Friday, August 31

jennifer . | 8/31/2001 09:58:28 PM
   i want to be bitten! [hmm is that even worth writting hehe it so is hehe im making myself laugh again hehe]

Tim Russell | 8/31/2001 08:35:46 PM
   who needs all of that church pooey ne ways?! ...especially when u can worship me...everyday at 4pm both my time and urs! .....its a good deal really, u praise me and give me power, and well erm, i slag u off for being a dunce and praising some stupid dorky english kid who happens to know the words to all the songs in the history of songs *sigh* yes me, well maybe not all songs, but i know quite a few *jenny can back me up on this 1* . she now praises me, so y not set up some canadian cult hingy where u praise me and insted of manky bread and wine drink baileys from a bucket and eat marshmallows util u throw up, yes my religion will cleary beat chrisianity. etc. :D hehe i am hyper, there is no one online and its 1:30am, and i need the toilet, shall i relieve myself now and not bother to get up? it would be much easier u know, MUCH MUCH easier but *sigh* i will keep it in until i have finished boring u all to a slow, painful, baileys induced death. *throws days away* yes thats right i am throwing the days away agin, picking up the days offa my floor that fell from my calander and putting them in the bin whilst reading the jokes on every single1 (gimmie a few hours) oh ah busting now, i shall go and "drain the lizard" now, so buh bye ;) and night to all my minions :D
P.S i can feel ur vibes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

jennifer . | 8/31/2001 06:43:09 PM
   OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG hehe read this ... YAY my bro and sis are definitly not doing their confermations im sooooo happy :) church is a whole bunch of bulox to make money they are now wanting to brain wash kids cause no one goes to church anymore and cause well no one really gives a fuck bout religion anymore god is just ugh i mean really everyone knows he dont exist ok ok me shaddup now. hehe ok thats what i want u all to read ... im serious read it .. hehe ---> Catechism program for 2001-2002 at our lady of pompei parish dear parents haha blah blah its like 2 pages long i dont feel like typing and i want my sis to teach me gymnastic moves after so that i dont look like a retard in gym class... ok ok the sheet says that for children to get their confirmation and holy communion they gotta go to sunday school for 2 years before each hehe hahah fuck off church blah my sis and bro are never gonna be put through the torture bart and lisa are put through. hehe i made myself laugh again.
um ya i have nothing to say now..
oh wait i do i got smelly pencil crayons ... ya know... ya like the markers super crunk eh? hehe i shall name all colors and flavors in next post cause this is long enough and i will get the big body thingy so i will cut it in half yes and i will now go try to learn to do a cart wheel hehe i wanna impress people in phys ed class

jennifer . | 8/31/2001 06:41:32 PM
   hehe no im not dead. it's just that my internet explorer wasn't working. but then i decided to get off my lazy ass and walk a few milimeters to get the instalation cd and i uninstalled in and reinstalled it and now it works YAY go me. i started school a few days ago. hehe i heart school. no seriously its super cool. i love all my teachers except for clemente cause he scares me but whatever i guess hes ok. and we had no school yesturday cause it was one of the teachers funeral... well i guess he aint a teacher anymore but ya u get what i mean right?
haha rosie is gonna kill claudia when she gets back from italy.... oh hehe i guess ill translate for all the other people who dont understand italian... hehe im probably totally off for most of it but ull get what she means im sure ..... "Hi everyone, salutations from italy! everyone posted? how's school dear friends? im coming back tomorrow."
Oh maybe i should say why rosie's gonna be so pissed at claudia when she gets back home hehe well Claudia and Rosie were suppose to share lockers but claudia decided to get a locker with Tommy so ummm ya rosies stuck in the middle of no where next to no one probably.. if i was rosie id stop talking to claudia ... but shes not me so whatever ..
Well since nick didnt want me pimping him anymore .. gaetano said he would.. as long as he makes some money and that im the one taking the pics .. ya he loves me ... seriously ... i love him too... ok i dont i just want his babies hehe i make myself laugh
Um well Matt's being a dork again "Keep in touch and lets keep it at freinds. I was just pissed off last night because I realized I fucked the whole summer on the friggen computer. KINDA NOT YOUR fault, you wanted me to stay on all the time :( and now I noticed how I stupid I was for listening for someone who says she loves me but goes out with guys and says she doesn't tell me to do anything and that I don't tell her to do anything and when I said I ask ya said its the samething as forcing someone. Also you say I always say this, hopefully you realize now its true and I am leaving for good, can't say I never warned ya but you always took it as a joke. Then we got this whole whore thing goin on, when that started it was when you called me scary looking so I forgot about how it started and I never stopped obviously, when you said I was scary looking I said "wait a minute...... OMG YOU WHORE" lol and blocked ya for 5 minutes and you were all sad thats how this whole whore thing originated from. I'm trying to clear things out to show you how everything happend cuz you have an tendecey to forget all the things we've been through and say "how many times did you call me a whore and slut". The slut thing came from the time you said I sounded like a male whore or somethin, I said shutup you slut and thats that. It also fed off the pics thing. So have a great summer off the computer and e-mail me whenever ya wanna talk I'll always be here for you so don't say I never do anything for ya. Hopefully we'll still be together when winter comes and I never leave the house at that time so we'll have all winter so waste umm being on the computer :S and we might be able to think up of stuff to talk about by then. I love you baby, -I'd like a pic of you so I can put it in my wallet :) oh dear now ya got me all mushey screw the first part of this paragraph I love you and always will *kiss*
p.s. don't get all bitchy on me next time we talk"

Tim Russell | 8/31/2001 02:13:55 PM
   :) thank u for the translation of the funny italian jenny....rosie will havce to teach me some when she gets back so that i can say i speak another lingo :D hehehe but i have to go and get some food right hnow so okie..i shall blog about crap l8er

Thursday, August 30

Lucky * | 8/30/2001 03:23:48 PM
   CIAO A TUTTI! SALUTI DA L"ITALIA! tutto a posto? hehe. gotta make this quick. just wanted to send a big hell-o! so.. HELLO! hmm.. what to say.. i"m homesick. ::sob:: how"s school cari amici? ::mwahahaha:: okay, i g2g. CI VEDIAMO DOMENICA! ::muah::

Wednesday, August 29

Tim Russell | 8/29/2001 08:55:21 PM
   GOOD MORNING BLOGGERS....yes thats right its morning again and only 1:45am too. I was feeling like a sexy bE - ATCH all day and now i am worn out and listening to superman lovers - stralight ... happy song ... and i am very happy as.. I HAVE A NEW LARGE ROOM. I stole it offa my parents in actual fact so, now i have the master bedroom *evil laugh* yes thats right folks.. i can convinve my parents to do n e thing and now that includes giving me their bedroom (sickening isn't it?) but only coz i am gr8 *sprouts a BIG grin on his face* bye they coming

Sunday, August 26

sabrina dibs | 8/26/2001 07:45:03 PM
   ok, so yesterday i went downtown with my sister. and then we went to paramount and watched 'the princess diaries'...pretty good for a disney movie. anyways, so we're in the metro, and sandy gives her adult ticket and then i gave my kiddie one...and the guy actually told me to show him my id pass thingy! i feel so proud! ME of all people. i mean really. do i look 18? i think not. :) so umm yeah. and yesterday was my mommy and daddys anniversary...and i totally forgot! ahh...but then sandy came up to me and says 'whered you put their card?' and im like 'huh?' so yeah that filled me in. and they went to the old port, i mean really...uuuugh. but whatever. if thats what makes em happy. anyways, so today i went to my nonnas house, for that feast just keeps getting worse every year. the floats get smaller and uglier and stuff. but i spent the day there and thank god me and sandy managed to convince our parents to leave at 6:30...i would have died one more minute with that witch. ahhhhhh i cant take her anymore! (umm im talking bout my aunt know, the one who thinks i dont eat...ever). ah she found out that i cant stand her so shes trying her best to make me feel like a queen but all i want is for her to ignore me completely. is that too much to ask? ugh. and i didnt even see claudia there..she said she was gonna be there today but ah well. sandy starts school tomorrow..she cant wait! oh boy...angel cant remember my birthday...i gotta fix this

jennifer . | 8/26/2001 05:41:06 PM
   "am i suppose to change are you suppose to change who should be hurt
who will remain... we need a resolution we need a resolution why's
there so much confusion."

"how could the one who made me happy make me feel so sad? wont somebody
tell me so i can understand if u love me how can u hurt this heart of

"if at first you dont sucseed dust yourself off and try again, try
again, again and again."

"your love is one in a million it goes on and on.."
"i sent u a four page letter and i enclosed it with a kiss"
"oh boy i know you do what u gotta do"

*sniff* round 2 last night i was bored and decided to go read whatever
had been posted on x-ph and this is what i find " "Eight people, including R&B singer and actress Aaliyah, were killed Saturday evening when a small plane scheduled to fly to Opa-locka Airport crashed shortly after takeoff from Abaco Island in the Bahamas." - from courtesy of ode
aaliyah was 22, and now she will age no more. she's up in heaven now with buddy holly. i'm not much of a fan of hers but she was very talented and very beautiful, so let's hold a candle for her, say a pray or just shed a tear. another star falls tonight. "

I seriously thought it was a joke but then *sniff* i went on mtv and found this "Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash Saturday in the Bahamas, authorities said.
The 22-year-old singer and actress, born Aaliyah Haughton, was one of eight people who died when the twin-engine plane they were traveling in crashed seconds after taking off from the Bahamas, according to Grand Bahama police superintendent Basil Rahming.
Aaliyah was in the Bahamas shooting a video, Minister of Tourism Tommy Turnquest told the Associated Press.
She died instantly when the plane, a Cessna 402B, exploded on impact just 200 feet beyond the end of a runway at Marsh Harbour International Airport on Abaco Island at 6:45 p.m., Rahming said. The craft, which was bound for Opa-Locka Airport, just northwest of Miami, apparently suffered engine failure upon liftoff, he said.
Others killed in the accident included Aaliyah makeup artist Eric Foreman, 29, and Virgin Records representative Douglas Kratz, 28, according to Rahming. Two other women and three other men, including the pilot, died in the crash, while one man was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami with serious injuries, Rahming said."

