Friday, November 30

Lucky * | 11/30/2001 07:27:06 PM
   they're here.. accents are muy funny. :D Claudia, they're from Long Island. anyway.. my daddy better get home soon. he transfered his work line to here and the phone is ringing every two seconds and RRG! (i have to answer the phone by saying, 'voyages cremazie bonsoir' or else they're like.. who is this? what number is this? RRG.) the last guy sounded like he was in a mob or something. OY. i'm bored. save moi.

Lucky * | 11/30/2001 05:02:27 PM
   don't you find that when your in a mall, and they're playing christmas music.. you feel like your in a movie? more specifically.. a christmas movie? just noting. i got cool new socks. WAAAA! yeps, for the wedding tomorrow. hehe.. yes stripped socks for a wedding. :D knee-high too. it's CRAZY. and i bought my brother a noel gift. FUN. (the grinch on dvd.. SHHH!) whoa. this nutella is getting to me. if you want a snack.. but have nothing good to eat.. take a fruit.. ANY FRUIT.. and slab on the nutella. AWESOMENESS. my mother is going all crazy-like. it's like *scrub, scrub, scrub*.. she just finished mopping the kitchen floor and i was holding a bowl of me Lucky Charms and she knocked me in my stomach and bye-bye went the Lucky charms. i went to hide in my room because she yelled some words i've never heard before and i was quite sure they weren't very nice words. yeps.. damn American relatives. all their fault. ugh.. and if it were little people coming it would be cool, but it's only old people. UGH. pooo. Jenn, how was your date with Massimo.. :D does Massimo read this? HI MASSIMO!


Thursday, November 29

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/29/2001 07:23:25 PM
   timmy what is chutney?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/29/2001 07:19:23 PM
   aw ya whos got the power to delete claudias annoying posts?

Lucky * | 11/29/2001 06:53:22 PM
   I canít believe my foolish ways
Thought that Christmas only came from a store
Had to know what was there for me
Underneath the Christmas tree
I didnít know that there could be so much more
But in all of the rush
I was missing so much

Lucky * | 11/29/2001 06:42:56 PM
   my liquid paper is really dry. so i gotta shake it a lot. then it comes out in clumps. then i smoosh it around. goshness, my history homework is so pretty. (YEAH, LOOK AT ME JENNIFER.. I'M DOING MY HISTORY HOMEWORK. H-I-S-T-O-R-Y H-O-M-E-W-O-R-K.) *hmph* anyway, while i'm waiting for this to dry.. (yes, ANY excuse not to do work. *sigh*) has come to my attention that some people hate christmas. (names will not be mentioned to protect the EVIL, Jennifer.)

(you know when in movies, everything just stops and they focus in on the persons eyes and they're crying? yeah, like in Romeo and Juliet. insert that right.. here.)

why? how can one say such a thing? you're just focusing on the material part of christmas. you have so much to learn. you told me christmas would suck if no one bought you anything, and there were no gifts involved. but HALT. that IS what christmas is about. not the BUYING, but more the GIVING. i for one, would much be happier.. say if you made me something than buy me something. i'm serious. if you'd draw me a big-ass picture of nsync say.. or no! wait, like.. a powerpuff thing.. like re-create it in a mini-version. yeah, check this. i would much rather that than say, money. think i'm stupid, but that's what Christmas is about. and you know, i really, REALLY hate when people give me money as a gift. that's like saying, "i'm richer than you bitch, and i don't have time to shop or think about you, i don't know anything about you, thus don't know what to buy you, so i'm just giving you money to look good." or like.. buying me an o-town poster made out of gold. i'd be like, what the hell? and i'm totally serious. christmas is a time to show people that you care about them, buy giving them something they can enjoy.. NOT PROFIT FROM! let's put Jesus aside. he doesn't come into my christmas because the church is a greedy little surbsig and awrothosfg. (passing a collection plate at a funeral when you're already paying for the mass.. OESOIBHS!!!) anyWAY.. yes, noel. onto winter. :D i really don't understand how people can hate it. or how people my age anyway. when i start to drive, i think it'll be a different story, but think a minute here you oaths. SNOW! it's wonderful! pieces of heaven's clouds falling to the earth! how can it be more magical! (no, it's not cocaine.. tasted it.) it's beautiful. EVERYONE dreams of a white christmas and WE get it. snowmen, snowangels, snowcastles! snowball fights! doesn't your inner child feel inlightened the minute you think of this? and it's SO pretty too! just look at the tree's.. when they're all frosty and stuff.. they're so pretty! Jennifer can agree on this one.. they're fun to play with. :D admit it, there's a part of you that would absolutely hate not having christmas around. admit it.. ADMIT IT! now i am happy. while i'm at it.. go pick up nsync's "home for christmas" cd. it's so enlightening. or pirate it from the internet you cheap bastard. :D but it is good. then again, i'm obsessed. *hangs her head in shame* but it IS good. bye, bye.

timbo munkfish | 11/29/2001 06:34:39 PM
   hehe my friend knows all about FTP thingys, he made one and i downloaded his stuff from it :D hehehe it was cool :)

Lucky * | 11/29/2001 04:59:00 PM
   i can delete or edit any single post i wish to.. but for some reason, i can't with Claudia's annoying "blablablabla" post. HMM. on another note, did you see how BEAUTIFUL it was outside? goshness. i think i'm gonna go take a picture of my tree. aren't frozen's tree's just BEAUTIFUL? makes me sing that winter wonderland song. :D however, everything is gonna freeze. i would have preferred a few more days of snowy-ness before the freezing process begins. and it's gonna be all slippery for my cousins wedding.. all the more funnier. :) anyway, if you've looked at the actual page, you'll notice that everything is retarded. yeeah. that's because freeservers decided to be an ass and not let me post pictures from blogspot. JERKS. why does it just not work from the beginning and not just now all at once. BLAH! soo, that means i either have to find another server that will let me post pictures, OR i have to upload everything to freeservers and go from there. BUT, i have to pay $5 a month to have FTP priveleges.. and quite frankly, no.. so now i have to figure out this FTP program. and it's REALLY confusing. maybe i should do my homework. i do have like 17 projects to start.. but, nah. *opens her FTP program* OY mothers.

