Tuesday, July 31

Lucky * | 7/31/2001 11:18:09 PM
   ACK! mosquito bites. *scratch, scratch* i was outside for like 30 mins and they flippin' attack me! *rawr* i got one right next to my bum. hehe. bum.
eesh. my keyboard is all greasy now.. blah. i was eating a.. erm.. what are they called? zucchini flower? hehe. i know it's sounds gross but it's AWESOME. i just see Sabrina and Jennifer's faces while they read this.. but it's not really a flower! it's this thing.. and it's fried.. and it's awesome. i love it. go try some.
people sure do know how to get on my nerves, *cough* JAMES. christ, he's a loser. just a warning to you, yeah you. i know how to be a bitch. don't try me. just, DON'T. and DON'T bullshit me either. 'cause then i'd BITCH at you. BITCH, BITCH, BITCH, ALL DAY LONG. *hmph*
anyway, Claudia and i had an interesting day. we went to the pool, and we saw Tonia's sister. haha. *chunk-ay!* i'm sorry.. so sorry. but she's still cool. i guess. and she told me the story about the paralysed dog.. ugh. poor dog. anyway. then when we were out of the pool, we were joined by two Mary's and a Bro. it was just down right scary. the two Mary's go to Pearson, but i had no clue who they were. one's name is Rosie. hehe, go me. anyway, the bro was Marco Tassone's brother.. David? yeah, David. CAN YOU GET ANY MORE BRO THAN THAT! oh my goodness. yeah, the Rosie chick is gonna be in Sec. 5 and she was HITTING on him (sec. 3) like you would not believe. eesh, it's horrible, i tell you. and all the while they're telling Claudia that she had big tits. *looks around the room* is it some sort of greeting now. "HEY! how are you? you have big tits!" and she tried my shoes on! she put her stinky feet in my SHOES. *rawr* without asking. MY SHOES. whore. and all the while, i'm thinking, "why are they here? why, why, why.. get away, away, away.." that stupid David kid.. ugh. can you get any more RETARDED and BRO-ISH! god.. the way he was talking.. WITHOUT FORCING HIMSELF! "mingia, bro.. me i went to the store and oh, i bought this ting. yeah, and i was like OH! me i said OH!" god.. and this chick was falling for him! *smacks her forehead* then he's for some reason, talking to Claudia.. but Claudia was insulting him, so he tried to fight back.. i swear i couldn't take it anymore, i was dying of laughter. haha, stupid bro's. then he's like: "you're french, right?" Claudia's like.. "uh, yeah." he says, "can you say peanut in french?" Claudia looks at me, i'm pissing in my pants.. she says "arachide" and he's all like, WHOA! then he asks a bunch of other stuff.. watermelon, grape.. and he's like, "COOL." it's like.. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE FRENCH TO KNOW THAT MORON! WE LIVE IN QUEBEC FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! YOU'RE THE ONLY IDIOT THAT DOESN'T KNOW THESE THINGS. christ. i'm sorry. anyway, i wasn't there when they were talking about style. Claudia saying she was a skater, and then he says, "i like that". NO YOU DON'T YOU UGLY BRO! haha, then the Rosie chick saying to Claudia that she liked guys that smoke up.. hehe. GOD.. no comment on that one. when you have the brother of the world's biggest fuckin' cocaine dealer right next to you. eesh. anything else? yeah. we were talking about Vans Warped.. HE DID NOT KNOW WHO D-12 IS. oh my god.. oh my god! like. HELLO! then i'm like, "you know, purple hills? eminem's group?" Claudia starts dancing to the song.. haha! i couldn't take it. the girls knew, thank GOD. only one SMUCK on our hands. anyway, enough rambling. i'm out. *does the purple hills dance*

sabrina dibs | 7/31/2001 12:15:53 PM
   ok wow my thing actually posted...i didnt think it did..the explorer thingy just kept turning and turning and turning. ah well...ok so we're talking, is that such a big deal? *sigh* ok i know it is but...but...well whatever.

Monday, July 30

Lucky * | 7/30/2001 10:52:08 PM
   see Lucky. see Lucky bored. see Lucky make an ass out of herself on AIM:

luckyprincess008: i love the smell of lizards in the morning. don't you?
Akari6: what?
luckyprincess008: lizards.. the way they smell in the morning. i love it. don't you?
Akari6: i don't know how they smell
luckyprincess008: yummy
Akari6: ok
luckyprincess008: *END LIZARD PROFILING!*
Akari6: ok
luckyprincess008: do you dislike lizards?
Akari6: i guess
luckyprincess008: fool.

luckyprincess008: i love the smell of lizards in the morning. don't you?
LatinSwing: yes
LatinSwing: i thought i was the only one that did
LatinSwing: hows it going
luckyprincess008: i am doing excellent.
LatinSwing: sounds good to me
luckyprincess008: do you believe lizard profiling should end?
LatinSwing: of course not
luckyprincess008: i see. interesting opinion.
luckyprincess008: will you lick my lizard?
LatinSwing: i would if i had to, if it was a matter of life and death... yes i would
luckyprincess008: you are one crunk speciman. may the lizards bless you.
LatinSwing: i have been blessed, thank you princess
luckyprincess008: you are very much welcome.
LatinSwing: what is your story, do tell
luckyprincess008: i'm very much dorky like. very close to the retarded side. simple as that.

luckyprincess008: then lick my lizard.
MainEVENTof04: Will it hurt?
MainEVENTof04: I know something you can lick.
luckyprincess008: no. lizards are our friends. as are cucumbers.
luckyprincess008: i do not lick foreign objects.. just mentioning that beforehand.
MainEVENTof04: you got a lot of time on your hands dont you?
luckyprincess008: very much so.
MainEVENTof04: lol.
MainEVENTof04: and you are bored.
luckyprincess008: *nods* indeed.

MainEVENTof04: So my question to you is why did you choose to IM "MAINeventof04" that would be me.
luckyprincess008: because you are the chosen one.
MainEVENTof04: good answer, I will say yes to that one.
MainEVENTof04: and i am choose to stop lizard profiling?
luckyprincess008: yes my friend.
luckyprincess008: it is your duty.
MainEVENTof04: all my duty is in the bathroom.
MainEVENTof04: i say the fish dont fry in the kitchen, the beans dont fry on the gril.
luckyprincess008: you are intelligent indeed. using the toilet bowl as a communication device with the lizards.
MainEVENTof04: OMG hahahaha.
luckyprincess008: *ponders* i would have never thought of that.
MainEVENTof04: I "ponder" of things that most people dont "ponder" of, so what i say to you in very secretave, and was soken to me in LIZARDTARIAN " kerblapo kimni kamo hykins"
luckyprincess008: oh my goodness. could this be true?
luckyprincess008: have the lizards teamed up with the platypi? my goodness..
MainEVENTof04: this is what "He" has spoken.
MainEVENTof04: and they are meeting in "GNOK GNOH"
luckyprincess008: thank you for your information.
MainEVENTof04: you are very welcome, may the horse be with you.

some people are the COOLEST.

Lucky * | 7/30/2001 09:34:50 PM
   ooooh. i hate spiders. i was just forced to look at one, and urgh. on a happier note, i just spent all evening filling out passport forms and taking pictures. wee-hoo. isn't that splendid? anyway, now i'm all excited to leave for Italy. *yay!* they have a skate park near laurier? yeah.. for all the bro's. hehe.. i suppose Tommy and Michael were the ones that filled the fountain with soap.. hehe. it was a funny sight at 12 in the morning. and i will not comment on the last 2 or 3 posts, well.. because.. or else.. *hmph* i'll just keep my mouth shut.

jennifer . | 7/30/2001 06:54:05 PM
   Oh dear that wasnt a very good idea sab ...oh well whats done is done. Hehehe did you people see the new skate park near sir wilfred laurier? its pretty cool and the guys are so fuckin bitable. hehehe work was scary today my dad made me take appointmentsand this one dude kept saying "whazup" in a bad texas type of accent i was scared and he told me i had to reply with whatzup so i did so that lasted a minute or two till i asked if 6:30am was ok and then i had to call livonia all day and i couldnt understand there accents. thats all for now and i wrote this in like 5 minutes so please excuse my spelling *sigh*

jennifer . | 7/30/2001 06:54:04 PM
   Oh dear that wasnt a very good idea sab ...oh well whats done is done. Hehehe did you people see the new skate park near sir wilfred laurier? its pretty cool and the guys are so fuckin bitable. hehehe work was scary today my dad made me take appointmentsand this one dude kept saying "whazup" in a bad texas type of accent i was scared and he told me i had to reply with whatzup so i did so that lasted a minute or two till i asked if 6:30am was ok and then i had to call livonia all day and i couldnt understand there accents. thats all for now and i wrote this in like 5 minutes so please excuse my spelling *sigh*

sabrina dibs | 7/30/2001 12:33:00 PM
   OH MY GOD. i need help... :( *sniff* seriously...jennifer, i said i wanted to talk to him, but i was only half serious.. *sniff* so, i went on msn on tweetybird991 and all of a sudden, guess who writes to me?! oh god..so now im talking to him (uh..i really hope you all know who im talking about) and its like oh so wierd! but really, this is like the most we've said to each other in ummmm...well in a loooong time. and i am going to die soon...ahhh :(

Sunday, July 29

jennifer . | 7/29/2001 03:04:12 PM
   :) how can u forget the porto? or however its spelt. *sigh*

Lucky * | 7/29/2001 02:37:42 PM
   insense and a bottle of Tornado cause retardedness. and that's all i have to say about that.
my apologies for my behavior last night. :)

sabrina dibs | 7/29/2001 12:43:06 PM
   hahaha ok, my mommy and sis just saw that our website is called "superdorks" haha :) its cool...ah! ok, they're talking about this haunted house wwe went to at camp when we were small..that was scary! seriously...the tables went up and everything..it was scary for a uh...8-9-10 (i dunno) year old...ok well, i got nothing to do, nothing to say. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.. good! yay! i dont have to go to my nonnas house for lunch! yayyayyay!!! im sooooo happy. i wouldve died! blahblahblah ok im gonna go eat something now.

Saturday, July 28

Lucky * | 7/28/2001 10:59:15 AM
   new layout/template thingy because Lucky is bored. so YEP! i'm going to Italy. 100% sure now.. my daddy is booking my flight and all. see i figure, if i get screwed out of going to Florida, i'm gonna kick my own ass. and i get to see my baby cousin and my cousin's son.. and miss school. YEP. it's all good. [sorry Sab. :(] anyway, i need to make myself a good punk compilation to get away from all that.. well, that music they have there. *grumble* so if you have any good one's.. yep, yep. tell me. and have no fear, i'm not leaving soon. so i get to stick around and piss everyone off some more. :)

Friday, July 27

jennifer . | 7/27/2001 10:35:48 AM
   if ever any of you are bored email me plz (jlcutie25@hotmail.com) im at work and i got nada to do so save me

Thursday, July 26

jennifer . | 7/26/2001 04:20:55 PM
   I hope you all die slowly, your site sucks, and I hope Stile gets ahold of you and skull fucks you....

N'Sync are just shepards leading all of your small minds to slaughter


And your site sucks (Especially "Jenifer" who can't spell for SHIT!!!)



jennifer . | 7/26/2001 04:06:08 PM

sabrina dibs | 7/26/2001 02:19:45 PM
   hmm ok, so, it's like 2oclock and im bored, as usual. yesterday's adventure to the beach was not worth it. ugh, we had to go through ontario for some reason(only cornwall so its not that bad..) and then to the states...ah, anyways, at least vanessa was there. and she had brought her cdman(what do you call that thing??) so it was ok, but sitting between two car seats for an hour and a half (twice!) is not my idea of fun. and i couldnt go in the water. and my aunt was smart enough not to forget i hate fish so she brought hot dogs for me(not my favorite but better than shrimp ugh) and then shes all like omg brina we forgot the ketchup and everything. so i ate the thing anyways and a whole bunch of other stuff...and then my aunt has the nerve to...to ahh. so its like 3:30 and im sitting there eating chips, vanessa on the floor, karina on her lap, my 2 aunts and 2uncles sitting on the bench (the other two were on swings...) and she has the nerve to say (as if im not even there), "sabrina hasnt eaten anything all day, i mean nothing at all!". I WAS E-A-T-I-N-G WHILE SHE SAID THAT!!!!!!!!!11 omg i was going to die right there. i cant take it anymore...so i went on the swings alone and of course everyone follows me thereone by one, and theyre all like "you look bored" no, i look like im forcing myself not to cry...so finally its like 6:30 and they decide ok lets go home. finally at 8 i get in the kitchen where daddys pourring himself milk..and i just burst out crying! wow, i was so embarrassed...i told him the story and hes all like its ok (i heard sandy fromt he living room "aunt terrys a bitch, shes always been one, ignore her brina". so after like half an hour, im alright..then my mommy comes home and it all starts over again...wow! so after all that crying, this morning my eyes are all tired and theyre closing on me :(. and i realised i missed the last fireworks at la ronde! and it was australia on top of everything! and for what??? a day at the beach???? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so mad...*sigh* hope everyone else had a nice day...

Lucky * | 7/26/2001 12:20:21 PM
   okay. so now.. i need help. seriously. now, no joke.. i had a dream last night that William Shatner was plucking the hair of my legs. i'm dead serious. can someone explain that to me? whoa.. i need MAJOR help.
in other news, I SUCK. *sniiiiiff* i got my McGill results and i got an 87. *hmph* i'll show you who needs to capture the sound more.. *grumble*
hehe, i was so bored on the bus today. i had my walkman with my new cd =) and.. hehe. it was playing 'pop' and this guy next to me seemed to be getting pissed off. so i put it up all the way and started leaning next to him. he's all like, "psssssh!" and he got up and changed seats! hahahahaha! if that's not humor.. i dunno what is. but the next chick spoiled my fun. she kinda started mouthing the words, so i'm like "pssssshhhhh on you". but it's still nice to know that there's 2 nsync fans in Montreal. and after that they really didn't seem to care. OH well.