Saturday, August 25

jennifer . | 8/25/2001 12:52:27 AM
   Popsicle Pete says: do u live in montreal? Leave me and my insanity alone says: yes why?
Popsicle Pete says: really
Popsicle Pete says: what grade r u in?
Leave me and my insanity alone says: 10th
Popsicle Pete says: what school do u go to?
Leave me and my insanity alone says: pearson
Popsicle Pete says: really?
Popsicle Pete says: creepy
Leave me and my insanity alone says: why?
Popsicle Pete says: cuz im talking to that girl who i asked about the thing
Popsicle Pete says: and she goes to that school
Popsicle Pete says: she is in grade 11
Leave me and my insanity alone says: whats her name?
Popsicle Pete says: franca
Leave me and my insanity alone says: uh ok
Popsicle Pete says: whats your last name?
Popsicle Pete says: im gonna tell her
Popsicle Pete says: if thats ok with u
Leave me and my insanity alone says: lehoux .. and ya u can tell her but she probably wont know me cause i got no clue who she is
Popsicle Pete says: one of her friends is at her house
Popsicle Pete says: and she knows u
Leave me and my insanity alone says: whats her name?
Popsicle Pete says: Tania DiGiambattista
Leave me and my insanity alone says: ew ew ew
Popsicle Pete says: u know her?
Leave me and my insanity alone says: i hate that bitch
Popsicle Pete says: y?
Leave me and my insanity alone says: cause
Popsicle Pete says: i c
Popsicle Pete says: Franca says:
she says she's a loser and she doesn't have many friends
Leave me and my insanity alone says: haha thats so tania ish
Leave me and my insanity alone says: tell her at least i dont make out with fat ugly guys to be popular
Popsicle Pete says: yea
Popsicle Pete says: ok
Popsicle Pete says: u really want to get into a fight?
Leave me and my insanity alone says: i HATE the bitch
Popsicle Pete says: so
Popsicle Pete says: im not gonna tell her
Leave me and my insanity alone says: why wont u?
Popsicle Pete says: im not frineds with the tania girl
Popsicle Pete says: only franca
Popsicle Pete says: ok
Leave me and my insanity alone says: i dont know who the franca chick is but she cant be too smart to be friensd with tania
Leave me and my insanity alone says: invite her here then
Popsicle Pete says: no
Popsicle Pete says: no no no
Popsicle Pete says: just drop it
Popsicle Pete says: PLEASE
Popsicle Pete says: i care about u
Popsicle Pete says: and there 2 of them
Popsicle Pete says: and i dont want to see u get hurt
Leave me and my insanity alone says: ha i wont get hurt
Leave me and my insanity alone says: invite her
Popsicle Pete says: no
Leave me and my insanity alone says: if u wont invite her then ask her how cinzia felt kissing nick
Popsicle Pete says: Franca says: how does she know about that
Leave me and my insanity alone says: thanx
Popsicle Pete says: Franca says:
she says she shouldn't know about these things.

Friday, August 24

sabrina dibs | 8/24/2001 03:35:59 PM
   ok..bye bye rosie...have lotsa fun...enjoy the week off school...oh, and buy me something!!!! :) sure i cant come with you? ugh, ah well...anyways, thats all i gotta say...buh bye

Lucky * | 8/24/2001 02:02:10 PM
   I'M SO BORED! lol, i'm waiting for my sister to pick me up so we can get a few last minute things.. but *shrugs* she was supposed to be here an hour ago! oh well. and you'd think i'd have SOMETHING to do.. nope. i just finished watching the first superman movie. heh. well, ANYWAY.. big hugs and kisses to vous autres. have fun at school :) and don't worry about me, i'll have lots of fun! hehe..

Thursday, August 23

Lucky * | 8/23/2001 11:50:21 PM
   well that was the most stressful evening of my life. oh, i'm tired but super hyper. VACATION, WHOO! yeah, remember when i said i somewhat enjoyed packing? i take that back. uh huh. we were 3 people just running around the house packing everything. i've got everything from colored socks, to my bracelets, to all my cd's, to pictures of my dogs. :) am i missing something? i feel like i am. lol, YES i'm bringing all 3 of my nsync cd's. (no, i'm not bringing the christmas one.. though LOL that's the last cd i listened to. HAHA!) ookay. hyperness. we were discussing about food over there. and all they have for breakfast is that ugly yellow/hard bread. so my sister, COOL AS SHE IS, is gonna buy me like 15 boxes of cereal. YEAH. maybe not 15.. maybe those li'l boxes. *mwahaha* hey, the numbers are in. 90% chance i'm in first class! *busts a move* altough first class might mean no video diary, :( lol, i'm serious. my daddy said i have to be on my best behavior.. i even have to wear something nice. pssshhh. lol, but i'll run off to 2nd class and bug people there. BUT YOU CAN'T TELL ME OFF 'CAUSE I'M MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU! *MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA* lol, ookay. but seriously.. wtf is up with people these days? (can i be any more general, lol.) seriously.. everything i do.. SOMEONE has to nag. ex: at la ronde, when we were running through the fountains and playing in the park, and the fucking adults watching their kids are like, "you're not under 8, why are you there?" WTF? is their an age limit now? did i push your kid off the car thing? okay, maybe i did.. SO WHAT! all you pathetic adults always say how you wanna be a kid again, but here i am.. ACTING MY AGE.. and, "look at her, so childish." FUCK OFF BITCH, I AM A CHILD, SO BITE MY ASS! ugh. SO, if the first class ass-wads there are bitchy towards me.. OUT COMES THE APPLE! lol, lol! (it's this stupid annoying apple that makes this sound. it rocks.) now i got myself angry. pssssshhh. anyWAY, back to my vacation posting.. my flight is at 7:30.. i'm leaving here at 4:30.. so expect a big goodbye, :) lol, i already got a couple phonecalls and said my bye's to my brother. i'm only gone for 10 days. yeah, yeah. okay, that's it. i'm tired and i'm just blabbing. sowwy. :)

Lucky * | 8/23/2001 12:09:49 PM
   well that was an interesting morning. and i didn't get caught in the middle of two buses on my bike today, yesss. anyway, i'm gonna go spend some quality time with my doggies.. :) i wont see them for a whole 10 days. *sob* (yes, i'm leaving tomorrow night, but they're gonna be at Sabrina's parents tomorrow because.. ah, let me explain out of this bracket.) they're gonna go get sexified tomorrow, lol. they're going and get a trim, and their nails done, get washed.. all that fun stuff. why? BECAUSE THEY'RE GONNA BE ON TV! go Nikki, go Jackie.. bust a move. yeah, uh huh. well, because Sabrina's sister works at this pet thing place.. their company is organizing this baseball game where you bring your pets. so they're gonna be there. and, they'll be on this other tv show. i'm not too sure what it is yet. more details soon, and PICTURES! yes. naked? oh yeah. (Nikki's gonna get bows in her hair. all together now.. AWW!)

Wednesday, August 22

jennifer . | 8/22/2001 08:39:23 PM
   *sniff* poor Simon. Ugh Michael is seriously starting to scare me.

me: i'm a lesbian thats the only reason why i dont want to "make out" with you.
michael: k i'll act like a gurl when i see u
me:wear a wig and lipstick and mascara
michael: lol
michael:fine i'll do it if u cum
me:oh and cut ur dick off
michael: no im a special gurl
me:i dont like "special" gurls i like real girls
michael: y dont u cum and make me a gurl
me:i can cut it off?
michael: if u want

hehe i had to put that it makes him look like a desperate fag.He's really nice though unlike some people *ahem* like claudia for example. maybe michael made everything he said up but im thinking he didnt cause it makes sense .. everything he said made sense well more sense then claudia's story anyways.well maybe thats just cause claudias got a big mouth umm i dunno does this make sense to you?

me:sorry but i dont trust you for some reason
michael:thanx alot
me:oh and now everyone knows i tried killing myself but thats fine?
michael:hey thats not me
me:then who?
michael:tommy told me all i did was ask claudia if it was true and anabel was there
me:and how did tommy know?
michael:and ur mom told my mom
michael :claudia
michael says:so there
me:and why should i believe u?
michael:i even asked my mom if it was true
michael:cuz my mom never told me
michael:when i told her she asked me who told me
michael:and i said tommy
michael:then i asked her y she never told me
michael:so there u go
michael:told u i dont have a big mouth how else could i prove it that was a perfect example

i think i should stop talking to him. its either that or i never speak to claudia again....

Lucky * | 8/22/2001 10:11:57 AM
   aww, poor Simon. he got hurt. *sniff* see, he was supposed to get this knee surgery thing in a little while, but i guess he knee just gave out. he would have kicked some ass. oh well, maybe he'll still compete for the pole vault. but i dunno.. anyway, that e-mail you got Jenn.. "" really. you'd think since they're "net security" they'd have their own e-mail, and not host it at hotmail, ("safety reasons of viruses"? HELL-O! anti-viruses! firewalls!) and not have a number after it, and be able to have correct spelling in their e-mails, and maybe have your name somewhere in there? and why would it be "net security" if this DOES NOT deal with the internet. things that make you go 'hmm'. okay, so they're just a bunch of pathetic morons.. people can't do anything right these days. *sigh* yes, yesterday was interesting. you think he got scared? hehe.
psst :) | haha

Tuesday, August 21

jennifer . | 8/21/2001 10:46:50 PM
   today was fun. i also now own a whore. I'm a pimp. Nick is my whore. Well he agreed to it till i told him i needed naked pictures of him. He got scared i think. I will still pimp him though. Go Me!

jennifer . | 8/21/2001 12:55:01 AM
   ummm right..

From :
Add to My Messenger Buddies.

To :

Subject :

Date :
Tue, 21 Aug 2001 04:35:04 +0000

We've recived a stolen property form from an annomous subject. Due to safety prosperities we must keep all civilians identity classified. The fill out sheet includes a pair of handcuffs, earrings, and jewerly items. This is just a notice. YOUR RIGHTS----You have the right to obtain an attorney by the time of your present trial for the stolen goods, if you cannot afford an attorney one will be presented for you. Any qeustions please reply back to this e-mail. All police files are transmitted through this account for safety reasons of viruses.