Wednesday, November 28

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/28/2001 08:32:39 PM
   the "l"s are to take out that long line thing i have accidently created by writting bla bla bla more than 500 times.. anywho...i was going through my mail and then... a cat jumps staight for my face ! the damn thing was clawing to me.. so i pulled it out and kicked it away... now i'm all scratched

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/28/2001 08:13:14 PM

timbo munkfish | 11/28/2001 07:00:25 PM
   ugh, i am meant to be doing my biology homework but i say BAH! to that, ugh this REAL long line thingy is annoying ... it goes offa the screen on the web page, how did one achive such a feet?..
oh well it would seem im in an annoying mood right now, how pants of me, ugh pants just isn't the same in canada, i have to say underwear, and that sounds poo in my phrase "how undrwear of me" sEE it just doesn't work
*sigh* i have not spoken to claudia for AGES..*waves at claudia* hows it hangin eh?...hehe :), i think maybe i shal send random e-mails to people i have not spoken to in AGES
that way i will have another thing todo instead of my biology, ugh i am gonna be up for AGES tonight doing it sme-kjshfda shfo hsof
hehe its my brothers birthday, and i bought him his favourite film(but shh dont tell^_^), and what good one it is 2...california man...OH YES it is such a funny film :)
hehehehe shmucks ... such a good word...ugh where is happy music when i need it.. OH I KNOW what i can get wh00p of pain- jump around
such a good tune *jives like crazy*...crazy hmmmm britney...HMM have not heared anything about her for AGES apart from that slave song thingy which was REAL bad *nods*
hehe i have a new hobby :)...see what i do is approach random people in the street and try to get them to shake my hand, OH so much fun
*tiwddles his imaginary goatie* maybe i should lop my hair off if u know what i mean, i wonder what i would look like with short hair? hehe maybe i can find one of those sites where u can change ur hair style if u upload a picture of urself, that would be muchos cool me thinks, does anyone know of such a we site? hehe do u guys think i should cut ma hair? i dunno, oh well if anyone
has;t seen me and my hair then just ask :) *rawr*
"why dont you all take a ride and turn they key we're driving 60 miles an hour, ill be there for you when, ill stand by ur side ilike i always do, in the dead of night it'll be alright, coz ill be there for you when you want me to"
hehe :) new order :D hehe []D [] []\/[] [] cool is that?, it took me like an hour ro figure out what it said, but WOOOoooooooo its coolmaybe coz it had no spaces like so;[]D[][]\/[][]D
or maybe its coz im a retard *sigh*
*muches on a vitamin tablet* EWwwwwwwwwwww vitamin d tastes horrible!, give me some c n e day of the week...why am i eating vitmins? coz i erm, shh i need my vitamins
oh oh oh, has anyone got any ideas of what to ask for, for crimple (my word for christmas), i have not got asdhaf of what i want for crimple, i had my usual conversation with my mum about it..
Mum: sooo, thought about what you want for christmas yet?
Tim: um nope ... suprise me, get me some erm ne thing :)
Mum: u always do this, just put me on the right track and i might be able to get something you actually want this year
Tim: um ok some chutney
Mum: what?..we've got some chutney of our own, in the kitchen
Tim: WE have got some chutney, not ME, cant i be trusted with my own jar of chutney? HAVE I NO SPOON IN MY HAND , CAN I NOT EAT FROM MY OWN SACRED JAR OF CHUTNEY AND THEN FILL IT UP AGAIN ONCE ITS FINISHED.....from a keg of chutney
Mum: you scare me sometimes tim
Tim: can i get that in writing? , or better than the chutney, i would like a pickled monkey
Mum: fine then ill just go and buy you a barbie doll or something

hehehe how did she know what i wanted :D...hehe that would be funny, i shall have to wait for my barbie now :( *sigh* i was deprived as a child, i never got to play dolls, i was to busy playing the filed hehe i was a toddler []D [] []\/[] []D :), on that note i shall depart.....i really have to get started on my biology....SHHhhh its not 12am here ... buh bye all d-_-b

sabrina dibs | 11/28/2001 04:01:42 PM
   umm ok someone please tell me why everything everyone writes is all in one very very very long line....please! :) umm haha ok so my sisters applying for university right? well, she got her acceptance to concordia but shes still waiting for mcgill to answer her. so anyways, today shes going to concordia to unn enroll? yeah i guess thats the word. so if she gets a no from mcgill shell be there already. anyways, so today i went to get the mail and theres a letter for ms. sandra di benedetto from mcgill and im like okay...and then sandy calls me and i tell her mcgill sent you something and shes all like open it. so im scared cause well..what if its a no cause then ill feel too bad to tell her right? well ok so i open it and...and...its a letter saying they have recieved her application. *sigh* so now i gotta wait another 1000years with a stressed sister waiting for an answer from mcgill. that is my story :)

on another note..i would like to know the actual period during which jennifer and massimo have been together..because yesterday it was about 3days and today it was a while...?!? oh and this kiss..hmm..:) ok ok ill stop it before she gets pissed at me. i gotta do my english obituaries now anyways.

Tuesday, November 27

Lucky * | 11/27/2001 06:18:29 PM
   i'm at my brother's. his bass is right next to me.. plugged into an amp. :D damn. time's like this i wish i knew how to play. aww, there's this picture of Nikki that's soo adorable, it looks like she's winking. hehe.. i think i'll scan it. (along with those other pictures.. yeah, finally.)

Monday, November 26

Lucky * | 11/26/2001 06:37:29 PM
   i was trying to find what Nikki's pure breed would look like, and this is what i found. so little compared to Nikki's fatness. :D it's sort of guinea pig-ish.. which explains why Simon always calls Nikki a rat. :( but, nevertheless.. that doggy is cute, and so is Nikki. :D
ha ha, hoo hoo, thought you'd get the money too, greedy motherfuckers, try to have your cake and eat it too..