Wednesday, July 25

jennifer . | 7/25/2001 10:19:15 PM
ok u gotta be fucked up to broadcast your suicide. and if u plan on killin urself ur fucked up life is worth living. but pa-lease if ur gonna try killin urself do something that u can stop in the procedure. for example overdosing ... so if u regret it after u did it u can still live but if u like blow ur brains out its over ur dead.and trust me once uve tried u regret it and u realise that life is worth living a lil more. OH well if ever your thinking bout killing urself email me first so that i can find a way to stop you.

Lucky * | 7/25/2001 08:26:56 PM
   i feel so loved. *sniff* an aunt in New York sent me $20 today. don't ask why. hey.. and that's american. i'm rich. whoa.. and she sent a letter saying how i was a lovely young lady. eesh, i know i'm hot and all.. but 'lovely young lady'? nah.. i'm certain she feels really bad for me and gave me money for drugs. so if you'll excuse me.. hehe. kidding, uh, of course.
anyway, i've been offered a week trip to Italy at the end of August. i guess i'm gonna go. (because everyone will kick my ass if i don't go.) it's just that, everyone over there is so old. *sigh* but i dunno. tell me what to do. i just hope it doesn't affect my plans to go to Disney next year.
anyway, Danny Marchand scares me. yep. let us not mention his name ever again. EVER.

jennifer . | 7/25/2001 07:31:24 PM
   OH MY GOD i am such a bitch. I totally forgot what it felt like to be stalked. i think its time i tell u people who are bored enough to read this a lil story about a certain "danny marchand". I've had major problems with guys. the only guys that seem to like me are fucked in the head. or extremly ugly. i mean ... shawn? eesh no thanx anyways on with my story there was this guy at my school (sir wilfred laurier (i aint there anymore thats like jr high)(im now at Pearson) this guys name was danny marchand i didnt think much of him actually i didnt even know he came to my school.... until he started stalking me... i didnt even realise it at first i just saw him every day on the bus hed get off at the same stop as me and then walk up my street and just continue past my house. then out of the blue he walks up to me in school and asks me if i wanted to go to this dance with him. I answered no and this totally caused him to go insane EVERYWHERE i was i saw him maybe it was just me being paranoid but i dont think so .. i mean he didnt live that far from my house so it was possible that i met him ocasionally but everyday going up and down my street im sorry but that aint coincidence.anyways it didnt really bother me at first cause he would leave me alone. after that he started to be friends with my brother. why on earth would a 14 year old wanna be best friends with my 9 year old brother?anyways my mom realised this dude was following me all the time so she said if ever he even talked to me shed get a restraining order done (which would be real easy cause my mommy's a legal secratary :)) ok so now my brother was told not to even talk to the freak anymore and then my mom forced me to go all summer with my family to my chalet type of thing near black lake. so ok guess what this dude stayed on my front steps every single day till i came back my neighboor phoned the cops a few times. i then found out he was going threw my mail. anyways after the tenth time the police made him leave they arrested him :) but then he got out *sigh* sooooo this was like 3 years ago and i really thought it was all over but one day i past by his house to go get my sis from day care and then he got into the habit of following me again but after a week i told my mom and she got a restraining order so he cant get close to me its super cool anyways he continued following me and got put in juvie. Ugh i dont know if thats why hes in there but oh well mike told me he saw him there last time he went. HMMMM i havnt talked to mike in a long time maybe i should unblock him and see if hes changed .. probably not but oh well i just hope he doesnt get caught with drugs again and if he does tommy better be really far away cause tommy doesnt need to get in shit cause of micheal ..... oh well anyways id just like to appologize to chris cause ya that story thingy was actually true and um ya being stalked isnt fun. AT ALL its even scary... really really scary im just happy i havnt seen him in a while anyways sorry dude ill stop stalking u .. not that i was actually stalkin i just said i was gonna id never actually do that to anyone..... ugh rosie's havin a crisis i shall go help her bye byez

jennifer . | 7/25/2001 05:27:49 PM
   GRR im at work and my daddies in a meeting and i finished what he told me to do so now im bored ive been bored for like an hour so i decided to start messing with his puter and i finally found how to use there internet explorer thingy. its so scary and wierd im happy my pc is normal. GR s0ss is scared of me im gonna start acting normal with him he doesnt seeem to apreciate my dorkyness anywho im gonna go do other stuff... i wonder if i can download msn UGH probably not cause of the dumb fire wall but whatever. OMG u people have to see some people who work here HOTNESS i tell ya :P oh well everyone here can connect to this pc and see what im doing so im gonna go now AUREVOIR oh ya i love having a t1 :)

Lucky * | 7/25/2001 10:53:19 AM
   see this shirt? i WANT it. NOW. =) so.. if anyone one spots it.. and wants to buy it for me? *evil grin* nah.. just tell me if you see it. then steal it. 'cause that would be CRUNK. (the superdork family does not endorse stealing and such. *looks around the room* yeeeah.) anyway, i masturbated bonded with my cd last night. we are now a couple. did you know that the cd itself is a camera lens? not a real one, idiot. but like.. YEAH! nsync is so clever. *giggle* anyway.. i'm bored. ('selfish' is an awesome song. =) so.. i'll be off now. later..

jennifer . | 7/25/2001 06:57:44 AM
   Telling people hotmail has changed looks a week after it was changed is the cool thing to do!

Tuesday, July 24

Lucky * | 7/24/2001 08:21:23 PM
   "..does he freak you the way that i do? cause you know that i know how to.."
nsync - see right through you. :)

Lucky * | 7/24/2001 08:20:15 PM
my sexy bitch of a lover

jennifer . | 7/24/2001 08:01:24 PM
   IM FUCKIN PISSED CLAUDIAS A FUCKIN RETARD I TOLD HER MILLIONS OF TIMES NOT TO TOUCH MY COMPUTER BUT WHAT DOES SHE DO SHE FUCKS IT UP. I LOST ALL MY FUCKIN LINKS AND STUFF. GRRRR omg yay s0ss goes to laurier mac now i can go stalk him and meet him after school as soon as schools starts :)

Lucky * | 7/24/2001 06:35:55 PM
   HELLO ALL MY LOVELY FRIENDS! *lick* what a day, what a day.. where to begin? *lol, i'm such a teeny, i'm so excited.. i have so much to say.. lol!*
okay, so it's 12.30-ish. i'm on my way to Place Bourassa to get my LOVELY nsync cd. i'm waiting at the 32 stop for like 15 minutes. i'm starting to get aggravated. i wanted my cd.. NOW. it was humid.. AND I WANTED MY CD! anyway, the 32 FINALLY comes, and i get on. slowly, i start to get excited again. the day that i've been waiting for, for the past few months.. IS HERE! i get off the bus, waiting for the light to change. i can barely move.. I'M GONNA GET MY CD! i see an old lady in one of those motorized-wheel chairs and she mouthed the word, "nsync" and then turned away with a snobbish look as she prepared to zoom to the store before me. she started, and i yelled, "oh no you don't bitch!" i caught up to her and pushed over her wheelchair, laughed, and sprinted to the mall. (ookay.. so the old lady part was a lie, but it adds something to the story!) as i opened the door, the fresh air-conditioned air brushed my face and i realized that i was minutes away from owning my cd. MY CD! everything became a blur as i walked as fast as i could to the store, but stopped as soon as it came into view. i looked around at all the promotional posters as my eyes became watery. "they don't have it" i thought. i tried to be optemistic and approached the counter and asked if they had received the nsync cd. after repeating this several times over the blaring Elton John, the clerk shook his head. life couldn't get any worse. he told me that it will come out in August. i started to tap my foot and told him sternly that the cd came out TODAY. he backed away a little then proceded to the back of the store, and returned to the counter with some files. he took out today's release sheets and said that nsync's cd DOES come out today. "WELL DUH! NO SHIT BUDDY!" ugh. then i got explained that his orders come in between 11 and 1 and he still had not received them.. so i left my info there and went to see Claudia. i couldn't even move. i wanted to break down and cry. but.. i'm a strong girl. when i had arrived, Claudia knew exactly what was wrong.. and she hugged me. *sniff* we proceeded to the pool and had an enjoyable day. as i was making my way home, i returned to the store.. just incase. i was dying of thirst but.. i didn't bother. i walked right up to the counter. and the previous dude was busy.. so i asked another guy for the cd.. he said, "you must be Rosa.. here." LOL. it's nice to know that i'm the only nsync fan in Montreal. lol, lol, lol. anyway, i received my CD. and NOW I AM HAPPY! i got out of the store and put on my walkman full blast.. and my walkman does get very loud. i'm pretty sure i was singing and beat-boxing outloud without realizing it. =) anyNSYNC, lol.. who's a dork now, EH? umm, i'm on the last track. *sob* hey.. THERE'S A TRACK MISSING! it must be on the soundtrack of Lance's movie.. yes, yes. okay, i SERIOUSLY recommend this cd. it's awesome. okay, MAYBE 'cause i like nsync or whatever.. but it's still so chill. you know? it's awesome. it's a cd you let play while you're crunkin' it at the pool or something. it's great.. it's worth it guys! (or just d/l up against the wall.. trust me, you'll love it!) and.. that's about it. Sab, he said 'crunk' on his webpage. and that's all. I LOVE YOU ALL! *kiss, kiss* it ended right now.. lol, lol. lemme re-start it. "DIRTY POP, NSYNC, YO, BT!..." later guys..

sabrina dibs | 7/24/2001 11:47:42 AM
   *sigh* ok i waaaaanna go oooouut :( but stupid rosie and claudia planned a day at the pool. dont you all know my schedule by now??? i cant go swimming. ahhh! oh and by the way..when did he use the word crunk?? that never happened..did it? and that sign thingy better be good enough for jennifer cause i wasted a precious, uh.. minute fixing that thing for you people! ok im hungry, gonna go eat now bye

Lucky * | 7/24/2001 10:33:38 AM
   Jennifer has redefined 'dork'.. *smacks her hand on her forehead* i'm so nervous and bitchy. whoa. i'm just waiting 'til like 11 so i can call Sabrina so we can get our asses to buy my damn cd. OH MY GOD. then we're going to Jennifer's, but oh well, the whore is working. he used the word 'crunk'. haha! ..taking over the world one person at a time.. *mwaha* did i say that outloud? *evil grin* anyCRAP, later.. i'm gonna go get dressed in my nsync halter top and matching leather pants. *looks around the room* i mean.. ah, screw it.

jennifer . | 7/24/2001 06:59:31 AM
   He loves me I tell ya.....
"crunk what?"
"So here I am... Not as exhausted anymore, but I'm sure I'll fall asleep soon enough... I would like to thank all the girlies for thinking I'm hot and all, I know... Send in fan pics because I enjoy those and I miss them... I'm going to run away now, maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't, but It's too fucking hot in my room to stay, so I bid you good day gentle sirs." -x-ph

Okies well now i gotta send him a fan pic will something saying s0ss is my bitch do? Hmmmm i wonder. I shall try! grrrr i gotta go to work in half an hour *sigh*

Oh ya and i do want some s0ss with that :)

Hehehe i think the shrine thingy was too much oh well "Uhm, I'm flattered, and scared about this shrine thing. If anything that's a bad way to get someone into your house, to show them a shrine...I really don't know what to say, would you like some s0ss with those fries?"

Monday, July 23

Lucky * | 7/23/2001 11:04:25 PM
   in one hour it will be JULY 24th. oh my goodness. OH MY GOODNESS. *jumps up and down* i'm gonna be at that store at 9 in the morning. OH MY GOODNESS! it's here. DAY 1 is HERE. *screams* oookay. i should have planned my nsync excursion better. *sigh*.. whatev. i'll just, erm.. blast nsync from my walkman all day. yeah. CELEBRITY! YEEEEAH!

jennifer . | 7/23/2001 09:01:46 PM
click here if ya got aim... then press enter or send whatever swings ur way


jennifer . | 7/23/2001 07:22:34 PM
   HAHAHAH i make more money then James does.

Lucky * | 7/23/2001 05:25:44 PM
   wasn't today just, beeeeeautiful? it's days like this that make you wish summer would last forever. so i spent the day trying to tan. *sigh* unsuccessful as always. anyway.. Simon is probably jumping right now.. hehe, jumping. so good-luck to him. (i wonder if that 16-year-old hottie's there..) when i say hott.. i really mean it. this dude that was part of his team.. WOW. anyway.. CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! CELEBRITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! *mwaha* BITE ME! word to your motha..