Awwwww hehe i do have a lawyer :) and maybe i should get my mom to write a professional looking letter back to this person

Monday, August 20

Lucky * | 8/20/2001 10:47:25 PM
   HIP, HIP. hey. what are you people doing sitting around? shouldn't you be getting school supplies or something. heh. SUCKERS! *mwahaha* that's right. leaving in 4 days.. missing a whole freggin' WEEK of school. yeah. go me and mah bad self. uh huh. uh huh, uh huh, uh huh. (565 words. hmm. and i can't even write a flippin' 350 word essay. OH we better not have Guttilla. or Cardone. or Boudreault. or ANY of the teachers i had last year. EESH.)

sabrina dibs | 8/20/2001 04:22:13 PM
   ok, so yesterday we had to babysit my cousins cause my aunt and uncle had to go visit his sister in the hospital. so yeah, samantha was in my room playing with the house (you know, the pink and green one...) and shes like: sandra is downstairs?
me: no sandra is upstairs
her: sandra is downstairs?
me: no sandra is upstairs.
her: sandra is downstairs:
me: no sandra is upstairs!!
her: sandra is downstairs?
me: yeah....*sigh* sandra is downstairs
and THAT was my night...that and going to the park. yay me!!!
anyways, my uncles sister had a baby boy and they kept the name a secret from everyone and so when my aunt called i said so whats his name? you wanna know his name????? ahhhhh this cannot be happening to me....GABRIEL!! omg, why not put the middle name with it too while youre at it? ahh life is so unfair. ah and i missed jon again today cause i had to go shoe shopping and now my stomache hurts cause i got cramps :(

Sunday, August 19

jennifer . | 8/19/2001 09:40:04 PM
   I'm back. YAY and umm rosie wrote the longest post *sticks out tongue* she got 565 words and 2388 characters and timmy got 403 words 1623 characters. whatever im gonna beat you both cause i got loads of stuff to say bout my week end.
The reason i left for the week end is that it was my grand parents 40th wedding aniversary so ya i was in saint sauveur in a chalet. it sucked but i got running shoes and a winter jacket. my parents are now bankrupt and its my fault :) k i dont feel like boring u people so im gonna go now cause im tired and i dont feel like getting bitched at by people on the net *sigh* OHHHH ya i am also mention on some part of s0ss website so go visit him find where i am or something like that and ill send ya a pic of myself :) hehe

Tim Russell | 8/19/2001 09:27:16 PM
   ok,,,well i do not have much more to say tonight, although i could ramble on about a tonne of stuff, but i shall use it tommorow and beat rosie MUHAHAHAHAHA

Lucky * | 8/19/2001 07:11:32 PM
   shh Timmy.. shh. watch me post my magic. *mwaha* I MAKE MIRACLES HAPPEN! i don't know what i just said.. anyway, i am so very bored, so post i shall. i went shopping AGAIN today. go me. more stuff for Italy and more stuff for school. should i be happy? hmm. me and my sister spent $200 in the first store we went to. yeah, we're bad, lol. lots of cool stuff for me. no shoes though. i wanted shoes. because i have no shoes. well i do have shoes, but i really don't like my shoes. i do like my shoes, but not enough to go, "i like these shoes". you know? no, you really don't. i saw shoes i liked. but my sister said they're 'Mary' shoes. i really didn't think they were 'Mary' shoes. but i'll buy my goddamn shoes in Italy so for once i wont have a goddamn pair of shoes that everyone has. hmm. goddamn, brace yourselves. i bought a goddamn skirt. yeah. go me. and i'm planning on buying another one. i'll make my cousin buy it for me cause she works at Buffalo. yay. are we allowed blue jean skirts? we're not. but school sucks. so alsjdfn on you. the skirt i bought, long beige. the skirt i will buy, or my cousin will buy, knee-length, blue jean, dark preferably. i'll probably go on the Buffalo site later to check for a model. yes. wonder why i'm rambling pointlessly? i'm bored. and i'm aiming for a longer post then Timmy's. so :p on you Tim. *mwa* and i bought that freggin' belt i've wanted for so long. rainbow-ey. yay-ey. and.. a white top, 3/4 sleeves with a collar thingy. i enjoy that for some retarded reason. i'm all sophisticated now. you know, i'm really not? but whatever. i bought a bunch of other shit, but i don't think anyway cares. so moving on. 'summerslam' is ce soir. what? no. i don't think i'm gonna watch it. why? i dunno. it's not a part of me anymore. *sob* okay, so give me a few weeks to find another obsession to bug people with and.. yeah, i'll be back on my feet. look at that.. i'm scrolling! yay. anyway, Jackie bit me yesterday while i was trying to get a kleenex with mr. clean or something on it out of her mouth. it was painful. and she didn't apologize. seriously. it was bleeding and everything, and when i bend my thumb it fucking kills. so i ignored Jackie today. then she begged for my forgiveness. and she let me pick her up. and she gave me a kiss. and now i love her again. *sniff* is my post longer than Timmy's yet? arg. maybe a little longer. few more lines, bare with me. *yawn* i'm excited for Italy. no, really. i get to see my baby cousin and my cousin's son.. that i've never seen yet. and.. i'm gonna be spending a little time in Rome. so that should be cool. i'll take some pretty pictures and such. and packing.. i should start packing sometime this week. can we freggin' go to La Ronde this week? my last week, *sniff*. hmm. i'll drag Melissa's bum to come with me. i haven't seen her all summer. yes. that should work. okay, well.. i'm gonna get off 'cause.. well 'cause. sleepy-ness. bye, bye.

Tim Russell | 8/19/2001 06:14:38 PM
   MY POST WAS BIGGER THAN URS *sticks tounge out*

Lucky * | 8/19/2001 06:01:24 PM
   let's see if we can fit in a post before my daddy calls me for.. nevermind. i'll post later.
SUPPER. weeeee!

Tim Russell | 8/19/2001 02:51:19 PM
   aqch, fine, if no one is going to pointlessly talk on here today, i suppose i must to keep the fans happy (who reads this n e ways?) mmkay, so i been watching too many movies recently, like 1 evey 2 days of somthing, 2 days ago i saw high fidelity, a comdy romance for those of u who have not seen it, i REALLY liked this filem, but then again i think john cusak is a dope actor (hehe i sed dope) and then yesterday i saw X-MEN for like the 5th time or somthing, i never seem to get bored of the fight between sabertooth and wolverine (my fave character)...*ponders* whay am i writing in here n e ways,,,,is this what we all do when we are stupidly bored?!, i think it is, i am listening to U2 - Elevation for christ's sake, i mean how low can i sink :P (don't answer that question) WHOOOOOOOOOOO (sorry just singing along to the song) in other news,,, chocolate milk bread is WAY tastey along with beer bread, which is just plain strange, so it has snuck into my top 5 flavours of bread :) although they do not come out as large as others, not a waste though ^_^ ..... i seem to have run out of songs that i know and want to download now, so if n e 1 wants to u know,put me on the right track towards some crunk tunes, feel free, i shall download them :D , hmm, my mum is super ................... annoying hehehe, grrr why do my whole family come to me for money, it got so bad that i started charging them interest, depening on how much they borrow and how long for, i need the money for myself *Sob* I WANT MY MONEY ah well.....hmmm maybe jenny will be back soon, she did say the weekend........ but she told like no one where she was of to, i wonder if it was off to c matt or somthing, could be, its only just across the border or somthing, or maybe a s0ss hunting mission :P ... hehe stupid matt, i scared him off with my insanity, ohhhhhhh this blog getting big nowm i never had it big enuff to use scroll bar *moves page up and down* yeah so cool, n e ways enuff annoying u lot,, enjoy the remainder of ur holidays!!

Friday, August 17

Lucky * | 8/17/2001 03:00:57 PM
   where is Jennifer going? hey, i'm leaving in 1 WEEK! whoo. exactly one week and 2 hours. yep, yep. i think. okay, don't ask questions. i'm wearing my brothers graduation cap. it's the "in" thing to do. *swings her head* weee. this rope-y thing is AWESOME. anyway, ZOLTAN.

sabrina dibs | 8/17/2001 12:31:57 PM
   fuzzy wuzzy? what exactly is that supposed to mean?? ahhh whatever.
down by the bay,
where the watermelons grow,
back to my home,
i dare not go,
for if i do,
my mother will say,
have you ever see a bear combing his hair?
down by the bay.
down by the bay,
where the watermelons grow,
back to my home,
i dare not go,
for if i do,
my mother will say,
have you ever see a bear combing his hair?
have you ever seen a whale with a polka dot tail?
down by the bay.
down by the bay,.
where the watermelons grow,
back to my home,
i dare not go,
for if i do,
my mother will say,
have you ever seen a bear combing his hair?
have you ever seen a whale with a polka dot tail?
have you ever seen a moose kissing a goose?
down by the bay.
down by the bay,
where the watermelons grow,
back to my home,
i dare not go,
for if i do,
my mother will say,
have you ever seen a bear combing his hair?
have you ever seen a whale with a polka dot tail?
have you ever seen a moose kissing a goose?
have you ever seen a lamma eating his pyjamas?
down by the bay!
:) yay!!!! i feel like a kid :)

jennifer . | 8/17/2001 12:09:05 PM
   im leaving for the week end. Bye Bye

Thursday, August 16

jennifer . | 8/16/2001 02:25:30 PM
   UGH stupid pictures never work ya bite me. ill get rosie to post it later cause im a retard and i never get any of this right GRRR hmmmm maybe this is why "Pulling files from your GeoCities account to a location outside of Yahoo! GeoCities, such as auction sites, message boards, and other web sites. Using GeoCities for the sole purpose of storing files. " ugh geocities can bite me!

jennifer . | 8/16/2001 02:21:28 PM
   I feel
so loved
I am the most loved here. does rosie get signs saying shes cool? nope... Does sab? nah uh.... how bout claudia? hmm everyones probably forgotten bout her.... and timmy? hehe ok he made that for me :) i will be nice and make him one using paint cause im too poor to have a webcam :(

UGH feel sorry for me i got cramps and an ear infection :( maybe thats why im so bitchy *sigh* i bought the most amazing clothes today! but ill only be able to start wearing the shirts [*sigh* ill make timmy happy and start using the word shirt] till it gets cold outside but they are so cute so ill probably wear them when its freakin hot outside anyways.

HEHE im going shopping again

Lucky * | 8/16/2001 12:06:15 PM
   heh. don't wear beige pants while biking. my pants kept on getting caught in the chain. and they're my sister's pants. oh boy..
well, i'm off to go do something productive. *looks around* yeeah.

Wednesday, August 15

jennifer . | 8/15/2001 11:14:12 PM
   crying for no reason sucks

Lucky * | 8/15/2001 07:09:59 PM
   mmkay. i really don't think 8 straight hours of Matt is very healthy. sorry.
anyway, everyone download: left eye lopes - the block party. awesome.
Sabrina, i'd be glad to invade your house. it is what i do best. *mwaha*
heh, the other Sabrina (my sister-in-law) enjoyed her gift. i managed to get home earlier and wrap it all pretty. then me and my brother put little tags on the dogs' collars that say, "happy birthday". hehehe. weeeeeeeeeee!
you know, a uniform wouldn't be all that bad at our school.. i wouldn't have to look at all the ugly bro's in their spandex shirts. *cringes* but then again, uniforms suck. i'll just make fun of everyone instead. weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Tim Russell | 8/15/2001 06:41:21 PM
   i think i shall refer to u as silent sab, as u never seem to have much to say, unless its fuzzy wuzzy :)

sabrina dibs | 8/15/2001 06:12:21 PM
   hey TIMMAY i got a webcam too so dont think youre the only cool one. ahhhh :) hmm i want people to invade my house tomorrow. it would be fun. yay i dunno why but im really happppppy. :) haha..ok i got nothing to say.