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/26/2001 06:07:49 PM
Dee here. I'm bored, i dunno why...and i think my msn isnt working properly because no one is answering me, either that or they're all angry at the small piunni Dee. ANYways...i gott a go do soemthing else, got nothing to right about..BYES!

timbo munkfish | 11/26/2001 01:51:28 PM
   Puddle of mud are party round mine...COME ON OVER :D

Saturday, November 24

Lucky * | 11/24/2001 05:13:21 PM
   funny things make me laugh. it's a little blurry, but you get the idea? haha! those girls we're just too.. white. to happy, to preppy. ugh. i and really, REALLY hope Wade had absolutely NOTHING to do with that choreography! hahahaha.. and what they were wearing REALLY wasn't appropriate for the song, they looked like jean jumpers. LOL! somehow it reminded me of this ballet thing we did.. we were supposed to be a Quebec family, and we were dressed in jumpers and held hands like that and jumped around. haha! this one is for Jennifer. :D
i'm going to eat at my brother's tonight, yay. i get to see the doggies! YAY!

sabrina dibs | 11/24/2001 02:47:20 PM
   i guess im feeling better...but i still have that headache from thursday...ugh, its pounding..but its getting better. anyways, no more fever :) so i went shopping with mommy..omg. never again, seriously. and then i ended up eating week old cold cuts for lunch cause 'i got her mad'. geez...shes all like 'i just spent all that money on you at least you could be nice.' umm..excuse me! but buying your daughter 2sweaters and a book isnt all that it? wow i got clothes and i wanna a bad girl. *sigh* so anyways, i ran away from her for now. and i gotta do a stupid oral ugh. lalala...bye bye :)

Friday, November 23

Lucky * | 11/23/2001 05:24:01 PM
   i have a headache. it pains me. do you know why i have a headache? i was reading lord of the rings in english class. my head really hurts now.
anycrap, (diarrhea to be specific) i have to go shopping for my brother's birthday gift which was yesterday. i'm a great sister. :D
but i'm poor. i suppose i'll just use my guichet thing. but my mommy's gonna be all like, "THAT'S MONEY FOR YOUR FUTURE!" haha, crack. about $32.58 for crack. :D seriously though, i'm slowly getting rich. i used to make 7cents of interest a month.. and it's gone up to 10 cents! that's an extra 1.20 a year! wow. you can buy 4 uncooked cafeteria cookies with that. but anyway, my mommy wants me to get a job. i told her i have to be 16.. but she's like "shhh..". she suggested a coat person at a hall where my cousin works. i screamed. then declined her offer. then, we went to mcdonalds. she just nudged me a little. but i dunno. my sister still has burn marks from the deep fryer. i'm scared. but i'm sick of babysitting. next summer, no way. ugh. damn this work thing.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/23/2001 04:18:32 PM
   arrrg... the fact that i have to delete and re-download msn each time i open my computer is just wrong....and diarhea attack... the hells that...AAAANNNYWAY....down to more serious and mature subjects, I OT A WHOPIE COUSION(no i didnt, but i just thought it looked nice. )
buh byes, nothing else to say

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/23/2001 06:49:26 AM
   omg BE proud of me i changed my email on the contact thingy myself :D:D:D

Thursday, November 22

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/22/2001 08:02:55 PM
I just finished watching the new and 'improved' Planet of the Apes HAHAHAHAHAH im sure he just finished watching planet of the babes but whatever.....

Lucky * | 11/22/2001 05:57:31 PM
   :D clickies!
i expect one all from you all tomorrow. preferably little, so i can hang them up in my locker, kay? gooood.

Lucky * | 11/22/2001 05:14:59 PM
   who was that? but that's MAD funny anyway! :D.. but, betcha it wasn't chronic diarrhea. chronic diarrhea is WAY cooler.
anyhoo, Rosie looked up some words in the dictionary because she's a loser with no life:
boo: (n) A term of endearment, like baby. "I'll be in here, boo" -- Method Man (You're all I need [1994]).
crunk: 1) (adj) Hype, phat. "Tonight is going to be crunk" -- ??.
2) (adv) To get crunk: to have a good time. "Long as everybody get crunk in the drop" -- Lil Bow Wow (Bounce with me [2000]).
sister: (n) Woman of the same group; friend.
(Timm-ah's mah sist-ah. *snap, snap*)

*trys to twiddle her thumbs in opposite directions* DAMNIT.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/22/2001 04:13:44 PM
   heheehe check this out ... i dont feel like making it as a link so just copy and past =] hehe mike is such a dork why i talk to him? i dunno .... its really odd hes nice to me for some reason anywho read this its funny cause me and rosie were talking bout diarea.....

deportivo = champions of CL says:
what were the last questions
.... and if i dont make it know that i loved u all the long .... says:
u had to match pictures with descriptions
deportivo = champions of CL says:
deportivo = champions of CL says:
thx alot
.... and if i dont make it know that i loved u all the long .... says:
np.. lol were u actually sick?
deportivo = champions of CL says:
ya man i had a diarera attack

Wednesday, November 21

sabrina dibs | 11/21/2001 02:34:35 PM
   alright..well im 25% addicted :) yay im normal...anyways, im tired of doing homework!!!!! specially since im sick...yes! im sick :(...*sniff* i went to bed at 6 yesterday...and i couldnt eat anything cause it hurt. and my throat is killing me! my mommy is even gonna come home from work by bus soon so she can stay with me. oh yeah, and im freezing but i dont have a fever so ah well..ill probably have to go to school tomorrow..i dunno. anyways, i gotta do this stupid french thing *sigh*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/21/2001 02:33:18 PM
   OMG! ITS TRUE...but its not my first time online.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/21/2001 02:32:38 PM

I am amazed that I even found this test. This is my first time online, isn't it great, I figured out this AOL-thing! But I don't quite know how to turn the computer off.

Take the INTERNET-ADDICT Test at!

Tuesday, November 20

Lucky * | 11/20/2001 08:49:37 PM
   watch it! Steve is my hero.
anyway, my jeans. my black jeans. she thinks they're blue. they are black. really, really black. what the hell?
(note: sometimes Christopher the crocodile doesn't show up, so hit refresh. :)

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/20/2001 08:36:07 PM
   what jean story?

