(:(

Lucky * | 12/17/2001 08:21:37 PM
:D oh boy, do i have some useless nsync shit for you guys.. (this is what happens when i don't feel like studying for exams. *mwaha*)

first, let's look at Lance's famous pet ferret, Dirk:

cuteness, eh? i want a ferret. moving on..

JC's girlfriend, Bobbee..

yep, that's right folks. porn star. *nods* the whole hand to crotch thing gives it away.

just incase you're wondering if that's really JayCee's girlfriend:

*shudders* what a whore. heh. hehehehe. funny things make me laugh. *MWAHAHAHA*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/17/2001 06:30:56 PM
   am i?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/17/2001 06:30:45 PM
   im nothing like my cam-whore :(

timbo munkfish | 12/17/2001 06:07:56 PM
   According to the
Cam Girl Quiz

katneko's site |
take the quiz

oh dear, ...hmmmm hehehe that was fun, i always pick the funny answers :D, but now im a pyscho be atch... :\ oh well PARTY ON DUDE!

Lucky * | 12/17/2001 05:04:34 PM
stephanie's site | take the quiz

*sigh*, and it's true. bah. i finished all my christmas shopping. woo. when i grow up, i wanna be a platypus. that's all i have to say.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/17/2001 04:45:52 PM
   FUCK IT!!!!!! FUCK IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

According to the
Cam Girl Quiz

renee's site |
take the quiz

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/17/2001 07:35:16 AM
   im tired (s) why doesnt the (s) work in small letters on msn ..... why does only (S) work? its pissing me off..... well off to school i go ... uuuhhhhhh ya and umm whats claudia doing up so late? and whys msn being a homo again? .... stay tuned i shall investigate..... *hrs of reasearch later* ive finally figured out why msn is a homo ,.... open ur eyes WIDE ..... its by microsoft :D the end... bye.... i feel like such a genius ..... our blog should be called msn sucks .... ya.... bye

Sunday, December 16

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 12/16/2001 09:42:01 PM
   im gonna go nuts. i hate msn. next year, i dont think i should go buy all my presents at once... theres only one gift i didnt get because i got it b4...arrrg! i hate msn.. it doesnt wanna let me download agian.. je laime pos ... y menarve... tests ... arrg... i think im gonna go see the school's tuor tomorow morning and ask her to help me with my math, i really need it. poopoo.gotta go tried download msn again.

Saturday, December 15

Lucky * | 12/15/2001 04:00:01 PM
   mad caddies - monkeys
timmy, my comments: yes, it's scary at first, but when you get into the song you just wanna bust a move. it's SUPERcrunk. @D everyone should go download.
do you know what i've realized? double fudge cookies = yummydamnlicious. *licks lips*
je dois aller.. BYE BYE

sabrina dibs | 12/15/2001 12:02:42 PM
   oh..and jennifer what do you mean massimo smells PRETTY??? girls smell PRETTY! not guys

sabrina dibs | 12/15/2001 12:01:46 PM
   :D theres gifts under the christmas tree!!!! only three at the moment but thats cause my parents are last minute shoppers *sigh* anyways, two of them have SAB written on them! yay!!!!! ones just rectangular looking but the other one (apparently from daddy) has a plastic handle on the top...i dunno what it is!!!1 ahh i cant wait! yay. :) hmm...ok i started wrapping my secret santa gift thing but i still need those other things..ah! when are we doing the exchange? cause i gotta buy the stuff before...umm thats all i think for me for now

timbo munkfish | 12/15/2001 11:54:46 AM
   ok so i have actually talked about NOTHING in my last few blogs *grooves* @D but do any of us talk about anything vaguely to the point?
ok OK so maybe SOMETIMES some of us have...but hmm....n e ways wayne's world was on OH YEAH .. BITCHIN and my mum aAND dad like LOVE cool is that, its so funny, like everytime i do something they start going on about it @D...which is coo coz wayne's world is "sick" @D along with california man, which i bought for my borther ... hehehe its such a good film @D...OH YES THE HAPPIEST SONG EVER....mad caddies - monkeys you cant afford not to have this song its like OMG THIS IS LIKE WOW...for all of you who don't download this *hangs head in disgust* but if you do *grins inanely* serious i want to know what ALL of you think of this one i mean ALL, even jenny's sister :)..sooo GO PEOPLE DOWNLOAD

timbo munkfish | 12/15/2001 09:28:24 AM
   mwhahaha i hope this has worked, coz that would be cool :D

I think this looks much better (='^'=)