Tim Russell | 8/15/2001 02:56:19 PM
   i wonder if jenny is still sleeping*ponders* it must be um,,,,,, 1 or 2 there, what fun,,,,and if u r awake when u reaad this jenny, STOP GETTING INVOLVED WITH THESE CYBERING FREAKS, the last 1 i met scared me gr8ly, *shudders* , some of them r really serious, and its really scary, i mean what if they stalk u or summfink...8 hours ,,, woah, thats a long time to be looking at an ugly new yorker :P lol, u could be looking at my pretty face lol, *hides* they can see me! .. hmm paranoia :) who here HAS og t a web cam eh? *sticks hand up* yeah, c i am sooo much cooler than all of u ............ new clothes for school,,, :( all that means here is boring ol poo pants uniform, I WANT A UNIFORM--FREE SKOOL, u dunno how good u guys get it!,,,,n e ways,,,n e 1 seen planet of the apes yet?, if so n e good ? .. i heared its a completely different story to the original and that there is gonna be a seqeul, n e 1 care to correct me on that? hmmm maybe i shall go and c it soon enuff, or crocadile dundee 3 :P hehe looks funny, or maybe final fantasy or american pie 2 (when it comes out here) *so much choice* , i still have not seen tomb raider though :( .. i shall have to have some kind of maHUssive film fest with me and a TUB of popCORN sorry this timmAY thing from south PARK is reaLLy affecting my SPEACH i HAVE to shout some WORDS and i GOT NO idea WHY THE HELL i am DOING IT........ TIMMAY

jennifer . | 8/15/2001 08:28:24 AM
   haha it's 8:20 and im still up i think ill be sleeping all day YAY my fav thing to do. HAHAHA talking on cam with Matt for 8 straight hours is fuckin wierd. hes got pics of jesus and crosses everywhere and i got a screen shot to proove it HAHA i still got the giggles BONNE NUIT me is going to bed

jennifer . | 8/15/2001 12:29:02 AM
   "you gotta realize I'm a horny 14 y/o who dumps girls invatations to me for you" - matt

jennifer . | 8/15/2001 12:15:54 AM
   HAHA thanx to s0ss Matt thinks im an idiot. hahaha we were talking and he was like jenn i love u and i started laughing cause i was watching the WEEEEEEEE thing hahaha then he got pissed WEEEEEE hahaha im too giggly to be sad

Tuesday, August 14

Lucky * | 8/14/2001 11:43:26 PM
   Jerked Semen Cake. (Joshua Scott Chasez *evil grin*)
i hate you.
yes, you. (okay, not you Wade. :)

jennifer . | 8/14/2001 11:15:07 PM

KyojiOgami666: what size are your boobies?

me: bite me

KyojiOgami666: you can tell me, i won't make fun of you if they are small.

me: right...

KyojiOgami666: ok. can you strip for me?

me: ya sure want me to finger along with that?

KyojiOgami666: if you don't mind.don't forget to describe it all
*** 15 minutes later ***

me: wow that was the best masturbation i ever did.

KyojiOgami666: oh, you could have told me you were doing it, i wanted details

KyojiOgami666: you didnt say any details.

me: fuck im so sorry i knew i forgot to do something its just that i was liking it so much

KyojiOgami666: it's ok i understand.can u give me details now?

me: get me horny then ill do it again and give u details ok?

KyojiOgami666: that sounds great!!!!! Ok first i undress u then i lick all the cracks on your body.

me: even my bumb bumb hole

KyojiOgami666: yes, are you horney now?

me: sorry guys that cant even spell the word right dont turn me on

KyojiOgami666: jeez sorry

KyojiOgami666: that was a typo

me: right...

KyojiOgami666: ok ok, if i say ill have wild sex with you and a monkey like your profile says will that make you masturbate for me?please say yes please

HEHEHE HAHAHA Im bored so youll probably be reading full of my convo's *sigh*

Lucky * | 8/14/2001 09:07:15 PM
   okay. so my flight to Italy.. we're stopping in Brussel Sprouts right? yeah. Simon is leaving a day later, and he's going to Zurich. wee. anyway, my flight is confirmed and everything, and so is Simon's. but you see, my sister and dad, because they got them free, the trip from Brussels to Rome isn't.. so they might not go on the same flight as me. SO, i will be stuck in Rome ALONE. isn't that the funnest? eh, eh? just like, this one time at band camp..
no, last time i flew alone. i was 10. *grumble* i was on the flight on the way back and i was sitting next to this chick and we were talking. and she says, "so where do you live in Toronto?" i'm like, "what do you mean Toronto?" "this plane is headed for Toronto.." then a BIG panic from me, yeah.. fighting with the flight attendants who couldn't speak english. *rawr* i turned out that it was stopping in Montreal, then continuing to Toronto. *stupid ugly bitch, scared me half to death. ugh* okay, anyway. since i'm gonna be bored on the plane.. i was thinking of making this video diary, you know? i'm just gonna go around with the camera, making friends, disturbing people, poking them while they sleep. good times, good times. then making a little movie while i'm at it..
yeah, that should be awesome. any suggestions, feel free to tell me. :)

Tim Russell | 8/14/2001 08:32:20 PM
   hmmmmm, its always one of u lot dragging me into those situations, grrrrrr @ u, this last one though, he was REALLY scary, i mean "full on" and ugh, horrible, he blocked forever, i mean rich was funny and dumb, but this guy, well woah, jenny was there 2 and it was ahhhhhhh, he kept on, and he is 22! "my cock is hard" WHO CARES, y can't he just shake hands with the bishop and be done with it?, rub his robin and fly away, but no, he bothers every1 around, FRWEAK, ah well, we cannot all be crunk, *Sigh* ah god its 1:30, i gotta get up REAL early nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, bye people

Lucky * | 8/14/2001 08:13:40 PM
   ha. i'm on drugs. haha. we were eating supper and talking about our trip to Italy. and then someone said that it's Simon's first trip oversea's. and i was like "hehe". and then Simon was like, "hehe".. and then i completly lost it and was on the floor crying and choking on my cheeseburger. the rest of my family was just looking at me funny asking me why i was laughing. but i had no clue why i was laughing. then i did the 'purple hills' dance, hehe. oh, it was one of those 'had to be there' moments. i'm a dork.
oookay.. moving on. this one time, at band camp, i shoved a flute up my pussy.
don't just stand there, BUST A MOVE.
i wanted to say something, but i forgot. let Rosie thinky. hey, what's up with Timmy pretending to be a chick and cybering with everyone? *mwahahaha* go Timmy! *rawr*
okay, i still don't remember what i wanted to post, so FORGET IT SUCKERS.

Tim Russell | 8/14/2001 06:42:16 PM
   ugh, what is it with u and "sweater" when its clearly a sweater, shirt = shirt sweater = jumper like dah! get it right,,and ur not a very convincing stalker jenny, if you cannot even find him in THAT pic where you csan clearly see all of their faces *sgih*, oh but jenny, LMAO, that was such a funny description of Mr Penis ^_^ made me laugh stupidly for a whole min, oh, i am puffed out now *hmph* darn ur funny description...........hmmmmmmmmmmm.......i still seem to be the only one here that has not met "matt" , but ah well, i cannot say that i am missing out on much, with what rosie and sab have been saying *sigh* poor fella *ponders, maybe claudia has not met him, after all she got no net* could it be i am not the only one *eyes light up when he believes he has not been left out of somthing COMPLETELY* :) but knowing my luck she has, ah well, ....... i just saw swordfish, hehe it was REALLY cool yes thats right REALLY cool they blew people up with bang bangs :) (c4) :) hehehe BIG BADDA BOOM, but serious its good, it has John trevolta, and the bad guy gets away *go bad guy* yeah, oh well i am all outta boring u peeps, buh bye

jennifer . | 8/14/2001 03:40:10 PM
   I'm so bored. *sigh* Claudia wants me to go to her house but uh no her bro scares me.I mean really ..don't spend your money on drugs just ask me ill give them to you for free.. this coming from a guy who's on probation waiting to go to court for drug dealing is just wrong. Being bored sucks. And i refuse to leave my room for any other room in the house cause my parents are home. i cant believe they are forcing me to go watch american pie 2 with them tonight *sigh* i saw it yesturday but my mom doesnt care she wants a family outting ... fuck i already had to watch the first one with them try not laughing and pretending you dont understand the movie. its impossible then my stupid mom keeps asking what was so funny? FUCK someone save me i dont wanna go.
Anyways talking to s0ss unbored me for a few minutes playing find s0ss on a picture is oh so much fun .. right


Jennifer: ummmm?

s0ss: find the s0ss

Jennifer: ok then

s0ss: no find?

Jennifer: ur in the back ontop of the chick with the black sweater?

s0ss: nope

Jennifer: then where?

s0ss: its a suprise

Jennifer: ur so cool

s0ss: i know

Jennifer: so where are u on the pic?

s0ss: on the left

Jennifer: blue sweater?

s0ss: blue shirt, yes.

Jennifer: ok

s0ss: that wasnt very fun of a game i had to tell you

*sigh* im so very bored i think im gonna go back to my cousins house she kicked me out b4 :( *sniff*

jennifer . | 8/14/2001 02:10:47 PM
   A penis doesnt have it all that great. he has 2 nuts hanging around
him all day. his best friend is a pussy. his neighbor is an asshole,
and his owner beats him constantly, and because of aids, he has to
wear a rubber suit and do push ups till he pukes

sabrina dibs | 8/14/2001 12:26:01 PM
   EW EW EW EW EW yuck god jennifer stop talking about matt. ugh hes gross. i do not wanna hear that hes built..that is not a possibility! ugh anyways, i got nothing to say as usual :) ah well. my life is boring...yay.

jennifer . | 8/14/2001 11:37:04 AM
   OH MY LORD...... Trust me you do wanna see him on cam..... The guy is built. Um ya its hard to believe but WOW.....

Lucky * | 8/14/2001 11:28:02 AM
   American Pie 2 DID kick ass. *mwaha*
yuck. why would you wanna see Matt on cam. BAH. a towel.. *cringes*
i'm tired. after 10 minutes of biking, *whew* Rosie need's rest. *mwaha* yes 10 minutes. but 10 HARD minutes. dodging cars and going through red lights because i'm too lazy to even slow down. hehe, i almost hit this old man. and it was funny. hehe.

jennifer . | 8/14/2001 01:20:49 AM
   HEHEHE American pie 2 kicks ass.Let me just say a few words bout it Jim's dad is HOT!!!!!
Freak im so very scared, Matt wants to cam and apparently hes only got a towel on. I think its time Jenny went to bed, dont u agree? Oh wow im so lucky his cam is darker then Sab's :)

Monday, August 13

jennifer . | 8/13/2001 12:02:37 PM
    YaY! After 7 long days, I’m BACK.I’m also way older and more mature now. Uh huh ya hehe Rosie’s
the only retard that’s still 14 *sticks out tongue* *sniff* I still didn’t get my birthday presents and my birthday was 4 days ago.

