Wednesday, October 31

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/31/2001 08:34:34 PM
   tim... id did not appreaciate that joke... no, its funny... anyhow, it is true that i have set a fire in jennifers house.. for the second time in my life time. I should feel somewhat speacial because 99.9 of the worlds population will never get to set jennifers house on fire.. but whatever. i feel really guilty. anyhow, my msn aint working and i want it to work because i bored. i gotta go now, buh bye.

jennifer . | 10/31/2001 07:31:38 PM
   OMG claudia set the thing u put dishes in at my house in the dinning room on fire FUCK!!!!!! and its true it aint a lie u can ask her

timbo munkfish | 10/31/2001 04:56:09 PM
   ehehehe, all being women/girls or whatever, u might not appreciate this joke, but ITS PURE GENIUS:
scientists have proven beer has the female hormone. they tested 6 men with 12 pints each and found they spoke a load of nonsense and couldnt drive for shit
*rolls around on the floor roaring with laughter*
enuff of that
off to watch snatch :)

Tuesday, October 30

timbo munkfish | 10/30/2001 07:16:34 PM
   ICQ IS THE SOURCE OF ALL makes that funky typing sound when u type messages tho.....but when u press enter it does not send ur message, and AHHH u have to use the mouse each time, what a nightmare!!
oh yes, and this new msn is scary, but the new smileys were trying to kill me @ first, but now, i think i LURVE them ;p
*mwhahhaa* its HALLOWEEN, and it has been for 12 mins :)
but, its being evil, and apparently its not send mi messages :(

Monday, October 29

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/29/2001 07:45:30 PM
   alrighty then... msn messenger refuses to work...
how nice...
anyhow, im thinking of downloading icq...iut would be fubn.. hardy har buh bye

Lucky * | 10/29/2001 05:02:36 PM
i am somehow reminded of mallrats. anyCRAP, that's Justin to your far left and Chris in that red ghetto outfit.
ON THE LiNE rocked my arse. cheesy nsync movies are the shit.

sabrina dibs | 10/29/2001 04:02:09 PM
   IM GETTING A SATTELITE!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! AHHH im happy :)...ok, umm what are you people planning to do to meeeeeeeeee? ahhhh. im scared! i know its either nicholas or gaetano. i figure its gaetano now cause of what happened at lunch but what does nicholas have to do with it all? cause friday was wierd. i dont care what anyone says, its wierd! ok? ok. :( *sniff* see...i LOOOOVE surprises...but only if they are actual surprises. not like this. knowing somethings comming but not knowing what is icky. i dont like it. i hate it!!!!!! ahhhhh im not a patient person. *sigh* so just teeeel meee! PLEASE :) ok ok fine. nevermind. but it better be good. hmm what else? oh..i got 60% in chemistry! aint i smart? :) haha...ahhhhh i suck! if my dad finds that out im dead. ah. maybe no sattelite! no no..its already bought but he can do something else maybe. ah. ok, thats it i guess....ah why arent people here when you need them?

Sunday, October 28

Lucky * | 10/28/2001 06:11:57 PM
   feel pity for me. why isn't my movie playing anywhere? eh, EH? jerks. i'm hibernating until i see my movie. *hmph* in other news, i STILL don't know what to be for halloween.. so somebody, HELP. unless.. *mischevious smile* Claudia drops her Tinkerbell thing, and we go as the powerpuff girls? *smiles* whatever. this new msn is pissing me off. *rawr*

Friday, October 26

timbo munkfish | 10/26/2001 07:16:51 PM
   DANGEROUS *micheal jackson pose*
wooooooooooooooooooooo you rock my world u know u do......damnit
its micheal jackson.....SO WHY DO I KEEP SINGING IT?!?!........OW :) hehehehe
u guys r lucky, canadian accents r cool, i have been told i dont have an accent.......its PLAIN BORING OL TIMMAH
oh welp, i am off to get ye olde drink from ye olde kitchen.....hehe i been watching asteix and obelix all day
DOGMATIX IS THE BEST!!!!!!!.......o welp, buh bye :D