Sunday, July 22

Lucky * | 7/22/2001 11:42:09 PM
   please excuse this very long post.. but i'm BORED. (as always, *sigh*) i thought this was interesting enough to post, take the time to read it please:
"Chris would like to thank JC and sometimes Lance and maybe Justin, and this one time Joey, no two times Joey. Actually, could you switch JC and Joey? But seriously, just Justin. No, make that Lance. Come to think of it, it should just be Joey. I was waiting towards the bus to get the waters. When I passed by my bunk and my telephone rang, so I answered it and the person on the other end said “Earthquake”, and just then the bus hit a bump, and it freaked me out and I dropped my phone and the battery fell off. So, as I’m bending down to pick up the battery I hit my head on the edge of the bunk and it knocked me out...cold. And then I had one of those “Wizard Of Oz” dreams. You know, one of the dreams that last for hours, but only lasted 50 seconds...and when I came so. I noted that you and you and you were there! So I continued on my quest for the water, as I opened the door on the front of the bus. My bus driver turned to me and said “Where’s my horse?” Just then I realized the bus was out of control. I grabbed the steering wheel...that would be the first bump you felt. So I had to slam it into gear, with no clutch...that would be the second bump you felt. And as the entire crew was celebrating me saving the day, I got caught up in the hype and forgot to bring you the water. I would like to thank God, my fourt brothers, my family, my friends, the crew and the entire Voltron force. And a big thank you to our fans. You make us who we are. And if you read through this entire thank you, please go out and do a nice thing for somebody."
er, yeah.. that was Chris' thank-you's of the 'Celebrity' album. one question.. why Chris? WHY?

just go here. don't ask.. just go and look at the 4th picture. *mwaha*

JC is on crack. *nods* that's right kids.


fuck you all up the ass.

jennifer . | 7/22/2001 10:29:52 PM
   Fuck I have to work tomorrow. This feels so wierd i HATE having a dad who sorta owns a company. See my daddy is assistant director so hes basically THE boss. *sigh* i finally figured out a way to protect my pc from Claudia. She's like one of my best friends and shes the one my mom hired to babysit my bro and sis and i dont want her touching my comp cause shell break it she always does can u believe she broke it twice already? remember when i didnt have my pc for like 3 weeks ya well that was her fault. FUCK and she doesnt have the net anymore cause it wont work so shes gonna try using my pc and its gonna ask her for a password yay go me im sooooo smart *sigh* my mom told me i was a bitch and that i should let her use it but theres no way im lettin the blond bitch anywhere near my pc my pc is my life that and s0ss id die if my pc or s0ss were hurt :)

jennifer . | 7/22/2001 08:52:54 PM
   OH MY GOD he's soooooo sexy i've seen his pic i want him in my pants! hehe When i grow up i wanna write quotes. I already wrote a few for example "fuck me up the ass, so i can be like ur mom" hehehehhehe im going to watch the virgin suicides now yay go mommy for renting it for me hehe. ill post bout it tomorrow later bitches.

jennifer . | 7/22/2001 08:52:53 PM
   OH MY GOD he's soooooo sexy i've seen his pic i want him in my pants! hehe When i grow up i wanna write quotes. I already wrote a few for example "fuck me up the ass, so i can be like ur mom" hehehehhehe im going to watch the virgin suicides now yay go mommy for renting it for me hehe. ill post bout it tomorrow later bitches.

Lucky * | 7/22/2001 08:45:34 PM
   go Sab for posting twice in a row! whooooooo! and go Montreal.. YAY US! Jennifer is now officially obsessed with s0ss from x-ph even though she's never talked to him. go her. and.. erm, i figured since summer is so boring.. i'ma make a site or something. yeah. that's about it for my post. Jennifer is gonna cry now because x-ph isn't working. *sigh* whatev. later.

sabrina dibs | 7/22/2001 01:00:36 PM
   ah! ok, i was just looking around excite and i saw 'city of the day...' guess what it is? (no, not the stupid evil city as you may all think...) but MONTREAL! our mtl!
MONTRÉAL, Canada's second largest city, is geographically as close to the European coast as to Vancouver, and in look and feel it combines some of the finest aspects of the two continents. Its North American skyline of glass and concrete rises above churches and monuments in a medley of European styles, a medley as complex as Montréal's social mix. This is also the second largest French-speaking metropolis outside France, but only two-thirds of the city's two million people are of French extraction, the other third being a cosmopolitan mishmash of les autres - including eastern Europeans, Chinese, Italians, Greeks, Jews, South Americans and West Indians. The result is a truly multi-dimensional city, with a global variety of eateries, bars and clubs, matched by a calendar of festivals that makes this the most vibrant place in Canada.

Montréal has long been the dynamo behind Québécois separatism, the tension between the two main language groups culminating in the terrorist campaign that the Front de Libération du Québec focused on the city in the 1960s. The consequent political changes affected Montréal more than anywhere else in the province: in the wake of the "francization" of Québec, English-Canadians hit Hwy 401 in droves, tipping the nation's economic supremacy from Montréal to Toronto. However, though written off by Canada's English-speaking majority, the city did not sink into oblivion - rather it reached its 350th year in 1992 on a peak of resurgence.

Everywhere you look there are the signs of civic pride and prosperity. In the historic quarter of Vieux-Montréal, on the banks of the St Lawrence, the streets and gracious squares are flanked by well-tended buildings, from the mammoth Basilique de Notre-Dame and steepled Chapelle de Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, to the sleek and stately commercial and public buildings. Old houses have been converted into lively restaurants and shops, abandoned warehouses into condos and the disused Vieux-Port into a summer playground with state-of-the-art exhibitions in the old hangars. Beneath the forested rise of Mont Royal, the grid of downtown boulevards and leafy squares is alive from the morning rush hour right through to the early hours, when revellers return from Montréal's clubland -- centred on Ste-Catherine and the Bohemian Latin Quarter. Below ground, the walkways of the Underground City and the outstanding Métro system link the nodal points of the city, while towards the eastern outskirts the Olympic Stadium was completed by the addition of a leaning tower that overshadows the vast Jardin Botanique, second in international status only to London's Kew Gardens.

To mark Montréal's 350th anniversary, its museums were transformed. The Centre Canadien d'Architecture, one of the continent's most impressive specialist collections, was matched by the splendid new wing of the Musée des Beaux Arts, and many other projects were also realized: the McCord Museum of Canadian History reopened after a multi-million-dollar expansion, there is a modern art gallery in the Place des Arts, a new Musée d'Archéologie et d'Histoire de Montréal at Pointe-à-Callière in Vieux-Montréal, and the Biodôme, a unique museum of the environment, out at the Parc Olympique.

Beyond the city limits, Montréalers are blessed with superb vacation regions, most within an hour or two of the metropolis. To the north, the fertile banks of the St Lawrence and the lake-sprinkled mountains of the Laurentians offer a reprieve from muggy summer temperatures, while in winter the mountain ski resorts are among the busiest in the country. To the east the charm of Les Cantons-de-l'Est lies in the acres of farmlands, orchards, maple woods and lakeshore hamlets. En route to Québec City, the Mauricie valley, the province's smallest national park, is a glorious summer haven, with a web of waterways and lakes amidst a landscape of mountainous forest.

sabrina dibs | 7/22/2001 12:39:13 PM
   AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IVE HAD ENOUGH WITH THAT STUPID PLACE :( CAN'T WE MOVE THE PRIME MINISTER TO SOMEWHERE IN BC AND THEN OTTAWA WONT BE KNOWN ANYMORE AND IT WILL BE RENAMED AND NO ONE WILL CARE AND IT WONT HAUNT ME ANYMORE *SSSNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFF* :( IT'S NOT FAIR. WHY THERE? I MEAN REALLY, WHY COULDNT SOME OTHER PLACE BE HAUNTING SOMEONE ELSE???? OK, I KNOW ENGLAND HAUNTS JENNIFER BUT I THINK SHE REALLY LIKES IT BUT SHE JUST WONT ADMIT IT! :( BUT I HATE IT! I WISH IT WOULD STOP RIGHT NOW! :( on a happier note...since like everyone i know has read harry potter, i decided i wanted to read it too :) umm...so ive finished the first two books (may i ask why theres two different front covers for teh first one and the uglier one costs like 10$more? but its the same exact thing inside?) anyways, i was going to go get the other two today at chapters but claudia called, so im gonna go watch a movie instead :). oh yeah, i watched dude wheres my car yesterday, finally, and i dunno what you people like about it, it is absolutely the most stupidest thing ever made! *sigh* ah well

Lucky * | 7/22/2001 10:59:15 AM
   bonjour peoples. my goodness, Claudia and i watched 'house on haunted hill' last night. and.. OH MY GOODNESS! on the way home i was like clinging to my father's arm when we passed the r.d.p. hospital. then.. i get home, and i watched snl.. and Chris Kattan was in the first skit. i was like, "EEP!" then this morning i see nsync's video of 'i drive myself crazy' (yeah, the one where they're in the institution..) i'm like, "NO! not nsync!" hehe.. i'm a dOrk. yep, yep.. and now we're going to go see Legally Blonde. so that should be crunk. goodness, Justin's voice during 'gone' is so bee-utiful. *sigh* what else do i have to share? hmm.. my sister left for, *whispers* Ottawa to go see Simon do his pole vaulting thing at les jeux de la francophonie. yay. and.. the sauce this morning attacked me. i swear it did. and i'm gonna go find something to do sooo.. LATERZ.

Saturday, July 21

Lucky * | 7/21/2001 04:43:50 PM
   *sings* i've been sitting here, can't get you off my mind, i'll try my best to be a man and be strong. i drove myself insane, wishing i could touch your face, but the truth remains.. you're gone, gone.. baby, you're gone. *wipes the tears from her face* that song gets me everytime man.. yeah, i think i'm in a very nsync-ey mood. i just watched "nsync, road to celebrity" a while before.. and they performed 'gone', the song i was singing earlier, and wooooow! the justin-lover in me has come out again, oh no. and i got all 14 tracks.. plus a bonus track. GO PIRATED MUSIC! all right.. what else? i missed out on shopping.. *sigh* and i actually had money on me. but, whatevers. and.. a new wallpaper for Rosie! yay! i wont bother putting it up since it's nsync so.. moving right along. hehe, it's with pictures from the celebrity sleeve that i got from mygirls.org (excellent domain, might i add) and yep.. it's cute. they have like a pic of them in color in this limo.. and then black and white pics of them doing normal chores. it's quite intriguing. GO ME AND MY SPELLING. all right. i just have the need to babble because almost everyone on my list is on away. ugh. and erm, what else.. marshmellows are crunk, and.. i fell asleep at like 10 in my clothes, and woke up at like 5.30, dying from the heat, the lights on, the blinds open.. sleeping in a pile of junk on my bed.. WITH my shoes on.. with my bum and knees in MAJOR pain from that bike ride yesterday. interesting, isn't it? *sigh* this is so boring. i broke my chair again. *sob* now i started sitting on the other handle, so it should break off anyday now. hehe. (yes, i sit on the handles of my chair, DON'T ASK.) i want a pool. now. like.. now. *hmph* i'm bored. nsync is crunk. bite me. ANYWAY, some cool quotes to keep you busy. (from: dizzy rockstarz. ENJOY! (hehe, sure.)

  • "I'm busting out of my package. My package is busting out. I mean... wow."
  • "I was skydiving once and I hit a bird."
  • "Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up now. It's not about horses. I promise, this song is not about horses." (hehe, we gonna get this CRUNK! he, hey! giddy uppppp..)
  • "You know what pecan is right? Well it's a nut, in a shell, & butter is butter, but it's sweet, NEVERMIND! Chocolate chip!"
  • "Look at my bum!"
  • [Chris] He didn't smell the best either...
    Oh he smells good.
    [Lance defending his ferret, Dirk, from Chris.] (hehe, Dirk..)
  • "Everytime I'm on something that moves, I mean, it rocks me right to sleep"

  • "These pants are so tight, it feels like I'm having sex with myself."
  • "I have like this sparkly blue gel pen and I love it. It's my favorite. It's gonna break my heart when it runs out of ink." (lmaooooo, can we say, FAG? sorry, sorry.. lol!)
  • "No reptiles! None what-so-ever!!! I will not ride the tour bus!" (*pictures justin jumping on JC's back when he sees one* hahahahaha! whoa.. NOW i know who the homosexual of the group is. *mwaha*)
  • "I am the cookie man, and this is my sidekick sprinkles" (haha)
  • "Crunk. Crunk baby crunk! We gonna get this party on tonight, we're gonna get it crunk, that's what you say." (capishe?)
  • "We're pissed off now - that's what it is. We're angry white boys who didn't get our props. No, I'm kidding - I'm kidding." (hehehe)
    *ooh! the phone, later..*

  • sabrina dibs | 7/21/2001 03:39:12 PM
       ok..so my mommy's home from that evil place. she calls to say shes leaving then calls again 45min later...i expect her to say im at dorval but noooo,we just landed back in ottawa...the plane had problems. anyways, shes back now. she didnt buy us keychains of anything :( but shes like here have this i guess...and gave me a stupid pen with OTTAWA written on it :( and shes all like, omg! it was beautiful there, we should go one day. god no, ill die. anyways, im sooooooo happy jennifer and claudia are back!!! finally, i wont have to bother with matt anymore!!! yay!! i never wanna talk to him again. *sniff* ok ill go with my lovely ottawa pen....

    jennifer . | 7/21/2001 11:46:57 AM
       Wow I love sexy hot guys from the net. aaron's picture ok this post was pointless i just wanted to see if i could use the blog this thingy.

    jennifer . | 7/21/2001 10:15:46 AM
       IM BACK! yay did't yall miss me? Grrrrr that camp was fuckin EVIL i havnt said a badword in over 5 days i cant take it anymore pictures of Jesus EVERYWHERE and prayers every five minutes and fuckin camp songs. i hate camp songs and i HATE nature its so ugly we had to climb this big ugly mountain it was like 12.6km of walking up and down a mountain it took 5 fuckin hours and i got eaten alive by bugs and i missed sabrina and this stupid 12 year old chick called angeline got me saying the word "chou" i met these really cool chicks though me and melisa couldnt wait to leave she was the coolest and we are to meet at fairview before school starts OH and i Angeline gave me this cup with a monkey I LOVE MONKIES my birthday is in like 3 weeks so ... get me monkies or i never talk to u again. I don't really have anything positive to say at the moment cause camp pissed me off im covered in bruises and musquito bites and i got the thing rosie got on her eye and it fuckin kills but my mom says its just a musquito bite but i think not. *sigh* i shall stop complaining. anyways im sorry to you all for what matt put u threw and i NEVER once refered to Sabrina my baby as a Bitch.Matt is such a manwhore. I shall change my password and give it to only Sabrina.