My life sucks! Saturday while sitting in a river (umm don’t ask it was the “cool? thing to do Everyone there was doing it.) my mom announced to me that I had to pay for my trip to florida *sigh * shes such a bitch at times. At first all I had to do is get an 80% average and she’d pay for it all…. BUT NO now that I have money I have to pay for all of it. Ugh! And that’s only cause my mom doesn’t want me buying a webcam. She thinks that cause now that I have no more money to spend on school clothes im gonna spend the money she gave me to buy a web cam with on clothes. HA! In her dreams. GRRRR but don’t worry ill get one. I can get my mom to get me anything. Hehe of course a lil black mail is involved but oh well. Sigh shes pretending she stopped smoking. everyone is so proud of her. *makes me wanna barf* anyways im the only one that knows she hasn’t stopped and she doesn’t even know I know J hehe so I can either threaten to tell that to get the cam or I can use it to finally get my belly button pierced or to get the cam all I gotta do is mention the word suicide.

Omg talking bout suicide my mom forced me to watch this movie about gays and lesbians and suicide. Then she gave me looks all day and all she said was “well that would explain it? grrrr I hate her. I was gonna fuckin kill her. Umm why am I bitching about my mom? Shes the one who put me in this world she’s the one who made me. *sigh*

Anyways the trip was boring as fuck except for when we went to Tadoussac and saw whales. Hehe it was superCRUNK. I also made myself a 2 year old boyfriend his name is Felix and im having an affair with his 6 month old brother named Alexis. I’ll put up pics of them whenever I get the pics developed (along with the camp pictures) I might even put a few of my ugly self.

I would have brought u all back souvenirs but there was nothing worth buying.

Anyways that’s enough with my boring life for now.if ya wanna know more bout my vacation just ask and I’ll be more then happy to tell.

Oh and before I go something must be said. I’m so happy I live in Montreal and not some major French part of Quebec cause I was listening to some local radio station in baie-saint-paul and I heard the most awful thing ever. They were introducing the song “I’m real? instead of calling Jennifer lopez, Jennifer lopez they refered to her as Jenny-faire lopez I was gonna throw up sigh im gonna go now bye bye

Sunday, August 12

Lucky * | 8/12/2001 08:58:36 PM
   quite all right Sab.. Jenn has the same ones too. heh. in navy blue though. YAY! aren't we the cool ones?

Daylan: a platypus?? haha
Lucky*: they can be quite strikingly beautiful, you know..
Daylan: oh yeah?
Lucky*: yep.
Daylan: beautiful enough to be intimate with huh

anyway, my neighbours are supercool. because of the whole construction thing, they go by the back. so they were going up, the guy was drunk, the wife was screaming at him and he vomits. it was madfunny. *mwahaha*

sabrina dibs | 8/12/2001 02:46:19 PM
   ahh rosie stop with the school stuff :( *sniff* ah well, i actually kinda do wanna go back. its getting boring here at home. *sigh* anyways, i dont care if she wears a stupid blue thingy or not, I WANT A TIARA!!!!!!!!!!!! im a princess :) ok well i went shopping with my lovely sister today. im so happy! i got pants, my sweater with hood (and its fuzzy wuzzy!!), and i got shoes....ummm...ok i felt so bad buying them though. i hope you dont mind (rosie and claudia..) cause i kinda bought the same ones as you...but in black. ah well...they were cute.

Lucky * | 8/12/2001 12:01:45 PM
   hehe. her cd-rom was one of her brother's friend's.. they took it back, but now.. they got a new internet thingy, but they had no cd-rom to install it. *shrugs* i think..
anyway, Sab.. Claudia was right.. it is a blue thingy, not a tiara. heh.
i'm tired.
he-hey! in just two weeks i'll be on my way to Italy.. and what.. what's that? oh yeeeah.. you guys are gonna be at school! *mwahahahahaha*

Saturday, August 11

Tim Russell | 8/11/2001 08:56:30 PM
   sister show?!?...hmmmmmm sounds strange to me, and btw, what happened to claudia's net?! did someone steal it :P hehehehe, sorry i have not posted in here for like umm,,, a day or 2, but its not as if it has changed much, hell, i can see the balls of brush, (whateva they r called) floating across the room,, whoosh ,, the speed of light.... I THINK THAT LIL KIDS R TOO CLINGY, oh sure they r cute and little and AWwwwwwww, but they never let go!!!!!,,ok!, i was round at my friends house (will) this weekend, and he got a lil bro and well, ummm, he is 6/7 i canny remember, and u know, i say i am gonna go (it was 9:30pm) and he gets all weepy!, i mean its me for god's sake! i mean he whined so much that will could not come out to play with timmy :( *sob* grrrrrr evil lil scamp , n eways enuff of me complaining bout lil kids **Love is a sensation caused by temptation... a guy sticks his location in a girl's destination... to increase a population... of the next generation... do you understand my explanation? Or do you need a demonstration?** =)
ho ho ho, i actually get funny fowards, yes thats right, yall deprived, i get funny forwards and YOU DON't HAHAHAHAHA, well maybe u do, but i am way cooler :P *go me*
**Roses are red... Apples are sour... open your legs... I'll show you some power!** on that note: i shall depart (its 2am again) bye AND POST

p.s. i will get started on the bread on monday!

Friday, August 10

Lucky * | 8/10/2001 07:35:24 PM
   *mwaha* i'm departing to watch Claudia's sister's show. BAH. it's in a parking lot. hehehe. Claudia's in the washroom. hehehe. i have to go now. hehehe.

Thursday, August 9

sabrina dibs | 8/9/2001 06:12:45 PM
   ok, just wanna say (even thought im the last one to say it...well besides claudia, but she doesnt have the net so..) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!!!!!!! yay. now youre 15 years old just like meeeee :) yay. have a great year and may all your dreams come true :) haha..

Lucky * | 8/9/2001 01:00:18 AM
   Jenn.. i gotta hand it to ya.. this Matt guy, FUCKIN' HILARIOUS! to me anyway..

krov moya krov Mockba says: hey babe
Lucky *happy birthday Jennifer! (where ever you are, lol!) *sob* now i'm the only 14-year-old LOSER. pssshhh.* says: hello.
Lucky*: don't call me babe.
Matt: y not?
Lucky*: umm.. because?
Matt: cuz....
Matt: I'm too hot for you?
Lucky*: because i am not your babe.
Matt: yes you are
Lucky*: eww no. *shooo*
Matt: cuz I'm too hot for you
Lucky*: no.. i've seen your pic. you're not too hot for me.
Matt: yes I am
Matt: and at least I gotta pic
Lucky*: and that makes me not hot?
Matt: yeah
Lucky*: how so?
Matt: you xould be ugly for all i know
Matt: only proof shows
Matt: could*****
Matt: or even a man
Lucky*: lol. yes. i'm a 47 year old man who wants to hump your leg.
Matt: ew
Matt: ew
Matt: ew
Matt: ew
Lucky*: *mwahahaha*
Matt: your gross
Lucky*: thanks.
Matt: even ifyou are a 14 yr old girl
Matt: ya gotta sick fuck mind
Lucky*: i'll take that as a compliment.
Matt: its a fact
Lucky*: okay stop. i'm blushing.
Matt: .......
Lucky*: .......
Matt: man
Lucky*: woman
Matt: you saw my pic and I'm cute as hell
Matt: I know you want me
Lucky*: no, you really aren't.
Lucky*: i really don't want you.
Matt: yes you do
Matt: ya can;t say I'm ugly cuz I'm not
Matt: might not be VERY cute but I am
Matt: you want me
Matt: you really want me
Matt: don;t worry
Matt: ya not the first to ask
Matt: besides
Lucky*: i really didn't ask
Matt: I'm already taken
Matt: sorry babe
Lucky*: you're such a dork.
Matt: no sweat, I'm too damn good for you anyway
Lucky*: he's hot: *i sent him a pic of Wade*
Matt: whatever
Lucky*: hehe.
Matt: what exactly is it
Lucky*: a picture of my boyfriend.
Matt: uh huh
Matt: you slut
Matt: why you dating him?
Matt: fine take off the blonde hair and goatee
Matt: and its me
Matt: but beautiful eyes
Lucky*: sure. you're in disguise.
Lucky*: how am i a slut?
Matt: you know my eyes nice
Matt: ******are*******
Lucky*: uh huh..
Matt: i know my eyes are nice
Matt: so ya can;t complain bout that
Matt: but seriously.... I'd date you
Lucky*: i wont even bother.
Lucky*: you don't even know me.
Lucky*: and your "dating" jen.
Matt: fine
Matt: be a slut
Lucky*: you do know that you're a complete retard.
Lucky*: don't you now
*he blocked me for a few minutes*
*another block*
*another block*
Matt: SLUT

lol.. i'm prolly just the only one that finds this HEELARIOUS! he is just so girlish and dorky.. and he thinks i'm going out with Wade. *MWAHA* that's awesome. and his "I KNOW THAT YOUR A MAN" and "SLUT" outbursts made me roll on the floor! *mwahaha*

Lucky * | 8/9/2001 12:00:09 AM
   *puts her party hat on* 3,2,1...


yay! it's officially (on my watch!) Jennyfer's birthday.. weee! *sob* now i'm the only 14 year-old loser of the group. but anyway Jenn.. where ever the heck you are.. have a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you have a WONDERFUL year, filled with erm, STUFF. and you'll get your gift when you return! *mwahahaha*

Wednesday, August 8

Lucky * | 8/8/2001 11:39:06 PM
   well that was random. my brother just called me, our convo went a little like this:
"did you happen to eat ice cream at my house today?"
"where did you put the ice cream container after?"
"the freezer?"
"no, no, no. you put the ice cream in the fridge."
"oh shit, sorry.."
"oh yeah.. i bet you're REAL sorry. you just wanted all the sweet ice cream to yourself so we couldn't eat it's goodness."
"yes. it was my first step to taking over the world?"
"really. well then you just watch your ice cream. cause one day.. when you don't expect it.. *KABLAM* no more icecream."
lol, my brother's a dork.

anyway, "snoop dogg - do you wanna roll".. that is a TOTAL rip off from 2gether. TOTAL. *hmph*

okay.. so if you'll proceed to you'll notice that the layout's theme is "celebrity". *mwahahaha* and at the very right of the pic, you'll see the text, "that's the way love goes". which is a 1993 Janet Jackson song that nsync re-made for mtv icon.. *mwahahahaha* as i said, nsync-ing the world, one person at a time. OH YEAH. *fading laugh* just kidding.. of course. mhm.

i have received a bootleg copy of 'planet of the apes'. yay, something to do tomorrow. *still stuck in my house, yep.. but i'm planning my great escape tomorrow.. lol*

okay, i just had to add this.. my brother just came down to take a crap because Sabrina has diarrhea. *not our Sabrina, my sister-in-law Sabrina* hehe. i just think it's mad funny. and he told me to give him something to read. so i gave him my teen people. *hihihihihihi*

Tim Russell | 8/8/2001 08:44:32 PM
   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY, (its her birthday my time its ummmmmmmm 1:41am august 9th so HA!
i best get started on that monkey bread that rosie suggested

Lucky * | 8/8/2001 07:53:00 PM
   yes, i'm very well aware that Jennyfer's birthday is tomorrow. (why would i call Jenny a crackhead anyway? *evil grin*) today on the other hand, is Josh's birthday. *throws confetti* HAPPY BIRTHDAY! yay..

sabrina dibs | 8/8/2001 07:17:26 PM
   mmm...rosie, you do know it's august 8th...right? and its not her birthday...right? anyways, i am oh so bored right now! ahhh i read 3/4 of a 350page book today! :) (baby dont go..really good) someone please save me from my boredom! pleeease. oh and i got no idea what kinda different breads there are so uh surprise me ok? ok :)

Lucky * | 8/8/2001 02:19:02 PM
okay. now that that's out of the way, i'd like to request a bread: banana's and vodka, in the shape of a monkey please. it's for Jennyfer's birthday. *mwahahaha*
and for me, i'd like that bailey's/marshmellow bread. :) yum.