Thursday, October 25

jennifer . | 10/25/2001 10:53:13 PM
   hmph some eleven year old lookin kid keeps sending me pics of what he calls his penis .... save me

jennifer . | 10/25/2001 04:47:49 PM
   OMG shes all happy bout getting 34/40? when i get 95 in science 436 :) hehe just kidding i love u sab *kisses*

Tuesday, October 23

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/23/2001 04:25:17 PM

sabrina dibs | 10/23/2001 04:24:08 PM
   im acting bitchy? huh? explain. someone. pleeeease. :) haha...yay i got 34/40 in my chemistry test! umm....well thats all...:)

Monday, October 22

jennifer . | 10/22/2001 08:43:48 PM
   ok sabrina's acting bitchy tonight.. whatever i dont care anymore anywho claudia ur a dork u aint suppose to come on this site at school ... we can actually be suspended for the shit we write but whatever me no cares me name aint even JENNIFER thats right im an imposter AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hehe i <3 massimo :) hmph i was talking to him on the phone b4 my moms long lost cousin got here but whatevers bye bye they're all downstairs now *sigh*

sabrina dibs | 10/22/2001 04:01:29 PM
   uh..isnt the school librarian a girl? hmm...i got nothing to say. im just bored :)

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/22/2001 02:06:28 PM
   change of topic...please... anyways, im at the school library...ick. Im surprisedwe can even go on this damn site. not that this site sux, i like it alot but i cant stand that thses ugly computers are only to be used for educational perpouses. as if. anyhow...whatever
.dots are cool. hahaha...anyways, the reason i put the dots is because the librairian was in back of me and i couldnt write anything.
hes here again.
i hate him. i really do.anyhow, im gonna go cuz thebell is gonna ring in like five minutes and whatever...buh bye yall;)

Sunday, October 21

sabrina dibs | 10/21/2001 06:21:56 PM
   HAHA ok i agree with rosie. and umm...not to be pushy about it but.......if they were at mcdonalds AT THE SAME TIME AS US why didnt they come and say hi????? huh? cause his friend knew who we were. so whatever. im done feeling sorry for jennifer. i felt like it was kinda my fault yesterday but today i know it wasnt at all. anyways, next time, no one ask me to go with them to meet anyone....thank you. :)

Saturday, October 20

Lucky * | 10/20/2001 10:34:55 PM
   you people are all morons. seeing as after the first meeting was retarded set it up, like this. meeting place. like, EXACT place. time limitations, what you will be wearing, how many people will be there, bring a goddamn cell phone AND wear one of those REALLY COOL stickers that says "hello, my name is..." BECAUSE THOSE STICKERS RAWK. "hello, my name is Rosie!" WEEEE! oh. and wear a condom on your head. that should make you easy to spot in a crowd. OH! and stick a coke bottle up your ass. yep, yep. that should do it.

jennifer . | 10/20/2001 05:53:31 PM
   ok well first of all claudias like at least an hour late most of the time and second of all thats not why i believed him he called my house like 5 times and well if i would have been a lil intelegent i would have called my house and asked if he called but im dumb ... and he was at mcdonald at the same time as us :( and its not a lie cause he told me b4 i told him but whatever his friends a dumbass ... and maybe he thought we were going to berri uqam since we went on the metro but whatever next time im meeting him alone or hes comming to meet me at my house .....