Lucky * | 11/20/2001 07:20:13 PM
   my mommy said she was gonna take on our principal. it was mad funny. i told her about my jeans story.. now she knows why pearson kids are a bunch of retards. ooh, and it's a tie again. :D

timbo munkfish | 11/20/2001 04:52:23 PM
   *bwhahahaha* i got 61% :)

Monday, November 19

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/19/2001 10:21:53 PM

I am pretty addicted, but there is hope. I think I'm just well connected to the internet and technology, but it's really a start of a drug-like addiction. I must act now! Unplug this computer!

Take the INTERNET-ADDICT Test at! LOL who would have guessed?

Lucky * | 11/19/2001 06:13:25 PM
   how FUCKING nice does this sound? now all i have to do is make a new best friend that lives in the states (except for Alaska and Hawaii), that's over 16 and would be willing to take me. *ponders*

Lucky * | 11/19/2001 04:18:39 PM
I could go either way. Deep into the madness of nights filled with coding CGI-Scripts and online role playing games, or I could become a normal user.

*sigh* you're all bums. unlike you BUMS, i had to go to school and "learn". oh yes. big learning process going on. *smacks her head on her desk* i don't do anything all day! ugh. and principals are color blind. long story. actually, it's pretty short, but eh. and what's with only the french schools going on strike? Rosie is confused.

i also made a new box to your left. (about) wow, that other side is getting so lengthy. aren't you proud?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/19/2001 11:25:30 AM
   je suis a la maison aussi :( but im actually sick AGAIN pauvre jenny *sigh*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/19/2001 10:16:38 AM
Now i'm extreamly scared of your family. Anyhow, i dunno if yous guys are in school today but im not. thats right. i think im gonna try to call jennifer. i was supposed to babysitt matt and meg (neighbours) because of that stupid strike thinggy, but then, as i go out, i see them outside and getting in their fathers car. charlie looks at me and tells me we HAVE school today . so i go back home, tell this to my mom, who tells me to stay home because she doesnt want me to go to school for nothing, judging the tecahers are gonna walk out. I have a feeling that my mpother is afraid of strikes. shes always afraid there gonna go really babdly and get violent and that i would be stuck in the middle of it trying to get home and end up being hurt. to make a long explaination short :P to those who are at school.

Sunday, November 18

Lucky * | 11/18/2001 06:36:45 PM
   i went to my brother's house for the first time by bus. i got off at the wrong stop and had to walk approximately 10 avenues. *hides in shame* no, that's exaggerated. but i had to walk next to that scary cementary. *shudders* anyway, i had an interesting conversation with Domenic and Sabrina. i dunno if i've ever told you, but my brother once gave me a speech about how if he ever caught me doing drugs he'd kick my ass and so forth, because his friend died of an overdose or whatnot. anyway, being his usual retard, he asked me if i had any pot on me.. then went on to say, "nevermind.." and told me that his friends were coming over later. this of course got an eyebrow raise from me. then he went on to explain that some drugs are acceptable, blah, blah. then we went on to Sabrina's father.. FATHER who still does pot and used to be this big druggie. then, i went on to talk about the electric jell-o Antonella made me eat. and i found out that my sister, MY SISTER is this big freggin' booser. (when she's out and such) now tell me.. wouldn't you be really scared at this point? hmm.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/18/2001 03:49:29 PM
   oh ya whos winning in the poll? :P thats right i am bitch... thanx to whoever voted for MOI!!!!

Saturday, November 17

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/17/2001 09:11:49 PM
this dude stole five bux of my tip yesterday. arrg. anyhow, on a happier and simpler note, i have somewhat figured out what i really wanna do with my life. i wanna go study in fashion design and then open up my own bridal shop. ill design my own gowns, both wedding and special occasion gowns. And, if ever things go as planed, ill open up that shop in london ( thats if i have enough money and corage) . if that dont happen, ill just open up my shop here.

Lucky * | 11/17/2001 04:36:16 PM
   Rosie's got the flavor for the POPS! hmm.
poll to your left <------- tie between me, Jennifer and Tim. lol, this is gonna go far.
chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug, chugalug! hehe, commercials rock.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/17/2001 02:17:05 PM
   i miss annoying pop up alert boxes :(

timbo munkfish | 11/17/2001 09:34:31 AM
   ugh, ever since i went to see Muse last week, i cant stop damn listening to them THEY SOUND SO DAMN GOOD LIVE...its just not fair
all i have are normal songs, i should be able to hire them out for free, and stick them in my living room, and make them play :D
hehe dining table moshing :)...... the lost prophets - shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja WHAT A GOOD SONG....o well *sigh* not all of us like that kind of music
me on the other hand likes all kinds of music........xept N'sync ... and atomic kitten GRRRR KILL *stabbing action* hehe now my desk is full of holes
OH OH OH, i downloaded a star wars episode 2 trailer *jives* u know it, looks a bit more mushy than the last one though,,,,however there is a bit of action for u light sabre fans ^_^
i still refuse to see harry potter though, or read the book.......pffff evil storysword in the stone rules over all wizard films, merlin is the dude...kate bush sounds all funy O well, i shall run away and ;eave u all to wake up.... Buh Bye

Friday, November 16

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/16/2001 10:28:36 PM

You must be so psyched that the natural look is totally in style right now. 'Cause even when it's not, au natural is your modus operandi. You're just a very chill, go-with-the-flow kinda person. You tend to focus on the important things -- your friends, your family -- and let all the little stuff fall by the wayside. You're way more likely to spend Saturday night hangin' with your crew in someone's basement than you are to hit some big, crazed bash. But just 'cause you're not a total party person doesn't mean you aren't mad social. You've got tons of friends, and love to meet new guys. In fact, you're likely to have a new crush practically every month! You're a totally cool person to hang with -- we sure dig ya!