    "I went to the movie today, to see "The Score", it was filmed here in Montreal (yes, Montreal), it was pretty cool to see all these places which are familiar, then see the public transportation, and even the Montreal po-po... I guess when they filmed the movie on campus, was cooler, 'cause I was like "see that rock over there, it's fuckin plastic and hollow"... Whatever, I'm a dork." - s0ss
    I'm inlove with that guy i really do have to meet him :).
    Anywho my moms paying Claudia to babysit my bro and sis for a week and i have to go work with my dad for 2 weeks GRRRRR but im gonna get payed so thats super cool and my dads boss usually gives me the key to the candy machine thingy so thats cool to so HA i shall be richer then u all. I just hope my mom wont make me pay for my trip to disney with the money. Anywho i gotta go eat later bitches.

    Friday, July 20

    Lucky * | 7/20/2001 09:55:44 PM
       THEY'RE BAAAAACK! Jennyfer and Claudia, of course. i just got off the phone with Claudia.. and i'm talking to Jennifer now. it's interesting, to say the least. hehe.. let them post about it. i'm tired. my bum is killing me from the bike ride. seriously. *Matt is going doooown. down, down, down.* *mwaha* anyway, my plan for tuesday: buy the cd, and just bus around town, just listening to the cd over and over. that's the plan. i figure 12 hours should do.. i dunno. i'll see. later.

    Lucky * | 7/20/2001 05:47:14 PM
       yumm.. i'm eating my blizzard that i didn't finish last night. it's way too.. erm, frozen. i'm excited. *stares blankely at the screen* nsync's brand-SPANKIN' new cd come out.. erm, in.. 3 DAYS! whooooo! *does the can-can* hey, it's finally SUMMER! hooray! some reasonable weather.. it's CRUNK. and today was my last day of baby-sitting until.. august 23rd. HOORAY! it's enjoyable, but i absolutely HATE waking up so damn early. *whimper* what else? ah yes. a turn of events has just smacked me upside the head. yep, i'd prefer not to share. (like anyone is reading..) and i've just realized how damn spoiled and lucky i am.. and how it kicks major ass to be the last kid. *thumbs up* WORD to all the babies of the families. so yeeep. that's about it. *muah*
    mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the cutest one you saw? she's underneath the disco ball. the disco ball? the disco ball!
    standing next to strobe lights, dancing hot, looking night. the freaks sure do come out at night, out at night, out at night..
    what more (whooo!) do i have to say.. 2-STEP!
    hehe.. [nsync - up agaisnt the wall] i love songs about SEX!
    oooh! YAY! my sister is home.. we going biking.. YAY!

    sabrina dibs | 7/20/2001 12:49:05 PM
       rosie what are you talking about? i'm right here!! :) i miss jennifer. thank god it's friday, i can't take matt anymore. i hate him...absolutely hate him. and i cannot believe jennifer trusted him with her password but not me or rosie. well then, whatever matt did is her problem i guess. but i dont want her stuff to be ruined :(. anyways, what did they do to hotmail??? i mean, its nice and all but couldnt they at least warn us before they made the whole thing purplish-blue?!?! ahhh...my mommy's comming home tonight...yes, from OTTAWA :( *sniifff* my mommy and daddy are going to just for laughs thingy tonight and tomorrow night. me and sandy's father's day present. arent we the best dotters?? :)
    **tip of the day: try vanilla ice crean with quik! delicious i must say...yumm..

    Thursday, July 19

    Lucky * | 7/19/2001 10:13:28 PM
       *sob* yet ANOTHER person gone. eesh. i feel so lonely.. *sings* oh so loooonely! lol, what was it.. oh yeah. 'all by myself.. don't wanna be all by myself!' who was doing that one day? i forgot. i think Tim leaves in like, an hour and a half. *blows her nose* but Jennyfer and Claudia are gonna be home sooon. Sabrina, where have you gooone? hehe, i had my second driving lesson.. STANDARD THIS TIME! oh yeeah. and i only stalled like twice! hehe. go me! but i'm so tired now. and i gotta wake up at 7.30 tomorrow. *whimpers* and whoa.. that ice cream.. not good for my tummy. and i have a big headache. i think i'ma do do-do now. *falls off her chair*

    Tim Russell | 7/19/2001 07:49:11 PM
       *sigh* drumroll plz,,,,yes final post of mine for 2 whole weeks :( um so i am just really gonna say buh bye to all of u,,and um,,,sorry i will not be here to welcome claudia and jenny back from the nun camp thingy,,,nun fun,,,hehehehe,,,,,but um :( sorry jenny and claudia ,, if u read this,,,if not then i expect yall to tell them i sed hi and bye,,m'kay? OK! ,,how will i survive without all my canadian people buddy person things,,,u know,,u lot,,um and rosie,,italy is crunk,,,they have the nice-est pizza there fill up if u end up going k?OK!, oh well i shall leaveu with this classic line from one of my fave songs,,,OOOOOeeeeeeeOOOOO i look just like buddy holly,,hehe buh bye miss yall :) HAVE FUN
    p.s i am back august 3rd YAY! HOME ^_^
    *sighs and walks away reluctently,,looks back one last time(like in the old Black and white movies)fair thee well!

    Lucky * | 7/19/2001 07:36:35 PM
       the internet is awesomly crunk when you have stuff to do. lots of big updates on all my favorite sites. it's so exciting. anyway.. i'm shit-piss-ass T-I-R-E-D. i got home at 7. doesn't that suck? it DOES. nevertheless, it feel lovely to have some money on me. YAY! but umm.. where did everybody goooo! everyone is going on vacation and it SUCKS to be me. my father refuses for me to go anywhere but Italy this summer and well.. no comment. i think it's un-crunk. i think nsync is crunk. yay. and i have some money to put in my nsync fund. $30 should do for the new cd and 'celebrity' promo poster? yeah.. i have nothing to say. my bracelets are crunk. i hate you all. *kiss, kiss*

    Wednesday, July 18

    Lucky * | 7/18/2001 06:43:02 PM
       hooray to Timmy and Sabrinni for posting. *claps* anyway, i changed the template. hooray! looking spiffy? i hope. i had to waste precious time by fixing it up. *whew* (precious time? i think not..) well, supper is just about ready.. sooo, i'll be off! buh-bye.

    Tim Russell | 7/18/2001 05:17:14 PM
       oh dear,,,looks like i have not posted in a while *hangs head in shame*,,i am leaving for france on friday,,, for 2 whole weeks,,,**quivers in booties** grrr darn my mum and her "suprise holidays" n e 1 would think that she is trying to do me a favour,,,but she has ruined my summer,,,again,,,grrr she always does this!,, and the other thing is that its not really sa holiday as such,,more of a period of back breaking labourah well,,things happen,,like me not having n e monkeys *hmph*,,,and um,,,,well there is this annoying tune that i cannot get out of my lil empty head,,DO U REALLY LIKE IT, WE'RE LOVIN IT LOVIN IT LOVINT WE'RE LOVIN IT LIKE THIS,,,,and the worst part is that i h8 it O so much as it is a garage tune and gara is all gittery :Þ but i shall do my best to forget it by listening to good old presidents of the USA,,lump sat alone in a boggy marsh lalalala,,,,ugh,,i really should not sing,,,its bad for my health and URs!....**looks around** can n e 1 here actually sing,,,with relative tune,,or r yall as bad as me? well if u r ,,,thats k,,,,u canny get n e worse than me,,,hmmi wonder if nuns can sing,,,i think they can *thinks of that movie with whoopie goldberg*ummmmmmmmmmmm,,,,sister act,,, thats the 1 and the sequel ,, sister act 2,, such an imaginative title for a seqeul,,,but then again,,most sequals r preceeded with a 2,,,ARSE BISCUITS,,,i want cookies,,no fair,, ARRRRRRG jim lad,,,polly want a cracker,,,,oh dear i have gone insane again i best leave u all alone b4 they catch me and gag me, and tie me up in a straight jacket *RUNS AWAY*

    Lucky * | 7/18/2001 04:47:56 PM
       28.8% freak! go meeeee! (take the test here it's pretty long, but crunk if you're bored.)
    in other news.. I'M BORED. hey.. i thought i saw Tony Lucca in the Harry Potter trailer. *SCORE* another reason to re-watch the trailer. yeeeah.

    sabrina dibs | 7/18/2001 11:14:14 AM
       i miss jennifer :( *sniff* and it's only wednesday!! ahhhhhh. ugh, my mommy's leaving for...for OTTAWA tonight :( *sniiiiiff* why why why?? and my cousins are there now too..and my aunt went there last saterday for a wedding. why is it invading my family???? :( :( :( i'm so sad. and my daddy screamed at me before for doing nothing...so i dont wanna go back downstairs til he leaves for work. ok, im pathetic but ah well. i-m b-o-r-e-d!! ok...abcs :). a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z now i know my abcs next time wont you sing with meeeeeee....i dont even have anyone to sing wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith :( *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiff*

    Tuesday, July 17

    Lucky * | 7/17/2001 10:23:09 PM
       wowee! i just finished watching the 2nd Harry Potter trailer. it's so awesome! i've never been more excited to see a movie since.. since.. well, erm. 'dude, where's my car!' hehe. honestly. they all have british accents, it's AWESOMLY CRUNK! anyway, i gotta wait 'til November 16th.. *grumble* but nonetheless, in one week, IT'S CELEBRITY! yay! if you've been living under a rock somewhere.. it's nsync's new album. and it seems like, WHOA! awesome, awesome. i got my hands on the full version of 'up against the wall' and i flippin' love it. it's basically a song about well, chilling at a club and grinding up against a wall. *nods and smiles brightely* anyway, it seems like i'm the only bum posting since Jennifer and Claudia have escapaded. *hmph* POST DAMN YOU! *ahem* anyCRAP.. me and my daddy-o went to get ice cream earlier this evening, and oh yeah.. guess who drove there. oh yeah. that's right bitches. none of that steering bullshit. the pedals and everything. i was going 30! GO ME! *busts a move* i even got to dodge ditches and cones and let me tell ya. for a 14 year old, it was SUPER DI-DUPER CRUNK! hehe. what else would i like to share.. hmm. we're all getting meningetis *whoa with the spelling!* shots. HOORAY! *waves her hands up in the air* needles and pain. YES. i'm so excited. anyway, i'm totally freaked out and i never wanna go babysit again. the kid took out a pencil case full of crayons, and it was his dad's old one since there was his name and doodling all around.. anyway, what do i see in the corner? oh yeah, the nazi symbol. wtf? it scares me. really now. the damn pencil case had like frills and stuff too. SCARY SHIT! so that about sums it up. i have Carmen Campagne stuck in my head, YAY. *je veux un p'tit cousin pour m'a cococotter. elle veut un p'tit cousin pour s'a cococotter.* *chickens making the sound that they do*
    anyway, see you later my BUDD-AYS! hehe. wait.. i have to put a few lyrics from 'up against the wall' to encourage you to buy nsync's new cd. here we go:
    she took my hand, we never said a word at all.
    we started grinding, SHORTY, she had me up agaisn't the wall.
    ask me about tomorrow, you know that i don't care at all.
    i just got caught up and she had me up agaisn't the wall.

    *giggles* they're talking about.. *whispers* SEX! *hihi* can i do sex with you? yes? okay. let's do sex.

    Monday, July 16

    Lucky * | 7/16/2001 05:32:02 PM
       OH MY GOODNESS! some people are just RETARDS! i was watching like.. the old, old family feud thing. (yeah, i was THAT bored) anyway, you know the thing at the end? mmm.. one of the questions was, "name a city in Canada". the first smuck says nothing. the second retard says, "Alberta". i mean.. REALLY! how DUMB can you be! ugh. whatever. just needed to let that out. *mumbles something about the states and how egoistical they are* anyway, Montreal was the number one answer. *smiles* and the host dude said it's a beautiful city. yay! go Montreal! hehe.. i'm so BORED.. *sigh*

    Sunday, July 15

    Lucky * | 7/15/2001 06:46:47 PM
       Matt is an ugly jerk. *sticks her toungue out at Matt* seriously. i hate him. i wouldn't mind if he died. *evil grin* but anyway..

    my name on msn is: amazon.com/exec/obidos/ ASIN/B00005LD1A/qid=995231600/ sr=2-1/002-1830614-2857602 *giggles*
    hehe, a comment from James:
    i got GUNS n' ROSES TICKETS says:
    how dare you
    amazon.com/exec/obidos/ ASIN/B00005LD1A/qid=995231600/ sr=2-1/002-1830614-2857602 *giggles* says:
    *mwaha* burnt your retinas.. didn't it?
    i got GUNS n' ROSES TICKETS says:
    my soul
    amazon.com/exec/obidos/ ASIN/B00005LD1A/qid=995231600/ sr=2-1/002-1830614-2857602 *giggles* says:
    hehe, i warned you!