sabrina dibs | 10/20/2001 05:44:12 PM
   AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! i refuse to go anywhere to meet another one of jennifers people. ever. ahhhh what a wasted day. seriously. so..heres the story. we get to raddison at like 12:10 and stay til 12:45...thats a reasonable amount of time to stay to wait for someone right????? YES! so we went to mcgill...then jenny calls massimos mom and she says hes at raddison. so...we went back there and they werent we went to place versailles for mcdonalds. then we called again and his bro said he was still there. so we went back to the metro..and he wasnt there! ahh so....we went back to micgill cause it was too early to go home. but then we decided to go back home...but we missed berri so we got off again at raddison. then we took the 44 to galerie danjou...and i got my princess tiara and wand! :) yay. then we took the 44 home..but i got off a stop too early and i had to take the 43 and then the 49 ah. and then i get home and no ones here. and then jennifer comes online and tells me that apperently the guy we saw at raddison was his friend and massimo showed up like 5min after we left. and then....this is the best part. they went searching for us at berri! WHY WOULD WE BE AT BERRI?????? well! apparently...his friend told him that WE told him we were going to berri. now. lemme ask this...if we TALKED to him why didnt he tell us to stay. and on top of that....JENNIFER IS BUYING THIS STORY! what???? yeah..she said it like it was a fact. uh...we never talked to the guy. i dont wanna be mean or anything but..oh nevermind. i do feel bad about leaving the first time but excuse me. do you ever see me late? NO. ok so you say thats just the type of person i am. right? WRONG. rosies always late...but not that late! an hour is a little much doncha think? ahhhhhhhh whatever. forget i said anything. bye

Lucky * | 10/20/2001 04:03:24 PM
   nakie pictures.. weeoo! erm, i have to see if the scanner is set up yet. i think so.. anyway, my mother threw out my banana peel. i'm SO pissed. see, the other night Simon told me about his Madagascar friend. he says that back in his country they used to dry banana peels, chop it up and then smoke it. and my mommy threw my banana peel out. now i have to start ALL over again. *sigh* lol, i have a be-dazzle funtacked on my lip. it's jerkin'. why you ask? i was bored yesterday and was practicing my make-up (and fake piercings) for my role as Sahphyren. (Jennifer's adopted, russian, 17-year old sister, that sits in a corner, rocks back and forth, and shouts obsenities to anyone who comes near.) i performed a little for my mommy and sister and they were muy pleased. then i got to tattoo Simon with "Susanne" on his arm. *mwahahaha* lol, this is what happens when your modem busts out on you. but it's all good now. i'm SO wearing my be-dazzle to school. i'm so cool with it on. maybe that will make me popular! *giggles* maybe then i'll have a chance with fat-Nick. yes! *looks around*

Friday, October 19

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/19/2001 10:50:59 PM

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/19/2001 10:50:34 PM

jennifer . | 10/19/2001 08:44:30 PM
   M ALIVE ... she didnt look at the pics hehe some of them are cool some of em suck ack! shes comming down bye bye

jennifer . | 10/19/2001 08:18:02 PM
   i am so dead when my mom gets home... she pulled a fit and decided she wanted to get the pics back from the pharmacy tonight which isnt good cause all the ticket things were mixed and well we all know what kinda pics i took on there so ya my moms gonna see me partialy naked ... i wonder what shes gonna think! fuck im a dumbass she better let me go with massimo tomorrow though or else i seriously fucking kill her ... on the other hand rosie u ready to do some major scanning ?

Thursday, October 18

Lucky * | 10/18/2001 09:43:21 PM
   i've decided to put this up since we may never, ever see such a sight again..

isn't it beautiful? *tear*
*busts out her Canadiens jersey and stick* GO HABS GO! GO HABS GO! waaaa..

Wednesday, October 17

Lucky * | 10/17/2001 06:02:18 PM
   it's safe to say that that was the FUNNIEST afternoon of my life! i'm still in tears. ack.. you LLAMA! hahahahahahahaha.. *sigh*

Sunday, October 14

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/14/2001 08:24:13 PM
   yo hello ello hello ello hello elloe
i got 25 cents tip yesterday. thats all i gotta say.