Talk about deep: You've got more depth of flavor than a Super Deluxe Slow Roasted French Bean. You love nothing more than sitting around and "discussing" a topic at length, exploring all the ins and outs of a situation, especially all the emotions involved. In fact, you've been known to stay up all night long doing just that. Listening is one of your favorite things to do -- when friends need a hand figuring things out, they come your way.
Fred Durst
Woo-hoo! Yep, if there's a party in the 'hood, you know where it is. In fact, wild child that you are, you're probably throwing it. You're super-charismatic, cocky, and never, ever let things get in the way of your good time ¬Ė even if it means getting in a little trouble. Like Fred, you have a taste for all things extreme, and live for your quality time with Bruce Lee, Lara Croft, and whomever you're mackin' this week. But (and you knew there was gonna be a but) all that bravado can get annoying. Sometimes you try so hard to be the coolest, the down-est, the most hardcore thing out there, you come off as a bit of a poseur. So stop trying so hard and stay true to you. Maybe then your crew will stop humming "Ice, Ice, Baby" all the time.


Talk about intense. You take everything to a whole other level. You're a passionate person, and you search for ways to channel that passion, be it beating the crap out of a drum kit or kickboxing some poor, helpless sucker to the mat. Like blink-182's Travis Barker and Korn's David Silveria, everything you do, you go all out. There is no such thing as half measures or letting things go. That's why drumming is for you -- the more driven and enthusiastic you are, the better you are at it. It's all about full-on, bang-'em-up action, rock star style!

Lucky * | 11/16/2001 05:54:41 PM
Fiona Apple
when Rosie is bored, quizzes are in.

Lucky * | 11/16/2001 05:16:32 PM

Lucky * | 11/16/2001 05:09:22 PM
   that movie was bloody brilliant! hehe. it ends up that they weren't reserving tickets so we got in easily. they skipped out on someparts, but the movie was 2 hours and a half.. so it makes sense i suppose. lacked some acting skills.. but so does star wars, and hey. star wars is the shit. yep, yep, yep. Sabrina, you should have came! but however, i did want to see Santa today and i'm dissapointed. but there's always next week, right? hmm. i wanna go see it again. any takers?

sabrina dibs | 11/16/2001 10:46:18 AM
   ok so i finally took that stupid test...oh god! ok im gonna have sex with 2 people. the first at 16 in a hotel room...right. theyll be guys :) and im gonna love one of them. but umm...i have a 71% chance of dying durring sex! what the hell? *sigh* i dont believe these things

Thursday, November 15

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/15/2001 11:15:35 PM
   SHUT UP BITCH i dont like nsync

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/15/2001 11:15:11 PM
   i have the one before also....

Lucky * | 11/15/2001 09:16:37 PM
   well, genious as i am, i figured out why my internet kept screwing up. yes, the cable fell off. shut up, damn you. CURSES. anyway, i have to tell you all about my big, evil plot for christmas. but it's a secret, so no posting here. and you're gonna wonder, "is she a retard? why does she wanna keep it a secret." well, BECAUSE! secrets are cool. and "it" will be cooler if it's a secret. you'll see! *mwahaha* no cool things for Rosie to post. *sobs* i did practice my 'o canada' though. and got all into it and accidentaly hit my mommy in the face. now i feel bad. *tear* haha. Britney sold 700,000 albums her first week. haha. how pitiful. if you're wondering what the record is, that's 2.4 million from my boys, incase you're wondering. you know. but Jennifer knows, right? yes. Jennifer is a fan. JENNIFER OWNS AN NSYNC CD! *mwahahaha* wait, 2 NSYNC CD'S! yes, you soooooo have 'no strings attached' and i know it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Wednesday, November 14

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/14/2001 07:53:56 PM
   i will have sex at 16 with 3 ppl. fun fun fun aint it ? and i will find love in one of them. arrrrg

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/14/2001 07:42:27 PM
   OMG! i was just going around in my sisters room doing my 'moonwalk' when all of a sudden, I GOT IT RIGHT! well, somewhat right. MY SISTER told me it was goos and shes the strictest jury of all. i shall show you demain. buh byues


Tuesday, November 13

Lucky * | 11/13/2001 10:01:06 PM
   53% slut? what the hell? i'm sluttier than the average. *sobs*
FACT: 65,728 women agreed with you, and chose "Justin Timberlake" as the best sex option of all time. (damn straight)

27% bitch! which is lower than the worldwide average 38%

Lucky * | 11/13/2001 04:38:53 PM
   oh my goshness.. have you guys ever watched the angry beavers? it's the cutest show! (ytv, 3:00 est) oh, Rosie is bored. go to and play polar rescue, and tell me how to defeat the polar bear. kay's? oh, this can't be good. everytime i cough and sneeze my ribs hurts, where they hurt when i got into my car incident. *grumble*

Lucky * | 11/13/2001 11:56:04 AM
   *cough, cough* spitting out mucus is fun. :D so what are my fine feathered friends up to at school today? tra la la. i watched the Return of Jafar today. can we say bored?
see how much you're worth i'm worth exactly: $1,686,930.00. weee..
so, i'd like to hear all about the open house.. altough, i don't understand why you guys are going.. well, why Jennifer is going. and everyone else who got bitched at. why not sabotage the whole thing? hehe. Jennifer is gonna probably do that anyway. anyway, excuse me while i run to the sink and spit out some more boogers. :) later.

Monday, November 12

timbo munkfish | 11/12/2001 06:49:45 PM
   16 for me 2...and with 13 people in my life :P....and O...what i found most interesting was, i hav a 44% chance of dying during sex, HMMMMMM
welp, i am 16 so :P. and LA LA LA to all

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/12/2001 04:48:44 PM
   i get to have sex at the age of 16 so ha! to rosie ... hmmmmm thats in like less then a year.... i wonder who the lucky person will be. hehe claudia and her french songs are starting to piss me off

Sunday, November 11

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/11/2001 08:49:21 PM
   I have an undinyalble love for my nations music [ i know , i know..pathetic. ] nation you may ask ? i do to. MY FINGERS WROTE IT ! I DIDNT! anyhow, buh bye.