Friday, December 14

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/14/2001 11:59:20 PM
   IM IN A CULT *jumps up and down* btw massimo smells pretty HEHE dont ask BON NUIT

timbo munkfish | 12/14/2001 07:34:09 PM
   cults are evil!!....hehe but if u guys are into it, i can dig it *tee hee* you'll be dead by sunrise *cackles*

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/14/2001 04:14:38 PM
   OH MY GOD!!!!!!! you know the camp i went to this summer? well it was a CULT i knew it from the first day i arrived there... well anyways today i come home look in the mail box and be all ohh coo theres mail for me ugh but from marie clarac so i be thinking i must have forgotten something there and they found it ,..... we had to write our names on everything.... k anyways this is what it was..... my proof i know am 100% sure its a cult!!!!
Bonjour a toi,
C'est moi, Ti-fon, la mascotte du camp mere clarac. Je veut te souhaiter par cette lettre un JOYEUX NOEL rempli d'amour et de joie. Tu sais sans doute que la fete de noel est avant tout le rappel de la naissance de jesus. Et bien, jespere qu'il aura une petite place dans ton coeur a cette occasion. Passe de tres belle vacance et profites de ces jours pour te detendre et tamuser follement. Je te donnerai des nouvelle bientot de notre pique-nique annuel qui te donnera la chance de retrouver tes amis campeurs!
Je souhaite joyeux noel a toi aini qu'a toute ta famille et je te fais une gross caresse! a bientot! Ti-Fon XXX


i agreed to go to camp for a week i didnt want a life long commitment :( im really scared i joined a cult and i wasnt even aware of it :(

Thursday, December 13

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 12/13/2001 07:21:45 PM
   arrg! i have to write this speach for my debate on the abolishment of gun control! ... i dunno what to write and ive found out that i dont like josh very much... i think hes a lilttle proud of himself at times... its like " why are you looking up stuff on the nra claudia.. i already looked that up and got all the imformation I needed..." HELLO ? IM IN THIS GROUP TOO YOU FUCK! i need to know what you looked up b4 i waste my time.. AND maybe i need this too counting on the fact that you took most of the imformation which i cant repeat! ugh! cant stand the dude

sabrina dibs | 12/13/2001 05:34:29 PM
   alrighty. so umm hi sandy.. *sigh* do you really gotta read this? anyways, umm i dont got much to say :) except i havent written for a while soo..yup hmmm...ok bye byes

Wednesday, December 12

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/12/2001 06:43:11 PM
   ummmmmm HELLO SABRINA"S SISTER....... not to be mean or anything but ...... u shouldnt be here :D so *bye bye* id have ur ip banned but u got the same one as sab sooo that would suck alors just try to proove to sab ur not a bitch and mind ur own buisness as in stop reading this stuff ,,,, if shed want u to know shed tell u to ur face... or if u are such a snoop that u have to insist on comming back then at the least dont mention it and accept the fact that ur lil sister might find u and ur interest in her private life a lil anoying and irritating ...... um thats all for now .... i miss massimo

[ just a lil side note .... i dunno if sab actually feels what i wrote but um thats how i feel when my mom goes through my stuff,,,,, anywho sabs sis dont be mad at her be mad at moi :D]

Tuesday, December 11

Lucky * | 12/11/2001 09:42:13 PM
   okay guys, something fishy is going on. i got a response from Santa. but check this: the address..
Santa Claus
North Pole

...canada? okay genuises.. when is the north pole in canada? Santa is not dumb. and i think something fishy is going on. *ponders* and.. HELLO! what's with Santa spelling my last name with a "G"? my writting is pretty clear.. i think Santa is getting old. *sob*
and in the back, check this. "Brought to you by volunteers at Canada Post." okay buddies, what do you guys have to do with my letters to Santa? you just deliver them, that's your job. SO STOP TAKING THE CREDIT YA JERKS! *runs off crying*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 12/11/2001 05:24:49 PM
   bou ny party.. my father said absolutly not..

timbo munkfish | 12/11/2001 01:23:40 PM

Monday, December 10

Lucky * | 12/10/2001 08:57:17 PM
   you people get money on new year's eve.. what the hell? i get money at noel time, thank you very much. anyway, where we'd go.. *shrugs* i just wanna do something we people other than my family. it's fun and all.. but when they start playing cards they never stop. and it gets kinda boring when your closest relative is 8 years older then you. oy. and it would be chill. but i'd doubt i could get away from my family myself.. but i was thinking, like a hall party? that could get boring and expensive, but fun at the same time. i dunno. our own little party? *mwahaha* ponder about it. (Timmy, you're more than welcome to join us.. @D) hehe..