timbo munkfish | 10/14/2001 05:28:48 PM
   what kinda of a job.........visiting it :P

sabrina dibs | 10/14/2001 02:59:38 PM
   yesterday my aunt and uncle and nonna came over and my mommy was taking down a dish of some sort and it all went flying and broke..and a piece of glass cut her nose. and then it wouldnt stop bleeding so she put a band aid on. so imagine my mommy with a band aid at the tip of her nose hahahah. anyways, then my aunt is like, i go to tai chi classes. and so my moms like..ok show us some of it. so she gets up and starts doing it and i start laughing! omg i couldnt stop. and then my nonna gets up and tries to follow her. hahahaha it was sooo funny. and then my mommy started with the 'ma, you should sell your house and come live with us'. NOOOOOOOOOOO. ah *fiuf* she said no. she cant leave her friends. anyways that was my saterday night...interesting huh? :)

jennifer . | 10/14/2001 02:02:07 PM
   OMG i got offered a job on this new music website thing so HA! to you :P

timbo munkfish | 10/14/2001 11:27:34 AM
   HELLO now posted in like MILLION BILLION years, so here i am again, boring u all to death, ceen as one of u have poisted in a few days either, so y not KICK IT off.............I AM 16 in like 3 weeks...YEAH *jives* so many things become legal HOW COOL......oh yes.....AMERICAN PIE 2 is funn-AY, and u know it, shame on n e 1 who has not seen it, i take it yall must have coz its been out there for like ages more than it has here, which is like 2-3days n e ways......hehe the ttrumpet :).....and the GLUE......*knocks himself hoput with laughter*......hehe i can see yall slepping RIGHT NOW .. WELL WAKE UP....oooo i just found out there is a day trip to france on mondy..the point of this i hear u ask....yes thats right to goto the cinema and watch a french france....not too pointless eh?........oOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo i got to go and munch on ma luinch now...yes thats right i am having lunch at half four in the evening...BUT THATS NORMAL......honest.......n e ways buh byb e all :)
(flowers all round)

Lucky * | 10/14/2001 10:50:18 AM
   RAWR. my brother got tickets to SMACKDOWN. interessant, eh? anyway, that means i'm babysitting tuesday night. that means i'm sleeping in a big house all alone in SCARY RDP. *waves her arms around and makes a ghost sound* hmm. i think i'll throw Nikki a birthday party that day. YES it's her birthday NOVEMBER 3RD. start shopping damn you.

jennifer . | 10/14/2001 08:55:17 AM
   sex is fun

Thursday, October 11

Lucky * | 10/11/2001 04:55:22 PM
   Lance, you can do way better than this. COME ON! she doesn't look that interesting anyway.. but maybe she's nice. who know's? i'm not even sure if it's her. (Lance's new girlfriend, Laurie) anyWAY, onto something that people might actually consider reading..
are you guys in for a treat. my arms kills now. everytime i move.. even a centimetre, it's painful. not insanely painful, but painful enough that you don't wanna move it. and i'm so tired, you have no idea. go my white blood cells, go.. go.. gimme an A-N-T-I-B-O-D-I-E-S! whoo.. anyway, i guess for Tim if you're wondering.. menigitis shots today. mhm. painess. but i got a cookie. and a juice. and YOU GUYS DIDN'T. :p mmm.. i'm really pissy now for some reason. so excuse any of my foul-mouthed obsenities. tutaloo..

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/11/2001 04:32:24 PM
im such a dork. first of all, that stupid shot didnt even hurt, but i usually can stand needles. i was a little out of it after. yah, thats right, i was bitching at a chair.
well just to tell you guys, im fine now and i dont even feel the pain in my arm anymore...never had pain anyhow... buh bye

Wednesday, October 10

jennifer . | 10/10/2001 08:13:35 PM
   ya thats it rape nick .. HEHEHHE im talking to massimo on the phone .. hmmm if u consider being on the phone talking or else its just silence .. ya thats right :)

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/10/2001 07:55:48 PM

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/10/2001 04:54:46 PM
   i want steve

jennifer . | 10/10/2001 07:57:33 AM
   way cool HEHEHE im not going to school :P umm maybe ill go later on today but for now im going to the clinic *sigh* me no feel very good :(

Tuesday, October 9

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/9/2001 04:10:35 PM
   if he had them already when he was a kid then he either has cox pox now, or he had cox pox before. theres too kinds of pox but they are almost alike exept for one miner detail which cant even be identified.