Tim Russell | 8/8/2001 01:19:12 PM
   i have yet to find a greeting card on the net that is THAT funny, but hey, there is nothing else to do round here,,, LET THE HUNT BEGIN :D hehe,,oh, i have found a new hobby, let me explain,,a while back my mum bought this machine thingy and u put the ingredients in , and it comes out as a loaf of bread, yes a bread machie..(my mum is into buying things that she will only ever use once and then never again, so i have stolen this marvellous device *fading laugh* and coz i am gr8 i found diff bread recipies on the net for making bread in my breadd machine, todays special was - alcaholic chocolate and bannana bread *go me* it was ok tasting, bread with a kick, i could sell this to my friends, getting drunk of bread *WOOHOO* what a gr8 hobby, while i am at it, n e requests for bread?? i wanna no what baileys bread tastes like *ponders* maybe i could put marshmellows in it ^_^ hehehehe ,, oh well, i do not really have n e thing intersting to say, ah well send ur requests to and i will make this bread and take a photo :D.. ciao

sabrina dibs | 8/8/2001 12:34:23 PM
   oh boy. ok i have now learned not to give wierd indian people from yahoo my address. hahahaha this guy sent me a greeting card. first of all it went into my bulk mail for some reason but anyways, so i open it and....hahahha...i see a canadian flag and its playing our anthem. then it says happy friendship day (i think..) and under it says 'i want to friendship with you, do you?' HAHAHAH sorry but its hilarious!

Tuesday, August 7

Lucky * | 8/7/2001 07:33:12 PM
   my house is SO AWESOME! it has big holes EVERYWHERE. looks like a bomb just hit at and *KABOOM* rocks and earth EVERYWHERE. hehe. and i got the yellow 'danger' tape ALL AROUND! isn't that the COOLEST? i have the spiffiest house on the block now. and i got a BIG RED construction truck in my backyard. (it's locked.. i've tried) i was just running around it singing the theme to 'Bob the builder'. but my house seems a little scary to passerby's. so i named my house 'David'. yes, *shakes her hand* after 'scary David'. lol.. i think only me and Claudia find that funny. oh WELL. hehe. me and Claudia had an interesting day. she felt sad for me so she payed me a visit. we were looking through this recipe thing, and found stuff for drinks.. we made a giblet? it's really awful. STRONG.. very strong. but Claudia's new favorite drink is that Belgium white liquor.. yumm. then we made brownies. were they special? oh yeeeah. my daddy and sister just finished them all. *giggles to herself*

*mwaha* everyone LOVES me! (yeah, strange things happen when you're bored.)

Lucky * | 8/7/2001 09:39:29 AM
*hmph* okay, so this morning.. say, 8.20.. i hear this, this... DO YOU HEAR IT NOW! god damn.. this, banging, drilling noise.. *RAWRRR!* crisse.. Tim could probably hear it. THEY'RE ATTACKING MY HOUSE! all around.. no where to hide. THERE'S NO ESCAPE! *sigh* i'm serious. i'm not allowed to leave.. AM I A FUCKING GUARD DOG NOW? crisse. CRISSE! laoinflafnlafnlafnlad. MY FUCKING CHAIR IS SHAKING AND GLIDING AWAY FROM MY DESK. sons of WHORES. aiwhfkasjfnlanflkan. all this to make a FUCKING DRAIN. aiusdfhosnf. and EVERYWHERE you go in the house.. you hear it. they're attacking my house ALL AROUND! ahhhhh! and you look outside this window right here, and you see a pile of rocks and a big yellow truck trying to crack my fucking window.. I SWEAR TO GOD.. MAKE MY FUCKING COMPUTER JUMP AND I'LL KICK ALL YOUR ASSES. ajflifnlafn. i'm done venting. alsfblafjb.

Monday, August 6

Lucky * | 8/6/2001 09:38:18 PM
   well that was fun. my eyes are burning and i smell like piss, but it's all good. *no, it really isn't 'all that good'.* i went to the Jean-Grou indoor pool with Simon and my sister.. interesting, i know. but i got to stay during the 'adult period' lol.. weehoo. i thought they would have big orgy's and stuff.. but all they do is swim laps. how lame is that? *sigh* i had to swim a lap or two to blend in. hey, and what's up with all the lifeguards being hairy and fat? that's really not cool.

Lucky * | 8/6/2001 03:04:32 PM
   "New System of a Down cd rocks, I can safely say it rapes the new N`sync CD, four times, without lube... Ouch ouch smack smack crunk... eh?"
*hmph* somehow i feel that was aimed at me? *mumbles* jerk.. lol.

anyWAY.. i had an interesting day.. SPENDING MY DADDIES MONEY! YAY! it's so much fun.. i was just skipping through the mall singing my own little theme song and buying all kinds of cool stuff. *mwaha*
well.. i'm off to burn a few cd's for Italy.. *busts a move*

Sunday, August 5

Lucky * | 8/5/2001 09:14:18 PM
   good job Sabrina! *thumbs up*
Jen said that she was coming back as soon as she'd convince her parents to return home.. so i say about a week. *nods*
anyway, for you're reading pleasure.. hehe..

Lucky*: shut up James.
James: WHY
Lucky*: dirty, dirty.
Lucky*: *mwaha* don't we all..
Lucky*: and you're proud of this?
James: YEA
James: WHY
Lucky*: lemme guess. you're drunk now, aren't you?
James: OH YEA
Lucky*: hehe.
Lucky*: yew gots mad dancin' skillz?
James: NO
Lucky*: how lovely.
Lucky*: oh, yes. yes you do.
Lucky*: dancing to nsync. like psshhh.. who does that? *looks away*

hehe, turning people to nsync-ism one day at a time. *fading laugh*

sabrina dibs | 8/5/2001 04:31:36 PM
   everyone, be proud of me!!!!! i actually went to church today!!! ahhh yay! ok, so i was dragged but still, i was present! yay big acomplishment. then we all had to go to some hall where my dad and uncle got drunk :) and it was only like 2oclock. ha! *sigh* anyways, on a sadder note...jenny's gone again :(. whens she comming baaack? *sniff* and jon came back too...but apparently i wasnt online at the right time because he sent me like 3emails and then he said he had to leave so id talk to him in september! :(. ahhh...ok, back to happy....i dont care about angel anymore! ah seriously, im sooo very proud of myself! so happy i started talking to him again. see now, hes all like i missed you blah blah blah and im like, ugh im bored, anyone else here to talk to? yay!!! im soooooo happy!!!! and i want you all to tell me how proud you are of me! i wont be obsessing anymore! yay! :) haha...and my sister went to buy kitty shampoo so we're going to wash nala!!!!!!!!! yay!! we havent given her a bath in like a year, so it should be fun! she hates water so..yeah. haha...*deep breath* ok i think ive said everything i wanted to say.

Lucky * | 8/5/2001 11:08:59 AM
actually Jenn, i got 'crunk' from Justin first. *mwahaha* i'm serious. :) and he prolly got in from Timberland, or that other dude.. he sings a song, 'let's get it crunk'.. something like that.
i'm not going to the beach today because, quite frankly, a day with 8 cousins all over 21 is very uncool. but anyway, my sister is getting my sweater! yay, my fumanskeeto sweater, if you're curious. :) YAY!

jennifer . | 8/5/2001 10:07:54 AM
   OMG OMG OMG OMG we started a trend :) hmm well not really we stole it from timbaland and magoo but whatever crunk is the coolest word ever. if ur not crunk ur un-cool. if ur cool and u think ur un-crunk the only answer is suicide.if u think ur cool and someone tells u ur un-crunk pa-lease that just makes u a ++superDORK++ wannabe.. UGH how do i feel what do i say in the end it all goes away GRRRRR i need tim's sweater *sniff* its so cute and adorable just like me :P ok anyways i gotta post part of the convo timmy had with richard that rosie missed *HEHE* HO HO HO ,, the pyschic is back says:
HO HO HO ,, the pyschic is back says:
HO HO HO ,, the pyschic is back says:
sorry but i am a guy
Richard ²°°¹ says:
i wud stick my cock in hard and shag u harder and hareder
Richard ²°°¹ says:
no ur not
HO HO HO ,, the pyschic is back says:
oh but i am
HO HO HO ,, the pyschic is back says:
Richard ²°°¹ says:
lol that is so funny im richards girlfriend lol i thought i had u and the whole time we hsad each other lol
HO HO HO ,, the pyschic is back says:
oh sure
HO HO HO ,, the pyschic is back says:
nice excuse m8y
Richard ²°°¹ says:
ring me
HO HO HO ,, the pyschic is back says:
what ur number
Richard ²°°¹ says:

LOL i love richard .. hes a fag i sent him my pic **fake pic only timmy has my real one :)**and he said i was ugly till i told him i masturbated over his pic everynight *sigh* EW EW EW

UGH matt said hed get online to say bye bye and hes not here yet :( im gonna cry *sniff* anywho bye bye i will miss u all

jennifer . | 8/5/2001 02:38:42 AM
   ugh ugh ugh ok part of the convo is gonna be missing but oh well ..Sarah says:
ok whore
no you shutup
Ty says:
ok no
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
go fuck ur mom
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
im from assia

The_Girl_Next_Door has left the conversation.

Sarah says:
ok tell ur assian g/f to shut up she is annoying i am from asia i am from asia no one cares
Ty says:
matt yo

The_Girl_Next_Door has been added to the conversation.

go fuck the girl next door, faggot
Ty says:
hy girl next door
Ty says:
matts gay come talk to me
The_Girl_Next_Door says:
Sarah says:
well at least he haas a mom to fuck matt doesn't
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
fuck matt they are makin fun of me cause im from assia
I'm gay
why do i wanna girl?
Ty says:
yeah shes impressed already
Sarah says:
haha well then why does she want u
Ty says:
so girl next door where ya from
Sarah says:
she must be desprit
shes from asia
The_Girl_Next_Door says:
BC Canada
Ty says:
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
i want him cause hes sexy

Ty says:
ohh really cool
Ty says:
how old r ya
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
The_Girl_Next_Door says:
old enough
Ty says:
really hmm
Ty says:
i like that
The_Girl_Next_Door says:
you would
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
u should
*kisses ty*
The_Girl_Next_Door says:
asl Ty
Ty says:
damn ur gay

jennifer . | 8/5/2001 02:32:01 AM

jennifer . | 8/5/2001 02:28:50 AM
   HAHAHA i had to post this convo sorry ..