timbo munkfish | 12/10/2001 05:57:39 PM
   *sigh* hehe i could but OH, i dont count so *sob* oh well im looking forward to a good ol partAY with friends :D

sabrina dibs | 12/10/2001 04:50:22 PM
   umm okay rosie one question for you..why? where would we go? and do what? ok more than one question but yeah...cause i dunno. id be missing out on all the money. ah! oh and once my sis, and 2cousins were going to a new years party and my uncle made them stay with us til like 12:05 and then they were aloud to i dunno

Sunday, December 9

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/9/2001 10:35:43 PM
   i do not celebrate new years with my family so yes it is unless its our turn to celebrate on new years eve this year cause that would suck cause those ppl scare me and i dunno them but i get money and so ya but its 3hrs away so um maybe i can get myself out of it

Lucky * | 12/9/2001 09:57:15 PM
   oy, you make it seem as if my brother was a freggin addict. moving on.. my camera just likes to bust out on me. :( not fun for Rosie. i just play around with the cords and it works again, :D that makes me feel special. i haven't worked on my mercedes today. my daddy broke part of it. *pouts* but it shall be groovin' soon. *mwahaha* and yes, my family is indeed very scary. but funny for me to watch you guys.. HAHAHA! Jennifer didn't get picked on that much.. *shrugs* whatever. oh, one question before i skadoo, hehe.. would it be possible for you guys to get out of your family events for new years eve? just a question.. merci. bye bye!

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/9/2001 06:05:23 PM
AHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA i explained to her how to make em once way
before i even knew about her bro

sabrina dibs | 12/9/2001 04:42:44 PM
   "and Jennifer, why were you saying it was all MY idea.. when YOU were the one who told me how to make them, eh? EH! *hmph*" <~~~what?!?! thats all i gotta say. oh and rosies family scares me! :)

Lucky * | 12/9/2001 02:31:45 PM
   just a little post before Claudia gets here and we can go to toys 'r us.. :D
birthday's rock! we should have them more often. presents are cool. everyone should have a cactus to call their own. *mwaha*
thank you for the present Timmy! it made me feel all special inside.
anyway, i'm still looking for a hosting thingy to make the page look all pretty and stuff. oy, not going good.
my brother ruined all our plans. now i have to go think of another evil thing to plan.. bah. and Jennifer, why were you saying it was all MY idea.. when YOU were the one who told me how to make them, eh? EH! *hmph*

Saturday, December 8

timbo munkfish | 12/8/2001 07:04:11 PM
   ugh so n e ways, i was like um sitting down watching wayne's world 2, when my mum's like so where are u gonna go for ur 6th form (last 2 years of school)..and well blah blah started talking bout schools and THEN she says .... you could do them at high school in canada *gives his mum a blank look*
yeah blah blah its fine with me and u could stay with cousins or something, we'd be more than happy to let you go

...ok so hmmm...what do i do now....stay in england or move to canada, seen as i wanted to goto uni/college or whatever there n e ways, it would help but hmmmm HMMM..what do u guys think?..i NEED more opinions on this one..*waits rocking back and forth on his chair*

timbo munkfish | 12/8/2001 06:57:29 PM
   actually...hmmm maybe i went TOO far on this one *shrugs* oh well....biro = pain :D

timbo munkfish | 12/8/2001 05:53:45 PM
   Bon birthday :D....hehe ur ;) rosie SHOULD be on ma site if its all working properly so YAY! :D..and OMG what my mum just sed.....ask to know more :)

Lucky * | 12/8/2001 05:45:04 PM
   BON fête à moi.. yes that's right folks, BON. moving on..
oy, i have nothing to say. except, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! yep, yep.. i love pocahontas. she's my hero. yep. my sister got her kitchen stuff a while back, and well.. lotsa boxes. :D so.. i'm turning one into my oldschool mercedes. OH YEAH! so far.. i made a door, and i place for my body. yep. my sister even bought me spray paint. :D my tree is up, i decorated my room a little. WAA. i'll get pictures up of EVERYTHING once my brother gets my cam all ready. :D oy, depressing christmas songs.. OY. heh. hehehe. *MWEHEHEHEHE* *sigh* i'm always so low-energy on my birthday. that's cause i expect so much from people. like my presents, THEY BETTER BE BIG! lol, i'm so greedy and evil. okay guys, check this. if you pinch your bottom lip like a fish and then touch it, it feels like when you go to the dentist and get your mouth all numbed up. it's crazy. HAHA! i love getting mail now. jingle bells plays everytime, it's so ghetto. and when someone messages me it's sleigh ride.. and when someone comes online, jingle bell rock. it's so crazy. mmkaies. i'll go now. merry noel, tabarnac.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 12/8/2001 02:36:05 PM
   i have this undying love for geri halliwell and jimmy eat world... " scream if you wanna go faster" is such a pepi song ! and the song "the middle " from jimmy eat world is THE COOLEST song ever! FAVORITE OF THE WEEK!anyhow.. byes to alls of yous ! byes!
...and once again... hip hip hip to you rosie!