Monday, October 8

Lucky * | 10/8/2001 04:32:45 PM
   turkey is good. i want it to be thanksgiving again tomorrow. mmm. so my brother has chicken pox. isn't that lovely? yep, he already got 'em when he was a kid.. whatev. turns out, that when i got them i spread it to ALL my cousins. *bwahaha* it's cool. my sister went up north somewhere for the weekend and it snowed. hehe. snow is funny. i burnt my favorite shirt. *sob* you know the black one with the be-dazzles in a star? hmm. i was replacing some be-dazzles 'cause they fell off, so i'm supposed to iron them on but put a paper in between so the damn thing doesn't burn. BUT IT STILL DID! rrg. and now i'm sad. hmm.. maybe i'll bedazzle something on the burnt spot. hmm.

sabrina dibs | 10/8/2001 01:23:53 PM
   :( NOOOO jennifer you may not move! *sniff* and why move anyways? its nice here! ahh...ok, so umm..i saw serendipity on friday. its pretty good. very predictable, but good. umm yesterday i went to my nonnas house and we had turkey and all that. and then my dads like, 'sabrina get me a glass of water.' and im like 'im not your slave.' but i was gonna go get it anyway...but then you know what dear daddy said to me???? 'yeah, sabrina we're going to have a talk about that.' EXCUSE ME?!?! omg, is it just me? am i going too far into this? i dunno..but according to me, just because im his daughter that doesnt mean im his slave! ahhhh. anyways, the us finally hit afghanistan. hmm...whats taliban? a place? a religion? bin ladens troups?? and bin laden gave his speech or whatever. ah he looks like he hasnt washed in years. ew its disgusting, hes scary. ummmm..oh, happy thanksgiving everyone!!!! *muah*

Sunday, October 7

Lucky * | 10/7/2001 09:40:14 PM
   hhhhhhhhahahaha.. did you know that "king of the hill" in french is "Henry pis sa gang" hhhhhhhhahahahahhaha lol, not "henry et sa gang" PIS! llllllllllloooooooollllllllll....... things are funny when you're retarded.

Lucky * | 10/7/2001 06:21:07 PM
   it's not 5 hours away! (1 to 1 and a half hours away.) it's 120 km. by bike it should take you approximately 3 hours. and running.. approximately 11.6666666666666666666666666666667 hours, or 700 minutes. yep, yep. can we tell whose bored. yeeah. Charlie is my hero. i love you Charlie.

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/7/2001 01:33:40 PM

Saturday, October 6

jennifer . | 10/6/2001 12:26:37 PM
   how far from here is trois riviere? i must know.. its important AHHHHHHH my stupid parents wanna move there :(

Friday, October 5

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/5/2001 10:41:37 PM
   bonjour les girls !
I went shopping with jennifers sister today and they were like, fighting the hole time. it was so funny. anyhow, then jennifer needed her pyjama and i needed bras so we each got our things on special. mine were 3 for 30$ and jennifers was 30$ instead of 40$. my bras are so cute. They all have little flowers on them. I love them. Anyhow, gotta go. buh bye now***.

sabrina dibs | 10/5/2001 03:54:07 PM
   hmm ok i noticed i havent posted in a long here we go. not much has changed in my life...

Your fortune for today...

You are indeed a secret genius!

HAHA :) yay. i knew i was a genius! hmmm...umm...happy turkey day for umm monday? right? anyways, its sometime this weekend..ah well...thats all about moi. :) i got stuff to do. bye byes *muah*

Thursday, October 4

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/4/2001 08:16:54 PM

Lucky * | 10/4/2001 06:58:45 PM
   i'd thought i'd never see the day when i'd request a song on the radio, and they'd actually play it. *sniff* yeah, nsync rocks your ass. onto other news, *sob* i haven't seen my brother for 24 hours! he's all grown up.. *sniff* excuse me! *runs upstairs and runs around the empty apartment 67 times 'til she collapses on her ass* that was enjoyable.
anyway, the proof is in the jell-o. mtv is only for cool people. *laughs at Claudia* and Carson Daly is pure evil. EVIL! hmm.