    *mwaha* anyway, a snippet from an article in the national post:
    Who would you want as sixth member of 'N Sync?
    [Chris' answer]
    Our choreographer, Wade. He's also co-written a lot of songs for the album and also produced our show. He'd be a great member to add if he could only sing [laughs]. I don't think we'd ever have a sixth member. We're happy with what we got.

    awww. did he just squash or reinforce Wade's hope for them to re-name the group 'EnSync'?

    anyhoo, i'm *bounce* now.. *mumbles* stupid blogger. see my post down there, that says [BigBody].. i had written this huge thing. well, better off that it didn't post itself. hehe. *evil grin* watch this post not even go up. *rawr*

    ooh! another msn message:
    Why, why you always kick me when i'm High says:
    ahhhhhhhhh,, not nsync
    amazon.com/exec/obidos/ ASIN/B00005LD1A/qid=995231600/ sr=2-1/002-1830614-2857602 *giggles* says:
    *mwaha* bet it scarred you for life.
    Why, why you always kick me when i'm High says:
    yes i hid in the corner of my room , briefly

    anyway, that's all. bye!

    sabrina dibs | 7/15/2001 04:45:57 PM
       ok..thats it! if jennifer gives one more person her password ahhhhh:
    'M A W H O R E says:
    and by the way
    I'M A W H O R E says:
    shes always callin you a bitch for some reason.....
    I'M A W H O R E says:
    everything that involves you
    Princess Sabrina says:
    look, im not buying that
    I'M A W H O R E says:
    your put at as a bitch
    I'M A W H O R E says:
    you don't have any other name

    *sniff* thats matt....roooooooooosie!! :( help me please..

    sabrina dibs | 7/15/2001 04:09:58 PM
       *SNIIIIIIIIFF* jenny's gone :( and i didnt get to say goodbye. stupid wedding! haha but it was sooooo funny! at the church the priest is like 'as we bond tracy and stephen...uh no NANCY, yes nancy and stephen...' haha! tracy is the bride's sister and maid of honor.. hahaha. and the guys that stupid religion 'jesus christ of ladder day saints' *sigh* so the church was kinda wierd. anyways, guess who i got to see at the hall??? nick! claudia's nick *sigh* ahhhh, i never should have said anything. as soon as they knew i knew him they were out to embarass me :( *sniff* and he looks like a sea captain! hahahaha...ok i miss jenny...well anyways, i got things to do...

    Lucky * | 7/15/2001 03:20:58 PM
       one more thing, er, blogger.. WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP ACTING LIKE A RETARD AND POST MY THINGS, PUH-LEASE! thank you.

    Lucky * | 7/15/2001 03:18:59 PM
       BIG POST ERROR, POST ID 4551273

    jennifer . | 7/15/2001 09:44:46 AM
       ok well im leaving in an hour and im extremly bored so im gonna ask people on aim to marry me hehe if they get interesting ill post the answers if not well fuck them all.

    Kazza69Baby: will u marry me?
    Cassie0549: im only fourteen
    Cassie0549: lol
    Cassie0549: u would be?
    Cassie0549: how old now?
    Kazza69Baby: 14
    Cassie0549: cool so what r u up to right now
    Kazza69Baby: well i need someone to marry me
    Cassie0549: y is that?
    Kazza69Baby: or else my mom will make me get married threw an arranged marraige
    Cassie0549: look i'm really sorry
    Cassie0549: i hope u find someone though
    Cassie0549: would u still want to chat with me?
    Kazza69Baby: ya sure i guess
    Cassie0549: a/s/l?
    Cassie0549: 14/f/wi
    Kazza69Baby: 14/f/mtl and NO i aint a lesbian
    Cassie0549: i don't really care if u are or not
    Cassie0549: doesn't bother me
    Kazza69Baby: lol it doesnt bother me either its just that i asked u to marry me
    Cassie0549: oh yea
    Cassie0549: ic what u mean
    Kazza69Baby: lol

    Kazza69Baby: will u marry me?
    CATfisHEAD3: maybe
    Kazza69Baby: why maybe?
    Kazza69Baby: i really love u
    CATfisHEAD3: cuz
    CATfisHEAD3: i just got out of a a relationship
    CATfisHEAD3: and we just met anyway
    Kazza69Baby: *sniff*
    Kazza69Baby: U HAVE TO MARRY ME
    CATfisHEAD3: i do??
    CATfisHEAD3: where do you live?
    Kazza69Baby: montreal
    CATfisHEAD3: thats too far away
    Kazza69Baby: it is?
    Kazza69Baby: awwww but i really love u
    CATfisHEAD3: yes it is. its like a total different country
    CATfisHEAD3: love shmove
    CATfisHEAD3: fuck love
    Kazza69Baby: true
    CATfisHEAD3: see....you dont want to marry me
    CATfisHEAD3: i dont even have a heart
    CATfisHEAD3: its been ripped out
    Kazza69Baby: i know what u mean
    CATfisHEAD3: well the last 3 out 5 relationships ive had, ive been cheated on
    Kazza69Baby: poor u
    Kazza69Baby: i know how it feels
    CATfisHEAD3: well damn

    jennifer . | 7/15/2001 12:44:39 AM
       GRRRR bloggers kept tellin me i had the wrong password and my bro is watching cartoon porn whats up with that *sigh* well anyways im going to summer camp for a week with Claudia that's gonna be super crunk. I'm going to miss you all. *sniff* CAN SOMEONE MAKE SURE SABRINA READS THIS?YES?THANX! ****the following message is for Sabrina only so dont read it unless ya really wanna :P**** I'm gonna miss u sooooo much mon bébé... and ill write to u from camp! hehe bye bye i wuve u sab. ***ok u all can start reading again lmao*** well irs like 12:30 and im leaving in 10hrs ive finished packing and then well i was waxing my legs and then i gave up and decided to shave *sigh* what a bad idea that was. well anyways i ended up kinda fainting like sab did at la ronde. I felt horrible hehe i was in the bath for like half an hour and i hadnt realised i got cut. then i got out and was feeling really dizzy so i called my mom and then she was like holy fuck what happened here and of course she thought i tried killing myself again *sniff* doesnt she know im over that by now? ah whatever on with the story i lost loads of blood cause the carpet thingy for the bath was covered in blood plus i was bleed in the bath for quite a while.... well anyways my mom made me sit down then i fainted for a few secs and now i feel horrible and sick *sigh* i think this is good night for jenny.LOL oh and that was a true story. oh ya ill take full of pics at camp and have rosie scan them then ill post them if i dont look too ugly. hehe i have 3 rolls of film i think ill find at least one pic i look good in.and if u think i got too much film blame tim i had 2 to start off with hehe BYE BYE everyone im gonna miss u all :( and if anyone is on my name on msn its MATT so just watch what ya tell him!

    Saturday, July 14

    Tim Russell | 7/14/2001 07:14:38 PM
       hahaha here is what i got
    Disorder Rating Information
    Paranoid: Low
    Schizoid: Moderate
    Schizotypal: Very High
    Antisocial: High
    Borderline: Moderate
    Histrionic: High
    Avoidant: Moderate
    Dependent: Moderate
    Obsessive-Compulsive: High

    Lucky * | 7/14/2001 05:45:49 PM
       Jennifer is such a cheater with her tests. *sticks her toungue out at Jenn* anycrap, i'm at it again, *bounce* yeah, yeah! get crunk, get crunk, get crunk! a new crunkalicious wallpaper. hehe. go ME! 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution. BYE KIDDIES!

    jennifer . | 7/14/2001 03:37:27 PM
       Paranoid: Very High
    Schizoid: High
    Schizotypal: High
    Antisocial: High
    Borderline: Very High
    Histrionic: High
    Narcissistic: High
    Avoidant: High
    Dependent: High
    Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate

    Click Here To Take The Test

    jennifer . | 7/14/2001 03:09:05 PM

    Lucky * | 7/14/2001 01:51:47 PM
       i took this, umm.. test. it had very interesting results:

    Disorder | Rating
    Paranoid: Low
    Schizoid: Low
    Schizotypal: Low *hihi* i thought i would get a 'high' or something.
    Antisocial: Low
    Borderline: Low
    Histrionic: Moderate
    Narcissistic: Moderate
    Avoidant: Low
    Dependent: Moderate
    Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

    whoa, i'm a boring person.. anyway, i don't think it's too accurate. i dunno. try it out for yourselves.

    Friday, July 13

    jennifer . | 7/13/2001 10:37:45 PM
       Ok i was bored so rosie had the brilliant idea to make me ask people on aim "do purple turtles stalk you and poke you with candy canes until you have butt sex with them?" Some answers made me laugh and some dudes were just boring ... *sigh* b4 putting there answers if i liked them i asked for there permission to put it up if i didnt well too bad if they find this send me some hate mail i love getting those

    Kazza69Baby: do purple turtles stalk you and poke you with candy canes until you have butt sex with them?
    RCheech23: LOL
    RCheech23: HELL NO
    Kazza69Baby: would u like it?
    RCheech23: NO
    Kazza69Baby: explain to me why not
    RCheech23: CAUSE THAT'S GAY
    Kazza69Baby: says who?
    RCheech23: ME

    Kazza69Baby: do purple turtles stalk you and poke you with candy canes until you have butt sex with them?
    AiRhead96: no
    AiRhead96: why would they?
    AiRhead96: they know that im selivent
    Kazza69Baby: oh ok
    AiRhead96: lol, just kiddin
    Kazza69Baby: what would u do if they did?
    AiRhead96: i would eat them
    Kazza69Baby: how?
    AiRhead96: with toast
    Kazza69Baby: butter or margerin?
    AiRhead96: cream cheese
    Kazza69Baby: i shall try that one day
    AiRhead96: you should

    Kazza69Baby: do purple turtles stalk you and poke you with candy canes until you have butt sex with them?
    Chiboley: once, but you just have to slap his nose and he backs off
    Kazza69Baby: ok thanx for the advice
    Chiboley: not a problem

    Kazza69Baby: do purple turtles stalk you and poke you with candy canes until you have butt sex with them?
    ChromiumFalcon: don't think so
    Kazza69Baby: u sure?
    ChromiumFalcon: quite
    Kazza69Baby: ok what would u do if they did?
    ChromiumFalcon: well, I don't think getting poked with candycanes could induce me into that kind of thing
    Kazza69Baby: what if it did?
    ChromiumFalcon: since it couldn't, it's a moot point

    Kazza69Baby: do purple turtles stalk you and poke you with candy canes until you have butt sex with them?
    DontAskItsJustin: umm nope not me
    Kazza69Baby: what would u do if it did happen?
    DontAskItsJustin: probably through the candy canes away and kill the turtles
    DontAskItsJustin: would would you do if that happend
    Kazza69Baby: id release the platypus
    DontAskItsJustin: good idia

    Kazza69Baby: do purple turtles stalk you and poke you with candy canes until you have butt sex with them?
    bboysuicide104: ... no... but purple monkeys play kazoos
    Kazza69Baby: they do? since when?
    bboysuicide104: since u came to my world

    Kazza69Baby: do purple turtles stalk you and poke you with candy canes until you have butt sex with them?
    Demitri Man: no
    Demitri Man: but i try to kill people with hotdogs named paul
    Kazza69Baby: what would u do if it happened?
    Demitri Man: i did it one time
    Kazza69Baby: can u tell me about this?
    Demitri Man: i shuved it down her mouth
    Demitri Man: like 4 of them
    Demitri Man: then i had my way with her body O.o
    Kazza69Baby: :-) interesting
    Demitri Man: yes
    Kazza69Baby: can i put up on my site or must i change ur s/n?
    Demitri Man: what?
    Demitri Man: oh Curl fate why must you mock me?
    Kazza69Baby: im so confused
    Demitri Man: like it should be

    Kazza69Baby: do purple turtles stalk you and poke you with candy canes until you have butt sex with them?
    gdg715: yea
    gdg715: only when i ask them to tho
    gdg715: gotta go, bye
    gdg715: do i know you?
    Kazza69Baby: no im asking random people
    gdg715: what the fuck
    gdg715: i like htat
    gdg715: thats comedy
    Kazza69Baby: it is
    Kazza69Baby: i enjoy it
    gdg715: i like that
    Kazza69Baby: u should try


    BBaLL14310: i wouldnt even have the threesome
    Kazza69Baby: ever or just cause its ur parents?
    BBaLL14310: cuz its my 'rents
    Kazza69Baby: ok
    Kazza69Baby: i understand
    BBaLL14310: would you?
    Kazza69Baby: what if it were ur best friends parents??
    BBaLL14310: nah thats fucked up

    AnnexDP: i dunno
    Kazza69Baby: but u would do it?
    AnnexDP: no
    AnnexDP: thats retarded
    Kazza69Baby: ok thats good
    AnnexDP: yeah
    AnnexDP: would u
    Kazza69Baby: what if it were ur best friends parents??
    AnnexDP: that would be alrigh
    db3holenone: none i wouldnt do it
    Kazza69Baby: is it just cause its ur parents or u dont enjoy 3-sums?
    db3holenone: parents
    db3holenone: and the two guy thing
    Kazza69Baby: what if it were 2 chicks?
    db3holenone: o yeah not related though
    db3holenone: to me at least
    db3holenone: would you do it with 2 chicks
    Kazza69Baby: yes
    db3holenone: sweet

    core136: ewwwwww
    core136: how gross!
    Kazza69Baby: i know eh?
    core136: just...no...yuck!
    Kazza69Baby: what if it were ur best friends parents??
    core136: you're gross..what's with your info?
    Kazza69Baby: its cool
    core136: it's freaky
    core136: why don't you have a normal info like me?
    Kazza69Baby: cause im not normal?
    core136: lol
    core136: good excuse
    Kazza69Baby: yup

    the platypi will eat you, **PERSONS S/N** at **TIME** on **DATE**. so beware.If your still alive and you havn't gotten eaten yet i.m we can talk :-)

    Lucky * | 7/13/2001 10:03:18 PM
       umm, excuse the music thingy below if it doesn't work. i'll try to fix it. *shrugs* the internet hates me. well.. more surprises for all tonight. since i'm so gosh darn bored, some sesky wallpaper for y'all! *hehe, y'all* click here for a 800x600 resolution.. or if your the crunk one, hehe, click here for a 1024x768 resolution. enjoy my scruffy looking friends! *mwaha*

    Lucky * | 7/13/2001 07:04:11 PM
       i'm so gosh darn talented. hehe. i posted a li'l something for everyone to hear. i think it's a masterpiece. it's for all the people who think that it's impossible to play weezer on a classical piano. BUT IS HAS BEEN DONE. by moi.. thank you very much. also with my free hand hitting my piano seat as a drum, i know.. i'm MULTI-TALENTED. *blushes* so.. ENJOY!

    p.s. bravo à Jennifer for the link thing. *applauds*

    jennifer . | 7/13/2001 12:48:44 PM

    Oh ah soss from x-ph is in montreal at the moment and he says its fuckin cold GR we gotta meet this dude. *sigh* no we dont i just wanted to see if i could do this html thingy for the links but oh well ...