$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/11/2001 06:59:18 PM
   yup yup, t'is a fact, i am scared of rosies sibblings, and sibblings in law. HER BROTHER ALMOST KICKED ME OUT OF THE CAR. i know it was a joke but it was still very scary cause he actually pulled over [on hernry bourassa, may i add] . then, her sister inlaw kept on staring at me the whole time. IN other news, i made myself a purse, and a dress. the dress is screwed up though because i accidentally cut a part that i wasnt supposed to, but, it can magically be fixed, and it will have to be worn with a jacket over it because it is a lil oddly done. My dog is sleeping now. arrg. WHERE IS SHE WHEN I NEED HER. this is my list of things guys should not wear, on ANY occasion:.
(1) pyjamas [even if theyre made of an exquisite cotton or cotton blend]. Guys should sleep topless in all cases and ARE alloud to wear a pyjama BOTTOM or boxer shorts .
(2) Thongs . [ its is morally wrong for guys to wear thongs. forst of all, it aint sexy, and im sure it aint to comfy for willy-bob
(3) tights. [Imean really, isnt explaining t ppl that your are homosexuall EASIER and more COMFY then wearing those ? ]
(4) SLIPPERS [ its very ugly and old man ish and unactracted.If your a guy, never go down on a girl wearing them. youll get rejected unless the gal is drunk, a lesibian, or your mom]
(5) lipgloss [ no, no and a last thing NO ]
(6) a bra-strap [ i mean really, have you ever seen a straight guy wearing that ? NO. all of em who wear those have a lil gayness in em. and theres even a pic of a GAL wearing those on the tag. not a guy, a gal.
AND FINALLY , (7) anything that is made of lycra, spandex of latex ( not counting condoms) should never, in any circumstances, be worn or even be though of wearing.

Lucky * | 11/11/2001 06:24:22 PM's sex test
Congrats! In your life, you'll have sex with 10 people!
And you'll first have sex at age 20, in your own bed.

The info on your 10 future sex partner(s):
0 of them will be female
10 of them will be male
And you will actually love 2 of them!
Also, many women actually find you attractive.

20? how dissapointing. many women actually find me attractive, eh? hmm..

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/11/2001 12:17:08 PM
   AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA the friend finds sabrina cute HAHAHAHHAHAHA i cant take it anymore funnyness ...... LOL ok bye bye im bored

Saturday, November 10

sabrina dibs | 11/10/2001 04:27:37 PM
   yup yup..i agress totally with rosie! no more excursions with jennifer. *sigh* i mean really...within the first 5min of meeting someone..if they pull out a knife and start doing stuff with it..whoa!!!1 geez go away..and then his friend was really wierd too...'in school im normal cause i have to study' ??? hahaha...ahhhh

Friday, November 9

Lucky * | 11/9/2001 10:09:30 PM
   my goodness. that was THE scariest experience of my life. remind me never to go on excursions with Jennifer again. on a happier note, i got new socks.. yay! and to Claudia, i gave you a freggin' address of where to go, and what they were called.. if you can't figure it out than it's hopeless and get off the computer, aiight?

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/9/2001 09:53:30 PM

timbo munkfish | 11/9/2001 09:11:26 PM
   hehehe,,,,try viewing page source and then looking for the word ALERT,,,,hehehe worked for me...but O well,,get msn working :D

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/9/2001 04:38:35 PM
   SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO MAKE AN ALERT BOX! I REALLY DO WANNA KNOW HOW BUT YOUS GUYS ARNT HELPING THE SITUATION. i would stop busting if you guys would just tell me how to. I mean really, all you gotta do is tell me where to go and such. P-L-E-A-S-E!
thank you for understanding, and if you dont,

Thursday, November 8

Lucky * | 11/8/2001 06:31:34 PM
   Jenny, i would have scanned your pics.. but unfortunately there's no space on the powerbar to plug in my brother's scanner. i'll figure that one out later. ugh. Jackie's gone insane barking at something. npogftdfgbmk. hehe, she got pissed at me before 'cause i put mashed potatos on her nose and she couldn't eat it. *BWAHAHAHA* heh.

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/8/2001 05:59:24 PM
   i deleted claudias evil posts HAHA she still doesnt know how to make the alert boxes . je suis bored au revoir!!!!

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/8/2001 05:04:15 PM
   did my thinggys work yet ?
somebody please mail me and tell me the secrets of how to do a alert box. im desperate and msn less.
thank you for you times, and may i add, whoever helps me gets something(s) in return *wink wink*

Lucky * | 11/8/2001 04:22:10 PM
   *sigh* Claudia.. try it on your own blog, please :)
Jenny, i'm sorry. Timmy, i'm dissappointed in you.
don't make me put the music back up biatches. :D
Sabrina, i'll change your picture soon.
i'm going to my brother's house.. later.

how can i forget.. ONE MONTH 'TIL MY BIRTHDAY!

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/8/2001 04:17:13 PM

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/8/2001 04:12:08 PM
i feel so s[ecial
im done with part one of my javascript totorials...

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/8/2001 03:54:14 PM

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/8/2001 08:29:12 AM
   ahahaha U BITCH. hmmmm im gonna be majorly late for school .... oh well my mom woke me up like 5 minutes ago ..... and im trying to miss all of clemente cause i really hate him :) hehe au revoir

Wednesday, November 7

Lucky * | 11/7/2001 10:00:06 PM
lol, she's proved herself.. and is part of the team. Stephanie, for now i put you as "Twiggy", the lovable pet hamster and pokey-oaks kindergarden, but i'll change it if you want. (no Sabrina, you're staying the mayor! *mwahahahahaha*) i'm so evil today, what the hell. also, those bio's are coming along nicely. you may view them by clicking on the names that way..
sorry to Stephanie that has to see us in mid-battle.. but bring it on bee-atch's!