I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
u like the beavers to?
i fuck'em for free
Ty says:
hahaha i sure as hell hope he dont gotta a wood
i fuck'em for free
Ty says:
why do people pay to see thta shit now
Ty says:
fuckn right i only like them blue backed northerns though
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
oh ya i know what u mean
what the hell is that?
a bear
Sarah says:
ok at least he doesn't fuck beavers ur the sick fuck
Ty says:
what the fuck boy ur talkn like u never fucked a beaveer before u must not be as experianced as the rest of us so just the the fuck up
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
fuck u
beavers are better
they're not hardcore
Ty says:
ohh really what is
i love summer says:
i think i would rather fuck a beaver than a bear
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
matt isnt sick u whore ur just jealous cause the beaver wont fuck u
Ty says:
bsides ur parents
i fuck beavers
so what>
<-----beaver fucker
Sarah says:
haha yeah i am really jealous lil girl u prolly aren't even 14
Ty says:
hahahaha umm yeah really sraah whats wrong with u uve never fucked a beaver before
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
shes too uptight
no we're 21
Sarah says:
yeah i am sure u r
Ty says:
ohh well ur a stud
Sarah says:
yeah right
so don't say we're not 14
bear fucker
Ty says:
damn u fuck a bear to
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
im turning 15 in 4 days
Sarah says:
umm yeha there are so many bears to fuck in iowa u dumbass
no i don';t
Ty says:
damn matt i dunno

i love summer has left the conversation.

Sarah says:
yeah right
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
loads of beavers in new york

i love summer has been added to the conversation.

shit loads
Sarah says:
i live in iowa it is a bear free state

i love summer has left the conversation.

I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
sure it is
Ty says:
that psycho never even seen a beaver before
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
Ty says:
ahahaha damn u guys r funny
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
ty do u also enjoy platypi?
shutup bear fucker
Ty says:
hey matt ill bet my beavers bigger than urs hahhaha
Ty says:
once in a blue moon
Ty says:
i thought so
Sarah says:
i doubt that
Ty says:
hey truth hurts live with it
look he/she
Ty says:
Sarah says:
damn u think ur funny don't u???
Ty says:
damn this kids a smart one
you fuckin pervs
Sarah says:
i know
we fuck beavers
its nothing new
Ty says:
ahahahaha ohh hahahah
Sarah says:
ty u gotta understand all of the russians do it even ask matt
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
ok im so freakin tired that im actually laughing at this
fucking bears is muuch better
Ty says:
ohh hahaha
I'm not a communist
I'm not tellin you again
Sarah says:
oo well that makes it all better
Ty says:
no sarah matts tryn to be cool get it beaver-pussy same thing
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
whats wrong with bein communist?
Ty says:
he just thinks hes cool syan it
Sarah says:
Ty says:
right matt now wait for his comeback
Sarah says:
Ty says:
here it is
hahahahah TY IS FUNNY
Ty says:
laugh for him
Ty says:
Sarah says:
yeha he is hahahaha
Ty says:
Ty says:
Ty says:
Ty says:
Ty says:
Ty says:
Sarah says:
ok stop
Ty says:
ok dork stop
Ty says:
u did
Ty says:
Sarah says:
hahah ur a geek so what the fuck u talking bout
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
im confused
thank you, thank you
Ty says:
I'm a geek, thank you
Sarah says:
yeah anytime
Ty says:
ur welcmome
thank you thank you
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
ur the cutest geek ever
Ty says:
ur welcome times 2
Ty says:
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
ya righ
Ty says:
yeah act like im the gay one
I shall make Luke and Leia camwh0res [hehe i wuve matthew ] says:
Sarah says:
omg u must be fucked up to think that a guy that would get a wood over a beaver is cute

jennifer . | 8/5/2001 12:08:11 AM
   ugh ok im going to this chalet thingy for a week *sniff* im gonna miss u all *tear* bye bye

Saturday, August 4

Lucky * | 8/4/2001 09:30:18 PM
   to Jennifer: and i quote, "fuck you. i'm brilliant, AND i'm cool." uh huh.. that was a quote from "save the last dance". :) anyway, onto the REAL reason of the post..
earlier today, Tim talked to one of Sabrina's whores, Richard. Richard, stupid as he is, thought Tim was a chick. so Tim, cool as he is, went along with it so that i can post it up. THANK YOU TIM! keep in mind that Richard is ugly and stupid. (and i really do mean that he's UGLY.) *my comments will be displayed like this :)* so, here we go:

Tim: thats me
Richard: lol thought so u got a piuc?
Richard: pic*
Tim: not at the mo, but i will do soon
Richard: k
Richard: wot u ;look like
Tim: well i am sesky *Timmy has nice boobies. :)*
Richard: probs hun
Tim: and i am 5ft 5
Tim: u?
Richard: blonde hair blue eyes 5'9 what hair u got an eyes
Tim: brown and blue
Tim: brown hair
Tim: blue eyes
Richard: u sound georg
Tim: georg?
Tim: oh ok
Tim: sorry
Tim: i am a bit thick
Richard: lol i dont care u georgeous and thick lol where u from
Tim: i am from england
Tim: hows bout u>?
Richard: same where in england
Tim: south london
Richard: k u coloured or white babes
Tim: white
Richard: k u single
Tim: yes i am
Tim: where u from hun?
Richard: ne england u got a mob
Tim: it got stolen
Tim: *kick* *hehe, *kicks Richard in the nuts**
Richard: u got a mob babe
Tim: nah, it got stolen
Richard: i wanted to hear u can u ring elsewhere
Tim: ur an ass-raming uncle fucker *haha, "shut your fucking face uncle-fucker.."*
Tim: ok?
Tim: r u happy now
Tim: U WHORe **screams* MAN WHORE!*
Richard: huh what u mean babe
Tim: do u have a 2 year old daughter, or r u a pedo and kidnapped her? *pedo.*
Richard: lol no babes i jus wanna know what an angel sounds like lol
Tim: can i hump u?
Richard: huh id have to meet u first babes
Tim: ur leg?
Tim: do u have hairy legs
Tim: i do **mwaha* we were trying to hint to him, but he's stupid and didn't catch it.*
Richard: kinda
Richard: so u got that pic babes
Tim: *ahem* i believe i told u no
Tim: down doggy
Tim: u like BDSM?
Richard: whats that hun
Tim: bondage
Tim: can i stab u
Tim: will that turn u on?
Richard: lol no babe u cud have sex with me hun
Tim: how old r u?
Richard: 17 in may
Tim: u got a pic?
Richard: no im sorry
Tim: maybe i could get myself off to it?
Richard: i wish babes *oh, if you ONLY knew the truth.. :)*
Tim: oh i bet u do
Tim: so, where in england u from?
Tim: u one of those weedy lil geeks?
Richard: near newcastle sand no babes lol
Tim: r u hot? *i made him ask. you have to understand that Richard is BUTT-UGLY. so i wanted to see what he thought of himself. notice how he ignores the question, hehe.*
Tim: cause u sure turn me on
Richard: i wish i did u into fone sex?
Tim: r u hot?
Tim: answer the damned question
Richard: yeah babe kinda so u liefoje sex? *YOU LIE! ooh, and he can't even spell.*
Tim: liefoje sex?
Richard: fone sex babe
Tim: u cannot spell?
Richard: lol i jus catch em and dont correct em babes so how bout it?
Tim: u a scouse, eh, eh,
Richard: no
Tim: c'mon
Tim: scousers r gr8
Richard: im not hun
Tim: jordy
Tim: jordy geezer?
Richard: no jus plain english (northern)
Tim: ach no
Tim: u is a northener
Tim: u got a northen accent?

Lucky * | 8/4/2001 09:26:49 PM
Richard: yeah urs sothern?
Tim: nah
Tim: standard RP
Tim: not that u would know what that means
Tim: coz ur northen
Richard: no babes i dont
Richard: i know thatr im begging 2 like u
Tim: u like me?
Tim: for what reason/
Richard: coz u sound special
Richard: really special
Tim: i am
Tim: u don't get out much do u? *lol..*
Tim: u r in fact locked in ur room all day *lmao!*
Richard: lol no babe
Tim: chatting up geezer gurls like me all day
Richard: jus special 1
Tim: u?
Tim: ur special;?
Tim: u wanna cyber, i like that
Richard: sure
Tim: ok but u start, i am a cyber virgin
Tim: and i like foreplay *kink-ay!*
Richard: u like fone sex hun its better
Tim: ach, if i came offa here, mi mudda would av a go
Richard: y?
Tim: i dunno
Tim: she would though
Tim: ur always on that darn phone blah blah blah
Richard: lol is it a mob?
Tim: nah
Tim: land line
Tim: but cyber is as good, no?
Richard: hold on
Tim: but i am horny NOW hun *he's getting aggravated. better watch it.. Timmy likes s&m :)*
Tim: resistance is futial
Richard: well ok but can u ring l8r for fone sex?
Tim: if u get started now
Tim: k hun?
Richard: sure
Tim: go right ahead then
Richard: i walk in and ur masterbateing callin ur name over as i get louder and louder it really turns u on *that makes no sense. ugly person. rawr*
Tim: don't u want to join in my fun?
Richard: whats that babe
Tim: come in he bed
Tim: its nice and,,,,,,,,, moist *hehe*
Richard: i jujmp on top of your moist naked body and i finger u softly and slowly u really enjoy it *clearly, that's impossible :) unless.. naw.. nevermind. no comment.*
Richard: ur turn
Tim: i pull out my telescope and begin a worldwide search for ur penis, but have no luck, u got a map? *lmao! it's funny, because it's TRUE! haha..*
Richard: lol
Richard: r u horney
Tim: damn horny
Tim: but
Richard: ring m,e hun and we can masterbate over each other
Tim: there is not "e" in horny
Tim: would u lick me out? *ooh, the irony..*
Richard: yes
Tim: it sure would get my juice going
Richard: ring me hun u can here me wank as i here u poke
Tim: first describe ur action for making me climax
Tim: then the phone
Tim: babe?
Richard: i wud slowly undress u and breathe warm air on your neck as u r naked i wud move down to you pussy and slowly finger you and finger and then i wud lick u oput slowly and deeply *that's crap. can't you do any better? pssshh.*
Tim: U HAVE BEE ++SUPERDORKED++ **mwahahaha!**
Tim: BEEN*
Tim: sorry but i am a guy
Richard: i wud stick my cock in hard and shag u harder and hareder **ahem* he said he's a GUY!*
Richard: no ur not *i think he knows whether he's a guy or not, BUDDY.*
Tim: oh but i am
Tim: *sigh*
Richard: lol that is so funny im richards girlfriend lol i thought i had u and the whole time we hsad each other lol *oh, yeah.. hahaha.. NOT!*
Tim: oh sure
Tim: nice excuse m8y

after that was a lot of pointing and laughing from Tim, and a whole bunch of excuses from Richard. and Richard was pretending he was his "girlfriend". *sigh* stupid people are so entertaining. :)

Tim Russell | 8/4/2001 08:42:40 PM
   ok i think that we should copy large posts in the future and if it does mess up then u can always paste and try again

jennifer . | 8/4/2001 07:07:45 PM
   ugh ok never mind that doesnt work i just tried *sniff* poor rosie but ur dumb and i dont feel sorry for u cause its like the second time it happens to u

jennifer . | 8/4/2001 07:06:46 PM
   rosies an idiot i in no way feel sorry for her she could have just pressed back and copied the convo and put it as two posts!