Wednesday, October 3

jennifer . | 10/3/2001 08:20:52 PM
   "Very smart for a 1 year old. She listens very well and obeys when we ask her to do something or not to do something.She really enjoys animals especially cats"

jennifer . | 10/3/2001 08:07:34 PM
   vjknfbkcvdfgdfkxobgxcvbl stupid mom of mine

Lucky * | 10/3/2001 07:54:47 PM
   kitty porno. hehe. "..she seems to enjoys animals, especially cats.." HAHAHAHA! *points at Jennifer and laughs* hehe. anyway, i spent the afternoon at my brother's new house helping out. fun, fun. and tomorrow i plan on escaping to Harvey's if my mommy makes me go to 2nd period. *MWAHAHA* mmkay..
oh, i don't live in r.d.p. anymore. hehe.. i now reside in "marc-aurele-fortin".. if that's spelled right. yeah, because of the merger, they made itsy-bitsy sections.. yeeah.. so up to armand-bombardier is my section. wait. up to armand-bombardier on perras and up to alexis carrel on maurice-duplessis. make sense? yeeah. aah. i cristen marc-aurele-fortin the ghetto of montreal! *loads her gun* *looks around* hmm. nevermind. *hangs her head*

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/3/2001 04:13:17 PM
   hello. frenchie here.hehe...

Tuesday, October 2

$$$ DeeDee $$$ | 10/2/2001 07:20:43 PM
   ur cat has got to be the HORNIEST cat to rhome this advice...GET HER A THEREPIST OR A KTTY PORNO OR SOMETHING TO TRAUMATIZE HER SO SHELL STOP.!

sabrina dibs | 10/2/2001 01:33:10 PM
   alrighty, nala has problems! ahhh she didnt even care i was watching ehr this time! nope, she just continued with the bear. *sigh* anyways, so now angel thinks i did stuff? ahhh.. hahahaha sorry but thats funny! i dunno what i did on the cam but whatever. lalalala im b-o-r-e-d-! sandys supposed to be home soon but what am i gonna do with her. and i dont wanna go anywhere. so ill just blab for a while here :) lalalalalallaa. i have come to the conclusion that whenever im writing a letter to *jenny turn away* jon, everyone suddenly wants to talk to me! seriously!! its like youre all together in trying to make me not write to him or something. ah..i dont care. ill just have to wait til you all finish blabbing and then ill write :) ahhahaha ok i think im a little hyper!!!! :) yay.

Monday, October 1

jennifer . | 10/1/2001 07:39:09 PM
   ok so today was cool.. i got home and my mom was all bitchy though cause i hadnt made the dishes but the sink was blocked and she was like so you could have washed them in the washroom.. *sigh* oh and Keron broke up with me :( he sucks Hi Jenn.Sorry for not emailing you earlier but i had a lot to think about .Hope i didn't had you worried.I've been thinking about the both of us Jenn and the more i think about us the more i get confused.We were good friends who always listened to each other and cared a lot for each other.Then we agreed to be in a relationship.I was happy at first but now when i think about you being soooo far away from me and us not getting to see each other and be there for each other and sharing or love for one another,these things really gets me mad.I want to be there for you anytime you need me and i want you to be there for me in my times of needs also.I never saw what you look like and you never saw how i look like.I would love to send you some pics of me soon if you give me your address again.I would also like for you to send me some pics of you soon.I love you a lot baby but i believe that we sould go back to being good friends who love each other to death.I'm sorry for everything bad that i've done to you baby and all the toruble that i put you through.I still love you Jennifer and i hope you still love me.Until we could either physically be there for each other and be able to share our love physically i believe that we should be the best of friends and the closest of friends.Hope this didn't upset you baby.Please email me back soon and let's stay close to each other and keep in touch ok.Love you always hun