Wannabe Dorkette | 11/7/2001 09:28:57 PM
   hello my name is stephanie iam ten im going to right happy to be a super dork........BYE

timbo munkfish | 11/7/2001 06:36:35 PM
   Power of timmAH
*BWHAHAHAHA* my music rules over rosie's :)

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/7/2001 06:18:40 PM

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/7/2001 06:15:54 PM
   omg! who put those lil messages ? i got so scared. i thought i got stoned by fumes.. for those of you who've set foot in my house b4, you know what i alk of. Anyhow, those things were cute. Lets get opn with buisness. I SAW NIKS PIC IN THE PAPER! hise head is really small and you really have got to look for it but i found it after some tries [like twenty but whatev] okay, i have to look for erics face, .. that could take a while. DAWSON'S FATHER IS DEAD! i still cant get over that, im sorry but i just cant. its an impossibility for any fan of 'dawsons creek' to get over a tradgedy of this unexpected sort. wel, im bored... how do you do those lil messages timbo ?

timbo munkfish | 11/7/2001 05:56:17 PM
   Welcome jenny's lil sis ^_^...but, do u like CHEESE?

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/7/2001 05:03:05 PM
   Hey =] hehe we have a new member .. be nice to her .... shes my lil sister :) Why did we add her ..? LOL its cause shes really cool .. i went to harvey's with her and she told me that me and my super dork friends were really cool ..... and then shes like whats it take to be a super dork and she bumped into this pole purposly and looked at me and said now can i be a super dork and i was like no not yet... so while we were crossing the street she was screaming SUPER DORKS ... and telling ppl they were un cool cause theyd never be super dorks. So HAHA now shes a SUPER DORK!!!! go her .. hehe oh and no need to watch what u post shell never be posting alone . Ill always be next to her and she doenst know her password .. bye bye now

Tuesday, November 6

Lucky * | 11/6/2001 07:21:23 PM

anyway, today Sabrina (not the little Sabrina) and Vanessa were both looking through my agenda and they stumbled across a picture of Wade. and they say, "holy shit, that guy is hot!" i tell them who he is.. and Sabrina says, "screw nsync, HE should be on stage!" *mwahaha*

okay, Rosie is done. laters

[hit 'esc' to get rid of the music. it's 'tearing up my heart', by the way.. :)]

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/6/2001 07:18:17 PM
   hehe what i did was so pretty. My whole family is at the moslon center .... well not everyone just my dad mom bro and uncle but seriously its like
WTF! ! !!!!

they payed 150$ per ticket such a fucking waist of money .. anywho GO AVALANCHES!!!!! (is it spelt like that?) whateva bye bitches

Goddess Of The Dorks | 11/6/2001 07:15:43 PM

sabrina dibs | 11/6/2001 07:03:28 PM
   :( my mommy and daddy went to see this ital-australian comedian guy on sunday...and *sniiiiff* they brought home his cd thing......and im listening to it now...and its really funny but thats besides the point...he sounds soooo australian :( *sniff* I WANNA GO THERE!!!!!!!!!! :(

timbo munkfish | 11/6/2001 06:52:53 PM

timbo munkfish | 11/6/2001 06:24:04 PM
   hehehe i turned the whole page blue :D
hehehe i turned the whole page blue :D

timbo munkfish | 11/6/2001 06:20:46 PM

timbo munkfish | 11/6/2001 06:14:21 PM
   hehe my excuse for staying home yesterday SOOO beats jenny's
yes thats right, i stayed home coz i lost my trousers (pants for u guys) HAHA


MUNKEH...i can write in pretty colours :)

Lucky * | 11/6/2001 05:20:17 PM
   claudia, are you wondering how to write like this? or like this? or maybe like this? hmm.. should i help?
nah! hehe. i'm mean.. all you people are gonna start fucking with the colors and piss me off...

jerks. :)

jennifer . | 11/6/2001 09:12:02 AM
   can we start putting titles for our posts? cause claudias should be called im trying to piss off jenn and its working .. anywho


to all u retards that are in school!!!! id show Claudia how to change the colour but i dont feel like it so someone else can ... hmm oh ya wanna know why i aint in school? ..... its cause im ugly


seriously my allergies started last night and i look like our prime minister and i wake up and only my bros home and he said i was ugly and


he made fun of me soooo i called my mommy and shes like is it that bad ? and im like well if patrick realised it so will everyone else and shes like ya true SO I GET TO STAY HOME CAUSE IM UGLY


Monday, November 5

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/5/2001 09:08:58 PM
   how do you write in color on this site ? may i know

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/5/2001 09:08:18 PM
   hello. this is claudia and christina here ! *waves* . i am still having difficulties with my msn but itll turn up soon. anyhow, all i have to say is that i finally got the visine... AND IT WORKS! YAY! anywho, buh bye, ally's on. * waves*


sabrina dibs | 11/5/2001 06:29:42 PM
   *CLAP CLAP* yay i got sattelite! and you dont!!!!!!!1 hahaha but right now my mommys sleeping on the sofa so i cant disturb her. damnit. ah well. i still got it. :) yay. im happy...

Lucky * | 11/5/2001 04:40:37 PM
   things that make you go 'hmm'..
i have a railing, YAY ROSIE! now i can't use the 'uranus martians stole them and did the no-no with them in their bum-bum' excuse. damn.

jennifer . | 11/5/2001 04:22:42 PM

i think ill talk like this from now on so that i stand out from everyone .. ill change the color of the font every day though or once a week depending on how i feel .. rosies probably gonna find something that stands out more then this to piss me off but whatever if she does ill just start having naked pics of myself as a back ground to my posts .. ack! thats probably just gonna scare ppl away oh well bye bye les amis xoxox

jennifer . | 11/5/2001 04:20:17 PM
   YAY it looks better the second time but i actually remembered how to do that stuff

im such a big girl

LOL not really but this is fun

jennifer . | 11/5/2001 04:18:48 PM
   its got to be 2003 :) id make 2003 really big but that would involve me remembering how and i dont feel like it soooooo ya .... im with claudia i wanna go on strike cause i WANT homework thats right folks im insane in the membrane HAHAHA Johanne says main brain LOL yes i find that funny u got a problem with that eh? well bite me! yes i enjoy getting bitten DONT ASK .. [yes i am high on crack] that is all for now .. ok no it isnt I BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF ROSIE WHEN IT COMES TO BLOWING hmm i think this is worth some thinking .. is it? hmm let me think .. hhehe its a pun get it? LOL i enjoy laughing at my stupidity's.....


hmm is that the right html code stuff? i ponder i shall try more things cause that was probably wrong

um i kick ass at blowing and rosie doesnt?

hehe i wonder if this will work i totally dont remember what im suppose to put but oh well cest la vie

Sunday, November 4

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/4/2001 09:58:00 PM
   I AM 25% GEEK.