    Thursday, July 12

    Lucky * | 7/12/2001 09:59:46 PM
       haha. i'd like everyone to mosee on down to that chique little AJ banner and mouse over it until you see text. *mwaha* people can be so cruel.. but then you just learn to ignore me. on a happier note, I ROCK! hehe, i made this sort of umm, splash/coming soon (but never will) thing.. *mwaha*. sorry if it's super slow.. it's the host. anyway.. i'ma bounce. *rawr*

    jennifer . | 7/12/2001 07:16:12 PM
       OH ya the pics are working for some reason now . GO ME! grr geocities can be such a biatch at times

    Lucky * | 7/12/2001 06:58:31 PM
       dork, dorkity, dork, dork, dork. excuse the last few post, DORKS.

    jennifer . | 7/12/2001 06:57:17 PM
       ok that didnt work either so i give up *sniff*

    jennifer . | 7/12/2001 06:56:37 PM
       ugh that didnt work ..... maybe this will *sigh*

    jennifer . | 7/12/2001 06:49:50 PM
    hehe that be nikki rosie's dog aint she sexy?

    jennifer . | 7/12/2001 05:58:06 PM
       ++superdork++ [AJ! I LOVE YOU. I'M PRAYING FOR YOU, OMIGOSH, HE'S SO HOT.]

    HOLY FUCK rosie has gone insane she's got that as a s/n on msn *mua ha ha * poor aj lets have a moment of silence and a prayer for him *sigh*
    ++superdork++ [AJ! I LOVE YOU. I'M PRAYING FOR YOU, OMIGOSH, HE'S SO HOT.] says:
    ++superdork++ [AJ! I LOVE YOU. I'M PRAYING FOR YOU, OMIGOSH, HE'S SO HOT.] says:
    i just figured it out
    ++superdork++ [AJ! I LOVE YOU. I'M PRAYING FOR YOU, OMIGOSH, HE'S SO HOT.] says:
    Silly Rabbit Trix Are For Kids says:
    ++superdork++ [AJ! I LOVE YOU. I'M PRAYING FOR YOU, OMIGOSH, HE'S SO HOT.] says:
    it's all fixed
    ++superdork++ [AJ! I LOVE YOU. I'M PRAYING FOR YOU, OMIGOSH, HE'S SO HOT.] says:
    trying to get away the nsync hype for their new cd
    ++superdork++ [AJ! I LOVE YOU. I'M PRAYING FOR YOU, OMIGOSH, HE'S SO HOT.] says:

    YAY shes back to normal its all a conspieracy i tell ya :P

    jennifer . | 7/12/2001 05:48:15 PM
       this is one sad excuse for promotional purposes. *shrugs* I HATE YOU ANYWAY AJ! *mwaha* love - Rosie

    Lucky * | 7/12/2001 05:44:45 PM
       i've never wanted to barf more than right now. maybe it's the bag of marshmellows that i've been stuffing down my throat for the past 15 minutes, but it's mostly because of this: http://www.super-starz.org/Pray4AJ/. why? aren't we all supposed to be laughing our heads off! *sigh* you people take things WAY too seriously. he drinks, BIG FLIPPIN' DEAL. let him be. so what he's an alcoholic.. i know plently of under-aged alcoholic.. so please, GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES! the best part of the chicks introduction: "I am not a fan of Backstreet Boys, actually, I despise them, but that doesn't mean I want harm to come their way." okay, so don't say anything bad.. but don't start A FLIPPIN' CLIQUE FOR SOMEONE YOU DESPISE! my goodness. i have WAY more better things to pray for, than some OVER-PAID, OVER-LAID, UGLY ALCOHOLIC. ugh. one of her banners: "if you really cared, you would pray for him". *shakes head in disgust* MORONS. get over yourselves, EESH! just because these ugly boybands project an image of flippin' saint hood, you have to go pray that someone stops drinking. YOU'RE SO UGLY. damn the teenyboppers. DAMN THEM ALL. *rolls eyes* i hate you all. *hehe, i've been so moody lately, blame it on the weather.*

    jennifer . | 7/12/2001 03:27:04 AM
       blah i was stupid back then.. edited for my own good..

    Wednesday, July 11

    Lucky * | 7/11/2001 04:17:05 PM
       i got them this morning! go me. i was sleeping and i here the thing of my mailbox close and i see the maildude go down the stairs.. i like run to the door, my father is there. i'm like, "is there mail for me." he's like "yes" i go to take it, he hides it behind his back and i'm chasing him around to get it.. finally i opened it and i let out quite a loud, "OH MY GOODNESS!" he asked me if i failed, but i'm like, "NO I PASSED, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" hehe, the science 436 i got a 78. *does a dance* i was expecting to fail that one.. but whoo whoo! umm, the 416 science.. 85. oh yeah. *raises the roof* umm, the lab.. hehe 93. *get's jiggy with it* and math. *hmph* i was expecting at least a 75.. but i gots a 70. *sob* it a good mark.. but still. expecting better. i'd like to see that exam. i'm curious to see what i got wrong, because i was fairly certain that i crunked it. oh well. it's 4.10pm.. i suppose i should go eat lunch. =) later dudes.

    sabrina dibs | 7/11/2001 01:11:05 PM
       hmm...ok im bored :) msn does work...yay! i guess...but it always did work for me...ah well, rosie i got my marks...ahh!!!! yay1!!!! i passed 436 science...only got 72 but its better than a 20 like i expected. hahaha i am sooooooooooo very happy!!! yay :) ummm...ok im way too hyper about marks. anwyays, i got better things to do...like have lunch so bye XOXOXO

    Tuesday, July 10

    Lucky * | 7/10/2001 10:25:14 PM
       *rawr* MSN doesn't work, i'm bored as can be, and i didn't get my marks from my exams yet. *hmph* a chick from school called me and said she got them along with another chick, but psshaw. did you get 'em Sab? i better get 'em tomorrow. altough, i'd rather not. i'm anxious. anyway, on a happier note, AJ from the backstreet boys has been sent away somewhere to help deal with his alcohol abuse problem. *mwahaha* BSB are just a bunch of, *rawr*. they were probably tired of touring and wanted a break.. hehe. or AJ's on drugs.. and they didn't wanna say it. *mwahaha* but they're so ugly.. Nick hurt his wrist and they were gonna post-pone shows.. but Chris broke his arm.. and the show went on! damn BSB. i hate them. passionately . along with otown and LFO. *mwaha* BITE ME.

    jennifer . | 7/10/2001 01:47:00 PM
       England is so Evil I dislike it. Msn is being a bitch with me once again and won't let me on and people on napster just dont understand my dorkyness! What's up with that? Gr and i was on aim b4 talking to john but he kept sending me pics of dudes covered in blood so i was like ok my mom is makin me get off. I found this super crunk website http://www.exn.ca/Templates/Story.cfm?ID=1999050553 visit it if u got time. GR rosie u gotta teach me how to do the link thingy and how to put pics and stuff
    Oh well im gonna go wax my legs now YAY so much fun *sigh* buh byez

    Lucky * | 7/10/2001 12:02:35 AM
       BOREDOMNESS LEVEL AT AN ALL TIME HIGH! hell-o? where did everybody go? i'm bored. no one's on.. well, no one decent is on. oh pooh. *yawn* mosquito bites are un-crunk. *yes! Melissa is on..* ack. she's blabbing about her little boyfriend. TEENY, arg. hehe, kidding. does she even read this? oh well. i'm gonna go cut my hair tomorrow.. or wednesday. soon anyway, i hope. something decent.. don't worry! =) no cornrows *sigh* i'll get them in the middle of the school year. *mwaha*
    hehe, this is for you Jenn..
    Melissa: i talked to his lil 9year old cousin
    Rosie: lovely.
    Rosie: chick or dude?
    Melissa: dude
    Melissa: he's so adorable
    Melissa: he comesfrom england
    Rosie: *mwahaha*
    Melissa: so he has an accent
    nope, no point to this.. just thought i'd post it for ya Jenny! =)
    that's all. oh, can we do something tomorrow.. maybe at night, since i'll be gone for the day. this summer seems to be going no where. *sigh*

    Monday, July 9

    Tim Russell | 7/9/2001 04:47:56 PM
       why did i not notice that he was called crunk,,,its not as if i ever stop watching cartoons,,,,maybe coz they r just soooo great,,,and i love cartoons, O so much,,,lets call it an obsession,,hehe,,maybe cartoons are the reason for my insanity **scratches head and dreams of fuzzy monkeys** well who knows, ARF ARF,,if n e 1 wants to know what things look like in MY brain,,,then i think you should all find a way of seeing the video to,,,The Avalanches - frontier pyschiatrist,,maybe listening to it may safice ^_^ works for me **YAWN(like the "BIG" cats u see on TV)** hehe i am good at yawning,, its one of my hobbies ,, oh lookie powerpuff gurls is starting,,must fly ;) talk to yall l8er

    Sunday, July 8

    Lucky * | 7/8/2001 10:01:02 PM
       *grr* the reason that some of the links in other posts might not work is because the ugly, retarded, ass-waded geocities fucked up. (there's a plug for ya..) it lost all my files, and i can't create any new ones or upload anything. sooo, i've created an account else where and will get on the move with that. hey, i was just watching Dexter's Lab this morning, and you know how there's the Justice Friends in the show.. well the guy that looks like the Incredible Hulk is named CRUNK. i think that's awesome.

    sabrina dibs | 7/8/2001 08:27:59 PM
       hola everyone!!! im ba-ack!!!! yay! mexico was cool! seriously, cept my sis got sick and everything. oh and the plane trip back was horrible! there was turbulance, this kid kept throwing up and missing the barf bag, the guy next to me and my sis was scared of flying so he got drunk...but anyways, i read the messages...wow! i am so lost...i dunno who these people are and i feel left out :( *sniff* umm...well maybe thats kinda because i read the thing backwards but ah well. you people can explain later i guess. so..wheres jennifer??????? i miss jenny mon amour. :( and james finally has her pic? oh and whats with msn not working? *sigh* why doesnt anything work when im not around? haha ok well its 8:30pm and im bored/tired/hungry so yeah..bye

    Lucky * | 7/8/2001 07:16:00 PM
       bonjour a vous tous.. i was just pondering earlier, and i thought about this kick ass drinking game. see, i've been addicted to bailey's and marshmellows lately.. so why not combine the two? okay, i haven't tried this yet, but this ones for all you hooligans out there.. just my random ideas. i'll try it one day.
    okay, so you get like 4 or 5 people.. you sit in a circle or whatever. you get a big ass bag of jumbo marshmellows and a bottle of bailey's. you get a huge bowl, and put say, half the bailey's bottle in there. then dump in the marshmellow's. make sure that they really absorb the bailey's. *wait, do marshmellow's absorb stuff? whatever..* anyway, the first person tries to fit as many bailey's-marshmellows in their mouth as they can. let's say they fit like 4. then everyone else has to take 4 shots of bailey's. or.. let say, every 5 marshmellow's is one shot or something like that. bend the rules to your liking. so yeah, you do that until everyone has a chance to do the marshmellow thing. at the end, whoever ate the most marshmellows gets to eat the remaining marshmellow's and bailey's.. or the losers get to do it. whatever floats your boat. yep, yep. and everyone's piss ass drunk. fun stuff, eh? we're gonna try one day guys..

    MAYER NONE | 7/8/2001 02:54:52 PM
       naha! i knew it ! jennies aliar! a genuine liar!

    Lucky * | 7/8/2001 12:51:30 PM
       HELLO ALL! Claudia and Lucky here with a special annoucement. the first superdork cape is here! yes.. Lucky is wearing it right now. it's a one of a kind garment.. only one exists! and YOU can have it.. yes.. YOU! for only 4 payments of $19.99 plus shipping and handling. this premium cape is made from genuine bubblewrap with the 'superdork' logo written on with permenant marker. YES.. that's right.. PERMENANT marker! so call today.. wait.. don't call. im: luckyprincess008 for more details. *mwahaha* we'll get a picture up real soon.. hehe. i laugh so hard if we sell this! anyway, Claudia has tried the cape on, and as voiced her thoughts.. you may hear them by clicking the 'play' button below. until then.. *mwahaha*

    jennifer . | 7/8/2001 01:32:53 AM
       UGH i forgot to mention something .... when i was comming home from rosie's house with my dad that ultimate sex track started playing on mix 96 and i was singing check the penis check the penis kiss the penis and my dad was like why do u know this grrrr EVIL parents

    jennifer . | 7/8/2001 01:16:54 AM
       hahaha tonight was evil! I watched miss congeniality for the umm 4th time :) it was evil but i told my friends i had never seen it. Hehehe i dont think they believed me though cause i was quoting the movie too often and grrr now they're gonna read this. YAY Sabrina should be home soon i missed her sooooo much hehe. Ugh i hate being administrator it takes way to long to publish everything. And uh WHO SENT JAMES MY PICTURE? I mean i know im sexy and all but grrrr i didnt want him having it but oh well
    Grrr its 1 and i have to get up at like 8 to go to marche aux puce tomorrow so whatevers nighty night

    Saturday, July 7

    Lucky * | 7/7/2001 11:44:39 AM
       GOODMORNING FELLOW BLOGGERS. *mwahaha* i'm in a cheery mood today. that's crunk. *thumbs up* well, i just woke up about half an hour ago.. and there was a little doggy barking at my door. a li'l yorkshire with no tag or collar. *sniff* so, me and my bro went around and found the owners. *sigh* no reward. but whatever. Nikki was jealous. or scared. *mwahaha* what a stupid dog. but the yorkshire was so cute. looked like Nikki. =) anyway, that was my interesting morning. later dudes.