sabrina dibs | 12/8/2001 02:35:30 PM
   HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSIE :) ok im very very very bored right now! ahh anyways, happy birthday...lotsa love from me

Friday, December 7

sabrina dibs | 12/7/2001 04:03:06 PM
   :) i love my daddy..he took me shopping today...yay. and guess what? he read harry potter! haha who wouldve thought? and he liked it! haha anyways, so my mommy left me stuff to do for her really. why would i do anything for her? *sigh*

Thursday, December 6

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/6/2001 10:48:00 PM
   un-fucking fairness

Lucky * | 12/6/2001 09:04:08 PM
   OMIGOSHNESS! my mommy bought me my birthday/christmas gift. :D DID I EVER TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE MY MOMMY? lol.. hehe. she rocks. my mommy is better than all your mommy's combined. YA GOT THAT? ooh yeah. :D she's like, come we're going shopping for your gift. i'm like, suure. so i asked where we were going and she wouldn't tell me. then i remembered what i asked for and i was like :D you're bringing me to future shop and she was like :D and i was like :D and i got a digital camera. :D :D :D yep, yep. to Jennifer: :P hehehehe. i can take 40 pictures with it not hooked up to the computer and 30 seconds of film. OOH YEAH. and the camera and the usb port card thing came to only $200.. so YAY! :D i have yet to install it yet. that will be soon. :D :D :D
TIMMY! I'M WAITING FOR MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT! (you'll be able to see my sesky socks that match Sabrina's sweater now and feel the true seskiness. :D)
that was so random. after our adventure to future shop. (:D) we went to club price. and at the cash Gaetano, David and Nicholas scared me half to death. it was interesting. i was like, well this is random. and i thought they all came together.. so i was puzzled. but they did not. ooh.. HI GAETANO AND DAVID IF YOU'RE READING! i never knew club price was such a cool place to hang out. HAHA.. and i HAVE to tell you this. afterwards my mothers like, those two guys seemed nice, but i don't like the one with the red hair. (this causing MUCH laughter from me) she said he looked like a trouble-maker and a bum. (MUCH, MUCH MORE laughter from my part) then i made her guess what Nick's averages are around.. more laughter. har, har. it was funny because she was imitating him and it was REALLY FUNNY. lmao! she's like, "look at me i have red hair" while moving her hands around.. i was DYING of laughter. *mwahahaha*
okay.. off to install my cam! bye bye's!

sabrina dibs | 12/6/2001 07:13:16 PM
   wow! ok my pc is cooperating with me! look im on my pc and i checked my mail and am writing in bloggers! ahhhhh hahaha yay! oh btw, my mom and sister are bitches :( i hate them. hate them, HATE THEM! i try to do something nice for them but all i get is screams. im fed up. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. anyways, angel got a webcam :) yay. hes actually not that bad...anywyas, no school tomorrow so thats a plus. umm ok thats it i guess

timbo munkfish | 12/6/2001 03:00:29 PM
   *mwhahahhaaha* timmAY madea a page :D


Wednesday, December 5

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/5/2001 09:57:00 PM
   i just visited the worse website ever HAHA its really funny [] ahhhhh massimo is the sweetest person in the whole wide world :D:D:D

sabrina dibs | 12/5/2001 07:37:49 PM
   SEE!! ha i knew claudia would try to kiss and make up :) now rosies gotta do the same thing. and...oh nevermind i dont want to get just gonna say: its not worth it rosie. forgive her for being responsible and working. its not her fault. besides, isnt it not supposed to matter if shes there or not? its the thought that counts and im positive shed rather be with you than falling asleep watching coats all night long. seriously, think about it....(and PLEASE dont get pissed at me for saying that...) anyways, umm next time me and jennifer get into a fight...tell me something like that ok? :) okay. umm well i gotta go watch super password! THE BEST SHOW EVER! haha

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 12/5/2001 04:44:43 PM
   hello people.
Look, Rosie I'm really sorry that i cant come to your party on saturday but you dont have to give me the silent treatment.. i know i would have been pissed at you if you would have done that but not as pissed as you are at me. You have to understand that if i dont go on satyrday i might loose my job to someone else because i dont work on sundays and the sunday person will steal my job and then i would be jobless and.. and.. yeah... but im really sorry.