I wanna be a geek. But I'm not. Why would
I even want to be one. Do I think it's fun?
I should try writting an online test application at 1
am in my underwear.

Take the GEEK Test at!

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/4/2001 09:49:08 PM
   im 33% raver.. thats sad
i dont like it one bit. it scares the crap outta me. aerrg

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/4/2001 09:48:42 PM
   what 8s this ?

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 11/4/2001 09:40:18 PM
   hello there felow friends, my msn still isnt working but now it gives me a luil message explaining its abnormal behavior.ahh well. tomrow shall be a swell day. we shall be watching movies about how john travolta met olivia newton-john in grease. lovely. WELL IM NOT GONNA SUFFER THAT HORRIFIC ORDEAL! I HAD IT WITH THOSE TEACHERS ONLY WANTING TO TEACH US FOR THE MONEY ! dont they care about us at all. i mean, 99.9% of our future DOES lie in their filthy hands. maybe mr. lorigiano was right, WERE ALL GONNA WORK IN A CHINESE DEPANEUR! well, i wont let that get to me. I am going to fight this monstrous strikle, whose with me ? LETS HAVE A STRIKE ABOUT THE STRIKE! LETS SCREAM OUT IN OUR STREETS THAT WE WANT TO LEARN AND THAT WE DO NOT WANT TO BE LOCKED IN THE FIRING PRISONS FOR CLASSROOMS ALL THROUGH BOTH JUNE AND JULY! WE WANT TO LEARN! WE WANT TO PASS IN 2003 ! it DOES have to be in 2003 !
that is all, have a great lunch.

jennifer . | 11/4/2001 06:34:54 PM
   haha my parents were somewhat normal :):):)

Lucky * | 11/4/2001 02:07:16 PM
   hhahaha.. and i just see Jennifer's father running around the house screaming, "GERANAMOOOO!" *falls on the floor*

Lucky * | 11/4/2001 02:04:19 PM
   this is the kind of love i get from my siblings. *cries* lovely isn't it?
and it only took 5 tries for you people to meet? sheesh. i just see Jennifer giving him a tour. "...and this is the table Claudia burnt down, and this my chocolate dildo..." hehe. i'll never let that chocolate dildo thing slide. *bwahaha* why is he going to your house anyway? i just don't understand.

jennifer . | 11/4/2001 01:18:20 PM
   YAY Massimo's comming here AHHHHHH help? i think? well hes met claudia .. my parents shouldnt be that bad right?

Saturday, November 3

jennifer . | 11/3/2001 07:00:58 PM
   I AM 12% PUNK.

It's not a fashion craze, or even a cool thing
to do. I should just swallow it, get Lost, and take my friends
with me.

Take the PUNK/POSER Test at!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats claudias score Heheh BTW i saw Massimo <3 <3 <3

jennifer . | 11/3/2001 11:40:55 AM
   I AM 34% GEEK.

I probably work in computers, or a history
deptartment at a college. I never really
fit in with the "normal" crowd. But I have
friends, and this is a good thing.

Take the GEEK Test at!

hehehe im more geek then rosie YAY!!!!! go me ..

I AM 35% PUNK.

Well, I may know what punk is, but... Okay
maybe some people think I am punk, but is
that enough? Nope.

Take the PUNK/POSER Test at!

awwww this mass0r sux im somewhat a poser LOL hehe koolness

I am 54% Raver.

I may not be freaky like those Candy Kids, but I do know how to party. I am well connected in the scene, but may be getting a little tired of it.

Take the RAVER Test at!

haha im gonna start raving GO ME!!!!

I AM 58% GOTH.

Oh My Goth! You Goth, Girl. There is a
good chance I am bi. Freakiness pumps
through my viens, but I can still laugh
at myself.

Take the GOTH Test at!


no more tests for jenny BYE BYE

Lucky * | 11/3/2001 11:15:03 AM
   *makes a funny looking face*
my bruise is turning yellow and green. purple and blue bruises are SO much cooler. anyway, TODAY IS NIKKI'S FIRST BIRTHDAY! *claps her hands* did you buy her a present yet damnit?

Friday, November 2

timbo munkfish | 11/2/2001 06:47:47 PM

Lucky * | 11/2/2001 06:35:39 PM
   for Timmy.. :)

yes, that was very bad and distasteful. *hangs her head in shame* but it's the thought that counts, right? *cheesy grin* so have a happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!

Thursday, November 1

Lucky * | 11/1/2001 06:19:33 PM
   this one is for Claudia.. :)

Lucky * | 11/1/2001 06:17:11 PM
   I AM 25% GEEK.

I wanna be a geek. But I'm not. Why would
I even want to be one. Do I think it's fun?
I should try writting an online test application at 1
am in my underwear.

Take the GEEK Test at!

Lucky * | 11/1/2001 06:11:16 PM
   hehe. funny things are funny.

jennifer . | 11/1/2001 04:14:30 PM
   BEATRICE IS SOOOO A GIRL ... ok see i have a family of skunks living in my yard and i named the mom Beatrice cause theres a mommy and 2 kids but sabrina says the daddy won custody of the kids but since i named it Beatrice its a girl even if its a guy cause if a guy would be called Sabrina then it would be a girl .... SHHHHH!!!!!! my logic works I <3 Massimo

sabrina dibs | 11/1/2001 04:03:28 PM
   ahhh..rosie how are you????? haha...sorry but it was actually kinda funny this morning. :) hmmm ok well i got nothing else to say..oh! beatrice is a guy :)

Lucky * | 11/1/2001 01:46:42 PM
   Tim, i somehow have to agree with that joke of yours. a CERTAIN woman this morning, DOES NOT know how to DRIVE! my poor tummy. getting hit by a car MAY sound cool, but it's really not. *hmph*