    Friday, July 6

    Lucky * | 7/6/2001 10:27:49 PM
       my like trillionth post of the day. oh well.. hehe.. i've got my little angel in my lap.. she wants to say a few er, words:
    that's all. she's quite the shy one. it was Nikki by the way. (mmm.. she's slobbering all over my arm. yum.) my doggies are spolied brats. they got new leashes and collars today. might i add, that they're SUPERCRUNK! they're black.. and they have little paw prints all over them.. *mwaha* i was wearing Jackie's before. hehe. she growled at me to give it back. bah, taxing. anyway.. it's so exciting. my brother has started to pack up some stuff.. so there's bubble wrap ALL OVER the house. it's awesome. it's like every where you go, *pop* going to get a drink in the kitchen, *pop* watching tv *pop* *pop*. he was getting mad at me earlier.. but WHO CAN RESIST BUBBLE WRAP! really now.. and i agree on the fact that we're doing something tomorrow.. i was thinking.. are there fireworks at la ronde on sunday? will Sabrina be back? mhm.. right next to me is a box.. written on it: "crystal glasses; you break, you die!!" lovely, ain't it? *mwaha* and then there's EXTRA HUGE bubble wrap. i swear. the bubbles are 3 times the size of the regular ones, and it's purpleish/pink. CRUNK i tell ya. that's all. so much for the html'ing. i've had better things to do. *uh?* whatEVER. anyway.. i'm outs. for the last time tonight! i swear.. bye bye..

    MAYER NONE | 7/6/2001 08:33:11 PM
       iM SORRY ROSIE...BUT PLEASE NOTE...IT WASNT THE SAME WITHOUT YOU AT LA RONDE...THEY DONT UNDERSTAND ALL MY STUPID JOKES...YET THEY LAUGH AT THEM . IM GLAD MSN IS WORKING BUT NO ON EIS ONLINE...SHUCKS. IM VERY TIRED...SO IM GONNA GO TO A NORMAL BEDTIME TODAY...LIKE 10O'CLOCK MAYBE ..OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT...OOOOOO! I HAVE THE CAPS ON...BETTER TAKE THOSE OFF...ahhhh! much better for the eyes. Tomorow, i refuse to stay home. I dont care what you ppl say, jennifer, rosie, were doing something, and rosie if ur dog sitting, then bring em along. I was thinking of some stuff we could do...we could possibly watch tv at my house since i just got digital tv (my dads a cable man, need i say more ?) and we could screw that thing up...
    Rosie, i wanna learn how to make those little faces...there cool and funky an they turn me on like over dated cheezy poofs. I like tinker Bell...shes my hero...next to John Lennon of coarse but whatever.
    i wanna listent to sum 41 ...so im gonna go download orfeus or something...even though im not allowed...but hey, im a rebell. remmeber?
    well bye

    Lucky * | 7/6/2001 07:48:25 PM
       might i say, that i could not be any more boredededed than i am right now. *sigh* i'll be at my brother's doggie sitting until approximately 4 in the morning, so uh.. yeah. fun stuff. my brother refused for me to use his laptop. pssht. like that would stop me. *damn passwords* *grr* anyway, i'm superly bored. expect something cool. i don't know what. it might not even be cool. expect something. *sigh*

    Lucky * | 7/6/2001 02:49:08 PM
       today as not been the best of days. everyone is out there to piss me off. waiting, just for the right moment.. them *BAM* they piss me off. it's cruel and evil. for example: this morning, my mother wakes me up at 7 because she thought i had to babysit today. then at 8, my dad wakes me up because Claudia calls.. and JUST when i fall back asleep, my mom wakes me up again to ask me if Simon is still here. *how the fuck am i supposed to know if my sister's boyfriend is still here! gosh..* then, because i can't sleep.. i'm happily reading my Harry Potter book, and Simon has to go disturb me. *shows her teeth* then, everyone two flippin' seconds the phone rings, but it either stops after the second ring or no one is there. MORONS. then i remembered that i'm dogsitting tonight.. arg. so i'll probably get some nice html'ing done. i'm un-crunk today. i'm moody. *grr* but i cheered myself up and made this pretty background. i melt every time i look at it. *melt, drool, melt, melt* it's sexy. it's JayCee. JayCee is sesky. you know who else is sesky? *evil grin* nevermind.. another day. anyway, i'll be off then. later dudes.

    jennifer . | 7/6/2001 11:58:04 AM
       HAHAHAH! Since when is Claudia even up at that time? And doesn't she know that normal teenagers like us who go to bed at like 12 or 6 for certain net addicted rejects, need to sleep until we walk up naturally ... even if it's at 6 pm *mua ha ha* i would have done it if Claudia hadn't been here.Grrrrr not everyones msn works some of my many email adds work but not my new one and sabs doesnt work either ... and she lost her password to her other one .. I hope they get it fixed soon! Before she gets back AWWWWW i miss Sab so freakin much.Oh well c'est la vie. Oh dear Johns got me listening to some fucked up music its cool. And he has an obsession for Orgy in less then 24hrs ive learned all the usless facts about them i have ever wanted to know. And HAHAHA to you all the singer umm i think it be jay gordan or something ISNT gay he's just Bi meaning i can still get him and his leather uniform and microphone that looks like a whip in bed :) (don't ask im into s&m for some reason) Neo-Gothic Trance is way cool.And rap um SUX ya it SUX ahhh i can't do that .. ICP kick butox WE GOTTA PLAY THEY'RE VERSION OF SPIN THE BOTTLE ONE DAY!!!!!! Oh well I'm off to talk to me lover later dayz *whats up with my new sayings? i mean really holy fuck, later dayz bulox???? some body help me :)*

    Lucky * | 7/6/2001 09:40:18 AM
       good morning. *grumble* quite frankly, all of you should have known by now that i'm NOT a morning person. so calling me at 8:15 in the morning, CLAUDIA, and asking me to be at your house by 9 isn't going to work. now i'm all pissy and grumpy. THANK YOU. *hmph* a simple warning to you all, DO NOT wake me up. EVER. i don't CARE if the house is burning down. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. you can wake me up if nsync is on tv. only exception. thanks. er, interesting bugs Jennifer. MSN works. lovely. all my contacts are there. =) as usual. *mwahaha* anyway.. i'd like some breakfast. *watch out, HERE IT COMES!* *does the purple hills dance* okay, i'm off.
    i'm feeling.. [www.imood.com]

    jennifer . | 7/6/2001 01:55:22 AM
       Holy fuck! playing with the template is the coolest. I'm really sorry if i fuck up everything people but im having fun *mua ha ha* there's nothing to do when msn aint working so i might as well be learning how to work this shit properly. hahaha i got lil bugs as a bg now but its ugly so im gonna try finding something prettier.. hehe its 1:45 and i aint tired :)

    Thursday, July 5

    Lucky * | 7/5/2001 10:46:57 PM
       it's freightening to think that i haven't been on msn the whole day. *shudders* i dare not to think about it. thank goodness i wasn't home today. ooh. i will tomorrow. oh, we're SO doing something. yes, yes. crunkalicious. okay, so i've been working on this for the past few minutes. excuse it's plainless, i'll shape it up when we make an actually webpage. that webpage will never come out man.. i'm just a dork at this sort of thing. but whatever. go visit it if you have no idea who we are, or if you're SUPER bored. yep. i am bored. i am. *yawn* 10.30 and i'm dead tired. whoa. i haven't practiced piano in a while. i should do that sometime soon. *ain't no party like a BRANVAN, party like a BRANVAN, cause the BRANVAN party don't stop* why does my cheek feel swollen? *pokes her cheek* mhm. here's a pretty CANADIAN blog for you to visit if you're bored. i think it's lovely. *laughs at herself* oOokay. Rosie is on crack. right. let's all go to bed. let's not. LET'S ANSWER SURVEY'S! YES, YES. i'm going to find on then. cheerio.

    Lucky * | 7/5/2001 09:43:06 PM
       my chair is squeeking. *squeak, squeak* i'm listening to an nsync megamix. HELP ME.. PLEASE. this is BORING. i need a life. somebody wish to donate? so we're going to La Ronde tomorrow, eh? groovy. i need something to do. i'm in a biking mood. i think i'll go biking, 'cause it's crunk. *squeak, squeak, squeak* *makes fart noise with lips* banana's are cool. you know what? i think i'll introduce something to my superdork family. it's called random thoughts. i saw this on a site.. umm, everybody's free to make fun of nsync, if i'm not mistaken. here i go..
    Jennifer Lopez pisses me off. i don't know why, but she does.
    i say groovy and crunk WAY too often.
    i've had a retarded craving for marshmellows after reading a post from cheapthrill.org.
    people steal my stuff and it pisses me off.
    but, i steal peoples stuff and it pisses them off and it's funny. *mwahaha*
    Claude is a cool name. can i call you that from now on Claudia? excuse, je voulais dire Claude. okay, merci Claude.
    people freak out on the net when i speak french. i'm from Quebec morons. ugh.
    then they freak out that i can speak english so well. *smacks her hand on her forehead*
    then i totally make them flip and start speaking italian. *mwahaha*
    i wish i could speak spanish. *gracias puer vuestra presciencia e participatizone*
    *mwahaha* that was spelled all wrong.
    spelled or spelt?
    shitted or shat?
    what's up with you people having everything extra huge on your screen? damnit. it's uncrunk.
    when i'm lonely at night, i look at Jennifer's picture on my background, and i get excited. it's crunk.
    i have 2nd cousins who are identical twins.
    they're the coolest people you'll ever meet.
    mostly because they're sagittarius'. *mwahaha*
    but i never see them.
    i saw one of them today.
    i did, i really did.
    Claude, i get my survey's from umm, lists on the net. and various strange people e-mailing me. it's crunk.
    i'm a survey-a-holic. send me surveys.
    i'm listening to Tom Green's "bum-bum song".
    it's lovely.
    i call people bum's alot.
    being bored sucks.
    being busy sucks even more.
    go being bored! whoo!
    Kazza69Baby: i need planet pop volume 3
    luckyprincess008: no you don't.
    Kazza69Baby: yes i do :-D
    luckyprincess008: *bitch-slaps Jennifer*
    Kazza69Baby: holy fuck i dont need it ur right
    luckyprincess008: *mwahaha* stupid.

    pop sucks.
    (that coming from an obsessed nsync freak was crunk)
    you know what i'm gonna go do?
    you don't know.. i'll tell you.
    i'm gonna write something and explain what this blog is all about.
    hmm.. *ponders* no need to; we're just BORED. arg.
    later bitches. =)
    i'm feeling.. [www.imood.com]

    MAYER NONE | 7/5/2001 09:07:37 PM
       hello peeps..again...this is my fave song and its called fat lip...its from sum 41 ... love it.. here are the lyrics for it..:Storming through the party like my name was El niño When I'm handgun out drinking in the back of an El camino As a kid, I was a skid and no one knew me by name. I trashed my own house party cause nobody came. I know I'm not the one you thought you knew back in high school Never going, ever showing up when we had to. Is it attention that we crave don't tell us to behave, I'm sick of always hearing act your age. I don't want to waste my time And become a casualty of society. I'll never fall in line Become another victim of your conformity And back down. Because you don't Know us at all we laugh when old people fall. But what would you expect with a conscience so small. Heavy metal and mullets it's how we were raised. Maiden and priest were the gods that we praised Cause we like having fun at other peoples expense and, Cutting people down is just a minor offense then, It's none of your concern, I guess I'll never learn. I'm sick of being told to wait my turn. I don't want to waste my time And become a casualty of society. I'll never fall in line Become another victim of your conformity And back down. Don't count on me, to let you know when. Don't count on me, I'll do it again. Don't count on me, it's the point you're missing. Don't count on me, cause I'm not listening. Well I'm a no goodnick lower middle class brat, Back packed and I don't give a s*** about nothing. You be standing on the corner talking all that kufuffin. But you don't make sense from all the gas you be huffing. Then if the egg don't stain you'll be ringing off the hook, You're on the hit list wanted in the telephone book. I like songs with distortion, to drink in proportion. The doctor said my mom should have had an abortion. I don't want to waste my time And become a casualty of society. I'll never fall in line Become another victim of your conformity And back down. Waste my time with them Casualty of society. Waste my time again, Victim of your conformity And back down

    MAYER NONE | 7/5/2001 09:04:07 PM
       This has got to be the most boring day of my life. First things first, msn isnt working and that sux because thats what i usually do when im bored. Jennifer is addicted to the net. She was on until six this morning! six am ! shes addicted i tell ya ! addicted! anyways, i was going to get my bus tickets for tomorow ( because were going to la ronde tomorow...dontforget rosie posie) and then i saw like five police cars pulling up in front of tommy and michael...and they searched them for pot...i got really scared because tommy had just bought some but thank the lord...he didnt have any on him .*does the sign of the cross* . So here i am...posting on this wierd log thinggy.... this is wierd. Im so bored right now. I AM CANADIAN AND PROUD OF IT. hehe...i just had to say that. Hello timmie! is will gonna be posting on this too ? I hope so. Jennifer is addicted to the net. haha. she should be on antibiotics for that. Brigadoon is farmost the bes usical ive ever seen! I wanted to go see josheph and the technicolor dream cat but timmie said it sux so i trust his better judgement. Rosie? where do you get those crunky servays ? as you know im bored and id like to fill one out. I wanna be a broadway star. I dunno why...I just wanna be a broadway star ! *sings her santa clause is gonna come rape ur dogs song* I love the beatles...and John Lennon is my hero... he ot killed by Mark Chapman or something on december 8th, 1980, and he left this world at exactly 10:55. *SNIFF* I also enjoy Paul McCartney and the wings.. thier songs are catchy. Tomorow shall be a better day and i shall have better things to post.... but for now..tata! and i love you all!