Tuesday, December 4

Lucky * | 12/4/2001 09:39:00 PM
i have met God. God is hot. God is REALLY hot. HOTNESS! seriously.. like, WOW. i have never seen such hotness protrude from a lifeform before. like SO HOT you wanna have anal sex with him in the middle of a crowded bus afterschool on the 140. *twiddles her thumbs* i shall take the 140 more often. *bwahaha* yes. i remember it like it were this afternoon. him, smiling at me. YES, AT ME! MOI! most probably because he was laughing at the drool all over my face.. but it doesn't matter. i have his image forever embedded in my brain. i will go on a search. wowness.. i never knew Montreal could make such pretty people. and those eyes.. BLUE. not light blue.. DARK blue. it was mystical, magical, mysterious.. mmm.. they were so powerful. i was transfixed. and REALLY cool sideburns. so cool, that they were really cool. although, he looked at least 19 or something.. no biggie. and he was realllly tall. like, whoa. he was sorta bending his head so he wouldn't hit it on the roof thingy. haha. it would have been funny if he hurt himself though. HAHAHAHA! damn him for being so hot. DAMN HIM. he's hot like WADE. doesn't look like Wade though.. but protrudes the hotness factor like Wade. HELLO! *sigh*

Sunday, December 2

Lucky * | 12/2/2001 09:22:54 PM
   check 'dis homeslice. a contest, pour vous. :D i entered already.. so go on. no, not you Timmy. sowwy. you make a wishlist and then you win and play with the toys. :D i picked all the Harry Potter shit, nsync fan barbie :D some picture thing, and a blue's clues thing. FUN. and you can enter once a day! WAA! so, if you don't want anything, enter for me.. that way i'm sure of getting my nsync fan barbie. WHAT.

Lucky * | 12/2/2001 05:18:29 PM
   I am 41-60% Ghetto

I have ghetto roots, but I don't live in the hood. Fo Shizzle my Nizzle.

sabrina dibs | 12/2/2001 05:08:46 PM
   HAHAHAH jennifer...i think youre really falling for this guy now.. :) *sigh* i just wish hed like me...ugh, then maybe id like him too..ah well, anyways, a few ppl wrote back to me and rosies questions..and wow! i dont think anyone actually helped us. either they went on about something totally different or they skipped stuff. *sigh* we say its about colors...we do not care what time of day it is or what you like to do....ah well...maybe well get something outta this. anyways...i put up my chirstmas tree on friday :) its actually kinda nice this year. im proud of it. and i bought most of my persons gift..the secret santa thing. anyways, ive already spent more than 20$ but i just HAD to. i just hope i get something good! :) lalala hmm rosie said soemthing about a date with massimo? howd that go? hmm? tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! svp. thanx im leaving..

Saturday, December 1

Goddess Of The Dorks | 12/1/2001 11:22:36 PM
   i missing massimo alot and i dunno why ..... seriously i dont usually miss him but now its like ah give me massimo pa-lease :( the end

timbo munkfish | 12/1/2001 03:42:11 PM
   hehe i have been drinking for the past 23 hours :) sleep..GO ME, hehe me no throw up but WOOOohooOOoooOooadu \adhsohd shdof hs;o fdh;ase hdo;hsdAW YEAH BABY YEAH
hehe mi party was fun....many people :)...40 + ;p and none of them gate crashers :) *MWHAHAHA* hehe shh i was not involved in bondage.......hehe ok so i admitt i was o_O hehe like far out dude :)...but then they ran out of tape/rope and so i squiremed around for a bit whilst serval girls decided that poking me in the belly was funny, especially since i was tied up :\ O well twas mucho fun :)..but ugh, do people mean things when they are drunk?...i mean hmmmmm, what if what people say when they are drunk is what they erm...believe *hides* oh well, i will never find out unless it happens again...WHOS UP FOR MORE PARTAYING? :)..hehe people spent half an hour pulling/playing with my hair hehe it looked quite funny after :), ok so we didnt have erotic twister or electric jelly but we had plenty O boose :)and UGH women make no sense when they say things :( st00pid women! hehe looks like i am gonna lose this arguement, yall being women and all, darn it..oh well, just PLZ when you say something make it clear, so that us males can figure out what you are really talking about..I.E..if you say he's cute, make it clear whether its AWwww what a cute puppy like creature...or HOt Damn hes cute or something, u get the point i am making?,.... O well, i shall retreat to my bed EARLY tonight..hehe after all i have not slept in like 32 hours :) ciao :)