Tim Russell | 8/4/2001 06:49:33 PM
   ok now, i think that u willl all agree whn i say that blogger is being real stupid and not posting big posts,,,,every1 give sympathy to rosie for posting too BIG

Lucky * | 8/4/2001 06:46:00 PM
*bangs her head on the desk*
an hour of editing.. *sigh* STUPID BLOGGER! asjdfnlanflafn.. i'll get the convo up soon. *sob*

Tim Russell | 8/4/2001 05:53:12 PM
   ok, so just had the most funny conv with this guy sab used to talked to, i have sent it to rosie and it shall be posted soon :)

Lucky * | 8/4/2001 02:19:00 PM
   okay, i'm stupid AND wierd. reason?
i cleaned my WHOLE FUCKING HOUSE today. not just shit cleaning man.. like.. mop, vacuum and scrub.. from 11 to now, 2. now that i think of it, i have no idea why i did it. i'm just stupid. i was on some adrenaline (sp?) rush. i was bored too.. and my mommy was working, so i felt bad.. because the house was a mess. and uh huh! i can't wait 'til she gets home. WHO'S GOING TO FLORIDA NOW! uh huh. uh huh uh huh, uh huh! hehe. *busts a move* she's always so happy when i clean. and i might be going to Plattsburgh tomorrow.. for shopping and a day at the beach. whoo. so.. later.
[my bed still isn't done. :) go me.]

Lucky * | 8/4/2001 12:48:48 AM
   i have this craving for it to be winter, and for school to start.. so i can go to some dances.
what the fuck?
i've been influenced. now i need alcohol.. and i wanna go to La Ronde, any takers? ah thought so. yew saw dat. ah busted a cap in his ass. OLDSKOOL.
miss.. mary.. mack, mack, mack. all dressed in black, black, black. with silver buttons, buttons, buttons. all down her back, back, back...
*busts a move* if you're ready.. i'm ready.. let's get it on tonight.. we can get it on.. you don't have to be alone.. it's one on one tonight..
i messed up the words SO bad just then.. it's like, WHOA.
hehe, it's like, WHOA! hahaha.
you can do it put your back into it.. i can do it put your ass into it, put your back into it, put your ass into it.. *sticks out her bum*
ah said BUM
i'm a whore.
i'm REALLY not a whore
but ah got skillz.
i REALLY don't.

Friday, August 3

jennifer . | 8/3/2001 10:44:58 PM
   ok im going to bed good night

jennifer . | 8/3/2001 10:44:17 PM
   i still love jacob though very much he's my fav cam whore

jennifer . | 8/3/2001 10:43:05 PM
   ugh im such a bitch im cheating on jacob

jennifer . | 8/3/2001 10:42:25 PM
   he loves me . hehe im back with him cause of james i wuve u james

jennifer . | 8/3/2001 10:41:43 PM
   im back with matt

jennifer . | 8/3/2001 10:41:11 PM
   one line posts are cool

jennifer . | 8/3/2001 10:39:05 PM
im so very bored

jennifer . | 8/3/2001 10:34:31 PM
   hey hey baby ou ah i wanna know oh oh oh if u'll be my girl

Lucky * | 8/3/2001 08:57:23 PM
timm-AY is baaack!

hehe, HOORAY! and in 3 weeks time at around this hour i shall be departing. yeeeah. so anyway, i just watched "save the last dance" for the 5th time in a row. so sad.. *sniff* and dayum blogger.. POST! *waves her wand* postus *mwaha* anyway.. i'm a dork.
oh now i really feel bad, bad llama. *slaps herself* hehehehe..

jennifer . | 8/3/2001 07:22:03 PM
   heheh yay i finished working finally im leaving to go camping on sunday morning grrrrr :( timmy's back too yay and my birthdays in 6 days :P hehe buy me stuff

Tim Russell | 8/3/2001 06:13:04 PM
   MOOO,,,*where am i ,,, what happened ,,, i am back and i can barely type,,,grrrr ,,,, darn france* HI EVERY1 ^_^

Lucky * | 8/3/2001 04:37:12 PM
   okay, that is DISGUSTING. i think i can speak for all of us when i say that i am one HAPPY woman that we ditched her. SERIOUSLY. she probably has some sort of disease. hehe. herpes. it's insane what she'll do (and probably has done) for popularity. excuse me while i *gag*.. sorry.. *runs to the washroom* :s

sabrina dibs | 8/3/2001 11:53:52 AM
   i totally agree with this jacob...thing. i think its the best thing for jennifer right now :) and its not named matt...ahh is he gone yet? finally!! yay!!!!! im soo happy. haha.. ok but i really wanna know whats wrong with james, seriously. oh yeah, ok cinzia made out with nick whatshisname? the guy that was in my religion class last know, i always complained that he smelled? ah well anyways, apparently at his bday party sometime in june it happened. awww...eww god that is sick. anyways, dont tell anyone k? cause sab p told me from lucie(i dunno where she got that from..) but anyways im not supposed to tell :) lalalalalalalalalalalala can i be more bored? ahhh someone save me please

Lucky * | 8/3/2001 10:49:22 AM
   Jenn, i was expecting another neon eyed colored retard.. :) but that was cute. Jacob is hot.
my daddy is MEAN. see, he got 2 free tickets for first class, but 1 person is going in 2nd. *grumble* anyWAY, you'd THINK that he'd make ME go in the front with my sister since i'd be all alone. but, NOOOO! *dayum* and then he says, "on the way there Antonella can sit in the front, then on the way back you sit in the front." excuse me? being a little GREEDY are we! *hmph* stupid, *grumble* second class.. mhmhmhmhm.
but WAIT.. there's MORE. yeah huh.. my COUSIN that left for ITALY yesterday, went in FIRST CLASS. so EVERYONE is getting the free tickets EXCEPT MEE! *bangs her head on the desk* but i don't care. (yeah, right) i'd rather sit with a stranger. cause that is gonna be superbly interesting. *mwahaha*

jennifer . | 8/3/2001 07:19:18 AM
   HAHAHA im so over matt I have a real man now and he’s a cam whore, meet my new boyfriend Jacob if the cam thingy is black it’s because it’s nighty night time in denmark and that Jacob is sleeping J

jennifer . | 8/3/2001 07:03:02 AM

Thursday, August 2

jennifer . | 8/2/2001 07:57:55 PM
   hehe yup i know why james is fucked most of the time and well i cant really talk bout it cause umm well i sorta promised and i dont want him to find out and not talk to me anymore or to stop talking to me the way he did last night. and uh uh who's comming to montreal this week-end?

sabrina dibs | 8/2/2001 07:48:55 PM
   alrighty...jennifer you're just confusing me even more. you know why james is 'fucked' most of the time? id love to know that one. anyways, someone told me they might be comming to mtl this weekend. anyways, umm then he told me he was going to go smoke a joint. so uh yeah, ugh people are retards sometimes. i admit that, but why? and he was starting to act like he used to too. *sigh* ah well...

jennifer . | 8/2/2001 07:29:12 PM
   hahaha i forgot to mention that Matt was at the bsb concert in new york :) me thinks he's into men or maybe he just enjoys their music or maybe its cause he's going with his lil sister hehe thats what he told me but i like better my he likes men theory

jennifer . | 8/2/2001 07:29:11 PM
   hahaha i forgot to mention that Matt was at the bsb concert in new york :) me thinks he's into men or maybe he just enjoys their music or maybe its cause he's going with his lil sister hehe thats what he told me but i like better my he likes men theory

jennifer . | 8/2/2001 07:26:53 PM
   hahahaha i saw sugar and spice umm 3 times at the movies... I saw it once with claudia it wasnt that bad and then she forced me to go with her and her boyfriend and well i didnt mind cause i thought jimmy was going but noooooo it was his best friends birthday FUCK anyways my cousin then forced me to go see it with her cause she HAD to see it and all her friends had already seen it and cause im the bestest cousin in the world i went. HMM im sorta wondering whats with sab and hooking up with umm old friends ,.,. i got nothing against sab but umm the other dude EW!
ok well now i sorta have a lil problem.. do i go back to work with my dad after his two week vacation for a week? or do u people my friends promise to keep me busy?
GRRRR matthew fuckin broke up with me. *sigh* we were so perfect for eachother LOL anyways he e-mailed me saying he was sorry and he didnt know why he did that and that he realised he needed me and so on u know the blah blah blah bullshit i give umm Cody once a week hehe anyways i guess were back together im sure it wont last very long though.. ok and James changed my disturbed_chicka password so if anyone says anything dumb using that email add it isnt me its james but i dont even mind cause he was so nice to me last night and we sorta talk for a very long time it was great i guess now i sorta know why he seems to be so fuckin fucked most of the time.oh well everyone knows ill always love him and that hell always be my baby hehe

sabrina dibs | 8/2/2001 04:48:11 PM
   who broke up with jenny? im confused...why is james a sweet heart? oh and rosie, i know what those zuccini flower thingys are. anyways, spending the day with sab p was so damn wierd!!! omg, when we bumped into each other at the gals last time her mom gave me this horrible look :( so i didnt want her there today. so anyways, dont botter renting 'sugar & spice' ugh its really bad. well, thats all i! i cant believe i got through that. i felt sooooo bad about everything, i was like why am i here? i shouldnt be here! ah whatever

jennifer . | 8/2/2001 07:10:02 AM

Wednesday, August 1

Lucky * | 8/1/2001 11:53:58 PM
   *mwaha* you like that dontcha? (the Joey pic, stupid) *mwaha*

Lucky * | 8/1/2001 12:02:08 PM
   "Robson, who is romantically linked to Prince's ex-wife, 27-year-old choreographer-dancer Mayte Garcia..."
*sob* WADE, YOU'RE 19! *runs off crying*