    Lucky * | 7/5/2001 05:47:02 PM
       ooh.. MSN deserves a kick in the.. *rawr* anyway, today's babysitting went better than Tuesday.. i have a key to the house now, so we went out. HOORAY! some fresh air.. air is super cool. so are these chips. ruffles sour cream and onion chips are awesomely crunk. *..am i supposed to change, are you supposed to change.. we need a resolution, there is so much confusion..* *mwahaha* song of the day kiddies, aaliyah - we need a resolution. so what if it's old? it still kicks ass. *busts a move* what else is going on.. mmm. something that i cannot post here.. because well, i'm a dork. *superdork at that* ah, nothing important in my life. i'm just superly bored. yeah, yeah. later all..

    Tim Russell | 7/5/2001 02:19:25 PM
       ARrrrrrrGGG,,,i swear i just had one of the most crappy days of the year,,i arrived at skool like an hour late, after the bus driver kicked me off coz "i looked 16" and i bought a child fare ticket thingy 15- GRRR i am 15 ARF ARF,,then i had to walk the rest of the way,,it was like 2miles and i had all of my books in my bag,,(made it really REALLY heavy), ok then later on we had P.E which is normally quite fun ^_^ , but not today ARSE BANDITS, they made us do a nasty biatholon and i collapsed(for real) grrr only for like 10 mins but it was enough to make me hurt for the rest of the day (owie owie owie), after all of this i missed lunch coz we had to go and see the most crappy play of all time(joseph and the technicoloured dreamcoat) like EWWWW, it had to have been the most corny play in the world and grrrr it was the most annoying musical in the world,,,y can't they stop singing and let me sleep?!?! grrrrr, and after all of that ,,, my MSN has gone and broken ,,, again,,,thats right folks its not working again.... :( it wass working this morning before i missed my bus, but now when i want to come home and re-add me lovley contacts, it goes and breaks again,,oh well i listening to that CRUNK song now,,,hehehe,,things looking up ^_^, i am feeling generous,,have a bunny and with this bunny i say goodbye,,,buh bye
    () () haha bunny ^_^

    jennifer . | 7/5/2001 01:43:51 AM
       Oh dear having ur friends over for supper while ur mom's home aint a good idea i cant believe all the shit she told them. *sigh* claudia forced me to add her so whatevers she's on with timmy now *mua ha ha* shes sleeping now..... and its only 1:30 and im talking to my baby yay I wuve him sooooo much. Oh my fuckin god i was attacked by this dude it was scar as fuck ... i was going to get my sis at her gymnastic courses and this dude was like following me in his car and he was like allo ... so i started talking to him thinking he wanted directions or something and he started a convo with me so i was like what ya want and he got out of his car and i was like holy fuck what do i do now then he was like inqeute toi pas je veut just te parler meaning dont wory i just wanna talk.so i was like whatever leave me alone then hes like whats your name and i was like fuck u and then he was like oh ta de l'atitude j'aime ca meaning oh u got attitude i like ..... then he was like embarque dans mon auto je va te montrer un beaux temps ..... get in my car well have some fun ..... then i got to my sisters courses and told the chick incharge after that my sisters friends mommy drove me home i was so freakin scared but oh well i guess thats life *get crunk ,get crunk, get crunk* hehe i love that song woo hoo msn aint being a bitch with me anymore oh well im talking to my lover boy so ill post again later today i guess

    **MUA HA HA** you kissed the ugly short dude *yuck*

    Wednesday, July 4

    Lucky * | 7/4/2001 09:14:41 PM
       get crunk, get crunk, get crunk. *mwahaha* everyone download! [timberland - we at it again] it's super-CRUNK! *listen to the song, you'll figure out what 'crunk' means. or listen to nsync - giddy up, haha!* anyway, Jenn is an administrator now.. she forced me to make her one. *grr* and Tim is part of the superdork family. yay! MSN FINALLY WORKS. but someone keeps flippin' signing on as me every two seconds and it's extremely ANNOYING! arg. it's just probably 'cause msn hates me so much. i hate it too so, =P. *rawr* k.c. and jojo are just evil. and so are muffins. those are not sad, but VERY BAD MEMORIES so let's all shut up. *mwaha* so yep, shoving a towel between your legs prevents babies from being born? did you know that? i didn't. Jennifer did. *points at Jennifer and laughs hysterically* moving on.. yes, i'm quite curious as to know who loves us so much to read this.. i suppose i should introduce myself.. my name is Lucky, and i'm a dork. i enjoy rainy days and long walks on the beach.. *mwaha* but foreal, IM me. (AIM) 'cause that would be cool. because i'm always bored. so knock yourself out, it's luckyprincess008. so creative, i know. i'm excited.. i'm babysitting again tomorrow. i get to spend a whole day in a tent again. yay. *looks blankly at the screen* that's all kiddies. i'm off. *muah*

    jennifer . | 7/4/2001 01:20:58 PM
    Well anyways enough bitching *sigh* i miss sab and matt keeps e-mailing me saying he needs to talk and cant get onto msn *sigh* *whatever happened to phones?* GRRRRR i hate dumb people haha and that dude two eyes is pissed as fuck at me he's like holy fuck people actually read ur website i got 2 im's from people making fun of me HEHE ok so Lucky was one of them WHO THE FUCK ELSE IS READING THIS?
    Oh dear my random playlist thingy keeps playing sad songs *sniff* memories .... kc & jojo .. MUST I SAY MORE *muffins eh?*
    oh yay Claudia just called my friends are comming over :) i guess this day wont be that sucky after all .... but sabs in mexico *sniff* i miss her so much :(

    Lucky * | 7/4/2001 12:08:54 PM
       is msn still not working? wtf.. i hate it so much. *rawr* hehe, i just finished talking to that 'two eyes ina jar' fellow. *mwahaha* i love pissing people off. it's fun. but, exactly why aren't you allowed after 10.30? it's summer.. whatever. i have nothing to do. msn isn't working. i'm bored. *smacks her head on her desk repeatidly* i listened to my nsync christmas album yesterday. i swear i did. and i'm proud. *redefining DORK one day at a time..* i'm going to find something to do.. *sighs loudly in a desperate attempt for someone to save her from the boredom.* whatever.

    Tuesday, July 3

    jennifer . | 7/3/2001 11:04:57 PM
       everyone and everything is fucking pissing me off today. plus i miss sabrina all kinds.life just isn't fair and my fuckin father decided i wasn't allowed on the pc passed 10:30 anymore im gonna fuckin kill someone and msn fucks up all my contacts can anyone tell that im pissed. fuckidy fuck fuck thats all i feel like saying GRRRRRRRR i hate fucking parents there goal in life is to piss me off and its fuckin working. I hate my life, fuck this im gonna end it grrrrr ok i wont but only cause id miss sab too much and matt has got me somewhat happy now and im eating my colours lip balm (it's citrus and its soooo good right claudia?)
    haha that dude from aim wants me to remove his s/n. should i? haha NEVER sorry dude but ur too much of a piss and really go ahead nuke my system i need a new pc anyways .... oh and can i borrow a tampon from anyone ? i'm so freakin horny!!!

    Lucky * | 7/3/2001 06:12:46 PM
       *mua ha ha* i just came back from my first day babysitting. let me just say that it was quite interesting. because it was cold, we stayed inside.. in a tent, (yeah.. just don't ask) playing board games and listening to.. guess who! Carmen Campagne! *smacks her hand or her forhead* i've never had more of a headache. *m'en va a la ferme pour tirer ma vache, pas capable de tirer ma vache!* can i get an explination on the lyrics or something? but that's all right.. it was fun, and i'm $20 richer, *mua ha ha* my new nickname.. roro. what is that? can someone just, what is that! roro.. rrg. and the littler of the dude's has an earring. it's super cute though.. but whatever. he calls me roro. that is not cool. that's, no. arg. *un bon, *slurp* chocolat chaud. maintenant on fait la vache western..* arg. i have nothing to say, i'm off to add Timmy to the team. inducting him into the ++superdork++ cult. *mua ha ha* adieu!

    Monday, July 2

    jennifer . | 7/2/2001 07:14:29 PM
       Grrrr my mom is so evil. I can't even go to the warp tour because the bitch decided i had to go camping in the middle of no where with the rest of the family. I'm so fuckin happy i can't wait.It's gonna be sooooo much fun i mean really a whole week in the middle of no where. And my mom tried to insure me that i'd have fun and she was like well we'll go see the whales i was like holy fuck i can't wait.anyways im just gonna stop now cause im fighting with james and posting its too much for my lil brain who hasnt slept in such a long time...

    Lucky * | 7/2/2001 06:45:17 PM
       it's 6:30 and i'm still i'm my pj's, and MAJORLY bored. ugh. i'm still confused with this whole blogger thing.. i'll figure it out someday. ugh, i'm so tired, and i have to wake up at 8 because i'm babysitting. *smacks her head on her desk* it should be amusing. i can get Timmy in here if you want Jenn.. that should keep me entertained for some time. i'm still confused about a lot of things and right now i wish i could just fall asleep because i look like death.. foreal. mmm.. i can't wait to start my site. umm, yes i can. but whatever. i'm gonna get a whole bunch of cool stuff now.. try to do something productive tonight. that's all.. i'm off to make fun of people on msn.. later.

    jennifer . | 7/2/2001 01:44:45 PM
       yay! finally i get an account. grrrr i don't think rosie's pc likes me :-( but oh well my pc's special it loves me and i love it. although i'd kill it when it has fatal errors which happens quite often but oh well. Grrr i hate all those retards from the net who expect me to be some kinda fucked up chick cause my name on napsters crazy_gurl_ . hahaha ok well i dont get why u retards read this cause my life is boring as fuck. (umm is fucking even boring? *sigh* i wouldnt know. anyone wanna help with that? I'm desperate. unless ur name is shawn king grrrr to him he's evil. the only reason i went out with him was cause i felt sorry for him and then he told everyone we was together that was just wrong!) omg what is it with kids these days .... " so have u ever orgasmed?" i started talking to this dude like 10 minutes ago. i bet ya 20$ by the end of this post he's gonna have asked me to cyber.

    Oh yay rosie finished my biography. Hehehe http://www.geocities.com/evil_empress08/jenn.html grrrrr read it but remember that we were drunk at the time .... i swear we were umm ok maybe not but figs get me really hyper.

    two eyes ina jar: u use tampons ne?
    Kazza69Baby: huh?
    two eyes ina jar: to masturbate
    Hahahaha i asked him if i could post the convo on my website thingy and then he blocked me. **sniff** i am so hurt so ya just like talk to him on aim if ever ur bored hes funny as hell. yay he unblocked me i wonder what he would say if i told him i loved him?

    Kazza69Baby: im inlove with u
    two eyes ina jar: whatever
    two eyes ina jar: tryin to make me say somethin retarded huh
    Kazza69Baby: yes :-*
    Kazza69Baby: so that i can post and u'll look like a retard
    two eyes ina jar: i already look like a retard
    Kazza69Baby: true
    two eyes ina jar: it is indeed
    two eyes ina jar: and god said let there be a retard, and i was bornn
    Kazza69Baby: u some kinda religious freak?
    two eyes ina jar: yeah i think so
    Kazza69Baby: cool
    Kazza69Baby: u in a cult
    two eyes ina jar: u want the name of it or somethin?
    Kazza69Baby: yes
    two eyes ina jar: Khmer Rouge
    two eyes ina jar: heard of it?
    Kazza69Baby: nope
    two eyes ina jar: well its just like the Khmer Rouge that existed in Cambodia

    What a retard well anyways that's all i have to say. and oh ya im gonna try getting timmy in but i cant figure out how to use this thing so whateverz..

    Oh ya and b4 i go i forgot to mention that lucky watched american pie for the first time yesturday! haha what a dork

    Sunday, July 1

    Lucky * | 7/1/2001 08:44:40 PM
       *mua ha ha* blogger refuses to give Jenny an account.. but that's quite alright. *evil grin* no, she'll get this thing running in a few days, i hope. yep, tattoo's that say 'dork' backwards on your forehead are cool. (only so that when you look in the mirror it's just right.) nope, nope. i am a proud owner of a very misplaced chinese symbol that means 'happy and lucky'. Jenn got a butterfly named.. what was it? Bennett? yeah. *mua ha ha* it has no name yet. and Claudia has a lizard named Libby. she's the rebellious one.. because she wasn't allowed. *mua ha ha* she's a rebel man. like that dude in the matrix, yo. anyway, we'll get some pictures or something soon. other than that.. we should start working on a webpage. so that's all. HAPPY CANADA DAY! (eh?)